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    Lankhmar13 : Blue
    Holydiverdio75 : not me
    Lankhmar13 : The answer 8s yes
    UrSuperHero : nice r0mantic pr0posal cal .. ur smooth ..
    Lankhmar13 : No @pm
    Lankhmar13 : Yes @blue
    stiifmyster : lol
    Lankhmar13 : Undecided the rest of you
    hmmreally : stfu fake stiif
    Calberg : My head will be smooth if you don't hurry, they're falling out by the minute
    hmmreally : we know it's not the actual stiif
    UrSuperHero : lol not a bad line thou , could work
    hmmreally : so stfu
    UrSuperHero : . . its the man the legend himself goons .. the married version .
    stiifmyster : nonce come here let me pretty up ur face
    Calberg : Super, I don't even know if you're a man or a woman. I want to know, because if you're a woman then I want to be with you, but if you're a man, then I'll make you a woman and then be with you XD
    Holydiverdio75 : oh man that was a good pinky
    Lankhmar13 : !top 3
    hmmreally : bullshit superhero
    hmmreally : i don't buy it for a second
    UrSuperHero : . . whys that go0nsey
    hmmreally : when people leave chat, their nicks can be used after a certain timeframe passes
    Bluedaze : Make you a woman.
    hmmreally : they are deleted
    hmmreally : so someone is borrowing that nick
    hmmreally has just logged out
    Holydiverdio75 : you think cause of recollection
    Holydiverdio75 : lol
    UrSuperHero : .. well this still clone has no .. motive .. no objective , whats the fake stiff trying to do ..
    OliviaDenise has just logged in
    BART3ND3R : OMG! look who is here , it is OliviaDenise
    Lankhmar13 : Brb
    Calberg : Thisis the real Stiff
    Lankhmar13 : << smoking.
    BodyBags0 : lol yeah Super.. lol
    UrSuperHero : ok logg back in soon <3
    Lankhmar13 : Reading
    Calberg : Hey Dennis! :)
    BodyBags0 : no point really to clone
    Bluedaze : I didn't approve that
    stiifmyster : I’m only fake in the strap a dick area
    Holydiverdio75 : magic sniper closen in
    Lankhmar13 : Blue your invited
    Holydiverdio75 : blood red skys
    UrSuperHero : .. lol see ^ authentic stiff comment .. cant be replicated
    UrSuperHero : hi cal , u hebrew ?
    Lankhmar13 : What are YOU reading lately blue
    Calberg : It's starting to get late now, it's past 6am, and I promised I was going to bed early, so I will do just that
    Bluedaze : I like to think of myself as mercurial
    Holydiverdio75 : you think hoss you'll never take me away