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List of all user-created chat rooms #276
the weirdo chat room [public] created by imthebest15
a chat room where any 1 can be a weirdo show ur inner weirdo
spammer chat room [private] created by ghettodeath
for the spammers of Chat Hour. only i can invite them, but not if you're a HACKER.
if you dont know me stay out chat room [private] created by dakon
helllllllllllo there what the this is bull shit
Anis chat chat room [public] created by discodiva1984
anyone can join who isen't a loser
ice-cream chat room [public] created by imthebest15
anyone can talk about they want!
Total Country Chat chat room [public] created by SweetSouthernGirl121
All are welcome. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL. If anyone is disturbing you please let me know. If you are disturbing someone you will be kicked out of this room. Have fun! Thanks
flirt with girl chat room [public] created by jr134
to find some girl whose is single and want to in a relationship
Luminous Arc Roleplay chat room [public] created by BrilliantWitchLucia
........................Do I need to? -whispering- Oh HELL NO! I am NOT doing that crap on a pole!
black dangling stick chat room [public] created by knightrider2012
i have a white but kind of black penis and i like my big balls and pubes
Reggae in Vancouver chat room [public] created by MichaelaPoe
Everybody who loves to enjoy Reggae Music
Reggae ONE LOVE chat room [public] created by MichaelaPoe
reggae massive - come together :) one love
Im so horny So help me chat room [public] created by TwitterAddict
If you're horny, come on in! It's good for masturbating!
teen people chat room [private] created by whitewolf1245
Teens can just talk. Like about anime, teen stuff, or chicken. And just talk.
ksa lovers chat room [public] created by cascaval
to whom feel lonely and need some one to talk with
Minecraft 2012 chat room [public] created by KoreKiller2012
Looking for people who enjoy playing Minecraft and want to play.
Gay emo support chat room [public] created by swekinish
Only use if your gay, lesbian or bi :)
Ethian 15 Montana chat room [public] created by DreaminPisces14
im lookin for a ethian w from montana! black hair blue eyes and snake bites!
mikesj chat room [private] created by mikesj23
only to talk to that special girl:)
monkee chat room [public] created by MonkeeLover
to discuss all things monkee-related
Cali people chat room [public] created by DramaFree3
I just need help figuring out if i should move to cali this summer and where the best places are to go and such
syria-Bisex chat room [public] created by penerico28
Boreddddd chat room [public] created by LCfromDubC
I'm new to this and the other chatrooms , that I entered just didn't seem that interesting XD,so I decided to create my own. Anyone that is bored can come right in.
teen foot worship chat room [public] created by Footboyx
To talk about teen feet age between 14 and 18
Federal Way Chat chat room [public] created by jts98116
Any thing goes. Lets talk about coolest clubs, bars or relatxing areas. These are just examples but anything goes.
Fighting room 1889 chat room [public] created by xSZx
This is a room to fight, train, ect..ect..
12-15DatingChat chat room [public] created by janella13
Duh, it's kinda in the name....
dhaka gayes chat room [public] created by kieron079
bangladeshi chat room bangladeshi chat room bangladeshi chat room bangladeshi chat room bangladeshi chat room
ppl 11-12 years old chat room [public] created by rainfeather
lol the name describes it bla bla bla vl al vSUhrgquhdluihflihwe
Cool Kidz Room chat room [public] created by girlygirl1011
for cool kidz made by a cool kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
psychic friends chat room [public] created by biguy15ab
a place where u can go to talk abt ur probs
girls and guys talk chat room [public] created by basira143
everyone is welcome to join and talk about anything they want. if u are not happy or u have any problem with anybody u can put them on block.
Awesome Group chat room [public] created by CammiBear
Awesome people!! if your awesome this is the group for you!! have FUN!!!
Love for Emos chat room [public] created by XxbleedinxhartxX
For emo guys and girls that want to find love
Gay bi boys chat room [public] created by shortytrey
Gay or bi people that are looking for a boyfriend
Chatterbox3w456w2 chat room [private] created by rubygrubbs
Just chatting about things thatare cool fun like everyday activities
WHO WANA JOIN A RP SITE chat room [public] created by Pierceycue
Not the dirty way O.O like an anime role playing chat site? its like a community thing but the rules are mild. its not just for chat. hopefully some of u know what it is..... you make a character and then you role play as him/her??? its fun. you get your own profile and stuff...... customization.
