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List of all user-created chat rooms #272
antipolo chatters chat room [public] created by ejhay0404
for all girls seeking boys who needs boyfriends and girlfriends
DUBSTEP-ELECTRO-HOUSE chat room [public] created by PrimeMinisterPOPA
djrocks chat room [public] created by djrocks1990
nice and sexy chat room for singles and flirting pupil....
subs and masters chat room [public] created by satinman88
doms and masters looking for subs and slaves
married and looking for friends chat room [public] created by mikendee
looking for married females to talk and share experiences and fantisies
cuckold or not chat room [public] created by valspa
this room is for people that they like to watch there partners with someone else or think about it but they are confussed about what is cuckold role
beautiful friends chat room chat room [public] created by sajidansariiiii
join this chat club if you r so sweet
EMO RAGE V2 chat room [public] created by Sinistral
WELCOME TO THE EMO RAGE ROOM VS, The goal here is fairness.
12 YEAR OLDS GROUP chat room [public] created by djhex
12 12 12sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
EMO RAGE ROOM V2 chat room [public] created by Sinistral
WELCOME TO THE EMO RAGE ROOM, casual chat with moderating in mind.
legal chat chat room [public] created by maf18
casual chat for anyone no perves or pedos
12 year old chat room 8 chat room [public] created by exterminator888
12 only please no older only 10 to 12
hot and nasty chat room [public] created by boosted3232
just a fun room where anything goes and no one holds back this room is not for the shy
saharamirs friends room chat room [private] created by saharamiri
this room is just my friends. if u wana join this room before i have to add u in my friend list
its me chat room [private] created by monika95
Friendly room yey chat room [public] created by footlover105
happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy room btw this is not a pick up room
Rituraj chat room [public] created by rituraj007
Just be a friend..........i want to have a group of friends from all over the world, so please come and join , exchange your views......
sookie2 chat room [public] created by bellacullen2
hi all hows u hopeing a good time and this chat room miss u all u are hav
dating ages 11-18 chat room [public] created by trolololcat
for kids ages 11-18 to date each other!!
Yourchat chat room [public] created by Deathkillsall
Chat with whoever, whenever, and however you want.
Hot Chitchat chat room [public] created by ptbull911
Join in To get Laid,.... WHoever interested... 8888888888888888888888
Samanthas Chat Room chat room [public] created by samanthamartin
My name is Samantha I am 18 years old. Loving life. 5 months pregnant and cant wait till I have my little baby.
hurt chat room [public] created by botdfan1
no jocks or preps allowed. punk emos and gothics and furry and scene are allowed
polski chat room [public] created by mooshkathekiki
I am here trying to learn polish so anybody who speaks polish is free to join and talk about anything they like
vicky n tuttu chat room [private] created by nehla
just vicky gvhfgilll' kjhilkhgjfdhxfc nlkjjjjjjjjjjjjkl,.m;'/l';/
Feeling awsome chat chat room [public] created by shannon3972
If you feel awsome, than come and express your feelings
malaysians rulez.. chat room [public] created by satheshrao007
come... letz have fun... make new frenz n get to know each other better... yeah!!!
Her chat room [private] created by drumme21
Hello lady is a room thati can chat and meet that special lady that i'm looking for all these years looking and searching with no luck
for sexxx chat room [public] created by supertrampv
for all those who want to get connected
friendly chat1 chat room [public] created by david095
chat to friends you already have or make new ones
please listen.. chat room [public] created by AlexaJones
I just need someone to talk to, preferably someone who isn't going to judge me :( I really just need to get this all off my chest..
