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List of all user-created chat rooms #293
insomenia chat room [private] created by jadestonia
you will be happy all the time...by entering in this room....!
nasty aunties chat room [private] created by kittuross
i love milf because they are sexy
Just for ladies chat room [public] created by Dzoni12
I'm looking for nice Girl from Dubai... 25yr. very good looking man, Please just "NICE" girls!!!
Bored People Who Want To Chat chat room [public] created by Ana720
Everyone who is bored and just wants to chat go here and find ppl who r bored also
amesbury chat room [public] created by KRiS1982772
sex of the meeting...................................................................................
indo chat room [private] created by satriaaaa
kehidupan ini sangat mmbuat aq bingung memilih jalan utuk hidup
desiboy for fun in dubai xxx chat room [public] created by kala28mile
interested in sex (in any aged, thats nt a matter)only dubai***
HelloChennai chat room [public] created by sekar19
Friendly chat from chennai people
UnderwaterFetishFun chat room [public] created by UnderwaterGuy27
The chat for all you that enjoy beeing underwater.
akron ohio chat room [public] created by XxMLshredxX
anyone near akron join talk about anything its all good
free ms points chat room [public] created by pauldnb
come in here if you want to know about getting 2100 points free, my giveaway
12-14 Year old girls chat room [public] created by HBear2012
only ages 12-14 girls aloud. no boys. must be girls. if there are boys they will get kicked out
indipop chat room [public] created by indipop
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned.
Okumura Dorm Room chat room [public] created by YukioOkumura
AO NO EXORCIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need advice 1 chat room [public] created by delsonnore
let me start of by saying hi and thanks for looking i been seeing my ex on and of for about 9yr now out of that relationship we have a son but i was marriied out of thse 5yr and i have a daughter with my wife out of the 9yr with my ex i been with as a itiem for 2 we broked up because sghe thought i was cheating on her at this time in my life i wasn't i was in love with her but i had friends that new her wellwe all uesd to work togather they uesd all was tell me not ot get to involved with her she is no good and slept around i all ways had that in the back of my head that day when she camed to me with that is what made me end it for 2 weekends that i ues to see her i was to tired to spend time with her i work long hours she ghot mad sand said that to mr because of something that happen in her past . she wonted to get back to gather but i had those thoughts in my head then at that time i met my wife. i never took time to get over my ex i didn't wont to get my wife i just wont to be friends but she wonted more but we ben i a relationship then 2yr into that relationship i heard from my ex and we start talking and things spark up once again with use my wife who was my gf then found out and confront her and me i did what any man do is lied about . i talk to my ex and broke ever thing off with her then my wife wont to get married i didnt but shesaid if we don't get married she would leave me so i married her but a year into the marriage some how my ex got in contact with me though a family member and i couldn't help but called her and every sdernce then i been seeing her on and off like i said at the begining we have a son and me my wife have a daughter over the years me and wife just grown a part i felt in love with ex 6 months ago even do we been see each other off and on and she moved on to diffrent guys over the year i relaized that i been in and out of her life for 9yr and every time i see her it never feels old .a year in a half ago me my wife just started to argue more and sence then i been sleeping on the couch me my wife had a big arguement i decide in sep i was moveing out i told her that i was uhn happy and i had another child it hurted me to tell her that but even to this day she act like noughthing happen . but back in jan i ask my ex if we could try to fix what we once had she said yes to but as time went by it was like she didn't care or put no effort in to it then lasst week she told me she had feelings for a guy that she dated 6mth ago i got mad and ask why she aint tell i told to be up front with me and let me know if u didn't won't to do this just let me know i kind of new in the back of my head it was alwys like she didn't won't to be bother wit . but i love her and i dont know what to do. i know this long but i had let this please give me feed back good or bad. I know i brought this all on my self but i let my emotions and hart get in the way of things thanks
