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List of all user-created chat rooms #145
dlya menya i tebya chat room [public] created by sonya0608
BiBoys chat room [public] created by Granollers
Bi chat room for guys who are straight/bi and just wanna get off with other guys the same.
-I-Rockers-I- chat room [public] created by Daemian01
Well made for those sworn to black like myself...
lets talk now chat room [public] created by lovefox
all take and all u talk to poeple and you can talk real naste
phoenixaz chat room [public] created by PHOENiXAZZZ
arizona only please uncencered chat join if u want to have some fun
11 12 and 13 chat room [public] created by lolgrl
flirt,date,talk,love have fun.
ALABAMA CHILLOUT CHAT--ROOM chat room [public] created by Taeman21
DIS CHAT ROOM 4 HOOKS,AND ALL YA DIGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess Pamela Seeks Money Piggies chat room [public] created by PrincessPamela
You want to be dominated because you have come to realize you are a worthless loser. I am here to use and humiliate you in anyway I can for tribute to me!
bifemale for sensual chat chat room [public] created by touchuallover
bi females looking for an adult hot conversation.
Shake it Off and Chill chat room [public] created by Hotty221
This is a room in which you can shake off your problems of the day and flirt with guys and girls who understand where you are coming from.
screamooo chat room [public] created by tokipie
for people wholove screamo music (asking alexandria, alesana, a skylit drive, bring me the horizon, etc)
emo sadnezz chat room [public] created by RepatR7
any willing to talk to an emo... or just want pple to talk to
Myface chat room chat room [public] created by massiekur22
its going to be cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
HOT FOR YUO chat room [private] created by LEBANONYBOY
Cam-2-Cam chat room [public] created by man4maiden
Just for cam2cam chat. This is not a room for ads or promotions and not for any illegal activities. Please use your cam responsibly. Don't give out contact information.
katiiecher93 chat room [public] created by katiiecher93xxx
this room is mainly for teenage girls who nedd sum1 to talk to if there havin trouble with there life and needs sum1 who also is in the same situation to talk to.
Michael Jackson Lovers and Haters chat room [public] created by pinksillyfreak15
To talk about our beloved Michael Jackson :D
looking for love lets have do it chat room [public] created by sexygurlnay44
flirt and find your love if you want to have have it give out your number and have do it over the phone tou can meat with each other out side of the chat room and do what evber u like like me im waiting for love i want to havce do it i want that big thing and in my mouth
chalseben chat room [public] created by chalseben
Hello. I am Mr chalsebe Smith from Florida usa but base in Afghanistan I will love to have you as a friend if you do not mind. I hope to hear from you soonest and shall be so glad if you agree to be friend with me. You can add me on yahoo messanger so that we can have a chat there. please feel free to relate with me as a good friend. Thank you Mr Peter Smith Afghanistan
killer117 4 hot and nice girls chat room [public] created by killer117
lol this is suposed to be funny
117 chat room [public] created by killer117
this is mainly 4 people in christoper 62822 or benton 62812 illinois
tickling role play chat room [public] created by ticklish3214
tickle each other in role play
chandr chat room [private] created by chandr
me chandr am a God fearin man me chandr am a God fearin man me chandr am a God fearin man
DarkD33pFr3aks chat room [public] created by MizzyEmily13
for the outcasts that have no were else to go
alabama singles chat chat room [public] created by rolltideprincess
chat room were u can meet locals from the 256-205-and surrounding areas
alabamasingles chat chat room [public] created by rolltideprincess
chatroom for huntsville, hazelgreen, toney ,ardmore and surrounding areas
69SEDUCTION89 chat room [public] created by ethandaniel
basketball-luver53 chat room [public] created by anarachelle
too juss chat with friends and have a blast
chat room 4321 chat room [private] created by kbush71194
a place to talk to someone one on one about pretty much anything. Shoot the breeze, eat the cheese, speak chinese. etc etc
girlslesbiansonly chat room [public] created by baybay66
only lesbian girls r aloud here
ppl that are 17 and under come and chat chat room [public] created by lover650
come and talk to meh im bored haha <3 love chika
sarah1984 chat room [public] created by lightzilver
Yummy-Yaoi chat room [public] created by Akio7
Chat about yaoi, seme's, uke's, cookies, etc... And cookies as well.
