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List of all user-created chat rooms #19
financial domination chat room [public] created by ladydvine
lookin for new money pigs, slaves to worship me n pay 4 my every need
Sport chat room [public] created by Lucky1987
basketball, football, ping pang, NBA, badminton, everything about sport.
AlbaniaN chat room [public] created by RoMeO86
chat per te gjith vetem pa ovendime dhe pa vyrje
mark room chat room [public] created by male234
looking for soul mate here to have nice chat together
only lesbian chat room [public] created by samy40
les fhfdhdfshfdhfdsfdhfdshfdshfdfdhfdhfdhdfhdfhdhonlyfshas
The Real Peoples Chatt Room chat room [public] created by paulsStrom
This is the right place for you meeting other people with diffirent type of life, IŽll not axept any sex jokes/ mobs/ pedofiles/ terrorism chatt/ or anything like that shitt , Just have fun and Chill out, And please be normal
sports chat room [public] created by sirsilver
any sport in the united states
METAAAL chat room [public] created by Maizula
Basically a room to share you interests in classic rock & metal music :)
seximamacitas playhouse chat room [public] created by seximamacita
white chick with black man chat room [public] created by diaspora40
sex room chat only for one stand room or more
For My Privacy chat room [private] created by Katelynn420
this room is for me to have private convos with other people
Cosmic feild chat room [private] created by Xero215
A small dimension rift leads to a crater in the stars.....this is a new battle area I call my own. For RP battles.
Channells Place chat room [public] created by channell
Good talk with good freinds and maybe a little more :-)
CAM 2 CAM MSN chat room [public] created by Tunderdownunder
girls in casts chat room [public] created by hornygirl212
girls who like being in casts as a hobby
Rockin Rollers chat room [public] created by moe1drummer
This is a Chat room for that music called ROCK. Rock Music comes from the soul where it then becomes Free and Inspiring. Check out my song at: I wrote, sang, and played all the instruments. I hope you like it and this chat station.............ROCK ON.............!!!!
Coloseum chat room [public] created by Xero215
The coloseum open for any fights
Random Hobo Loft chat room [public] created by Snappeh
A place to let yourself go and be a complete nobber as everyone can be! Bisexuals, Gays, Adults, Teens whatever lets mingle and have a laugh Muha!
atilla02 chat room [public] created by atilla02
czcsdcdcsdddddddddddddddddddddscsdc sdc dscs dcsd csc
Lonely and happy chat room [public] created by seaoha
For real fighters. Lonely types that no one would suspect were actually lonely. For all those who never give up. For all those who have wisely given up.
mic cam english make friend chat room [public] created by kikobaby174cm
nosexly talk.pls smple chat room....weclome
Young Adults chat room [public] created by youngrenegade101
for teens that arent really teens but most likely still living in their parents basement.
EMO FKS chat room [public] created by SiegHeilxxx
Just a place... I dont givea crap whos in here as long as their cool and not gross
JEANETTE chat room [private] created by HEARTBREAKiD
pen friend chat room [public] created by kavirajsuraj
friendly room people who want to share goodfriendship
The Metal Underground chat room [public] created by Exodus4
For Metalheads From A Metalhead
A Flock Of Seagulls chat room [public] created by andrwjohc
Talk about the 80's hit band in here
bisexuals online chat room [public] created by summerluv101
yeah im bi and i wat some other bi people to takl to and plus im single ;)
indian chat chat room [public] created by kavirajsuraj
gay love relationships chat room [public] created by playboygirlf4f
From gay men and woman to find love even bisexual
Little Rock Talk chat room [public] created by wayneb13
Party Room for Little Rock Arkansas residence or surrounding;
12-14 chatroom chat room [public] created by aznlanny
Melancholys House-Friends Only chat room [private] created by MelancholyofDarkRain
My Place to retire to if the main anime chat is well filled with idiots , my place to kick back and chill , friends welcome! XD
Hott Lesbians ONLY chat room [public] created by wwedivakj
A place where lesbians can hang and have a good time.
SEXY LESBIANS ONLY chat room [public] created by wwedivakj
A place where lesbians can hang and chat.
Latinos DSUnidos chat room [public] created by bigdk
Aqui podras chatear con otros latinos de todo el mundo.