leith edinburgh chat room [public] created by zabrese
hi i live in leith lets chat i dont mind what u say to me im gay 48 slim
teen chat 13-15 that live in gibbtown nj area chat room [public] created by kyssty101
if you live in gibbtown nj or paulsboro nj or west detpford nj and you are a boy and you are 13-15 you can find a girl that age and that area anround here same for girls
Tom Soiyer chat room [public] created by SaiyanTurles
kaiden love to facetime got new phone 24 male chat room [public] created by tysonstarr
new on this just got new phone love tri my face time out girls only pls
facetime new chat room [public] created by tysonstarr
hi i am ben new on this i just got new iphone i am 24 love to talk to girls
fisting usa chat room [public] created by randomtabbit
tolk about fisting and maby finding someone to join you as a friend or more out of siberspace
mixed wrestling now chat room [public] created by muscleman099
only for females who think they can handle my muscles, i love wrestling gals
im h0rnEy chat room [public] created by countrybbygrl
The Babysitters Night chat room [private] created by Ayumashi
The babysitter and the teen were a little more than close~ <3
Readers room chat room [public] created by richyb1984
for those interesting in reading
kurdistan---- chat room [public] created by rawarzgar
SLAW LA KURDISTAN------------------------------------
minded chat room [public] created by moizz
Fun loving and mature ppl allowed
lesbians of all ages chat room [public] created by mzzthang
lets get hot girls of all ages sizes and color
sugar baby needs sugar daddy chat room [public] created by SweetSugarBaby1992
I'm 19 years old and looking for a nice sugar daddy i can talk to and someone who will spoil me and stuff
Bibicaro chat room [public] created by Bibcaro
Pour les personnes qui parlent le Français, L'allemand ou le Luxembourgeois
homestuck chat room 101 chat room [public] created by karkat
home stuck fans here cxzvadfvgasfnbsdgvs
Furry Discustion chat room [private] created by SpOoKySlAy
it says i need 30 characters in this so SPAMSPAM
scout girls chat room [private] created by NerdyBirdy
hey i found site and i think it will be good for what we need it for
Sexy emo only chat room [public] created by LillyGoesRawr
come all emos . and only emos. any one else will be kicked
only for cam chat room [public] created by khu822007
for persons who have cam only....
Skype chatters chat room [public] created by krnl386
Gurls with Skype Only , come im waiting you
for 14 through 17 chat room [public] created by kittyannalucas
this is for teens that are single and want to chat and have fun :) you have to be silly and funny
will45 chat room [public] created by will44
anyone looking for a bf or gf,this would be a chat room for you.
Fourteen and up chat room [public] created by Mushicu
-no pedos please -preferably people in highschool -are friendly and bored and wanna chat ^_^
girls only allow chat room [public] created by Fad007
only girls here... sex topic...
Roleplaying chatroom chat room [private] created by MasterOfTheBlade
for my mates that love to rp alot and there mates to
Da Rave Room chat room [public] created by stads06
anything goes..as long as ur 18 n older
Satanism chat chat room [public] created by lonelySatanist
The one religion that is dispised by many.
The Raver Room chat room [public] created by stads06
Anything goes in this room but u must know hoe 2 throw done n party with a girl named molly!!
sexually fantasy chat room chat room [public] created by kagamiuchiha
let ur wildest fantasy come true
random people wowhwowhwo chat room [public] created by hahahey
This room is strickly for random people only!!!! Ahaha become random and u may enter.... Lol.
Ill be there for you chat room [public] created by DesiRay15
chat where everyone can just talk and tell their stories without being judged.
enjoying sex chat room [public] created by guiltyboy
for girls who loves sex and enjoy the pleasure of the horney feelings
skype 1 chat room [public] created by guiltyboy
for ppl who love talking on skype so lets add and have more friends
strictly 14-17 chat room [public] created by Mushicu
chat meet friend flirt NO PEDOS OR PERVS
littlegirls chat room [public] created by bp504
for little girls to chat in from ages 8-13
What the hell is chathour chat room [public] created by ingridCold
What the hell is chathour? I'm not sure but this description needs to be atleast 30 characters long.
what the hell is chathour i do not know chat room [public] created by ingridCold
what the hell is chathour? the description needs to be atleast 30 characters long so... ok... this is more than 30.