Shark and Amulettes room chat room [public] created by Sharkopath
All are welcome but be warned...Amulette can be very fickle.
find dates chat room [public] created by birdbwoy
you can find dates in this chat room
DeschSlyNovel chat room [private] created by SlyCromWell
This is a role play story about, Desch being a damned, who can only feel pain & never die his starting to fell a little "crush" towards sly in her new form. But there are many twist and turns with Desch's emotions. Sly is a witch, she sold her soul, She has a curse called "re-birthing" where is doesn't matter what form she is in at the time it will eventually die and she will forget everyone she ever knew in her previous form. Sly struggled with her mixed sadist and kind feeling towards Desch. It seems she's better off being distant, while Desch want to protect her, even thou his vitrually can't match her strength or powers. Now Sly and Desch are stuck with a twit and turn tale, which varies every day they Rp. we hope you who sit and read u will enjoy it. <3
what to do- hmmmm chat room [public] created by ichigoXHallow
what to doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
music geeks and freaks chat room [public] created by Kitkat2013
place for some if you are going to troll me get the f**** out :)
Lesbian Girls ONLY18 chat room [public] created by naomimaree18
a place where hot lesbian can hang out and talk. must have a picture, or youll be blocked:)
SEXY BED chat room [private] created by kaykay1022
kushroom chat room [public] created by kushmaster3000
for all stoners potheads and mmj patients nationwide
Spoakne chat chat room [public] created by nickchillin
Anyone out there in the can??? lol
Fun and sex and interested subjects chat room [public] created by Deanxd
Fun and sex,fun and sex,fun and sex,fun and sex
sweet and nice guys 28-40 chat room [public] created by wifeymaterial83
Nice convo's:) and respectful guys
just-utah-stuff chat room [public] created by touchedbylove
a room for people from utah to meet in
4m4 sanjose bi and gay str8 chat room [public] created by hawkstupsanjose
chat c2c frienships hookups bi gay str8 males
shiraz711 chat room [public] created by amirandzahra
1318788 1318788 1318788 1318788
boogie woogie chat room [public] created by joncarter
come and chat with me and have lots of fun
Gays senors chat room [public] created by hectoreo67
room for gay dudes only to go chat
ambitious persons chat room [public] created by sukritisingh
this room is only for my friends
Newyork lezzys chat room [public] created by beautifullest
newyork lesbian chatrooms for women only in newyork
role playing chat rooom chat room [public] created by LaceyxxxLemons
role play! as in be someone besides yourself
freedom2 chat room [public] created by brbr2011
welcom to the freedom room . this room for meet new friends.
relashinship chat chat room [public] created by bigpapa88
You wanna dirty talk or get in a relashinship come here
hook up room chat chat room [public] created by bigpapa88
Any girl wants to have a man that can take care of you and nothing can hurt you bigpapa88 friend him and i have a 9 inch dick
SKI11Z hangout chat room [public] created by N3WBiESKi11Z
If you got chat SKI11Z,than the SKI11Z hangout is the place for you and me!
Strait Cyber sex chat chat room [public] created by Kingme92
in this chat room we here to get or cyber freak on. we also say sexy thing to one another.
3mo 2cene Room chat room [public] created by EmoDinoBunny
Be kind and respect each other, if you don't know the person then you have no buisness of talking crap to them! So you just need to back off. Thank you :)
Single Emo Scene Room chat room [public] created by EmoDinoBunny
For Only Single Emo and Scene kids. Please be nice and respect others. Thank You :)
Kisses chat room [public] created by BreezyBeauty
This is a place where we meet NEW NEW people and get along with each other and respect people! This is a Woman to Man chat, aMan to Man chat,a Woman to Woman it is what you make it! Have fun!
Furry Final Fantasy chat room [public] created by Moogles92
A nice hangout for lovers of the Final Fantasy series. Please, keep it PG.
lonly man looking for a women chat room [public] created by dedede51
looking for a lady not a women and if u think u are then come on in but there is a diff between them and i just like tolken more then anything so come on in if u are a femal looking for a male
eternal and wonderful love chat room [public] created by karliebe
love is the fresh air for our souls <3
los tigeres del patio 809 chat room [public] created by tudestino24
Todo los latino reportencen al mejor chat room dominicano.
kustakusti chat room [public] created by kuddus420
welcome users! lets have some fun , get to know each other's culture, taste and opinion...etc...
spanking in michigan chat room [public] created by spankmered
come to give or receive, meet others who love spanking and discipline
Bonnie and Clyde chat room [private] created by Sharkopath
some where to go when life gets too hard
come tell me what to do chat room [public] created by wdreck
open to mind what ever you say
hnnnnnnnnnnn chat room [public] created by jinal
bhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
maulik7860 chat room [public] created by URFriend7860
for alone people only. are u sad? then come here and make happy all world
Delhi sx club chat room [public] created by manoj9818593092
Hi' I am manoj young and broadminded boy live in west delhi graduate and working in MNC looking the single and married woman for short term sex relationship if you are interested mail me manoj_kumar817@yahoo.com and talk with me directly...
raja chat room [public] created by rajajohn75
any body need chat of romantic
south bend IN chat room [public] created by jg574
sex, adult, 574, south bend, IN, dick, pusy, ass, titties, cum, squirt
selangor room chat room [public] created by amir215
untuk orang area selangor je...
