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XxxanimeXxx chat room [public] created by animeboi
Anime is like no other, better then life or even my mother. The sweet little chibi?s all so cute and small. To the truth the bad guys are secretly cunning. The knights, the fights all the running, the cars to fast a blast to the past. The happiness of watching just no stopping, you hold you breath and wait for death. I jump for joy when my favorite boy gets a new toy. Kawaii faces, police chases, shooting nuns and missing men no traces. The smell of blue roses, strange wired men doing lecherous poses. How I love anime no way to say this all the love. Like in Trinity blood the blood sucking priests, mechanical mobs. Scary hairless dogs named Bob, talking cats, man eating rats. Then the bad guys set the trap, and poor little Ed falls throw the cracks. But then there?s sweet little girls with strange powers ripping heads off and killing flowers. Oh but wait the monsters to, all the colors maybe pink or blue. All the toys used to kill the good girls and boys. The hero comes with the magic making every thing seem so tragic. All the girls are so big, all the sins they didn?t forgive. Empty amour with a soul evil homunculus out of control. Shy ninjas, lazy ninjas of the sand and all the rules you don?t under stand. Full on energy and always hungry, in need of ramen heeding the growls. Stupid lines heard a million times, no new words need defined. Half demon?s with bad attitude, need to make blood drop in latitude. The lovely plots, who cares what food they brought. Your glued to the screen nothing else can be seen. You feel the bone cracking smacks; you taste the swat running down their back. It so additive like a drug, you don?t know why but your in love. Nothing can change, people think your deranged. When you yell and cry when our friends die or say goodbye. Anime is, was and will be forever my love ooh the stuff we shall see. If this chat room is illegal, click here.

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