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List of all user-created chat rooms #627
Rolesssssss playingg chat room [public] created by Cossiegirl
To roleplay, please thank you. It's alot of fun and I bored. Please?
playfull puppy chat room chat room [public] created by justaguyinhere
a place to run around and catch sticks
horny lesbians 101 chat room [public] created by missramos76
room for lesbians whom are horny and need a quick fix
Zaras Den chat room [private] created by ZaraTheFierce
A dimly lit room, with a few animal skin rugs cover the rocky floor; Torch lamps light whatever it can.
gulf coast alabama chat room [public] created by rigzone87
Let's talk and see if we can all go meet up on the beach
true friend.lover chat room [public] created by sachinbansal400
join it friends it will help you for finding good friends
lixxielove chat room [private] created by lixxie
just chat and general convo to waken up those boring nights
bigredmachine777s room chat room [private] created by bigredmachine777
i is all about people who want to meet other people who love to have sex!!!
Elements Room chat room [public] created by izzyFelocity
This room is for anime and furries ONLY....... Come hang out here and rp and do whatever. DO NOT BE A BULLY PLEASE!!!! *She smiles and kindly holds the door open*
marokko chat chat room [public] created by jamall2
hiiii nhaloooooooooossssssssssssssssssssssss
erotic skype chat room [public] created by thelastman1
womem who want to skype are welcome
Deaf Dating chat room [public] created by DeafDante
IF Y'ALL LADIES WANT DATING ME OR SENT ME sexual photo or something.
chatroom for teen dating chat room [public] created by bobbyflas675
chatroom for teens to meet, tlk, ect.
Reptiles and amphibians general discussion chat room [public] created by HerpLover1
a place for people of common interest to discuss details of there hobbies
cuties124 chat room [public] created by Pritikasingh
hi1228 chat room [public] created by LOLOMG1228
this chat room is friendly and will have nice comments and have people to get to know each other
Zaras Home chat room [private] created by ZaraTheFierce
Rugs of furr liter the ground, a warm fire is centered in the middle, the dimly lit room is spherical shaped .
dirty man socks chat room [public] created by dirtysocklover
A special room for every gay who loves dirty socks.
Lesbian show chat room [public] created by Medeea89
Don`t come in if you don`t have your wallet here :)
In need of money chat room [public] created by Savannah0938
im in need of cash if your lonely and want to talk I'm in... But please donate
BATANGAS FINEST chat room [public] created by rainiergate2heaven
Red Dragon Inn chat room [public] created by iceApparitionYukina
Entering through the front doors, the area around you is a collection of tables and benches and chairs, the placement of which is constantly being moved about to accommodate various groups of patrons. Off the left are a few enclosed booths which can be curtained off to provide a bit of privacy for those important conversations. The focal point of the room, however, takes up most of the back wall, to the left hand corner. The bar. The heavy, oaken is beautiful in it's simplicity. The years of use, and abuse has only added to the charm. With room for a number of stools and places to stand, it is from behind this bar the 'tenders of the Red Dragon Inn ply their trade. Kegs of ales and mead and casks of wine line the back counters, with shelves of mugs, tankards, goblets and various glassware above them. Under both the front and rear counters are bottles of just about any color, containing drinks of all sorts to suit nearly any taste. Towards the back corner of the bar is where the warmer is, and the Dragon carries a selection of fine teas as well as mulled drinks in the colder months. Gazing upward, the room is criss-crossed with timbers supported by posts around the room. At the back of the building, these timbers support the upper floors of the Inn, above the main room however, they are open to the vaulted ceiling above, often offering a shadowy haven away from the crowds below. [[♦♦Only literate RP allowed. Stick to RP, in character only and keep anything out of character in private. Don't be an idiot and you won't have an issue. (settings were borrowed from a different chat, I claim no rights)♦♦]]
RDI- The Back Alley chat room [public] created by AngelOfAmegakure
A shadowy, narrow cobblestone lane tucked between the Red Dragon Inn and surrounding buildings. Poorly lit at night, dangerous throughout the day, the alleyway is the preferred venue for clandestine meetings, criminal behavior, and settling matters of a violent nature. Angry inn patrons are often seen charging out the RDI's back door for the privacy of the alley, where they can fight without the obstacles of furniture, intervening bystanders, and annoyed staff. Fighters should beware, however. The cobblestones can be slick with refuse and offal, resulting in treacherous footing. Beyond that, victors may return to the inn smelling somewhat less fresh than when they left it. [[♦♦Literate RP only. The settings are listed, abide by them. No spam, be in character at all times and take anything out of character to private.♦♦]]
RDI- Stars End Bar chat room [public] created by KeikoYukimura
