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List of all user-created chat rooms #256
fredaher chat room [public] created by fredaher
for nice girls chat room [public] created by saqfree
from turkey and bulgaria can meet others on sea with men wome like them
funtimes0111 chat room [public] created by funtimes0111
lets chat here in pvt bb aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
amandas sexy and she knows it chat room [private] created by amanda111222333
Make Easy Money chat room [public] created by zn6allday
I am promoting and sharing my way how I make and extra 2000-3000 a month..TOTALLY LEGIT and FREE.. Chat with me
girls who had family relationships chat room [public] created by familygirl
this room is for girls to chat who have been involved sexually with someone in their family, so we can chat and not feel bad about it
Free-Runners chat room [public] created by Freerunnin247
this is for Free-Runner only!!
bbw bhm feeder feedee weight gain chat room [public] created by Sage86
For people into feederism and weight gan
CABO VERDE chat room [public] created by PRAiA
bttm4top chat room [public] created by newJack1
For gay men interested in chatting, flirting, and hooking up.
chill with friends chat room [public] created by shinebby
chat with friends guys && gurls
Afghan people chat room [public] created by khalidamayar
afghanistan people leave in war every day kill some people in these war.
gay chat for ages 10 triugh 18 chat room [public] created by nickolas7447
this chat room is for gay boys ages10 through 18
Bored . chat room [public] created by AcidTeaddybearx3
Iunno what to do , I can't sleep . and I'm bored . So yeah . corner chat room [public] created by ngangashlito
its for evryone who has a dirty mind i love that soso much
YG Chat chat room [public] created by iluvygfam
i want to be all of yours friend chat room [public] created by duong027
i'm vietnamese and i want to be your friend in over the world
SEXY U R chat room [private] created by amanda111222333
chubs chat chat room [public] created by denne90
chubs and bears welcome to join
SEXY AND ME chat room [private] created by amanda111222333
Sleepless... chat room [public] created by CityofKLEvil
Self explaining...for people who can't sleep for whatever reason
niyas chat room [public] created by 212niya
hi how are u friends i first time here i serch good friend ship
Highwest. chat room [public] created by manzreal
free internet sex............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
9ja room chat room [public] created by Tizzy007
Nigerians and Others come and catch fun with me on 9ja chat room, remember d use of abusive words is not allow. Lastly this room doesn't need any sex xplicit stuff ok..
Tronian Arena chat room [public] created by RoyalGuardX
The Tronian Arena. Used to house all sorts of battles. Many have fallen in this arena. Be HONORED to fight in it.
horny talky chat room [public] created by bandy9972
here we chat with the aim of pleasure
lamin103 chat room [public] created by lamin102
hello everybody welcome to chat room
adult cam-chat chat room [public] created by slinger424
people looking to meet strangers for cam chat
new jersey meet for sex chat room [public] created by kg25
Where all n.j. ppl can meet to have some fun
i need a girl friends.. come join if ur can help.. chat room [public] created by shaoko
help me find girl friends, if you wanna hel, come join into my room so that i can now you..
sai chat room [private] created by sainikhil123
hi..frnds freely talk every one
The geek chat chat room [public] created by quincy123
A place for geeks to communicate
persians chat room [public] created by khosrokhan
we chat we laugh we ge together
virginity room chat room [public] created by cart549
for girls who are virgins and are looking for sex and love
horny girls come in chat room [public] created by buckshot123
only girls lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
anyone who whats to chat can chat room [public] created by jws1956
this room is for friendly chatters who are tired of the bots and pvt.message pick ups
nornth carolina gay chat room [public] created by thehunterw43
this room is set up for gay's in eastern n.c.
