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List of all user-created chat rooms #241
shemale lovin chat room [public] created by datmook
for shemales and the men and women that love them
777rlc chat room [private] created by vinodrlc
efeewfevwrvgfbgfbgfhbqahbtrhtrhgtrhhkj XFCBVFBV FDSVFB AQWFSD aewd asFD fdewfdewfew ew ewrewrf enb tgrewtgn agnhgha
Counselling Room chat room [public] created by JohnB1967
An open room for sharing thoughts / issues with a qualified counsellor. No obligation. No fees and in total confidentiality. Please keep all chat clean and respectful of others. The counsellor will accept pvt convos - one at a time please. - John B (Counsellor & Psychotherapist)
FreakRoomm chat room [public] created by imJustDatChick
Wanna talk dirty..come here....or just wanna talk to a girlfriend or boyfriend come here.....
Xiemika and friends chat room [public] created by Noramika
Hyep ` welcome :) diz room create to all friends . Ue can chat here & have fun ~ nice to meet you all . Wkwkwk .
My Peggy chat room [public] created by MyPeggy
I'm 53 years old. A bisexual. I love to travel, dance and .........
aliel chat room [public] created by Aliel
Salam .I am leila from morocco
marcoworld2 chat room [public] created by marcoegypt
the best chat ever !! you can find what you are looking for here !!
educated chat room [public] created by hajarmir
for people who are educated and share some experience and information with each other....
one night stand or more chat room [public] created by zone919
get ya freak on lmao.if you under 18 den go to da teen chat cause im not goin
keisha33 chat room [private] created by yansen
loveing careing and very honest
smoking love and money chat room [public] created by janene2
its all about fun making you busy and u get to know someone there soo get in here
LeedsChatRoom chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this chat is for people from leeds both girls and boys can enter only if you get selected
Strictly music chat room [public] created by livislife09
Share your favorite music. No hate allowed.
hot gay 2012 chat room [public] created by Robert2012
hello all my friends , I love gay male and bear gay
FAN GIRL CLUB hugz chat room [public] created by silverwolfnewman
fan girls only and only for anime....ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
LeedsTeensChat chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this chat is for both girls and boys feel free to ask if you can enter as this is private and you may need to ask no rude words or things will be said in this chat room
les or bii only chat room [public] created by cookiecutter18
for young females lookin for females only!
Gangbang Sluts chat room [public] created by rockinstone
Its for all gangbang loving sluts!!!!!!
sex chat14389 chat room [public] created by sumit14389
come & have sex chat....have fun njoyyyyyyyyyyyy
sex boy at a time chat room [public] created by Wizluverboy
above 18 or 20 sex people in here
Lesbian girls here chat room [public] created by RachDRocks
No guys just girls please, come and talk
mt dick chat room [public] created by jasonl33
looking for a girl in the usa that will trade pis between 14-17
berkshire. chat room [public] created by brenchy
Good looking guy 38 years old. Athletic, muscular and very horny.
hornywithpicssss chat room [public] created by sdprov
Horny with pics everyone knows why we are on here
need a girl in usa to trade pics with 115-17 chat room [public] created by jasonl33
i just want to trade pic u got to be in the usa an have a cell plzz im horny
SMUrfALiCiOuS chat room [private] created by SMUrfALiCiOuS
no trolling,banning or trash talking......just fun chat!
arcadia ca chat room [public] created by davidoff88
i'm selling cigarettes enter if you are interested
Lesbian Skype chat room chat room [public] created by Abbylove12
A room for lesbians who has a skype to come and party
lokng for gf 16 and over chat room [public] created by Justin17sngle
hay all u lovly beautful grls dng im justin 17 and lookn for a new hopt gf
Hoes and Bros chat room [public] created by Joeleyx
Room for chatting to people xxxx
Gorillaz- Plastic Beach chat room [public] created by 2DsSunshine
A place to chat about the band Gorillaz.
pinoy Warriors chat room [public] created by ladiewarri0r
this is the r0om where will u enj0y chatting and can have m0re friends... no pervs or flirting chat lol...
