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List of all user-created chat rooms #233
yaoi fan room chat room [public] created by lekagarla
we will talk all about the yaoi we like starting with hardcore!!! yaoi fan forever!!!
Lotus 8 chat room [private] created by Shravanjha
Friendship,love and entertainment
goodluck chat room [private] created by raja9999
i would like to chat with women of any age.
baja de peso chat room [public] created by dianaggg
proporcionamos inf. acerca de unas pastillas chinas que te hacen bajar de peso rapido y saludable..con solo un mes tu veras y sentiras los cambios..
horny an sex only chat room [public] created by miki321
meet exchange sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Just for chat Asian Americans chat room [public] created by Gracie50
I am looking for serious people of Asian culture to assist me in my grad paper research. I need honest opinions on the value of being an American, or perhaps you have no value.
Asian American chat room [public] created by Gracie50
I am looking for serious people of Asian culture to assist me in my grad paper research. I need honest opinions on the value of being an American, or perhaps you have no value.
the bored chat chat room [public] created by weegoth666
if your bored and wanna talk to peeps then come and chill (:
Luxury unova hotel chat room [public] created by LincAsura
Luxury unova hotel on chathour!
lesbian ladies chat room [public] created by keez
only leasbian bi in this chat so if u dont like it keep movn!!!!!
playlink chat room [private] created by deejays11
Playlink súkromný chat pre u?ívateľov projektu playlink. sisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis
Chat Young chat room [public] created by Edward000
Age 15 or less chat group for people worldwide.
Horny Chat and picture swapping chat room [public] created by jamesmaman
swap pictures, if your'e horny and need your fix to keep you going
naughty ppl chat room [public] created by bioralgurl
what kind of things u like? r u always naughty when around ppl ur attracted to? cum in this room and let go
hasidic woman chat room [private] created by rivki
any hasidic woman that speaks any language discreet!
14 years old only chat room [public] created by moh14
this room is just for 14 years old teens.
letsplay chat room [public] created by chiburbs
one on one dirty talk. just the two of us getting filthy.
filthytalk chat room [private] created by chiburbs
Just you and I, talking really dirty.
tiffanys rockin room chat room [public] created by tiffanybroo
awsome cool and you will have fun talking to me
15-18 Lesbians chat room [public] created by jasmineX0X0
younger lesbian or maybe bi girls looking for a better chatt (: dont enter if your a haterr !
Private conversation chat room [private] created by Bubblexz2012
a chat room for me and a friend...
love hello im new chat room [public] created by MiaMee14
rawr um just talk with each other afsadkghd'klgha'lsghja'gha'lkgha'l
if your horny join chat room [public] created by liamthehornyone
if u are horny then join this chat
Age 13-14 only chat room [public] created by thingiscool
Anyone age 13 14 come join in and have some fun with us (:
Animal Lover chat rooms chat room [public] created by nickelbackRules
For animal lovers of all types
My gf just broke up with me and cant get over it chat room [public] created by keithmiller
I just want to get someone to talk to to make me feel better... I am only 14... I would love to meet someone that would stay with me and love me for me!
amazigh2960 chat room [public] created by Amnay2960
this room is ceated for free people.
Emo Boys For a single girl like me chat room [public] created by iiFluffyUnicorn
Emo ,Scene. Gothic,Kawaii, I really don't care
Emo room no bitches allowed chat room [public] created by rejectedgirl
if u are a bitch, i can be a bitch back
Everything about Islam chat room [public] created by Syssystem
Please join in Islam room, let's share with your knowledge about Islam! I am sure we can tell too many things each other about our nice religion!
Victoria chat room [public] created by funforu05
anyone from victoria wanna chat
ChubbyBottom chat room [public] created by habal
Adult Chat ! Role Play, Sex alll of that stuff !!
x adult x chat room [public] created by arjunbull
This room is for 18+ boys and girls who can know each others secrets within
13 to 18 year old Single chat room chat room [public] created by Johnson3
Chat room for single teens 13 to 18 anyone over 21 will be kicked out
juggalos and juggelettes chat room [public] created by Cammelita
insane clown posse fans a fun place for juggalos and juggelettes
Lund Sweden chat room [public] created by Kristine70
The room is for people wanting to learna bout Lund, Sweden.