LaceyandKay chat room [public] created by BerrySweetObsessed
mileycyrus chat room [public] created by smileymiley200
here is miley cyrus in this chat room to everyone
any type sex chat room [public] created by sabeeshak
do everything for girls as aslave
Assassins creed chat room [public] created by hamzarsstar
A place for Assassin creed fans
Obese love chat room [public] created by erinsmcool
Room for people thats Obese and want friends, love, and other............
cute teen guys clean talk only chat room [public] created by anglebrooks
hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnssssssssss
sex Texas chat room [public] created by solrac23
This Is A pick up room, go to Adult Chat if you dont like it. This is a chat for casual conversation sex talk, anything u want. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's DONT get banned
11-17 year old lezbo chat chat room [public] created by loveless1998
All lezbians cum here for a wonderful fun chat welcome all lezbos ages 11-17 please come here for a great sex chat, I'm horny
100 percent FREE DATING IN DUBAI chat room [public] created by pakmachinery
naughty slave room chat room [public] created by naughtyjimjam
talk and find out, would like to find a mistress or someone to talk dirty too
Wolloye chat room [private] created by Aburemla
I like Ethiopian beuty. more wolleye
SERIOUS RELATION FOR MARRIAGE chat room [public] created by aajkamrankhanksath
friednship chat room [private] created by anilbaboo
only female talking and only male r talking
naughty picture trading101 chat room [public] created by hottie360
people wanting to trade naughty pics and have fun
naughty pic trader chat room [public] created by hottie360
for people who want fun and to trade those naughty pics and show off your stuff
Hot Germans chat room [public] created by vinnisweet
striclty for people in germany !!
malaysia only chat room [public] created by notygurlmalay
hope suma spoting..enjoy boleh cerita hal seks.. cari sudar dady.. apa saja yang dapat menghilangkan rasa boring..
teens who want fun chat room [public] created by beckah1997
its where teens and pre teens can come and talk and maybe find friends... you are only allowed to talk dirty to me... or on im! :D
korean pop room chat room [public] created by zizouche
this room is for the kpop fans and who is interessted bye south korea ^^
Gay orders chat room [private] created by teendan18
A place where gay boys can give orders to me teendan18
DaD chat room [public] created by artiii
u,r wellome to my i hope it,ll be greatt
Kids stuff chat room [public] created by jjmanohya
talking kids chat stuff. blahblahblah
Our enchanting chat chat room [private] created by yngfem4oldr
Just us against the world :-)
anticapitalismo chat room [public] created by korca1x
According to communist theory, the only way to abolish capitalist inequalities is to have the proletariat (working class), who collectively constitute the main producer of wealth in society, and who are perpetually exploited and marginalised by the bourgeoisie (wealthy class), to overthrow the capitalist system in a wide-ranging social revolution.[7] The revolution, in the theory of most individuals and groups espousing communist revolution, usually involves an armed rebellion. The revolution espoused can be explained by theorists in many different ways, and usually depends on the environment in which the particular communism theory originates. For example, the Chinese Revolution involved military combat between the Chinese Red and the Chinese Nationalist Armies, while the Vietnamese Revolution was characterised by guerilla warfare between the heavily-backed Vietnam People's Army and various Western armies, culminating in the Vietnam War which ended in 1975. Meanwhile, the Cuban Revolution was essentially a coup that did not involve intensive wide-scale military conflict between Fulgencio Batista's soldiers and those of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. In fact, Castro initially did not believe that a vanguard party was necessary in Cuba's case, a view boosted by Batista's unpopularity at the time of the actual armed conflict between the two sides. Regardless of the specific form a communist revolution takes, its aim is for the working class to replace the exploiter class as the ruling class to establish a society without class divisions, called socialism, as a prelude to attempting to achieve the final stage of communism
Shoota Chans House chat room [private] created by BlackRockShoota
My house~ Well Coventions and just meeting full of fun! And just relax times!
Gay submissive 2 chat room [public] created by cutnfuk
This chat is for me and a dominant to engage in a little roleplay
ThePersefonieShrine chat room [public] created by Persefonie
Persefonie..and Drago they met and just fell in love as she still misses her family and friends:/
AnD tAkEn It In My FeEliNgS CHlOt chat room [public] created by MoOoOoS
Aims to bring out this chat repression buried in the depths of our hearts.
queen355 chat room [public] created by king356
guys that want to be my queen any age-30
Chicago Singles chat room [public] created by BLU3FALKON87
Come chat with us in, Chicago singles Chat
Friendd chat room [private] created by MonicaaZee
Friendss andd Onlyy Friendss. . . . .
chatallday chat room [private] created by ladynextdoor
Hi!!!!!!!!! Hellooooooooo!!!!!!! Lets chat in this room.