Tennessee fun chat room [public] created by Benjamincole86
For real people real convo's .let's talk about music movies anything but please no drama or d bags this room is down to earth but in outer space so come in and say hi and be illuminated
loves time chat room [public] created by kumar94
making love.............................................................................................
i like arabi chat room [public] created by madhu1jack
specially im interested for arabi people
indian chat space chat room [public] created by satheshrao007
letz make new frenz and get together....
tonyyyy chat room [private] created by tonymale76
sex gay? please cam only cam sex!
only boys under 16 years chat room [public] created by Mathieu96
i want only boys under the 16 years old!
wanna chat888 chat room [public] created by nitroman88
lets go - anbody from auckland?
flirttt chat room [public] created by mcchubbs
i want you to come in here and be my friend... if your a women...
Queen fatima chat room [public] created by worth35
Hello, contact me and ill get to you back, thank you
Florida sexy singles chat room [public] created by Godson813
People in florida who wanna chat about anything and everything
Malvinas chat room [public] created by manpora
Falkland War & Argies. Does the Islands belong to Argentina?
pvtchat chat room [public] created by kissrex
wud like to make friends, ir interested write to me or join
relationship to be made chat room chat room [public] created by ksweet14
for people to find a gf or bf or husbind and wife.
Freaky Lezboz chat room [public] created by shay212
Love To Be Turned On Join This Chat Room And Prepare TO Have The Time Of Your Life
arabi-usa chat adult chat room [public] created by HoussamB
Welcome to the room of adult conversation
LOVE SEX FOR JUNIORS chat room [public] created by manishforubabes
JUNIORS SEX only kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
bi girls only 2395 chat room [public] created by shellybelly2395
this chatroom is only for bi or lez girls
teen only chat room for teens only chat room [public] created by ksweet14
for teens to talk about whatever maby find a bf of gf .
Emo Raving.xx chat room [public] created by EscLove4
Emo raving with glow sticks. ;) awwh yeah.<3
emo rage chat room chat room [private] created by keshiyafernando
i would like to hv dz kind f a chat room
Syracuse Chat chat room [public] created by Blewis
New to Syracuse and looking to meet people!
all is well but chat room [private] created by shreg
....................................................all is well............................................................
iDaho skinheads chat room [public] created by skinhead16
Chat room were skinheads can meet and talk about their beliefs
teen suicide help from teens chat room [public] created by jessferg317
get help from teens for suicide/depression
kpop fandom chat room [public] created by LAMR
anything about kpop music or lee joon:))))
Pro ana buddys chat room [public] created by CharleyRexxic
A chat site where pro ana people can help each other
reservate chat room [private] created by pesinha
chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat
Philadelphia1 chat room [public] created by lebeau215
If you want real connection with real people, then that's your room!
Angry. chat room [public] created by VikingGodess89
If you need to vent, and can't vent to anyone else, please come share your sorrows and angers. Even if you just like to show you support you are welcome to join.
young hearts chat room [public] created by mindsoul
young people love towards their partners
onele chat room [public] created by onele
hi like to chat with difrent peope just enter here u are bless.
Teen Center chat room [public] created by wolfmocky
For teens to find each other and for personal needs
the actual friendly room chat room [public] created by neon5555
feel free to express ur thoughts on friendship
High School Weight 110 chat room [public] created by HSWeight110
See how to lose weight and feel great IN JUST 90 Days!
Farts4All chat room [public] created by ryan6265
For the lovers of farts everywhere.
