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List of all user-created chat rooms #172
bar and hector chat room [private] created by sweet14girl
blah blah blah blah blah.................................................................................................................
hector and bar chat room [public] created by sweet14girl
gotocamera chat room [public] created by gotocamera is a global service that helps you to monitor your home, your family, and your business, using any off-the-shelf webcam. We?ve dedicated ourselves to making this: ? Easy, so ANYONE can set up and use GotoCamera, even ?normal? Internet users who aren?t technology gurus ? Affordable (the Basic service is free!) ? And secure (much more secure than Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). The alternatives are either too difficult to setup, too expensive, insecure, or just plain hacks.
cosplaying chat room [public] created by Staticnekox
anything to do with cosplaying and being a otaku
cutie ppl chat room [public] created by sklyer
for ppl that want a bf or a gf can come here and talk to cute ppl or even hot ppl js lol
GaysRules chat room [public] created by Dailianis
This room is 4 Gay People that can meet anothers...
i love yhu mikeymike chat room [private] created by XxAllisoninWonderXx
idrk do watever u want idrc .....XDXDXD
NaturallyKingdom chat room [public] created by leoraider30
for me and you and anyone else who is in the mood
university students over 25 yrs under 35 yrs chat room [public] created by boredtoday1
Smart Young Adults Only! No naughty allowed. No creepers.
single 12 15 chat room [public] created by 2901
for single boys and girls from 13 to 15 and wanting some one to love singlr only no older then 15
Pregnant teens. chat room [public] created by JusticeBrianna
talk to other pregnant teens about love, life, & how everything's going.
fun place i guess chat room [private] created by stealyogurl
everyone can cuss from age 12 to 17 not older
luc chat room [private] created by lucysolbergy
lucs chat room [private] created by lucysolbergy
blahblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah chat room [public] created by sweet14girl
fun Chat 69 chat room [public] created by 1234skylar1234
Emo Preteens chat room [public] created by weapingwillow
If you, like me, need someone to have similar problems to yours, come here. This is my first chat room so if this isn't good I'll make another one.
Leo friend chat room [public] created by AiEnma1234
Girlwholovesypu chat room chat room [private] created by Girlwholovesyou
this iz my chat room ok ...??????????????? hahaaa just made it for fuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for all the bored in the world... chat room [public] created by imsoboredd
there is nothing to be described.....
11 12 date room hock up chat room [public] created by ineedbfcutegirl
nbsjkfnvodfbvjodbvaibvojnv vvcvfvzcvvvvvvvvvvv
Foot fetishiests and Mistresses chat room [public] created by footslave2011
For men and women who have a foot fetish and the men and women who enjoy having there feet worshipped...
anecia chat room [private] created by anecia
cute,slender,light-skin,5ft 6inches,black hair, cherry lips,straight nose, just nice enough
Ponies and horses chat room [public] created by Akzz2011
hey, this page is 4 horse loverz!!!!!!
Foot Hook up chat room [public] created by footfun12
Come here to talk to and exchange e-mails with other foot freaks such as yourself. Overage only please. Guy and girls welcome. I love both =)
Foot up chat room [public] created by footfun12
A room to exchange e-mails and talk to others with a love for feet. Overage only please. Guys and girls welcome. I love em both and im sure others do too.
MM666 chat room [public] created by Marzouk66
I like girl and sixy so like correspondent with friends
Emo life chat chat room [private] created by lilliz40
come to this chat if you dare!
crazy locos chat room [public] created by pukixxx
para personas locas locos hahahahahahahahaha
love me 4life chat room [public] created by talk2mart007
DELHI-ites chat room [public] created by darksoul4mnewdelhi
welcome all delhietes...............................................................
entred at ur on risk chat room [public] created by arohisaxena
entered only if u wanna some fun...
naughty topics chat room [public] created by suzukirider69
talk about dirty and anything else pure naughty
Nottingham Local chat room [public] created by richgreen1980
For people from Nottingham, Robin Hood country.