Welcome to the Star's End Bar and Grill. By day, the building itself is hardly distinguishable from the rest of the Spaceport. One might see the menu taped to the inside of the window, but reading it through the layers of dirt on the unwashed facade is another thing. Come nighttime, the neon lights cast an eerie glow through those grimy panes. The place reeks of secrets best left untold. Its clientele--the spacers, smugglers, and assorted other riffraff that drift from world to world--are ever in search of adventure and profit. If you do venture through the sliding pneumatic door (that hardly ever jams any more, they say), to the right is the bar: a long expanse of black that reaches along that right-sidewall to the back hall where the restrooms are. That same hall leads to the office, storage room, the kitchen and the back exit. The next thing you're likely to notice is the noise. Be it shouts from the Game Room directly opposite the front door where there's an argument over a game of pool (or something a little more shady), something taking place on the stage almost directly across from the bar, the Tri-D Screen to the left of the stage, or more likely than not it's the Juke Box. Some trader lost it years (decades?) ago in a game of BlackPoker, and now it sits just to the left of the Tri-D Screen, shouting out its collection of tacky "Oldies." Because of its location west across the mountains from RhyDin city, anyone dropping by may just as likely find themselves rubbing elbows with a local mage or wandering bard as he would a freighter captain or a smuggler. Stars End Bar and Grill is a haven for all those who wish it to be. [[♦♦Literate RP only. Stay in character, anything out of character must stay in private. No spam, etc.♦♦]]
RDI- Teas n Tomes chat room [public] created by JuliaXxSpiegel
The sweet aromas of tea, coffee and pastries draw many a person to the doors of Teas'n Tomes. Patrons are greeted by the cheery ring of a bell and the enticing scents of cinnamon and parchment. Opening up to a comfortably situated area for quiet chit chat, laid out upon the highly polished stone floor. Beyond that is the area designated for books and those who seek what lies beneath their covers, with comfortable chairs, couches, and bean bags for knowledge-seekers to lounge on. Straight ahead from the front door is the source of the delectable smells. A pleasant woman stands behind a bakery case and behind her is the oven from which the goodies are drawn with such heavenly aromas. To the right of the oven is an "employees only" door and a hall that leads to the privy and the stairs to the second floor, a balcony really, that contains more books and nooks to curl up in. [[♦♦Legitimate RP only. Literate RP only. Stay IN CHARACTER, anything out of character stays in private. This is a peaceful setting, NO FIGHTS. If there is to be a fight I'll happily escort you to the Alley or another fighting setting. No spam, and all those generic rules apply too.♦♦]]
Africans Unite chat room [public] created by Smith721
This can let African to feel free when there in the room where no whites can toucher them.
Furry two chat room [public] created by Dreamt
Rules: http://teslanovastar.wix.com/furrychatsurvival101 <----- Please read this for the full set of rules. 1.No spam/Ads {Links to another chatroom on chathour are allowed} 2. Sexual acts of a non concenting nature are a banned topic. 3.No harassment. 4.Keep Sex To PVT Due to an epic mess up there are now two furry chats. The public one located here and the private one run by bloodxangel.
Dating room for me and my girl chat room [private] created by MyNameJay
Hey girlfriend wanna join me and we can have a little chat
Illinois 3 way chat room [public] created by zhelaNrhyrhy
Girls needed for 3somez bi strait or curios girls and women wanted
indian 2 chat room chat room [public] created by sham6666
it is a chat room for indians and other for a chat , to be friends and be a parytner
india india chat room [public] created by sham6666
people who want to make friends r date or relation ship can be a part of this chat room
india india 2 chat room [public] created by sham6666
who love to chat date are be a part of the relation can join in
about a friends chat room [private] created by Supermeen
Hey ala aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
155 chat room [private] created by shrii30
i am free by any manner but i always care about my confidence in me !!!!!
for cool teens only chat room [public] created by 75948561
for teens who are true to them selfs and others ,basicly the good guys in every thing
sex with no strings attatched chat room [public] created by nkwetaaga
This chat room is for all people around the world who are not interested in serious love but ONLY SEX FOR FUN... enjoy....
bi or lesbian chat chat room [private] created by JosephineBarber
females only please, looking for no strings attached! good fun
fat girl chat 13 - 16 chat room [public] created by nellybin
for fat girls or guys who want to chat
Furry Chat unlimited chat room [public] created by Aurenn
Mods will know who they are trolls spammers and anti furries etc will be banned
Waiting you chat room [public] created by manex75
Just say what u want, feel free to talk, we need to have fun.