Abu Dhabi Gays chat room [private] created by ktmeh1981
For all gays all around Abu Dhabi , who are interested in lovely relationships as individuals or groups.
Daddys Room chat room [public] created by Papabare
Just a place for girls to chat about getting closer to dad
AAA Daddys playhouse chat room [public] created by Papabare
girls loooking to chat about dads and how to get closer to yhem
hate school uniform chat room [public] created by katandthat
discuss why we hate having to wear school uniform
Indian masala chat chat room [private] created by raja20M
Enter the room to chat about indian masala movies etc
MackenzieGoesRwar chat room [public] created by MackenzieGoesRwar
made by mackenzie lets chat bored as hell:P
DRAGONS ONLY chat room [public] created by zakthedragon
For Dragons Only. No Dragon Slayers! Dragon lovers are aloud though!
New York Shemales chat room [public] created by Velondra
this chat room is for trannies shemales admires
psycho chat room [private] created by sycky
looking fuor moor frends and moor frends!!!!!! pls join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loafer chat room [private] created by jonboy769
chat room for all my friends so we may chat in private
roti prata chat room chat room [public] created by jobass
chat anythimg U like from sports,movies,music,food or relationship
NottinghamDancers chat room [public] created by LittleMonsters
I'm 14 and looking for a group of teenages who would like to form a dance group. We will be performing everywere we can. You do not have to be good at dancing but you have to be willing to get better.
mthizo chatroom chat room [public] created by raymondl
this chatroom is by mthizo aka dido frm ngodini
NathanDows chat room [public] created by nathandow999
please please come here i beg u please it's a new so i need people on here in this room
Austria Salzburg chat room [public] created by mistafugeela
A place to chat for people in Salzburg. Let's keep it clean here.
ROcK n ROLla chat room [public] created by MiND619FREAK
plsssss join here all rock n rollas
arab everywher chat room [public] created by tottihx
by tottihx ,we need respect .........................that s alll
mymature39 chat room [public] created by Bree91
birgth hgh nice cool,great for allmen and woman coming togeda wow,hope i meet the right one
boxtruck chat room [private] created by edward43
chatting about anything and everything
only muslims chat room [public] created by MiND619FREAK
Hauzer chat room hour chat room [public] created by Morakemr
Userfriendly,very much lovely and ,everybody is welcomed !
dilwala chat room [private] created by dilkush123
hai my friends this my privet room for good decent friends
Nairobi nginyo Party chat room [private] created by blakthing
for those mature nginyo ( had to use that name ) addicts who respect themselves and still love to play the game.
men for men massachusetts chat room [public] created by lrry
massachusetts m4m, bi or gay men for men if that is what you are into
love me or hate me im still gunna shine chat room [public] created by ambiclark7
love me or hate me im still gunna shine no matter wat
If you live in Illinois come here chat room [public] created by naughtybaby6996
if u live in illinois come here
chennaichat chat room [private] created by selva1983
to find a girl or boy for chat,date
keski chat room [public] created by isaacjuniorp
come chat with me in my room where we can discuss about ourselves only females are allowed in this room all males are not allowed thank you
Kochi Gay Friends chat room [public] created by Seniorgayfriend
Young guys just around 20 are welcome
dancennnnnn chat room [public] created by Gondap4
Nice is to nice when u no how tooooooo...........
babes horney chat room [public] created by SexyJamiex
hot cool chat to talk and to enjoy boys and girls
poetry slam chat room [public] created by jokelife
Emo , poist , wrieters alike xan xome here and post poem , idead , ect .. be free man!!
