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List of all user-created chat rooms #202
chudai chat room [public] created by vijayranjan008
only for audult and girl woman
If u wished to be loved chat room [public] created by Twins4thug
Ther'z alwayz love in sharing ,,,if u love n definitely u will be love,,,God created the world wit luv know dat
for muslim chat room [public] created by welladentist
for muslims and who want to know about islam
from south africa to..... chat room [public] created by malibongwe
anyone is welcomed and im from south africa and you dont mind chating with a south african handsome man.
nupur world chat room [public] created by nupur19
A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last. And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong.
single men looking for a girl chat room [public] created by annabanana2000
PLS pls pls come in :) xx i am looking for a boy aged 11-14 so please come in and chat) even better if you have skype or facebook :p
girls and boys private chatroom chat room [public] created by jordane106
very nice say anything u want u can also invite your friends and chat all day long
INDORE CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by senseousguy
..teen boys only.. chat room [public] created by phoenix1221
...this room is for boys,for who wants to talk about boys puberty....
new friends music chat room [private] created by MusicLoverGirl
music experience as well as new friendships
Single boys Only no girls only girls looking for a chat room [public] created by Cianna123cc123
Were single boys can find a girl
jaylin chat room [private] created by jayangel12
you can ask me anything you want...we can talk as long as i now your name
angel101 chat room [public] created by jayangel12
ask me anything you want aslong as your 16 and under i am sexy and do what i want when i want
Special one chat room [private] created by shevasingh
Just Chat and be sexy and revel everything if you hava a cam
Eating Disordered chat room [public] created by jessthiswillkillyou
A chat-room for my friends, followers and others on tumblr.
for horny guys chat room [public] created by sportastic89
men that want young and chubby girls
feet to feet chat room [public] created by paulpoet12
room for female and male feet lovers
single girls and guys chat room [public] created by nikkitang12
for single girl and guys who want to meet someone special
Pretty girls and boys chat room [public] created by Xavi1234
Good heart and want to joke evreytime. This chat is for joking.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sweeitepie chat room [public] created by jcdceleste14
sweet guys only im a very cute sweet girl sorry to use the word sweet to much ha
omgthatshuge chat room [public] created by nyclixpert69
women looking for big ones or fantasies explore the pleasure in many ways that they cant in their usual life style
witch chatters chat room [public] created by Lisa47Nj
a place to speak all magickal, mythology, spell casting, tarot reading nights, psychic training, mediumship, and power
bb13 chat room [public] created by nikitaandsam
talk about this years big brother episodes and past episodes
Hetalia America chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
America (アメリカ, Amerika?) America is an energetic and headstrong character. In the series, he is raised by England and later fights for his independence. America is very similar in appearance to Canada, who is often forgotten and was seen "invisible" by other nations. The self-proclaimed leader of the Allied Forces, his catchphrase is "I'm the hero!" His ideas for solving international problems are often absurd, but he is usually oblivious to the opinions of others. America's ideas and inventions are grand, but rarely go anywhere. His crippling fear of ghosts is at odds with his friendly acquaintance with a grey alien named Tony, who lives in his house. America is frequently seen clutching a hamburger, or eating while speaking. He is often portrayed as a rude fellow and one who has disregard for whom his actions affect or just what they might be. He has a mixed colored blond and brown hair, has blue eyes, and wears glasses. In the anime series, he is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and Eric Vale in English, both of whom also voice Canada.[6] As a child, America is voiced by Ai Iwamura in Japanese and Luci Christian in English.
Hetalia Italy chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Italy (イタリア, Itaria?) Italy, the primary protagonist and the title character, is a bright, energetic and sweet young man. In the series, he is depicted at various points as the infant grandson of the Roman Empire (known as Grandpa Rome), and is recognized as the weakest character in the series, and as a carefree and cowardly soldier who often depends on Germany to resolve issues. He has good contacts with Poland. His artistry and extreme love of pasta and pizza are references to Italian culture. He uses his adorable ways and cute face to charm any girl he meets. He is portrayed as a "lovable loser".[5] Italy represents the northern half of the country of Italy, while his older brother represents the southern half. Hence, their full character names are Italy Veneziano and Italy Romano. In the anime series, both Italies are voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese. In English, Veneziano is voiced by Todd Haberkorn[6] and Romano is voiced by Ian Sinclair. Young Italy, known as Chibitalia is voiced by Aki Kanada in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English.
