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Da Anime and Furry Remake chat room [public] created by SolsticeEmbodiment
Let's be honest... Anime and Furry suck dix now. So, let's retry and attempt not to effin' fail. No caps rage ♦ no spam ♦ no trolling ♦ no PM creeping ♦ no advertising your skype, email, or business ♦ no advertising yourself for sexual things or a relationship ♦ respect the mods ♦ if you're banned then all of your accounts will be banned from here on out ♦ RP must be legitimate (If you don't want to RP then just don't. Don't spend 20 minutes bitching when no one cares.) ♦ no slutty nonsense ♦ no nudity ♦ no sex in open ♦ Basically just try not to suck. If this chat room is illegal, click here.

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