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    RickShaw74 : after you
    weed09 : if you actually felt ashamed on this occasion as I think you have
    RickShaw74 : not much
    weed09 : there's nothing wrong with quitting the habit, if there's one
    RickShaw74 : not when i ponder on the hypocrisy and state of the world
    weed09 : and doing things differently
    RickShaw74 : oh yes, we'll have one noble sheep among sheep, great
    RickShaw74 : or two, since you think yourself one
    RickShaw74 : kinda pointless
    RickShaw74 : in a world of shit
    weed09 : dont u know each sheep thinks its has been chosen to be special
    weed09 : none of the sheep actually work on being special
    weed09 : such a funny...fact
    RickShaw74 : well, if they do, they've proven that they aint
    RickShaw74 : im special, most aint
    weed09 : about me, Ive never considered myself special, only my memory
    weed09 : youre very special
    weed09 : you also have a very special memory, dont u rick
    RickShaw74 : sometimes
    weed09 : palo, you're our special guest
    weed09 : on a very special night
    RickShaw74 : bow Dan is sulking over cookies and chocolate milk, well done
    RickShaw74 : now
    weed09 : if he needs to sulk about cookies...what type of man is he
    RickShaw74 : a man and a child in one
    RickShaw74 : oh, but you dont like the child, just the big man
    weed09 : bigger than me
    weed09 : would be enough
    weed09 : and shouldnt be particularly difficult
    weed09 : but if u ask me, 175 cm
    weed09 : is ideal
    RickShaw74 : ok
    weed09 : as everyone, I have my prefernces
    weed09 : why have you been feeling down?
    RickShaw74 : what?
    RickShaw74 : well, two or three days after booze my mind aint so good
    RickShaw74 : and you'v 'attacked' before on those days
    RickShaw74 : kinda uncanny
    RickShaw74 : I would handle better tomorrow or next day
    RickShaw74 : my mind is tuning back in on 'monday'
    RickShaw74 : cos my drinking day was Friday, so Sunday is equivalent to Monday
    RickShaw74 : when I drank thursday, confused?
    RickShaw74 : Tuesday Im almost back, but Wednesday Im fully back
    RickShaw74 : you see drink alters the chemistry of the brain
    RickShaw74 : with meds
    RickShaw74 : ok
    RickShaw74 : meaning a hard night on a chatroom aint ideal, and I wondered how it seems to happen that way with you
    RickShaw74 : but C has that 'ability' too, to provoke like a demon on a day that Im weak
    weed09 : I wanted to give you space but underestimated you...
    RickShaw74 : like some sixth sense