Hetalia Germany chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Germany (ドイツ, Doitsu?) Germany is a hard-working, efficient, bureaucratic, and serious character. In the series, Germany is primus inter pares among the Axis Powers, and takes responsibility for the training of Italy and Japan. Another aspect of his character is his relative inexperience with relationships, leading him to be very by-the-book as a result of the belief that things will go wrong if he does not follow instructions to the letter. His extreme devotion to the military lifestyle would make him an effective leader, if not for the fact of constantly baby-sitting Italy. Despite this, as the series progresses, he forms a close relationship with Italy. He notes at one point that he has a "crazy boss", a reference to the historical figure of Hitler. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.[6]
Hetalia Japan chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Japan (日本, Nihon?) Japan is a reclusive and hard-working character. He seems to have a problem with others being in his personal space, for he gets uncomfortable if anyone touches him or gets too close. In the series, he is shown to be inexperienced with the Western world, and prone to culture shock. A young man, his character design features dark brown eyes and black hair, common physical traits among Japanese people. He often tries to adopt the cultures of other countries he meets such as France. Generally quiet, he is often depicted with the attitude of a businesslike old man. As everyone else in the series, he also got another name, instead of his Country-name. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese and Christopher Bevins in English.[6]
Hetalia England chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
England (イギリス, Igirisu?) England, also known as the United Kingdom or Britain, is depicted as an irritable young man. A former pirate, he is now a cynical and sharp-tongued gentleman. Some of his notable character traits include his terrible cooking skills, foul mouth, ability to see supernatural creatures ("imaginary friends"), and ability to perform magic curses on his enemies. Britain is most antagonistic towards France, with whom he shares a long rivalry, and America, his former charge. He's usually recognized for his large eyebrows, spiky blond hair and green eyes. In the English release of the anime, when asked why they opted to choose the name "Britain" over "England", Funimation explained that it was a request from the Japanese studio.[7] Tokyopop, the English publisher of the manga, refers to him as "England." In one strip he notes that he has an older brother named Scotland.[8] Himaruya has confirmed that England represents the UK and England, while Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are his siblings.[9] England's other relation is Sealand, whom England considers to be an annoyance due to his continued attempts to get other countries to recognise him as his own state. In the anime series, England's voice actor is Noriaki Sugiyama, and his English voice actor is Scott Freeman.[6]
dating and relationships chat room [public] created by nelle23
girls and boys who are single and recently broke up with someone
Hetalia France chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
France (フランス, Furansu?) France is a romantic, carefree character. In the series, he is shown to have a long-held rivalry with Britain. However, he frequently makes sexual passes at many characters, including England. France explains away his long history of military defeats by attributing them to a joke from God. He regards himself as the eldest brother among the European nations and is referred to as such by some of them, though he calls Spain his elder brother in turn. However, he gets very upset when another nation refers to him as an 'old man', as he claims he's still young. When he is happy, his laugh (hohonhohon) is intended to be a stereotype of him being French. He is often depicted wearing flashy blue and red clothes with a rose, holding it in his hand. In the anime series, he is voiced by Masaya Onosaka in Japanese and J. Michael Tatum in English.[6]
Hetalia Russia chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Russia (ロシア, Roshia?) Russia is the tallest of all the nations, but has the innocence and cruelty of a child. He adores vodka and sunflowers. His primary target of resentment is General Winter, because despite using the cold to his advantage in war, he is also attacked by him every year. Russia has a kind face, but has mentally cracked from the strain of his bloody history. Despite his brutalities towards others, he truly means well. The other nations are terrified of him, especially the Baltic Trio (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia), whom he loves to abuse physically and emotionally. Occasionally, he stalks China, while in a panda costume. Russia also has two sisters: his older sister, Ukraine and his younger sister, Belarus. He becomes gloomy and depressed when either of them is on his mind because Ukraine left him to try and make friends in the European Union and Belarus is obsessed with the idea of forcing him to marry her. She seems to be the only other country which Russia fears. Russia happily promises that eventually "all will become one with Russia". Another favorite phrase is "kolkolkolkol", used when he is angered. Russia is often seen carrying a water faucet pipe. For unknown reasons Poland is not afraid of him (probably because Poland is the only country that won a war with him and General Winter). In the anime series, he is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato in Japanese and Jerry Jewell in English.[6]