Singapore chatters chat room [public] created by Pureline
Join this chat room cater to all singaporeans
illinoise chat room [public] created by susej51
ayoakinrogunde chat room [private] created by ayoakinrogunde
ayo is very gentle and lovely .please i need alady thanks love .
Supernatural chat room [public] created by naiacrkon
If you like TV Show Supernatural. This is your place.
susej51 chat room [public] created by susej51
Vampires ONLY- chat room [public] created by XxVivianxX
Place where only vampires can come and have fun!..Just dnt abuse the rules(Perverted talk and cam)
Bliss Stage chat room [private] created by wiredpersona
For our Bliss Stage game, follow your bliss
Puertorrican gays chat room [public] created by Tr3s
The right place to meet gays from P.R.
XslimeX chat chat room [public] created by XslimeX
The Rangiku Palace. chat room [private] created by RangikuMatsumoto
My Palace is my home. Do Not dare Defile it.
MEAT IS MURDER chat room [public] created by williamcurser
STOP EATING MEAT ...............................................................................................................................................................
The Rock Concert chat room [public] created by R0ckstarL0ve
A room for people who love all types of rock music,and enjoy talking to other random people
The Hippy Club chat room [public] created by R0ckstarL0ve
A place for hippies to chill and chat!
trekkies chat room [public] created by ezri21
for people how love star trek.
iowa people chat room [public] created by shontaye19
where the iowans are at! so we can meet iowans and iowans can meet other iowans. iowa is where u know every body. lol
regina people only lol chat room [public] created by bcp18
it's for regina people that take what they want lol
XXXXX chat room [private] created by ROCKGiRL84
ROCK ON chat room [public] created by ROCKGiRL84
yash hot chat room chat room [public] created by yashwant
hi i am yash from hoby freindship
deali chat room [public] created by deali
any girl who realy maery me plz send us mail .
kamtosh - chat room for bulgarian chat room [public] created by kamtosh
Стая, в която всички българи са добре дошли!
ushaka marine chat room [public] created by ushaka
iam invite every one to came to my chat roooooooooooooooooooom
philsplace chat room [public] created by philipcowe
come chill with the man :P grab a seat at phils place
marks room chat room [public] created by mm45zz
meet people and talk relationships
michigan one chat room [public] created by whiterhino2004
any one who want's to chat in michigan one can but mainly the room is for michigan state residents
free room chat room [public] created by 1968lhalet
anyone can enter................................................................................
kosovo chat room [public] created by mawreche
welcome too kosovo room chat
horny girls that want to talk chat room [public] created by rjracer191
come on girls u now u want to alot
Language maniacs chat room [public] created by elenoamante
If you are interested in foreign langauges, join us
kobasijada chat room [public] created by bosniaforever
ADY4LoOoVe chat room [public] created by ADeeeB
to see a rainbow you gotta go through the see true love you gotta go through the pain
BOSANSKI RAZGOVORI chat room [public] created by bosniaforever
Calling ALL single guys chat room [public] created by SmileyChick93
Must be a guy and has 2 be in the ages of 14-20!!
trini chat chat room [public] created by capture18
all invited to come and chat if u are lucky you might ind some one in your area
New Mexico chat room [public] created by BlueyesM26
4 corners area? Co, Ut, Az, Nm...
PROJECT HOOD TALK chat room [public] created by pookythejean
rizy chat room [public] created by arizy
hi this is rizy from india seeking for good friends
serious relation from philippines chat room [public] created by djsmile24
searching for for somoene will love me
All Movies -all the time chat room [public] created by dragonsurfer
what else to talk about other than MOVIES,MOVIES,MOVIES!!!!
LUSTYLAURA chat room [private] created by LustyLaura921
Im 5'5" 130lbs 36c-26-36... Anyone man there who can satisfy my lust?? hit me at YM..
PURO LATINOS chat room [public] created by latinaLlanel
you can only be a guy thaat is very hott OR YOU CAN BE A GIRL SO DONT WORRY LADIESS
Movies Movies and more MOVIES chat room [public] created by MidnightStardust
here you can talk about the latest and greast, or the oldest and greatest classics. just had to make a place where us Movie Fans can talk about Movies
ITs Questionable chat room [public] created by MidnightStardust
what else is more fun than getting to know someone, buy crazy questions, here its like a game, but so much fun, cuz you learn so much about a person.