Rock me chat room [public] created by SexyJamiex
I am hot and if ur not ur not in here so of please
Emo chat is for usa x chat room [public] created by SexyJamiex
it is emo's only and friends and my boyfriend x
teen asian chat chat room [public] created by COOLkindaPOOL
if ur asian and a teen ur welcome in
Mztina chat room [public] created by MzTiNa
guys, do you wanna chat, maybe have a lil fun. xoxox...XD
Dominating Women chat room [public] created by esclavo4u
Great place to find that Woman who will truly enslave you.........:)
fun singles chat chat room [public] created by yummimummy20
come chill and meet sweet new singletons xxxx
UNcensored cool members chat room [public] created by awful
i want to make this room couse there is so many unwanted ppl in uncensored that making the room sick so i want to make this room and only the cool members or nic in uncensored can enter and if the the other not cool ppl enter i can ban them or kick them out... me luves weirdtown>>>>AWFUL<<<is my nic iam famous in uncensored member long time agoooo love & peace loolz
s3xi singletons 20 chat room [public] created by yummimummy20
fun relax and just try n meet the love of ya life
poetry slam room chat room [public] created by jokelife
Hello emos , poeist ,writers alike !! submit a poem or a writting of some sort and see how people like the idead !!!
Argetlam Teens chat room [private] created by Argetlam
No idea what this room is bout
faro chat room [private] created by fbab
camping ind out door chat room
thinking room chat room [public] created by MAXPAiNecho
room chat all in it about our real life and tlk about it all over < songs , movies , famous, etc
gay talk with heartlesslion chat room [public] created by TheShitters
im flamming!!!!! yay ok like omg im soooooooo gay i live in uk with my pet turtle
RappersDelight. chat room [public] created by CeejayMaracle
This group was made to help people get into contactwith other' all over the world and share there ideas and music .
young guys older women chat room [public] created by 090Rhys090
for young guys to meet older girls
Georgous people only chat room [public] created by pinksillyfreak15
If your georgous, come join ;D
chating is here chat room [public] created by gunner405
this is a room where u can chat
bii chat chat room [public] created by XxnessiexX
where bii people can chat and talk and maby even find their soul mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hot singles room unsensord chat room [public] created by amandababe63008
come in an join hot singles near u
I Really Need Help chat room [public] created by BethieB
This room is for advice, for me & for anyone else who needs advice on things!
ramanpriya chat room [private] created by priya263
chat room special for raman n priya to chat more personal things..
sugar daddies and sugar mommies chat... chat room [public] created by feelthestorm
people who are willing to buy or pay for love, friendship etc.
big girl and big boy chat chat room [public] created by feelthestorm
people who are willing to buy or pay for love, friendship etc.
thilaraman chat room [private] created by Raman23
This is mainly for business purpose chatting. We are from different states and require chatting more often.
Toronto4SeriousRelationship chat room [public] created by toronto4seriousgirl
Room for serious canadian that looking for long term serious relationship and love and not fooling around and playing games!
mad chatters chat room [public] created by mertm2453
anyone whos a bit mad can enter and if your not mad you can enter anyway
depression chat room chat room [public] created by shanta
people who feel depressed have been depressed can come together and talk about there experince with others.
adults topics chat room [public] created by captainknight
discussion about adult topics in the south florida area
Anime Lovers Chatroom chat room [public] created by YuriHentaiGirl
this is for anime lovers only. if you dont like anime your not welcome
spanking3 chat room [public] created by keke61
This is a room to talk about spanking and find people who like it too
M E T A L Rules chat room [public] created by Emetallian
just for true metal heads talk about all kinds of (metal - rock - punk )
lonley people whwo needs bfs or gfs chat room [public] created by lovermua
fun talk to people an dget to know them if you would like to.
Emo Goth and Scene Chat chat room [public] created by NickSkyler14
teen chat for emo goth and scene teen so jock cant make fun of us, and we can make fun of them for a change.
Pokemon FTW. chat room [public] created by UponAStar
Haha, for all the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE(;. Pokemon is effing amazing. Ladies and gents are welcome. But mostly for singles ;). Have funn<33
vampire singles chat room [public] created by vampiregirl26
any one who wants to find a vampire of ther own or just needs a place to feel like home instead of hiding in the shadows
girls hot chat room [public] created by wangohis
malta girls cam to cam come on malta girlsssss
kids looking to date chat room [public] created by 10inchROD
ages 13+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kemjy-gist chat room [public] created by kemjy
educational in scientific,philosophic and medical field & friendship.