Hetalia China chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
China (中国, Chūgoku?) China is one of the oldest nations, being depicted as immortal as well as being four thousand years old, and is regarded as the eldest brother among the East Asian nations. He is disturbed and distrustful of Russia, reflecting the Sino-Soviet Split that actually occurred after the war. China's favorite food is variety, and as such has certain tastes for things and gets irritated if a food has a certain pattern of tastes. He is a big fan of Hello Kitty and tends to end his sentences with the suffix -aru, a Japanese stereotype of how Chinese people speak. However, he replaces the customary -aru with the suffix -ahen, which means opium, when speaking to England, as a reference to the Opium Wars. After China's defeat in the Opium War, he became the cook for England and France. During the fight between the Axis and Allies, China fights Germany and Japan with a Wok (round cooking pan) and ladle, which became his weapon of choice that also serves as a stereotype that China serves good food. China's boss was introduced as a green Chinese dragon with an intimidating appearance, but in reality, he is quite relaxed and modulate as well as shown to be bullied by China in a comedic way. China is often depicted with pandas. In the anime series, he is voiced by Yuki Kaida in Japanese and Clarine Harp in English.[6]
Allied Forces chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Allied Forces The Allied Powers, primary characters within the series. From left to right: Russia, England, America, China, France.The Allied Forces group consists primarily of the characters America, Britain (also known as England), France, China and Russia. These characters are often depicted as comically failing to reach consensus in their war meetings. The representations of countries also part of the historical Allies of World War II, such as Canada, make additional appearances.
Axis Powers chat room [public] created by AmericaTheHero
Axis PowersThe Axis Powers group of characters consists primarily of Germany, Italy, and Japan, who are also the protagonists of the series. The representations of countries also part of the historical Axis powers, such as Hungary, make additional appearances.
moony chat room [public] created by dictor
chat about love and all the happening things in life
sex chat for sexy girls chat room [private] created by johnmiles330
To chat sex and set aggresses and e mails
littleshygirl chat room [public] created by littleshygirl
4 me and ashy to play in all by orselves
AnA12345 chat room [public] created by thatslut101
nly 4 horny guys ok frbweibrfobascxklnbskdjfnbclkjbdcwjkerfcefwdcbsa
habbo private server chat room [public] created by habbotalkz
hi here we talk about how to make habbo private servers ... also i need help
SANTORINI chat room [public] created by rene28
Smarter chat chat room [public] created by SmartStud13
someone already used smart chat so i made a smarter chat..if ur smart or in advanced class and need someone to talk to whos just like u then come here :)
the wives chat room [private] created by neveragain79
wives who just want to vent, has questions about hope to deal with their husbands ways.
Naughty Lesbian chat room [public] created by RedHeadHorny4u
You can say whatever you would like, especially naughty things >;)
party rock chat room [public] created by valygurl98
the party rock room is based on a song but also a place for people to meet and have chating fun or whatever but ugh yeah i guess do whatevr u lyk yeah
lindsaaaa chat room [public] created by LiNNDAs2011
dance lovers chat room [public] created by juicebox13
for people who just love to let go and boogie!!!!!!!!!!!
sexey talk chat room [public] created by brianna20
nasty talk sex talk if horney come here
stars of death chat room [private] created by plutogirl
nice bright stars very pretty stars
hiiiiiiiiiiii chat room [public] created by plutogirl
pluto n meee chat room [private] created by mikevincent12
pluto n meee2 chat room [public] created by mikevincent12
dirty sexy talk chat room [public] created by hotTOcummONu
lets cumm together.... females only
Come have fun chat room [public] created by Tiki25
you can do any thing you can say any thing you want
EmosFTW chat room [public] created by xxBiteMehxx
ChatRoom For Emos/Scenes/Goths Onlyyy ! Ty :'3
i want my dick cut off chat room [public] created by ohgodjack
my master wants to cut my dick off and we are looking for people willing to pay to wach
AnimeoidS chat room [public] created by EcchiNeko17
Made for Anime Talkers Who just want to kick it and chat about anime. Make Friends & relax.