bored in texas chat room [public] created by wally1605
bored people looking to pass the time
ASIANS CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by samroy55
raouf chat room [public] created by bsbes
hello * bonjour * hallo * ciao * hola
People that are single and want to be in a relatio chat room [public] created by ebere1234567
Cinema Chat chat room [public] created by Gabriel253
A chat about cinema, directors and movies. Discuss and share.
dirty bird wants dirty chat chat room [public] created by hornyessexbird
dirty chat only, no hows your day been
hot chick wants dirty chat chat room [public] created by hornyessexbird
dirty chat for open minded dirty people
sssyyyrrriiiaaa chat room [public] created by casanova1991
Minnesotan and not creepy chat room [public] created by JacobHamann322
18-21 year olds looking to just have a few laughs and a good time.
LingerieLovers chat room [public] created by UKSLB1
A room for all who enjoy beautiful lingerie, classic outfits, heels and particularly for ladies who like to wear them and like to chat about it
couple chat room [private] created by jen0708
where you meet your perfect one or spend time with it
Shout Out to REAL Vampires chat room [public] created by Farish0702
I need info about the "new" me from older Vampires.
bondageANDSM chat room [public] created by peggyloveslife
Bdsm talk for submissives and Doms
only u and me chat room [public] created by yarisme55
for find someone adapt with u understand with u
dirty mind chat room [public] created by hackthorn
For all you perv and intercourse addicts come on in and meet others like you =D
hook up room -winky face- chat room [public] created by sexii0bunnii
where peoplee, like,, undrr 17 can talk w/o any pervz >OLD MANN!<>OLD LADY< comingg&fxcking up the room., so yeah, you can come in ;)
fleshy wives chat room [public] created by redsleeves
chat room to degrade fleshy wives
availible people chat room [public] created by ctroupe123
anyone who is single and redy for something real.
avalible chat room [public] created by ctroupe123
anyone who is single and wants to tlk!! find you someone special
Oddpops room chat room [public] created by Oddpop07
It's just for anyone who has any tipson being a bulimic person.
snape chat room [public] created by shunshunsgirl
just nerdy harry potter stuff cuz ima nerd lol
Men2men chat room [public] created by talk2ursree
Anyone in abu dhabi for fun and chat please join...
Canadians single chat room [public] created by LuvBug1
plz come and hang out and find a guy or girl that u connect with
you and meeli chat room [public] created by meeliCarrion
...amm sin comentarios, solo entra'♥:*
singles14-16 chat room [public] created by pinkswirls
the name says it all :) its a group for single girls/boys to make friends.or more?;)
lets chat girllls chat room [public] created by supperbike
im a men lookin 4 canadian women 2 chat
Bout Money chat room [public] created by DaddyJay9
everybody comes together in this room to talk about money and how to make money by all means u Dig so ladies Boss up
emo ppl are kewler than prepz chat room [public] created by emochick1016
emo ppl r kewl n we know it so lets talk!! ahahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaa
JewChat chat room [public] created by itstheJEW
Woot for jews and everyone to come and chat and have fun :D i like turtles
go away chat room [private] created by zathious
hehehehe hahahaha hohohoho duh
RAWR emo chat room chat room [public] created by Cocogoesrawr
Emos, scenes, and my friends only are allowed. No disrespect.
TMOHCS chat room [public] created by jemmfan
I LOVE the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, so why not a chat room with her? Especially Haruhi-chan. ^_^
date lounge chat room [private] created by GabbzyLOLZ
a place were you can get to gether and be on "dates " ya that simpile
12-13 years old only USA chat room [public] created by GabbzyLOLZ
this is 4 girls and boys . and they have 2 b 12- 13 years old only
TunisiaBeautyUs chat room [public] created by Sabriiinah
welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hihihihihihihihihi
sothren style secrets chat room [public] created by shothrenboysdraem16
for any one whos into shouthren loven and aot of new friends
St Louis Chat chat room [public] created by Tsukie234
For people around the St. Louis, Mo area.