Louisiana Love Chat chat room [public] created by Tracker1449
Come here to find that love you are looking for in the deep south Louisiana and Washington parish
Zakk chat room chat room [private] created by Zakkery
this room is for zakk and his guy ONLY
asian room chat room [public] created by gamergrrl
chat here and there and everywhere
anish chat room [public] created by nepall
hi everybody wanna chat me i like to make new friends.
Laugh with me chat room [public] created by LaughingHyena
Just shut up and laugh! Laugh till you can't laugh no more!
Laughing out loud chat room [public] created by TheLaughingPrince
Hurry up and just laugh already.
belly button licking chat room [public] created by samisok
yummy tasty bellys that loved to be licked
Naked Chatroom chat room [public] created by cangel22
This chatroom is for anyone that is looking for sex.
sexy boy waiting for girls chat room [public] created by joshep9790950258
love me or touch me or kiss me soon
Loveyouww chat room [public] created by loveyouww
come talk to me im really bored
sexycock chat room [public] created by pfleck308
it is for hot gay young men at the age of 20-28 yrs old
hunkkys chat room [public] created by hunkky
no rules applied here, ........................................................................................
iranian sex chat room [public] created by xamiar
inja hame irani ha mitonan be dost sexie morde nazareshon beresan
iranian s e x chat room [public] created by xamiar
inja hame irani ha mitonan be dost sexie morde nazareshon beresan
allusaussies chat room [private] created by corz2000
come on in boys and we have a chat =)
gay and bisexual chatrooms chat room [private] created by ankitbansal4001
chatrooms gor indian bisexual and gay frnds
sex topic chat room [public] created by chiranjib1981
life is too short so live the life daily as your mind want.
MY ISLAM chat room [public] created by shuffling
anbhudanchellam chat room [public] created by anbhudanchellam
complicated relationships chat room [public] created by angelcake999
are you having hard time with your'e partner or do you fancey a good moan if so this is the room for you
Poland heart chat room [public] created by hurted01
welcome to Poland Room. it,s just for friends only. no freaks, please
Soft Genre chat room [public] created by riakista271
Soft Music, love, romance, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
chykloves chat room [public] created by chinenyeamara
almost down but need 2pop ad get off feeling so sick
Show your TTs chat room [public] created by boobsrawesome
Let's make it a fun Sunday morning!
Play boys girls chat room [public] created by Sunnyplay
Lovers sexy action romance can chat here
lzy chat room [public] created by lzy123
I will also send my pictures to you. Lizzy Ngasi is my name.
fire chat room [private] created by farhan767
decent talkwith making friends in world
nagui89 chat room [private] created by nagui89
make friend from all world and chat for casual hot conversation
mrbreeze only chat room [private] created by kelsyresmanhorny
were other people and i can get it on
The Law Lounge chat room [private] created by 14Aryan88Girl
You can discuss here anything with regard to Global and European Law. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion on particular laws or jurisprudence in your country.
Law Lounge II chat room [private] created by Michellexiaoming
You can discuss here anything with regard to Global and European Law. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion on particular laws or jurisprudence in your country.
horny teens x chat room [public] created by jjesssica
a chat room for all horny teens!
fun without making sound chat room [public] created by devilssown
every body with us and get fun
if you are bored come here chat room [public] created by Leopard143
im just bored and wanted to make a chat so... here lol
wolf rp place for wolves chat room [public] created by LilCutie756
this is a wolf rp place no rules have fun!
nights chat room [public] created by raiantin
lovely room xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Singleeees chat room [public] created by Osha24
Comee on in if your single, HMU if you want and just come in a have a great timee
hot chat only chat room [public] created by foruever
get me horny chat room [public] created by beccka
anyone whos horny or wants to get horny come talk dirty
cool kids chat room 13 to 16 chat room [public] created by lekagarla
so yeah for cool people and i hope you guys enjoy
threeway chat room [private] created by rhondabichick
for us 3 girls to talk about fun and getting together
tall girl chat chat room [public] created by chrispy6398
a chat room for tall girls, preferably 5'10 or taller.