n-korea lover chat room [public] created by shinhye
to pepol who love korea and kpop
boysroom thailand chat room [public] created by apipanjo
I like to chat with boys from thailand
Multi Cultures Room chat room [public] created by RED7EAGLE
this room is for everyone from all over the world ;)
sexting chat roomLOL chat room [public] created by droshadow
wht do u think???????????????????????????????????????????????????/
lovely vietnamese girl chat room [public] created by bitterly
join my chat room if you want to find your sweetheart or a friend
bremerton WA Bi Gay hook up chat room chat room [public] created by yesdave0007
get hooked up with some head or a good time
zoophilia gathering chat room [public] created by micka2011
The people that live in Texas, hopefully you might find someone
the sex chatttt chat room [public] created by thehotg
nice way to have cyber sex.(; its coooool!! sooo join!(;;
Ladies for Ladies chat room [public] created by OVERbored331
come on guys butt out!! Theres no room for u here and u will get kicked!
lonly people chat room [public] created by bonesdx
lonly people people who want to meet other people
plz chat room chat room [public] created by sierra1437
people that just want to talk to people
singles 16 chat room [public] created by chris733
young hot white woman hot lookin for single men
hot single ladies 16 chat room [public] created by chris733
single female lokkin for guys sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
STL party chat room [public] created by eggyis1
only Saint louis residents that want to party
2 Person chat room [private] created by VaShaun
For me and my girl, who I have named Raysie...for some odd reason. lol
vag lovers chat room [public] created by rojo5195
this room is for any one who loves vag
WA state chat room [public] created by angelcg
welcome people from washington state!!!
Talk With Aaron My Age or Older Please chat room [public] created by ThePaintballer
Hey, I just want to talk and relax with other girls age 14+ . No real flirting going down in here, unless it happens otherwise. :) . PLEASE be from America! Haha
just random. idk chat room [public] created by chipmunkfan2396
whatever you want to talk about
MarriedBBW-NJwantsBuddy chat room [public] created by MARRiEDBBW36DD
Lookin to meet friends for chat Brand new to this
only 14-16 boyz cute ones to talk to chat room [public] created by evelynBOSSEDuppsexy
i am preddy and i wilol let yal kno more
alaska friends chat room [private] created by xxmonger
chatting with friends about daily events
sexy chatt chat room [public] created by ccoleman979
for people who want to have sexy fun
lets talk sex and nothin but chat room [public] created by luvnbri
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
Texas Singles chat chat room [public] created by Jeff1981
Chat in Texas Singles chat for fun
Religion Debates chat room [public] created by Sajjad889
For all who like religious debates...All religions are welcome
Panicplz chat room [public] created by xxPanicKxx
New Delhi - India chat room [public] created by RohnitUK
People from Delhi only! Talk about fun, talk baout delhi, each other or meet singles in delhi
annas skype chat room [public] created by annabanana2000
MONEY OVA BITCHES chat room [public] created by pleasuremami
Gotham chat room [public] created by GothamDarkKnight
A special hideout for all Batman fans & any superhero addicted
seeking arrangement chat room [public] created by princessugarbby
(Mutually Beneficial Relationship) Sugar Daddy/mommy: n. Slang. A wealthy, usually older man who gives expensive gifts to a young person in return for intimacy or companionship. Sugar Baby: n. Slang. A young person who gives intimacy or companionship to an older man or woman in exchange for expensive gifts.
k9 chat chat room [public] created by clintaol
my pets my my pets my world come tell me about your friends
bored of porn skype pre meet chat room [public] created by benny2tall
meet up here then have random nsa cybersex on skype, horny lonely shy all welcome
imranabbas chat room [public] created by omranabbas
For love and fun chat room [public] created by ssydny
No depression or sadness. Here you will find fun. Log in and you know the beautiful people. You can write a joke. But not for pornography. We all love God and want to enter Paradise until Ngill all
i live for love u chat room [public] created by omranabbas
i am imran abbas m 28 from egypt
SEXY TO SEX ROOM chat room [public] created by PRETTYasCANb3
TALK THE WAY U WANNA TALK, ALL SEXUAL CONTENT NO LIMITES...............................................................................................................................................................
