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List of all user-created chat rooms #3
horny people chat room [public] created by hornyass56
hrony people doing things like cybering flirting ect
gospel room chat room [public] created by gileno
this room is to eveybody...so..you can login and have a fun...
Singles bar chat room [public] created by BignellT
singles come on in...chat...make friends....have fun!!
MN chat room chat room [public] created by longshot505
6 chat room [public] created by zaman88
i waana chat with good friend a girl any girl for me giive me msg?
animimation chat room [public] created by animeangel100
a place where you can talk about all types of anime like adult swim
advanced ninjas chat room [public] created by vipersega
lol fight!u people that been wantin a ninja chat room well here it is bwahbwabhawhbwhbawhbawhb
ninja fighting and sports chat room [public] created by vipersega
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooot finally
Backwoods Chickies chat room [public] created by cityhickchick1984
A room for real country girls to hang out and chat without being dumped on!!!
superfriends chat room [public] created by capricorndragon
This a chat room for people who make good friends.
talk to apocalips... chat room [public] created by apocalips3304
is created to make very good friends...
young fun chat room [public] created by hevensent
where teens and young singles come to have fun
hevensent chat room [public] created by hevensent
chat with young singles lookin for some fun for the night
Gay And Bisexual Women chat room [public] created by sweetieshauntel
this is a room for the lesbians and bi or bi-curious people
Nightmare chat room [public] created by hotshot0014
For those of u who lik blood, death, etc..............
allforyou chat room [public] created by abby04
for you by me,for those who believe in Love ,Romance.....and friendship...try it out!
satanica chat room [public] created by MoonSkin
welcom at u stupid people.....here we go
blacks romance chat room [public] created by joemo
all single and black men and women welcome to join chat room
movies chat room [public] created by etaoin
talk about movies ....and i need to add at least 30Characters
redbull chat room [private] created by efee2
Shauns room chat room [public] created by shaun1
come and chat with my 'shaun' or other people who want to talk to you. meet girls, boys, men, women. its just fun that all no sexual or illegal activities please or you will be banned. sorry thats the way it is.
animetower chat room [public] created by xXMisaMisaXx
this is a chat for any anime lovers!! thx ^.~
Dutch Chatroom chat room [public] created by Lucas1
nederlandstalige chatroom,andere taal word niet toegestaan evenmin als vloeken,negeren en bedreigingen,caplocks,hoofdletters en felle kleuren zijn ook verboden evenals felle tekstkleuren
huuhaa chat room [public] created by huuhaa
any thing .......................................................................................................
Dubai-Sharjah Chat chat room [public] created by realcooolmale
Every one living in Dubai, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE are welcome here to chat
denayacosan chat room [public] created by eroka
i'm dena i'm from jordan i hope to make friend
gOOD LIFE COMES FROM YOURSELF chat room [private] created by dmens
Maryland Chat chat room [public] created by hibernateeclipse
People looking for other people in maryland
Panty Games chat room [public] created by southbeach
Women who love to wear sexy lingerie and tease hot guys
reboses room chat room [public] created by rebos
a room to chill and relax no fighting
japan speakers chat room [public] created by mslinbinfang
this is a room where you can learn japanese or talk in japanese or talk about japanese things
Ciscos Cambridge 2008 chat room [public] created by SiNGLECiSCOCAMBRiDGE
This Room is for people who lives in this english town
IMAJACKASS chat room [public] created by SYSTEMOFADOWN999
Imajackass rules!Listen to him telll storys of nonscence
loveeee chat room [public] created by favio2
sala para lso enamorados o gente q qiuere econtrar pareja
SERDAR chat room [public] created by francescototti
Snookums chat room [public] created by Snookums01
If you wanna make friends or just chat or whatever floats your boat snookums room is the place to be
musicians around the world chat room [public] created by kittka
for musicians of all kinds and genres
webcam now chat room [public] created by weanerwatts
come on girls ill do anything if you will...??
ChefGerry Freindly chat chat room [public] created by ChefGerry
open to anyone over age of 18.. sorry no kids sorry
cuarto latino chat room [public] created by brownsugar20
este chat esta hecho para mexicanos. todos son bienvenidos...
Tinks-nut-nuts chat room [public] created by Tinks19
alll u nuttas come and chat,,no kiddies tho plzzz
Metal4u chat room [public] created by Dissection
discussion about all kind of metal music, and talking about events and shows and groups as well !