The Chat For POKEMON chat room [public] created by Tingosa
This chat is for battling, trading and pokemon mystery dungeon rescues please respect the rules, because i dont have many moderators :) 1.Swearing is aloud but you cant say it in a offensive way 2.This is a POKEMON chat so only talk about pokemon :) 3.Dont harass people, if you are being harassed tell a moderator 4.No talking about hacks and illegal games etc. 5.No inappropriate talk! 6.Respect the moderators and owners And thats it :) please enjoy this chat and respect the rules
singapore tonight chat room [public] created by marcokz
anybody for a drink today? man looking for woman
Mastrobating chat room [public] created by MstrE
for ladies and men wanting to chat about playing with them selfs
nasty and dirty talk chat room [private] created by shagger2010
talk nasty and dirty to people u dont know and want to know them
Lets f-ck chat room [public] created by Dnoe87
Bi women chat chat room [public] created by Pheonix739
where biwomen can chat with others.women only
Hot EmO anD ScEnE PeePs chat room [public] created by bellmaisy
chat room where emo and scene people can chat and talk about there like ect.
chennai guy123 chat room [public] created by chennaiguy123
28 m from chennai very hot and very cool guy .
Gay Teen chat 13-18 chat room [public] created by GayandH0rney
This chat is for gay teens enjoy ;)
Bengali bondhu chat room [public] created by Nijhum6
for jomjomat adda...for true friendship also
parrot chat room [public] created by afzaalahmad
I am friendly like to chat and enjoy life . I happy
business group chat room [public] created by sanjay8
talk about your business here...
Astrology chat room [public] created by RichieShiva
Astrology Religion Beleif Faith
women for women only chat room [public] created by cassiemom
women with profile pics only and STRICTLY no men
Emo cool chat room chat room [public] created by andra14
this chat is for emo people and normal people..so if u are or if u like emo people this is the right chat room
nudist teens chat room [public] created by Katiethirteen
room for teens and young people to hang out who are nudist
cook guys chat room [public] created by mktimothyhynes
Culinary Math An exploration of percentages, ratios, the metric system, conversion factors, yield tests, and recipe costing as they relate to the foodservice industry. Students will develop projections and analyze costs in yield tests and recipe pre-costing. Product Knowledge An introduction to the identification and use of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, grains, dry goods, prepared goods, dairy products, and spices in various forms. Explore both fresh and prepared foods and learn to identify, receive, store, and hold products. Students will also learn to evaluate products for taste, texture, smell, appearance, and other quality attributes. Gastronomy An introduction to the social, historical, and cultural forces that have affected the culinary, baking, and pastry professions; traditional foodways; and ways these traditions translate into the professional environment of the foodservice industry today. Topics include the contemporary challenges facing food professionals in the twenty-first century and etiquette as a historical, social, and professional discipline. Students will be expected to complete several written assignments. Food Safety An introduction to food production practices governed by changing federal and state regulations. Topics to be covered include prevention of food-borne illness through proper handling of potentially hazardous foods, HACCP procedures, legal guidelines, kitchen safety, facility sanitation, and guidelines for safe food preparation, storing, and reheating. Students will take the National Restaurant Association ServSafe® examination in this course. Culinary Skill Development I An introduction to, and application of, fundamental cooking theories and techniques. Topics of study include tasting, kitchen equipment, knife skills, classical vegetable cuts, stock production, thickening agents, soup preparation, grand sauces, timing, station organization, palate development, culinary French terms, and food costing. Culinary Skill Development II Continued instruction in fundamental cooking theories and techniques, including product tasting, stock production, vegetable cookery by color and family, potato cookery, grain cookery, rice cookery, fresh pasta cookery, dry legumes, production of stews from vegetables