park city locals chat chat room [public] created by benny2tall
adult chat localsof pc ut sticking together to over come the zombies and maybe jam some tunes, lots of love
Tehran-gay chat room [public] created by broucez
It's just for Iranian people who has gay sexual interests
maid fantasies chat room [public] created by drewchef
have you ever fantasied about your maid or gardener i know i did big time
big breasts chat room [public] created by sexyman444
A room for anyone that likes big tits
Lesbian chat room wales chat room [public] created by dramas12
this is a lesbian chat room for wales
Florida 239 chat room [public] created by tyrosim
Meeting people from around where I stay fort myers
star wars chat chat room [public] created by ranikalifornia
a chatroom where all star wars fans discuss their likes and dislikes of the movie
FRIENDS PLEASE chat room [public] created by kyliemwt
basha chat room [private] created by shaikmohammed
personal feelings to share with all chatters
karomasti chat room [public] created by atull20
Hot chat room. Just enjoy, Chat and make friends , Get Partner :D
Friends in Prague chat room [public] created by alexswiss
location to meet adults who want to meet new people
Our goal is acting chat room [public] created by HeleneMJ
This chat room is for those who have a dream/goal of becoming an actor/actress of any kind. Share experiences and help each other by giving tips and hints -How to make it.
AWSM PPL ONLY chat room [public] created by NekoKawaii9856
:) we r awsm so if u r not awsm like me go away
coolsanju9000 chat room chat room [public] created by sweetsanju9000
this is a chat room for all decent and sweet persons
OUR ROOM2011 chat room [public] created by aussiemate007
it is just for us to chat.alone and private..
Kpop Chat chat room [public] created by LeeSora
This is for KPOP LOVERS to chat, sharing or do anything... Esp for Super Junior fans, B2st fans, SHINee fans, U-Kiss fans and more
Horny guys chat chat room [public] created by BoanZ
Just a place to chill and talk about the stuff horny guys chat about
Pac Man chat room [public] created by patrick001122
want to get to meet lots of girls that want to meet me
trade nude pix chat room [public] created by 69Jake
where u can trade pix of urself and yeah
WHO GOT A SKYPE chat room [public] created by dork777
SUVO4U chat room [public] created by SUVO4U
Pensacola-Room chat room [public] created by hy5ive
Looking for a new Lady Sidekick here in town
bi girls from uk chat room [public] created by privategal
anyone london,uk wanna chat? any age color or size
13 year old girl chat chat room [public] created by MattChaos
A room for barley teen girls to chat freely.
emo fun1 chat room [public] created by kelseygo911
just join kjdgirjhr hgjhfhjf hgyjgfouf hgilkugliuy
ages15-16 chat room [public] created by njballler06
people around this age just to talk and have fun
saurabh n frnz chat room [private] created by saurabh110
open to all.. any friend can share his or her feelings or view here.
only thirteen year olds chat room [public] created by Tigger634321
Only 13 or 14 year olds are permitted. If you are not a 13 or 14 years old you will be banned from the website so make sure that is correct age...Thank You!
privateroom for the two of us chat room [private] created by trishee
hgjgkjhgjhgkjhgkjhgkjhggfdf chat room [public] created by ddog10
Chat Room For Scenes chat room [public] created by invaderZimmie
Chat it up about best place to get scene clothing, makeup, hair, music, bands ect. c:
Dorchester Ma. Chat chat room [public] created by invaderZimmie
If You live in Dorchester Ma. go ahead and chat here. Who knows, maybe your find the person for you ;D
for horny women chat room [public] created by painitr
male ready for horny women come and im me
Adult Fun Over 25 chat room [public] created by standtalllittleone
over 25 first timer to page anyone?
ANIME SONGS chat room [public] created by nichika
magu chat room [private] created by smash74
male aged 30 fun loving ,like music and travelling .medical professionalist
London Hook Up chat room [public] created by pimango
Hi there. 37 Year old Bi Lad here. I am in London for Work and would lovi to meet People who are not afraid of getting close. When You are up for, let me know......
pathanamthitta chat room [private] created by smash74
male aged 30 fun loving ,like music and travelling .medical professionalist
Small Dick chat room [public] created by hungshort
Chat about your opinion of my small one
CORBIN KENTUCKY chat room [public] created by MONROE1969
Older Men for Younger Women in Southern California chat room [public] created by Tingers
Young ladies looking to chat (CLEAN) with older men :-)
Japanese lover chat room [public] created by Japaneseboyfan
If love Japanese people then be in in this chatroom
Anyones to say chat room [public] created by love831
anyones to say what happen in they mind
The Family Room chat room [public] created by EmilySut
A place to discuss Family love
Feed me some Gr8 Info chat room [public] created by Feedme2much
Help Me through the new Talk... Rude is gr8
B.C. Home Boy chat room [public] created by Feedme2much
Find some people from Canada.....B.C... Prefer..But heh?