Black butler yaoi RP chat room [public] created by Alois0Trancy
black butler/kuroshitsuji YAOI roleplay
sothren ssigelstyle secrets chat room [public] created by shothrenboysdraem16
just for singel people loken lol
matt4inch chat room [private] created by matt4inch
Humiliation of guys with little dicks
Dare chat room [public] created by MEGADARE
accept extreme dares and send the proof to can you handle it
Those against the Freemasons and the Illuminati chat room [public] created by nicolehubbard88
For those members who are against the Elite and their plans for our country and other countries surrounding the United States. No harassment or judgment of others! YOU WILL BE BANNED!
gf bf hookup for teens only chat room [public] created by heycupcake
if your a teen and need a gf/ bf then come here and find one
Only girl 13-15 chat room [public] created by Flirtygirl123
I want to talk to some girls I am one my self
horn chat room [public] created by wonders69
only horn people aloud. i want old men and younger women only in here to chat ;)
humiliation tiny dicks chat room [public] created by matt4inch
humiliation for guys with tiny dicks
bi curious nyc femme chat chat room [public] created by threesomemff
for bi fems who are looking to have a 3 sum
diaper teens chat room [public] created by skycam
anything is aloud you must like diapers
FEET TORTURE chat room [public] created by toeman86
TheJackTestCodeRoom chat room [public] created by iPBlocked
ir chat room [public] created by najmadin
anyone chat chat room [public] created by TheHacker123
any girls want to chat with me
my babe girl chat room [private] created by bigboy1122
mark and abigails romm no one eles is allowed
ottawa ppl chat room [public] created by supperbike
hey ppl from ottawa if ure a girl and wanna chat come on in
t or d with morgan chat room [private] created by Morgan3341
Crystal this is Morgan. I guess try to join this when you can need 30 letters for description.
kanesha18 chat room [public] created by bbykay
hey im just layed back and like to chat with anyone
Teen Cha t13-16 chat room [public] created by Jlopopinxzton
A chat room for teens to enjoy.teens 13-16
SOUTH CAROLiNA PPLz chat room [public] created by SOUTHERN0THiiCKNESS
Toey Island girls chat room [private] created by randyrandom69
For toey island girls who like to chat to white guys haha :P
DIRTY SLUT WANTED chat room [public] created by Drexel113
This is a chatroom that i hope will bring in some slutty girls that want to party
Mah rooom chat room [private] created by PwnFrnzy
a room for me and my most favorite people.
cutter help chat room [public] created by micaela12
for ppl who cut and need help...........................................................................................................................................................................................
M2mRTnagar chat room [public] created by Ajeesh1X
hi i am looking for smart guy from near by for friendship
PinoyRoom69 chat room [public] created by redsky69
Pinoy pie asfdasdasdasfasczxcx
Furry and Yiff chat room [public] created by MaleWolf
talk about furry fantasies, talk to people in the chat room about what you like about furies/Yiff's. Have fun and enjoy your selves. 18+ chatRoom by the way.
married new to bi chat room [public] created by jk6196363
Married guys who enjoy serving men
Swiss People chat room [public] created by emadaf8
found any body you really love him or her.
Kerala malayalam youngers chat room [public] created by Anandani
The chat room girls & boys any age malayalam members only
srhk chat room [private] created by suresh6006
hai this is the entertainment chat room u can chat 2 antone in a simple way
GiRLS 0NLY chat room [public] created by bigirl420
ram58 chat room [public] created by rammurthy
i like to live wit my friends..............................................
BI PEOPLE FUN chat room [public] created by meashalovegirls
come have fun if you are BI.....just come and have a lot of real
lizboo chat room [public] created by liz77
this is a chat room for BI or liz who like to show on the wp cam
friendship and luve chat room [private] created by wensho
knowing better about her personality and maybe arrange a meeting
Juggalos-lettes only chat room [public] created by JuggaRazz
Whoop whoop this is a chat rooom for los-lettes all round the world to get to know the fam. If your a poser who just wants attention this is not the place for you. you will get chopped.
