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    Gn0me : loooooooool Spooks ouchhhhh
    Gn0me : omg I love fruit cake
    SpookyBoo : Still love you tho
    mccrazy47 : tv is the devil talking to you in your programs you to think a certain way
    Gn0me : hey Duded!
    laxadazy : did u know u order me about welshy u chat bully
    noodle29 : im sat at my desk so using 3 screens, my cat sits in from of the screen with chat on lol
    chatslot41 : its been frozen since 2016 lol
    Gn0me : aw Spooks<3
    laxadazy : according to robo i take orders from u
    SpookyBoo : Lol
    Ermoza : Lol Noods he just wants to join in
    noodle29 : lol
    b9302854 : This is boring I'm out
    Gn0me : lol
    laxadazy : fucking hell i had the kids at the park i can't feel my hands or my feet now
    Gn0me : it was a tad warmer today less foggy
    SpookyBoo : Boring cause bad flirting is getting ignored
    Gn0me : heya Emms :)
    Ermoza : Welshyboo❤️
    cleaversdaddy : chat rub laxa down with your warm hands
    b9302854 : No spooky reason is different
    SpookyBoo : Im freezing now
    Gn0me : I got some sparkling spiced wine it's quite nice
    b9302854 : U won't understand
    cleaversdaddy : tits first
    SpookyBoo : Mhm.
    chatslot41 : haha Joseph....wowza
    Gn0me : <- Christmas songs on! :)
    SpookyBoo : Or care.
    laxadazy : lmao cleaver
    chatslot41 : too early Welsh
    SpookyBoo : Brb. Gunna make a brew
    chatslot41 : although...our house and lawn is fully decorated
    mccrazy47 : 402am just got second wind
    cleaversdaddy : NO COLSD TITS
    Dude9000 : put them in between your asscheeks, warm hands instantly
    laxadazy : he can rub my bunions
    mccrazy47 : usually the time i wake up to do housework
    Gn0me : Nah everythings done I got the girls their pressies today I'm ALLOWED!
    cleaversdaddy : LOL
    mccrazy47 : get lunches and cook breakfast for the kids
    mccrazy47 : and make a loaf of bread to do so
    chatslot41 : ack bunions
    chatslot41 : W.T. is lagging
    Dude9000 : not really
    Gn0me : yes I thought so it's having a goons
    mccrazy47 : no kids till sunday night 8pm
    Gn0me : 'gooning out'
    Experimentx : Pressies?