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Guestbook of Pro Ana Mia chat room
I wanna start a active group chat w serious competition. Kik: vsangelgoal
hi :-) im 5ft 2in, cw is 40kg, gw is 31kg, ugw is <27kg!! i need an ana buddy to be strict with me no matter what and motivate me. if u can be really mean & drive me towards my goal, that'll help! kik me (@/konorebi)
I NEED A PRO-ANA BUDDY I have had trouble lately with losing lately. please message me. I need big help!!
I need support. Gw: 90 Cw: 110 Kik me at skinny2day
I'm both anorexic and bulimic. more anorexic than bulimic. I just need someone to talk to daily so we can motivate each other, to hit our goal weights. just, if you're interested message me on kik : xox_brooklynnn
someone active?
I need an Ana buddy to keep me motivated
is anyone active on this?
don't compare weights or diets, this is serious. I know it may seem impossible, but PLEASE seek help. You need it, and you deserve it.
guys please don't talk in this chat. Don't look up pro ana/mia things. A few years ago I was in this chat room almost everyday, I looked at posts tagged #thinspiration, I watched documentaries on anorexia and being thin, but you need to stop doing these things, they only suck you depper into this illness. It's devastating what anorxia can do to you. Please don't find an ana buddy,
Hi I'm in need of a Ana buddy. Tying to lose 30 pounds. Kik tired.jpeg pleAse
Hey, I'm looking for advice and tips
Ana's Beautiful
PLEASE ADD ON KIK: "camcee"..... looking for people to motivate me and also be a motivator towards your goals. I'm feel so fat and alone :( add me on here also..
hey I need someone to talk to to keep me going. I'm looking for a texting buddy. I'm more so bulimic than anorexic and need someone going through the same thing as me so we can support each other and motivate each other to keep going for our goal weight! please let me know if you want to do so!
Basketballbabe14 do you still need a buddy?
I need an Ana buddy! I'm new and I feel all alone! I really need to lose 20 lbs
I really need an Ana buddy. I'm new to this but I will try really hard!
Kik > Simental.M
DelRey111 >> i need an ana buddy
Needing Buddy?
Can you guys please text me really mean things through out the day to keep me going?
Anyone here?
anyone on?
I am the fattest piece of scum on earth I need HELP thinspire me someone
Im so fat someone help
I mean exercise
No purging!! It causes noticeable problems that might ruin ur chance w Ana if someone finds out. Excessive should only b a punishment for when u eat food.. Muscle has more weight than mass.
Sure.. Losing weight is one oxygen... But in order to convince ur self enough.... U need to hv other Oxygens to float in
The more u lose the more u cn float like a feather threw ur own oxygen... Ur own oxygen is the reason u started being anorexic.... Mine is to hv a secret that my parents wouldn't know about... They still hv no clue.
U need to put on your Ana thin kalidascope ... Glasses so that is all u guys see
It will be hard the 1 at couple of days NOT to eat... Which is why it is a good idea to hv a piece of fruit for breakfast so u don't feel weak at first
Number 1... If u r not thin, u r not attractive
To start off... U guys need to read the 10 commandments of Ana
Hey.. I am a pro anorexic and I cn hlp u (:
I've fallen completely off the wagon..I'm the fattest I've ever been. I need an Ana coach to help me control myself
I need help on losing 30 pounds tips,motivation, or anything please just help me
Hi is anyone on?
I'm new here I need an Ana buddy
anyone here
hello :) im new here
hi im new here and im looking for ana buddy please kik me: adasussu
Hey if anyone needs an Ana buddy kik me at NoOneCanKnowButYou
I need a buddy super bad! I wanna lose ten pounds! Message me!
Hey i need a push to do all this! So if anyone wanna help me just email me at
Needin an buddy to do this all, i'm only starting out! I'm really fat so there's a lot to do:/
Ana Buddy needed
I need a anna buddy asap.
Mia buddy??
need help kik - shakeit78 and Snapchat turtles41 help please
ana or mia buddy?
any one want to be ana/mia buddies? can give each other tips and help eachother when things get hard mail me and we can start texting emailin or kiking i can help x
I really need an ana buddy💕 kik me @wonderland_freak pretty please
Looking for starving coach, can't do this without a push! Kik is Jennayybutt <3
In need of a Ana buddy anyone ?
Hey guys
I'm 5'4 and 125 pounds any ways I can lose 20 pounds quickly
I'm struggling so much right now , but I know i need to do better , I CANT stay at this weight
I'm really struggling :/ is there anyone who can help ?
I need an Ana buddy. I'm 5'3 and 120 pounds.
Please help! I need to lose weight! I feel so gross all the time :(
anyone want to help me lose weight? I'm struggling
Shortgirl95. Ineed a ana buddy. Anybody want one?
Want to lose 5 lbs. help?
Kind of new? I guess, to this whole thing. Any tips for beginners?
heyy !
Need some good diet pills. Any recommendations?
