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List of all user-created chat rooms #288
YoungPinoy chat room [public] created by robetrkwok
The room is for youg pinoys who are 20 years old and below only. Straigh, Bi, and gays are highly acceptable
sports room only 13-15 chat room [public] created by totiehottie99
only 15-13 u love sports come here
fun111 flirt room chat room [public] created by franchiseboi
if your a FEMALE and want to talk and flirt come join me
horny people baby chat room [public] created by annie1992
chat room where people can get it on!
horny people hell yeah chat room [public] created by annie1992
people get horny and take off their clothes
awan chat room [public] created by awan1233
awan wants tochat with good and lovely ladies
Texas Girls chat room chat room [public] created by BlueMoon15
Where Texas girls can meet other Texas girls. (:
trying to hook up chat room [public] created by nikjay434343
for ppl trying to find someone
13-16 and single chat room [public] created by nikjay434343
Looking for a girlfriend any age im 14 male chat room [public] created by Doko113
lookin for a girlfriend any age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
horny people01524 chat room chat room [public] created by MaleFB
this chat room where horny Males/Females should go 2 !! And I wish it will be successful :D join it and have fun chating with horny people :D
Guy on Girl chat room [private] created by KJones91
Guys and girls meet up for adult cam session ;)
INDIANZ chat room [public] created by samosaravanan
WELCOME TO INDIAN CHAT ROOM.this is the casual chat room not for erotic and sex chat.if you like sex chat please go to adult friendship is most important....
dear diary chat room [public] created by exalander
im here to talk about any of your problems, whether it be with life, money, love. whatever. ive been told im empathetic. so lay it on me.
Want to see my BIG breasts chat room [public] created by BigJuicyBoobs
Come here if you wanna c my huge tits x
Hentai unleashed chat room [public] created by FutaMaria
Any kind of hentai fans no haters
Entertainmentbd chat room [public] created by kushtiabd
Manus Vojlay Sonar Manus Hobi. All Bangladeshi r avaiable hear to chat and share life with each other.
classiciam chat room [private] created by classiciam
this room is going to be private
heatfan89 private chat room [private] created by heatfan89
A chat room for me and the ladies to have some "private" fun.
gay sex hot horny chat chat room [public] created by deeteegaga
where guys can cum and get off with other horny gays
altinyaar room chat room [public] created by altinyaar
man 22 sale az keshvare iran hastam va hendoostan ra doost daram
bored and horny1111 chat room [public] created by mark1995
just bored and ya know lol...........................
tacos chat room [public] created by warhammerfan
Sexy Freaky Bisexuals And Lesbians chat room [public] created by chyrozayy
Freaky girls only :p looking for some funnn
Over 30 Married or single greet and meet chat room [public] created by dsrtvulcan
A room for the more mature individual, wise in the way of the world, with a sense of humor, lust for life and desires to be resolved. A place to form relationships with a view to participating together in activities from Golf to Theater, from a shoulder to cry on to a passionate affair leading to long term relationships.
Kannada or telugu chat chat room [public] created by Krishnaaaaaa
Just free chat wth bold girls of any age!
Your Topic chat room [public] created by DrWex917
A chatroom for those who want to discuss their interests with others. Anything that you find engaging or entertaining, well, here's where it can be
k-9 chat chat room [public] created by rebblechik69
a room for select groupe of people to chat about special things and activities
poorvi chat room [private] created by poorvikakalyan
private. i am a tamil girl interested in fun talk
ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chat room [private] created by ankit1973
WOW Philippines chat room [public] created by mannx
This Chatroom serves as a meeting place for Filipinos to come together and foster friendship, brotherhood, and goodwill. Though not exclusive to Filipinos alone, this room welcomes other Asians, Amerasians, Euroasians, and other race without prejudice to color, gender preference, age, and religion. Please feel free to introduce yourselves and join in the chat. All are encouraged to practice and observe restraint to avoid disrupting the flow of activity that will cause to annoy and be a nuisance to another member. This chatroom is Strictly Moderated. Offenders shall be banned from re-entering this room. All are welcome... Tuloy po kayo!
nildirty1971 chat room [public] created by nildirty1971
any indian aunty want to talk about sex come no
HELLOOOOOOOO chat room [public] created by EwanNol
infectedwap.comCHAT ROOMS chat room [public] created by xmzflirtyx
free fun friendly chat :) come join us at
horny singles chat chat room [public] created by Kelitokells
make love, have fun,girls nd boys fell free to chat'lets go dere, is FUN
muslim women only chat room [public] created by aminah999
come and talk about islam,ask questions and share each others knowleadge..
sexy skanks chat room [public] created by kaykay9991
Just come in and meet some sexy skanks. Who knows you might get laid tonight.
