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List of all user-created chat rooms #165
Playing In Pantyhose and Heels chat room [public] created by PantyhosedLady
A room for men and women who luv a woman's legs in heels and hose
jacky chat room [private] created by jacky1159
im jacky from brazil now living im usa
True Teens chat room [public] created by nutmeg101
this room is for true teens. as in 13-17 yr olds only. no crappin 40somethings!!
MYyyyy ROOMmmmm chat room [public] created by ViKitten
My room! I'm new and very very very VERY VERY very bored D: I want to talk with friendly ppl in a uhh, non-stuffy place :P I'm Vi! 13 f :D and I dont care who you are!!! Just come in and talk!! :D No super pervs please n_n
Bi Guys and Gals chat room chat room [public] created by jodiepie
Ages 13-15 live in bexleyheath Kent ONLY!!
broken hearted lettes chat room [public] created by Southernjuggalette
all los and lettes alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 years old only single chat room [public] created by babydancer19
must live in usa north carolina no posers at all i know a cop
soul eater anime chat room [public] created by souleater111
peaple that like soul eater and to cosplay
billys room chat room [public] created by billy2011
dirty talk with aussie guy. the more aussies the better
billy1room chat room [public] created by billy2011
im aussie and i wanna talk to aussies but its ok if ur not one of us
SinglesTalk chat room [public] created by Hayleykate
talk to singles and have a laugh :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randomness chat chat room [public] created by JessLoves420
where random people wont be thought of as stupid or imature.
Justin Bieber Fans Chat room chat room [public] created by CandyKisses107
This is a chat room for Justin Bieber fans! (no haters please)
room for dirty toronto girls chat room [public] created by kvnd
welcome girls 18+ lets talk and pvt and more
GayMan-Boys-Roleplay chat room [public] created by VirginDevil666
a place 4 males to roleplay their fantasy
lesbians-bi girls in michigan chat room [public] created by lala9393
if your bi or lesbian and live in michigan u should come and talk about anything
Luv quotes chat room [public] created by hemanthh
........,....Hi 2 all,this chat is only to lovers..........
Luv race chat room [public] created by hemanthh
........,....Hi 2 all,this chat is only to friends..........
Must Love Feet chat room [public] created by kambria
For all people with a Foot Fetish please 18+ no kids please
Biitch chat room [private] created by xTifaLockheart
Gay people in NJ chat room [public] created by BiBoy0000
any gays, bis, or les in NJ can come on in
Ages 14 Boy and Girls chat room [public] created by intensity12
only for ages gays...and lesbian...just want to have some friends..... no Trash TaLKsss.......
black ops x box chat room [public] created by YouGood
This chatroom is for people interested in meeting on black ops
just looking for fun MEN only chat room [public] created by Looking4lotsoffun
Just want to have a fun...conversation. men should definitely check me out
break up chat room [public] created by lb8855
those who are going through a hard break up
A.P CHAT chat room [public] created by rmshrmsh841
helo frds.only telugu members can join wit
sks1 chat room [public] created by jithsk
vusdhsd jhdsyhdsf jhdsfhuds hdsjjkds ujdnd
DubaiFriendz chat room [public] created by frienship
Friendship,relationship,Business,marriage,chatting,meeting,FUN etc
gay bi teen boy 17 and under chat room [public] created by thejmclellan
30 charechters looooooonggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
anaschat chat room [public] created by alalovesshemales
naughty hihihi
Harvard.- chat room [public] created by auricNY
tape'DC oport.- DC Washington tone-& w she depart-wa8.-tea.
no worry gays tamilnadu chat room [private] created by thiru1985
enjoy the life, frienship, no worry, forgot everything
playboy services bangalore chat room [private] created by lovechat2211
only unsatisfied female from bangalore can come to this room
bi females and 3somes chat room [public] created by babylove777
looking for one on one bi females or bi females for 3somes
bi females and 3somes777 chat room [public] created by babylove777
looking for one on one bi females or bi females for 3somes
bi females and 3somes111 chat room [public] created by babylove777
looking 4 one on one ,and 3somes
watch me wank on cam chat room [public] created by todger666
come join me ladies....lets play together. I'll blow my load on cam for you!