Young gay boys 123 chat room [public] created by kingkillah1234
All young gay boys can express there feeling
Hey i am boredso i decided to make a chat room so chat room [public] created by JarrodHooker
hi bored decided to make a chat room so bored
all alone chat room [private] created by cutepie231
it just me and my friends and someother peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
texas fun chat room [public] created by daviddhard
for texas fun and hook up singles or married lets play
dingdong chat room [public] created by kavron
just ding dong the door and you are most welcome for chat
single and realdy to mingle chat room [public] created by danieleeatsgirls
well people looking for single peole.
Sallynbing chat room [private] created by Bingbing129
looking for another woman to join my girlfriend and I in a private chat.
manish giri chat room [public] created by manishgiri12
chat only girl nd boy chat only girl nd boy chat only girl nd boy chat only girl nd boy
Bollywood chat room [public] created by Ayesha8
this chat room is for all those bollywood lovers
rick chat room [public] created by rickyom
24 year male WELCOME TO THE EMO RAGE ROOM, This room is for all for casual chat, if you want sex go to Adult chat or Christian chat, warnings apply to all if you choose to ignore banning is approx 12 hours.
Sams Chatroom chat room [private] created by SammyCooper
Chat about anything! Computers, art, chathour, chat about chatting, chat about the room, but really, just chat.
only Ayesha chat room [public] created by Ayesha8
hey this is for people who want to know me better
Sammys chat room [public] created by SammyCooper
Chat! Chat chat chat! All are welcome :)
Creative chat room chat room [public] created by izzy125
People who are very artistic. Love to watch movies and love play kinect.
sex n hot chat chat room [public] created by lucky59x
this is the room to do unlimited non adult people can not come here
Bisexual room relation chat room [public] created by Raymond09
Searching a relations,friend,or textmate...pLzz enjoy now please have a fun and joy here thank you for joining !!
politics field chat room [public] created by vip2
people who r intrested in politics , want to ride on power can chat with me .
sex talk 3 chat room [public] created by john123454321
sex talk between me and girls................
hot 89room chat room [private] created by teji89
this room is for all for sex chat
TeenLove Love Chat Room chat room [public] created by Gigglez415
For teens 16-18 to find love!!! Enjoy your time!!!
Only People In Altus Ok And Have A Profile picture chat room [public] created by EmmanuelLovesYou
Welcome Only Gay Or Bisexual Guys !
winnipeg mb chat room 13-18 chat room [public] created by ajm213
you have to be 13-18 to join chat room
internet sex chat room [private] created by santsex
hey only gals join this room its for takin dirty
lesbian talk77 chat room [public] created by bombdiggidy77
lesbians only no men just us girls
Chatters Dubai chat room [public] created by cristine2012
anyone who's from dubai can join in ds group so we can find more friend
coimbatore hot boysand girls chat room [public] created by krishlove21
only moody girls come to this room.... exchange u r mobile number and have fun
real seks malaysia chat room [public] created by piratejb
untuk perkenalan yang membawa kepada hubungan seks... selamat mencari pasangan....
So Yesterday chat room [private] created by AloraDeAnte
Just...because I've been listening to old 90s music and this was the current song playing. Mwaha. XD
bangalore buzz chat room [public] created by gautamsid
this is a pubil room.this chat room is created for sexual or illegal activities..
Kwaii.desu chat room [public] created by TheDjango
Anime room for people who like anime, do I really need to give an explanation? To be honest if you know what bleach, Naruto or lucky star is you'll like this room.
SoCal 420 kush smokers only chat room [public] created by Ready420fun
Anybody in souther California is welcom
ready to mingle chat room [public] created by sweetsexyy
u single cum join and bring ur single friends along to meet the sexyyyy girl
laid back chill funny chatroom chat room [public] created by 31394
a wats up anyone want to chat new here
13-16 Year Olds In Scotland chat room [public] created by XDaynaLuvsYaX
Chat room for 13 - 16 yr olds to meet new people and chat not for older adults or younger children. Please note: This chatroom is n ot for sexual or illegal activities.