and grains, broth/bouillon, and advanced soup cookery. The course also explores timing, station organization, culinary French terms, and food costing. Culinary Skill Development III Continued instruction and skill improvement in fundamental cooking theories and techniques including the reinforcement of vegetable, rice, grain, pasta, dry legume, and potato cookery as well as contemporary sauce cookery. Focus will be on product tasting, station organization, egg cookery, small sauce production, and protein cookery such as braising, stewing, roasting, sautéing, broiling, grilling, and poaching. The use of culinary French terms and food costing will be reinforced. Students will learn to prepare, simultaneously, several portions of vegetables, starches, and proteins; construct food presentations on plates; and evaluate the results. In this class, time management will be driven by limited production requirements. Cuisines of the Americas Prepare, taste, serve, and evaluate traditional, regional dishes of the Americas. Emphasis will be placed on ingredients, flavor profiles, preparations, and techniques representative of the cuisines of the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Breakfast and Lunch Cookery An introduction to the basic skills necessary to prepare breakfast and lunch in a foodservice operation. Learn to organize and maintain a smooth work flow on the breakfast line, present and garnish food, and the basic methods of egg cookery, quick breads, grains, fruit plates, breakfast beverages, meat, and potatoes. Prepare, taste, serve, and evaluate traditional and contemporary lunch items served in casual foodservice operations. The course w
looking for mature guys only chat room [public] created by unhappysexy
looking for mature guys only...preferably 45 above..please message me
seduce mom chat room [public] created by anand231
give me idea.. for seduce mom.......
Goth Emo Punk chat room [public] created by Beankid
This is a place where u can give ur grief and sadness out and no one cares. U can also talk to Goth, Emo, or Punk ppl.
fuk me chat chat room [public] created by SexyJamiex
yeah i know i am all in a mess i don't care
wanna have fun0000 chat room [private] created by lookinforcuties
msn and webcam chat room [public] created by thearborist
For people with msn messenger and webcam
portsmouth chat room [public] created by zetitz
meet new people chat may get deeper
blue room chat room [public] created by mdehganer
talk about all you like, tell me what ever you want , how are you
candy panties for sale chat room [public] created by candypants95
have a chat about my pants if you like
da young nd teen chat chat room [public] created by lababygirldesananto
any 1 culd chat diz is for all da 16-20 years old people come on and enjoy it.
SUBMISSIVEGIRLS chat room [private] created by MasterMmmm
submissivegirls how wanna be domminated
Dirty Talk girls chat room [public] created by SexyKayla14
Come here if ur a lesbian!! If ur a lesbian girl tht wants to tlk dirty with other girls jus come into this chat room. all we do is talk dirty
teenager canada chat room [public] created by ghepz
this is the room for us , for everyone , have some fun and behave , respect ,.. lol
kosovo first chat room [public] created by kimiks
this is chat rom for a kosovens//////..,,,,,?
girls and boyz that is 13 chat room [public] created by sanajais
it is for girls and boys that is 13
people with msn chat room [public] created by luxray
this is for PEOPLE WITH MSN ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Middle Tennessee chat chat room [public] created by macrah
TN citizens, mainly davidson county and surrounding countys, memphis and chattenooga excluded
only for girls and me chat room [public] created by pudil13
this is a chat room for only girls no boys are allowed
tall women chat chat room [public] created by gtam6ft3
This room is for tall women wanting to meet single men
Lovely Me chat room [public] created by Lovelyass1
i am bi-curious and if you think im cute hit me up
fun in sacramento chat room [public] created by ablondeguy
i bet u can guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOOT FETISH MEN ONLY chat room [public] created by sexytoes82
RAWRRR chat room [public] created by rachelle1223
Beutiful people here chat room [public] created by grafanaf
If you love yourself and how you look come to our room
Ladies for Scottish Guy chat room [public] created by Scotbhoy
all ladies welcome for scottish guy!