hottie4112011 chat room [public] created by hottie4112011
wanna chat with me go in this chat room ages 13-15 only and need pics thx
18plse chat room [public] created by ijajakj
Biacna chat room [private] created by Tonto50
when you are lonely just remember you have people like me, waiting to make you smile
bloody love chat room [public] created by truett98
if u need bf or gf or just wanna hang out
flirt chatroom chat room [public] created by lucap4696
In this room you can flirt everybody... it' s all here
creature lovers chat room [public] created by bacon11
any one who loves little fuzy creatures come on in
bffs chat room [public] created by bacon11
u can make all kindes of freinds
Virginia over 50s chat room [public] created by lestbonn4
For the older chatters. Virginia is for lovers so its said. Lets chat and be friends.
bi femme manila chat room [public] created by ariann3
all bi femme in manila are welcome h!r.
bfs chat room [public] created by bacon11
find some bffs and talk all day long
pradeeps chat chat room [private] created by pradeeppanda160586
all those wants for happiness please come and contact...
discreet encounters southern cali chat room [public] created by thatguy2133
exactly what the room name says discreet encounters for people in southern california
Harry Potter RP chat room [public] created by xVioletRosex
basically its a roleplay about Hogwarts
bulbul chat room [public] created by zohaish
attitude is a little thing but that makes a big difference i like resonable person personality
twilight talk chat room [public] created by katietyler
people who love twilight can talk
irritated chat room [private] created by zathious
fsaefjjnb cdhbc cdhbcvgv bub ff bgb ffbb vdg bvsfhn
psr010 chat room [private] created by SYAMALRAO
what is name of my best friend in my chidhood? Paru
akvr010 chat room [private] created by SYAMALRAO
this room's only 4 chatting females from 18 to 40 years.
Wild Talks chat room [public] created by Damozin
created 4 teens hu want 2 flirt nd av fun
naughty tallk chat room [private] created by breebreex32
get freaky or go home! if you want some get some
akshvarxxx chat room [public] created by akshvarxxx
this chat room is free for those who admire heaven and it is only for girls..
acting silly chat room [public] created by Redsfun
If you feel the need too just let it all out, This is the place
Only 10 year olds who are single chat room [public] created by JasonEvans
w=you can get gf and you can visit and get there phone numbers if there nice though
my boyfiend sees his kids at his exs everyday chat room [public] created by julienhh
Dont know if im the one in the wrong, i wish my kids dad was there for him but im not sure if its okay for it to be a every day thing. even on the weekends i dont even know them my boyfriend is off limits when hes with his kids. just want some advice
Gamers Chat V1 chat room [public] created by mrdirtygamer
Chat about games here! Chat about Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Burnout, and whatever games you can think of!
Badd ppl of America chat room [public] created by MorganBadd16
crazii a room 4 flirtin any1 is able to come but i want some1 cute be the boyy to pleaz thiz cute gyrl can't wait to meet u
13-14 Year old BOYS ONLY chat room [public] created by mrdirtygamer
Only boys 13-14 years old are allowed in and you must have a profile picture as proof of age to participate in games etc.
leyehudim bilvad chat room [public] created by mbmr832
for jewish teens who wanna have fun.
Michigan adult chat chat room [public] created by billyjams01
Michigan adults who like to chat , flirt , or have adult conversations with others in their area.
GirlsWantTheirFeetWorsheped chat room [public] created by iLoveGirlBareFeet
I would love to talk to girls about worshiping their bare feet!
People wanting to lose weight chat room [public] created by wellnesscoach24
This is for people who want to lose weight or gain muscle. It is a support group and testimonial group with positive energy and health tips. :)
toronto girls wanted chat room [public] created by rjlrjl75
Lookin to chat with some t.o. girls
single teens only chat room [public] created by butterflyrose3
15-19 yers old ONLY and cant be older nor yonger sorry
diaper fetish chat chat room [public] created by littlenova
I have one and I wanna talk about it..join in?
lover rock chat room [private] created by mgdsd
I would like to meet someone my age i'm 13 and would love to meet a girl my ag so that's why i made this so people like me can't meet someone to date.