Teach Me chat room [public] created by Showalter52
This is a chat room for people to chat and learn more about whatever it is they may be trying to accomplish on the computer.
Teach Us chat room [public] created by Showalter52
this room primarily serves to help people (me) better understand how to beat the system
roleplayy chat room [public] created by nikiagalut23
coool coooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Only IQ Above 100 Club chat room [public] created by Showalter52
Do not join this if you're going to just pollute the chat box trying to hit on someone and trade pictures of random people with each other..
snowpalace chat room [private] created by skibum59
the place to be, looking to get crazy. Entyer only if you dare
000111 chat room [public] created by gogoe
i have to be good man in our home
164 chat room [private] created by vinu957
hai I am sweet and cool just I am looking serious relation ship any girl
musican chat room [public] created by gogoe
i have to be good man in our home
dw chat room [public] created by dredz27
my room come along gdggd come nd join guna be live must be 13 to 14 years old if nt get out not if ur nt just dont be seriouse okaii thankyou and dnt ask fr personal buisees
DJ SISQO PRO chat room [public] created by djsisqo
Just glab this lets chats boys
cosmics room to rest chat room [public] created by cosmicgirl15
Somewhere to hang out, chat to me about your innermost desires. And have a cuddle.
i want some more chat room [public] created by sexymanim13
Come here if u r LOve crazed no matter what age. U can masterbate, or maybe set up plans for the real thing. But above all have fun........
WORKER chat room [public] created by mjkhan
Thinspo ProAna Buddies chat room [public] created by psychoangel
Anyone looking for a buddy to keep them on track?
CVS chat room [public] created by cvssandhu
Chinese Japanese White Skin chat room [public] created by jacwah01
For chinese and chinese, or also white skin! Any question and answer. Q&A
pegan and wiccan chat room [public] created by andrew59
all pagans, wiccans, witches, and all who seek knowledge are welcome
lollipop chat room [public] created by girlongirl1
beautiful, blessed,diva, who's looking for a foxy mama, who respectful ,responsable, & extermely, afficiate, and know's what they want in life
submissive MILFs chat room [public] created by MomEncaser
Lots of BDSM Singles looking for a Master in their local area post here
furry central chat room [public] created by jakedogfox
A chatroom for furries like myself. stay and talk a while, get to know some awesome people.
childrenaredreams chat room [public] created by ackonc
make friends and enjoy life by helping the needy
emos cene chat room [public] created by anniieesaur
This is where people my type communicate!! =^-^=
guys only15 through 40 chat room [public] created by Cutie4Evaa
only guys. i want guys only because i would like to have private chats with them
parents of autistic children chat room [public] created by glenmorange
chat and learn from others whohave experience. offload.
Cheerleading chat room [public] created by Cheerleader49
For anyone who want to talk or rp cheerleading
room777 chat room [public] created by CellarDoor11
saint chat chat room [private] created by saintsrow007
must be a member of the saints if you want to join talk to saintsrow007
puerto ricans 787 chat room [public] created by muekita
chat room for 12 and 13 year old chat room [public] created by Cauchee
this is a chat room for 12 and 13 year old people that are single and dont want to be single any more. lol i put chat room 2x in the chat room name
soul brothers chat room [public] created by saintsrow007
for all you straght up gs and bros like 50 cent
Emo Corner- chat room [private] created by CraziiEmoCookie
This is My Little Emo Corner, i only let sertian People In; So ask me to see if your allowed before trying to enter, cuz if your not allowed, you wont be able to enter.
Frst time mothers chat room [public] created by AmandaH24
Mothers that would like to chat and ask questions about their kids.
single 14 to 16 year olds only chat room [public] created by babydancer19
no posers fakin to be an age there not must live near hickory
best101 chat room [public] created by vckinn
the best of the best zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
lezbian only 14-18 chat room [public] created by babydancer19
just fun for lezbian or bi's to talk get emails and talk
RealestOfTheReal chat room [public] created by CHERRYRED22
real ppl onlii...fakes dueces...lames off...
hot people 56789 chat room [public] created by des5678
awesome to meet people and have fun
MagicThe Gathering chat chat room [public] created by brokenemo
just a place for mtg lovers to discuss the game the new sets and decklists. or maybe even for newer players to learn the rules.