XxXBORICUA101XxX chat room [public] created by Boricua25211
Friendly gay or anything straight plsss. boricuas!!!1
kpopforlife chat room [public] created by pikaheartchu
for kpop fans and others! -enter super duper long description about this chat box right here-
bite me 123456 chat room [public] created by tatyanna123
fun and it awsome and you can talk and talk like t any one dirty nice any way
blooddrip chat room [public] created by blackbloodthorn
i hate being ignored by every one and teens who cant have a word in things lol
JulianasHouse chat room [private] created by JulianaRose
this is my house. if you want to come, awesome heh heh.
horny teenagers chat room [public] created by thedude16
teens only, 17 and below no creepy adults! no kids either so 12 and below is no go
love chat for 13 - 18 chat room [public] created by Fluidz
this is for people that want to meet new people or just hang out
sexy roleplay chat room [public] created by lovelyladyof17
come and have a good time with me and others
random and unexplicable chat room [public] created by shannon98
did you hear? This is a new chat room just for gossiping about anything! Just please keep fights to a low! :)
dope boy chat room [public] created by wsb4life
come here and just talk duh duh duh
reptile chat chat room [public] created by snakecharmer24
all reptile chat welcome in all
Flirt Room 21 chat room [public] created by baabYqiiirL21
Less qett to ' knooe each otheer
lizz15lynch chat room [public] created by lizz15lynch
just chat about whatever, no cussing. please.
Skg adults chat room [public] created by Skghodake
Come here for adult chat do u like to chat with me . Pls come here for chat with me and tell ur frends to join this room
sexchat8 chat room [public] created by lordsexy1
ILOVEBOOBIEZ chat room [public] created by spitdymndz
hot dirty sexy talkk chat room [public] created by xxkyle1993xxx
feeling naughty? Come and have a sexy dirty talk
friend chat room [public] created by geshiela
wanna chat me..take note i dont like horny guy.........
Lady Boy FOR LOVE chat room [public] created by vickydxb
I am looking for a lady boy as my GIRL FRIEND
looking for sub slave chat room [public] created by JamesMaster
Am looking for a sub slave who knows how to obey.
icebaby chat room [private] created by Mercyj
2my profile or my wall or 2 anywere cn find it
Aussie Aussie Aussie OiOiOi chat room [public] created by thepinkbear
A room for people from Australia to talk
vaasu chat room [public] created by vaasu369369
dont wprry b happy be cooooooooooooooooooooool
cybor sex chat room [public] created by DougToner
Be friendly and ask for private chat
LarmChat chat room [public] created by parsa5
Hi friends... there's no fly... U can just walk! lets go, its cold and rainy...
lisa chatroom chat room [public] created by lismorrison
if you feel that you are sexy enough for me. come chat and we will see if you are
sonyshiny chat room [private] created by sonyshiny
am available here to make more and more friends. am jovial .
cybor sex chat only chat room [public] created by DougToner
Be nice and ask for IMs and PMs
political forum chat room [public] created by liberaladam
discuss politics us and foreign it doesn't matter to me at all i love politics...
political chat rooms chat room [public] created by liberaladam
so lets talk about all political topics united states to foreign policy
Kyouya Ootori Fan Club chat room [public] created by LadyAkiraMitsu
I love Kyouya Ootori so I thought I'd make a fan club
my private chat room chat room [private] created by cavsfan94
a private chat room for me and the ladies to have private fun.
zahrawilldo chat room [public] created by awkward0vibe
i'm 14. someweher e in asia. not sure waht to write, and i have an wkward-cool vibe which i think i have stuff
gloria love chat room [private] created by gloria207
love is all i need .hfjfuhdfydfudbcuydbcud fddvdduduyiduf dhdgduydudbvdud dhdgshsd
spica024.mirai chat room [private] created by spica024
come and join in my chat room. no foul words please.. lets chat and make some friends.. :)
nyc bisexual females chat room [public] created by mizzdayz
grown and sexc only ........................... the reason for this chat is to find bisexual female that willing to have a 3sum
tanisha chat room [public] created by ngaw
Bosco chat room [public] created by Scobolee
For only bbw who knw how to love care and cherish
Egyptian Revolution 25 jan chat room [public] created by Zatonx
Egyptian Revolution - 25 jan from egyption to all
somepunk chat room [public] created by beckti
boyfriend 25 chat room [public] created by boyfriend25
for love and love only.........................................................................................................................................