Mikky Emo Room chat room [public] created by Mikky123
Role Playing 2 chat room [public] created by ArunaLover
hot and fun role playing, meeting singles, flirting with other people who are like you, and just having a good time
JAMAICAN HOT LESBIANS chat room [public] created by kinlock
private room with only lesbians.
Nudity Chat chat room [public] created by xVanessaG
This is for nudity, and P0RN. Send pictures of you naked.
mast chat room [private] created by sameddy
Masti talks with frnds for love and frindship
fck my wife chat room [public] created by curious4439
wana watch and can join if you like
FOR HUMAN ONLY chat room [public] created by ANGELPiiNK
OPEN FOR HUMAN ONLY haha LOL you can enter here if you a a human :P
Habits chat room [public] created by SatanicFurry
just any2 who has habits eg. smoking spitting sx addict, anything
looken for a hot single bff for me chat room [public] created by Mikky123
I love emo guys but I need one who is ether 13 or 14...I have had way to many 40's hitten on me and its kinda creepy
Bifemales NYC chat room [public] created by threesomemff
a room for bifemales in nyc to socialize
in a hotel room in MI chat room [public] created by DrGonzo12
I am sitting here bored as hell
Malorie chat room [private] created by SummerSky1994
just me and her! love time! ...............................................................................................
Melanie chat room [private] created by SummerSky1994
just me and her!!!!!!!!!!!.........................................................................................................
Melanie 2 chat room [private] created by SummerSky1994
Hang chat room [public] created by Mikky123
I'm looken for a boyfriend who is 13 or 14 and is emo...but other then that you guys can juts come in and hang out or what ev
ak t-girls chat room [public] created by fairbanks91
wowowowow chat room [public] created by johnarish
looking for someone.................................................
hello sunshine chat room [private] created by beautifulescape
..................................................................... :)
dianmond chat room [public] created by diamond78
come for chatting with me,for friendship, relation and dating
curious straight guys chat room [public] created by 503dude
For straight guys who are curious about messing around with other guys, but aren't really into gay dudes. Share fantasies and stories about what it's like to be with another man. straight or bi curious only please.
lets have funnn chat room [private] created by ashley33100
just want to chat to have fun and enjoy a good time
kamala chat room [private] created by kamala92
indian chat room and friendship chat room
ExtremeTaboo chat room [public] created by JadeyDee
If you want to chat about Taboo subjects and things Society think off as not normal
K9-Animal chat room [public] created by JadeyDee
People who like and wanna chat about Animal Stuff
hello everyone chat room [public] created by charbz29
i am looking for someone who is a hippie or shows that they follow hippie views and life syles
Starfleet Command EU2 chat room [private] created by Darkanubis
this chat is for the empire Starfleet command members only
Musicians up for a chat chat room [public] created by DrummerDude222
If your a drummer or a musician JOIN
pasi007 chat room [public] created by pasi007
i like it ican do it and i wont to all good friends
Girls Only WIlling to Do Stuff chat room [public] created by LoveToSext
I am a cool laid back guy who just wants to meet people and have some fun along the way! Looking for any girls to get naughty. Give me a shout at 1-505-412-9559
Cali Desert Cities chat chat room [public] created by electricsportsbra
Locals from palm springs to victorville check this!
people who love justin bieber chat room [public] created by edendrewbieber
only come on hee if ya like justin bieber
15-18 only chat room [public] created by brookey1496
this chat is for people through the ages of 15 and 18 only
redbaron chat room [private] created by redbaron4895
thee door of fly =) jejejejejejejeejejejejejejejejejeje
Anorexia I Need Help chat room [public] created by meagxox
I need people to help me become anorexic
ANJANA ANJANI chat room [public] created by aqibkhan
...................................SUPER AFRIDI,S...................................
emo guy chat chat room [public] created by edwinbernard2011
emo is the best thing ever...!!!lmfao
Doggie Style chat room [public] created by WolfGirl77
Help me get taken by a male dog.