girlsmeetguys chat room [public] created by Jonah344
guys or girls can come on and chat(mainly girls)
parveen chat room [public] created by parveen15
sonipat i am cool boy pls friendship with me
All B.C. Chat Room chat room [public] created by Feedme2much
Looking For people from Our Beautiful Province
B.C. Home Boy 2 chat room [public] created by Feedme2much
B.C People ..... Women To talk to would be great
baddest chatt chat room [public] created by baddestbabbee
ii justt wanna talkk too random people , joiin me ?
lovveemeelonggtiime chat room [public] created by baddestbabbee
ii justtt wanna chat wiithh people . mayy gett a lil dirty , joiin mee ?
gay myrtle beach chat room [public] created by liljj17m
for guys who want to chat from myrtle
CallOfDuty MW2 chat room [public] created by PurplerLigers
talk abot mw2 with us, or die........
horny girls 101 chat room [public] created by coleman1997
only horny girls lookin to have fun hehe.
horny girls 101. chat room [public] created by coleman1997
only horny girls lookin to have fun hehe.
jason123 chat room [public] created by 1jason123
Sharat chat room [public] created by sharat28
My name is sharat. I am from india
Kawaii Otaku Chat chat room [public] created by AshleyTheRandomOtaku
Are you bored do you like anime do you like to chat then this is the room for you talk about manga cosplays anime pocky japanese music jpop vocaloid anything you want
girls who just wanna exchange pictures chat room [public] created by lzgenises
ask for email or numbers and exchanges pictures
all night Kim chat room [private] created by daveyxxxx
i will control you and take you so hard with my throbbing cock in every part of your hot sweaty little tight body
sexxxybiittcchh chat room [public] created by baddestbabbee
ii feel like being naughty , come chatt witth me lol
WeTroll chat room [public] created by WeTrollCauseimAzn
gay indonesia me chat room [public] created by GayKiddddd
just a kid 13 years old im gay hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehe
WeTrollOnly chat room [public] created by WeTrollCauseimAzn
horny guysonly chat room [public] created by jessyboo18
this is for guys only no girl join unless ur a bitch ass cock blocker
RanDOm ppl hey hey chat room [public] created by AngelsReallyDoCry
just startin this lol LALALlalLallalalaLALalALalALlAL
texas singles chat and friends chat room [public] created by Jeff1981
texas chat 18 and up come join stay away chill have fun
texas singles chat and friends room chat room [public] created by Jeff1981
texas chat 18 and up come join stay awhile chill have fun :)
sahil team chat room [private] created by salman56
hi guys come here and chat and havvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve fun
shayan chat room [public] created by boyjun2
Friends are angles who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
millibest chat room [public] created by millibest
hello,am here cus am looking for a serious man to spend my life with.i need man that is aged from 30 to any.i need a serious,caring,loving man.i dont need someone one that will ask me naked on cam or to do silly things on cam.if u think u have the qualities then come to me.i will love u wit all my heart
whiteswan chat room [public] created by whiteswan1357
thank you for be come member this room. this room is intersting room for chat .aidin
Goldenspirit chat room [public] created by Onyele
My name is innocent onyenyechi onyegbule, am coming nigeria in river state, am also a student of ust in nigeria am the second born of my parent, i so much love football and also a christiam, make it happen here for me.
Sexyluv forum chat room [public] created by Sexyluv725
23 yr old nigerian,i like making good friends.i hate lie.am striaght forword,stand by my world.faithful 2 who ever i call my love
r e l a t i o n s h i p chat room [private] created by wajoud
every body ,every one can be happyin this rom so join it and enjoy your time
Private and confidential chat room [private] created by Jules1980
Fun and private n naughtyxxxxxxxxxx
dums chat room [private] created by dums59
hello, ladies please join my room for some good fun
Singapore horny chat chat room [public] created by xwindz
This is strictly for Singaporean ONLY!!! it is welcome for Boys And Girls at any age.
