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    LisaFaye : goox nkght
    LisaFaye : b tit w ya
    LisaFaye : good night
    LisaFaye : AHA! i was THINKON' en española!
    LisaFaye : y thinkin
    LisaFaye : my
    LisaFaye : oh, good night!
    LisaFaye : POOD? ???
    LisaFaye : POOF
    LisaFaye : ^ llus!
    LisaFaye : uh, Plus!
    LisaFaye : TCB room!
    LisaFaye : THUD!
    LisaFaye : has just logged out again
    LisaFaye : composes since age free
    GerryJJackson : it's a muffled bahhh, dude, get it right!
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    GerryJJackson : the consequences of doing nothing matter much more
    GerryJJackson : plus the consequences of the people that died from real things like cancer
    GerryJJackson : we are well aware of the consequences, but its war, and no other way to win this war, certainly not by abiding by the enemy
    GerryJJackson : i dont feel so defiant for something just to be against it, Im well aware of when someone is pissing down our backs and telling us its raining
    GerryJJackson : plus the economic woes that havent hit home yet
    GerryJJackson : which the media conveniently omits
    GerryJJackson : have you seen any actual Covid deaths, well, I've see two cancer diagnosis, one was let grow cos there simply was no care for a public patient
    GerryJJackson : the other was my partners mother who was so in fear of Covid that her breast cancer was at stage 2
    GerryJJackson : that's two from little ol me in little ol' Ireland, now do the math globally
    GerryJJackson : and tell me that they care for lives, the only thing they care for is that we die more quickly and en masse
    GerryJJackson : the only people that care for your life is your fellow human being outside of the elites
    GerryJJackson : you would need to learn that fast, cos we are very expendable
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    bluebird1 : relax, don't do it
    bluebird1 : don't give me nightmares k, i wanna nap in here
    Hauntress : Lame lame lame
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    LisaFaye : i want WulfRicShadow to IM me, sil vous plaît!
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    GerryJJackson : sorry P
    GerryJJackson : Ceely baby, your book of wonderful poems came, reading now!!
    GerryJJackson : Beyond Belief- Ceely baby- @blurb bleh bleh..
    GerryJJackson : I like a few so far, could easily fit to a song
    GerryJJackson : now all I gotta do is find the melody!
    GerryJJackson : Larry/Lisa may help, haha
    GerryJJackson : '' your smile makes me hate you'', yep, that's our Ceely
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