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    VVhiteGoat : mask up.
    VVhiteGoat : Hang on
    VVhiteGoat : I'll post one with my Dahmer specs on
    VVhiteGoat : haha
    VVhiteGoat : <<< how do I make this not sideways?
    VVhiteGoat : fuck it.
    VVhiteGoat : I'm leaving it up like this.
    VVhiteGoat : lol
    VVhiteGoat : <3
    VVhiteGoat : Ok, photo time is over. Tomorrow's a new day.
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    VVhiteGoat : Selene, are you stalking me, babe?
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    LisaFaye : has logged in, to chat with WulfRicShadow !
    VVhiteGoat : Her energy is so bad.
    VVhiteGoat : It's really just awful.
    VVhiteGoat : I wouldn't be surprised if she caused a lot of trouble for men in real life, who knew her,
    VVhiteGoat : I don't know if I'm sensing restraining orders but...
    VVhiteGoat : Just inserting herself where she's not wanted.
    VVhiteGoat : Aggressively.
    VVhiteGoat : It's not quite scary. It's just extremely unpleasant.
    VVhiteGoat : XX
    VVhiteGoat : <3
    VVhiteGoat : OMG LisaFaye, I've just been reading you in gay room.
    VVhiteGoat : I'm thoroughly scandalised :O
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    gofa0007771 : greetings admin darling and admin sirs and all nuice ppls on here
    gofa0007771 : well main calls adios
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    VVhiteGoat : I honestly can't read her anymore, even for you.
    VVhiteGoat : I wish you'd never made her my problem.
    VVhiteGoat : She literally makes me sick.
    VVhiteGoat : I don't know what you think you're getting from her, but whatever it is?
    VVhiteGoat : It's not worth it.
    VVhiteGoat : Enemy of the soul.
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    LisaFaye : why
    LisaFaye : POOF! I'm gone!
    VVhiteGoat : I love you and I feel that I can't live without you but these people are harming me.
    VVhiteGoat : I don't know what to do.
    VVhiteGoat : My sole interest in the chat room is as sanctuary of gnosis.
    VVhiteGoat : I'll sleep on it but I feel that I need to withdraw.
    VVhiteGoat : XX
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