Blue Sx chat room [public] created by SexcitingMale
Romm For One to One Love, Hot n Sexciting Male is waiting inside
Blue Sxc chat room [public] created by SexcitingMale
lets have fun here , blue lights are ON and so the bed is hot
Damara chat room [public] created by gizzel
place of discussions ......sharing of ideas a place 2 feel @ home.enjoyyyyyyyyy
charsijada chat room [public] created by bosniaforever
dobro dosli na bosanske razgovore
gerly chat room [private] created by gerly
private room for gerly's friends
NESTO DA TI KAZEM chat room [private] created by bosniaforever
Englewood New Jersey Daters chat room [public] created by userkin34
Chat room open to anything .Dont be a hater and tell on any one do what u want ok
Random fun chat room [public] created by AmieMae
Just talk and have fun! For anyone and everyone. No spam
pump up the party chat room [private] created by nighttwister
talk about homework and partying dateing
MOHAMZA chat room [public] created by MOHAMZA
girls with msn chat room [public] created by crazybluntz420
lets talk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
abby chat room [public] created by buffwild69
people from abby come and chat it up
Bek and Kevs Solace chat room [private] created by JustSmile30
A place where we can chat without enduring the incessant chatter of horny webcammers.
jacksonville FL chat chat room [public] created by 420dreams
a place for people in j-ville to connect to one another
teen lesbians chat room [public] created by whosgirl
Chat room for teen lesbians to talk and get to know each other and other lesbian girls around there age,
Just The L Word chat room [public] created by JustTheLWord
Im not beautiful like you, Im beautiful like me!
bombomcito chat room [public] created by edwinska
stoners chat room [public] created by 420dreams
a place for people to chat with other stoners
GirlsGirlsGirls chat room [public] created by JustTheLWord
Come Out, Come Out, Where ever you are!!
Lesbian Love chat room [public] created by JustTheLWord
Come with pride and taste the rainbow!
Ghost Speak chat room [public] created by Dreamer46
Aplace to just chill, with other's of like mind... Maybe share an experience.
Language Lovers chat room [public] created by youheezhou
Welcome anytime~~ This room created for people who like learning different languages and like meeting people and share their cultures to others.
anything u wanna chat about chat room chat room [public] created by 2cute2care4eva
this is a chat room i made coz i had nothing better to do at the time injoy
all crazy bar chat room [public] created by Brincando
Just ask for a drink .... and be happy
brisbane chat chat room [public] created by heyallholla
looking for friends in brisvegas this the place to be
cute girls and cute boys chat room [public] created by handsomeboy89
Salt Lake City Utah Chat chat room [public] created by Fraphead
Meet someone from SLC, Utah. Make friends and meet singles from your area.
CUTE S BAR chat room [public] created by handsomeboy89
if u re cute u come here:p lets talk
Advice Chat chat room [public] created by Mawiboi04
Come and get advice on any topic!
Sacramento Lesbian Lounge chat room [public] created by 1RainbowKiss
A place for Sacramento's lesbians to come and make friends and chat.*NO MEN PLZ*
sirlar odasi chat room [public] created by male18turkey
desgiripsinfds fddfsfsefsd dsadsadsa
ukraine girl chat room [public] created by farouk601
dating for serious relation with ukraine girl
Flirt vivdiivd chat room [public] created by male18turkey
dave rules chat room [private] created by dave1819
hai i m dave nothing to say much i m a odinary person
Chicago Area People Chat Room chat room [public] created by supracelica84
who ever in chicago or around chicago area like North, South, West and East chciago. Indiana close to chicago are welcome
ATLANTA FUN chat room [public] created by 08061965
People from Atlanta. Mostly for fun and hookups of any type
montreal fetish room chat room [private] created by grkadonis127
people from montreal who like to chat about their different fetishes with other people like them .everybody welcome .
montreal foot fetish room chat room [public] created by grkadonis127
people from montreal who like to chat about their different fetishes with other people like them .everybody welcome .