Hyperbolic chat room [public] created by SaiyanTurles
Orgy heven chat room [public] created by sexxytity
cmon and have fun.... every one is allowwed so ENJOY
totally offensive taboo room chat room [public] created by sissyboy0925
talk about whatever you want, the freakier the better!!
kaylas room chat room [public] created by kaylawhite123
have fun and if u got skype add me kayla.white36
Music band chat room chat room [public] created by jeffjogger
This is a chat room for people who likes to listen and talk about music
love research chat room chat room [public] created by lilnauthy
join this chat club if you are reaching for a person to love and to be loved.
private male and female chatroom chat room [private] created by richgirl10112
come and text your lover and soothe them with words unkown and be carefull to not show this chat room to children under my age so hope yah enjoy :* peace out peeps
myfev chat room [private] created by kajalj
nothing to say about this so i just enjoy this service of your
Boredom for life chat room [public] created by CxiBunny
Im bored whos bored? We all are :)
1009 chat room [public] created by waxcom
sexy mamas are needed to show me what thry have got.....by the way are u interested to know me .am hot. you may be i n need of some chat right now...hold on . you are in the right place.
Dirty thoughts only chat room [public] created by Jonnydank637382
Adult chat, get down to business
Potheads and Stoners chat room [public] created by MohaTy
This is a room where all potheads come together and share experiences and of course, ideas and creativity. #Swag
only 2 person chat room [private] created by Fad007
not alowed... only members can get in
Anjas room chat room [private] created by Anja678
Private PrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatePrivatev
More foreigner freinds around the world chat room [public] created by lily1410
For improve languages and also talk in English, make new friends from all over the world for exchange many thing and have more friends without sex.
missoula chat chat room [public] created by dayneblazo
chat with people from your city, anything that interests you. flirt, converse, relax. locals ready to chat, let em know your here
ROX MUMBAI chat room [public] created by roxmumbai
Hii... you can add me only boys..
eleven-thirteen y.o chat chat room [private] created by Nickii06
For 11-13 y.o only..Kind people pleasee!!!
im and pvt chat room [public] created by ilovebacon11500
im pvt talk to each other and don't do anything but veg out in front of ur computer
Mistress seeks Slave EN-IT-DE chat room [public] created by MissVV
18+ chatroom for Slaves, Fetishists, Paypigs, Other Dominants as well are welcome.
horny ladies chat room [public] created by longdongbilly
Anyone who is keen ;), I am not shy to let people know and neither should you :)
QUICKSTICK chat room [private] created by quickstick7777
horny ladies come on and chat chat room [public] created by longdongbilly
I am new on here and would like to get to know people, so please ladies all are welcome no need to be shy :)
funny feeling chat room [private] created by Nicetools
Do what we like to do the best please ourselves
Play and make chat room [private] created by mernelly
for my friends only so please do not disturb us in our gossip and chat
skypersxxx chat room [public] created by aris4
This is to bring together people who are interested in communicating through skype
just 4 friends chat room [public] created by mernelly
do not disturb please only fo friends for this chit chat room
age play room chat room [public] created by jameshobble
for age play and private chats
girls burping contest chat room [public] created by frankgk
where anyone can have or talk bout having a burping contest
Those who seek less boredum. chat room [public] created by youhadmeatbacon
You all create the boredum yourselves, just talk and get to know people ._.
jennyhot chat room [public] created by jennyhot2
if you really need real love,log in
having heaven chat room [private] created by rubyhave34
kumarseeni25 chat room [public] created by kumarseeni25
be happy make others happy make new friends in world wise dear
Shy Chat chat room [public] created by ShySimon
For shy people to chat, simple.
butt chat room [public] created by rajbutt
shahzad butt,24,from dubai dubai_best33@yahoo.com this is my yahoo id.
discreet relationships chat room [public] created by parkerwood
people who want to keep things on a down low...lol.