Horrrnyyyyyyyy roooooommmmmm chat room [public] created by Cinnamon123
Anyone Whos Horny .. Boys Or Girls Come On in !
only girls plz chat room [public] created by perrin17
only girls plz who want to talk to me so i can get a gf
CuteGorgeousTeens chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this is a chat room from teens ONLY you will get BANNED IF YOU ARE NOT A TEENAGER!!!!!
make fun chat room [public] created by cheongug
hey,.... nice meet you all... have a nice day... i just want make friend..
Desipunjab chat room [public] created by kabeerawais1
GorgeousTeens chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this is a chat room for teens ONLY
bisexul chat room [public] created by sexyybabii
come on its fun ..its for girls and boy
NYC area chat room [public] created by FucDat
TeensFromLeeds chat room [public] created by AaronReid2011
this is a chat room for TEENS ONLY
LeedsTeensUK chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this is a chat room for TEENS ONLY
model chat chat room [public] created by icandymodel
model photographers and other fashion industry pro's
TeenKidsRule2011 chat room [private] created by AaronReid2011
this is a chat room for TEENS ONLY
Advice room. chat room [public] created by DarkVisionsx
A room where you can ask for advice about anything. :)
my heaven chat room [public] created by vamsi7777
hii darliis dont wait just type som thing and make me happpy
Jashan chat room [public] created by Jashan79
If you want good friend and love to piece,nature,music please welcome to this chat room thanks.
emo place chat room [public] created by darkfalls66
everyone is welcome just hangout and talk
szamar26 chat room [public] created by szamar26
hello! hogy vagy szamar26 a becenevem
Portuguese chat room [public] created by luvva2407
Anyone who likes Portugal , Speaks any language, Is Portuguese brazillian or spanish and would love contact with members who love portugal
regina. sask. chat chat room [public] created by tanks41
regina area open chat, for all
sexchat9 chat room [public] created by lordsexy1
anime ship chat room [public] created by whitefire123
I was bored and I wanted to see if I made a chat would somone get on it but ya it's bout anime.
the way of the sword chat room [public] created by whitefire123
you have to be in Florida cause *the way of the sword* is sport that uses foam swords, spears, ect... if you want info on it please come to this room.
relationship les or bi or straight chat room [public] created by sweetnona20
this room for everyone love and sex and lesbian or bi
lets have cam fun chat room [public] created by hoppy11
come and join my group and we will have some cam action . il show you my massive penis
mates chat room [public] created by heby
u wanna avoid all those losers ?? lets have a nice chat here! :D
YOUNG BOY LOOKING FOR A GAY DADDY chat room [public] created by 123Just123
GAY DADDY ON SKYPE ......................................................................
New Kidz chat room [public] created by xXSweetLoveXx
Emo, Scene, weird, normal, straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, UNICORNS!! :D enjoy teehee.
kawi jouniour hight chat room [public] created by nagiissaa
STRICTLY rp room and have foonn
Boredumn chat room [private] created by demon4eva
For straight, bi, lesbians, or gays just to chill and have fun. Any one is welcome.
Girls only18-21 chat room [public] created by Kylekaddouri
Wana meet some chick to talk with
t33n chat room chat room [public] created by JAZZiEthePrincess
only people 13-17 good to find your perfect match find friends or just chat with new people :)
sexy hot curvy chat room [public] created by littlefoot23
Only females wanting other females
For FRIENDSHIP chatroom chat room [public] created by chocofi
its time for friendship! :D let's socialize with other people and connect with them! this chatroom is NOT for dirty talk, its for decent talk. so, Hello guys! XD
RPWorld chat room [private] created by JulianaRose
This is my RP World. Welcome, and thanks for coming. :)
role play anyone chat room [public] created by accidentlyonpurpose
Would like somebody to do a modern Romance RP with!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chat room [private] created by hotlessy
BBWs Needed chat room [public] created by Spiceycubano
I need all the sexiest BBW's, i like big girls.. and anyone else sexy.