My name is Nikki chat room [public] created by partyatniks
In this chat room, users will get to know one another through personal ideas and interest. Remember, its all fun!
The Kiba Mansion chat room [public] created by KibaWolf
My house.. All uninvited people will be kicked out. You must ask me before inviting a guest.
18 and Up Emo Lesbian chat room [public] created by xxxlezleahxxx
where emo lesbians can chat and share some dark dirty naughty info
12-20 year old dating chat room [public] created by paulhasselman
This room is for teen dating and pick up
hairymenlovers chat room [public] created by likehairymen5839
its for all guys who love guys with hair
skype chat 14-17 chat room [public] created by skypedudeforcyberstu
this is for people with skype, just a fun room to meet people and hang out and such
nick777 chat room [public] created by nickolas7447
i made this becuse i am bored out of my mind
meeeee4uuu chat room [private] created by evilcaptain
A nice place were I can talk in private.............
4 super horny people chat room [public] created by jadie123
if u want 2 have a good sex chat with a girl or guy come here :P
14 to 15 year olds ONLY chat room [public] created by 123456789jj
flirting and more;) haha but no sexual illegal actvities haha
gay pride and gay love chat room [public] created by foxyboy101
anyone how is gay and proud come on in
PINOY UAE chat room [public] created by AdamRivera
Pinoy in UAE........................................
Single huh chat room [public] created by TheRealUsername
Single well not no more when you leave this place
Fun Time 16 chat room [public] created by ladybugluvsu
fun things to talk about you just have fun and not worry about the bad stuff in life just have fun
Girlz Only No Boyz chat room [public] created by Avril1023
Doesn't the name describe it?! GIRLZ ONLY!!! Boys will be kicked out!
Greetings chat room [private] created by Skinsluck2
Dun__ lets chat shall we do that.
cute single straight guyz and girlz chat room [public] created by Avril1023
this chatroom is made for u to maybe have a relationship (long distance probably). i hope you enjoy this chatroom!!!
14 and 15 year olds ONLY chat room [public] created by 123456789jj
flirting and friends but no illegal activivties or sexual talk hahahaha have fun ;)
GibbyANDGuppys Chat chat room [public] created by redguppylawl
Welcome to Gibby and Guppys chat room. A place for random conversation to ensue. OHHH YEAH
across the pond chat room [public] created by indie44
uk to america open chat forum , whats going in on state side
bi and sexy room chat room [public] created by kaykayzworld21
only bi sexy girls and u gat to be 190to21 get at this chat room
Nothing flirty or dirty. chat room [public] created by xDarkAngel
Want to get to know me? I'll tell you some things.
Lesbians or Bi girls only chat room [public] created by SexyRo
Please only Bi girls or Lesbians only from IRELAND
tyler room full of schwagg chat room [public] created by tylernerdswagg
schwagg! if u have scwagg i accepct ppl who have swagg only!
ageplay heaven chat room [public] created by spanky89
where adults can express there sexual dreams
Cake Room chat room [private] created by LolittaBot
I really like cake, so what. :3
gypsy people chat room [public] created by smith1990
smoking, naughty, social, gypsy, chat room
bicurious chat chat room [private] created by babygujrl
for bi curious gurls and guys only
haris chat chat room [private] created by harikrishnan007
chat with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Love room for 13 year olds and 14 years olds chat room [public] created by Hockeyboy124
For single girls and Boyz 13 years oldand 14 years old
Love room for 13 year olds and 14 year old chat room [public] created by Hockeyboy124
For single girls and Boyz 13 years old and 14 years old
Watchma Call it Gay Bi Lez chat room [public] created by Lolsmiley101
Welcome and ENjoy ur Self and This is a Chat room where you can enjoy yourself and be yourself with noobs coming in and messing it up haha lol Enjoy :P
People in Sofia chat room [public] created by ChuMez
I am living in Sofia, I am not from here and I would like to make friend in order to help me to make easier this bulgarian experience. Somebody around?