12 year olds chatroom chat room [public] created by Connorh18
12 year olds chatroom, sooo ya
alanna chat room [public] created by angelcat12345
anything they want to talk about
Tech. for students with Autism chat room [public] created by Rockstarrla
need to discuss technology in the classrooms of students with Autism. I will be teaching them soon, trying to graduate with a Master's in Ed. My name is Starrla or "Rockstarrla"!
Los Angeles Lesbians chat room [public] created by sexylatina2012
Find girls near Los Angeles. Love is really hard to find and this chat room can help us find her
Dirty Teens 13-15 chat room [public] created by MickiMouz
Dirty Teens anything goes.... XD
Fighting room Z.Z. chat room [public] created by ZariaZukuda
This is my room for anyone who wants to fight with me, no rules, except I never go for a kill shot. Have fun~ ^ ^
diante chat room [public] created by popa990
mineandhis chat room [private] created by Kitkat2013
kareem and me only:)))))) yes only us no one else
golf lovers chat room [public] created by laexpress
A place for golf lovers. a place for golf stories, golf help and great places to golf.
CONSPIRACY CHAT chat room [public] created by Neo1eht
NWO UFO ET PARANORMAL and all things out of the dubbed NORM i society Planet Earth awake!
pee holding contest chat room [public] created by adam2themax
if you need a wee and think you can hold it longer then people just try not to wee yourself or wear a nappy
pee holding chat room [public] created by adam2themax
pee holding till you wet your knickers
NWO UFO ET PARANORMAL chat room [public] created by Neo1eht
To discuss all things out of the NORMAL [box] of society. Planet Earth WAKE UP!
male gays 13-20 chat room [public] created by zippyalan
for gay people to meet up an find there soul mait or have fun
for all EMO if you dislike emo dont join the chat chat room [public] created by ksweet14
this chat room is for all emos out there to have someone to talk to.
Singels dating room chat room [public] created by Collins908
If you wana get a bf or a gf log in nw.
frostcouple 1 chat room [public] created by frostcouple
chat have fun meet new people with repect
psych majors chat room [public] created by alexfisher1985
a room for psych majors and grad students
horny in panties chat room [private] created by jerkinnpanties
a place to come and relax in panties and chat about what ever !
Room4All chat room [public] created by ScarTissu
Hey, just a room for all people ages 0-30, so if your older than that, GET OUT! This is just a place for all chat :)
Existence of God chat room [public] created by tomsalazar
This chat room is for those seeking a serious discussion about the existence of God.
kikers chat room [public] created by sheyannewooley
Bikers like kik and to talk on kik so kik the kik queen sheyanne000
aq worlds 3 chat room [private] created by OverRatedButton
friends onlyacheron chat room [private] created by MissAcheron
only my friends no strangers, perverts, or pyschos other then me allowed.
Girlz only in this room chat room [public] created by XxOViKiDxX
i am a guy that wats to hear and see some hot stuff
13 year old boys chat chat room [public] created by AureJG98
A chatroom for 13 year old boys
one piece vs naruto chat room [public] created by Mexboy607
1. better action n fights 2. best sad moments 3. most well design settings 4. funniest 5. better characters. 6. storyline 7 fillers 8. video games 9 music 10 time skip 11.excitement
boyfriend and girlfriend chat chat room [public] created by bigpapa88
if any girl or guy wanna dirty talk or hookup come here
Deathnote1245 chat room [private] created by xLightxYagamix
The others... chat room [public] created by Mirt
if you do not FIT inanyother chatroom. This is yours!
females from San Jose chat room [public] created by luking4funBayarea
Only females from San Jose Looking for fun and something real are invited...
people looking for relation ships chat room [public] created by mrj222
this is a place for people looking for relation ships and no sex sites please
Turkish-Talk chat room [public] created by Theimmortality
Türkçe sınırsız sohbet etmek isteyenler için...
loveforeveryone chat room [public] created by gummybearluvz
fun place to come and talk have a private conversation and be good no bad
lovely finding chat room [public] created by Janetsamson
to meet your love ones and make friend with new people
women for women chat room [public] created by sexichickforeal
ladies, let talk dirty to eachother. if you live in MO please cum in!