inhuman chat chat room [public] created by knowingtheunknown
anyone who isn't human or human can come and enjoy this chat (no pervs aloud)
just talking no pervs chat room [public] created by knowingtheunknown
u got it people..no pervs! just talk like regular people for once in ur lives i mean seriously
Pro ANA and MIA help chat room [public] created by Wannabeskinny2012
For anyone who would like to discuss Pro ANA or MIA <3
hi kentATL chat room [private] created by ljb112
LOVE xxx boys needed chat room [private] created by ljb112
you need my user name to come in for a good time
mega-fy chat room [public] created by akemo
If you believe in it you will see it
Gay Teen Chat in Minnesota chat room [public] created by operaghost5
Teens 13 - 19 can chat here f you live in Minnesota!!!!
Younger for older Men chat room [public] created by Artymature
younger girls and women looking for older men
Young Single Parent chat room [public] created by teenmom19
A place where parent can get advice and support.
send all sorts of teen pics chat room [public] created by ggaabbii123
basically send links or add on skype etc and send pics, i only have mic no webcam though XD
stoner heaven chat room [public] created by isaiah97420
stoners wellcome but any one can chat
Come Be my sugar daddy chat room [public] created by SweetSugarBaby1992
Im 19 years old and a hard working college student who pays for it all in cash. im looking for someone who can spoil me
Smily chat room chat room [public] created by partychick567
for the most happiest and smily ppl and only 9-11 year olds allowed! if u use bad language u r out !!!!!!
Liverpool one chat room [private] created by Dextre
Date for Fun, Near Liverpool. LEts Watch Movie and Go out eating. Any lovely girl in Liverpool :P
Lucky boy chat room [private] created by lucky00007
Hi...i am young boy looking for girls only....who wants fun can join me....i am staying in bangalore....ani i can give a lots of fun and joy
flirttation room chat room [public] created by kashalahotchick
come to flirt! with me and other people i like o have fun so come along an flirt! :)
love thing chat room [private] created by singhmax26
hi i m max from delhi where r u livi
hORrrny ChAt chat room [public] created by BlueEyes04
Looking for a good time? This is the place to get to know eachother if you know what I mean;)
hORrrny ChAtTtt chat room [public] created by BlueEyes04
Looking for a good time? This is the place to get to know eachother if you know what I mean;)
hORrrny ChAtTttttttttt chat room [public] created by BlueEyes04
Looking for a good time? This is the place to get to know eachother if you know what I mean;)
loney married women chat room [public] created by Ashly31
looking to chat with other married women.
no guys come chat room [public] created by cstahl16
there must be no guys they will be kicked
n7eb nsa7eb chat room [public] created by rfend
lil tsou7ib w relation serieux mech le3b frou5 oki
thewondersofstonedjellyfish chat room [public] created by GeneralPopulation
best place to chill in! :DDDDDDDDD
pleasure time chat room [public] created by SexyStudMan1
any girl wants to get sooo wet and sucked till orgasm... i'm ready for her on chat , cam or for real
spunkymonkeys23 room chat room [public] created by spunkymonkey23
Just do what u do.. play nice nice.......,..,.,.,..,
Violeteyes chat room [public] created by Violeteyes
Welcome everyone lets have fun and chat . Get to know people and learn new things. All welcome and feel free to invite friends and whoever else you would like to come in and chat with .
sexy pls chat room chat room [public] created by waytosexy14
u can only use this chat room if ur sexy
horny guy here want to skype chat room [public] created by hotblonde100
hi im a blonde guy here looking for a girl who wants to skype
Emo-Scene Singles chat room [public] created by XxScemoizziexX
Anyone Who wanna find someone.. Including me XD
Nanaimo Chat Room chat room [public] created by dawktorr
Where people in Nanaimo can talk
hotsexy xxx chat room [public] created by uresh99
come all members and give a more fun
jjjbbbaaaa99999 chat room [private] created by hardeast100
just kool private, senstivie,quiet and Godly.