Younger guys looking for older women chat room [public] created by kevin198823
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned.
Other Anime Rps chat room [public] created by inuBaka
Well people are being idiots in the other room and stuff so yyea.
Cutielady chat room [public] created by Zessabell
,,,good girl,,honest,,and respect guy only,,
rajmalahotra chat room [private] created by rajmalahotra
for all type of conversation as u like to chat with your partner
BI 14-18 year olds chat room [public] created by iAmBi111
really anyone can join x3333333333333333
Saravanan143 chat room [public] created by Galaxysaravanan
Hai call me 09585074446 u want sex any any were call me i want onlygils
TRANNyChatroom chat room [public] created by PrincessTranvestite
Come Chat Chillax ! Please respect ! NO Advertising !
horny lust chat room [public] created by hornyalldatime
Latenight. Adult. Talk. For single bi couples
the joke chat room chat room [public] created by gloriabella1
This chat room is for people who now how to make good jokes and if you think you make the greatest jokes try competing others in the joke room . The joke room is just for joking around and just to be funny
horny lads chat room [public] created by barbieangel4luv123
Dis room is for horny people dat mostly like a phone sex n sort
Harry Potter Fan chat room [public] created by MeaghanPotterPrice
For any Harry Potter Fans out there!
Vijayawada143 chat room [public] created by balu143143
for vijayada people only for views chat others
Culdesaclovefm chat room [public] created by eragonx33
this chatroom radio fm in internet .,
khaleeq chat room [public] created by khaleeqahmed
khaleeq ahmed loves to make friends in every country so any body like to be my friend
Ebony chat room chat room [public] created by ChefAliyah
Meet black people from around the offensive language allowed.
mosi irani chat room [public] created by mositala
salam be hamey farsi zabanha va iranihay dost dashtani
johnmichealt chat room [public] created by johnmichealt
cuprus fun chat room [public] created by cum4usweet
well this room must be only for cypriot people....have fun
lets talk here chat room [private] created by koolestboy
22 yr old guy looking for girl to skype with chat room [public] created by jimmystewarts
singlezz room chat room [public] created by hassinic
meet single people,chat with singlez meet with sikgle youth for relation advice and for better understanding
my english room chat room [public] created by labora
I study English and I wish to improve and master the language
M for F in skype. chat room [public] created by jimmystewarts
My nagisa chat room [public] created by AidenOrChad
Hi this chat room is to look for the one, i am looking for the one for me and who can guide me from aimlessly walking everywhere. i have hopes that she would stop by here and find me. Anyone is welcome girls and guys. And if you are a guy and looking for the one too lets be friends and talk about stuff. if no one is here just leave a message and check back from time to time. (>^.^)>!!
just u n me chat room [public] created by koolestboy
Skype chat2 chat room [public] created by jimmystewarts
anime discussion chat room [public] created by tureke
who loves and interested in anime,u re welcome
webcam Friendship chat room [public] created by Rodrigama
This is the room to meet persons who want to make fun with the webcam!
arizona fun chat room [public] created by kev954
just find a way to have a good time
shared fantasys chat room [public] created by spaceman375
anyone interested in sharing thoughts and desires
Male BDSM chat room [public] created by manforallseasons858
Male BDSM Ball Busting Pain Humiliation
12cc chat room [public] created by 12cc
USARMY chat room [public] created by terra93
for people who are in the army or like army guys/girls.
blkmen4whitewomen chat room [public] created by itzmookie23
room is for blk men who love them some white women mmmmmmm
akron ohio hook up chat room [public] created by jagcky08
for akron locals looking to have discreet encounters.
Colonial HeightsChesterChesterfieldRichmondVa chat room [public] created by Dopeaka420
Find Dates ..etc Must Be 18 Or Older!