Roleplayers only chat room [public] created by HikaHitachiin1
Not only meant for discussing Anime, but for roleplaying.
Trade ure pics or skype names here chat room [public] created by elgrande12345
Trade ure pics or skype names here
nude babe for gangbang chat room [public] created by nudebaby69
nude babe - single, men are welcome.. come on.. give me a night that I wont ever forget
Satin lingerie and panties chat room [public] created by jollymon1174
chat about buying and wearing satin lingerie and panties.
Master.Slave.Mistress.Chat chat room [public] created by SlaveTiny
This is an room for Master, Misses & Slave to chat together and maybe have interviews.
For girls and guys to find friends chat room [public] created by allforlove1
here for that guys and that girls that they want to find friends
BigTimeRushandOneDirection chat room [public] created by Ciaraxo
For Rushers and or Directioners!
Seeking for sincere Relationship chat room [public] created by nicholasifejika
where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .where to find Relationship .
chat with hot 17 year old guy chat room [public] created by Henkee
you can only join if you have a pic!!
Date and Marriage chat room [public] created by nicholasifejika
Date and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and MarriageDate and Marriage
tamil family chat room [public] created by kavsri44
tamil people, family kalavi lovers are welcome...
tourism in egypt chat room [public] created by shamselznaty
come on russian gurls join me in egypt
Hetalia Lovey chat room [public] created by MiraKira
Any and ALL Hetalia Lovers come right on down...screw it bring everyone!
Discover Africa chat room [public] created by nicholasifejika
Want to travel to Africa. Discover AfricaDiscover AfricaDiscover AfricaDiscover AfricaDiscover Africa
first time bi experince chat room [public] created by angelababy123
never been with a girl need pointers
camming chat room [public] created by soulprincess
this site is for those who want to see people in cam .. specially those who want to watch some naughty stuff ... through cam ...
sil3nt chat room [private] created by nehr
Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
Closed chatroom chat room [public] created by ChaosTheMew
Only for me,one of my friends and one of her friends.
Just CHat For fun room... chat room [public] created by ianWalker
just chat for fun...everything u want
Dougs Love Grotto chat room [public] created by douglaslewis123
im a boy. and only girls are allowed to be in here
technology and puzzles chat room [public] created by mindsoul
meet technical people all around the world...have sum fun with science as chat
SINGLE AFRICAN MAN chat room [public] created by nicholasifejika
girlmeeters chat room [public] created by girllooker
meet girls and see what thyre name is and get theyre numbers
for single filipino room only chat room [public] created by bossgee
pinoy only :) psok lng po kayo heheh~
my bisexual room chat room [public] created by lovelysweetheart34
come and sex schat with me dont be scared
FIFA12 chat room [public] created by jackolboi
all in the name,fifa 12!.......................................
zeldas room chat room [public] created by linksdarkside
this room for chating and meeting friends
16-19 come chat room [public] created by mattmartin2
ages 16-19 come chat make friends
Wurzberg Germany chat room [public] created by rishabk
Girsl who want to have some real fun. I m Rishab an Indian HOT guy from Delhi..Im a fun loving guy wid gra8 muscular body..plz ping me in case sumone is interested
Hetalia Rp chat room chat room [public] created by FelicianoisAwesome
A Rp chat room! For people that rollplay like me and like Hetalia!
Hetaliaaaaaaa chat room [public] created by FelicianoisAwesome
Hai! My name is Italy~! I like pasta Veeeee~!!!