Otakus and Asian Drama freaks chat room [public] created by omichan
If you love anime, manga and asian dramas u should enter here and meet people with the same interests.
juggalos and juggalettes chat room [public] created by cassi12
chat wid wid some bad ass juggalos & lette
hot room chat room [public] created by beautynicole89
the most Sexy, Intelligent, Naughty, Gently, Lovely and Exciting room
Unique creative peeps chat room [public] created by Chanaleh
This chat room is for people who are unique and are specail. and that are fun to talk with. also that love drawing singing dancing and just being creative about life enjoy!! hope many people will come joine me. have fun! be well to all :) and ofcourse smile. love me theres a brand new day tomm.;)
Hammer Down chat room [public] created by Hammer28
Open chat...but be nice. Remember, I can kick your ass!!
german chat room chat room [private] created by Mahasweta
people from germany so that I can know more about german culture, improve on the language and know more about Germany, germans and their lifestyle
Scottys TIKI Lounge chat room [public] created by WhiteKnight11x
(18+ ONLY PLZ!!!) Home of Scotty TJ The DJ!!
the only kwl girls to chat to hotdrik room chat room [public] created by hotderik
lookin to meet the sweetist and hottist gil in the whole chat room
The Addict Inside..... chat room [public] created by smurfy79
I am a recovering addict. This room is meant to allow people in a similar situation to connect and vent, so I hope to make some new friends whom can relate with me.
TURKEY-ANTALYA chat room [private] created by moonlightt2008
Harry Potter Chatter chat room [public] created by wotsup10
for anyone (13-18) wanting to chat about thier fave aspects of the books, or movies.
Pakisan chat room [public] created by ShyBilly
Welcome to Pakistan Chat Room Enjoy your stay here. Rules Adverting, flooding & abusing strictly prohibited in the Chat Room. Admins are always present on the chat and If anyone abuses, advert or floods they will be kicked or banned from the chat room without any warning. Please respect everyone on chat. Enjoy Chatting and make new friends... Billy
Billy chat room [public] created by ShyBilly
Adverting, flooding & abusing strictly prohibited in the Chat Room. Admins are always present on the chat and If anyone abuses, advert or floods they will be kicked or banned from the chat room without any warning. Please respect everyone on chat. Enjoy Chatting and make new friends... Regards BILLY
Nepal Trekking chat room [public] created by aryalha
Welcome to Nepal. It is Pleasure to welcome you to the land of The Third Pole Mt.Everest , Birth place of lord Buddha & the world famous warriors the Gurkhas, The land of living goddess, Yak & Yeti. The Magnetic appeal of Nepal starts with its enormous diversity. From bustling cities speeded in history to the Top of the world, Wilderness Jungles, out of the way villages, glorious mountain ranges, Nepal will leave you spoilt for choice. We are the professional young team workers in this tourism sector and we offer the plan for any individual and group people around Nepal as well as Tibet & Bhutan For tour & trekking & many more.: Trekking Rafting , Jungle safari,Sightseeing , Mountain Flight, Mountain biking.Additional service we provide are Hotel Reservation, Air Ticket, Cultural & Village Tour, Special packages for old & students. We plan your holidays, according to your desire. We are concious for environment & organize only Eco-friendly .we are working since 1999.
just a room chat room [public] created by missopinion
Its a room that I made to see if it works!
South Africans in Jeddah chat room [public] created by Hayden81
South Africans that iive and work in Jeddah
the bong room chat room [public] created by bongalot
Rendezvous chat room [public] created by abw777
people meet people, loonie meet loonie, boys meet girls and life goes on.....
cali love chat room [public] created by rudeboy310
anyone from cali is free to come
Libra chat room [public] created by Enjagi
My birthdal month ofjfjsdhjfdjfhdsjfhjkgdfjkfs
boom boom room chat room [private] created by blackjack51
nice and peacefull, want to make new friends.
Talk free chat room [public] created by faye12
to talk free about any thing with common understanding and good freind ship relation.
The Steam Room chat room [public] created by smoothoperator
Explict room only over 18 years of age allowed
San Antonio Chat chat room [public] created by christophertexas
San Antonio, Tx Chat.......Singles and married but looking.
Randomness chat room [public] created by marine4life
come to be random chat about anything, no racism so keep it random
boogie down freaks chat room [public] created by sankocho
individuals who reside in the bronx and log on here to socialize with other members from the bronx or else where but keep it officially bronx based status and discreet. What ever happens, happens.