S4S.Studs Only. chat room [public] created by BottomBoii4DC
No Fems At All.Studs Only.Here You Can Find Top or Bottom.Aggressive,Soft Or Butch Stud.Butch Stem Allowed
LoLoLoLoLo chat room [public] created by MyLastBreath
13 year old chating chat room [public] created by miky124
meet people talk to people your own age no1 over or younger 13
laka laka chat room [private] created by dawi1476
all about sharing experience.Anyone is allowed to use the room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your room.
LITTLEGOTHICCHARITY chat room [public] created by LittleGothic
HIII 8) IF YOUR INTERESTED IN TAKING A MINI IKKLE PIC TO RAISE AWARENESS FOR CHARITY THEN PLEASE GET YO ASS HERE =) all you ha\/e to do is take a picture with a 'heart shaped earth' for my awareness raising website... if im not here to get your pic.. then add me on here or on my msn THANKYOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF BEAUTIFUL EARTH!! XXX
wazzzup chat room [public] created by a0ranga
FamilySecksIn est chat room [public] created by BLouiseX
Anyone interested In In_est Can Chat Here ;-) x
just a teen chat chat room [public] created by michaelj9
well all i have to say is that its a teen chat that's all.
Doggie Fun chat room [public] created by knottyfantasy
A chat room to talk about all our dirty ideas we have about animals....
sexy talk with me chat room [private] created by gayrav
i m gaurav i want sexy chat and sex
The Best Only chat room [public] created by Jnass
if u think u got swag and well behaved juxt hop in
REal people chat... chat room [public] created by somedumbchick
No Fake ass people in this room bull talk is ok...but I would rather this room be for people who need matter the is not your place to judge..This is a chat room for real people...not fake and if you are I will call you out on it...and then I will kick you
monroe louisiana area chat room [public] created by NightHawk1971
all chat all subjects welcome singles and divorces
gay jakarta chat chat room [public] created by ericfirmansyah
mau krnejkxb jdhksjisfgkhuern hjiuiolerhjk
jalloe chat room [public] created by ericfirmansyah
hjksvgjklsdfnlbmh knhjfjghlmjaerl;hja jojo[kleth
friendly chat for friendly peeps chat room [public] created by kayla1213
only friendly people can join or stay out
fashionlovers chat chat room [public] created by naynaybomb
this is a chatroom where u can discuss fashion
hot girls willing to send dirty pics chat room chat room [public] created by bluecolts13
any young hot girl thats willing to send some pics
Master Slave chat room chat room [public] created by fa1641
A chat room for Masters, Mistresses, and Slaves to meet
SI-ED chat room [public] created by ReneeD
Help For Anyone Who Wants To Talk
My lovers chat room [public] created by demowumi
if you love africans in indian,chennai,madras.then chat with us here.
felix loves chat room [public] created by demowumi
if you love me or africans,then chat with me am living in india
ISCOG chat room [public] created by katiebrights
Searching and looking for who is interested to join the group.
having fun yet chat room [public] created by rockstarr63
yehh yehh having fun yall dnt start fighting but
simbu chat room [public] created by 77shiva
i am not hero but i ma not zero
lets get baking chat room [public] created by chailatte
who ever is passionate about cooking pls come and join me.
LOVES CHAT chat room [private] created by nitin444
chat101 chat room [public] created by rexst
bored at work in sa, just chilling
adil the rock chat room [public] created by adil1901
hey i am a cool guy from nagpur nd i wanna make 4rnds of nagpur
atna chat room [private] created by atna006
i am positive and open minded person.
US Chat Room chat room [public] created by salamkhan
hi FRiends Welcome to Us chat Room:
lets enjoy chat room [public] created by lumina2003
im kind and very simple like this life looking for future,and looking for the best always.
problem chat chat room [public] created by idonny
talk about your probems, so people can help you.. please, take it serious
age taboo playroom chat room [public] created by pedoughboie
anything goes,no haters,evryone welcome,just play.