eagles chat room [public] created by vegasmamma35
talk about those eagles to see how far they will go
-ENTER ROOM NAME HERE- chat room [public] created by drex7773
thats the most creative name i could think of
SOUTHERN AMERICANZ chat room [public] created by mellygirl
vampire club chat room [public] created by mellygirl
a room for sexy blood suckin hotties
Rp Room chat room [public] created by VampireGoddess13
RIO GRANDE VALLEY chat room [public] created by XAViERCP
looking to meet hot local singles to chat/date/MEET
sexy 12 chat room [private] created by ashley36
who want to meet up , skin to skin hook up
mexican friends chat room [public] created by julie68
hip and happy members wanna chat
99212 and surrounding area chat room [public] created by secretluvr
For singles/swingers in the Spokane area
Beautiful Diva Mineral Party chat room [public] created by lwilson0903
Girls Night Out Party. Win Free Gifts. Shop. And Learn About An Independent Career Be Your Own Boss.
washington state chat room [public] created by raquinn
any one who lives in washington
sex on the beach chat room [public] created by badboy12387
all sex talk all the time.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
manga firtly ani party chat room [public] created by Darksimiro
you can talk and be your self's and no one can f... you . so what are u waiting for .
steveearle chat room [public] created by mykutebabe
steveearle music songs country anything talkable
Ash room chat room [public] created by msgoodpu55y
Come asd u r and have fun hehe
Minneapolis St Paul area chat room [public] created by CPLinMN
Anyone interested in chatting or getting together in the Minneapolis St Paul area.
sacramento chat chat room [public] created by spazz420
locate the coolest from sac town
thik junts chat room [public] created by jevjack
all the thik junts room cute girls room
freaky deaky room chat room [public] created by jevjack
all the fucken freeaks enter tennesee
African Lovers chat room [public] created by lovelylove30
PPL who is black. who loves black come and join us !!
moldova and usa chat room [public] created by jpauley863
coming to the states from moldova? going back anytime soon? how'd you like it? where'd you go?
kenyan lesbians and bi women chat room [public] created by starly82
for all lesbian and bi women to get to know each other, share ideas , find love, interract and feel at home! women only
Emo Land hehe chat room [public] created by GayLass
A place for all emos to come together as one,, meet new emos,, give out your msn or myspace etc and just have a brill time :)
sex talks chat room [public] created by stobias
just talk about sex, all about sex...
Mine And Sassys ROOM chat room [private] created by bhail
Its Mine and Sassy's ROOM!!! OMG I LOVE MY ROOM!
Sexy Emo people chat room [public] created by imsuchasexyemogirl
For emo people only espically the sexy ones
Grrls4Grrls chat room [public] created by crazyaunt64
If you ladies want to chat with ladies come on in!!
MSN chat room [public] created by Liam76
if you have msn and would like to share your address come here.
Just Bored...Tell Me Something Interesting chat room [public] created by Debbie49
Anybody that just wants to chat about kids, music, and friends
Broken Heart chat room [public] created by tom19
allow everyone to be win te chat roo ... but no fight in it ...Only 2 talk and Have funnnnnnnnnnn
love4u chat room [public] created by tom19
lets have some funnnnnnnn...........and forget all the pain..............i know it hard.......but..............lets tryyyyyy
shan fans room chat room [public] created by becckii
vizgy chat room [public] created by viz16
viz is my name. i will be able to connect to everyone around the globe with no hassle
morganxx chat room [public] created by morganxx
hello am brian,am an engineer i live in the uk with my a loving,caring and honest man.i saw your profile and i couldn't help talking to you.i wanna know more about you. Email Thanks, Morgan
Sharjah chat room [public] created by Naseebullah1
lesbians around minnesota chat room [public] created by notsoloose
talk people.....want ever u want i dont care.....remember be urself
talk all night room chat room [public] created by tiffanyh
you talk t w ever u want and tal privat to people hook up with people and talk to tem as friends and bf and gf and others
Swords place chat room [public] created by Swordfighter
A Christian fellowship room, where integrity, passion, peace, hope, and kindness are honored values.
