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List of all user-created chat rooms #321
Devil May Cry cap chat room [public] created by Natusfire
If you have demon trouble come around and i will **** them demons up.. Oh btw if you mess with me i will **** you up.. no worries I would just say **** **** haha anyways enjoy your stay theirs always pizzas
Girls 16 or older come chat room [public] created by zelot559
16+ girls looking to chat (: only girls no guys, ha so stop on in and have a fun chat (:
OutspokenNews chat room [public] created by Oncind
1st fact news in world pls visit wait !
i am seeking american only chat room [public] created by annacloney
you must be american only sorry for that
Dtales bluedust clay spa chat room [public] created by dtalesdragonawolf
closed off pools of warm bubbling blue clay that clense your body and soul, curing colds and making your fur scales or skin shine sun bathing areas are also available. no yiffing please while lust is nice take it to a private room please. also no fighting here or foul langage please, i dont deal with drama and i can ban you. recomendation for best results are to coat yourself in the blue clay and hardon in the sunbathing area then just brake it off its not strong when hard. enjoy your time at my spa <:3
bom bom chat chat room [public] created by bompaw
hellloooooooooooooooo!! was up guys?? i am BOMpaW nice to meet u!(*^o^*)/
boooO Om chat chat room [public] created by bompaw
hellloooooooooooooooo!! was up guys?? i am BOMpaW nice to meet u!(*^o^*)/
bangla sex chat chat room [public] created by milon11993
want some hot talkings ,here we can flirt and have some fun together,,,,,,,,so come and enjoy
NESIAN chat room [public] created by tev0lo
Room for polys to... LOL and talk all types of topics... ENTER IF YOU WANT
sisodia chat room [public] created by razjeetu
i am jitendra singh from india & i wants chath with you
join11 chat room [public] created by charles807
u can learn about people's personality
dream palace chat room [private] created by aakianand
those who want to get fullfill their dream...........................................................
watersports and golden showers chat room [public] created by dirtydavid40mUK
for all those dirty people who love watery toilet fun and other kinky fun
adult xxx fun chat room [public] created by DubstepD
adults who wanna have some fun 18+ conversation, JOIN THE ROOM!
kantutan tau libog na libog ako chat room [public] created by anne0111411
libugan na sarapan na et na et ako
philipinis chat room [private] created by dell12345
i want girl friend i want truly friend i miss u hi hello hoooooo
Chicken nuggets chat room [public] created by throwxthexcheese
dheera chat room [public] created by lovedheera
lovedhereaking of thrdgfgvbgfhbtru568i56w345t4ew5t4657y
Seeking BBW in Devon chat room [public] created by bodminb
genuine and non ofensive guy seeks the above lol.
Vaa Tamila Vaa.. chat room [public] created by enkavithaine
Vanakkam... varungal.... thozhrgale ungalai varaverkum ungal thozhn Muthu
kafpoo chat room [private] created by kafpoo
i am looking for girls who wanna chat
Only Here 4 The Beer chat room [public] created by MsLacewing
Adult chat,a trip down the pub without leaving your frontroom except to go to the offie but that goes without saying,game of cards anyone?
sexygirl chat room [public] created by sexygirloo7
I love sex with girls. I want to see them nude.
Crappy Chat chat room [public] created by MsLacewing
A chatroom where everyone talks as they do in every other chatroom CRAP!!!
Belgrade-Serbia chat room [public] created by nickbrochillll
everything and anything all are welcome lets hookup
pennsylvania Allentown chat room [public] created by johnhakan
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee innnnnnn if ur from pa
Pro.Ana.Mia chat room [public] created by emavril
Don't feel that you are the onlyone fighting to get thin ...get support, see that other people understand how you feel and what you are, say what you feel. This project is meant to be the greatest community of Pro EDs! WARNING: This is NOT a pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
Okinawa chat room [public] created by iarestretchy
If you're from Okinawa come hang out here. :D
a new start for a long term relationship chat room [public] created by Saidozzz
Let's start it right for a better beginning
single girls nd boyz chat room [public] created by shayshayswagg
you cn cum single if u wanna dis room is 4 u ppl 2 find love
horny dirty talk straights and gays chat room [public] created by blueboy019
dirty talk gays,straights and bi's are welcome
nice and true islam chat room [public] created by manwella23
my room is for all people who like islam , but we have no problem with other religions islam love all peoples
only cute and hot people chat room [public] created by monster1243
for people looking for a online relationship
my mind chat room [public] created by joshing
talk freely whats on you mind.
