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List of all user-created chat rooms #33
Bardooooooool chat room [public] created by barscool
I am cool and kind I am cool and kind I am cool and kind I am cool and kind
Date chat room [public] created by ZigZag21
Find a mate and set up a date.
singlecarib chat room chat room [public] created by hights
the perfect place to find some one and chat every day
singlecarib chat room [private] created by hights
the perfect place to find some one and chat every day
cos-play for all anime fans in the world chat room [public] created by dragoz9807
any anime NARUTO,INUYASHA , BLEACH it someone in the world plays it
Michael Jackson Fan chat chat room [public] created by darkchief118
Welcome to my Michael jackson fan chat enjoy your stay
Da C spot chat room [public] created by doeshun
chicago spot, downtown, southside
GA PEOPLE ONLY chat room [public] created by gaboy1234
ga people most of girls ya digggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
hackers only chat room [public] created by timmy123456
this is 4 hackers if your a cop get your god damn fucking drug bust out mother fuck cock lika
Juggalos-Juggalettes chat room [public] created by ChaoticM
A place for the family to chill and chat bout anything.
Trishas Treasures chat room [public] created by trishthedish
Friends are treasures, come and chat at trisha's treasures
whateveryou want chat room [public] created by pincha23
make a conversation about whatever you want
Hawaii NUMBER 1 chat room [public] created by mitch1212
Come iN and Chill. Kick back and relax. Grab a green bottle if you need one or even a Mai TAI!
houseofmick74 chat room [private] created by houseofmick
private room where me and friends of mine can chat alone, or as a group
nigeria lesbian chat room [public] created by lovemee2
wher lesbien for nigeria can chat and ,meet
Extremesex chat room [public] created by bigdadyoncam
webcamsex,and chat just about sex, if not u get put uot off the room
frank chat room [public] created by ositadimmaa
hi ...............................................................................................................
emeka chat room [private] created by ositadimmaa
hi ....................................................................................................................
live sex chat room [public] created by passengerxx
awaiting for horny girls..come on
a bisexual woman seek for another lady chat room [public] created by choctawmami
im a 19 yr old bisexual who needs some attention and has a bofriend thats ready to have a 3sum with whoever i pick so if you interested...
Cooking Room chat room [public] created by siwsiw
All kinds of food, receipies and queations with chef orlando
MARINES chat room [public] created by HEARTSCOURTNAYHEARTS
EmoChat chat room [public] created by RoroEmo
I think you already know...have fun!!! :]
Road to success room chat room [public] created by cvallee44
This room is created to tell people about the most awesome opportunity of Zurvita. I am looking for success minded people who want to live their dreams!
talking dirty chat room [public] created by ecalhoun
Free to talk openly about adult topics. All sexual preferences needed.
SWEETNESS chat room [private] created by fabs11
This room is only for a friend and I. No one else. Please respect that.
2d and 3d Game Design chat room [public] created by Wx16
2d and 3d game design with Dark Basic - Game Space - TrueSpace
Lookin for Love chat room [public] created by DjSwitch
Only for residents of Asia esp; Hong Kong , Japan , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand & Taiwan . (Middle East posse are not welcome,so sorry )
kartoons world chat room [private] created by kartoon69
iowa come here chat room [public] created by santaria9
single woman come here if you wanna chat
POLy CHATROOM chat room [public] created by lilo360
GAMES CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by gowing
MyChatroomofme chat room [public] created by Nic222
This is the chatroom to find JackieL
JL chatroom chat room [public] created by Girlygirl222
This is the chatroom for JACKIEL
PARTY FAGS chat room [private] created by hellkid666
oh it's going to be just for gay guys and just to fuck around with them!
diaper lovers and addut babies chat room [public] created by rentme2now
just a place for ab/dl,s to mee and have fun
cool kids chat room [public] created by sherryzuo123
only for cool kids not for gay nor aisan guys only cool ppl!
Kats Chat Room chat room [public] created by kathrynlyou
Its a room that anyone can join pretty much
lovers chat chat room [private] created by Ashasoly
chat room a few lovers to come in and talk
all you can eat room chat room [public] created by sw33tz
some where you can meet new people and chill
Utah chat room chat room [public] created by MayCullen
For any one who lives in Utah! Pretty self explanatory
lovehurt chat room [public] created by freakyrocker
Anyone who suffers from lovedump & pain. Anyone who can comfort the persons described above can chat here.