Anime RPing chat room [public] created by FelicianoisAwesome
Hi I'm Italy! I'm from Hetalia and I want you guys to have fun veeee~! ^.^
Sex talk 110 chat room [public] created by swagking97
We talk sex for males and females
freak chat 18 up chat room [public] created by seandaddy69
No little kids may enter this room 18 and up! thats it
We Hate Justin Beiber chat room [public] created by lubier8
Just sit and share your feelings about how much you hate Justin Beiber with the rest of his ANTI-fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my true life story chat room [public] created by janiferharry
am a young nice girl who need to meet a nice man
dubai lesbian chat room [private] created by ava888
For all girls in Dubai,who wants find friens or lovemate
HereToHelp chat room [private] created by Haleyj
I've created this chat room because I just want to talk to somebody I don't know about problems I'm having with family/boyfriend/etc. Please join if you could be of any help, or if you yourself need help.
Hetalia Long Ago RP chat room [public] created by pigtailedprincess
Uhhhhhhhh, I guess if you read some of Cherry89's fics and Arkham-Insanity's Chibi Prussia Diaries. I rp as chibi prussia and chibi fem romania.
straight curious chat room [public] created by alexxxyyyzzz
dating room 6666 chat room [public] created by jaydog20002
u can talk to each other all day
The walls have ears chat room [public] created by killerwolf16
Talk about whatever.Role play.................................................the dot are for blanks i couldn't think of what else to add.....
Sexting757 chat room [public] created by Ronniethebest2000
Any teen girls looking for fun over the phone hit me up. Sexting for teen girls
sexyandikwnowit chat room [public] created by killerlesbian
for women who want some fun in room
rodri lima chat room [private] created by odiept
Cida estou aqui pra vc, vem comigo.......................................
friends boyfriend-girlfriends or pen pals chat room [public] created by 2e34ralex56
come in meet new ppl. add them become the relationship that you want. message me if you have quiestions about anything. i also have an blogger ask me about that . just REMEMBER NO SWEARING, BE KIND AND MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!!! THANKS, alexandra :)
horny girls lets play chat room [public] created by mark12389
a chat room for horny chates to be dirty
Flame Dimmension chat room [public] created by TakuyaKanbara
This world will end in fire and flame.
kicking back chat room [public] created by iSmirk
Just a chat to kick back or whatever, I don't give a crud or something I just wanted to paste my name up here.
Field hockey girls chat room [public] created by fieldhockeygrl
Room filled with field hockey players that can be from beginner to pro.
my room 16-17 chat room [public] created by hicks1617
do what ever lets have fun and im 16 looking for guys to talk to if you no what i mean
singles-only-room chat room [public] created by toadman96
only for sexy talk. and for people who are alone and single.
jokadoth chat room [private] created by jokadoth
come and less discuss some issues related to our lives and other matters.I care for you and you know it
age play chat ladies only chat room [public] created by iownzu
for ladies that wanna act real young for dirty daddy
JailTimeMuch chat room [private] created by xXthatxcrazyxchickXx
you have just been sent to jail anything you say will be used and said againest you under a court of law
The nude picture swap chat room chat room [public] created by jlah1994
wanna see each other nude heres the place
gettin money chat room [public] created by hawgin45
if you dont got money on ya mind dont come
MIKEYYS PLACE chat room [public] created by xMikeyyyx
The YES room chat room [public] created by FeckEveryything
Titanic Chat Room chat room [public] created by vahog98
PPL who know stuff bout titanic
sexting sex chat room [public] created by zaz1999
teens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adultsteens and adults
sex chat 17 and under only chat room [public] created by mark1995
im looking for cute girls who are under the age of 17 to talk with
Juggalo Family MCL chat room [public] created by WelcomeHome
We can talk about anything you want. (;
Talking prospect and How to move forward on HIV/AIDS ISSUE
Recently been thru a break up chat room [public] created by Jessicalost
This is just a room for those whom just had a break up to talk about their issues
ill show you if you pay up chat room [public] created by TrishaR12
everybody thats want some fun haha
heatfan83 private chat room [private] created by heatfan83
a private chat for me and the ladies to have fun in.