chihuahua chat room [public] created by doodlebug0121
i like chihuahua and poodles and cats poochies i like boys and i to hear what they have to say about themselves and what they do everyday and if they go to school
poodle chat room [public] created by doodlebug0121
i like chihuahua and poodles and cats poochies i like boys and i to hear what they have to say about themselves and what they do everyday and if they go to school
none1234 chat room [public] created by JonChurch73
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo discription
tickle fun chat room [private] created by tklshkim
about fun and relaxing tickling pits to feet
emo anarchists444 chat room [public] created by littlenikkie444
a chat room that will be fight free with nice people.
tickle tickle kitchy chat room [public] created by tklshkim
fun tickling from head to tootsie toes
AbellaBabe- chat room [public] created by AbellaBabe
Come and chill out with me (Abella) and Add ME love !
i wanna girls for chat chat room [private] created by babubabusexy
only girls are entitled to chat with me from age 18 to 35
zaza12345 chat room [public] created by zaza12345
sexual room ....................................................................................
budak2 johor chat room [public] created by pahlawanmalaya
sembang maya....lepak lepak....kongsi cerita di kedai kopi
brroklyn lesbain relationshionship chat room [public] created by falby
get to know an haeva relationship with fine lesbians in broolyn nyc
sexy love2012 chat room [public] created by angel1999
for love to go on dates or to find a date.
teens 13-16 only chat room [public] created by sexytrick
have fun! and hmu @ sexytrick also lets im together cuz im f****** bored
Computer chat room [public] created by jmannky16
Chat with friends from all over the world with Computer chatroom
sex girl chat room [public] created by ananaek
sex with girl hahahahahahahaha c'mon girls sex and cam
Friendlier chat room [public] created by montaka
u dont have a bitch host D: cough like anemija
LOVE 4 REAL chat room [private] created by ndigwem
Northampton UK chat room [public] created by GeorgianaD
people from northampton pr who know of the place in england.
U are the one COME ON chat room [public] created by sally516
I am always available and u should be the one to chat with me~ Get in my chat room!
horny bitches chat room [public] created by doykin
everyone gay and straight, men and women can come in search to relieve their sexual tensions
BUSINESS Poland chat room [public] created by BusinessWarsaw
Looking for people who will be interested to setup a business in poland
natalys room chat room [public] created by natlym2001
12-14 yr old who like music and to dance
single lesbian chat room [public] created by deathxx
where single lesbians can hang and talk all they want til they find the perfect one for them.
LOOKING FOR FURRY CHATS TO TROLL chat room [public] created by bloxxman978
anybody can ell me a furry chat to troll?
LOVE..SECRET..AFFAIR chat room [public] created by meMiNE
dnt care who u are..where ur from~welcome~
dating and friendship room chat room [public] created by aseemhakeem
this room for dating,friendship,fun
NO FLIRTING ROOM chat room [public] created by Umme13
This is a room which does not allow flirting
business oportunity chat room [public] created by ardysscolombia2012
I'm looking for people who wants to be the owner of a business and get the financial freedom.
only girls here chat room [private] created by shishirmcse
nothing but have a fun to enjoy life
Arabs respect meet chat room [public] created by faristop
chat friendship discussion for all Arabs men and womans you are all welcome
room333 chat room [private] created by maybe123456
fcuk gril chat room [public] created by ehtesham6233
Intersting woman&man chatting room join as
lesbian chat room girls only 12 and 13 year olds chat room [public] created by girllinacworth99
if ur 13 14 15 16 come and join the chat in acworth girls please be in acworth
Full of Darkness chat room [public] created by DarkLabrinth
Hey! this room is for everyone who loves darkness and i dont mind who ever you are excpet homophobes.
MICAFINOSL chat room [private] created by imdaman711
SL's Micafino friends and groups of SL
LDNNMANN chat room [private] created by EnglishMann
test private chat room for ldnn mann
Seeking BBW in South West chat room [public] created by bodminb
Single, Genuine Guy seeking the above in the above lol
Talkfriendlychat2012 chat room [public] created by Daniello2012
If you want to make friends you should talk in a friendly way. I'd like to know peope and learn from them, like penpals.
Korea Friends chat room [public] created by RainCh
For all Korea Friends,I want to know more about korea friends.