Fundacion Earth Life chat room [public] created by fundacionearthlife
Jesus, chat, peliculas, jovenes, mensajes, musica, radio online, videos, fotos, webs, entretenimiento, libros, trabajo, deportes, juegos, citas, campa˝as, blog, voluntarios, buscador, ecologico, amigos, cine, gratis
The Tool Box chat room [public] created by Hammer28
A private room to share with friends.
Anime Welcome chat room [public] created by WiccanKyo17
Just as the title suggests...all anime fanboys and fangirls are welcome
ClassActs Room chat room [public] created by ClassAct77
Welcome to Classy`s main room i know ul hav fun and pls come again! ! ! ! ! !
Friend chat room [private] created by 6Larsson9
Get your all friends in here and talk nice things with them
indian chat room chat room [public] created by hemantsony
culture self representation chat room [public] created by kunstwunder
talk about what makes up culture & how that effects how we interact & base ideas about each other.
ROCK chat room [public] created by viriemo87
the chat room for people who love rock and want to meet people that do too
Honduras conn Cristo chat room [public] created by edimunoz
Descubre personas jovenes dispuetos a compartir de cristo jesus
sincere chat room [public] created by 7vi2mer2
for peopel who want talk be sincere there r lying detectors lieres would be banned
big girls only chat room [public] created by sexybbw008
having fun with bbws and the men that love them..
Teen Outcasts Welcome chat room [public] created by ThelastPunk
If your one of those secret sombodies at the back of the classroom, if you are one, you'll know what i mean, than you are welcome here. This is a place to have fun, rant, roleplay, or whatever you want. Whether you be a geek or a freak, if you're proud to be one, you are welcome here. No bad mouthing though. Jokes are okay, but don't be really harsh to each other, k? Come hang out. you're among friends.
you and me only chat room [private] created by realbreeze
let's talk...and talk...about nature..mankind..happenings..creation..life experiences.. share the humanity..
Missionaries in the Middle East chat room [public] created by alfonse
To fulfill the greatest commission of our Lord we need to step out of our comfort zone to preach gospel.
fun chat room [public] created by alexxx2020
fun room its so much fun . ...................................
Mikes Place chat room [public] created by meltdown
Come here and hang out with other cool people like yourself.
PassionFlower12 And Oldgit chat room [private] created by PassionFlower12
Private room only for named people, please do not disturb!!
NASTYS BAR chat room [public] created by NastyBastard
Whanua chat room [private] created by truckinlad64
Animal Wellness chat room [public] created by reikichick
Talk about your pets and the use of natural therapies for animals. Ask questions and receive answers from a professional.
MexicanAsian chat room [public] created by PieLover666
Aplase were people have fun ^o^
blacks chat room [private] created by yohman
room for blacks who wanna meet other blacks
quiz and riddles chat room [public] created by rebelrahul
People who love solving puzzles and riddles are welcome
Bisexual WOmen Only chat room [public] created by msdelight72
women only no men allowed..have fun and tease each other or just chat
Ideal Center chat room [public] created by serofino
this center includes people who has dreams for self-improvement and self made terms of physiologically
MAORI CHAT chat room [public] created by sxcmonza
The Anna Room chat room [public] created by AnnaAnal
Get to meet me ! And we can chat just about anything xD
super star chat room [public] created by sabair1234
dont wasdte time time is money moneyt is every thing chat only for entertinment
misc conversations chat room [public] created by DMncowboy8440
a clean chat room to talk about just about anything u want to discuss . Just be considerate and not vulger
political chat chat room [public] created by THEKiNGWiSSO999
talk about politics , world conflicts , ect... no racism no discrimination no swearing no cloning or funny stuff
bleach adicts chat room [public] created by hellraser1
for anyone who loves bleach and cant live without watching it
Chalenges CHRISTIANITY Face in the present WORLD chat room [public] created by eby
=>Problems faced by christianity in the present world and the ways to over come it.For eg: *Non avilability of good preast's *Preast's who takes away the wealth of church which belong to the belivers (eg:selling churches) *Bouring old ways of custom in churches(lack of modernisation) *Impact of other multimedia *Fall in culture(Family setup is going down) *The war situvation between the GOD and the dark *How to strengthen the power of ligth in this world *How to bring more people to christianity *Who is the true christian *What you can do for the Loard
muslim room chat room [public] created by jordan84
we are here to illustrate our religion and explain our humanity in life
westys chat chat room [public] created by westy1122334455
This is a open minded chatroom gay,straight or bi you are welcome but i will have no offensive lanuage to anyone
latin chat chat room [public] created by pierce21
this is for the all latin people looking for a nice conversation
any chat room [private] created by solo001
looking for nice women to make relation shep
The Common Cauldron chat room [public] created by ladyterrie
This room is for students and people wanting to follow or learn about the Wicca Way. I will be a guide on your journey to finding yourself.. The Common Cauldron is a school where you can learn the basics and move on to you HPS studies.