Get back at your ex chat room [public] created by CC071
Innocent venting on how relationships turn sour and how to move on and make them feel they lost something special
hacker room2 chat room [public] created by alexboy7
if do you need help come here..............................
Malaysian Gay chat room [public] created by ohnana93
untuk Gay2 dari Malaysia sahaja,,,
singels usa chat chat room [public] created by miky4558x
All singel males n females chat
Dad and Daughters chat room [public] created by hotcheer15
dad and daughter that want to chat with other dad and daughters 13 -60 years old
Werewolves chat chat room [public] created by Sophiemarie197
for people who likw werewolves
star166 chat room [private] created by star1667788
hi guest invited for sexy chat
Anbudanraj chat room [public] created by AnbudanRaj
Hi all This is Raj i am very cool always
Tarot readings chat room [public] created by twitchy4231
basic three card draw readings, and explanations of each card, I have been reading for 7 years
Flipnote Hatena Chatroom chat room [public] created by CsychoCat
Just random Flipnote Hatena user chatroom... Need drawing tips or animation tips? Come here for help!
flirtysensationz chat room [public] created by xflirty1x
flirty ppl welcome married single whatever if u wanna flirt here is the room to do it in all you need is a good sense of humour and not take things to seriously so come on lets have some fun
seks malay chat room [public] created by wunnywins
only who can speak malay. story bout anything
Lonely Lesbian chat room [public] created by les22699
this is for all lesbians who are single and need someone to date
animal interests chat chat room [public] created by animalloverboy18
People who love to experiment , no matter who its with or what its with
Sex Pic Traders chat room [public] created by kcfosho
if you like sexting or send pics to ppl online come in
For girls to meet guys chat room [public] created by Matthewtheman
a place where girls can come to meet good looking guys
Jeddah Boys and Girls chat room [public] created by majididries
This room is for the residents of Jeddah. We should all be able to get together, break social barriers and chat with one another.
Teen Talk.... chat room [public] created by 14girlxxxx
Teens, come and talk! Must be aged 13-19!! Anyone not this age will be kicked out:P
NoOneShutup is a bitch chat room [public] created by footlover105
NoOneShutup is a bitch NoOneShutup is a bitch NoOneShutup is a bitch NoOneShutup is a bitch
Baptist Room chat room [private] created by sickkid12
Hey its sickid12. Im the establisher of this room. Please baptist only.
ummmmm chat room [private] created by BOODAGE6
room for open minds people chat room [public] created by mec004
you'll find what you looking for
141414141414141414 chat room [private] created by BOODAGE6
141414141414 chat room [public] created by BOODAGE6
LAS VEGAS 30 TO 50 CHAT chat room [public] created by ziggyyy1
VEGAS BI chat room [public] created by ziggyyy1
Ppl born on 2001 only. chat room [public] created by daliota2001
This room is only for people born in 2001.
xD hello chat room [private] created by HornyBlackshotGal
MUAHAHHAHAHA :D horny yeah~ oh and nobody can come except i invite OH YEAH
bum chat room [public] created by Missmusicmad97
welcome! Hope you like it! Xxxx
My own room for only me and me alone chat room [public] created by discodiva1984
This is for cool people only not losers
zeros chat chat room [public] created by zero21994
a simple place where ppl can meet new friends and talk
Love Advice Room chat room [public] created by ShawdiiMii1369
A Room Where Yhu Can Talk About Your Love Issues And Get Advicee...
EmO gIrLz OnLy chat room [public] created by mattyboy0293
this is a chat room with emo girl only if your a boy you will be banned
leeds singles chat room [public] created by jameslufc
come and meet new people in your area get to no them a bit better
Homestuck Trolls chat room [public] created by GamzetteMakara
just love the fact we get to read this awsome comic everyday :0)
Friendly 2 chat room [public] created by srsid12
Girls only allowed in my chat room cuz i hate males
-Otaku Chat- chat room [public] created by SoulEaterMaka
Just come in to chat and RP about anything Anime/Manga related!