BoredOutaYourMind chat room [public] created by LittleLessFortunate6
are you bored and want to be entertained?
random room full of weridos chat room [public] created by XEMMALiN
random people in random places doing random things because there most likely the most randomesst people you will ever meet .. " dont blame me if thiss room is boring as fudgenuggets lol "
French -Learn or Chat- chat room [public] created by needtobethinplz
Chat with other french people or come here to practice french. Discutez avec d'autres personnes franšaises ou viennent ici pour pratiquer le franšais.
fwb room chat room [public] created by bagatricks
in here talk about any thing what happens here stays here
EMO LUVS AND RELATIONSHIPZ chat room [public] created by ZaneLuvsU
Where emo's meet,like Eharmony....for emos and outcast and crazy stuff lol,the more the emo-er
horniee people chat room [public] created by travis6925
thiss if for all those horny peps out there ((:
sexysin chat room [public] created by lexersin
any one wanna have naughty chat
jamall chat room [private] created by hanijamal
hi man looking for friendship and exchange business ideas
Marriage to an Arab from the Middle East chat room [public] created by zaitoni
Any girl an Asian or Europe want to marry an Arab or Muslim can identify the young man from the Middle East in this room
hiii all chat room [private] created by hanijamal
hi man looking for friendship and exchange business ideas
just me and you No one else chat room [private] created by Mrbubles2fu
for only people i let in No one else. thanks.
For my number one chat room [private] created by Mrbubles2fu
Only For my number one girl. NO ONE ELSE! im serious.
room222 chat room [private] created by maybe7654321
dirtymindsonly chat room [public] created by Malelukin4agangbang
this is not for the feint hearted its a sex room x
wijonah chat room [public] created by wijonah
love mate joint, for Adult chat
sadneed chat room [public] created by skiddy5672
here to meet new people and make new friends
RP only chat room [public] created by h8toluvu2431
Role playing only. not for pickups. no spammers. if you start shit you get banned.if you advertise your email, Skype, msn, Facebook, etc, your banned. if you ask for horny or hot people you get banned. if you get banned i.m. me an apology stating you wont do whatever it was you did again and i may lift the ban.
Alex079 chat room [public] created by Aleksandar079
--------------------------------Wellkom in my world--------------------------------------------
Le taco shop chat room [public] created by Masterhobz
/b/ Randomness and tacos !!! What else is there to say other than don't be a creeper/stalker/racist, or The ban hammer will crush you!!!
room323 chat room [private] created by maybe7654321
family fuk room chat room [public] created by tommo2012
anyone who likes to have sex with family members :D
pro-ana and eating disorders chat room [public] created by skinnyprettypetite
people with eating disorders can talk about their troubles with this disorder, and talk with others to get through this or stay strong! it's easier when you have someone to talk to
tims room chat room [public] created by badboystylee
harcore stylee music freestyler on a rant n rave
Swaggie Chat chat room [public] created by BabyBoo8196
Come on in Thiss is for anyone who has swag must be 13&up
Adult Cam room chat room [public] created by gwick509
Anyone can come in here and Wank! or Rub!!!!
Love sex and magic chat room [public] created by 1LOV3R
Just go with the flow, lean back relax and enjoy
webcam lesbians chat room [public] created by bisextual
only oovoo lesbians with cam can come in
lesbian webcam chat room [public] created by hammondserika
made for lesbians only from 13-27. just to have fun... nothing bad(:
Black butler roleplay room chat room [public] created by biju5060
hey there im jenny and this is my rp room .. there really are no rules i just ask that you respect one another and in-case you dont know THIS IS AN RP ROOM ONLY .. im struck by a desperate search to find some black butler rp so please join this room and meet someone new :3
single teen rooms chat room [public] created by madman1452
if you single join so yo ass can get a girl or boy
Bisexuals TALKIN chat room [public] created by luvisluv19
for bi poeple only to talk the day away becuz we're random
Tessas chat room [private] created by TessaM
jenifermustafa chat room [public] created by jenifermustafa
I'm new to the internet dating, a friend told me I should give it a try. So I figured why not! I'm a pretty simple person, easy to get along with and willing to try anything at least once! I grew up in a pretty dramatic family so i'm really good at staying calm when stressed or when anoyed. I ?