Awsome person chatroom chat room [public] created by MadelineisNice
a chatroom only worthy of the awesome people- no losers
aagnbytrj6 chat room [public] created by thejmclellan
9 Year old lesbians Only chat room [public] created by Luna12355
If you are a 9 year old come in if not you will be kicked out and if u wanna text me ask for my number and we can do it in rl at my place 9 year olds only fat ones 2 But im skinny ^-^
rubber slaves seeking mistress chat room [public] created by tapegaggednrubber
rubbe, bdsm, worshiping,anal, anything goes.please be polite
yemen single chat room [public] created by TAREQ2B
A m frome yemen single 6t6666y6y5tthyhuyujjkkiki8k8iki7k8u546y6yuh6665y56y56y5665
Glee Chat Room chat room [public] created by xXxDinosaurRawrxXx
This is for people who luve Glee
darkshado chat room [public] created by shadoangel
Pro-Ana Chat roomz chat room [public] created by AnaLUV11
Anorexics come here to share tips,tricks,and get motivation!
alexis chat chat room [public] created by awiley343
fun and crazy and lots more i hope u have fun
sam1990 chat room [private] created by syamsul1990
chat about all things.. lets meet me..
MichaelJe chat room [private] created by MichaelJe
only for two people , me and you
Nerdy Peeps chat room [public] created by phancci
A place where those with Nerdy interests gather to discuss said interests. Hooray!
Pandana chat room [public] created by Derek202
the nude room 2000 chat room [public] created by shadowguy980
you can be all nude all the time when ever you feel like it
VA Pplzz chat room [public] created by datVAkid09
A room for Virginia men and women to link up and chat ONLY
VA Hookup chat room [public] created by datVAkid09
A room for Virginia men and women to link up and chat ONLY
shaggy martin chat room [public] created by shaggymartin
only people who want to date and to make friends
Boredom.. chat room [public] created by LJustine
if ur bored, ur in the right place
sec room for girls chat room [public] created by shylove12
sec talk everthing u can think of IT IS FUN SEc
emo scene between chat room [public] created by XxMOSHWiTHMExX
talk :D ommmnomnom eat cookies :D and moshh!!!<3
cresent moon peak chat room [public] created by Crsentmoonluke
NOM ON MY MOSHING CUPKAKES chat room [public] created by XxMOSHWiTHMExX
moshing is good for you. eaet cupcakes therr yummy. adveture time and invader zim are awsome shows. if you like hottopic and spencers here is were chu go :DDD
Bored with notin to do chat room chat room [public] created by Melee0606
when ur bored or new and just created ur chat thingy
Zombie Awesomeness chat room [public] created by SARATHEZOMBEH
support 4 u chat room [public] created by redeyethor
if u need to talk im here .................................................
i need a 13 or old bf chat room [public] created by miaboo12
love,fun,chat,anyone one ages12 13 14 only,
420 Stoner Chat Room chat room [public] created by FloEasy
Stoner Chat Room, talk about anything you want and share your creative ideas :)
single emo and scene pple xD chat room [public] created by ashliiekitty
emo girls nd guys find love or talk about music, but mostly for emo couples cause i need an emo guyy.. so yea itsonly for emo and scene pple not old pplee.. thankies ashlie <3
buddsmokersonly chat room [public] created by FloEasy
For pot smokers only! Lets all Gather! 4:20! #@$@$
hi hi girls chat room [private] created by hurleehb
orood ir hantalaa chatliy saihan yum bichvel bas l saihan shdee
main random chat room [public] created by Xiiixxx
ransom shit zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Cyber Catfighting chat room [public] created by JanAsianCat
For women who are interested in cyber catfighting
BBM in New York chat room [public] created by mizendlesslove
people who are bored or have insomnia may join
crackheads in San Fernando Valley chat room [public] created by crackhed21
Where are all the crackheads that are in the San Fernando Valley and where is the best place to go to get it.
hardcore I.C.P fans chat room [public] created by Paramorerules23
only come in if you are very dedicated to ICP defended them ICP are your everything come here!