Canine RP chat room [public] created by SpiritWalker001
A canine role-playing chat room
girls show tits chat room [public] created by MoneyDiesel
girls show tits and maybe more just give us a show
ragul sex room chat room [public] created by ragulkumar
talk about the sex and have fun
nick and relationship chat room [public] created by 2king
this chat room is for friendship,relationship,lovers and all kind of care for people.
Flames chat room [private] created by kennyiswierd123
Diaper lovers and Adult babys chat room [public] created by absammy
Adult babys and Diaper lovers! To talk about stuff and find mummys or daddys
adult girls looking for xxx video chat chat room [public] created by tjs9980
girls looking for one night stand
My dick your mouth chat room [public] created by SpacialRelativity
Wtf do you think this room is for?
nothing is taboo... chat room [public] created by clistof
Uncensored chat aboutt your taboo interests.
love hardly chat room [public] created by ramikasexy
wanna fuk,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ottawa ont chat room [public] created by dirtydozen1
this room is for ottawa people
NZgaychat chat room [public] created by cur28
New Zealand gay chat room friendly or r18
wife sharing lesbian also invited chat room [public] created by jauadj
for sisters and wife sharing and only sex speak
wife sharing lesbian also chat room [public] created by jauadj
for sisters and wife sharing and only sex speak
bratislava chat room chat room [public] created by 2bob1969
chatroom for people in or on holiday in bratislava...
Rex Raja chat room [private] created by rexrajaa
i am cool but hot! i love to chant and make friendship with people and meet them.
SPORTS WORLD chat room [public] created by ohene1
All Sports Lovers are welcome for a chat of their lives.
picture swap chat room [public] created by rumin
for people interested in swapping
25chat me chat room [public] created by christper
friends are the gate way to your life.friendship is life
Girl intersted in cam to cam chat room [public] created by krisXXX
Just to have good time in cam to cam
moneymaking chat room [public] created by themoneymaker
Open. Guide and info on making some money online. Help is most appriciated.
mitz chat room [public] created by mitz35
first time to use own chatroom
adult chats nly.. chat room [private] created by dhawal24
dis is a chat room created especially nly 4 adult talks nly..
chatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt chat room [private] created by chaterrr90
just normal talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
West palm beach area chat chat room [public] created by eddie731
Florida hook ups , hang out, chat, beaches whatever, all in sunny florida
Winnipeg chatroom chat room [public] created by iZikuZa
anyone from winnipeg wanna chat, possibly meet up? mainly girls
laptop chat room [public] created by chaterrr90
chatt bom chat room [private] created by rahul2048
this room is only for girl and any any girl who want simple chat may come in this room and thoes girl who want naughty chat also come in this chat room
kingbrooks01 chat room [private] created by kingbrooks01
we chatt all day to get to know each other
only for girls not for men chat room [public] created by kapsyricky
for sex and love ,and going for clubbing and more fun only with girls not gay or any men pls
indonesia tourism chat room [private] created by elaks
talk about univ in the whole world
Eastern Chat chat room [public] created by jOrDi3iZdOp3
anybody from the east is welcome if your not dont matter
open dirty chat chat room [public] created by dildo88
Submissive chat room [public] created by eddie731
This chatroom is for subs to find a Master or to talk to other subs. If your just curious just ask around. You might like what you find
friends only... chat room [private] created by iluvu1931
only my friends can talk here!! if u wanna talk add me or ill add u! :)
20s room chat room [public] created by BubblyFemale86
This is a room for people in their 20's only for clean chat,friendly chat
kerala gays chat room [private] created by manojandmanu
gays from kerala can come here and have fun
kompjuter chat room [public] created by chaterrr90
SmokersParadise chat room [public] created by jswanza
If you're in Thailand....and you are down to smoke. Find me.