TM room chat room [public] created by umyth
Room for everyone!! Ayratynam Turkmenler icin diysem hasam anyk bolar.
wolves den chat room [private] created by werewolf64
a plac where any thing is possible howl
wolves room chat room [public] created by werewolf64
a plac where any thing is possible howl
Unbelievable chat room [public] created by SpicyBling
anyone who just want to talk, meet friends, have fun, date, you name it.
cam4u chat room [private] created by myself12
mi on my web doing waht ever u want
00233287303780 chat room [public] created by patrickinghana
one of love and respect and ready to share ideas of hope and care for humanity.
CrazySoma chat room [public] created by denty23
Welcome to the Crazy Soma Chat room
Nikkton chat room [public] created by Nikkton
Nikkton encuentrate...........
holla for a gulla gulla chat room [public] created by great3ballas
join n check it out!!!! its wild its fun, so come n
anything goes chat room [public] created by legolaswithtude
well just arrive and talk i really dont mind
melbourne chat room [public] created by jarvista
people from allover the world are are U in Melbourne?!
european singles chat room [public] created by colewillis
room for any single who lives in europe
My friends chat room [private] created by lucynha
I want to join all my friends in a only room
Teens Shounen chat room [public] created by Zapshounen
A teen club where they show off their awesome foolishness, problems, tips, and tricks. Those who wanna avoid a bunch of homework. If got some scolding from mom or dad, why mind about it? Join in here and forgot all those stuffs and fool with teen like yourself. This chat club still needs modifications, please post or send suggestions on chat room or directly to zapdominator@gmail.com!
ESL conversation chat room [public] created by AmyBCdeFG
English conversation and questions. Links to good ESL sites. Things to do in Des Moines.
Incheon chat room [public] created by JudeFawley
Moving to Incheon in June. Seeking friends/company.
uk loveshack.com chat room [public] created by ppstar
ONLY NAKED... chat room [public] created by THEPLAYBOY
Boise Boom Boom Room chat room [public] created by nostringz
Local Boise singles looking for casual relationships
latino gay chat chat room [public] created by latino80740
meet, date or talk to cool knew people in your area, express your self and tell them what you feel. Have fun!!!
Hauntings chat room [public] created by luvlildeb2
Do you believe your home is haunted! Tell us your experiences.
Flirt chat room [public] created by Badboy321
boys n girls hav fun........................................................
Tanapress chat chat room [public] created by littleDJ
Ici on parle de tout et de rien
coolest chat room ever in springfield missouri chat room [public] created by ihaterules
a place for people bored in springfield mo to chat
Marilyn Manson chat room [public] created by mrsbrianhughwarner
Anything and everthing about Marilyn Manson!!
Jesus Freaks chat room [public] created by bekkanne
Anyone who loves God! and want to talk about him too!
rosa chat room [private] created by sersem
adult edinburgh chat room [public] created by natestyle
for local lads n lasses looking for a lil fun
School Uniform Chat chat room [public] created by andy7898
enjoy wearing any of your school uniforms come in and chat
Clicks Slaves chat room [private] created by clickclickagain
The place for all my slaves to be safe and free
foxy chat room [private] created by foxytyo
fun! fun! fun! its all about having fun!!!!!
Guitar Garage chat room [public] created by Gypsyblue57
A room for guitar players of all levels
Ice Cool chat room [public] created by d15elena
Only people who have something cool to say can join!