Doms chat room [private] created by DomBell
slave wanted 2 chat room [public] created by ausmale123
2 conditions must be female and the other 1 is must have a webcam
Rory Addicted chat room [private] created by RoryAddicted
rp sex mistress chat room [public] created by shadowedblaze
come in if u wanta rp sex mistress
Yaoi Yuri chat chat room [public] created by UkeforLife
(men only) Ukes and semies bothe aloud
The Casual Collection chat room [public] created by Maliced1
This is a simple room, with simple rules. This room is to meet people, make friends, and generally just chill and relax. I will not tolerate disrespecting others. I will not tolerate spam, (and I consider spam to be any message repeated more than three times.)I will not tolerate ALL CAPS. This is considered screaming. We don't scream in public, so we don't scream here.
dirty tallk chat room [public] created by kaceybabeXD
have fun takling dirty to 14-16 year olds ;D
Kittens chat room [private] created by gabtherock
Sex is us chat room [public] created by breezysboylevi
not litterly just joking around
Kellan Lutz chat room [public] created by Edward13024
Kellan Lutz is way... morreee hotter than Taylor Lautner
feet roo chat room [public] created by feetlover93
Diaper Pants Poop chat room [public] created by bulgeboi
For guys who like pooping themselves
room302 chat room [private] created by maybe87654321
teens discussions chat room [public] created by jessicaislonely12
Here you can express anything you want tell anybody what you feel like!!
RolePlay69 chat room [public] created by RolePlayiM
This room is for roleplays. people will come and have role plays according to them
mIssTastie chat room [private] created by missTastietits
dey r rilly tastie ...wanna bet ...haha
agfauffhfbfb chat room [public] created by trevonte98
Masters looking for slaves slaves lookin 4 master chat room [public] created by Sexiechika1424
This is for masters looking for slaves or slaves looking for a master
room103 chat room [private] created by maybe87654321
good looking people only ok bitches chat room [public] created by jonbob3098
sexy-hot people only cause i dont want no ugly people in the chat room
DA561 chat room [public] created by renato989
people from west palm beach!!!!! please older than 18....and no older than 28.......if not between those ages u WILL BE kicked out
Skype masterbation session chat room [public] created by heyhiyou00
24m Horny looking to masterbate on skype, no cam but i'm vocal. Ladies only : )
for girls that like wedgies chat room [public] created by jjerm
any girl that likes a wedgie come here
im new chat room123344 chat room [public] created by ecclisia16
im new to this dumb site and bored so yeahhhh
teens age 13-16 chat room [public] created by patrickbenham
anyone can chat in my chat room if there that age and they don't start tolerable
Trade dirty pictures chat room [public] created by Usmcpurcell
Looking to trade nude pictures a huge turn on
I want to make you cumm chat room [public] created by sebastien12321
Pm me... Id love to make yoou cummm tonight
friendship chat room [public] created by Soma4evr
friendship- has both "love and friendship" but Love- has only one "love"
Indian Guys meet Indian Chicks chat room [public] created by jackmuscat
A chat room were Indian to Indian socialisation!! but!! all are invited Indian or no!!. . .
supersati chat room [public] created by supersati
Chicago Adult chat chat room [public] created by misternice88
Single Males and Females looking to hook up in Chicago.
Girls from charleston chat room [public] created by AstrOnuTLife1
try to find people closer to me
OnlyYouth chat room [public] created by sboddukuru
This chat room only for youth, please do join and hang out.
Non-English speakers chat room [public] created by arz21
This is for the people who can't speak English very well and wants to learn English for tutorial.
Southsidee chat room [public] created by Wickeddoll213
This room is to have a fun chat with anyone that would like to talk also for the down homies
This time of night chat room [public] created by russwahoo
Everyone knows that only one thing happens in the middle of the night.
i horny chat room [public] created by flip888999
If you are in the boston area and are a horny female talk to me
pthc chat 1 chat room [public] created by pthc9999
room for trading pthc ............................................
kulz chat room [public] created by slowgee12
looking for a sweet and worthy sugar mummy
adult chatter chat room [private] created by momly
just for fun thats why I intended to need private chat room
cougar valley chat room [public] created by scubasteve2626
im a very young man looking to talk to some horny older woman.
Kerala chat room 916 chat room [private] created by Pratheeshlalprem
only keralite's room only malayalam
horny sex talky time chat room [public] created by sexychick290
talk about sex and how horny u r. It don't matter
single 12-15 year old chat room [public] created by dukeluke125
have fun and try 2 find a GF or BF
sex chat rage chat room [public] created by sexyslut1234
if you are horny and want to sex chat
tomdate chat room [public] created by tombrain
I'm very easy going type of man with a great sense of humor, caring,honest,loyal , understanding partnership and love kids very much as well even if their not mine.. Also I'm in the process looking for a Loving and charming woman, who is serious,Compassion,Honest, Not Selfish so we can spend the rest of our lifetime together..