Sexypeopleonly chat room [public] created by cuteysemma
hello join in. Be sexy with me please and have ex with me alot be my boyfriend
Flirty-Chatters chat room [private] created by babywinno
flirting by chatting, duh ;) x
hmong 101 chat room [public] created by JJhooah
HTT FOB Hmong Hmong Hmong Hmong Hmong Hmong Hmong Hmong
carsun chat room [public] created by an2110
on;y fikd cxxxxxxxcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
Nymphos chat chat room [public] created by eddie731
If your crazy about sex this is the place for you, chat, trade pics, or tell us your wild experiences
our friends and family chat room [private] created by eddie731
This is a chat room for my friends and family to have our reunions why wait for a msg on fb when we can chat live
Sexting roomm chat room [public] created by Rager45
Room for boys n girls alike looking for people to "sext" with. screw age noone can tell anyway -.-
barren chat room [public] created by archer666
well if you want to come just do it
bored in bratislava chat room [public] created by 2bob1969
Hi, im here on holiday and bored stiff.... anyone know something to do other than walk around the old town again lol
admin chat room [private] created by MSNCHAT
welcome in admin panel..waiting for help you
no lesbian chat room [public] created by painterahmed
noooo lesbiaaaaaaaaan no lesbiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan no no no never ever
Camera room chat room [public] created by aiden82uk
For people to chat and cam trough whatever medium you want.
arvi chat room [public] created by arvi007
my name is rizwan khan i live in paris but i m from pakistan
kembi chat room [private] created by kembi
anyone who want to chat in private i am available
Bangladesh1 chat room [public] created by tonmoi
only 4r bangladeshi people join this chat room..
pic trade with real couples and woman chat room [public] created by Thomy01
we are looking for couples and woman for exchange pics
MY Room 2k12 chat room [private] created by iBrandon
:)) This room is for certain people only! because its for my friends only! thanks
TomThePenguin11s chatroom chat room [public] created by TomThePenguin11
chatchatchatchatchat if any bad language then you get kicked! :D have fun nd mingle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
room 2k12 chat room [private] created by iBrandon
wehjfbchjswbchsbdncklal;sdcasjkcnfjsdb hjvfbwdjkfcjkjkfdndjkbfcjsdhbfkasdnfsjkfjkerfhje
Angels Love chat room [public] created by 6ForgottenAngel
This chat room will be for those who r looking for love and their will be no dirty talking. Also this will room will be here for those who have also been hurt....
Dating or hanging out. chat room [public] created by Ethanp1999
Anybody wanting to date or hang out with somebody their age come to this chat room
ctrm chat room [public] created by noidontread
wicked fun skype names can be posted. really fun dont go to crazy
Mena chat room [private] created by Leon6991
careless chat room [public] created by spongeboblova123
this room is welcomed for the sexy young generation who don't mind getting down
Masqurade chat room [private] created by ShadowScythe
Only the true followers of the path will be able to seek the truth.
Facetime 2 chat room [public] created by Ant547
For people to FaceTime with each other
13-15 guys imma 13 girl chat room [public] created by meekah
Hi i am a 13 year old girl who wants a chat any guy is welcome :)
LEZBOTRON chat room [public] created by RainbowSprite
Ponyville chat room [public] created by MysticMane
Everypony is welcome come and talk about your favorite characters, or Roll play like me!
pretty girlz chat room [private] created by flaka1390
bisexual and lesbian and who ever likes catting for long
catfight mania chat room [public] created by innaW
Room meant for the like minded females who want to battle in catfights.
the sexy chat room [public] created by lovebug123456
talk to boy and guls and have fun
English practice for all chat room [public] created by superEzzeR
this chat room are for practice english
jades chat room [private] created by jadelol
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
can anny one help me chat room [public] created by sadandalone1234
feck life im jus sad deeprssed person who needs 2 die
omg chaat for preteen chat room [public] created by daidaiTooFlyDrizzy
Any one who's younge and wonna chat doesn't matter if your gay les or bi
yakima lovin chat room [public] created by ronniej420
any gurls from yakima or surrounding areas
Emo-crush time chat room [public] created by EmoSkater99
for emo girls and guy what ever sexuality just to chat and flirt
girls only123456754322211 chat room [public] created by tmberk
girls only. We are going to have fun. And play a game.............. and ill rate u
13 love chat room [public] created by edax707
come in if u want to talk or have a relationship
Mentally Stimulating chat room [public] created by MichikoTeagin
A chat room that is dedicated to something deeper than the common idle chat of the average, mindless person.