Naked Humiliation chat room [public] created by MissSexyBooty
Where the more embarrassed and naked you are the better.
Coco1235 chat room [public] created by Coco1235
come in if you want to i need someone to join me in these room
sexy4ever room chat room [public] created by sexy4ever832
u can talk to me if u like to,
s-x time only girls and me chat room [private] created by rejithmomali
Iam a guy and I don't want any guy in this chat room I wanted to be with many girls alone
Bohemian chat room [public] created by LostinOurOwnWorld
This room is for open-minded people. This is for casual fun chat. No sexual stuff, please! Role-playing is very much accepted. Please don't curse. Thank you :D
exhibitionist gays chat room [public] created by jaygates
says it all, guys! come on in
Good Conversation chat room [public] created by Annicole34
Good Conversation only, people who just want to talk, NOT DATE or anything that's X conversation
how is now chat room [private] created by shyamapache
all kind of chats.....wht evr u lyk u can share...
Vampire wanted chat room [public] created by CheyenneHills
Need a Vampire Friend to ease a broken heart
Haleigh petty chat room [private] created by tigerlover65
friends only lolololololololololololololololololololollo
sexy bitch mother chat room [public] created by EJRC
hey come here I love men with a lot of tthrilling things to do.
advise101 chat room [public] created by 1gigi12
This chat room is for advise on all kinds of things.
Da Anime and Furry Remake chat room [public] created by SolsticeEmbodiment
Let's be honest... Anime and Furry suck dix now. So, let's retry and attempt not to effin' fail. No caps rage ♦ no spam ♦ no trolling ♦ no PM creeping ♦ no advertising your skype, email, or business ♦ no advertising yourself for sexual things or a relationship ♦ respect the mods ♦ if you're banned then all of your accounts will be banned from here on out ♦ RP must be legitimate (If you don't want to RP then just don't. Don't spend 20 minutes bitching when no one cares.) ♦ no slutty nonsense ♦ no nudity ♦ no sex in open ♦ Basically just try not to suck.
anyone is allowed chat chat room [public] created by gizzymo12
anyone is allowed to be in this and they are alllowed to talk about anything
Bi 101 chat room [public] created by elgin12
Chat for friendly bisexual open talk
LetsHaveSex1 chat room [public] created by Shart316
Cam sex on Skype or Yahoo Messenger
LetsHaveCamSex1 chat room [public] created by Shart316
Do live cam to cam on Skype or Yahoo Messenger or Oocam
LetsHaveCamSex2 chat room [public] created by Shart316
Cam to Cam sex chat on Skype, Yahoo, or Oocam
DO SOMTHING chat room [public] created by rakshankiran
Love sex aur dhoka ...enjoye chatting... dosomthing .....be happy
Fantasy Role Play chat room [public] created by 1LuvKitties
I'll admit it- I'm new at rp and I was looking for a small group to start with or something. Here, the sky's the limit, so your character is yours, but Zeus, Superman, Thor, etc-- please don't. =]
superflirt chat room [public] created by superkort
anything and everything be open and have fun
Naruto-Wattpad-Quotev-Creepypasta chat room [public] created by MoonHunter88
For anyone and everyone. Especially those who are on wattpad or quotev or are fans of Naruto and Creepypasta. Please, no R18 moves, discrimination or stuff like that #saynotonormal.
sexy24 chat room [private] created by shonab
want hot lesbians, very horny,,,any age...no matter,,,but should have interest to have me
tranquility chat room [public] created by daniyal3223
What is Reason tranquility we love Beauty,neighborliness and comeliness we must fair together
Amandaer chat room [public] created by Amandaer
Hy how are members here's my chatroom Welcome
ANIMECHATOK chat room [public] created by BTSV
Para los amantes del anime en latinoamerica!!