sameermuneer chat room [private] created by Sameermuneer
hai how r u i am sameer i like to meet and chat hot gril
Jasz7 chat room [private] created by Jasz7
Only Gals can enter this room. Looking for gals make me hot.
looking for a connection in Pheonix Arizona chat room [public] created by Justvisiting34
From Canada, looking for some help in Phoenix or Mesa Arizona
just to love chat room [public] created by HandFullofroses
any people who wish to share there love........its the room
BBWs bi or lez chat room [public] created by lexasinclair
Women only...pls respect that GUYs. Im lookin for ladies with webcams.
hack chat chat room [public] created by satman12
to talk about new technology in modding special devices
surya786 chat room [public] created by surya517
hello h r u dear hello good afternoon dear
hackincool chat room [public] created by satman12
for useful information on any device from sat
ryohei chat room [public] created by ryoheibako
hello . I'm japanese,anyone come
lokiin for a girl.... chat room [public] created by baadal9
only girls r invited. who r lookin for a gud n handsome boy
Let talk about relationship chat room [public] created by Calvinee
R u the first time... I'm Calvin came from Singapore and also stay here. Wat about u, r u single. If yes pls come in tis chat room for chat.
Qatar Roxx chat room [public] created by Flirtt
Dear Friends alL r welcome to qatar room
bipolarwhereoutthere chat room [public] created by bloodstained
we descuse how we are in life and share tips on copeing with life as we are
Male Escorts chat room [public] created by Escort30male
Male escort Hyderabad 24 Hours Door Step Service
Dubai -Gays chat room [public] created by Joeburdxb
For Hot Fun in Dubai . Invite all like minded ones for a hot fun in Dubai Deira Burdubai Area
POLY ROOM chat room [public] created by LV23
strictly polynesians no drama save it for ya mama just chat with beautiful polynesian women and strong polynesian men
alimonline chat room [public] created by alimonline
1-14 chat room [private] created by Jjg11
Interesting Mature People chat room [public] created by NeedforSleep
The coolest people in weirdtown.
Interesting Witty Mature chat room [public] created by NeedforSleep
The coolest place in weirdtown.
Mature Intelligent chat room [public] created by CasaSupernova
Mature Intelligent people having Mature and Intelligent conversations.
fullfilling need through chat chat room [public] created by Naman9991
only girl are allowed above 18 and below 30 okkk's come to chat fast i m waiting
great rebby12 chat room [public] created by rebby12
everybody is well come into this chat room this room is for those who are looking for a serous marriage
srikpm chat room [private] created by srikpm
hi im sri i'm chennai naan oru business man
Hyderabadi Prince chat room [public] created by kandurivamsi1989
Hyderabadi gUYS N gALZ...This Room is 4 U
hot n horny chat room [public] created by bigmatta
Come here if ur horny all are welcome
frind chat room [public] created by captain1975
i captain at sea like any girl to frindly with me
All about big boobs chat room [public] created by BigJuicyBoobs
Come and talk about your love of big breasts ;)
lets know each other chat room [public] created by toohappy
let just make new friends kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Gknath chat room [public] created by Gknath
Sharing feelings of love.love is gods gift.love one with truth and honest
Chicanopintamann chat room [public] created by Martha88
Hot prison man out right out of the pinta mmmmmmmmmm my papi chulo
Qatar Roxxxx chat room [public] created by Flirtt
WeLcome To OnLy QaTar Friends and enjoy shre your feelings
hack chat 1 chat room [public] created by satman12
info on modding special devices
sex89 chat room [public] created by bbs17
sexxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...................
motorsports chat room [public] created by vinod27
this chat room is for the motorsports lovers
All American Asian Chat Room chat room [public] created by xXjeraXx
This is a chat room designed for Asian American's but everyone is welcome!
for tanya chat room [private] created by jm1970uk
Private room to chat to tanya in
heeeeee chat room [public] created by chalone
m alone it sucks... but i love... i love in pain
any girls willin to exchange nude pics chat room [public] created by buddh420x
If u come i wanna see them tities
does he still love me chat room [public] created by looonelygirl
just confused and fed up... i just need someone to talk to.. any Perv's wont be of any help... thank you...