Teenage Dating chat room [public] created by Kelcie
For teens 13-17 ONLY just to talk to any teens wanting a relationship:)
12to13year old single boys come.Boys only.ImNoLez chat room [public] created by FinnFinny
Im looking for a boyfriend and i need one badly! please come!
biesexual chat room [public] created by sasha25a
hotties boobies bodies sexy cute young
Geometry chat room [public] created by tacopanda
I just need help in geometry.. and maybe others do too? :D
Love India chat room [public] created by Ravekay
Welcome to Love india Chatroom. A friendly chatroom mend for all age groups and to people all around the World. Have Fun everyone.
Hanna Nicole Tan chat room [public] created by hannanicoletan
21. F here from Illinois.. Looking for someone to have fun and get naughty with
Aussie gays chat room [public] created by Jakey12
Anyone in Australia that is gay.
Eric Room chat room [private] created by Kontra813
Haterz Belong chat room [public] created by haterhate
Way and when u was Hated it all starts here ...OBLIVION
horny Tennessee Residents chat room [public] created by trackrunner94
anybody from Tennessee lookin for hookups
Discrete chat with young teen chat room [public] created by SlickyNikky666
Im looking for a man to show me what a big cock really looks like.
College Spring Break chat room [public] created by austin08171
Time to get wild and get crazy during our break guys and girls. Lets get this going
sex007 chat room [public] created by praveend73
anal sex here fgbfgfhngnhhgnhmnhmnhmnhmn
Skype Nudists chat room [public] created by wearpants15
If you have skype and wanna get nude on cam, this is the place to be
40s and above chat room [public] created by Ravekay
Open to all topic chatroom.... HAVE FUN ALL
seeking shemale chat room [public] created by larmmar
people who are looking for shemales
lady police chat room [public] created by police9000
lady police india wome police india
Abithabachan chat room [public] created by Ravekay
North and South indian Movie Stars...... a special moment with you
-Prettie Bishes ONLY chat room [public] created by Nanisszx3
only for the pretty people non pretty people :x .. get OUT (:
Love isnt the pain we feel chat room [public] created by AngelOfDeath15
Love is always the feeling we always get after a good nights sleep
xxx 18 chat room [public] created by mzzr
talk then swap emails and private chat it up peeps
korean be my friends0 chat room [public] created by MizChenee
blah.........................................................................hehehe :)
Islam peace chat chat room [public] created by biftu99
Peace be un to you ! Asselamu aleikum dear bro n sis :) in this chat room u can share ideas about Islam religion . Jzk !!
Ophanage chat room [public] created by Lanfat
Help the poor,the poor around african need help,God we provide for u al
animi chat room [public] created by someshsanimi
military chat 1998 chat room [public] created by iLoveTheuUsmc1998
idc what yall talk about just chat
Hi Everyone chat room [public] created by hedgesexxi1
Just talk. That's it.........................................................
Northeast chat room [public] created by sunscor
basically for northeast indian... However, every human being is invited.
HELP THE POOR chat room [public] created by Lanfat
Hep the poor people in ur area and around african,u can discuse on the poor
temptation chat room [private] created by Anandb107
Come and hve ur xprience with me....
adult love for you chat room [public] created by bellefillee
adult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult lovevadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult loveadult lovevadult love
horny room for all ages of men and girls chat room [public] created by lovergurl121
super fun for singles to do, stuff. have a great time
fashinionistas chat room [public] created by kikay1992
kikay's and fashionista's room
people who like candy and chocolate. chat room [public] created by daliota2001
People who like cany and chocolate.
Baton Rouge... LA All welcome chat room [public] created by Aftern00nDel1ght
Adault chat. Let's meet folks in our local area. I am sexy, depending on how I am presenting myself. Men, women, in between. All welcome.
looking for a pro ana buddy chat room [public] created by thinness23
if u are having trouble getting to ur goal come here
jamaican les chat room [public] created by sexydesea
any woman need a jamaican woman to date this is the place to find one
Frnds For Ever44 chat room [public] created by Kevinsivan
Hai Guys !!! LEts we talk What We Are in our Mind !! Lets Share our Funny And Enjoyable Momments!
spermshower chat room [public] created by 81sperm
adult room for anyone wanting to play dirty and show what they got
friends randome chat room [public] created by daliota2001
only for a chat with friends awesome lol
Nice Guys chat room [public] created by Hoff16
Random stuff talk about whatever, nice guys/girls only. Pervs/creepers will be banned though
talk sexual chat room [public] created by frybaby97
can talk about sexual stuff only
Normal chat room for anyone chat room [public] created by MattFinzer
Welcome, you are free to join this chat room! This is a normal chat room, no offensive language allowed!