sports101 chat room [public] created by lsubaby
talking about sports every team
pittsburgh pa slave girls chat room [public] created by slavetrainer10
looking for women in pittsburgh into b/d s/m spankings forced french
SUBMISSIVE FEMALES WANTED IN PITTSBURGH AREA chat room [public] created by slavetrainer10
juggalos and juggalets ninjas and ninjettes to chat room [public] created by juggalo13
we will never die alone juggalos will crry on swing our hatchts if we must each and every one of us
TOKIO HOTEL LOVERS chat room [public] created by Maka1313
all about tokio hotel the band and there music in english and germen its awsome
ohio chat chat room [public] created by hansel81
people from ohio can get together here
Volpone chat room [private] created by volpone88
nothing just for men and women how need love and there ages between 18 and 21
egypt lover chat room [public] created by amigo123456
for all lovers who need to sleep with each other and dont find a place to meet
PIE NATION CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by sweetpiegal
If ur a fan of pie please do join in..but if u are not STAY OUT
the shed chat room [public] created by Java74
gathering place for exploration of kinks iand fantasies!
Algerian Chat chat room [public] created by RockStar3310
Welcome for all the algerians here , this room is for the users who search or want love , freindship or relationship , so come to find what you want , and if you're not algerians walcome too
MilTown chat room [public] created by iGoByBen
nyone from Milwaukee Wisconsin?
clean people chat chat room [public] created by kayceeloveshampton
anyone who wants to make friends and talk clean come here
Wicked Clowns chat room [public] created by mmfcl
anyone with clown love!!!!!!! MMFCL, los and lettes wantin to chat
Death Note and Naruto chat room [public] created by misathekira
u talk about naruto theres no rules really and u can trade pics all u want
Romeo and Juliet chat room [public] created by RockStar3310
for Algerians single to find the love and the marriage , and welcome for who're not Algerians
band Evanescence chat room [public] created by RockGirl9
everyone like evanescence come to this room
older4younger chat room [public] created by BakSeatRomeo
older men/women younger men/women
filth fans chat room [public] created by pjwarrior
cradle of filth and black metal fans
Sin City Juggalo chat room [public] created by PROPHECY22
A chat room for all the 702 Juggalo's
yahoo messenger chat room [public] created by alexander321
hello how are you doing am prince from ghana i was passing on this site and i saw your profile the time i see your profile i was very happy about it so i wont to take you as my friend thank you
Anime jap music chat chat room [public] created by AnimeGuy
this is the room with all the anime info and music
Basil Louis Room chat room [public] created by whodon4ever
Strong Relationship with good person and relaiable people who have God fearing and want to know people all over the world.
sydney chat room [public] created by majeed201
we will lov e to hav e room call sydney chat room
SiNGLE JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES chat room [public] created by xxbloodymartinixx
a place for the wickid ninjas to get together
slavegirls chat room [public] created by pjwarrior
submissive women willing to serve
hasan27 chat room [public] created by hasan27
hi, welcome, i'm turkey, do you like turkey
HECTIK PEOPLE chat room [public] created by mzexotik
lol come talk its so boringggggggg
Chat Amore chat room [public] created by Amore123
For anyone who want to get to know eveyone better than the other chat rooms
Feet and toes loving chat room [public] created by Charliebigspuds
For all you guys and girls who love to lick and touch and wank over sexy feet and toes, heels, shoes etc etc
chat4chat chat room [public] created by zibouh
Open chat to benefit everyone and Ntaref Aktar for Business
backstreet boys fans chat room [public] created by bsbgirl2009
girls who love bsb and i hope you have great day
black room chat room [private] created by blackhenry
is a world of black room,where u have diffrent kind of people all over the world were u can express how you fill to every body and u can even find your bride here and maybe your bride may me me henry.
Goodmorals chat room [public] created by Apolot
This chat room is for people who hold morals and are willing to share there cultures with others in different countries. Especially how they hold to their culture.
james FRIENDZ ALL chat room [private] created by hussainnathar
hi i m looking for some one to make a friendship with me AND CHAT WITH ME
VAMPIRE ROLE PLAY chat room [public] created by mikaookami
in this chat room u can be a vampire and role play with others please come and have fun ^^
black men only chat room [public] created by trueplayer656
This is a chat room for any knid of black man no white men allowed i just like my black men they ave the best personalitys ever
American friends chat room [private] created by unkowm1970
crazy people chat chat room [public] created by becool2
if ur bored from those other chat rooms then come to the crazy chat room and go CRAZY see ya there!!!
