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    Noatak : No but ive seen her naked in person
    Noatak : She wasnt your ex at the time though
    OhMeLegs : Fuck all y'all
    Bellabadgirl : yeah?
    Quietachiever63 : If it was my ex, u werent born Kiri
    Quietachiever63 : She,s 71 now
    Quietachiever63 : We divirced 19 years
    Quietachiever63 : Ago
    Quietachiever63 : Divorced
    24ktgold : so the pic of the lady was 2 annoy someone q? lol
    Quietachiever63 : I,ve never had a pic of a lady up on here Sunni
    Quietachiever63 : I could never work out how to download pics
    Quietachiever63 : I did have one of my house years
    Quietachiever63 : Ago
    Quietachiever63 : But i was the right size to download
    paulz2000 : Good evening whole weekend off now
    Quietachiever63 : So ur gonna spend it in a chatroom
    Quietachiever63 : Who,s fucking the missus?
    paulz2000 : I'm just waiting for my lady, we will head down to beach with wine
    Quietachiever63 : I,ve been drinking wine for a week
    paulz2000 : Oh that's too much
    Quietachiever63 : Compared to what?
    Quietachiever63 : I guess if ur missus is that ugly, wine is one of the few things that can make her look attractive for 3 mins
    Beachwalkerii : Paulz and his ol ladyvmust b the town
    Beachwalkerii has just logged out
    paulz2000 : My lady is Italian beautiful
    XAllFatherOdinX : Hello
    Blackhucow : Hi :)
    Blackhucow : Anyone into hucows?
    XAllFatherOdinX : LOL you mean for milking?
    Quietachiever63 : Wtf is a hucow?
    XAllFatherOdinX : A hucow is someone that is into lactating for sexual pleasure
    XAllFatherOdinX : The cute little cow outfit is a bonus. :)
    Quietachiever63 : Sad really, isnt it
    shyboy1975 : its a full moon tommorow, the crazies are starting to gather !
    Quietachiever63 : Try getting a transgender bloke to do that
    Quietachiever63 : They are milling about Shy
    XAllFatherOdinX : Even sadder if you accidently knock over the bucket when its almost full.
    Quietachiever63 : A gathering of the world,s finest lunatics
    shyboy1975 : i have a picture of Sir Les Patterson to protect me Q i'm safe lol
    XAllFatherOdinX : I suppose they need to get together somewhere, might as well be here.
    Quietachiever63 : I can understand that Shy
    Quietachiever63 : Sir Les keeps the world under control
    shyboy1975 : the cheese producers guild protect us all!
    Quietachiever63 : Cultural Attache to Australia, is our Sir Les
    Quietachiever63 : A finer, upstanding Australian
    Quietachiever63 : You could never find
    shyboy1975 : he is indeed
    Quietachiever63 : Gtg cyas
    Quietachiever63 has just logged out