sexydirty chat room [public] created by rashlovenet
all men women girl boy gay and lesbian in hindi language
dildos chat room [public] created by ddciz
experiences with sizes , types , i seen the stangest one with a series of ball, on a shaft , progressivly getting larger
come and get it boys chat room [public] created by ilovebacon11500
have fun with all types of girls but we need girls to so come here and have fun with the guys
sexyforever chat room [public] created by princessdestani123
fun sexual alway swear all the time but dont go all the way
Gleeks only chat room [public] created by Klaine4eva
Gleeks only! if you are a Gleek join!
haters3467542 chat room [private] created by princessa02
its fun awesome tight funny intertaining not boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Boyfriend problems- help me chat room [public] created by jennabean22
I need relationship advice. I have no one to ask...
lookin for a girl chat room [public] created by Manny4303
singles lookin for someone. ;)
Nothing but nothing chat room [public] created by SanihariaXX
12 and 13 chat room [public] created by BreakGames
If your a guy dont bother showing up
Game ChatRoom chat room [public] created by Manny4303
Talk about games and whatever else you can think of :P
Cute Boys wanna Talk chat room [public] created by taylorburris17
haha names Taylor and i wanna talk to a fun cute guy. im so like bored
Lebanon now chat room [public] created by lijuu
Lebanese in Lebanon, come in and say hi and maybe get upto no good :)
adult fetish chat room chat room [public] created by freak2388
free to come in and explore your fetish with other people with the same interests as you
fetish room for all chat room [public] created by freak2388
a place for people of all ages to come and explore their fetishs
cute or sexy girls only chat room [public] created by proudmother2011
lookin for some cute or sexy girls to talk to and maybe exchange pics and numbers
sex chat247 chat room [public] created by valeriy
any one can come in if you want to dirty chat
sexting time chat room [public] created by unzipit
looking for fun pics, videos, vid chat
come and chat room chat room [public] created by janelle22
anyone can come to this chatroom as long as they are awesome [ everyone]
LOVEFINDING chat room [public] created by LAWMAKER33
Finding love where you think there is no love
girls onley chat room [public] created by cstahl16
no guys they will be kicked!!!!!!!!!!
Kickin back chat room [public] created by hoosier20
A chat room to keep boredom at bay. Let's c hat!
Partyyy time know one over 40 chat room [public] created by LetsPartyyyyy
Party Time no1 over 40 chat room [public] created by LetsPartyyyyy
Lesbians 11-13 chat room [public] created by hottielezzie
Its chat for.... lesbains 11-13. Pretty Self Explainitpry
Cyprus Sex Dating chat room [private] created by charish69
This is a chat room created for all Citizens of Cyprus who want to have some adult fun...
PHILIPPINECULTURE chat room [public] created by cebucityhotels
gay sex now chat room [public] created by ondrejj
looking for reall sex and more from england
sex n fun chat room [public] created by Ezzi95
talk dirty horney boys n GIRLS what more do ya whant
the REAL friendly chat chat room [public] created by eroc1090
keep it fun keep it cool and dont be anoyying to me or friends
World of Warcraft Scroll of Resurrection chat room [public] created by Rusty9000
Looking for someone who is currently playing wow that can give me a scroll of resurrection invite. You will get a free in game spectral mount.
Real Friendly Chatroom chat room [public] created by eroc1090
welcome.. u annoy u get the boot sounds good?? good..
lexie chat room [private] created by cumandgetit69247
join join join join join join join
HappyBlack chat room [public] created by HappyBlack
Let's talk about languages and cultures
Emo Chat Room ages 13-16 chat room [public] created by Cat5364
Keep the creepers out, plz. Otherwise, Welcome!