Hell Fire Lake chat room [public] created by SebastianxMichaelis
What business do you have in hell?
Really Really Bored chat room [public] created by UchihaClanMan
just a random chat room for you to join if your bored -_-
SEXX CHATT chat room [public] created by Rodriguez180o
lesbian and fem chat room. phil chat room [public] created by mozoxenaro
exclusive... for fem/ bi-fem / lesbian / butch / gay . . looking for friends. want some fun chat with each other.
Buffalo Lady needed chat room [public] created by imreel
Looking for someone from the Buffalo Ny area, who likes to have erotic fun
daredevils chat room [public] created by shoebhardy
Never compare your love story with those of movies.. ♥ Because,♥ They are written by script writers, but yours is written by GOD ♥♥ :)
amit5927 chat room [public] created by amit5927
Hi this is amit . and how do you do. would you like to talk to me
horny people 111 chat room [public] created by smithy12345
latif chat room [private] created by virginlatif
iif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfmiif md dsgn fkndb nmkmblkfm
HOT MAN ONLY chat room [public] created by ajaycp78
satish chat room [private] created by GUjarish
18 + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
UK BBW chat room [public] created by jamesuk91
For BBWs and their admirers from the UK
EdinVamps chat room [public] created by Lewii895
Vampire Cult chat room. Anyone who is up for meeting in bars in Edinburgh and discussing related topics and other things...
Teen girls that want older men chat room [public] created by Timmers2774
a place for young girls to meet older men
yiff chat room chat room [public] created by sai3000
only for peaple who like the furry
diaper lover chat room chat room [public] created by thatguy12345
abdl welcome if u wear a diaper u are wecome to chat
If the monster calls does it call for you or me chat room [public] created by WolfBoyHinaku
If the monster calls, and no ones around, but you and me, who does it see? The pain of envy, jealousy, and a life that has been nothing by pain since you were born, the monster a parent. So, will you take my place, and let me be happy....for once....?
italian fashion project chat room [public] created by italy001
brands franchise :the the chat room for any body want to open a italian franchise shop in fashion sector
TEDDY BEARS AND UNICORNS chat room [public] created by Teddyburr1
crazy funny people who like 2 hav fun
fjfhjhj chat room [public] created by realsun1
hkmghkghkghmghög tyıtyıtıt tyı ttyı tyıtıtyı
XXXroleplaay lovesss lets playXXX chat room [public] created by VampieBabylove
roleplay make sure u know how to roleplay if u want to be in this chatroom :)
u and me 2011 chat room [private] created by Gwyneth27
for my special person ! she will now that , i like u !!! and your honesty
hassan chat room [public] created by agrame33
hallo evrybody i am hassan ,i am 2- i am looking fir friendss
be my slave chat room [private] created by unpoppedcherry000
ready to submit to a master or mistreaa. finding the darker side of sex
hottiiiiiiieeeeeee chat chat room [public] created by jabootymonster
only hott ppl who r interested in me can join......
Lost In Love chat room [public] created by HisWifey61509
Room about being lost in love and all the trials and tribulations of a relationship....may have general chat also...
efwfrbgfb chat room [public] created by derekderek
have some funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;)
16 year olds chat room [public] created by theniceone
age 16 only no perverts and no creep
17-22 chat room [public] created by WhoAteMyCookies
Anyone between the mentioned age is welcome! No dirty talkers, thanks.
Sex Chat 1687 chat room [public] created by HiT1560
Just for online fun with only girls
come in live chat room [private] created by AznGirlLez
i wanna talk to u! thats amazing!