BBW Wanted chat room [public] created by Spiceycubano
I need all the sexiest BBW's, i like big girls.. and anyone else sexy.
pennsyvaina chat room [public] created by drud215
people from pennsyvaina that can chat with me and other to maybe chiill sometime
Lubbock chat room [public] created by Dp1611
new in lubbock and looking for someone to show me around and have fun with
sw lubbock chat room [public] created by Dp1611
new in town and looking for someone to talk to meet and show me around
EmoGothChatRoooom. chat room [public] created by AllieContinuous
All emo/goth people, chat here!
Bi chat with me chat room [private] created by biguyhere321
Private chat room for anybody wanting to chat privately with me.
Private Chat Searcher3489 chat room [private] created by Searcher3489
Chatroom for private chatting and stuff
Party 13-19 chat room [public] created by andrea96
come chill and have other teens everywhere and creepers though..please and thank you..have fun!!
Chat room Searcher3489 chat room [private] created by Searcher3489
Chat room for chatting with chatting peoples
spica024.charm chat room [public] created by spica024
come and join in this chat room to know u better and make more friends
Telugu chat from telugu chat room [public] created by Mraghubabu
hi friends natho chat cheyandi
KENYA 4 us chat room [public] created by FRANKSME
4 KENYA GALZ MEN LET US CHAT.Talk dirty as u want it is allowed.Welcome all
CLUB 21 chat room [public] created by Clint221
please you must chat with me anytime you want,you're most welcome.
California Lesbians chat room [public] created by NatCheri
This is a chatroom for lesbians from california... if you arent from Cali come on in to... but hopefully the majority of you are...
the dating chat room [public] created by cutie1598
its a chat room dedicated to flirting and well... dating!
pic swap minus the bs chat room [public] created by wickdlife
pic, video trade...m/f, just for a little fun, nothing to get too excited about
Coolbaby chat room [public] created by Subzero5299
Am hope by name tall not slim out spoking dark in complexsion nice reliable,sincere,faithfull and trustworthy simple in nature,am here because am looking for foreign wife.
lovingTom chat room [public] created by tomy000
To be a friend, To be alover, to be a support and to be everything for all
FRENDSHIP chat room [public] created by tannyaemmanuell
if u want to have many frends , so join us
sacramento hot chat chat room [public] created by soreal1
uncensored bliss in all ways good and bad and free and kinky
for ppl who arent talked to in other rooms chat room [public] created by sexyaries23
anyone can come here and chat with ny one here i will chat with any one
kid room hahaha chat room [public] created by beeking7
chat room for kids hahahahahahahaha
825manila chat room [private] created by 825manila
hello to all of you,, all of you are welcome to my home page...
wise chat room [public] created by razzakhossen
i like the woman and respect her
nirubama chat room [private] created by nirubama
for any guys chat with me with open mind
The Dark Insanity chat room [public] created by xPandora
This room is known as the Dark room, because of it's lack of light. It is where Pandora spends her days now. The madness of being alone is slowly eating at her, so beware; you might be in for a scare...or perhaps you'll die..You never really know.
yarmuffff chat room [public] created by masssage
any1 in great yarmouth?x com en in and chat
clara chat room [public] created by Clarali
Hello, everyone I called CLARA. Nice to meet you;)
Adiska Plains chat room [public] created by Mistb0a
The place where the North Plains Pack gathers. Strictly Wolf roleplay.
One-to-One Private chat room [private] created by poker44
For private chat to help relieve frustration and boredom
Oregon Chatters chat room [private] created by PDXguy69
Pacific Northwest folks come in, and lets chat....
freaky bitch chat room [public] created by mzangiebaby
any freaky black males that knoe how to turn me o cum in my chat room so we kan chat
rammy chat room chat room [public] created by r1a2m3
hello everybody am from india ... am here for making frndship to all over world to reach my goal and my life ambition.... actually i need urs help thats y am here so ple connect with me and help me in reaching mt ambition...
