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    Confusion2 : what
    runningaway2 : make up for the miss meet of yesterday
    Confusion2 : siad I am sorry
    runningaway2 : i did not say it was ok now did I?
    Confusion2 : no David
    runningaway2 : i unbuckle my belt, unsnap my pants pull my pants down,,,
    runningaway2 : come here Jeff
    Confusion2 : o. walking over to David
    runningaway2 : on your knees
    Confusion2 : get on my knees
    runningaway2 : kiss my dick over my underwear
    Confusion2 : kissing david dick
    runningaway2 : :)
    runningaway2 : putt your lips onmy cock and blow warm air in..
    Confusion2 : placing my lips over David underwear blowing warm air in...
    runningaway2 : hmmmmm that would feel good \
    runningaway2 : Pull my undies down
    Confusion2 : reach up and pull David underwear down
    Confusion2 : you dick is hard, bouncing around
    runningaway2 : lick me
    Confusion2 : licking David dick up and down
    runningaway2 : hmmm
    runningaway2 : lick my peehole
    Confusion2 : hold David cock and move my tip of my tongue into David p hole
    runningaway2 : :)
    runningaway2 : suck on my dick head
    Confusion2 : place my mouth around David dickhead,,,sucking it
    runningaway2 : harder :)
    Confusion2 : sucker harder.....squeezing his balls
    runningaway2 : remember this for next time we meet
    runningaway2 : holding the side of your head and pumping in and out in and out in and out...
    Confusion2 : feeling David dick entering my mouth, back and forth bad and forth,,,,, faster faster moving his dick in my mouth
    runningaway2 : pull my dick from Jeff mouth, now suck my dickhead
    Confusion2 : place my mouth on David dick head sucking on it like a baby does a pacifier
    runningaway2 : hmmm
    runningaway2 : remember this
    Confusion2 : sucking harder...nibering...
    Confusion2 : feeling your cum coming
    runningaway2 : :)
    runningaway2 : arrrrrrrr
    Confusion2 : hmmm
    runningaway2 : see you tomorrow
    runningaway2 has just logged out
    chathour : Confusion2 has been banned from this chat room.
    chathour : runningaway2 has been banned from this chat room.
    laxadazy : not in this room u pair of minging little cunts
    laxadazy : x
    laxadazy : c
    laxadazy : x
    Tiktaktoe87 : ......