Shinu chat room [public] created by anias2007
Welcome To Shinu Chat Room Hope You Enjoe
tempo-h chat room [public] created by makandal
music & fun............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
daisys love nest chat room [public] created by amanda81
for us sluts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Pittsburgh chat chat room [public] created by italianBella68
You from Pittsburgh? come in and stay awhile, your not from Pittsburgh?, it's ok, we're nice ppl here, come get to know us;)
Baby Talk chat room [public] created by 2wetLips
fun for tenns da age of 13-17.dont curse as much.invite ur friends and have fun its safe
Learn how to love chat room [public] created by sasdj2008
Discover new friends, fans, and flirts. learn how to love and to make love
Open Mind Gays chat room [public] created by MrWols
Gays Open mind who likes talking with adults
for you chat room [public] created by abby04
for all of you who believes in love!
BLAH chat room [public] created by Tasoula
just a place to chat and have fun! no perverts.. no pedophiles blah blah blah. im just making this cause im bored and no one is on lol XD
USMLE TAKERS ROOM chat room [public] created by ELDOC
phone sex chat room [public] created by domio
we chat over the phone about sex
annies chat chat room [private] created by anne123987
this a chat for boys 13-6 only sorry girls
chat here chat room [public] created by whitneymd
no one above the age of twenty allowed or i'll report you!!!
annies chat room [public] created by anne123987
onley depusin sorry other people not
Shabby Chic Crafts Live Chat chat room [private] created by ChicanoFarmer
This room was created to better assist people with any questions or concerns they may have.
fun chat chat room [public] created by francesbuton
just have fun; no swearing; or rascist language.
sappy chat room [public] created by phanter
:P just give your opinion, and have fun
sexy gyal chat room [public] created by diplomats40
Rat room chat room [public] created by NoFace101
Rat a tat tat. Erm Yep. ofsjdgofjgodijgodijg just need to make up 30 characters actually .. don't feel like describing things in boxes ....
anime forever chat room [public] created by ReaperNate
a chat room about anime or for poeple who like anime
chocolate lovers chat room [public] created by MissChocolate
if u love chocolate joiiiiiiiiin us
16-21 Chattyness SINGLES ONLY chat room [public] created by HuniBunz91
come in please haved fun and chat heaps
HOT PEOPLE ONLY chat room [public] created by cristal88clear
Will u marry me chat room [public] created by Tyetai
room used to find lovers and talk about others
BiLezFem chat room [public] created by hawyngirl808
Always forward, never straight and curious females...
YaseSepid for persian chat room [public] created by yaserazeghi
welcome to my room & i hope u enjoy in this place. but plz be polite here with each other
love nest chat room [private] created by catscanner
a room where friends can meet in private
Chit Chat chat room [public] created by misssweetpoison
People from all over the world can come & enjoy chatting over here.....
CALI -CHIKS only chat room [public] created by AGuyinCali
chat room i know not many people will join and i dont like talking to other guys so :)
superhero cyber roleplay chat room [public] created by caonum
where u can be the greatest superheroes of our time doing the greatest thing humans have ever done
BURNSYS ROOM OF BULLSHIT chat room [private] created by Countryboy130
wateva chat room [public] created by qweird
a room made for talking about wateva
Chinese online chat room [public] created by JessieChang
A place for ppl who are living or interested in China.
My Chat Room chat room [public] created by JensenSNLover18
Hey everyone! This is my chat room! Everyone have fun and follow the rules: 1. Be Nice! 2. Be Friendly! 3. No Fowl Language!
Golfer chat room [public] created by lukasheinke
I saerch for realy Women to marriet
ACASMA chat room [public] created by r222
for all accra academy and st. merries students and lovers
WWE wrestling Fanz chat room [public] created by xiiaodii
welcum all wrestilng wwe fanz!!!cumon in..!!
very good chat room [public] created by cnldprad
Invite all anyoun go to my chatroom to chat all
Torah Talk chat room [public] created by RapRabbi
A Messinaic Chat Room from Torah Light and Rabbi Stanley
make new friends around the world chat room [public] created by verybadboy
join us and make friends from all around the world
Black Label Society chat room [public] created by sixxvoltage
Any Chapters are Welcome here.
MSN and Google Talk chat room [public] created by digofss
Its a chat room where you can find friends from all around the world.