Saifox chat room [private] created by Saifox
Saifox hgasguasfhgffas asfytfyas asvfghaffsa gka asgff
bbw 88 chat room [public] created by Hersheys88
very good looking bbw thats really interested in chating with others thats thick n have no problems with conversation
son looking for brother or family chat room [public] created by swingerteen
love to chat and cam with same age (ish) brother type or someone in the family range
sex talk and horny chat room [public] created by jerrbear15
talk about where you are, sex and hook up with local sexy teens
amirudin chat room [public] created by amirudin
LEBANESE CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by zerokoolz11
its room for lebanese people u can talk arabic english internet bad words
welcome chat room chat room [public] created by ddev4169
Everybody is welcome here for any kind of chat
onlinesex chat room [public] created by pripasion
online masturbation without obligations
Hockey Players and NHL fans chat room [public] created by Fiancee84
I need help picking a stick for my fiance who plays hockey...he wants the new Bauer stick but I don't know which one...there are like 8 on the website
yamanaka kingdom chat room [public] created by Princessino
you may all come to my kingdom
furrys only chat room [public] created by wolffurry
who ever is a furry or a yiff is welcome
Trannies only chat room [public] created by poponeopo
I'm looking for a transexual friend if you are one join =)
come in milfs.. chat room [public] created by kevalifa
hot moms all over the world, come in!, i love milfs so dont hesitate.. :))
I am haunted chat room [public] created by squallmaster
If you feel like you are being followed by a ghost come here
rrm chat room [public] created by erotichour
i am sexy man with a huge dick........................
gilas pilipinas chat room [public] created by kevalifa
kung pinoy ka, pasok na, at tayo'y mag kwentuhan para lahat masaya.. :)
vikumsri net chat room [public] created by vikumsrinet
welcome 4 all vikumsri net chat arcade.can you enjoy with your friends or lovely girl.come join with us.
Want a threesome chat room [public] created by Superman2362
if your interested join here, women only
Wet Booty chat room [public] created by Sman21
Where people wanna have booty calls
18 Year Old Horny Female chat room [private] created by YourLovingAngel22
cybersexasia chat room [public] created by eagensesa123
letsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss come
lesbian - philadelphia chat room [public] created by virnamona
for people in phiily looking to mingle or just talk to someone , this is for u. no more lonely nights , find someone u can vibe wit . find lesbian philadelphia
friendly world chat room [public] created by khangchen
to spread the message of loves to the darker planet!!!
love me all alone chat room [public] created by kenneth9090
We may not be the best of what we are. We may not talk often. You may cry without me knowing. But I just want you to know that no matter how difficult things can be, in the long run, you still have me.
lad from leeds for girl chat room [public] created by val777
lad from leeds fo girl, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LADIES ONLY IN THE 561 AREA chat room [public] created by PrettyNPaid19
HOT Sexxx chat room [public] created by MainSweet
Care to chat Sex. with girls and guys......
uk bi room chat room [public] created by rgbeat
for sexy ppl to chat maybe link up
Teen hook upSsss chat room [public] created by Kato5678
Come meet teens looking for a good time
Pixie Dust chat room [public] created by iceB0xx
Be yourself and have fun! Worning No profanity! I mean it! no nudity or predofiles! keep your perverted butt out of my chat. :)
Akatsuki Daily Chatroom chat room [public] created by LivingPuppet
This Akatsuki chat room will allow you to be anyone from akatsuki already made or made up. Please no swearing for anyone who is Hidan. XD
Long Beach fun chat room [public] created by swagwell
People who lives in long beach come chat
Ratzmahn chat room [public] created by Ratus20
Want to chat with women of all ages from PNG for friendship and relationship
lesbian sex games chat room [public] created by jmay2
any lesbians or females down to make me hot and wet! please come on i only seem to attract guys and i jus want my ladies ;)
Big kids chat room [private] created by stickynsweet333
Mistress Master Pet Slave Teen Singles Only chat room [public] created by llHorrorll
This room is for Teen Masters/Mistresses, Slaves/Pets, Singles only. This room is not for sexual uses, sexual uses will be taken else where. Please Enjoy ^w^
sharing of love chat room [public] created by terryson
Join this club, if you have feelings for the people you love. And you can share your feelings, emotion and love life with people.