Sheffield chat room chat room [public] created by Adamuk1988
this room is for sheffield people to have a chat
Lesbian Filipina chat room [public] created by CcGirl04
hey you there, wanna talk?? . Filipina girls only :))
ReinNineWorldView chat room [public] created by chaoticbrat
basically a world in the Rein Nine dimension .............
boy and girls chat chat room [private] created by kriss20
for us lucky few that has the right one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
women wanting affair in florida chat room [private] created by realoral4u
married women who want to have an affair in the north Florida area
moms and daughters no limits chat room [public] created by filthyfantasies
name says it all, want to hear from taboo moms that play and love sharing their daughters. all fantasy of course ;)
cebu lesbo chat room [public] created by ytiname
its for lesbo only.. men are not allowed...
intense orgasm latin chat room [public] created by portugueslatino
place to meat hot latin people.
melisa chat room [private] created by melisaisacookie
come and join my bffs chek ouwhats happening
nice chat room 14 chat room [public] created by lyndseywoxland
female orgasm chat room [public] created by portugueslatino
to know people give you orgasmo.
JeffTheKillers Rp room chat room [public] created by JeffTheKiller98
Come in and have fun there is rp for anyone that wants to join.
ROOM 69 picking 10SLUT for my PVT CAM. chat room [public] created by shy0103
FREE CAM ON GO! ..10min before [0/10]
tweens or young teens chat room [public] created by mags31
Looking for young cute guys to fall in love with
awesome people club chat room [private] created by TheDarkKnight17
this is for the awesome guys only! :P:P
Glasgow hookups chat room [public] created by zerojazz
looking to hookup with women/girls in glasgow
belfast meet chat room [public] created by belfastlad35
meet ups xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gay sexting 1 chat room [public] created by brycetop
gay sexting online 0000000000000000000
FutaRps chat room [public] created by Terrafantasy
ERP for futa's only! have fun and meet other futa's!
The Great Gujarat chat room [public] created by divyesh3300
Please people of world all over we can meet our Gujarati froedns
Kamisama Hajimemashita chat room [private] created by NanamiMomozono
My lady and mistress, depend on me for I am yours. -Tomoe
teamz world chat chat room [public] created by mayohead
This is a safe, happy and a bully free chat room, in this chat room no bullying will ever be allowed!
Elizabethton TN chat room [public] created by msdaisyblue
Looking for friends in the area
10-13 chat room simple talk or dates chat room [public] created by railroadman6
allowed to ask out people chat and date 10-13 only
tanman chat room [public] created by tanman66
i am a very nice guy to talk to
want to be a sugar daddy chat room [public] created by cocov21
only for people interested in becoming a cyber sugar daddy
amphetimines fee chat room [public] created by trebor77
York P.A chat room [public] created by firefighter1279
York pa if you live in York PA
hot playlboy chat chat room [public] created by playboy5120
add to me whatsapp +919624204201
League Of Legends Forever chat room [public] created by theavataraang
Only for LOL gamers. I created this room for LOL gamers to have fun talking about LOL. Admin - theavataraang
Manoj room chat room [private] created by hotManoj
I am a tall and handsome guy. I am very much interested in sex
iranianroom chat room [public] created by mytearyeyee
lovely hunestly friendly iranaian chatroom
maryellen chat room [private] created by maryellen44
im maryelle from new york. im new to this site and seeking for a serious relationship
tante kesepian chat room [public] created by irlangga
nice ass just for have fun verry well free sex
sexy boudi or bhabi chat room [public] created by vikimitra
Only sex chat any boudi or bhabi,,,married bhabi join this chat room
ALTERNATIVE ROOM SWAG chat room [public] created by camcam78910
All alternative, scene, emo, Goth, rock, punk, peoples welcome :) just to find friends with similar interests!