Kikinback Private chat room [private] created by kikinback2
Private chat room for me and my friends, blah blah blah, use up thirty characters
Horny peepz chat room [public] created by Hornyyyyyhoes
Not horny people allowed. Talk to me and entertain me and maybe if you make me wet we can trade pics and stay in touch. I'll make you hard.
krish4friends chat room [public] created by krishnag88
HI, Everybody this is for friends chatting
FEEEEEET CHAT chat room [public] created by adame1623
anyone with a foot fetish come chat! males and females!
PUNJABI INDIA chat room [public] created by amarghotra
kro enjoy in punjabi room all ppls welcom
sexsemse chat room [public] created by klausaus
damn it im horny lets go and make some fun together why should we wait why should we talk lets
cute girl private room chat room [private] created by Cutegirl2
i wanna have sex with you chat with me and we will have some fun
sexy cute chat room [public] created by Cutegirl2
wanna have some fun chat with me
Boyzz only chat room [public] created by LuvMahlife
No girlz allowed in herre !!!!!
chuck chat room [public] created by monika100
Hi u luk smart huny whr r u frm?
LesbiansONLYinhere chat room [public] created by HeartLily
This is a chat room for lesbians to hang and talk. I'll kick ALL MEN OUT!!!!!!!!
Sexybitches chat room [public] created by hugeboobs69
all of the horny girls with pics, webcams, and porn sites to offer please come here
Polysians 5nest chat room [public] created by LucyTelle
Samoan, Fijian, Tongan, Hawaiian, Tokelauan, or any other polynesians...come and chat.
talk dirty to a hot bi girl chat room [public] created by Sexylesbian23
im bi and wanna talk dirty.. any takers?
Philippines Manila Chat chat room [public] created by luckyjajoo
Its for Philippines Guys to discuss about their interests, dating and fun.
uandme chat room [private] created by Sexylesbian23
this is just for us sexy baby.. i hope u enjoy our little chat
hotserena100 chat room [private] created by hanijamal
hi how you are a nice guy may i speak to you
Trade pic with me girls only 18 and older chat room [public] created by Tesuu
no dudes allow unless your really cool >.>
Hunger Games Rule chat room [public] created by salem2006
talk do watever may the odds be against u
Married but need a break chat room [public] created by guyanesegirl2
Vent out anger, frustration, guilt, hurt, sadness, connect with others.
anish muscat chat room [private] created by anish111
i am looking a good girl friend
kolkata sex room chat room [public] created by sexman1234
for hot sexy female of kolkata
cybersex on yahoo chat room [public] created by cnkpln
any one wanna cyber sex on yahoo
fffffffk chat room [private] created by rajx4x
only that we talking about just just just just that that nude sex chudvu
kayman chat room [public] created by ikekay
I am tall and dark, likes both males and females company, my next motto is feel free
BLACKZ chat room [public] created by Ecstacty
Room Name says it all......and Respect...
lesbieans chat room [public] created by patrickbenham
come girls come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Kinky people only dirty chat room [public] created by Animationx3
This is a chat room for kinky and dirty people only. No under 18s!!!
wel cum chat room [public] created by aditya230
-b frank hav fun !@#@#$%^&**(& )#$%^&*(%^&*(*&&^^ ()$%^&*()&^%$%^&*()*&^%^&*()(*& @#%~&^%&)&_*
Football Today chat room [public] created by Jartix
Talk all about footy. How the transfers went. League predictions. Team Target transfers. Best goals. Euro 2012. Champions league. Shock transfers. Maddest.
JX Btr0 chat room [public] created by Jartix
Talk.Cool.Never beaten.Do anything.Whenever. Best thing ever talk about funny things any cool things amazing things. Totally amazing things. Latest news.
sexviaskype chat room [public] created by guywithcam911
sex chat via skype.. now! add me carlos.diaz2030
bisexual and lesbians chat room [public] created by aly17star
no guys! only us beautiful women out there in the world!! :)
naughty chat for girls chat room [public] created by travellingAussie
girls that want a virtual encounter come in
GamersUnite chat room [public] created by GamingGoddess
Casual chat for people who love to play video games: console or pc and discuss anything that pertains to video games.
SADbearwezzylove chat room [private] created by DezzyWezzySAD
Only for us three to have fun and talk when I'm away.
Video Gamer Chat Room chat room [public] created by GamingGoddess
A casual chat room for gamers to talk about video games: console or pc.