Meet horny singles chat room [public] created by CplDunn
Horny singles no gays but bi's are ok
san antonio playya chat chat room [public] created by anqela09
lets chat san ant or texas wats up
we are the wicked clowns we dont ever die chat room [public] created by darkprince614
kayo kentsense seasece i will bring thy pesticelence and death
Only For People In Dubai chat room [public] created by HaaribJohn
No Stupidity -,- If you are new in dubai? Or would like to make freinds around here. then Please welcome ypurself -,-'' too formal. pfft
bitchez get paid chat room [public] created by sexii006
savannah loves you hosfhguidtrhdfstrudsydurt
Sext Partners chat room [public] created by JohnyQu3st
find a sexting partner trade pics and role play with one another
dirty sex chat chat room [public] created by fukmerealhard
only guys aloud, let me tell you how much i want you daddy ;)
Utkarsh chat room [public] created by Utkarsh020
<table border=''0'' cellpadding= '' 1 '' cellspacing= ''0 ''>< tr>< td
Boys-Me chat room [public] created by cindybigbreast
only for boys(NOTE) i am going to seek my real love
Zene11 And Me chat room [private] created by cindybigbreast
Zene11 Lets Chat !!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna talk to you
all drinks on me chat room [private] created by gladest
fun filled with only alsome people like me if not ready to have fun you got to go
puaskn chat room [public] created by dkjie
untuk semua yng sangp n mau brkgsi skill2 sex yng best
mikeman21 chat room [public] created by mikeman21
fun excting romance pleasure and roleplaying
man usa room chat room [public] created by mikeman21
fun roamance sexy exctment pleasure
LAchatroom chat room [public] created by ilooveLA
people from la can chat here together
Nerd Corner chat room [public] created by Ashrckr
Chat room for all nerds to socialize.
hot guys room chat room [public] created by mikeman21
sexy hot fun outgoing romantic
lust romance room chat room [public] created by mikeman21
aswome fun sexy smart rooom parting
twisted fantacies chat room [public] created by tinytempler
where you can talk about all the naughty fantacies you have maybe you have a thing for your mom or your best friend sister its all cool here
cyberman69 chat room [public] created by mikeman21
fun smart sexy roleplaying romantic
goldee chat room [public] created by goldismith
hi i m goldee eng. in reeva delhi
where da love meets and hatred fade chat room [public] created by salmanyare
no more abusive words express ur love
cyberchat69 chat room [public] created by mikeman21
fun romantic pleasure sexy felling
UcHiMaKi007 chat room [public] created by uchimaki007
free to join...kahit anO d2...mga tga pinas lng pwede...gents and ladies...
emo scene chat room XDDDDD chat room [public] created by izzylovesbvb04
this chat room is for emo / scene ppl if u no preves here nd u have to be 14 - 17
THE CHAT OF THE KINGS chat room [public] created by avi04
adultttt chat room [private] created by Ramesh101
....................................................................................................................fu,,king good
taylorgangswagg chat room [public] created by steffyboo14
People that listen to hip-hop rap (taylorgang)
SEX HOME chat room [public] created by pratik50
show me yours i will show u mine chat room [public] created by alexxyz
naughty room for kinky people with the same horny ideas
ferr love chat room [private] created by jay0326
join this chat club if you love anime or anything
Gay adults chat room [public] created by cherrybaum
a place where gay adults can have conversations and maybe meet some new FRIENDs if ya know what i mean
Gay adults2 chat room [public] created by cherrybaum
a place where gay adults can meet new friends
indian lesbian chat room [public] created by supersmart
only for indian lesbian no male ;)
XXX - chat room chat room [public] created by sam2834
strictly sex !! \/ get ta know hot ladies and take 'em home tonight!
nasty naughty fun chat room [public] created by handy7inch
fun fun c2c fun girls guys flaunt it show it
just lesbians only chat room [public] created by sandrapink
just girls...this chat room is mainly for lesbians
justforudear chat room [public] created by justforudear6
only sex chat with girls not with boy please
gay room for michigan chat room [public] created by rick1967
find someone to help me out need a bj handjob
girls want small dick chat room [public] created by kealiison
Girl only no guy cause im straight guy. So laidies if uwant to have fun here iam
hotbabes chat room [public] created by jayaddotta
dirty chatten hot babes make me dizzy cumm on with it
homework helper chat chat room [public] created by scout2002
Come in, come all from oklahomans ONLY!