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE room chat room [public] created by DAREDEViL998
easy going fun come in beautiful people enjoy yourself
Soham chat room [public] created by Sohamnilu
here ican show my cock , my ass, to you
theorooms chat room [public] created by tttttboy
life is good in the new wold and cool too
badgirl style chat room [public] created by badgirl2001
fun everywhere, kiss each other, finger each other, touch each other and well just have fun with one another
SugarBabyAdvice chat room [public] created by SBadvice
Sugar Babies helping other sugar babies, give advice and share experiences
gay guys HORNY chat room [public] created by Joshoconnor00
gay guys meet and maybe more? horny gay guys all invited!
people talk time chat room [public] created by imredy
Oh my goodness homework school well guess wat no more of that. Come here and talk to other people and hey u might be able to hook up with someone.
sex chat pics chat room [public] created by naughtypix20
come here and trade sexy pics with me, i'll show you a lot ;)
freindsroom chat room [private] created by redhot123
Your most welcome here in this chat room
Adult Chatters chat room [public] created by michaeljohn69
Open for all Malaysian who share the same interest with me..gather all and share your experience
indian gay bottoms chat room [public] created by adityaddy
indian gay bottoms are the main preference
225 single ladies chat room [public] created by Da1uwant225
Single ladies around the Baton Rouge area
bi male for hot blow jobs chat room [public] created by snooky430
looking for bi males to chat and video call through yahoo if possible
blow jobs for bi males chat room [public] created by snooky430
bi male, looking for video chat
mileyroom chat room [private] created by mileyamanda
welcomeeeeeeeeeeee bhgxre fxyvhj fxtxgvj jhuytxsezstghv gcuyghv j
mileysex chat room [public] created by mileyamanda
jnhycg gukjh gcygtvkhj hvhujhbk
chatt123 chat room [public] created by hearts1000
anyone can come and chat if you promise to be nice
if your single45 chat room chat room [public] created by frefrescott
if your single thin this is were you go to find you girlfriend or boyfriend come chat with us and everyone love u
obese chatroom chat room [public] created by rowiee96
heyy, hi, I'm Rowie and I 'm 18 years old. I'm doing research for school . The research is about how obese people experience discrimination at their workplace . I was wondering if you would like to answer some questions so I could do research.
Arizona to play room chat room [public] created by phoenixguy47
This is a room that anyone in Phoenix area can chat with
Skype for mature Women chat room [public] created by Tomthumb300
Meet up for dirty chat on Skype. Mature women only wanted
Gay Teens Ages14-19 chat room [public] created by AlienGutz
Flirt, Chat, Sext, YOU NAME IT! GAY GUYS ONLY!!!!
Gorillaz chat chat room [public] created by NoodleChan1
This is meant for Gorillaz rp'ers and fans. Have fun~
Photographer for models chat room [public] created by Sunnydoran
I'm photographer and I'm looking for attractive girls and woman who would like to pose for me.
Fun101 chat chat room [public] created by AndreOpazant
Opazant is a description so deal with it, stupid rules
18 and over for women who want to watch chat room [public] created by italianstalion91
Women over 18 who wants to watch
bisexual latinas chat room [public] created by llRei3ll
bisexual ..lesbianas..latinas ..usa ...puertorico de todo ..chat..amigas...novias...amor..
You know Me chat room [private] created by BringDaSexyBack
only us no one else. its all or nothing.. please let me accept you and let me show you
yolo you chat room [public] created by BringDaSexyBack
yolo \\ you you you you you you
wank chat room [public] created by jpswimmer01
hot dudes who wants to wank off
rocksssss chat room [public] created by mahi1986
Raju chat chat chat room [public] created by SUMON675
Looking for love or a long term relationship
LovelyLadiesONLY chat room [private] created by PennyLane237
Ladies! Let's have some fun and get to know each other on a deeper level... if you know what I mean ;)
Big Tit Slut chat room [public] created by Himanshi123
Forpeople who love big tit sluts like me
LHR LOVE630 chat room [public] created by Kashif52
simicool chat room [public] created by Simicool
Come to enjoyenjoy with me only Indian boy
friendls chat room [public] created by cyn03
hi there chat me..................................................................................
sex chat only 0909090909090909090 chat room [private] created by devashish02
only sex chat for girls onlyyyyyyyyy
Threesome Funnn chat room [public] created by MimiDollyy
For Women Looking to have a threesome !
Mychatdasda chat room [private] created by getitd
OPrivate room of me and other people
doyoudare chat room [private] created by getitd
Private room with me and other people
Bacolod Area chat room [public] created by JosephSykes
TAGA BACOLOD SULOD KAMU D Subong kg ang avail nqa pwd ma meet?
punkrockdefense chat room [private] created by bvlletsgee
punkrockdefensenetwork chatroom
LGBT hook ups and dating chat room [public] created by wonderboy1998
this room is for LGBT for those who want to meet new people and hook up or start a relationship.
