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    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, did you live on a farm?
    Experimentx : I guess some parts but really I think people should do it themselves lol
    calmlikeabomb39 : u wanna be close to me suz..
    suzannertes : lmfao Iggy away retard fk
    Experimentx : I grew up on a horse estate
    Experimentx : five acres in the city
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, not all of it... But certain parts that would be kewl to get on cam
    Experimentx : we had a equestrian neighborhood
    Experimentx : is what it's called
    suzannertes : Calm ya simple!
    Experimentx : it's like rich people with horses lol
    Experimentx : we even built a horsepark
    calmlikeabomb39 : simply irresistable?
    Experimentx : I can show you pics of that sometime
    calmlikeabomb39 : yeah kinda suz
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, I seen a horse that was 500 thousand
    calmlikeabomb39 : now u got that song in my head
    Experimentx : on the property we have a riding arena that is fenced with roundpen and jumps
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, I would love that
    Experimentx : some trail riding exercises laid out
    douglasorama : yeah arabian
    suzannertes : you gobshite lol calm
    Experimentx : and a unfenced arena but still fence on the acres
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, you ever ride barrel racing?
    iamsothere : Hell just started world order
    Experimentx : and lastly a horse park about a mile away
    Experimentx : yes we learned how to ride and play bareback on a dollar
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    BART3ND3R : OMG! look who is here , it is Beachwalkerii
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, my sister would love that
    calmlikeabomb39 : beach wow.. bears shocking win..
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    Experimentx : it's where you hold money in between your knees and ride. whoever is holding at the end gets all the money
    BART3ND3R : Welcome tokyodomwoman
    suzannertes : a foolish or stupid person! gobshite!
    Beachwalkerii : LOL Calm
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, do you ride english or western?
    Beachwalkerii : i was shocked myself!
    calmlikeabomb39 : bears won without scoring a td..
    Experimentx : both
    Experimentx : I have both in my tack barn
    suzannertes : beach! Calm will wreck you're head lol
    Beachwalkerii : LOL Suzannnr
    calmlikeabomb39 : i only wreck beaches head during baseball season
    JezzyGrandMaster : Aik, I would be good at that... I rode bare back alot....
    Beachwalkerii : LOL
    Experimentx : I think it's good to know both. I started riding at a very young age so it's kind of mandatory in my family if you ride every horse
    suzannertes : ok calmneverhadavagina lol
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    BART3ND3R : OMG! look who is here , it is m4mfireman