Very Sexual Chat chat room [public] created by MX4LiFE39
Sexual Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
frendz123 chat room [private] created by psychosleemzy
okay This is a shared user-created chat room for a
pro anna chat chat room [public] created by loverzxxanna
we just need to support eachother
milwaukeeheadz chat room [public] created by johnnymilwaukee
Whasss KCRaKIN in milwailwaukee
Balcanica chat room [private] created by behrim
Za dopisivanje, uzivane, atrakciju, osobnih clanova i mojih prijatelja.
candy apples and other happy things chat room [private] created by lawtonokieguy
sanantonio bi girls or lesbien room chat room [public] created by xxxsimplydarkxxx
Bi an lesbien girls only from san antonio texas
teen gay athletes chat room [public] created by thearronboy16
For middle school, high school or college kids who are gay and play sports. Discuss what its like to be open or in the closet in a team atmosphere. Discuss your struggles and victories, on and off the playing field.
raveer sex chat room [private] created by ranveer950868
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue,
im a jerk chat room [public] created by shadey13
jerk means jr educated rich kid
bi sexuals only chat room [public] created by jamesleelee
fun ,chating, fun ,talking for girls to meet talk havea blast and be therselves in ever clean wat possible not just kiding try be good girls see ya here regular.
hey whats going on chat room [private] created by hado2288
this is a private chat room so nobody else is in it
sexxy chats chat room [public] created by hackercommunity
girlz and boyz love chats dirty chats romantic chats sexy chats
Hot Arab Room chat room [public] created by OMAS82
This room is open for Arabs for dating, I wish you a good time
hairy gilrs chat room [public] created by nicetameetya
I like hairy girls! This is a chat room for anyone woman proud to be hairy and looking to be appreciated!
looking for korean girl chat room [public] created by waltzabe
i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly neeeeeeeeeed koreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan girrrrrrrrrrrrl
Pride HQ chat room [public] created by xXOrochimaruXx
This is where it happens and everything becomes final.
girlfrombahrain chat room [public] created by pleasureman1
only girl allowed who likes to have fun and friendship
college lesbians chat room [public] created by missyfit
19-24 only sexy young bisexual women may join, must be willing to send pictures and have ranchy chat
science and philosophy fo sho chat room [public] created by Skepticalkid
UK biology university student, friendly, sociable open. Wondering if science and philosophy0 was a popular subject...if interested come join for a chat, of any topic. about anything that takes one's fancy
indonesian room chat room [public] created by rahmah33
hai people indonesian come here and chat in here
Keen for a social dance anyone chat room [public] created by Skepticalkid
anyone please come and join me and we can converse about anything at all. Im a university student from the UK and im friendly, chilled and sociable.
Education Help chat room [public] created by Mahakthakur
Peacefullhome4all chat room [public] created by Honestwilson
Hey.True love dey say is hard 2 find but i say,true love is d simplest thin 2 find wen u visit dis chat room.Rember,true love never dies.
methamphetamines chat room [public] created by jasom1234
recovery struggles<support people
Older but feeling younger chat room [public] created by JohnnyTheOne
For the older crowed, the wiser, the more mature, but still carrying that youthful energy
paranormal and occult chat room [public] created by taylorsimpson777
anything to do with the paranormal or anything occult or ufo related
berkeley ca chat room [public] created by kushyrudeboy
any hot mamas out ther n btown berkeley
Only Dirty Talking chat room [public] created by MaveenDass
Strictly for adults..those who want to talk dirty n get laid online..;)
christians friendship chat room [public] created by Ndims
all christians around the world,you are welcome.
tyi chat room [public] created by rzzz
Turles Spaceship. chat room [private] created by SaiyanTurles
enjoy enjoy only enjoy chat room [public] created by Rameshvenkatraman
like minded people have fun relax and enjoy
Detroitdix chat room [public] created by Sexwounds
M4m 313. This a room for guys who lik guys that like guys
pcjohn chat room [private] created by cherianjohn
i am working in dubai and i am lookind a best friend
Crazy PPL room chat room [public] created by crazylover12
hey ...welcom to my room ...here u can say anything wtever u want...this room is for those persons who can bear others...who can control on their angr..comon pepl join it and have a fun
SEX CHAT FOR MAHARASHTRIANS chat room [public] created by dingrya
this is for adults only 18+.....................................................................