ED support chat room [public] created by simplyimperffff
Talking, supporting, NO JUDGING, chatroom of those with an ED or recovering from an ED.
pari5pg chat room [private] created by dirtytalk2009
hi this is how you have a privet conversation. if you like we can talk as long as you want. no strings attached.
Dubai... chat room [public] created by JO32
who live and like Dubai... feel free to ask anything about UAE
islamic institute ................................ chat room [public] created by hafiz2
for older men2 chat room [public] created by sportastic89
older men wanting younger girls
BDSM Ball Busting chat room [public] created by manforallseasons858
BDSM Male ball busting and humiliation
tre 4 kelly chat room [public] created by tre31
room for me and my girlfriend kelly
HipHopBattle chat room [public] created by iRunit
Come In And Get Butt F**ked U Faggots
BRUMMi chat room [private] created by BRUMMi
This is my personal room, only friends can be invited.
spaceballs chat room [public] created by electric91
skypeskyping chat room [public] created by nailbender
skyping is worth a thousand words............
eatingdisorder101 chat room [public] created by ocylock
anorexics and bulimics who wanna share their tips
hot girls wanted chat room [public] created by spike218
if ur horny come here and maybe ul get some pic or whatever u want
BRUMMisROOM chat room [private] created by BRUMMi
This is my private room, only friends are invited.
tom felton and draco malfoy chat room [public] created by malfoyloverx
a room for all tom felton and draco malfoy fans to chat
bad ones chat room [public] created by kakathebad
anyone is allowed any lang any thing
stroke my cock chat room [public] created by jerkinoff
come on in and stroke my cock. make me explode
4hardcore anime fans chat room [public] created by itacha458
for people how love anime and want to talk to others that love anime and to find new anime
chat on dog food. chat room [public] created by banerjeejune
anyone can share here what and how they feed their doggies......
web cam sex chat room [private] created by corcxxx
i like sex live with any sexy and hot girls on my prvt room.. my skype: fersa.dersa1 add me very hot sexy girls
My vid room chat room [private] created by taylarsanders
noobody allowed cause its only for my ,ex of cyberbullying
canada chat chat room [public] created by stella2015
canada chat room is for canada ppl only
Mindles Pocs chat room [public] created by Ashleygtcake
drim schyler chat room [public] created by drim224
no tension no z short juz be hapi
kansas city ls chat room [public] created by joey1516
kids around kansas city ks can talk
Horny ppl 23 chat room [public] created by Lilt0923
Its very fun and i am horny can i get sum sexy girls to chat
GIRLS ONLY ROOM chat room [public] created by jaylee11
GURL ROOM chat room [public] created by jaylee11
MADE BY REDHEAD ROOM chat room [public] created by jaylee11
singles for ages 13-15 chat room [public] created by tylerbearAZ14f
if your single and your between ages 13-15 you should come :)
TAMIL SEX GIRLS ONLY chat room [public] created by RAJYO
3DS CHATROOM chat room [public] created by Griffin48
If you have a 3DS join. Exchange FC codes and other things!
Find Love and Relationship chat room [public] created by PoetryLuver
Find love or a relationship! You just have to be nice to people!
chicago bulls swagg chat room [public] created by barbielydia
if u got swag come in only 13-17
newjerseylove chat room [public] created by northboy29
whoever from new jersey please enjoy
a7la lebanon chat room [public] created by tazminian
fena n3be heda alroom shbab w sbaya lebnaneen?? aya 7da from lebanon efoot lhon ya ahla wshla (bara2)
my love2011 chat room [private] created by OXXY08
LovelyNewJersey chat room [public] created by northboy29
whoever from new jersey and new york please enjoy
vita2011 chat room [private] created by OXXY08
just fo us, no body can not joint with us, sorry's my private....