Interracial Heat chat room [public] created by angryman27909
Hot Spicy Room For All Of You Who Like Romantic Sexy, SENSUAL, SEXually Filling, INTERRACIAL FLAVOR In Your Life. ANY ONE over the age of 21 WELCOME.
friend finders chat room [public] created by abrian
friends forever.... naughty are not allowed
girl-ON-chick chat room [public] created by ChocolateBlaze
For lesbians and bi females only
houseofmicks room chat room [private] created by houseofmick
place for new friends and old to chat and not worry about the crowds
houseofmicks chat room [private] created by houseofmick
where friends and I can chat in private
lover lane chat room [public] created by iceey
lets talk i want to get to know you , lets run through the park togather touching eachothers cotton candy
kcmo fun chat room [public] created by Saintx
This chat room is for anyone in kcmo looking to get into something right now
xxx bed chat chat room [private] created by emepror
this is an adult fun chat room and strictly over 18
Nairobi xxx chat room [private] created by emepror
this is an adult fun chat room and strictly over 18
TOP movies chat room [public] created by emepror
this room is for all the movie lovers you can exchange your opinion on movies
FRIENDSHIP and FRIENBDSHIP chat room [public] created by junaid123456
find a best friends junaid from PAKISTAN IN ISLAMABAD
weed smokers chat room [public] created by weedisgood
pot smoking and all that gos with it a cool place for us pot smokers to chat
NAKED chat room [public] created by JESUSFROMSPAiN
A lovechatroom. I want to meet beautiful and nice girls
Arooooooooooooo chat room [public] created by Wolfling
The better to talk with you...hehe.
iowa chaters chat room [public] created by bigsecret29x
this room is for men and weman who want to talk about having affairs come and share your experiences
Arabs. chat room [public] created by Usef187
Ony for arabs who live in & out of the middle-east. For muslims Too.
winnipeg metal chat chat room [public] created by damasciasl
anyone from winnipeg thats into metal this is the place for you!!!!!
Finlaaaaaaaanddddddddddd chat room [public] created by Didi023
All the finnish come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
general chat chat room [public] created by xxhoneybeexx
we'll leave it to the imagination
single mexican women chat room [public] created by gunny0369
Single, Want to come to USA. I visit you, there first!
Indie chatroom chat room [public] created by PhyscoDarlinx
this is for people that like indie music and are generally indie also really anybody is welcome to come in hahahahahaha x
freaky ppl chat room [public] created by sxyv
dating and relationship for teens chat room [public] created by mikkikay
find a new lover or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Women who have Been abused and need someone to tal chat room [public] created by Jennet2
Hey Ladies!! Have you ever been abused, or is being abused presently? We can talk about it so we can find a way OUT!!! Join this chat - it's confidential - you dont and wont have to pain anymore!!
Shadowedhearts Chatroom chat room [private] created by ShadowedHeart
just a chatroom for a few friends and me
kings chat chat room [public] created by heba12
if u feel like a king enter the chat
uncensored chat sex chat room [public] created by lamboman0
have sex here..................................................................
sameers uae chat room chat room [public] created by sameerkhan12004
for all females of any age who like friendship and more
Lesbian Sex Room chat room [public] created by SexyLesbian16
this room is for lesbians only so they can have sex
thugs-hot boys-hot gurls-divas chat room [public] created by lckidd
this room is to flirty; talk to people; goin off on people;NO EMOS. blacks whites; i dont care be throwed;
cool people only chat room [public] created by sherryzuo123
lol cool people only! no gay people
cool peoplelol chat room [public] created by sherryzuo123
only cool kids no nerds only cool ppl
arab 2010 chat room [public] created by SALZO
need true love chat room [public] created by emeraldjade
here wants a relationship a true love..................................................
JUGGALO AN JUGGALETTES chat room [public] created by mat904
AnimeGuyHotties chat room [public] created by kitamishai33
Anime Freaks! ! ! Want to talk about all your anime hotties from Inuyasha to Bleach to Death Note to even Saiyuki and much more. Come Join! ! ! /\ _ /\* It will be fun! ! !
jakey pooh and linda chat room [private] created by angelgreen
fun times, long time, lonly times, watever it is i will be here for u
punjabis of lahore chat room [public] created by aaghuman
a nation who speasks punjabi with pride.
jaguuman chat room [public] created by jaguuman
hi,need to meet nice ladies in my chatting room and also those who are willing to date me as well.