13 year old chat only for 13 year old chat room [public] created by kurt557
this is only for 13 year old guys and girls
Flirty Girls chat room [public] created by Caspur
Girls are too scared to admit it is actually FUN to flirt these days. It's ok! I'm here for ya! And I just might even flirt back! Carefree, no holds barred, clothing optional. Holla!
camhottie chat room [public] created by gilbert0albert
meet the sexy one for cam and be cam friends
Singles 13 to 16 chat room [public] created by boboy263
Come chat with other single people ages 13 to 16
TheAwesomeRoom chat room [public] created by LovingOrihime
I don't know, I am really just bored.. Yeah, that's why I am making this.
chat with toxic chat room [public] created by k9toxic
join and chat with me make new friends and meet new people
Chat for happiness in 21st century chat room [public] created by Giriraj21
Everybody r allow,talk with full energy.womens have special invitation,because they r always busy.mens also have invitation
male-18 chat room [public] created by XXBigDikXX
bigdick ..........................................
IranChatHour chat room [public] created by Persianman1365
this chat room maked for my friend
sexy girls forever chat room [public] created by k9toxic
for all of the sexy girls out there
10th Division Barracks chat room [private] created by ToshiroxHitsugaya
A Place where my Division Stay. ask first before you go in..
Sexy Teen Chat. chat room [public] created by j3ss32421
for horny sexy teens who want to talk dirty or trade pictures.
bk chat room [public] created by bala5555
sex only dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr with me
Chicago West Side chat room [public] created by GorillaBeezy
if yu from da west side cum chill with use..
angelica chat room [public] created by cutumzz
its nice and fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
born indians chat room [public] created by wants69966
all indians are welcome to chat in there own languages
ovarian cancer ..need to talk chat room [public] created by jillprice
jsut need tot alk to someone please im feeling depressed and scared
bottoms waiting for older tops chat room [public] created by hisasstoy63
this is a gay room intended for older tops to pick up bottoms!
bottoms longing for older tops chat room [public] created by hisasstoy63
gay tops taking control of there bottoms, come in and take your bottom home!
downtown san diego chat chat room [public] created by pauli046
locals in the 619 area code to get to know one another, friendly, lighthearted,and all the great things about living in americas favorite city..
adult friend chat room [private] created by saikumark20
I want a girl so make to date with that girl. I hve lot of money I vl pay so come with me ...............
zzzzz chat room [private] created by 666godlike
samo za članove IO iz saveza zzzz
cybersex central chat room [public] created by ibrithilKai777
for anyone who wants to get down and dirty, can do so at their leisure. have fun! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
chennai girls and boys chat room [public] created by selva12
hi friend,come to chat with me
wank chat chat room [public] created by bigboy54321
nothing but hot sex chat for all you horny boys & girls
lesbiansHorny chat room [public] created by Melissanaghty
For horny girls :3 blablablablablablablabla
private for all chat room [public] created by dougiefresher
have fun and enjoy what ever you would like to talk about dont hold back have a good time in this room
private time chat room [private] created by dougiefresher
fun for all and enjoy talking about what ever you would like
Music Is My Drug chat room [public] created by alexiskate
This is a Music Chat rooms, We can talked about Musicians,Bands,Musics, Title and All about Musics
c2c naked chat room [public] created by old7inch
chatting about c2c nude with each other and what you think about it
Ossam Room chat room [public] created by avinmadan
Guys come n enjoy this chat room n make frnds from all over world
power ful chat room [public] created by shijulal
if u like friendship dating chat with me
love life 134 chat room [public] created by shijulal
if u like friendship&dating chat with me
Down Fall chat room [private] created by Holix
And so the story continues... What will happen next?
random chat for people who is bored chat room [public] created by gavinlad65
this is a chat room for bored people u can do general chat or flirty chat whichever
Sex webcam for girls chat room [public] created by drum3r
Sex webcam for girls, only girls Sex webcam for girls, only girls Sex webcam for girls, only girls Sex webcam for girls, only girls
Discount Hotels Reservations in Ghana chat room [public] created by freehotelbookings
We are Ghana's best vacation address . We are into Hotel Reservation and Sight Seeing.Contact me for your hotel reservations and save more than 20% on hotels. ..Email us on
lez 6134 chat room [public] created by lauren6134
lesbians only. no boys. boys will be kicked.
machoman-latino-28 chat room [public] created by machomanfirstime
hello, I'm machoman-latino-28. I'm new at this. Haven't been with a guy ever. I'm curious how it feels though. I am a latino from south texas, 5'10"/28/athletic/180 lbs. I'm down to earth and easy going. I like to workout. I don't have a photo but can share through email if you like.