REDNECK CHAT chat room [public] created by luvablegal29
Cribby 11 Chat chat room [public] created by Cribby11
Chat 2 me if u want me and mayb more
Loveless Fans chat room [private] created by Foxtrot777
Talk About Loveless Anime By Yun Kouga.
partytime101 chat room [public] created by Jenna614
join this chat and chat with some ppl...including me!!!!
Tsuki Come Here chat room [public] created by Foxtrot777
ALiENS EXiST-BLiNK 182 chat room [public] created by blink182princess
just talking about blink 182 and how amazingly rad they were
ottawa chat room chat room [public] created by Crawley03
This is where ppl from ottawa can come in and chat and get to no each other posible make new friends and what not who no's hope you enjoy:)
Say chat room [public] created by lookin4daladies
For lesbian and bisexual singles from 14-16 years old who live in Los Angeles, Cali!
RolePlay Room chat room [public] created by VampireGoddess13
Roleplay... do what you want...... do dirty... i dont care ..... do whatever it is you do
webcamchat chat room [public] created by sugarboy100
lovers din chat room [public] created by BiGSMOKE1991
were singal people can find there soul mate
CLUB LOVE chat room [public] created by BiGSMOKE1991
relationships chat room [public] created by coby123
looking for real love and some one to make you happy all the time then log on to this room may you may find what you've been looking for all this while
whats up chat room [public] created by biomass1
who wants to chat with the drew
Friendship all over the world chat room [public] created by PSYHOPATH
The Chat Lounge chat room [public] created by Robbied23
A place for laid back fun and discusions for just about anything. Pleae no stupidity. If you have a serious problem and need help, just ask, someone will be glad to lend a helping hand.
kakashi chat chat room [public] created by kakashi45
kakashi hatake and i love naruto and i love lego star war
me and u chat room [private] created by cheekychiqaxoxo
for freakishly, stupid stuff....anything u wanna talk about...
Barbienessas world chat room [public] created by barbienessa
Hey guysss!!! come into my world:D
dikson chat room [public] created by dikson
Cajuns Bayou chat room [public] created by tricia5494
Cajun's chat room to chat about whatever comes up. No myspace drama allowed.
Losts Cavern chat room [public] created by tricia5494
Tricia's room to not talk about body parts and their functions. Frogs are not welcome.
massachusetts chat room [public] created by secret57
simple conversation with adults, not cyber stuff
drpepper lover chat rooms chat room [public] created by vivicum
to meet new friends to hang out ans talk get to no each other
LENCI ALBANIA ROOM chat room [public] created by kajo
CREDIT CARD only chat room [public] created by nicalyn16
for those guys who have a credit card and willing to pay for a show... give it a shot here im not gonna let you down!!
The Gay Party Room chat room [public] created by nativerock
Hey any gays guys that wanna chat join me!!!
EMOs and GOTHs chat room [public] created by vickieisaak
EMOs & GOTHs can chat & hang out here.
sepi chat room [public] created by guyzgigo
sape2 nk join boleh especially pompuan
Florida Chat Room chat room [public] created by latin3308
A chat room where people from florida can chat with each other possibly meet someone in your same city or zip code
room not for pervs chat room [private] created by derek61
like for girls guy to just talk doesnt matter what age
geys looking for geys to love each other chat room [public] created by derick20
geys also have right to love, so lets start to meet and love each other, becaus its here more easier
FRIEND FOREEVER chat room [private] created by hotmale1st
Superbeast chat room [public] created by xSinfulBoyx
If ur a preacher or some racist .. bettah shovel yer head back to yer ass . peace.
fun to chat with chat room [public] created by topmale123
if you have fun chatting then lets chat
I study English chat room [public] created by jehforever
For all students of english... Brasileiros!!!
emo and single... teens chat room [public] created by hthrydbaby62
a place for single emos to come and hang and chat and maby meet some new people
webcamsex31 chat room [public] created by suare555
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
joseph2467 chat room [private] created by Joseph2467
Hello!.Tell us.i want to talk to you.I 'm single man.I want to say something,I'm single man.
talk to me and jst me all night chat room [public] created by tiffanyh
its where and a perosn talks for hours and talkin bout random stuff or u getting horney and it for gay and bipeople but stirght and it really quiet instresting room
dont get horney talk chat room [public] created by tiffanyh
its where and a perosn talks for hours and talkin bout random stuff or u getting horney and it for gay and bipeople but stirght and it really quiet instresting room
missouri single chat chat room [public] created by DEMON420
any one looking for that special someone is welcome
afshin chat room [public] created by afshin1051
hi every body im male 36 old and divorced
Popped Collar Cool chat room [public] created by gapeach18
This is the chill new friends for your late night boredom!