RDI- The Arena and Annex chat room [public] created by xLadyLust
The Arena was built in the basement of the Red Dragon Inn. Renovations were extensive as a goodly portion of the wine cellar and catacombs were taken over. In the main room of the Inn is an unmarked door with two simple crossed swords hanging above it. If you go through that portal, you will descend a long set of roughly hewn, seemingly rickety-looking torchlit stairs. Fear not though, they are much stronger than they appear. When you reach the bottom, you will find yourself in the northwest corner of the Dueler's Arena. A long wall extends to your left, and in front of you are numerous tables and chairs, all seemingly made out of the same old wood as their stairs. Early in the evening there might be some organization to the set-up, but surely late in the night, the fact that many have visited is glaringly apparent. If you sit for a while, you'll also notice that many have been unable to keep themselves from carving their initials in the wood while waiting to duel or simply spectating. Across from you, and down the length of the east wall are makeshift bleachers, erected to give the growing crowd a better view of the rings. [[♦♦The settings and description of this chat are courtesy of dragonsmark. Legitimate RP only, no text speak, proper symbols, proper english in general. Don't be lazy. No spam, no trolling, etc. This room is meant for RP fights which allow spectators, if you don't wish for spectators I have a different room for you to use, simply ask.]]
The Liddell Household. chat room [public] created by OoAliceLiddellOo
Well, I live alone. Due to the fact. . . my parent's died by several knife wounds to the chest and slit throat..
khusus perempuan indonesia yang ganas chat room [private] created by rikimaru23
lagi mau ML buat perempuan indonesia masuk adjha
hot ni8 chat room [public] created by vjnegades
hi this vj girls only allowed in this room
hunter chat room [private] created by wolfguys22
hunter and me will talk about what we want mostly our girls
fluttershy chat room [public] created by wolfguys22
everyone can talk and have fun
VoidPvp chat room [public] created by NeptuniumVoid
15557 chat room [public] created by ashleypp
lesbo chat for some one who likes lesbian activities
flriting female only chat room [public] created by lilmall200
looking for fun come in im me for any type of girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luke Hemmings Lovers chat room [public] created by LukeyPew
Only join if you are a true 5sos fan if not, you will be kicked by me! No haters allowed! Be nice and have fun!
DEVIL 666 chat room [public] created by slowmotion2015
THE DEVIL LIFE how's care about devil life
dubaihotchat chat room [public] created by boobssuckr35
only for hoyt ladies from uae dubai
Horny Emo chat room [public] created by zoeybug77
Chat room for horny emos. Just have fun in here.
Diggi chat room [public] created by diggidiamond
The housefly that does not listen to advice follow the course to the grave
stress chat room chat room [public] created by bri8798
get your stress out in this room you can say anything no one is kicked out
Calgary Alberta Folks chat room [public] created by Genn123
Hey guys I just moved to Calgary desperate to make new friends come on join the group!
Apasento chat room [private] created by 1Coolkat
To chat with people to make friends
BandD Hookups chat room [private] created by orgasmlender
The place for Doms and Subs to meet in a casual setting.If you have a fetish this is the place to be.18+only.This chat room is for open-minded adults only.
janjian sex chat room [public] created by AvoXXX
ghdffxdhdfjdj fhffjjjdgf dghhthtrgeegtrgrt
Some late night fun chat room [public] created by Hardpocket62
Looking for some girls to have a late night chat with!
Roleplay with me girlz chat room [public] created by RnaughtyP
im just really lonely and i really need someone to help me with that if you know what i mean ;3
daddies daughters chat room [public] created by pappascott
anyone can join. younger females especially. talk about your wildest sexual fantasies
khusus tante girang chat room [public] created by rikimaru23
masuk adjha yang mau enjoy tanteee
khusus tante girang yoookkk chat room [public] created by rikimaru23
masuk adjha yang mau enjoy tanteee
sunel chat room [private] created by sunprint
m clam and lovable person and looking for new friends for chat
50S PLUS chat room [public] created by mikfugi
for people that are tired of bullshit chat room [public] created by TheRecentfighter
for people who are tired of bullshit
story writing chat room [private] created by TheRecentfighter
people invited only people so don ask if i didnt invite you
Bi101 chat room [public] created by Dominique223
If your bi. and want someone to talk too.
game cheater chat room [private] created by marineboyz
anyone knows abt cheating games you all can share here ...but don't harm anyone or anything ..