female orgasm control chat room [public] created by bloodkaga
talk about female orgasm control
12 year old sex chat room chat room [public] created by Dude42500
I want some 12 year old girls who like sex
vita chat room [private] created by OXXY08
chat with me2008 chat room [private] created by OXXY08
just 4 vita.................another person can not joint with us
Decent room chat room [public] created by sushil001
Be happy & make other's happy....I Welcome U All
11-14 year olds chat room [public] created by corbxn
just chat with other peoplz im corbin owens im 12
Kiba and Reyu chat room [public] created by KibaTheWolf
well i messed up on the other chat. so anyway i love you. and your bf is an idiot....thats me
married and looking for chat room [public] created by Makomak
for those who have not given up
teen love chat room chat room [public] created by jasminem1998
only thirteen yr olds only plzzzz only thirteen yr olds plzzz again!
namen chat room [public] created by namenswag
come every one right now please
hi7447 chat room [public] created by nickolas7447
is in need of friend chat room [private] created by lovelyapril26
private for friends only and single
king356 chat room [public] created by king356
my chatroom if u want in ask me
TaylorGang chat room [public] created by TaylorGang2x
Come in here, have fun. No rules, just chill, and girls, no shirts allowed(;
Room friends chat room [public] created by hksuraj
This is a friendly chat room dedicated to world friends
kingdom356 chat room [public] created by king356
anyone that want me and to be mine
singles20 chat room [public] created by firefighter20
anyone is welcome here, no matter what
coba - coba chat room [private] created by OXXY08
coba - coba - coba - cobacoba - coba - coba - cobacoba - coba - coba - coba
oxxy chat room chat room [private] created by OXXY08
trial make chat room, just for trial
Feel My Loveeeeeeeeeee chat room [private] created by Agreed123
IF u need relax,romance,sex,music......come here
Big Cook chat room [public] created by BigCook6
Here you can get what you want girls i am for you i want ya
Naughty room2 chat room [public] created by Naughtyboy222
12-14 year olds, and no hate (btw ppl under 13 are on here that's why I put 12-14) (no sexuall activity is what the thing said sooo... Whatever I guess
shadow the hedgehog chat room [public] created by avrilthehedgehog
shadow the hedgehog talk. talk about anything about shadow the hedgehog.
Xxx chatroom chat room [public] created by Mboonene
Dirty talk,xxx photos exchange,sexy chats
HINDI CHAAT INDAIN chat room [public] created by deepak110
get ex lover your back chat room [public] created by Agafiya
do want your ex lover to come back to you? visit INDIANSPELL@YAHOO.COM.
gay 15 - 19 chat room [public] created by boodyygloove
Were gonna have fun this room is just for gay 15 - 19 ok no more
Relation chat chat room [private] created by HotMan9876
talk to others bout there dates
polys chat room [public] created by deezybby
be yourself! you dont got to lie to kick it.
nice gals chat room [public] created by bevandd
girls who lookin 4 a nice guy 13 to 14
teens chat rooms chat room [public] created by jia866
it is for teens i love it it is all about love and friendship
Indian people chat chat room [public] created by avinashcuteboy
Hi Guys chat for only indian people
Jah chat room [public] created by manii2
Room for love ones and all those who are ready to enter in relationships
super 8 chat chat room [public] created by ElleisAmazing
anyone who likes super 8 should join this chat!!!
I Need Love In Dubai chat room [public] created by johnny19855
Only who is looking for real and serious and cool relation >>>
albania chat room [public] created by gurim
Boner-Chat chat room [public] created by hakymada
talk about boners and all hard cocks you have and chat :P
islam-shia chat room [public] created by nda1wizard
fore muslim & people like to know islam & shia
all nurses chat room [public] created by younglav86
it's a place where student nurses, doctors, anyone from the medical field can come and share their experience in medical . Everyone from different country is invited , sharing procedures can help to understand more about what are we doing as medical people. SO WELCOME !
