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    calmlikeabomb39 : brewers
    bluebird1 : BYe misso
    McSweeneyGeek : Oh, jkel. Lol
    ObiWanMishoni : we are... europe is now a cashless, classless stateless society
    Jkel3862 : You fucking commie, Geek
    McSweeneyGeek : How absurd
    Jkel3862 : Might as well move to China
    ObiWanMishoni : apparently...
    faizze : Gofa you may be saying do because of corona situation
    McSweeneyGeek : Totes. Lol
    bluebird1 : Nvm Fingers are too slow
    Jkel3862 : lol Obi
    WatchingAndWaiting : good but dont give up your homelands citizenship too soon
    gofa00707 : correcto fiazz
    faizze : Once corona is over she can go anywhere in eu
    Jkel3862 : Are you enjoying all the free stuff, Obi?
    Cleaver1 : I want honesty
    Cleaver1 : Falsus
    WatchingAndWaiting : even if its turning to shit its your own people fighitng
    douglasorama : Yes
    McSweeneyGeek : Yeah, because America is so stable. Lol
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    Jkel3862 : Or whatever these alarmists think communism is like, idk
    WatchingAndWaiting : no
    bluebird1 : Which free stuff in Europe?
    gofa00707 : will this fucking coro get worse
    ObiWanMishoni : free? well the paternity leave was cool, and i like getting 6 weeks of holiday pay...
    falsus : I am under oath
    Jkel3862 : Arroe was just informing us that Europe is communist, Bluebird
    douglasorama : Cowboys are stable
    ObiWanMishoni : if thats communism...
    gofa00707 : mutaions of it
    Jkel3862 : Is that true?
    McSweeneyGeek : Yeah. Basic humans rights sound nice
    Jkel3862 : Yeah, Obi, seems pretty horrible to endure man
    WatchingAndWaiting : more that if some kind of regime change takes place in europe and has resistance you fighting amongst multiple nations multiple people and probably have CCP and russia weigh in
    Cleaver1 : Wtf is oath
    Jkel3862 : I'm sorry you have to live under such a communist regime
    bluebird1 : I'm tired of the same bs here
    Cleaver1 : Yes or no
    Jkel3862 : Come to America where we're free
    WatchingAndWaiting : im just sayin keep a backdoor open
    ihaveaface : lol obi is is pro communism
    Cleaver1 : At me exists yes or no
    WatchingAndWaiting : it is better right now in europe
    McSweeneyGeek : We got that FREEDUMB
    ihaveaface : dumdums
    Beachwalkerii has just logged out
    gofa00707 : law in court you take outh cleaver darlingo haha
    WatchingAndWaiting : but dont give up escape routes thinkin you safe