sharing of love and feelings chat room [public] created by terryson
Join this club, if you have feelings for the people you love. And you can share your feelings, emotion and love life with people; then come in and join freely.
Emo Gothic Chat for Singles chat room [public] created by llHorrorll
Looking for that special someone? Come on in and chat with other singles see if one catches your heart.
sexplz chat room [public] created by masssage
malilibog chat room [public] created by francis18
exclusive lang para sa mga tga pinas at mga malilibog..peace..
kenyan chat chat room [public] created by Purplecarnations
kenyans looking for fun and lots of fun
LiveShowsForYou chat room [public] created by sexyluciya01
im doing live cam shows now! im so horny, check me out!
hot girl here gils only chat room [public] created by katesexybaby1991
hot sexy and there will be some one that is looking for gils only
Just looking for girls to have sex with chat room [public] created by Kurusaki1337
only girls pls i just want sex
Hampster Lovers Looking 4 Lovers chat room [public] created by hampsterluva
Where people who loooooove hampsters can find BFs and GFs.
RICHMOND VA CUZ chat room [public] created by vapoohbear23
sexchat10 chat room [public] created by ladyhorny
Muskegon Michigan chat room [public] created by RodgeDodge88
For people from Muskegon Michigan
Love destination chat room [public] created by Alongterrace
Bring it..What ever what you want for your distination..
LoveShack19 chat room [public] created by NathEvo19
no spamming or hatred or racist messsages please ::)
search groom and bride chat room [public] created by dronaman
Talk with each others to make life partner
Aq punya chat room [public] created by rihqnq1065
ska ska jak... 4 fun fun... asian only....
Self-Injurers... chat room [public] created by AddictedToPain
NOT A PICK UP ROOM. Anyone going through a rough time with SI or anything along those lines...come on in.
Belly stuffers chat room [public] created by DaringDared
For all belly stuffers and belly stuffer fanatics. Please dont be rude or obscene or you will be kicked out.
Self-Injury chat room [public] created by AddictedToPain
NOT A PICK UP ROOM. Just a place to talk and relate to others dealing with self-injury.
down to earth chat room [public] created by darkheart21
chat room for anyone who woul like to have a nice down to earth conversation
minerva00 chat room [public] created by minerva00
hi wanna chat here ..................................................
Naughty booty chat chat room [public] created by Dixonrox
Only naughty chatters and if not happy please report user
sex lover boy chat room [private] created by arunkumarsuma
I am the person searching for girl to do sex with them....
sex lover boy aru chat room [public] created by arunkumarsuma
I am the person searching for girls
LoveOnTheCatwalk chat room [private] created by iViGunsouliVi
Her words kill, in the worst way, just filling in this stupid 30 character description
22mal wanna cam with girl chat room [public] created by filtre22
naked in front of my webcam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
caribbean lovers chat room [public] created by hughjen
caribbean people come and meet find love and friendship
311 chat room [private] created by zawminlatt
I like one by one sexy chat. I like girl and any nation any where.
looking for a real old guy chat room [public] created by young1989
im 22 an looking for an older guy
kumar111502 chat room [public] created by kumar111502
kumar111 chat room [public] created by kumar111502
Hi hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
MasterSlaveRelationship chat room [private] created by YourLovingAngel22
Central Florida People chat room [public] created by StealthArcher
just a room for people in Florida or others that want to talk with people in Florida
sexsex and more sex chat room [public] created by lusws
Ballet chat room chat room [public] created by Balletboysweetie
For people who like dancing dressing up in ballet uniform like tights and leotards and boys foolin around in girls uniform ;)
FATHER LAND TIBET chat room [public] created by tibetmyheart
insearch chat room [public] created by Elfina30
who likes me and love me bla bla blah
bhopal chat room [public] created by alok25swami
sdfdsfdsfgfdsgfdsgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfd sgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdg
Relationship problems chat room [public] created by traavis88
A chat room where you can talk about your relationship problems and get advices or just being listened to.