Looking for an ana buddy feel free to email me -
I'm purging loads recently I want help to starve
I'm new to ana I need help!
i need a buddy from birmingham uk, so we can starve, maybe workout together and get to goals fast KIK me choccy_holic
Hey, I'm Emily age 16 ^.^ I'm new here but if you need an anabuddy I'm here for support you can fine me on kik at xxemilyeclipsexx
Height- 5'6 weight -140 - goal weight 115 ugw -100 goal size 0
If you have similar stats kik me ThinspoAndHipBones
Anyone on?
Hey is anyone on ?
Hey is anyone on ?
Someone be my pro Ana buddy? Please
or email ''
My Kik is 'fillepetale', I'm 19 and living in Australia. Looking for someone who will be available to talk to daily and to find encouragement and give support to. I'll probably add a few of you guys on kik so please say hi if you read this. Feel free to add me and chat.
Hey is anyone on?
If anyone wants an ana buddy or need some tips, message me ♡
Hi I really need someone to help mentor me I am currently 119 Ibs and my goal weight is 100 Ibs I really need someone thank you
I need someone who will be dedicated in mentoring me. Anyone seriously dedicated?
I need help to get past the hunger pains, and become dedicated. I need an emptiness buddy...maybe someone experienced?
I want a new body, help me!!
Hey I'm new. Looking for tips to get back on track
In need of Ana buddy .. Kik cookieebee
i think im disgusting
Cw: from 130+ kik me: tessamonika
Kik: tessamonika I NEED and Ana budd
Any tips on losing weight fast without fasting?
My kik is TheBitchAthena, in need of an ana buddy desperately
Or kik me. Asiabanjo
I'm so fat and I'm tiered of it (: if anyone wants a friend to work with my email is <3
Add me on kik. Looking to give and receive motivation : wishthin44
Please email me at : , looking for some serious help I can do what anyone tells me , even be somebody's project! Please anyone help needed!!
Wishthin44 : hey guys , chat me if your able to help me reach my weight loss goals each week. I'd really appreciate an extra hand.
Hey looking for an ana or mia buddy! Kik me Meredith_Crimson
Me and my last ana buddy vompleted a 72 hr fast together through texting. She reached her lowest weigjt yet! Now THATS dedication! if you're looking for tje same and can provide the same, Email me!
Hey! 24 yr old looking for a very dedicated pro ana buddy! I want to be able to talk often, motivate and stay focused. Please let me know if thats you!!
I'm new to this. And unsure of where to start. If there's anyone here that can help me, please email me? please I need all the help I can get
Help me. is my email
hey guys
im so fat
My email is please i want to be skinny but i cant do it by myself.
I want to be skinny, but i need help.
need to be skinny again. gained 40 lbs. need help. message me and help me. need buddies
Will someone help me be pro ana
I'm tired of being fat, I need help
I want to be thin
Need an Ana buddy to help motivate me
someone please help
if you feel like youre about to binge brush your teeth
anyone want to buddy up for support?
I'm new at this and I need someone to help me start. Give tips and motivate me and stuff. You can email me at
I'm 13 am I too old to start?
Any teenagers? :// I need help! I keep binging. Any tips?
Any one want to talk? I need motivation.
Hey. New to this chat! Excited to meet people =]
Need a Ana buddy, someone that understands. Email me at or text me
Any Ana's ?
Hey I would love an ana buddy
Hi would love an ana mia buddy . Ll
Hello all
123 and 5'9 want to loose 23 by mid July. Any help or advice?
need a pro ana buddy ..feeling alone really don't have anybody to talk that understand :(
I need someone to email me daily to motivate me again! Starting to hate my image again..
i am 29 and i am looking for a mia or ana buddy
Anyone looking for a pro-Ana buddy?(: plz email me-
I need a ana/mia friend to help me. I'm kind of new to this and could use some tips and support. I'm tired of feeling so disgusting.
feel fat and disgusting would love a buddy to help me get started and lose this horrible weight
Mother, married, and need ana buddy with similar life style
Hey anyone need an anabuddy?!?!?! My email is!!!
Anaismydrug.... Need a thinspo buddy x
Hey guys, looking for someone to keep me from bingeing. I'm ana and its impossible for me to be mia (ive tried), just had a bad binge and feeling like dying. Please message me for strength. xo
Hi, need starving buddies x
is anyone on?
Hello everyone, for the people who want ana or mia...please send me a mail...Lott's of people will not understand you but i do!
There is anybody here? i am beggining my friendship with anna and i need someone to gives me strenght! (sorry my bad english i am from brazil)
susan broussard
I need a starving buddy who gives me motivation and a friend for support :)
I wanna start pro Ana but I don't really have enough control... Any advise ?
I'm lookin for a starving buddie!! I love feeling empty, but I also love food:/ I need some motivation.
Hey im lookin for any pro ana or pro mia to be my
I'm new to all this, any tips for getting started?
lookingfor light
I feel so fat right now...
12yrRCVRY still here
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