Only Kids chat room [public] created by tbrady12
Ages 13-17 Only keep it clean and do not cuss and do not make anything rude or uncalled for
selling used panties chat room [public] created by sexysaraspanties
selling used panties chat with me for more information!
hellooji chat room [private] created by rony0701
for gentle chat for gentle people
gentleji chat room [private] created by rony0701
for gentle chat for gentle people
jubail chat room [public] created by injbl
guys in jubial R C, MATURE MEN WELCOME
Open minded baby chat room [public] created by Ridzuan030494
Women school girl friendly person open minded can share something
RP kings and Queens paradise chat room [private] created by darkspyro
A place for decent to Amazing RPers to come and show off their stuff without having to put up with terrible RP anywhere else. Invite only sorry.
older women only chat room [public] created by kylegeezy
all women looking to have fun and talk to younger men a dream for everyone
BRMs room chat room [public] created by bigredmachine777
it is about anything you want it to be about it can be about friends family or even boyfriends and girlfriends!!!!
looking for love teens chat room [public] created by party5rocker
looking for love only teenagers
ciberse with girls chat room [public] created by jonny012
looking for girls for Skype cybersex
Anime Friends Fans Chat Room chat room [public] created by HaruhiX16
any anime fans who obviously like anime can join in. Please be nice to everyone.
You quiet room chat room [public] created by SmileyEm
Somewhere quiet to chat if we want to
gay Floridians chat room [public] created by Payto2017
chat room for gay people who live in Florida to talk and meet :D please enjoy
forcemeeeeee chat room [public] created by CuddleKitty
The Falling Angel chat room [public] created by Ella2001
For all who interesting about satan and satanism , the falling angel , lucifer , baphomet , you can join us
Goddess Samanthas Findom Room chat room [public] created by GorgeousNightmares
Hello there guys, well I should say boys! I know your not a real men. Your just a bitch's that love financial domination. So come serve me.
hot men chat room [private] created by krishnaravi
i want sexy young ladys.. i want sex with fresh yound ladys for have a fun hu hav intrest to sex with me i can do satisfy anyone hav intrest pls mesg
XXX12345 chat room [public] created by BABYXXX1
a room that teen you looking for a the right one
XXX6900 chat room [public] created by BABYXXX1
teens that are looking for the right one
jakarta timur chat room [public] created by revirevo
tempat bekenalan dan nbertemunya orang dari jakarta timur
jeddah love chat room [public] created by jeddahman563
all in jeddah come to have fun
Scott Cawthon chat room [public] created by scottcawthon
Hi I'm new here. I created this room because I wanted to chat with people.
boredpeople chat room [public] created by 3245nithya
it is for bored people.you can enjoy chatting with people around the world
24 Horny Male chat room [private] created by Rabbi86467
woman invited here.because i like older woman.i am crach on them
DJ group chat room [public] created by Semromero
This a group for producers and DJ's
Language exchance chat room [public] created by quan3c
English native speaker who want study VietNamese welcome to join
i like it chat room [private] created by ginandjar
love sex , women ,blonde ,mature , bigtits
guys into rubber and latex chat room [public] created by rubberchris
a horny chatroom for men and boys who love rubber/latex clothing or bondage
Lesbian 69 chat room [private] created by TriggerHippie99
Anger Management 101 chat room [public] created by OriginalPringle
Boy for Big Bro or Daddy chat room [public] created by petitnyc
Sweet boy for big bro or daddy, be your sweet boy, anyone wanna chat?