Those who r in love chat room [public] created by rhiannpndl6
talk about how long and dif uve any problems
happyopeneye chat room [private] created by happyopeneye
adult chat-dirty chat here you can have cyber - forbidden for under 18
psyfrien chat room [public] created by PsychoA
to make chat friends and to know people who are in chathour and to enjoy the chat my flirting and so on
black ans white relationships chat room [public] created by CasedVirus
name says it all...interracial relationships
kelvinabakah chat room [public] created by kelvinabakah
want a nice lady to dat with. from 18 to 30
best date chat chat room [public] created by bulletboy209
hey this room is for people to date and have fun come and enjoy this
yassh61 chat room [public] created by yassh61
salam be hamegi be chat room khosh amadid
shortskirts chat room [public] created by hormone9
hot ladies in short skirts come tell all! :) We'll be listening
cork people chat room [public] created by foreverhorny1
cork people chat n hook up and do whatever they want
the hook up room 1 chat room [public] created by foreverhorny1
where you come to hook up and have your needs met
love4all chat room [private] created by jitu333
this is a room for only real lover, who have a pure mind............................
lover site chat room [public] created by asmitarayan
open for broad lover mainly usa ,jakarta ,landon ,,france
exhib chat room [public] created by stefane54
on se montre, hommes et femmes
Glee Fan Chat Room chat room [public] created by Jdude43
Moving On chat room [public] created by Boggkins
Let's help each other move on past break ups.
Teens chat room for people in utah chat room [public] created by horny14yrold
for teens only ...................................................................................................................................................................
black chat caribbean chat room [public] created by melbita
hello there every one wha gwan
Nasty Online chat room [public] created by SexxiiyyBunnyy
be nasty over tha internet wit any and everyone just b your real freaky self no rules just have funny
every one chat chat room [public] created by emozaga
every one can come and chat.......................
Goldentimes chat room [public] created by Kond0r
hot hornie high school girls and guys to get together and talk
just for the real fun chat room [private] created by qasdas92
here you can chat for real flirting and roleplay fun.
wiccans chat chat room [public] created by andrew59
welcome all, pagan or non-pagan
lolita play chat room [public] created by imperialtiger
all things beautiful in young women
Giantess and tinies chat room [public] created by Darkmario765
Roleplay here as giantesses and tinies
TeenChat33 chat room [public] created by ChillySnooz
There will be no inapropriate stuff :D and it for people 14+ Have fun!
GWM seeks GAM chat room [public] created by WiLLsLknRU
Room for young GWM who are attracted to young GAM
chimason chat room [public] created by chimason777
looking for a serious relationship
m4m feet chat room [public] created by seekingfeetnwohio
come in share your foot stories and maybe meet someone who would like to be your slave or master.
YemeniGays chat room [public] created by rsramyy
For tops and bottoms in Yemen, its free
Core 670 chat room [public] created by Nuboi9112
A chatroom for people who want privcy and won't to only chat amoungst a few people at a time. It's a room for beginnning chatter who are just getting out there.
ultimate anime expierence chat room [public] created by raimutimekingsucks
for people who like anime and rp
Girlegurlzz chat room [public] created by princessandrea111
Chat about love, girlie stuff, and the best things about your life, and have fun:)!