Hetalia Role Play chat room [public] created by HetaliaPR
Weee.... this is what i get for being bored..... RP WITH MEH NOW!!!
my time with god chat room [public] created by SexiiBytch
ive changed alot after getting asked this question "heaven or hell" so i just feel that sometimes i need to be left alone to talk to god
sexxxxx chat room [public] created by jakenawty
every 1 with webcamand who are horny
Bisexuals and Lesbians chat room [public] created by nikkibrown40
Girls and boys allowed but mostly girls
sexwwww chat room [public] created by bubba1990
sexypenis chat room [private] created by penis92
Hai girls pls come to chat wit me.....
Single Mingles chat room [public] created by Michaela649
For SIngle people olnyFor SIngle people olny
love roses chat room [public] created by ahmed1994
innocert hearts , sweet words , attractive glances , nice conversations .
Slave chat. chat room [public] created by floppybobby
Slaves welcome to chat with a Master.
dirty text buddy UK only chat room [public] created by paddy1243
if u want a dirty text buddy join this room
des monies IA tonight chat room [public] created by anthony69x3
looking for a friend latter on
atlantic city chat room [public] created by johnnyVicious
singles chat and flirt chat room [public] created by cutie1652
a place for singles to chat and have fun
Real kokolet room chat room [public] created by onidundu
This site is for real men and ladies.anyone wanna join?
Vampire roleplay Chat chat room [public] created by Roseclover
What the title says. so imma type random things now lhkjlhjgfxdfghjkl;kjhgdffhjhyiuretrsytyioutiuiopuhyjguio[pihjkbgjiopughjuyitftyufghuihjbjknhkiouhyjgyutrdferrswrtdfgchjb
vampires welcome chat room [public] created by cutekid191
for people to real life vampires
teen girls 13-15 chat room [public] created by shepwag24
im looking for a 14 year old girl to talk to so lets talk
AB-TB-DL chat room [public] created by btmlovesmusic
For all of you adult babies, teenage babies, and diaper lovers.
Furry Chat lounge chat room [public] created by RemyLacroix
For those of you interested in a fursona one on one, or more ;)
vampire talk chat room [public] created by nightlover21
Talk about vampire and anything about the night
Teens wild nj chat room [public] created by xxsmokindourxx
Only Girls from the new jersey areas and new york
Wild Teens in New jersey chat room [public] created by xxsmokindourxx
All wildd teens girls get naughty
WILD GIRLS IN NJ chat room [public] created by xxsmokindourxx
looking for all them wild girls in new jersey and new york to party with
Wife Pictures chat room [public] created by sharing23
People who want to swap wife pictures!
hamilton canada chat room [public] created by 15yearoldhamilton
people who live in hamilton, or near hamilton
Klearas chat room [public] created by Kleara77
a place were my friends can hang out and chat
The Zone chat room [private] created by Jessaie
Just a place to chillax and enjoy some banter minus the drama that some of you thrive on.
NickiShays Lez And Bi Room chat room [private] created by NickiShay
Lesbian & Bisexual Females ONLY ! Dudes Will Be Kicked Out. LADIES ANY THING GO'S #Btw Lookin For Mrs.Riqht :))
Reckies chat room [private] created by reckechet
this is something im making up
jackoff chat room [private] created by palmer444
want to cum with me in my chat room
Jeffrian chat room chat room [private] created by jerrythompson
Myself and my personal friends only pls.or are u in need of something i ave.
17 chat room [public] created by chris733
sfb rhmjuo8;kgj fhgefwdqqfbgjmlcs
18 chat room [public] created by chris733
snjjjfkdmmmndmnnfnnrknmm,mqewnjfnqjren jvn3rjvjqknewrjkvn3rj
hightalk chat room [public] created by christen1angelica
talk about nothing but fun shit!!