13-15 Room chat room [private] created by 13Koko
This is for anyone between 13 and 15! No one older please!
emogirl6969 chat room 4 animal lovers chat room [public] created by emogirl6969
if u fuk or get fuked by animals u r welcom
Help Materbate XD chat room [private] created by Stewartisme
Get Off chat room [public] created by moonman024
Anyone that is "excited" and wants to chat with other people in the same mood.
evrything goes room chat room [private] created by jbbswimmer
we can do whatever we want to do in this room
girls gay or bi only chat room [public] created by sarapie
its a room for gays and bis to talk, and get to know ppl and do what they do! all boyswill be kicked out!!!!!!
Men 50 pluss chat room [public] created by Linda21b
For older men who prefer junger women
zaniz room chat room [private] created by zaniizadime
for private one on one chat with a special person
vampry. chat room [private] created by nineinchesofblk
vamprye for me chat room [private] created by nineinchesofblk
Broken Hearts can heal chat room [public] created by bignickd123
People sharing broken heart stories and giving each other advice and support
Naughty for 13 and under chat room [public] created by DirtRidr
Have a fun time looking for girls and guys who want to play!
Looking For a Boy Friend Come Here chat room [public] created by chrisiscool122
I need a HOT!! 12 yer old girl to be my girlfriend.If u need a bf email me at
Girls That Need a Boy Friend chat room [public] created by chrisiscool122
I need a HOT!! 12 yer old girl to be my girlfriend.If u need a bf email me at
animeloveandbiand gays emo emooooooooooooooooooooo chat room [public] created by sarahpeck
emolove and gays and bi and emochatss
Who love me chat room [public] created by Annanolden3241
ejmafhbksjdgbvkfjsdbvg jbjfbvjkdbfgjbjkrwgbursjbg!
Sub boys in search of dominant women chat room [public] created by dominatrixadrianna
If you are a sub boy in search of a dom woman,here is the right place to find one. Enjoy the chat.
I need a boy friend chat room [public] created by BreezeAndJBforevr
I'm not desperete, i'm just looking for love
Hot Foot Fetish chat room [public] created by iLoveGirlBareFeet
gay teen boy only chat 13-16 chat room [public] created by chris41397
this is a chat room for gay teen boys only.must be 13 through 16.
mikaelas chat room [public] created by Mikaela2015
this is a room for some people who would like to have some fun.
15 -19 chat room [private] created by johnk3249
for older teens to chat away from lil kids
oldmen4young chat room [public] created by kalika12716
This room is for dirtyold men who love young girls
smexxiii chat room [public] created by shay221
cute funny and just have fun!!!!
dont come in here chat room [private] created by sweetheart1717
Just dont come in here ok? only bobbykane99
power of love chat room [public] created by honey78
funny chatting time,make friends. come on .^^
jerking chat room [public] created by jerkinhard420
anyone who wants to jerk off and see what happens
LoveLane chat room [public] created by DD2011
For the nice decent people who are single and just want nice people to talk to.
lookin 4 real real love chat room [public] created by a7med1
this is room lookin for real love to make asucssesful relationship
LMAO chat room [private] created by pwxx14
akzjaoqpojzj.Acool chat room>kasbxjhbbskxjhbkjhbFUNkasjxkjabsjxbkjbx..not really writin jus doin dis cuz the thingsays ihav to or my room wont b created :P
single and ready to an relationship chat room [public] created by zhen099
yewhoo chat chat room [private] created by BlueEyezNTxs08
pautrious chat room [public] created by senyondo
am augandan by birth an doing a course in bachor in computer science
paulrious chat room [public] created by senyondo
am a ugandan by birth aged 22 an doing a course in computerscience at nkumba university am in my third your
BDSM chatroom chat room [public] created by BDSMaster
learning and knowing another way of living :)
Talk to Colby chat room [public] created by Colbyyy
Hey :) Looking for people to talk to
talking everybody chat room [public] created by xxbullerxx
no 1 will leave every 1 will talk like hell
girls wanted chat room [public] created by mrbounce16
i want to meet cute girls looking for some fun
Smooth talk. no dirty talkin here. chat room [public] created by tylerbranch87
room name is self explainatory.
seks chat room [public] created by jejaka85
borak2 seks.bercerita pengalaman seks dan macam2 lagi
coloradoooooooo chat room [private] created by anthony7777777
gay bi curiose........................................................................................................................