philipino abudhabi chat room [public] created by kamiiiu
philipine guys from abudhabi who want to be in contact with me
adultslankaxx chat room [public] created by mikfernando
any girls chat me iam hot guy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sexy chat xxx chat room [public] created by kat1107
say what you want be happy kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
boys sigle chat room [public] created by casseylol65
my grop is for boys who are single
Naughty Only chat room [private] created by naughty1998
If you are naughty and want to talk come join !!!
Naruto RP Yaoi Love chat room [public] created by KyuubiNoKitsune
come and role play, it was really made for yaoi fan girls! X3
Help with Addicts Love Ones chat room [public] created by nchelp
This room is created to have a place to talk about the role that Addicts have on their. To help their loves have a place to ask, get help and just talk to people like them
Teen Webcam chat room [public] created by keenandj
A place for teens to come and do whatever and webcam too!
Indian foot fetish chat room [public] created by ashok420
Girls visit India and get a foot slave
hayy chat room [public] created by sexychick606
just talk get to no each other if your over 23 get lost !
Pet Chat chat room [public] created by Malteseluv
All about pets and all animals
Child Love chat room [public] created by lovemufin2010
a room for those who have a special bond with kids and teens and are looking for that special young someone to chat with.
innocence love chat room [private] created by syryn
please if u want to chat with me free without any cost come and chat
sincere room chat room [public] created by saju76
it is very difficult to find some sincere person i m here for u
sincere 76 room chat room [private] created by saju76
it is very difficult to find some sincere person i m here for u
good people room chat room [public] created by SyedRaza110
decent people can join only that room decent people can join only that room decent people can join only that room decent people can join only that room
smiley hippies chat room [public] created by xxVampireKidxx
a place for stoners hippies and fun :!
NAUGHTY BOYS AND GIRLS chat room [public] created by lukeylukey
Deep Room chat room [public] created by Rhaniel
You never gonna be the same people
Cool stuf chat room [public] created by Joecool14
Peace out and all that good stuf this is the new room for it all
Fallen Angel chat room [private] created by DarkNeospation
For Fallen Angels like myself. Please just only them.
clean. chat chat room [public] created by korean1loving
would like clean convos not dirty. there other chats for that
The Quiet Room For My Friends chat room [private] created by ForeverYoungGuy
Its for me and my friends who i allow access too.
MMF Bisexual Threeways chat room [public] created by aceable
My Ultimate fantasy is a MMF three way what about anyone else
Forever girls chat room [public] created by Blondielovesyou1
talk about ANYTHING, just chill and talk to people about your day, what you want, idk anything
Sure Condoms chat room [public] created by davidanstey
Sure Brand Condoms. Have you used them. problems?
Killjoy Unite chat room [public] created by StaticStar2019
A site for Killjoys on MCR! To talk about the zones and life in it.
BrazilvsEcuador chat room [private] created by Opheliac2You
HackersUnited chat room [public] created by mew2424
onyl hackers11111111111111111111111111
Everbody Happy chat room [public] created by AgaOxinada
13 yearolds looking for a relationships chat room [public] created by wolf123456789
here is where me and fellow 13 year olds can find relationships with each other p.s if you live in san antonio message me so we can talk and possibly be together
13 yearolds looking for a relationships right now chat room [public] created by wolf123456789
just let only 13 year olds come here so we can have relationships and date each other p.s i f you live in san antonio then message me
Grow wings chat room [public] created by Andrekiouz
Topic: growing wings and general
MICHAEL LOVEUADFFAS chat room [private] created by ilyugays
LOVE READYTOTALK LOVE chat room [public] created by ilyugays
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