Bay City Rollers Pen Pal Reunion chat room [public] created by Punkchick62
This chatroom is an addition to my website of the same name. http://bcrppr.multiply.com/
Syria chat room [public] created by phsycho
for all Syrian ppl around the world
Jetthead chat chat room [private] created by babyblueboy
interact with other cool Jettheads
james bond chat room [public] created by njfrisky
join this room, if love james bond films and all the great characters in them. The witty remarks, inuendo, and silly names etc...
hotvixenonly chat room [private] created by randyboy37
i want to create this room only to make new friend from all over the world 'for relationship and friendship.and more.
exotic chat room [public] created by jokey71
just to share n be friendl. Frank and fun loving
Lesbos chat room [private] created by genia
Just for ladies that love ladies
online games chat room [public] created by bunny190
anyone into online games ie second life, warrock ,shot-online golf,imvu etc come in lets chat
talk dribble with didle chat room [public] created by didley23
fun, frindly chat with no hassle
debb chat chat room [private] created by debb19
hey!! everybody welcome to my chat room .. when ever you want to chat with me
get your freak on chat room [public] created by freakytroops
Talk about sex what you have experince and thinks you would like to do
cubanos del mundo chat room [public] created by ovni7308
sitio para los cubanos del mundo y sus amigos tambien
shyros fun room chat room [public] created by shyro
lets talk and have some funn.....
prince edward island canada chat room [public] created by mykutebabe
all about prince edward island canada
steve earle chat room [public] created by mykutebabe
steve earle steve earle steve earle steve earle
bisexual chat room [public] created by shyjenn
Canada Eh chat room [public] created by budshot
A Place too Kick Back Relax and Smoke it if Ya Got It
Paranormal chat room [public] created by auburnnymedium
A chatroom dedicated to those who seek the truth in the unknown, look for the light in the dark. All are welcome to share experiences, but absolutely no readings.
gay in mass chat room [public] created by bobby113
gay living mass. gay men and women in mass. lets chat and meet
maria from China chat room [private] created by maria508
Here is maria from China, we would like to talk about something happened in China and other countries as well. Join us!
GVA BREAKFAST CLUB chat room [public] created by sm1rtk3d
Sailor Moon chat chat room [public] created by adrianstown
You can talk about your favorite Sailor Scouts and you can also look for relationships here, but please no profanity.
Anime and Love chat room [public] created by adrianstown
Talk about you favorite anime and while you're here if you are lucky you may find a good relationship, but please no profanity.
geek chat room [public] created by shoop
whether it be movies, tv, gaming, technology, anime, comics, or anything with a cult status o any kind, this is the room.
Marcus chat room [private] created by kutoos00
Privete dfd dfds sfsfsd dfsdfsdf sdfsdf s sdsdfs dsfs sdfsdf
X.XCHATX.X chat room [public] created by yousef2007
A big chat room ....................................................
ambarish chat room [private] created by rajcool
rajcool chat room [public] created by rajcool
Sxy Role Play chat room [public] created by Jackit1
sexy rolep playing and discussing fantasies
KENYAN LOVE ROOM chat room [public] created by veet
This is a room for all Kenyans who know that life is short and thus the need to enjoy it to the fullest. Feel free to say anything; be it fun with no strings or serious relationships; get somebody to share nice moments with.
Yaoi chat room [public] created by xendeb
Talk about yr love for yaoi,semes,ukes, lust and passion for bishies No hetrosexual talks r allowed
Asian chat chat room [public] created by 3assouma
we are Asian people and we are so proud
lesbian chat room [public] created by HazelLovesMia
for gay woman hoo need a place to talk to other gay woman
Naughtililboysroom chat room [public] created by NaughtlilBoy
For naughty girls to play with NLB
mkuki14 chat room [private] created by mkuki14
Get the best vibe here to cool your heels or to hype you up cos its a hot room for hot roomies welcome to the world of mkuki "14's.
garment business chat room [public] created by happy101nancy
nice day ,nice friends.good luck!
PAKISTAN chat room [public] created by yf
friendship and love chat room [public] created by periquito
hello come to my chat i hope you find what you are looking for REMEBER AND LOVE
thary chat room [public] created by thary
A chat room for friendship only. No offensive talk and no heartbreaks.
CrazyInsaneBarbie chat room [public] created by Barbara1987
Come in chill and relax, meet new fun people. Meet me! Im awesome too. Exchange yahoo sn's. Some rules do apply but ill wait till you violate them enough to throw you out. :)
friendship chat room [public] created by macee1345
where everyone can come have loads of fun
www.hongkongaugustaga.org chat room [public] created by loftypalmtree
H..O.N.G.K.O.N.G stands for Harrisburg Organization Networking for Gentrification to keep Our Neighborhood form becoming a Ghetto. Harrisburg is a mill village located in Augusta GA. We want decent people to invest and live here.
thailandchat chat room [public] created by yoyoyeye
Meet people in the wonderfull country of Thailand
TRUSTS FREAKY SHACK chat room [public] created by trustmeimafireman
all the fun you,ll need for the rest of your life in 1 room
ZOEYs ZEN BAR chat room [public] created by ZOEY80
Come in, relax, listen to the running falls, wind through the bamboos and just chill
GM Fan Chat chat room [private] created by ecaep
Chat about George Michael, his music, and his Upcoming U.S. Tour.