PINOY -MACOII chat room [public] created by akopocmacoii
single ready to mingle come and join us
kabul gap chat room [public] created by som12
for all afghans around the world .i love you all
iLovefashion chat room [public] created by fashionyouth12
competition for young talented fashion designers. For this competition you will be asked to create 3 different designs.. Where it will be modeled by your chosen models in April. ... 10 ladies will be chosen by your friends and family... Your model will be photographed @ the audition and the photo will be placed on Facebook for one week. If you are among the top ten with the most 'likes' on your image at end of that given week, you will be competing at the show in April
islam-shia2 chat room [public] created by nda1wizard
for muslims and shia and sunna
how to buy great pot chat room [public] created by greenrelief
Sharing information on where and how to get great pot in your loical area
Make money now chat room [public] created by Reed201084
wanna make some money??? come on in!
business chatters chat room [public] created by ometony
this can be used by only chatters who want to discover new business partners.we are not going to talk about love affaires just for business only.
13-16 only match up room chat room [public] created by nyis4u
c0m3 in single c0m3 0ut dating
Fun n fun chat chat room [public] created by Ankit99
Decent talks only...welcome u ol boys n girls...have fun n enjoy....ur friend 'ANKIT99'
shibu chat room [private] created by shibukk
plz com new friends sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
kiriacos chat room [private] created by kiriacos
sex for girls bi 3 some xxxxxxxxxxxxx
wills room chat room [public] created by williamump
for anyone who wants to come in i dont care who
honryy room chat room [public] created by thelastking1
hornny tlker here allday get dirtty and harnd and wet all at the same time babyss
sit on me chat room [private] created by cyberthug2000
for women who like big cock hard and solid
williams room chat room [public] created by williamump
anyone wanna chat or cyber or whatevr itscool just keep it down
Shakesperian Experience chat room [public] created by Mimmiii
It is but a shrine, a hub where our collective souls linger.
Horny FUn 232 chat room [public] created by janderson4755
fun times for people looking to cam or flirt haha
hassy chat room [public] created by hassy123
chatting is good,sexual have gjhjkjlljkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhj
Cuddle buddies chat room [public] created by Didactic
Flirty chat, no creepers and please English speaking people only.
role play XD chat room [public] created by queen0mirage
role playing evry one have fun XD yaaaaaay
single Teen parents chat room [public] created by Lilphilly
single teen parents looking for a relationship or some one to talk to
Horny chatting chat room [public] created by manda101
anyone can have cyber sex, have fun here with hot males n sexy females
Horny chatting uhhh chat room [public] created by manda101
Come enjoy yourself with hot men n females wanting to pleasure themselves
Geivid chat room [public] created by Geividarch
Its so cool here come and visit my chat room .hi all of you there wish that I can find the 5 Ggggg
hard banging chat room [public] created by firefighter069
horny women looking for some fun
The Real Harry Potter Fans chat room [public] created by Ginexx
This chats is for Real harry potter fans
sexy girl come for sex chat room [public] created by sadid007
chat room 678574 chat room [public] created by alerules
this chat room is for everyone to join
Mano chat room [public] created by mano2good
Ready to rock and roll its hot to play and share the sweet with you
hotman chat room [public] created by mano2good
Its nice to be hot so your heart melt to hot
well white chat room [public] created by pintheak
fun why not its just chat i dont see why not
beautifulgirl94 chat room [public] created by beautifulgirl94
i love 2 do anything i love to talk text and i have dark brown hair with blonde highlights
cybermanila chat room [public] created by putoy
free your mind " whatever happened in cybermanila,.. stays in cybermanila "
anybody horny chat room [public] created by Frankdandon
chat and be naughty: then if you want you can add me as a friend
Soccergirls chat room [public] created by class2012
Welcome in Soccergirls we talk about soccer an much more
Vocaloid otaku chat room [public] created by KagamineRenxx
For vocaloid fans only no one else...just kidding lol
Yazmins chat room [public] created by YazminBieber
heyy peeps anyone can come as long as there is no trouble this is a anti-bad zonee lool
hacks wizard101 chat room [public] created by Joel9122000
wizard101 hackers anyone who can hack anything can join
the chat side chat room [public] created by mateyo
for 13to15 year old teens and allows dises facebook invites and cool teens
skype teens chat room [public] created by skypedudeforcyberstu
you can come here hange out and talk and such but only join if u have a skype please
Misory Chat chat room [public] created by MisoryLovesCompany
place were people can come and make friends.
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