michael jacksons room chat room [public] created by michaeljackson123
awsome must be 10 or over you love your mom (mum if your from uk)
rraj chat room [private] created by rraj5678
fit n so so soooooooooooooooooooo goood
Chat anyone chat room [public] created by JCaboose
just a random chat room all open to anyone
im a horny guy looking to chat chat room [public] created by TheUltimateJoe
crazy chat for teenage girls chat room [public] created by giggleheaven
this is a relaxed and fun chat room for teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 16 to come chat and make friends! please no swaring or sexual talk, but, have fun!
Asian ro0m chat room [public] created by KiM0O
for asian people . who loved to talk and wanna make some new friends
sex talk chat room chat room [private] created by pipes6969
lets have some fum sex talk horney women only
sophies dating room chat room [public] created by sophie098
come to this room guys boys and girls start picking the person u want to date
sri lankan guys search 4 girls chat room [private] created by dnknwn
any girl will be invited to chat with guys...............................................................................................................................
xbox live room chat room [public] created by XoshannonoX
only people with xbox live join
here chinagurl chat room [public] created by assbuttcrack
Teens dating chat chat room [public] created by Buffman11
Find your true love Near you now no money Cost it's free
Adele2012 chat room [private] created by isabel2012
friendship between clever adults
Houston1 chat room [public] created by eddardstark
Chat room for people in Houston, TX
Romance and chat chat room [public] created by momo1981
For men or woman seek for roamnce and freindship
People who want to make money from home chat room [public] created by LBanks08
welcome to anyone who are willing to make extra cash from home
singapore1234 chat room [public] created by johntan70
come in come in~ come to chat with us....
chut marlo chat room [public] created by chutkirani
sex chat for indian guyz and girlz
we can do it chat room [public] created by dyemeskinny
pro ana and mia chat for every one to use
nasroo31 chat room [public] created by jaisonasro
slt un peut de respect et de vérité on peut aller très loin
dildo chat room [public] created by Sexybaby023
i love sex, lets talk about dirty naught things. mmmmm ;)
South Carolina2 chat room [public] created by cdjtroll
It is intended for meeting other people from South Carolina.
looking for muslim wife chat chat room [public] created by Abduallah
ready to get married. looking for a wife to have companionship. and learn the deen.
Middle Aged Massachusetts chat room [public] created by MelancholyMe66
This is a room for middle aged adults to come together in chat and friendship.
kokamedo chat room [public] created by kokamedo
WCWWWE Hall of Fame chat room [private] created by SaintSiSi
This is where we honor those who has done enough to get a spot in the WCWWWE Hall of Fame
dating whites and blacks chat room [public] created by allyfrakes1234
this is a chat room for singles looking for dating and to communicate with each other.... if you want come chat and meet a nice girl or something
the 6th grade room chat room [private] created by onedirection29
6th graderes only mrdude 123 marissa11childree
chudae chat room [public] created by pelupanday
only fr girls. All type chat.chudae chat, romance chat, study chat etc
Gay Underwear Fetish Room chat room [public] created by paco15
For gay men into underwear, especially white briefs, t-shirts. Showering in underwear...
Iran Gay -17 chat room [public] created by RezaCole
Pesarane gaye kamtar az 17 Bian toooooooo
patrick chat room [public] created by loftpat2
hi patrick loft jordan jakob cody tracy randy megan
emosonly chat room [public] created by ashlynchristine
your mom was here last night, jk(: have fun
majnoun chat room [public] created by HAMiDRQG
har che mikhahad dele tangat(az ESHQ) �Ÿegoo.
juggalos and juggalettes family room chat room [public] created by antoniokilla
insane clown posse, axe murder boyz, twiztid, boondox, blaze ya dead homie, anybody killa, dj clay, mike e clark, the whole entire psychopathic family
Indians around the world chat room [public] created by gary2306
a room for like minded people!!
Boredom Samshers chat room [public] created by greyzoned
for everyone who'd like to join a nice conversation
Love blows chat room [public] created by Stritdawg
True , trustworthy males and females finding real love.
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