Jyotish online chat room [public] created by nitinta1ster
this is an astrological chat room for astrological studies and chat regards astro related queres
ForHackOnly chat room [public] created by An0nYm0uSs
Information about hacker and progrem
Earth chat room [public] created by SaiyanTurles
FUN SEX CHAT chat room [public] created by Crystal51126
We talk about sex and have sum fun and have dirty talk
camchat couple sex chat room [public] created by maic555
im ali froom yemn aden plz memper camchat sex ilove see
SEX FILIPINA chat room [public] created by Stefan9
nepali lesbian chat room [public] created by nepali21
a room where u can meet nepali lesbian to build up frenship and realtionship..meet cute galss and enjoy
hotfk chat room [private] created by virgin21m
all ladies are welcomed and mens too
Welcome Pretty Girls chat room [private] created by crisreedz
For personal webcam entertainment
huhu chat room [private] created by aw21
UAE abu dubai lovely chat chat room [private] created by nablla
just love chat . Whats love ? and who is lovely boy and girl ? Please sheare your idea. Thanks
WHTmanLooking4BLKwoman chat room [public] created by kgee8403
I'm a 27yo white male who loves Ebony women and would like to chat with them
chennai x club chat room [public] created by prakash87
for yours,, alll,, whom expecting all just join here u will get all in free safe secure
Special2 chat room [public] created by Rajendra20
I love sexy and beautiful girls thats all
Teen chat32 chat room [public] created by Pooda443
Only If u freaky or try a be friends
Buttery chat room [public] created by butterswagg
If you understand "MABUHAY", I thiink you better go here. Let's talk for a while.
fresman chat room [public] created by hoangmy
i want to make friend with u anh i'm so happu if u do that
4 smart users chat room [private] created by yhummy18
pwede ang pinoy...need txtmates and frieds
For chinese ladies only im good looking 22 old M chat room [public] created by xSean
hello ladies are u feeling horny and lonely tonight ? join me . ill make sure u get the joy all you want , come on get a long with me . itll be fun !
Tah Self Harm Room chat room [public] created by dontbreakmyheart
This is a room where no one will judge anyone else. Your free to talk. Even if no one is here, just talk. ;)
Bosna chat room [public] created by Zagonetan
Samo Veselo i Opusteno Uz Vesele Operatere
Aneesh chat room [private] created by Aneesh007
Pvt talk with the friends only
Psychotic thinking chat room [public] created by Lecter0393
What's bothering you in your mind...?
ANTOSHY chat room [public] created by ANTOSHY
The Secrets Room chat room [public] created by dontbreakmyheart
This is a place where everybody can share their secrets. No judging people. We are all equal.
the bored chat room chat room [private] created by devilscommander
2 come here when im bored of ppl
Sachinbcr chat room [public] created by sachin391
I m a boy kgjmj pkadw pjam kdtpad jdnat gjndjt pkmjapm kgwdmjmtpdm kmpjwmj
HESAM ROOM chat room [public] created by Hesam23
Hardcore sex for teens aged 13- 19 chat room [public] created by Cutesexychazza
Wanna have fun teens? Well heres the room you have been looking for ! Enjoy! Xx
wanna talk- chat room [public] created by taylorburris17
idk just wanna talk................... lol
practice room chat room [private] created by enjoy2
help people practice English, make new friends
hungergames chat room [public] created by ilovepeeta
the best chat room ever!! this is such an awesome room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so join now!!!!
hungergamesroxs chat room [public] created by ilovepeeta
this is the best chat room ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!now join now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Males 15-18 America ONLY chat room [public] created by PuppyLove94
Talk to mee(: My name in Amanda and imm 177 peopleee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal51126 chat room [public] created by Crystal51126
u can chat with me have fun and do whateva u want to.. i will chat back
Crystal chat chat room [public] created by Crystal51126
talk with me do whateva i will answer
adult diaper chat room [public] created by hewitt11uk1
diaper lovers adult babies nappy and plastic panties babygrows
meet for sex chat room [public] created by 2big9
real meet up onley cum in this room if u r going to meet up
17 or younger chat room [public] created by 13Emoprincess13
well 17 or younger so not very hard to tell its the title but i is the owner my name is Emerald if u annoying or perverted i will kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jennies hub chat room [private] created by xxxjenniexxx
all my friends are welc0me here s0 enj0y chatting guys.. im just a newbie here s0 be patient if im n0t as go0d as any one ar0und here.. just l0ve t0 experiment.. i like ladies wh0se older than me s0 i can share experiences with them.. but as i've said all of my friends are welc0me here.. bi-les only s0 guys stay out of girls business..