BFFETWFD chat room [public] created by ABAYBAY97
NUDE MALE CHAT chat room [public] created by kkbabu
elyxxx chat room [private] created by 1the1yes1man1tyler
for u and me onlyjrnfkmcdkfmkkck kkkkkk k k k k kk k k k k k kk k k
x chat room [public] created by sherilove
hi am billy and i want b ur friend
SICK TRIPES SPASTICITY DISEASE chat room [public] created by nicoleta2007
My Bloody chat room chat room [public] created by cman16
join if u watch any type of horror or comedy movies
singles 40 and over chat room [public] created by blazerman
singles meeting singles who want to bypass all the dating rooms that charge you an arm and a leg to join
Cute Aisan Boiiz For Gurlz chat room [public] created by JadeLouise
Hott people , . . .
girllovers anonymous chat room [public] created by hussyfan
For girls and girl lovers all accross America. Nasty Bashful Sexy Lustful girls and gents alike.
hotandsexychat chat room [public] created by zohaibhaider
hot and sexy chat room for all who want extreme love (full of romance)
nicole freinds chat room [public] created by nicole025
hot hot hot hot hot cool cool cool enjoy
Korean Chinese Japanese guys out there chat room [public] created by sachiGY
only chinky eyed asian guys are allowed really looking for one japanese girl here
hang out room chat room [public] created by Ayarekun
When i say fun i dont mean come in here and talk sex, i mean its a place to hang, talk about our lives and chill!!
stuff101 chat room [public] created by blarg1011
Thisisit chat room [public] created by JackieL
this is the room where yoiur gonna wanna be trust me
Miami05 chat room [private] created by ice05Princess
umm... idk jst like any other chatroom:)
teasha chat room it fun chat room [public] created by teasha
talk about thing that you like and other things if you now what i mean
lonepoets world chat room [public] created by lonepoet
every nation and beliefs are welcome to disscus their views and thoughts of humanity and anything else they wish to be heard about
mateo85 chat room [private] created by carljohn horny with me...owh...u'll like it..4 sure..
Sawassdee- Bangkok Thailand chat room [public] created by NiheWo
hi all i wanna make a new friend right here
peace love and joy chat room [public] created by mhaidoo
welcom to your cruel word , You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies you may trod me down in the very dirt and still like the dust I'll rise does my happiness upset you why are you best with gloom Cause I laugh like I've got an oil well pumpin' in my living room So you may shoot me with your words you may cut me with your eyes and I'll rise
Engineers Room chat room [public] created by Pro1
for Engineer Community like computers , software,civil engineers
Nasty444 chat chat room [public] created by inferno4444
you can talk about any thing you want
TEENS who just want to talk and friends chat room [public] created by 1the1yes1man1tyler
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj###############))))))))ki ll(((((((((((((((
HOME BUSINESS chat room [public] created by Homebusiness
People who are interested in Home business, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Money Making groups are welcome for chatting and sharing their ideas.
nike chat room [public] created by stavross30
nike adidas reebox puma trainers r aloud in this room
sad-angry-depressed chat room [public] created by leandrawestbrook
a room where u can go chat with other people who are either sad,angry,depressed, or much more
sexygirlkisses chat room chat room [public] created by theemo
4 my gurl cus i love her so much ................................................. .............................................
Woooo chat room [public] created by Nic222
mestin chat room everBODYEY chat room [public] created by alexander789
eat eat eat megbbg bnhiijkkoooppjgfgfvuggugghbbvvvvvvvv cvxcrcgdfcffvvgnbbbbvvvv fdggfbbvghgfhhggbbb bbbhhh
BroOoken Heart chat room [public] created by withNOmoreTEARS
Just for people who needs cup of love ..with no more tears .. join us
Jersey Girls chat room [private] created by wonderwomaqn004
This is a chat room by invitation only.
young and mature gays chat room [public] created by Cortez28
Just for mature mens that looking for young peoples, and for young people that looking for mature mens. Can be for sex, relationship, friendship or whatever.
utah chat chat room [public] created by mommyslilmonster
its a really cool chat for allu damn mormons
mexico spanish room chat room [public] created by alexander789
this a chatroom dat you can talk to people in get to no them in you can date
mexican chatroom chat room [public] created by alexander789
hicimos hablaremos ibais nana nanabeber
mix span chat room [private] created by alexander789
only if you speak or english hulk sms
tastie chat room [public] created by skittleskillesu
yummy, you have entered my chat you now belong to me you are now free,to do and say anything im ruless
testroom chat room [public] created by bannedx7
its a test room, im super cereal you guys
irie vibes chat room [public] created by dannymatis
chat with people carribbean people
single and looking for hot guys 19 23 chat room [public] created by mwah69
single and looking for a hot guy!!!