Dubai Girls chat room [public] created by nawabauh
Olny females are allowed to enter.
galerafucker chat room [public] created by filipinomil
You want a Girls or Guys for fun? Just visit at [ ] email for your beach hotel reservation with the girl or guy for night fun.
FrEe FoR aLl chat room [public] created by badboyshere
hOt "N hOrNy: free for all to come in and chat all kinds of people allowed
vijaya house chat room [public] created by anithasaji
my husband and me wanted to chat in this ' vijaya house'
Frosts Arkansas chat room chat room [public] created by frost2626
come and make yourself at home
maoriaurell chat room [private] created by maoriaurell
Bi-Sexual Baby Girls chat room [public] created by 69pinkwhispers
NO MALES of anykind...want to play in Pink's World? Come here to talk and flirt with other Bi Girls, maybe you will find a playmate. If you are under 18, please dont stay in this room.
Texas Chat chat room [public] created by topmale123
Live in texas and want to talk
Zcommandos chat room [public] created by Lebanon1Zerocool42
شات لبناني عربي خليجي english chat , arabic chat , everyone invited
bajan women online now chat room [public] created by carlk
sexy chat with sexy bajan women
teen hooks chat room [public] created by hottubblond
teens get hooked up! A fun way to meet people!!!!!!!!!
xxxplace chat room chat room [public] created by showxxx
come to cum girls couples mens
nightwolf sexmachine chat room [private] created by nightwolf2
blero nightwolf im strong in sex
texas people only chat room [public] created by candyrainbi
people can have a close realationship in texas thats close to another and dont worry about distanced
respectable room chat room [public] created by Analinasky
if u want to chat here u have to be a respectable person that means if u r seeking sex go to another room
THICK-JUCY-CHICKZ chat room [public] created by HoneyBun1
male and female domestic abuse chat room [public] created by ksa712
this is for male and female victims of domestc Abuse
cute people only chat room [public] created by gtgallis
this chat room is for normal people not clowns kk so if ya wanna chat with cool people this iz the place to be
DUDES CHILLOUT chat room [public] created by aussiedude12
awsome place to come and chill, meet some real people and fuck around wif mates
h.o.r.n.e.y chat room [public] created by theman922
this is a place for stressed ppl to go and get all there sex talk out!
A girl who likes girls chat room [public] created by browneyes256
What's up ladies!! Your girl browneyes is here to chat with you and maybe hook up.No one under 21 please. thanks!!!!!
NiCeRooM chat room [public] created by adrisanx
A room to make friends talking about common likes and interests.
marsh1996 chat room [private] created by marhs1996
marsh1996 graduates wants to re-unite again for the longest time in life
PEOPLE chat room [public] created by shaddy666
jamaican vibes chat room [public] created by tessjamaicanprincess
a room where you could meet jamaicans and other people from the caribbean
bi females in indiana and surrounding areas chat room [public] created by mama47997
looking for bi females in indiana or surroundind area that would like to chat
Fantasy Roleplay chat room [public] created by CrimsonVincent
:/ whatever you want goes? XD My friend dared me to make it
Kenyan Mates chat room [private] created by Mzushi
This is a private room that allows us to chat. We strongly recommend that vulger language or such must not be used at all. Chatting can be addictive, and imagine if such talks were done here. No NO
cool teens babe chat room [public] created by disire1022
just come and join in its a chatroom where anything goes
sexy girl onlay chat room [public] created by Fares20
Bangalore Chat chat room [public] created by snagglepuss74
Chat room for bangaloreans, of course.
demons den chat room [public] created by Princessofdarkness66
cum an join the demons from hell i welcome u
Guyz only chat room [public] created by thunderstruck86
A room for guys who want to talk dirty with other guys, NO women allowed!! Kinky guys welcome
jack chat room [private] created by jackjackx
i would like to chat to every one
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