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    NlggpotToTheRescue : goonie thought she was cool typin that many words rofl
    devilangel13 : all over EARTH
    JAM67 : smelly git he is
    gorgeousbaz : lol
    hmmreally : raz who the fuck are you?
    Highheeldebbie : Hey all
    hmmreally : you act like steelhawk
    AhmedSystemD : hi jam
    hmmreally : or some other cuck-like person
    JAM67 : hi deb
    Gn0me : too much stuffing jam
    Razbliuto : im razbliuto :)
    Narci : You should watch it plane
    JAM67 : hey ahmed :)
    Narci : One day
    Damienxxxx0xxxx : B a c k
    Amfita : I thought u listened to some heavy metal that made ur windows break Raz
    Damienxxxx0xxxx : But for how long?
    hmmreally : ugh
    hmmreally : nvm
    PlaneCrash : Bet it's hotter guys in breaking bad then star trek lol
    Damienxxxx0xxxx : Planeh you MUST see Breaking Bad
    Razbliuto : LOBODA - К ЧЕРТУ ЛЮБОВЬ lol
    Tiktaktoe87 : Who laughed at you Ahmed?!?
    Damienxxxx0xxxx : it's the best show ever
    PlaneCrash : Wb daim x)
    JAM67 : he had 2 lots of stuffing and 2 lots of sausage meat
    Damienxxxx0xxxx : thanx0x
    Amfita : Who didnt, Tikta
    hmmreally : i'll just call you mama's boy, raz
    Razbliuto : i dont know u either goonie lol
    Gn0me : Walter White is brilliant
    Highheeldebbie : 27 f usa
    devilangel13 : is that BEAN stakes?
    hmmreally : oh ffs you had an old screen name
    Razbliuto : lmao ok
    noodle29 : jam laughed cos di called him armchairhead
    Gn0me : mmmmmmmmmm Jammy
    noodle29 : lol
    devilangel13 : high debbie
    PlaneCrash : Ohhh waiit
    hmmreally : but you are afraid to say it
    PlaneCrash : I seen little breaking bad
    hmmreally : you must be someone i hated
    hmmreally : hahahahaah
    PlaneCrash : <- was thinking of prison break XD
    hmmreally : heni ffs quit hiding
    JAM67 : ahmed are you feeling better :0
    hmmreally : aka debbie
    JAM67 : :?