Lets Be Friends Here chat room [public] created by taylorburris17
um just wanna make new friends? come to this chat room lol ;P
pro mia ana buddies chat room [public] created by promia88
get thinspiration buddys here :)
haii just talk chat room [public] created by pimpitout77
just talk im 22 and still have eyes
sexroom123 chat room [public] created by evangelenesdaddy17
a place for all people teen or in there twenties to come fuk all they want
sex now chat room [public] created by hardsteven1
If u don't like owell its for me an u an who ever else
X-men Fans chat room [public] created by MissRogue
Rp, chat about your fave characters, Current read, etc.
lol gaming chat room [public] created by tastynoms
for chatting about games and having a laugh :)
photoshop help chat room [public] created by retroparkour
i need help figuring out some things so please help me :D?
koolio chat chat room [public] created by Crystal51126
me myself and my friends talk here so come and chat
kool chat chat chat room [public] created by Crystal51126
Fantage Trade MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS chat room [public] created by Jenayaisawesome
lets trade or share fantage accounts with EVERYONE ON THIS CHAT ROOM so if ur a member give the right details so DONT SAY THIS user:kylee022 password:imnevergivingumypassword THAT IS SO MEAN! LETS SHARE OR TRADE OR GIVEWAY!
chav chat room [public] created by chavster1998
its a chav chat room and i made and u can only join if u r a proud chav
15 year old boys talk to me chat room [public] created by shania420
Im a fifteen year old girll looking to talk to an attractive boy(:
prettygirsrock chat room [private] created by tatianna10
the room of preety girls that rock
Maii Room chat room [public] created by GrrrCelenaRawrs
Hehehe ^_^ soooo im bored wanna chat????????????????/
Chat Benin chat room [private] created by FoolDriver
Salon pour parler aux béninois
me and richboo chat room [private] created by imfreetonight
hey sexy u are my sexy forever no matter what
juggalo420 chat room [public] created by BOTDF666
yo fam only no haters please. all fam welcome for this is for the fam only and we not allow haters
14 and under leasbian chat chat room [public] created by alexnjamsine
im 14 and lesbian:)fnjefhjhjrhtktjhrjkg rgi ght
b mah friend chat room [public] created by peacelovepickles
a cool place to hang out and make friends :{ misiour moostshio
The kids your mom warned you about chat room [public] created by XshadowXdemonX
Casual chat room. if you want sex, go buy a dildo and f*ck yourself with it and leave ua alnoe
Adult Baby Room chat room [public] created by moonlitcrab
For anyone who likes to wear diapers/nappies and roleplaying.
rollercoaster chat room [public] created by Sexy8779
talk about random things such as rollercoasters
The New Chilling Hangout only better chat room [public] created by CosmosThunderball
Just Come and Chat and Chill its like college or anime you know much cooler just imagine it.
girls who like to chat with me chat room [private] created by chatguy70
girls 18plus who are interested in talking about anything at from anywhere. If we connect, chat becomes intimate
born undead chat room [public] created by scavenger123
only pepole born undead may enter
Sun-Shine state chat room [public] created by JfnEZZ
anywhere in florida and must be 18 and up anything goes
18 n all fr teens chat room [private] created by Aakash93
Hello... if u r a teenager n luking fr a nc guy r gal 2 talk 2, then this might just be the place!!! Anyone, nt below 13, n not above 23, can join. Bad talks not tolerated, especially wid gals... u will be banned before u blink!!! Have a nice time in d room!!
Dueling Room chat room [private] created by Zaniya
A dueling room for anyone who just wants to fight or spar
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