My Wonderful friends only room chat room [private] created by xxForgottenFelinexx
Mwahahaha I bet you want to be in here but you can't be... Yes I am very childish
BLACK MAN AND WITE LADYS chat room [public] created by susse
lost soul and broken hearts chat room [private] created by XxunknownXgemXx
where she can be when she wants to be alone...from a world that haunts her each night....
california chat room [public] created by alexxx2020
enjoy ..........................................................................................................
The rode to fame chat room [public] created by skankygal
this room is for any one who wants to chat or talk about where they want to be in six years.
Absolutely OFF TOPIC. chat room [public] created by Zemlianika
Talk about things you wouldn't talk about in front of your mother!
ONLY 4 GIRLS chat room [private] created by bubun3
any girls wellcome 4 chating ,telling about anything ur self.
ONLY 4 GIRLS in 2008 chat room [private] created by bubun3
any girls wellcome 4 chating ,telling anything about ur self.
WHITE WOMEN WHO LUV BLACK MEN chat room [public] created by CROWNED1PRiNCE
where people arent afraid to show their true emotions, or deep inner feelings love blossoms to its full degree and this could be the start of something great have fun and be respectful of others
No BS chat room [public] created by untamedspirit
A chat room where everyone can be who they are, no need to pretend or make up stuff just be yourself and enjoy.
Blood group ADVENTURIST chat room [public] created by lilangelllll
...YoU aRe ThE oNe WhO sTaNdS uP iN mOrNiNg WiTh ThE gLoRy Of ThE sUn, YoU aRe ThE oNe WhO nOt AfRaId Of DrEaM nD fOllOw It TilL aChIeVe, YoU aRe ThE oNe WhO iS EaGeR tO eXpLoRe EvErY bIT oF tHiS BeAuTiFuL LiFe, YoU aRe ThE oNe WhO iS ADDICTED tO tHe NaTurE, pEaCe Nd LoVe...tHeN ThErE iS yOuR pLaCe...FeEl FrEe To ExPrEsS wHaTeVer Is oN yOuR mInD nD eNjOy ThE mOmEnTs...:)
SexyCanYa chat room [public] created by Obie1y
Chat room for you if you can do Sexy
deep love chat room [public] created by davidlife2008
if there is any one wanna get his girl friend click here to get her
Islamic chat room [public] created by gardencityguy1
All moslems and non moslems r welcome ..
the HATE room chat room [public] created by ihateeveryone26
my room to do and say whatever i want and so can you.
Stimpys room chat room [public] created by AbusedStimpy
AbusedStimpys room hahaha for all u fun pplz and only pplz tht wanna chat other wise fuck off
Robos happy hour every hour chat room [public] created by RoboSniper
Anything to do with anything . . . . . . . .
cleveland ohio chatroom chat room [public] created by kingdennis
cleveland ohio chat room.......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
late night special chat room [private] created by PRETTYPUSY
hot and heated,get it started flirt all you like talk dirty join in with the fun
chat bedroom chat room [private] created by bennasf
invite beauitful girls & cute kindly sweet hony wise
dc chat chat room [public] created by caribbeanbaby
dc chat room for people living in dc
mexico chat room [public] created by pierce21
mexico the best country in the work along with the other latin countries
Pocketful of Fun chat room [public] created by Francessa
This is the place where you can just relax and chat about anything you want you can chat about music, tv and your lyf
lets flirt and have fun chat room [public] created by frankbuddy
place to make friends, flirt and have fun
Minnesota Chat chat room [public] created by Erich88
This chat is for people in Minnesota only!!
Vilnius chat room [public] created by NovotelGuest
Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius
happy home 4 ever chat room [public] created by seedof
what are d pupose of marrage without happy home lets fight 4 happy home together so that we can be point has a gud family .
Francophones chat room [public] created by Lebleu
Pout tous ceux qui parlent Franšais
la Gente Loka chat room [public] created by dannyAmerica021
este room es para gente bien loka!!
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