Regular Chat Room chat room [public] created by MattFinzer
Welcome, offensive language is not allowed!
bisexual dirty talk chat room [public] created by wellr742
delhi.......... chat room [public] created by vermapnp
i m looking for a cute girl...............................................................
TeensChat chat room [public] created by ChelseyElizabeth
where teens can just have fun an get too know eachother :)
sucking cock chat room [public] created by enemyedward
people who like having their dicked sucked
peehu room chat room [public] created by peehu
hot babyjhkjhjkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ones chat room [public] created by kevthekid
for any singles that are trying to meet someone and chat
dar es salaaym only chat room [public] created by kijana1
dating only fo those who are single and need to have a date
awesome chats chat room [public] created by coolgurl1234563
this is a a chat for awesome people who want to talk to awesome me
Eriks panty chat chat room [public] created by lacyjoe711
For anyone who loves to wear sexy panties! Men or women!
girls fo girls chat room [public] created by caprisunbaby16
for GIRLS only! were they can discuss confedential things!
bbw sexy freaks chat room [public] created by singlefire55
bbws that love sex an online exchangeing
skyrimonly chat room [public] created by diana332
this is for skyrimmers hahahahahahahahahahahaha
hot nadeem chat room [private] created by khannadeem
pls chat me girl women.come and go sf
srilaxmi chat room [public] created by srilaxmi get sensual relationship
1010000 chat room [public] created by strongman09
come chat with me if u want share u sex..................................
swinge chat room [public] created by strongman09
if want swinger with u partner chat with me ...................
Anime Online Role Play Chat chat room [public] created by LoneWolve74
For RPG'ers Who want to Game+Chat, No Rules Just Keep It Clean. Act as a Anime Character, Heck Even a Moster, What Ever Floats Your Boat. Come as a Character Or Just Watch.
za srpske devojke cekam vas chat room [private] created by baneks
slobodno udjite da uzivamo u opustenoj komunikaciji
dirty chat for girla chat room [public] created by bigmac1994
This room is just for ppl wanting dirty pics of Dick and vagina
Imma bitch chat chat room [public] created by xxxxxHailstormxxxxxx
Where members can be a bitch if they want to and not get banned for it!!!
anything for cash chat room [public] created by sarah1211
i need cash quick, will do anything x
Writers and book fanatics chat room [public] created by babyKaykes123
pro or amature writers can meet up here and share advice or book fans can come here and descuss new books etc. no perves :p
hook ups in florida chat room [public] created by nelle27
people looking to have safe fun in the florida area
Lautech chat room [public] created by Adekunbi
For gurls mainly in Ogbomoso,meeting and dating,having fun with each other for Lautech students...
strate sub boy chat room [public] created by karas24
im looking for older dom females
missions launch out chat room [public] created by missionlove4
it is a mission oriented, friendly chat and christians interractive forum.
Northampton chat room [public] created by johnnycosmos
Western Mass. Bi chat for bi men in the Northampton Area. Just for chat and possible non sexual meets. A room of especial interest for (slightly) older students, academics and book addicts!
sluts only and cams chat room [public] created by stephen1272
horny gay and bi gays chat room [public] created by alwayshornyboy3
hey all you horny gay and bi guys, cum over and do ur thing
Northern Utah Gays chat room [public] created by CentervilleMan31
All gay guys who live in northern utah.
romance101 chat room [public] created by chatme101
ask questions about romance we can help you and you can help us
zata chat room [private] created by mohamedzaid
hiiii im lookin 4 girls 4 good friendship and funny talk
The Paradox unorthodox chat room [public] created by thenaws
I'm brilliant! I like brilliant people! I don't care how you spell, I don't care if you're semi-normal or completely out of there, I just care that you have an angle of brilliance, whatever it may be.