Da placce to be fore fun age 11 to 12 chat room [public] created by CoolBoy6929
Kids 12 to 20. If u the age limit who cares if u wanna have fun this da place to be ;-) and this the place fore 11 to 20 year old can meet each other ;-)
Da placce to be fore fun age 11 to 20 chat room [public] created by CoolBoy6929
Kids 12 to 20. If u the age limit who cares if u wanna have fun this da place to be ;-) and this the place fore 11 to 20 year old can meet each other ;-)
Anime Friends Chat Room chat room [public] created by HaruhiX16
Join the Anime Friends Fans Chat Room in where you get to meet new people, be friends with them, and also talks about Anime. Please be nice to each other.
mahichows chat room [public] created by mahichows
i want to be one your friend with everyone not only particular guy/girl
Searchinghairygirls chat room [public] created by asssniffer01
Chat with hairy girls and smell fetish girls
wolfiegirl4evr chat room [public] created by soccerstar1234
just a little fun had by all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VIP4YOU chat room [private] created by ln2000
This room is where you feel like a VIP. You will be treated like VIP. I will cater to your needs. Only selected are allowed in my VIP room. This is where all privileges are catered. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the atmosphere of being wanted and pampered.
German Chat-English- chat room [public] created by Germanmachtleiben
If your german come on in and give us a talk
frendz best talks... chat room [public] created by ankit22karkineo
this room is for everyone.. frendz.. unknown .. gayz.. lesbians.. adults.. so enjoy a healthy room... :-) :-) :-) <3 <3
you wana date chat room [public] created by Masedawg3
in this chat room you can get a date with me or someone else
MiXeDcHaTrOoM chat room [public] created by DutchessBaggoo
AnYtHiNg AnD EvEryThInG:) HaVe FuN:)
Chatroom6664 chat room [public] created by Dragon6664
Just come and chat with your friends
Cins Room of whatever chat room [public] created by Cinnabon90
Cins Room of whatever...literally
Cins Lounge chat room [public] created by Cinnabon90
Cin's lounge ....Sin's lounge hehe get it? iono welcome and don't be shy :)
Butch-Femme Lesbian Chat chat room [public] created by RomanticButch
Where lesbians who identify as butch or femme can socialize.
sex text chat chat room [public] created by hotboy15zayan
Fun hot horny uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhjh yaaaaaaaaa
Anime and Korean chat room [public] created by Bangtan
just go in here if you like to talk about anime or kpop. I am willing to discuss about it. :)
Love Love Only chat room [private] created by Anitha555
Hi friends pls aadd friend request and chat and fun to me
BTS Army chat room [public] created by Bangtan
Just come here if you want to talk about bts... armys or kpop fans are welcome here. :)
girls na malibog pasok dito chat room [public] created by more190
babae lang na malibog, wag pavirgin
LOVELYHUM chat room [public] created by lovelyhum
sex chat with me xxx chat room [public] created by jennylawrence
wish to chat with me ? wanna see my other pics ? enter here !!
I think that the worst thing that people can face chat room [public] created by josephine468
I'm a woman who doesn't live in a fairy ? tale where a prince on a white horse will come to me and will take my heart. No, I?m searching for a ordinary man, with whom I will feel happy, with whom we will create a strong family where two people support and care of each other. I will not love him for something he gave to me, but I will give him all my love just for his existence in my life, unconditional love. What can be better than to love a person and to know that it's mutual. Of course, nothing can replace it. So for me, it?s a big gift in life which I want to find and save it and never lose. I think that there are no ideal people with excellent character , but what I want is to find a man with whom we can share everything-not only good, but also bad..to be together not only in the moment of happiness but in the moment of desperate. I really want to love from all my heart and if you are here for the same reason, let?s try to find ourselves in happiness and enjoy the life full of love!
PewDiePie Army chat room [public] created by RyuuStrauss
sex..... chat room [public] created by amyhot770
sex....... chat room [public] created by amyhot770
Findom Fun chat room [public] created by YourGoddessBri
A Place For FinDomme's And FinSub's to find each other :)
Black Butler Room chat room [public] created by YoungMaster110
Black Butler characters Welcome!
FinDomme chat room [public] created by YourGoddessBri
Financial Domination Domme's and Sub's to meet and talk :)
Toronto Canada 420 chat room [public] created by alchemist101
All girls from Toronto MUST JOIN!!!!!
4Gamerz chat room [public] created by Dr2k3
for women and male gamerz to meet and speak game
heartbrokens chat room [private] created by anisha79
for all heartbroken people. anyone who wants to talk and tell what they have been through are most welcome.
Danish folks chat room [public] created by Vincent00110
Looking for friendship? just get in, if you're in Copenhagen, that means we can visit each other.
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