Just Fun chat room [public] created by hairgel1155
A fun chat room, anything and everything, talking, flirting, just keep it fun :D
young girls or boys for older men chat room [public] created by topline80
anyone youger who likes fun with older
1on1 male female chat chat room [private] created by XtroyX
1 on 1 male female chat room to talk to a woma and get to know her/him
kolon role playing chat room [public] created by kolon123
this room is for everyone that likes to role play -smiles- have fun
Random roomm chat room [public] created by tinkerzbell
its room for people that are shy to talk in other chat rooms and you can just be yoursel in this ne:D
Dancers in High kick and jazz chat room [public] created by Alexisforeva
girls who are in dance and love to talk about it
kid chat room 12 and under chat room [public] created by alex1999
a fun place for kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brosis chat room [public] created by shadoangel
ufc chat room chat room [public] created by nightmarechris
Man looking or girls chat room [public] created by makukuka
this chat is for girls looking for men to make talk and then, we will decide, xD
emozmazing. chat room [public] created by tinkerzbell
xxbabbyxx room chat room [private] created by xxbabbyxx
only for ages 17 to 19 oooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnlllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
ballbusting stories chat ballbusting roleplay chat room [public] created by laylows99
any thing about ballbusting and if i can find anuff people ill make a ballbusting academy roleplay
Dirty dirty dirty chat chat room [public] created by MadelineisNice
Enter, if you DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg chat room [public] created by thejmclellan
GoD or the DEvIL chat room [public] created by LARiKANCHiK
look idnt want this chat room to be judgin people be respectful u want except Crist except him but i kant force you!!
sheddrickk chat room [public] created by sheddrickk
aawseome you can say wat evr and there is no need for seperation you can be gay las or any race or person you want just chat
kaulitzcest chat room [public] created by BillaKitteh
This is a chatroom for TokioHotel fans that love Kaulitzcest, or any relations between the guys. This is just for fun and if anyone is bashing let me know and they will be kicked out. Have fun guys!
skater hook ups chat room [public] created by skaterdude31
its for all skateboarders but really any one can join dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
CAT LOVERS BI CHAT chat room [public] created by SexyJemima
r u a cat lover and r buy? den go on dis! talk bout cats and talk bout daten another boy and boy or girl and girl!! it is fun
Lesbo Younger Then 17 Chat chat room [public] created by SexyJemima
R u lesbo, r u younger then 17? if so come on dis chatroom 4 some fun and games!!!
singles teen chat younger than 20 plzz lol chat room [public] created by hinatalover
just chill relax nd if ur luky make frendz
Room of WIN chat room [private] created by TheRisenAthena
a room for people who are full of win.
NCTC Graham study group chat room [public] created by kim453
This chat room is for NCTC students in Graham to study together online: current subject: Developemental Psychology
Indian Affairs chat room [public] created by jmdarkwing
For the discussion of issues between the American Government and Natives
halo reach chat room [public] created by halofanatic
kamasutraHot69 chat room [public] created by webboyportugal
conversas quentes,troca de emails,relaçoes serias,,e proibida a entrada de pessoas com - de 18 anos,entrada so com pessoas com webcams
I need a man with a large dick to F U C K me chat room [public] created by YouCanHaveMyBreast
I am a naughty B I T C H who needs to learn some manners.
Everythin Christian chat room [public] created by FollowAsiFollow
All are welcome here. Feel free to talk about your favorite Christian authors (Like Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, etc.), your favorite Christian music (Such as As I Lay Dying, FM Static, Eleventyseven, Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Disciple, Hawk Nelson, etc.), Or anything else, or just come here and hang out in a fun relaxed evironment.
Cool hotsprings chat room [public] created by kira117
i dont know what to say really just rp or something
EMO ONLY 20s chat room [public] created by XXLiLYANKXX
cute black boys 15-18 chat room [public] created by ibehott
talk about funn times, get to know eachother, make new friends.
ladies come here chat room [public] created by Hornydog5
hello im looking for some hot girls who love to pleasure
JustNeed2Talk chat room [public] created by CayBaBes
For people who have things they need to talk about and feel like they have no one else to talk to and just want people to listen...
thegoodgirls chat room [public] created by rckstrbeauty
chatroom for girls looking to talk to the good lesbians
mating chat room [public] created by farinsola
ready to find a mate for both female, male and old. trust worthy people with good character
happy a lil 2 happy chat room [public] created by jaime12349
just hang and tlk and just other sstuff
Can anyone do Cyber S E X with me chat room [public] created by HornyChick98
I really want to do Cyber S E X with someone but I can't find anyone :(
Summersfun chat room [public] created by Originalityisdead
This chat room is for teens who just wanna talk and get to know people. You can share your problems or just talk.