KYLE SEARCH chat room [public] created by wolfheart13
if your name is Kyle, come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sex with animal chat chat room [public] created by tylerlovesdogs
people come in chat about doing some animals all fun come try it ;)
Tumblr Teen- chat room [public] created by k4w4iiprinc3ss
A chatroom for anyone with a Tumblog! (:
Fusion chat chat room [private] created by AcademyBoy
come hang and chill and chat no bans are needed
Couple Chat2 chat room [public] created by AcademyBoy
hey come and have fun it awesome in here dnt worry about bans
14-16 chat chat room [private] created by anaheimducksfan
for me and girls that i invite only!
highforever879786 chat room [public] created by christen1angelica
have fun whil talking about music, good times, food etc.
winnipeg singles msn and cam chat room [public] created by coltonlepine
come join my room lol but only if you has msn and cam and wanting to meet new people
ashley loves you chat room [private] created by ashley281
only for people that are lookin for a long term relationshiip no b.s or games and for ppl 17 and up
abuse chat room [public] created by lesbianchick14
if u or some1 u know has been abused talk it out here
Horny Hour chat room [public] created by meowchow
SEX! Thats what we talk about, keep the conversation dirty as possible, if you dont you get kicked out of this bitch!! YOU GOT!! Okay! GO!
DRAMA FREE CHAT chat room [public] created by KatieZeigenbein18
no drama comes into this chatroom... if there is any you will be asked nicely three times to leave if not you will be blocked and reported for not obeying the rules
gourav chat room [public] created by gourav12345
india is a great country okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
supertamil chat chat room [private] created by fajaz
hi friend's thise is new chat rooms vote for me
Karnataka kings hot chat room [public] created by Thippesh
DAVANGEre hai friends chat with me .and get
h7 chat room [public] created by rakesh4
hi am nice man who wanna chat with lovely girl
I am a cuckold chat room [public] created by 1234blonde
Men who share their wives with other men and get off on it
jack off room chat room [public] created by higgybobs
Let's talk dirty and get off on sexy chat!
kenyans TUPENDANE chat room [public] created by soxxx4u
meet Kenyans who are fun and interesting....Kenyans who want adventure and to have a good time....lets get wild..
cuddle me chat room [public] created by luck1855
be yourself no judging.....no drama all sunshine
knock and enter chat room [private] created by sikhin3
dont hesitate to knock but just informmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
13-17 only chat room [public] created by beatlesrule
only 13 to 17 only please thanks
freelove style chat room [public] created by pawell
open up your mined let me in your heart girls
washington people who snowboard chat room [public] created by ChloeDrapper
if yur from washington and snowboard join
12-15 snowboarders chat room [public] created by ChloeDrapper
if your 12 to 15 years old then join and if you snowboard
american love chat room [public] created by Alexashov
this room is about love and sex
ladies-room chat room [private] created by Maryam87
This room 4 ladies only, you can't log in here if you are not a woman ...
Temmy4real chat room [public] created by Lizzy4real
Just have a faithful and lovely friend or a date chat room
Aapelin Viikko chat room [public] created by turvallisuus
Tervetuloa Aapelin Viikon foorumeille!
karantha chat room [public] created by karantha
JANET JACKSON number 1FANS chat room [public] created by starhollywood56
single 14 year old chat chat room [public] created by caleb1123
a room that is just for singles
Polynesian People chat room [public] created by LadyMulez2012
Samoan, hawaiian, tahitian, fijian, new zealand, micronesian, all pacific islanders can communicate with each other.
room with a view chat room [public] created by davie666
come 2 my room and share your views on everything !!!!
maghrib chat room [public] created by materazi
this chat room will give the chance to moroccan friends of talk to each other
temikaffy chat room [private] created by temikaffy
i am very simple, and i will like to meet someone, who can take me as her pet, and who i will start a new relationship with.
studs and fems chat room [public] created by JayTheRichKidd
sexy studz and fems from all ova the U.S just talking and viben
Normal talking chat room [public] created by blublu0192837465
Normal talk is NORMAL not pervish or any of that crap.
Casual NORMAL talk chat room [public] created by blublu0192837465
Casual Normal talk is NORMAL not pervish or any of that crap.
dirty chat Female welcome chat room [public] created by charlie8231
wanna a dirty chat,i like cute girls
orgy for everyone chat room [public] created by footballguy32
enter if ur horny girls or boys
good times for all chat room [public] created by footballguy32
enter if ur horny girls or boys
14 y-old chat room chat room [public] created by rjsk8ter18
we can tLk about anything lol. just make sure your fourteen. and not some pervy old fart LMAO
kobethegreat chat room [public] created by weqeqwewqe9o83rkq
Emo Pro-Ana chat room [public] created by SchonLebend
Come and just talk. get away from shit
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