Sacramento CA chat room [public] created by SillyB
Room for everyone from Sacramento CA!!
A New Rebellion CG RPG chat room [private] created by RenTao
Its now a more original RPG going with the bases of Code Geass. The Plot The nobility of Britannia, still furious over the abolition of their statuses and ranks, organize and rebel - leading all of the most powerful figures in Britannia to unite against the royalty. Realizing that this could serve to engulf the entire world in yet another war, the Britannian royal family is returns to its rightful rule to control the aristocracy, giving the nobles back their privileges and positions within the Imperial government. Just as before, however, the nobility soon return to their cold, harsh ways - scorning those beneath them and seeking more power than ever. Class differences deepen and there is a return of the Purist movement, those in the nobility of purely-Britannian bloodlines seeking to ultimately disenfranchise and dominate those who aren't. Britannia defects from the U.F.N to become the world's foremost superpower, the growing will to dominate the world with Britannian supremacy by the council of nobility is now a threatening concern as many including other members of the Royal family wish to de-thrown the current Emperor . The European Union, having lost most of its territory to Britannia a hundred years prior, has been gradually becoming more and more visible in their attempts to retake it, aiding underground rebellions and anti-Britannian organizations. Though they were given a big span of their land back years ago, it is clear that they aren't stopping there. Now that they see Britannia in an uneasy state of balance, the EU is likely planning to continue their efforts in undermining Britannia's hold on its subjects. As well, Japan has been renamed Area 11 in an attempt by Britannian nobility to reclaim their dominance over the world. Naturally, the Japanese are riotous over this forced return to the state they thought they had been freed of. The state of affairs gradually becomes more and more similar to that of the Black Rebellion, though much has changed since then. One fact remains true now just as then, however: the Japanese will not sit idle and tolerate being returned to a sub-human status. Nearby, the new Chinese Dynasty is struggling to maintain its place as a world superpower. After the attempted civil war a hundred years ago, the Dynasty has been shaky in its hold over its collection of states and the government is finding it hard to keep up in the current state of turmoil in the world. In all corners of the world, allies are few and everyone seems to be waiting for the right time to strike one another
Lesibians only chat room [public] created by Kaveeta
I need a girlfriend please help me out here... also i dont understand this place so if you have facebook add me my name is Kaveeta Ramnarine and im the girl with the picture
Franklin Brazil chat room [public] created by BoyfriendBRAZiL
Man of the Forest. I live in the heart of the Amazon forest. Brazil
mom gone wild chat room [public] created by lulu47
single and married etc, chat room for women to talk about our issuses with men and kids, work and life in general. without any guys
fancy boy chat room [public] created by BrandNewRainmaker81
do not take a look, do not disturb, it's private....
TaoufikRom Danemark chat room [public] created by brefeclair
Only for relationship love forever.
come for sex chat room [public] created by ankityadav
for all those who want to talk about sex
Wisconsin chat room [public] created by dancer140
dancer looking for sex and fun
abu dhabionly chat room [public] created by mansoorpovval
inviting good friends i am 26male now abu dhabi
your worst nightmare chat room [public] created by emojellytot
emos goths moshas skaters scene kids only no chavs scallys or gangstas
servertoni1 chat room [public] created by servertoni1
For all spanish and german speaking Peoples !
Lanzarote Chat chat room [public] created by Manu1981
for everybody to find each other and many more come in and enjoy
REDNECKS chat room [public] created by deere6741
just for anyone over21. to shoot the shit. any thing about the country living.
calgary alberta chat peoloe from calgary and area chat room [public] created by mudnfire
this room for adulet looking for fun or mifs or cas incounters or dating or whatever you like
Swiss ZH chat room [public] created by Vasilis23
Wer aus ZH ist soll hier her kommen
cheese factory chat room [public] created by cheesebaby
brown skin,brown eyes,slim,height 5'2 just looking to make friends
triniteens 13 to 15 chat room [public] created by wazzuptrini
gay.peru chat chat room [public] created by iLoveStar
peru lima 3333333333333333333333
Peru Gay chat room [public] created by iLoveStar
people from PA chat room [public] created by braddeem
talk in this room............................................................................