gays in india chat room [private] created by anuindia
gays from india only can enter
Spanglish in Utah chat room [public] created by ositatexana
Conocer ppl en el estado de Utah( meet ppl in the state of Utah)
montreal - West Island chat room [public] created by italianupallnight
All night long, bored in Montreal.....Lets go out!
girls who want to txt chat room [public] created by Bossman5010
people can get some numbers so they can txt each other
smoke circle chat room [public] created by lala1134
Well a place were smokers can chat Bs or whatever they feel...
black ops qame chat room [public] created by memo3708
qames clan battle anything u wanna talk about the qame n your experience
Justa Looking chat room [private] created by SoftSighs
Just me fiddling around. Getting used to how this all works.
all the same chat room [public] created by eldinho
for everybody. created for give chance to anyone to make friend in many countries and many spaces.
Justa Lookingg chat room [private] created by SoftSighs
Trying to figure out how this thing work ha ha
The Cute 16 Chat chat room [public] created by sexygirl1324
All user who want me can enjoy me anytime!
Real vamps and wherewolfs wanted chat room [public] created by BrokenHeart28
place to find info for the pack or for the vamp klang
PS3 COD MW2 chat room [public] created by Jones671able
Talk about COD MW2 on the PS3.
RAJAS chat room [public] created by AKASH4YOU
lettes only chat room [public] created by jay2288
wwwwwwwwwwwwwhooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
muslima chat chat room [public] created by noka482
the needed online , when necessory . evrry body can accese me.....if have the ....
female led realationships chat room [public] created by pitchiah
men sworn to acknowledge female superiority
Holly here for some private stuff chat room [private] created by H0LLY
a place to come and kiss n cuddle but no more, no ravishing me allowed ( maybe in 10 years )
67 chat room [private] created by Jingaru
me the handsome guy. looking for a beati
tucsonteens chat room [public] created by jody212
teen chat for tucson ppl>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
Middle Of Nowhere chat room [public] created by RifleTeam15
For anyone to join. Don't matter who you dirty talkers, though.
You love MCR chat room [public] created by RifleTeam15
For anyone who LOVES My Chemical Romance
teens boys gay with web and pic chat room [public] created by carusso68
here we can talk and see toghether
da spot for 11 year olds chat room [private] created by iloveme55
its for 11 year olds nd up to 13
holly for to be with me chat room [private] created by H0LLY
a room for me to go to when im feeling down and i can chat to myself
teen for gal only chat room [public] created by aeymunk
wet , marsubathing , discuss and everything
pune chat chat room [private] created by shankar1982
i want plz discuss with girls, and i want more discussion with romance
Getsuga chat room [public] created by ToBecomeMoonFang
hornnybbw chat room [public] created by gourami86
self explanatory for bbws and bbw lover alike
bordom sux chat room [public] created by cat1996
BIBLE DISCUSSION chat room [public] created by Godspirit
Those who still want to learn and assist otherS who want to have full understanding about the SCRIPTURES IN BIBLE WORLDWIDE.Be a God server and SUFFER in helping others than yourown and God will love you,and give you his BLESSINGS.
The Turkey chat room [public] created by LiverpooLTURKEY
Waiting for serious ladies . made a serious chat with people
zielona gora chat room [public] created by holland3
only for clean free chat whit nice ladys
Roleplay for Lesbians chat room [public] created by MzLuxxy
Please join, I need it. I'm asking nicely. Just stop by
Rencontres Montreal chat room [public] created by MauroL
Site pour des rencontres chaudes à Mont`´eal!!!
squishi chat room [private] created by squishi09
i love to hang out with friends and meeting new people
13-14 chat chat room [public] created by sadaf71
for lids who are the ages 13 throw 15.