funlink room chat room [public] created by pee007
for 18 to 22 years of age,guys & chicks who will like to gist & have fun
EBEANO chat room [public] created by touchnot
my room is a place for caring, loveling an honest people. Amartures should not trespass.
anitbarreness room chat room [public] created by safehands
delicated solving removing childlessness from families
ModernGamer Chat Room chat room [public] created by rigocoronel
Everything about modern day gaming.
lilanna chat room [public] created by lilanna
awsome awsome awsome cool cool cool fun fun fun
DirtyChat17pLus chat room [public] created by xxxWraTHxxx
I know everybody wants dirty chat sometimes..So ?
kolom chat room [public] created by davipiss
for the Allmkamkslfnkladsvnfadskjbvasjkdfvsdfkavsndma
Broken Lullabys chat room [public] created by BrokenLullaby
make up your own characters =3=
pee play chat room [private] created by tinkchick
i want to chat and pee with somebody
oral chat chat room [public] created by tongue4you
a place for oral conversations
COSPLUP chat room [public] created by cosplup
lashorty chat room [public] created by lashorty04
im beatifull girl, i like the party, im honey..
Follow Me To Lose Weight chat room [public] created by ElaineTML
I have Lost Weight successfully, Anyone who wants an advise or talk about losing weight, just chat here.. I will be most happy to help answering your questions / interest :)
Bored People xD chat room [public] created by Ezzy911
People who are bored duhh. Hahah
14 year olds... chat room [public] created by weehm
am bored:/... so a thought ad make this so please come or a will eat you :) xxx
Girls 14 chat room [public] created by MangoTango
Just want to hang out and talk to girls who are 14
sawalelaroom chat room [private] created by sawa1992
mine and ur chatroom chat room [public] created by boyblue15
this is just for me and tails so we can chat alone hehe yay
I need help from Computer Wiz chat room [public] created by crazydazyhaze
Need some help with proxy related issues
Scene Kids chat room [public] created by Becci13
emo or scenes r welcome :3 there is no hate alowed at all!! ...................................................................................................................................................................................blah im bored
Ozarks chat room [public] created by Grizzlox
Everyone in the 417 area and nearby.
Roblox LOVERS chat room [public] created by heypeople567 its a awsome game NO it dosent give you a virus!
USA Teenagers chat room [public] created by miraclejoy
Who teens are live in USA and come chat.
BVB Fans. chat room [public] created by KissMeEm0
If you're a fan of bvb, and want to hangout in this chatroom.. then go for it.
match maker chat room [public] created by selkirkgirl
for people who want to meet there true love must be 16 and up i will kick people out if they r to young
to meet ur love maybe or just chat chat room [public] created by selkirkgirl
can just come and hang out maybe meet someone everyone welcome do not cuss or talk dirty nothing bad do not judge people either
Mystical621 chat room [public] created by mistyrshaw32
Just a place to chill and meet cool peeps
Brothers......right..... chat room [public] created by WolfBoyHinaku
We are brothers....right? ....I may think I am only has twists. Being adopted by the woman who didn't want you that is.
lebians 13 - 14 only chat room [public] created by dezybun112
if ur a lesbian or bi this the chat room 4 u
Please Help Me Accademic chat room [public] created by paradeses
Please help me! My English teacher moved a deadline up to tomorrow and I totally need help! My paper is on the legalization of pot.
dating for lesbians chat room [public] created by dezybun112
if ur 14 - 15 and bi or a lesbian come here and it would be great if u live in indianapolis but u dont have 2
BrittanysRoom chat room [public] created by Brittany3323
Brittany's room. Hang out, chat introduce yourself. Make friends or whatever.
life after 45 chat room [public] created by martyboo
chatting about life changes, humor, and being able to ask anything about anything.