19yrold male bi curious in mass chat room [public] created by jayd42
looking to be fucked for the first time, looking to suck for the first time
sexy15 chat room [public] created by jorome15
a fun place to play around....
converse chat room chat room [public] created by emomesabrina
this is a place 4 pplz who luv shoes like converse and anything who likes this kind of stuff and yea.enjoy
BeCcAs chat room [public] created by sweetlips012005
to find friends and to chat when your bored
bored4everoom chat room [public] created by itachievilvampiregal
i was i made this have fun kk I SAID KK!
cruz chat room [private] created by josecruz
i wood like to have ass olover and pussy with good looking good bodes and nise girels in it
msn sluts chat room [public] created by wwe2k8
msn sluts who want to fuck themselfs on cam
The Harcore A Man Club chat room [public] created by em0dialize
Lets Party?lets Rock?lets Being Crazy?Lets make love?Lets do a Revolution?
new jersey hook ups fro married people chat room [public] created by blueyes10602009
chat and try to meet married who enjoy a little motre then whats at home
N0-people.shit.JaBir chat room [public] created by iwane
teen chat ! a hot room arabic room !! english room
Krishwilliam chat room [private] created by krishwilliam
Hello, how are you all. This is my private room
Oksana chat room [public] created by CruelUK
Oksana - One of the most beautifull girls I've ever seen ... on photos
lonely girls club chat room [public] created by deidrelikes2smoke
this is for girls who are lonely, no sluts.
lonely girls chat room [public] created by deidrelikes2smoke
please dont come here looking to be slutty or looking to post gross things no one wants to read thank you :D
lesbians chat room chat room [public] created by lesanita
just for girls........................................................................................
Soldiers House chat room [public] created by AirborneSoldier
anyone who is wanting to just talk or get together.
anime fan chat room [public] created by naruto1991
tock about anime shows and manga and show you love to wach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hot and not chat room [public] created by naruto1991
are you hot or not ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
girls that r 17 n younger chat room [public] created by jj204
girls that r 17 n younger 1234 chat room [public] created by jj204
freind chat room [private] created by mousaali
meeting with every one ..........................
Brennans Boas Cold Blooded Critters chat room [public] created by Brennansboas
Reptile chat room, all about reptiles.
v.i.p kittys club chat room [private] created by sunkitty
onley the ppl who r good frieands
sexy bitchess chat room [public] created by xlaurenx18
for all u hoes and bitches and for u men too
The cool peoples chat room [public] created by bdogg09
Wu up peoples in the world today, downt be gay, come in to dis room and judt say, wut up peoples.
WIERDOS chat room [public] created by SHAWTY124
sexysexin chat room [public] created by kaspur1
cyber chat role playing alot of action
love teen 15 14 16 chat room [public] created by rmdominican92
teen hook up yo have to be 14 15 or 16 and from providence na jk u can be from any
teen chat 14 15 16 chat room [public] created by rmdominican92
girl and boy chat there is no homo chat so just have fun lol
sexy hot fun chat room [public] created by sexysaphie1617
if you like to have a good time hit this one up
jose chat room [public] created by josecruz
ass and tites and pussy and niyse looking griles that like dick in the ass
Kauai chat chat room [public] created by ctsc79
For people in Kauai to meet other people. Find someone with common interests and hobbies. We're all adults so be respectful.
the place 2 be chat room [public] created by warlordcsm101
tattoo stuff, military and other stuff
mhaiself chat room [private] created by mhaiself
only me and my bestfrnd only!censored!wehehehe!
love sex and pic chat room [public] created by kmode
should be about sexx and only sex
sayaliindia chat chat room [public] created by mithun1986
all friends & all girls all type chat
SEX ONLY chat room [private] created by lovetaken
who wants it please welcome german and english spokers
Respect Chat chat room [private] created by ASiANJADE
A room for all to chat in and treat each other with respect and courtesy and the dignity we all deserve.
The Birthday Massacre chat room [public] created by Petrified
For fans of the Birthday Massacre.
Petrified chat room [public] created by Petrified
For friends of Petrified. Other users are welcome.