teen live chat room [public] created by CHRiSTOM2010
madamee chat room [private] created by 300o
the goddess chat room [private] created by 300o
the goddess room chat room [private] created by 300o
Xbox 360 and WWE chat room [public] created by GuitarMan187
xbox 360 is better than playstaion 3
Scene room ........ chat room [public] created by bellmaisy
where the scene people come together :) and talk about life and meet other scene people, hot guys, hot grls (scene people)
sweet lover chat room [private] created by allen2332
to have relationship thats allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
FRUMchat chat room [public] created by MommyandTwins
Welcome all Frum guys and girls from around the world. Please keep the chatting here appropriate for such a place. Moderators reserve the right to ban inapropriate chatters from the room. ENJOY!
all about showing on cam chat room [public] created by wankstick69
for grils 2 show on cam if u know what i mean
SSBBW and USBBW chat chat room [private] created by SydneyGuy1985
For women over 350lb/260kg and admirers.
become a cd chat room [public] created by faradraggurl
kami boy tapi suka dress macam gurl..bra..panties..stocking..kebaya..tudung..
sssshh chat room [public] created by beeyy
very naughty chat, keep all reality in the realm of fantasy here
love hurts 2010 chat room [public] created by silent83
yeah dowlat be lalo , yeah shorat be lelo bala cheena lo mujsa mere yeah jawani
dfgdfgdf chat room [private] created by siva4friend
close families chat room [public] created by jacknfam
for people involved in close relations with family members to chat to each other
Ring my Bells chat room [public] created by Pauloitaly
its for fun..........if you like fun:)
mari-mari chat room [private] created by amdeen
hallo every 1,come chat wt me.Im from malaysia and i would like sembang to somebody esply men fromother country
talkVietnam chat room [public] created by kemly87
Share tobe shared ^_^ Welcome to Vietnam
nnnnnnko chat room [private] created by iraklis26
talk to laura chat room [public] created by Laura1994
in this room you can talk adn have fun at the same time
lesbian chat chat room [public] created by nemasisgirl
i need a girlfriend and im hot
woodbridge VA chat room [public] created by raphof
AZERILER VE TURKLER chat room [public] created by FERiD1
menim adim feriddir men bakida yashayiram my name is ferid i live in baku
USA Fat Coochie Girls chat room [public] created by PreetiNeeshaa
Peoplee From Usa Comee And Tawk tew meet upp && Get Freaki
englishclub chat room [public] created by qero
let's talking an English, come, come,come
Maroc Gay and lesbiens chat room [public] created by arab24nice
welcom to room welcom to room welcom to room
Axis Powers Hetalia chat room [public] created by ivanBraginskyRussia
Come here to chat with the characters from Axis Powers Hetalia~!
free xxx chat room [public] created by zizanox
free for all joint it dont think xxxxxxxxxx
babyjack chat room [private] created by jackbaby
wait for you.......................................
WhatTheCRAPLOL chat room [public] created by ThatEmoKidxD
what the CRAP LOL what the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOLwhat the CRAP LOL
young teen masturbation chat chat room [public] created by dudewitdic
a chat room for teens (13-16) who wanna talk about masturbation
Cutting. chat room [public] created by NeLB
chatroom for cutters. need someone to talk to?
Hot emo singles chat room [public] created by bvbLover4Life
come here is you are if you are a single emo boy or emo girl :D met your love
non-hater chat room [public] created by dremokid
4 non-haters tha are fun 2 talk and if u got beff wit me suck ur madas
tits for cck chat room [public] created by horneyboy90
tits for cck for girls and boy that are horney
SINGLE 11 OR 13 OLNY chat room [private] created by joshlovesepping
SEDUCED LOVE chat room [public] created by SEXLY
JustinBieber live chat chat room [public] created by OfficialJustinBieber
i want my fans to chat with me!
hackers market chat room [public] created by fbreszee
buy and sell hackers black market
naughty addict room chat room [public] created by thtguy90
come talk to other turned on people
sissy humiliation chat room [public] created by subslutbecky
Sub guy in need of feminisation PLEASE - looking for mistress/master
Weeeeeeelcoooomeeee to all races. chat room [public] created by hello2ya
this a room where all races can chat have fun and just be yourself even date honest fun clean ppl....