Advice .. chat room [public] created by AND23
i reallly need advice please come in and chat with me
Fun Flirt Enjoy chat room [public] created by Everfriendsbalu
Friends join our chat and have whatever u want....... Enjoy...!
kiapresuh chat room [private] created by kiasha
friendship forever-our new chat group for us..."US" - "FRIENDS"...................
kiapresuha chat room [private] created by kiasha
friends for life_ unbreakable bond.......................................
all is well chat room [public] created by shyamharipad
This is a personal chating with young boys and girls
YOUNG GAYA chat room [public] created by mig17
I look upon her face lying on my pillow Lit by the light of my bedroom window Wrapped within my gently arms Knowing she will come to no harm I look upon her hair, soft and fair Unable to find the words to compare Answers she has given me in times of pain That love and hope will visit again I look upon her lips, moist and red Giving me life when all was dead She restored my heart when it was lost Melting what was covered in frost I look upon her breasts, firm and strong Knowing that love could not be wrong Slowly moving with every breath Always knowing she was not like the rest I look upon her hips, round and smooth Gently touching not daring to move I fix the sheets with delicate care But a gentle kiss is all I dare I look upon her face staring into mine Filling my body as if it were wine I close her eyes with gentle kisses For she has answered all my wishes.
UkraanieRussRoom chat room [public] created by samalgeria
привет SamAlgeria привет привет привет
Hot-sexy chat room [private] created by Hejazi2
I like to chat hot and sexy .love to enjoy sexy chat
dark wolf den chat room [private] created by darkwolf1993
mine and akumas room to be alone and not be bothered
dark wolf chat room [public] created by darkwolf1993
a room for me and my friends and my love to hang out
13-16 yr chat chat room [public] created by wildebabe
so just chat say hi and yea thats pretty much it :)
boredom leads to sex chat room [public] created by leekuan
anyone who;s bored can have fun thru chatting.prefer those who likes naughty cinversations
Prasad7369 chat room [public] created by Prasad3357
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone only For indian
Agony Aunt chat room [public] created by Rebecca2091
if anyone wants me to ttry help solve there problems or anyone tha wants to talk im here!!:):)
sex chat for girls nd guys chat room [public] created by chirag0143
in thiss group only gals nd guy will be thr
jhone007 chat room [public] created by jhone007
i am a very hot boy .so you can chat with me here
CHILEAN MAN IN DUSSELDORF chat room [public] created by GiNEZ
Mauritius Sex chat room [public] created by Arsh10
TAlk about sex here.. those who want to get f**k.. contact me:
i loveyooou chat room [public] created by weegoth666
please coe every1 in love come .. it is a place were anything goes
Finding My MR. PERFECT chat room [public] created by romancedude18
I am looking for a genuine guy who will love me for who I am and sooo much more. If you are a gay guy and are trying to look for your MR. PERFECT, then this is the chat room for you!
girl only chat16 chat room [public] created by babygirl1611
this is an girl only chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nasty111 chat room [public] created by gman22322
adults only talking about what is on your mind
XEmoXVAmpire chat room [public] created by XEmoXVampire
skypeanyone chat room [public] created by Laredo913
new to skype....wanted to check it out
black sea chat room [private] created by blacksea61
Badman7 chat room [private] created by badman7
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
Horny Play chat room [public] created by JesseBetch
Gotz to b cute nd handsum chat room [public] created by preddigalrok
We all luv ppl round the world!!!
Bad Mistresss chat room [private] created by Mistressshawnee
You have been a bad boy an Im go to punish you with some face sitting and anal play then some cbt . Then call my female slut slaves in to help hold you down .... I do all bdsm 239 ways to have sex 30 kinds of blow jobs an 40 ways to eat a cat so come talk to me
Need a pro ana buddy chat room [public] created by EzrynCha
For girls and guys, any age looking for someone who understands.
18 or older skype nude chat room [public] created by old7inch
looking for people who like to skype nude
SweettHottNess chat room [public] created by MsJade73
getting to know eachother ;)and have great conversation this room is the best room to be in.
skype addys boys and girls exchange chat room [public] created by smudge2711
well what can i say come in and exchange ur skypes ladies
cougars 30 and 39 chat room [public] created by 900bz90
looking for cougars im 19 and im looking for some cougars and milfs
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