Glasgow chat 2009 chat room [public] created by murr33
room for chatters to chat and keep in touch...all welcome...
Kristens room chat room [public] created by CrackHeadKristen
Just come chattt, no perverts. (: Let's have funnnn. <3
Irish friends chat room [public] created by gennymakenna
This is a room where you can talk about your country and we can learn about how great ireland is!
SCAT AND DIRTY TALK chat room [public] created by iWANTiT
Come and talk dirty scat and Fingering etc. Lets cam
freinds chat room [public] created by gecildo
my room belong to those that like to make freinds around the world
algeria chat room [private] created by bekhedda
live friendship, love, dignity; the truth,
Skittles chat room [public] created by Petrified
Woot woot! For random people ONLY
the chat room [public] created by Petrified
Killswitch Engage chat room [public] created by Petrified
For die hard fans of Killswitch Engage
Iniana Chat chat room [public] created by Rob317
People in Indiana getting to know each other and talk about everything.
girls Like it rough chat room [private] created by Kalandrya017
this is a chat room designed for a select few of my friends.
Dance chat room [public] created by hit2009
Music + Fun + Dance + Hot PizZa
johnys room chat room [public] created by johnnyDmac
talk about anything, add people to your msn soooo lets get this party started
Lonley People chat room [public] created by BigTone87
This room is for all the lonley people out there that wanna just hang and chat.
beiruth chat room [public] created by sigara
this is a room just for lebanis who live in lebanon
heaven chat room [public] created by prisonbreak114
tolerance is the way that we can build our destiny
people in arkansas chat room [public] created by funwithtwo
olny people in arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zinda chat room [public] created by singhmonty
lol hi lol lolololololololololololololololololololololololol
THE BEST ANIME chat room [public] created by hamdall
THE NAME SAYS IT ALL!! BUT THERE ARE MORE THINGS THAN ANIME .....NOO THERE ISNT. ,.. well except for girls, of course.
Bees Room chat room [public] created by ellyalex
For those who love their work like the bees do :) and i will be the Queen Bee :D
Housewives chat room [public] created by dalesmith
Room For All You Housewives Looking To Vent
BrandonSexZone chat room [public] created by BrandonJ
Do U Like 2 Fuck? Girls Come To Play Here
Boise Gays chat room [public] created by ViolinJon
Available to all Gays that are in boise or around boise.
jamaican lesbion chat room [public] created by janice83
all about lesbion ladys some where we can chat
Bi People... chat room [public] created by KATEY16
this chat room is for BI people ONLY
i want sex chat room [public] created by oliver123pok
hi who wants sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lesbian chat out loud chat room [public] created by janice83
some where we can go to chat with girls only
13 to 15 year olds chat room [public] created by steelfreak
this is a chat for the young kids to come and have fun
Marc Bolan and t.rex chat room [public] created by criticalmass
chat about marc and the band or anything
Tulsa Oklahoma chat room [public] created by Junior2879
For Peeps in the Tulsa, OK area
Are You Bored chat room [public] created by CacheSecret
Are you really bored? Do you just wanna chat nonchalantly with anyone?
40s and up chat room [public] created by asheton43
chat room for anyone 40 and up. friends.
Travelers Of Adventures chat room [public] created by SilentEnigma1
welcome people and hope from this room meet the travelers and start the adventure and enjoying
bootylious babes chat room [public] created by prettyeyez09
cute red hot gurls wit booty and style u wouldnt wanna miss them in action
freak and rocker chat room [public] created by lonelyguy877
tattoo metal heads and punks r welcome
country home chat room [public] created by gunner231
country chating haveing fun going muding hunting
Steelers Chat chat room [public] created by jcain
this is for real steeler fans only
Anime World chat room [public] created by AngelicRomanc3
Just to talk about the animes we all know to love, the new animes we will love and the impact it had on u,.... if it did that is lolz... ARRIGATO AND WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Place chat room [public] created by Shawn3887
A chat room for meeting new people
men over 7.5 inches chat room [public] created by bigncurious
men finding men over 7.5 inches long
alabama gays chat room [public] created by darkmonkey
come on in and have fun but be kind
Just Friend chat room [public] created by bluebirdy
for anybody who wanna make friend from the worldwide
OCALA FLORIDA chat room [public] created by roxy09
music-aholics.. chat room [public] created by crazybaby09
Are u interested for music?Do u play an instrument?Then,you have to enter in this chat room!