Sex w chat room [public] created by S117
Transgender Chat room chat room [public] created by JoshuaKing5
this room is for transgender/transexuals, intersexed people, signifacant others of TG's crossdressers and androgynous people. NOBODY ELSE! This room is for support!
needpartyfavors chat room [public] created by itsjustjenn30
anyone in birmingham or centerpoint area that can help me?
LTS anyone chat room [public] created by itsjustjenn30
anyone in the birmingham or centerpoint areas that can help me???
anyone in birmingham chat room [public] created by itsjustjenn30
looking for some party favors anyone know lora?
Egyptian friends chat room [public] created by vipk89
all Egyptians here come and join
mohamed akram chat room [public] created by mohamedakram
hi dear firends any person can chat with me
Best Friendship chat room [public] created by Lordjboy
I need a friend enter and stay here. Welcome pals.
friends forever ...2012 chat room [public] created by Augustine55
Welcome my friends net....can we start chain reaction...ok... come...and....join me...!
Angelo lovers chat room [public] created by Collowayne
Its for all:singles 2 mingle,create high rated friendship,date,flirt,intimacy and fun. By ANGELO WAYNE productizo
fun chat for all age and sex chat room [public] created by XxXxMiaxXxX
a fun chat for male and female.
les chat for 10-20 chat room [public] created by lonyxxx
only ten to 20 others will get banned !!!!!
lesbo chat for 10-20 chat room [public] created by lonyxxx
only ten to 20 others will get banned !!!!!
anna questions chat room [private] created by chefbluboy
questions for anna too answer so i can find out how much a slut she is?
Emo singles xD chat room [public] created by xXChristyBVBArmyXx
come meet emo singles n have fun meet other emos just like u
Want A real relationship chat room [public] created by Abri2274
You want something real? I do !
Yasarmaya chat room [public] created by yasarmaya
hai im maya im a designer ,all are welcome to chart
heavy metal for all chat room [public] created by illnEs909
come one come all lets chat about whats on your mind what in you pipe whats going on in the wold of cali
sexy for sex chat room [public] created by amjk
this chat room for fun and playing together ... also 4 c2c chat please girls don't be shy to show up we waiting for sexy boobs, body , ass , and pu**y
chat.f0r.iran chat room [public] created by saman2ir
life is a short trip!!! never forget it.
THE FRIENDS chat room [public] created by Mrsradcliffe
role play 69545674 chat room [public] created by superduper11
im a male looking for female roleplay!
stoners 909 chat room [public] created by illnEs909
lets talk about weed whats the best weed u had do u got a card for it and do u like or own any pipis or bongs
Cannabal chat chat room [public] created by barbequeboy
discuss about cannabalism and how we are treated unfairly
420 POTHEADS chat room [public] created by SiKOE420
homie room chick invited chat room [public] created by dudelover331
enyone can join my names isaiah lookin for somone to chat with perferbly a chick
carelylove chat room [public] created by Obedcare
I'm Decent, Respectful, caring, loving, hardworking,sincere,open minded,healthy,God fearing man,faithful and committed person that treat my woman with much respect who is very considerate of other people's feelings and adventurous Widower,I also consider myself to be honest and dedication to be my best attributes. I don?t play games with people?s emotions because I feel life is too short and high school was over a long time ago.Though am totally new on here, I?m looking for a woman who has similar interests as myself. (the opposites attract thing that would last for so long). Honesty is so important because it builds trust. Trust then builds friendship.Friendship then can develop into a relationship. If that is meant to be, it will happen. Life is short and it would be nice to have someone to share some of the fun things it has to offer and see how things develop. I feel very strongly that the right person is out there for everyone and I am on here to hopefully find the one for me and i have a good sense of humor.
