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    dizzydi01 : but recently shes fucked it up big time
    dizzydi01 : trying to drive a wedge between me and my Mum
    dizzydi01 : not happening
    dizzydi01 : no calls since I left her with her mouth open lol
    JAM67 : yeah theres a couple of women i know who used to be ok ...and they have changed since talking to someone
    JAM67 : they think i didnt see their friendships come up on fb lol
    JAM67 : twats
    dizzydi01 : shes the one who will lose out not me lol
    dizzydi01 : twats is right
    JAM67 : yes
    dizzydi01 : anyhoooooooooo lol
    dizzydi01 : Here comes the bridddddddddde
    JAM67 : one of those women ...she has 5 kids ...3 diff fathers ...and one guy duped into thinking he is the father of a boy and he's not
    dizzydi01 : shit
    JAM67 : so he's been paying maintenance for him for years
    dizzydi01 : you couldnt make it up
    dizzydi01 : shame
    JAM67 : i "accidentally" told someone who i knew would tell him...after they treated me like shit lol
    dizzydi01 : good for you
    JAM67 : yep
    JAM67 : they can stew in their own juices
    dizzydi01 : karma
    dizzydi01 : prune juices lol
    JAM67 : the other one was a social worker ...and she has 3 kids ...left her husband and was sleeping with any tom dick or harry who came along ....and is now so far up herself cos she got a rich husband lol
    dizzydi01 : tut
    dizzydi01 : faye is disabled and thinks I am her sole carer ffs
    JAM67 : bollocks to that dizz
    JAM67 : you got enough on ur own plate
    dizzydi01 : exactly
    JAM67 : i got a few friends here but i mostly keep myself to myself
    JAM67 : one i meet up with from work, we go for a pub lunch and a catch up every couple of months
    dizzydi01 : I do as far as close friends go
    JAM67 : the other is my neighbor
    dizzydi01 : yeah I remember you saying
    JAM67 : im meeting my friend bev on monday looking forward to it
    dizzydi01 : Faye was a friend from years ago wwwhen kids layed together
    dizzydi01 : h good enjoy
    dizzydi01 : my lappy dyng
    JAM67 : last time we met , we did xmas shopping and ended up in cost singing happy birthday to a guy in the que ....she's a singer in pubs and clubs and his friends said oh com on ..have a cake its your birthday bev jumped on it and ended up in all the caf
    JAM67 : i think it made his day
    JAM67 : aww
    JAM67 : im gonna go for a while ..i'll message you next time im here
    dizzydi01 : aw nice one
    dizzydi01 : ok me darlin take care xx
    JAM67 : you too xx
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    dizzydi01 has just logged in
    dizzydi01 : hey
    dizzydi01 : just woke up
    dizzydi01 : logged in fell asleep ffs