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    JungkookHyung : Eomma!! Careful!
    JungkookHyung : I'm gonna have to buy new earrings soon
    KimSeokjin : 0:
    KimSeokjin : ):< I want my septum pierced but BigHit tell me no, yet allow you tattoos.
    JungkookHyung : I want my industrial
    KimSeokjin : It can heal weirdly, and you get bumps where the bar is.
    JungkookHyung : I know, but you just gotta keep it clean
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    KimSeokjin : True, true.
    KimSeokjin : In all honesty, I kinda want Joon to get some tattoos.
    JungkookHyung : That would be hot :3 (not hitting on him though)
    KimSeokjin : Exactlyyyy
    JungkookHyung : Tae would look hot af with a tattoo
    KimSeokjin : He's pretty.
    JungkookHyung : He is!
    KimSeokjin : Mhm!
    KimSeokjin : Hobi is pretty as well.
    JungkookHyung : Whatcha doin Hyung?
    JungkookHyung : True
    KimSeokjin : Oh, you know, just trying to distract myself from stomach pains.
    JungkookHyung : :c it'll get better!
    KimSeokjin : I hope so.
    JungkookHyung : I am kinda hungry..imma get a snack, brb
    JungkookHyung : Got a mini pie
    KimSeokjin : o:
    KimSeokjin : Cute. <33
    JungkookHyung : Cherry pie :3
    KimSeokjin : Hun, I'll be riiight back, okay?
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    JungkookHyung : I like apple the best
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    KimSeokjin : Joon will be back later, alright?
    KimSeokjin : He has a few errands to run.
    KimSeokjin : Oh! Your birthday is coming up.
    JungkookHyung : Got it!
    JungkookHyung : Mhm!
    KimSeokjin : What would you like?
    JungkookHyung : Hmm..
    JungkookHyung : Maybe a notebook?
    KimSeokjin : Hun, what else?
    KimSeokjin : Don't be afraid to ask.
    JungkookHyung : Also I had to throw away a moldy water bottle..yuck..
    KimSeokjin : How the fuck-
    JungkookHyung : A new camera?
    KimSeokjin : Sure, bubs!
    KimSeokjin : Whatever you want. <3
    JungkookHyung : You sure that's not too much to ask?
    KimSeokjin : Of course I'm sure.
    JungkookHyung : I trust you Eomma, thank you. *hugs*
    KimSeokjin : No problem, sweetheart~