if you like zaina18 chat room [public] created by zaina18
this zaina18 chatroom boys i might like u chat room [public] created by paul1984
the best chat room in the world
where girls meet sexy guys chat room [public] created by Matthewtheman
meet new ppl and be able to have fun and get to know ppl
pauls room2 chat room [public] created by paul1984
the beat chat room ever
singer chat chat room [public] created by rainight
this is a room where singers or mushions can compaire styles andsongs
share my wife chat room [public] created by cincyguy45
interested in sharing my wife with another guy
secret sexy room chat room [private] created by youngtwink97
a room that is secret AND sexy :D
-Otaku- chat room [public] created by SoulEaterMaka
A place to talk about anything Anime/Manga related! Possibly RP, its up to you!
springfield chat chat room [public] created by willandhannahh
people that live in the ozarks are of missouri (springfield and marshfield)
real talk of the real chat room [public] created by TommyofTexas
I am incouraging open minds to be friendly or respect the spiritual being of every person who deserves it
13-14 year old Anime Chat chat room [public] created by AnimeJulie
Kids can chat about anime, without being bothered by adults.
Baltimore Sex Room chat room [public] created by Zabiking
for people in Maryland who want no strings attached sex
scemo chat room [public] created by zoraZombiee
this is just a chat room . theres no rules . :))))))))
funxxxchat chat room [public] created by danny003
bla bla bla for who want's have fun from evrywere
riendly friends chat room [private] created by dedemom
to get to know each other in a quite and private place
mianda19 chat room [public] created by miranda19yrsold
lesbian and all girls are welcome, no guys, so come on and enjoy yourself
broken wings chat room [public] created by snowwolfbat
i dont care what you do :D as long as you dont piss me off im good with it
MyChatxxx chat room [private] created by niranjana06
Fantasy With MsDoAnything chat room [public] created by MsDoAnything
wht do u think it is about. just get yur imagination ready to roll
porn addicts chat room [public] created by jut421
porn addict talking room for porn addicts
calling all Furries chat room [public] created by evilsnowleoper
calling all furries! its a chat room for only furries
Android Developer chat room [public] created by unam
people who are interested in android development area can join this room...
xxx x chat room [private] created by niranjana06
loners chat room chat room [public] created by evilsnowleoper
if you are a lonely human or furry or whatevery you are. your not alone.
Wolfie BlackHearts and other wolves chat room [public] created by AndreawBiersack
this chat room is for Wolf packs, or other wolves, like the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack led by Wolfie BlackHeart, any of those that aren't wolves, or can not prove it will be band, for this is a online wolf pack for wolves every where to comunicate to another, thank you, and howl when ever you want :3
GURLZONLY chat room [private] created by aarynpooboo
singles gays chat room [public] created by julliusc
if you are single just chat with other single
looking for a 15 year old girlfriend chat room [public] created by PaulyD42
i want to find a girl the same age as me cause i am feeling lonely. some one in australia in victoria that is willing to have a good comitied relationship.
sexy cht chat room [private] created by prakash91
any sexy girls can come in for sex chat
Minecraft Chat Room chat room [public] created by bobillian
Room about everything minecraft!
lonely gay singles chat room [public] created by julliusc
get a chance to talk with others singles
sex talk about dick or pusssyy chat room [public] created by sexiekk
talk all the sex you wont no matter what it is i am up for it
lesbians from littlerock ark chat room [public] created by mzbadazz84
this room is for sinle sexy lesbians from the littlerock area to meet and greet and have fun with hot exotic fems !