Lez Teens only o.o chat room [private] created by JodyluffsYu
Yah..SO ONLY LEZ! O.O ...........................................
young and naughty chat room [public] created by DerekWWW
for young people tht are ready to talk naughty and act naughty but without rules !
loan seekers chat room [public] created by Fredricktaylor
GOOD DAY, ARE YOU INTERESTED IN GETTING AN URGENT LOAN, STUDENT LOAN, OR YOU NEED A LOAN TO PAY OFF YOUR BILL. IF YES, THEN CONTACT US VIA EMAIL AT: loaninvestmentfund01@gmail.com with this info. 1.Full Name:,2. gender:, 3.Age:, 4.Phone:, 5.Country:, 6.Loan Amount needed:, 7.Duration Period:, (8)Purpose of Loan:
SeXy NaUgHtY Chat chat room [public] created by naughtybiboy
all naughty boys/girls welcome..18+ please. thank you =D
skitzo room chat room [public] created by 666razakelfreak
this room is for everyone with a twisted mind talk to me and tell me if your good enough to be as skiztosick as me :D
Teens hook upp chat room [public] created by TomTd
Come here if you want to talk about or hook and your a teen.
Teen center All Teens chat room [public] created by wolfmocky
For teens who want to hook up and share photos upon other things as well.
korean peepz chat room chat room [private] created by lovelydane
Let's talk about the korean atmosphere . let's find out what are their cuture. and who are the most popular boyband or girl group there . korean peeps here are welcome .
ForeverAloneRoomm chat room [public] created by iWormnoyi
come if ya bored. just chat and have forever alone funnnzz
aly2012 chat room [public] created by alyjumba
No perv's please! I'm Alyssa, I'm in h.s and I love making new friends :]
thisissex chat room [public] created by imanickr
thisissex thisissex thisissex thisissex thisissex thisissex thisissex
shabarish chat room [public] created by shabarishmali
hot cute teens chat room [public] created by Yes12122
hot cute teens looking to chattt and text
12 year olds ppl ONLY chat room [public] created by kutebaybiiee
Come if you're 12 years old!! Bored and want 2 chat 2 sumone ur own age? JOIN!! must be 12! (or 13)
fun and fun chat room [private] created by malman123
good morning < hi < how are you ?< i love you .
A Loving Good Friend chat room [public] created by josethomasindia
I am Jose from India, moving to US very soon. I love good friends and like to have more . If any one interested lets be friends. Thank you
i love sex ComE chat room [public] created by Cajera
Come here if u are horny and mobile Seks people including me cajera ;)
Real Vampyres. chat room [public] created by Raven1663
title says it. Come on in, if you would like to.
Looking For A Nanny Governess chat room [public] created by dennaElCobarde
Looking for a Nanny to take full charge over a very effeminate and cowardice 23 year old boy named denna.
fems 4 fems chat room [public] created by reannon
girls who love big boobs and like to talk about them
bi and nughty chat room [public] created by dudelover331
come and flirt im single and it sucks
blowjob in heaven chat room [public] created by Samantha5
only boys who have soft cock should come it is stictily prohibited from small dick
cam plz chat room [public] created by xxxlol6
welcome to all girls u can add my skype or yahoo my ID xxxlol6
girls chating chat room [public] created by samer22112
pouya chat room [private] created by pourya1995
Im aboy who wants to comunicate with other pepole and making new friends
Black TX Love chat room [public] created by Tametra
Black singles in Texas looking to chat, meet & greet
FUN-CHAT chat room [public] created by Ukraines
This chat is for everyone, who wants to spend a good time, chating with other people! You can discuss all the topics here of all spheres of social life! "Do not be boring - be fun" -is the motto of this room. Welcome!
pee lover chat room [public] created by xsum36
who want sex .who want pissing off on body. and all over ...the body
MatureLonely-India chat room [public] created by CoolBrezeM
We all feel lonely and lost at times.. It is nice to meet and talk with some one similar and similar to keep life moving..who knows you might find a soul-mate..
ladies in new hampshire rdy to go chat room [public] created by jonesdrew2288
ladies who r up and wanting to hook up
funky foes chat room [public] created by jeywink9
for funky....cool ppl waning yo chat about simply nutn
Bored young adults chat room [public] created by Keb420
Just people that are from 18-26 please
The Straight chat room [public] created by WriteMeALoveSong
17+. No Gays or Bi's. ONLY STRAIGHT PEOPLE! No Spammers or Gross Talkers. GTFO if you so happen to follow under this the no categories :)
Hot girl C2C in skype chat room [public] created by ryha014
hi hot guy here looking for hot girls hu wants 2 have c2c in skype add me chie014
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