10-14 chat room [public] created by xxxdead4everxxx
every single emo 10-14 year olds can chat here
MUSCLE WORSHIP chat room [public] created by jimbobstl
Tehran Boys Welcome chat room [public] created by LadyBoyForNOW
Girls, Men and Trans are all welcome let's hook up now
Tehran Boys Needed Now chat room [public] created by LadyBoyForNOW
This room is for Tehran men and girls who want to meet and have a great time now
Cleveland - Ohio chat room [public] created by WileECoyote67
People from Cleveland Ohio or the suburbs.
nowisitsxx chat room [public] created by magice98
for the girls...enter this chat room
financial domination 1 chat room [public] created by prettyprincess88
pay pigs and money slaves are welcome. leave your wallets here.
blondies chat room [public] created by theinch71
blondes can talk and converse and i just love white skinny blondes...:)
money slaves 1 chat room [public] created by prettyprincess88
pay pigs money slaves cash cows all welcome
D.e.a.t.h chat room [public] created by Gantz
Mony chat room [public] created by pardeepmalhotra
Find Some Hounest Friends, Join us
memphishookup chat room [public] created by memphisman901
People From Memphis place to hook up
Baghlan chat room [public] created by sameerkhan2009
Welcome to Baghlan chat-room enjoy it please do not say anything bad ok
Kids Chat SIngle 15 and under chat room [public] created by Kimmy99
hey for single mid-teens to chat to singles and yeah that stuf no one older than 15. thanx
younger girls for older men chat room [public] created by chelsieee
self explanatory. older men for younger girls. 18+. thank you. come again ;)
4 ladiez only chat room [public] created by Arteef
lets chat n b cool meet Arteef
chennai balahot chat room [public] created by balahot
hi am bala..i would like to chat with chennai females.so chat with me girls and aunties
brezzy only chat room [public] created by joshsfreshm
badd brezzy only ,,,,,,,,,not reallly looking to many people jus need one brezzy to to come holler thruu
church of foamy chat room [public] created by narutox12
younger girls for older guys chat room [public] created by markx32
for girls who are in to older guys for chatting meeting camming
naughtie hottie body who are user friendly chat room [public] created by shordaddydo
hottie women who like to share about themselves and their secret desires
Hot Gossip chat room [public] created by ARTATTAK
<a href=http://www.youtubedownloader.name/ >youtube downloader</a>
mario kart wii chat room [public] created by tiny38
play online we can ne friends on mario kart wiii
allardkayla36 loveing chat room [public] created by allardkayla36
i am nice and i am also cute and anybody wants to talk they can i am a loving person
chennaihot chat room [private] created by kaamakoduran
hot in chennai girls and guys are invited for hot chat
TheSilentOne chat room [private] created by TheSilentOne
blah blah blah hdfldfsdlsdljfsd;lkjf;lksdjflsdfsdlfjsldfjlfj;flsdjf;lsdfj
Swift Berd And Breakfast chat room [public] created by JaegerSwift
A ploace to hang out and talk about anything you want to!~ Oh and the meals are free!!
Swift Bed And Breakfast chat room [public] created by JaegerSwift
A place to come and hang out and talk about whatever!~ Oh and the food is free!!!
ready to flirt chat room [public] created by xXclayXx
for people who wnna firt with people
SweetNlicious chatroom chat room [public] created by SweetNLicious
in diz chatroom yew are tew be real layed bakk ndd nt real nastyy or freakkyy!?!??!?! also yew hav tew be a teen datt meanz agez 13 tew 19 no older or younger... anywayy jux chill out ndd dew yhew....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forever2011 chat room [public] created by forever2011
herkese iyi sohbetler sevgiler saygılar
improve your english chat room [public] created by moonhantra
this chat room will help you to improve your english speaking skill
gay boy chat room [public] created by wododo
gay hahhahahahhahhhahahahahahahhaha hah a
Phnom Penh Gay chat room [public] created by TomFinland
For gay people in Phnom Penh. You can chat also from abroads if you know life in PP
real roleplay chat room [public] created by mkazutaka
create your own roleplay and go
single people chat room [public] created by smoothcookies
this is for the sibgle people only
juggola chat room [public] created by graveyardxhomie
a chat room juggola and jugglets mother fockls
GAY UK TEENS chat room [public] created by gayluke
for UK guys only noone else or you will get the boot
kuwit and Philippines Chat chat room [public] created by soonkuwit
kuwit and Philippines Chat Philippines Chat
MY BDSM chat room [public] created by BDSMaster
for any one who is intrested or is in the BDSM scene
love and death chat room [public] created by mkazutaka
for those who love and lost and wish to lean the reson why
Women are awesome chat room [public] created by KMBCA
Why is EVERY chat room on EVERY website ALLWAYS filled with guys???