africas got swagg chat room [public] created by princebushy
tired of searching for people around you, try somewhere you can relax and feel your words flow, poetry is allowed, music is prescribed and etc
tradepics chat room [public] created by bmango98
girls with cell/ email wanna trade pics with 19 m, usa :)
gir1s that want a g00d b1ack bf chat room [public] created by k3nr0ck
my names kenneth and we1c0me t0 my r00m n0 gays dudes a110wed 0r perveted fags that act 1ike wem0n t0 the fruits thats 0ut there
deziner chat room [private] created by deziner
me 25 male 5.11ht fair and good looking.......... i love to kiss the pink lips girl......i like hairy chest ........ like to suck big and big cock......if i like him too much then i can take his lusty cock inside my ass completely....... i like to do sex with top and straight boys too much........ these all about me and my likes..........what abt u.....????? wanna add somthing more.....emotional guys....plz stay away...i dont want any emotional relationship.....i want only one nitestand....can u do it hardly with me.......i like wild sex.....can u become wild with me.....then....come to taste me....come to experince the new world of sex.....u
dateing r00m 0n chat room [public] created by k3nr0ck
straight pp1 0n1y n0 gay dudes
Ellensburg chat room [public] created by Musici4n
Hey, anyone else from E-burg out there? I'm a 19-year-old CWU guy
friendly chat room2 chat room [public] created by pradip2
hay i am deep from kolkata i want to more friendship are you like call me nine eight three zero six five three one five one
sucksex chat room [public] created by garimamangemore
oucccchhhh.. where hardness takes over
fun roleplay chat chat room [public] created by dopepusher
be who you want to be after a long day of work or play come home to your imaginary sweetheart and kids if you want any :)
bored during spring break...WTF chat room [public] created by amv1091
just wanna chat about an open topic
Naruto is da bomb chat room [public] created by Deidarasbiggestfan
Talk about naruto and his book's characters (for anime lovers like me!)
MSPaint Adventures chat room [public] created by ApocalypseArisen
Homestuck readers chat room welcome to the world of alernia
Sri friends chat room [public] created by Srinivas73
Hi every one free to chat to me
Nuar chat room [public] created by Nuar16
hello aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa h hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Las Vegas Nights chat room [public] created by LvHotMama84
fun people from vegas or who love vegas!!!
Malaysian-Penang chat room [public] created by wulanfo
For malaysian to chit chat here. Please have fun on this room
subs and doms chat room [public] created by xtophe
A room for submissive slaves and dominant masters&mistresses
toy-cube-boy chat room [public] created by rkocsis92
for cougars only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mona chat room chat room [private] created by mona2l2
khosh umadi bacheha in room makhsuse bachehaye irani hast lotfan khareji jamaat nayan tu.
Eating Disorder support chat room [public] created by torijaeh
Support and chatting for people with eating disorders
Singles 16 n up chat room [public] created by Emilia0950
all the singles are allowed to flirt here or other things you guys wanna say
only girls is allowed chat room [public] created by pilyoo
looking 4 serious relation only girl is allowed i am a Filipino looking for for my lifetime partner im serious so please be serious
Hela bored im 23 male cougers u rock my world chat room [public] created by RockstarMe
Life is to short so let loose and enjoy the ride....dont be that hater everyone hates you dig
OPEN FORUM chat room [public] created by glamme
NO TRASH TALK ! it's open for everyBody!! Come !!
Ict Sucks chat room [public] created by Ashleigh1997
for those who think ict at skool sucks :/
spankspank chat room [public] created by brucewashere
Anything spanking Lets talk about what you like. Love over the knee and most girls could use a spanking
Emo Desire chat room chat room [public] created by Ne0nRainbowz
"Yhu are what yhu eat" hmmm i dont remember eating a unicorn .______.'
i made it b cause of ........ chat room [public] created by tayaaaa
hi guys i really dont know what should i write but i have 2 do this....
0233 GHANA chat room [public] created by Maestro0233
GirLZ only XxXx chat room [public] created by Jessjess05
well this is just a chat room for lesbo only
wolfsie1 chat room [public] created by Jasmine2001
i am looking for a guy so come on in and give me a reason why u should stay
single girls come here chat room [public] created by andrew154
come if single 16 only or not come if interested
Freerunning chat room [public] created by banatan
wer kennt sich mit freerunning aus bitte melden
Making San Diego Girls Slippery chat room [public] created by Oilthatgirl
I would like San Diego's Girls opinions of being oiled and massaged with respect both ways
e harmony 2 chat room [public] created by prophet12
meet your lover with this cool chat
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