Texas room chat room [public] created by cynthia83
it lively and u can join .............
Indians in UAE chat room [public] created by Lexs92
For all the NRI's in UAE to network and make friends.
artists chat room [public] created by zoooooody
chat rooom make an atrtists have fun and share there aidias
BOYZ ONLY chat room [public] created by princess9526
for boys that are under 15 and that are not GAY
chat for 13 year olds chat room [private] created by montesjesus123
chat for teens ages 13-14 and were kids in the age 13-14 can chat and hang or even go out with each other
girl who luv men chat room [public] created by montesjesus123
were girl and men like me can hang out and talk 2 girls but u have 2 b 12-14 kewl wit dat
LESBIAN ACTION chat room [public] created by starAries2009
UA for life chat room [public] created by UaBoy
check it out ur self but its for ppl from ua!!!...................................
michealdol chat room [public] created by michealdol
i need a friend.who will be my best friend ,plz you can contact me through
Peeps chat room [public] created by Tessa101
you can talk with all ur friends
oregon 23 chat room [public] created by gunner231
a chat room for ya all in oregon
yournameandmusic chat room [public] created by goth4life09
yeah its a chat room,got a problem with it?
Hook up chat chat room [public] created by Cameron1995
ppl who whant to hook up with ppl
the boy george chat room chat room [private] created by boygeorgelover1200
the boy george chat room for people who love boy george as much as i do
montreal adults chat room [public] created by medicineman9
people looking for stimulating chat or maybe meeting for fun
SuPeR 9 chat room [private] created by super9
Welcome to the most astonishing room in the whole chat with the leadership of super9 . You won't regret coming here.
Horny Namibians chat room [public] created by beezy777
Wanna fuck tonight? here is the room where you can find love, relationship and satisfaction.
Bi Kmarie chat room [public] created by Kmarie123
For anyone who wants to make new friends, and have a good time. no drama please.
jawa chat room [public] created by irwanhaddafi
kanggo kangen-kangenan sedulur-sedulur jawa neng saubenging donya
mickeyle chat room [public] created by mickeyle
love e e. . .~ miss s s. . .~
m4m greenville SC chat room [public] created by canigoweee
males looking for males for sex
AL HASAN chat room [public] created by almahdi
********************** ************************ AL SALAM ALEKOM MY FAMILY *********************** ************************
ALHASAN chat room [private] created by almahdi
************************ **************************** AL SALAM ALEKOM MY FAMILY ************************* ***************************
erotic chat room [public] created by yessyess
hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
melody chat room [public] created by abiegail
i look for sex and relationship i like a foreign
honey chat room [public] created by dina78
straight interesting want to know more people to chat
para sa taga rizal na gustong magstroll nagyon din chat room [public] created by wax051206
cute and fun open to all! you are all invited to join this room!
Mien to Mien chat room [public] created by faam
Are you Mien, Iu-mien, or mienh?
K23SCOOBY LOVE ADVICE chat room [public] created by K23SCOOBY
gives love and relationship advice to those who need it.
olusegun room chat room [public] created by olusegs2005
it will been male and female room
crackers hackers chat room [public] created by fireblade69
crime and tips, of everything in crimeworld
wisconsin gay chat chat room [public] created by Alvon
gays and trannys in wisconsin lets talk it up
madnikki chat room [public] created by nikxie22
this is a room for every horny man that wants to be please
HOTBOYANDY CRAZY ROOM chat room [public] created by HOTBOYANDY
fuck him chat room [public] created by moonyhya
fOr lOveRs fiNDerS onLy chat room [public] created by honeycess
the room for the broken heart .^^
munnabhai chat room [public] created by donalduck
munna bhai bole to eak dam nindas jhakas
Chak de India chat room [public] created by perx18
this room for Nari's... those who wants to chat with Indians..
BI CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by SHYGiRL17
anime no yaoi vhat room chat room [public] created by fangrl7
for no yaoi anime fans only!!!
Hard Cocks and Wet Twats chat room [public] created by mrpleasure13
sex talk about sexual experiances and how horny you are and shit like that..
Jaelynn chat room [public] created by huuho
to u and me to chat togetherhdfhdhdfgdfgdf
indianapolis chat chat room [public] created by ahchiquita
anyone from indy. hang out and talk
CLARKZWORLD chat room [public] created by marcquise21
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