We are family chat room [public] created by kenoflord
No dirty image The age from 13 to 40 year old everyone are welcome. If got dirty image straight away kick out
Humiliation and Domination chat room [public] created by sissyboy1991
I need to be punished and shamed by a remorseless mistress.
te amo time chat room [public] created by sexylexxy98801
did u alwaz wanted find mr.or miss right.heres a place were u 2 can talk and take your time .wanna have sum fun come on u loveable teens have the time of your life 4 once!!!!
te amo teens chat room [public] created by sexylexxy98801
did u alwaz wanted find mr.or miss right.heres a place were u 2 can talk and take your time .wanna have sum fun come on u loveable teens have the time of your life 4 once!!!!
Derby chat room [public] created by atteiq
DERBY peepz and gyalz every girl come
singles 13-15 year olds chat room [public] created by 13Koko
Only for 13-15 boys and girls! Any rude behaviour you will be kicked out!
fettish chat room [public] created by mikey761
desires for all who dare come in have a gp
poptartians chat room [public] created by emopoptartz
um poptarts and people and stuff um idk just come in i need homies
youngweed chat room [public] created by Nekkyanselem
come in if you want to know. here you can have fun and
People who are Horney chat room [public] created by Damen1997
A place were all of us r horney
come in if u are fit and yung chat room [public] created by nicole1929
i can give u what u want and u have what u wantxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx i love everybodycxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
teen fun15 to 19 chat room [public] created by johnk3249
just for teen that want 2 get to no ppl and get msn addys off fit girls if they want 2 give you there msn
juat chat chat room [private] created by petsonch
have a good time. just want to make friends and practice english
i am a boy soo girls only chat room [private] created by johnk3249
plz no boys as i will not be happy
true vamps for real.. chat room [public] created by lovelesssoul
for real vamps... for the ones who know they are what they are or at least are energy users.. no fakes aloud! you will be shuned..
Tz playhouse chat room [public] created by sexcT
anything goes so have all the fun u want
teen 13 - 18 chat room [public] created by saxvapi
only 13 to 18 can join and only indians
Spiritual Questing chat room [public] created by agirling
We chat about Religion and Spirituality
snakes room chat room [public] created by LatinSnake7
room to talkin private n relax n smoke
kush oj chat room [private] created by LatinSnake7
piffed out smoke till ya eyez low
DUBAI ZOON chat room [public] created by ahmarm
chat for kids chat room [public] created by poland123
all you adults this chat is for your kids NO ADULTS ok no
chat for your kids chat room [public] created by poland123
all you adults this chat is for your kids NO ADULTS ok no
Chakra chat room [public] created by pineapplequeen
A place to explore your spirituality.
private dating chat chat room [public] created by bulletboy209
hey come and talk to people 4 dating so come and join in and have lots of fun
private dating chatoom chat room [public] created by bulletboy209
every beutiful girls come and join me and we can have some fun tonite xxxxxxxxxxxx
LuckyDuck chat room [public] created by Bigwoozie
Ddddhgddfgffdsffff just come and see waterer u want
Gay Teens Room. chat room [public] created by jacobjohnson23
For fifteen to nineteen year olds who want to chat
look for a girlfrd or boyfrd chat room [public] created by Jlopopinxzton
any boy or girl looking for a relationship u can start here.
milton keynes gay and bi chat room [public] created by bananawilly
chit chat and hook ups for gays and bi in the mk area
stay here chat room [public] created by nickybrutal
have fun no drama please please please please invite veryone
13-year olds chat room [public] created by 13Koko
This is a chatroom for anyone 13-15! Boys and Girls
13 year old lesbian teens chat room [public] created by povonax
for young lesbians who want to meet other young lesbians.
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