Dragoon chat room [public] created by DragonLordDragneel
Fun pleace chat room [public] created by lukaszone
here u can have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fun and hot chatroom chat room [public] created by hotty238
come and chat with people all welcome and i dont care what u chat about
18 year old on cam chat room [public] created by 9inchstandard
18 want to show girls my dick on cam
lets talk 16 only chat room [public] created by austinrulese
any one 16 want to talk came here
MAN WITH FOOT FETISH-WOMEN ONLY chat room chat room [public] created by kinng84
domms and subs enjoy chat room [public] created by DominateMe2432
tie me dwn slap me around tell me what to do be cuz i love it gag me till i cry make me beg for more f*** me like u hate call me ur little wh**e
pre-teen chat chat room [public] created by vinnishea
where 13-14 can chat and you don't have to got to teen chat where everyone else is 15 and up you'll have major fun email me @ jonique97@gmail.comif u have any questions
hot ppl join chat room [public] created by trevorb26
ho tpeople join if u r hot or just for some fun lol
15 to 16 chat room [public] created by austinrulese
any girls want to talk come here
Dirrty Fantasy Chats chat room [public] created by bigBROWNmeatBONE
for the singles pliz...nd for those hu r dirty in nature and basically, just think of "it" all day long!! :D
Fullmetal Alchemist chat room [public] created by XWinryRockbellX
fans of fma come here try ur luck in a battle or shop chat with winry and al and ed and many more stay and become a state alchemist learn alchemy and so much more in here
JUGGALO or JUGELETTE chat room [public] created by JUGGALOAkAMcChicken
Juggalos or Jugelettes only so if u not a fan of ICP stay out cuz u a homo and if you really r homo they got a chat room 4 u
singles and love chat room [public] created by shaneezy
it personal experience , chat , meet new people share views
single parentss chat room [public] created by sexyasshotmomma
for single parents to talk and maybe hook up if they want too
bare butt spanking chat room [public] created by JoshuaLeroy
talking about spanking in every form
Rad Room xD chat room [public] created by saveeggscracksmiles
Only rad people allowed >.> ... xD
darkest side chat room [public] created by angel1818
Boner Spinny chat room [public] created by CrmLuvsGummyBears
This is the room where i can be me i guess.............. IDK
IF U WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE chat room [public] created by 101sexyman101
new frinds from around the world chat room [public] created by beehonni
ya!!!WE Can LERN N EXCHNGE OUR CULCURE EACH OTHER ...And become best friend^^
Nishwani chat room [private] created by Nishwani
Open chat room for all be normal
nice romantic chat chat room [public] created by shankycool
wanna have a gud chat from chennai and coimbatore
singlesssss partyyyy chat room [public] created by bella69live2011
have fun. be ur self. there is room for EVERYONE so cmon lets have some fun :)
open chat room [private] created by samit6
come who r like this stories other persons sorry girls u r most welcome
Proudly nigerian lesbians chat room [public] created by lickmedip
A chat room for nigerian lesbians
kerala gay chat room [public] created by mahinmk
only who r keralites r wanted here.
vijayawada chat room [public] created by yeemyesare
lets rock, the bejawada boys and girls
investment chat room [public] created by idika
forex,stock,small and medium business,all business
Anime Fans Room chat room [public] created by ZeroRequiemGX
emo girls and boyys chat room [public] created by sarahpeck
gay teluguuuuuuuu chat room [public] created by hotgaygay
any one fro telugu people can chat
Cape Town - Souith africa chat room [public] created by TheiTguy
For capetonions who want to chat
kinky fantasy chat chat room [public] created by Jaymarius69
good looking ladies only nice bodies
Lezbianz chat room [public] created by sugga8
4 .lezbians and naughty i hav a gf already srry but ppl can tlk 2 me
you N me chatt chat room [public] created by hyday
you N me chatt have fun share n enjoy with you`r new friend`s
Jesus Christ chat room [public] created by LoriAnneVail
talking about the one true GOD...Jesus Christ
me to usa chat room [public] created by Floh
for all girls from the usa, who want to write with me
- Life Of Happiness - chat room [public] created by StarHoe
~~Come in and chat with friends, no age limit, be kind and respect others though <3 thanks~~
Amar chat room [public] created by Amarnaths
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
Complain AWAAAAAYYYYYY chat room [public] created by lukas778
If You got Something to B**** about you come here....DOES not matter what it is. Speak your mind.
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