leisban cyber chatroom chat room [public] created by JaneyLover
lots of fun good times no boys aloud
hot talk 122 chat room [public] created by nazzy122
hot talk for anyone come and see
anime chatroom chat room [public] created by kikibabe59
if you like anime then come here and chat about it :)
U.A.E chat room [public] created by hanash19
for all the girls and guys in UAE
girl for skype vid chat chat room [public] created by longluke
only girls 18+ who have a skype account and webcam
love and peace chat room [public] created by suhail94
if i cant live in peace let me die in peace
12-13 omg chat room [public] created by nmy6ju7k
cool and fun lots to do and 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
wrist cutters chat room [public] created by emoslove009
for people who have a hard time in life nd cut themselfs
florida room chat room [public] created by marlo1991
must be n florida and u can talk bout whatever u want
lesbiangirlsonly chat room [private] created by baybay66
this is a chat room for lesbian girls only so yea
DEV chat room [private] created by TWOSTAR
Make friendship and relationship for all
lozerzhellokitty chat room [public] created by shelliescene
peoplee here how r only emo anddd yyayaya
allboredanimers chat room [public] created by silentsnowrose
for anyone who is bored come and chat cuz im bored too
13 or 14 chat room [public] created by cgreer
im 13 single want a gf and sombody to talk to like a girl
pics trade chat room [public] created by dano215
looking to trade pics. i got lots.
family lovin fetish chat room [public] created by kinkyboy36
for people turned on by one or more a thier family members or just curious about it......
For The Friend chat room [public] created by ikyut12
dpat mgkaintindihan tayo wla dpat away
everything cuckold chat room [public] created by wyatt321
For people who enjoy chatting about all aspects of cuckolding as a fetish, fantasy and lifestyle.
love101 chat room [private] created by americomorales12
friendly friend chat chat room [public] created by jimmythechef
a room to make friends talk to friends be a friend and do what friends do with other friends not a place for pervs or unfriendly people
ana or mia chat chat room [public] created by thefatone
here can people with anorexia and bulimia help each other too lose weight
ps3 call of duty chat room [public] created by BOBmarley18
come and talk about call of dutt
kittens furry chat chat room [public] created by kittenkina
a place whare furry's can chat it up and have a good time getting to know eichother
51 chat room [private] created by jugle05
m hot male n i like hot beautiful girls to private
Infinity Friendz chat room [public] created by ninorich
A real friend is meant to stay, A real friend is meant to be, A real friend is a friend indeed. Join us for the infinity friendz
varansi singls and cpls chat room [public] created by sexyanand
for chatting and dating for hot batein
STRIPPER chat room [public] created by cherrypie365
massachusettsgay men chat room [public] created by lrry
feel free to chat or say anything, everyone welcome
Pekerja Kebun Sawit chat room [public] created by massahaja
Tempat Chatting Kawan Kawan Kebun Sawit
stockings chat room [public] created by redseams
talk about wearing stockings and tights find out just how erotic they are and how it makes you feel
shamrose romaneroom chat room [private] created by shamrose37
lets do some romance hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I hate to be sensored chat room [public] created by cirquedusoleil1
This chatrrom is for all those ones who´s got sensored for a simple block/kick button! For those who were aim of this envyious practice!
house of emo chat room [public] created by JessicaSGalindo721
talk about emo people and too emo people
123456qwwqeerwe chat room [private] created by sunvi
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