Sex hook up for 13 teen year olds chat room [public] created by kooldudekev
just to meet up nd have sex anywere
pinay - pinoy chat room [public] created by c0d302
masaya dito, kaya pasok na kayo ^_^. chat relationship toh
13 ear old chat chat room [public] created by arron22569
chat room for 13 year olds come join this chat room
Emo Party chat room [public] created by Emokid66613
Emo sluts and w4ores are welcome here. Emo guys who hate their life are welcome as well. Anyone who likes to party is welcome too!
c0ck cravin cuties. chat room [public] created by naughtybiboy
girls who love c0cks..any1 underage plz use a different room. thank u ;)
many make everytings chat room [public] created by sathishvmn
every human will be think about money, if i have lots of money i will desire my life is going this way only , in case i dont have any money, my life is desired u are going this way only
ryudragon chat room [private] created by RyuDragon87
my chatroom miiineaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sex cam sex chat roomjoin this chat club if you lo chat room [public] created by marz8
only sex no tabojoin this chat club if you love
Spikes chat room [public] created by spike7415
This room is fun,cool,and spikes is the name!!
A room for Homestucks chat room [public] created by TotallyCapricious
a room..for homestucks? get to know people and just have fun.
ryu chat room [private] created by RyuDragon87
nudeflirt chat room [public] created by nudetiger
enjoying the chat with girls full freely and have good feelings with them.
For Horny men chat room [public] created by Coo1231
come in come all its fine place where you can chat with other men
kingsfield chat room [public] created by kingsfield
about issues in business,marriage friendship i mean everything you can think of.
jesslynn160 chat room [public] created by jesslynn160
This chat room is for kids under 15 and 15.So no one above 15.
jesslynn chat room [public] created by jesslynn160
this chat room is for anyone under 20 and no one above 20
praba chat room [private] created by dp98431
anyone who is an indian can chat wit me
No Trolls Allowed chat room [public] created by LydiaLovesYou
Well im really freaking bored and i thought hey, i dont feel like getting trolled anymore, so i was like, no trolls allowed :) And if you do troll, then ill troll right back :)
horny webcam chat room [public] created by talktome94
for horny girls who wanna come on cam
nice n wet chat room [private] created by lonelysoul37
Only sex talk and anything that is related to the topic.....Only mature adults are aloud in this room. If you can't respect the rules get out n stay out!
Me114 chat room [public] created by Me114
only chat......................................................................................................................................................................................
complete sex chat room [private] created by riyas2012
only 4 sex sex sex sex sex sex ..................... sex sex sex sex
greece room chat room [public] created by mythosgr
ellinika leme Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room
laurens chat room chat room [public] created by laurenluvsbiebs
anyone who likes justin bieber
laurenluvsbiebs chat room [public] created by laurenluvsbiebs
is you like jb cmone in i love to talk about justin bieber and his song BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!***
geli geli room chat room [private] created by Ezad1993
here i form malaysialalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
girly chat and gay guys chat chat room [public] created by Lill101
this chat is for girls so they can talk i do ask that no guys join unlees there bi or gay becausse i count you as a girl normal guys may join but please no sexual talk thank you and have fun in my chat room hope everone likes it>
Newark NJ USA chat room [public] created by DevilChick2504
for people who lie in newark new jersey usa
Grounded Teens chat room [public] created by AllyBat
A place for grounded teens to chat about how hard their punishments are.
AllyBat Chat chat room [public] created by AllyBat
For anyone who wants to chat about me or to me. If you dis me you will be kicked out of the room. AllyBat loves you all!
Emos only chat room [public] created by pathwaytodeath
Dun come here to say that we are fake. k?
Bullied Chatroom chat room [public] created by cadet007
If you were ever bullied or are today, come and share.
do anything u want chat room [public] created by crystal0823
do anything u want anything! even get a hook up :)
Emo room 13 14 15 chat room [public] created by xxxbunny
yhu have to be 13-15 :) do whatever
The Creepers chat room [public] created by SillyPenis12
This is a chat room for sexy creeps only D:<
Real Vampires and such chat room [public] created by Chepianna
Looking to talk to real vampires, or others who may see themselves as such. Maybe also those who see themselves as gifted.
Falconers Chat chat room [public] created by Sorenn
Chat for anyone, basically. We especially accept falconers of any class. Anyone who is interested in becoming a falconer, please come here. Anyone who loves wild birds, please come here.
Spiritually Giffted chat room [public] created by Chepianna
Yeah, well from healers, empaths, vampires what have you welcome :)
Bisexual 14-16 YEAR OLDS chat room [public] created by sexyladylove124
kojek69 chat room [private] created by kojek69
hi everybody....who want chat with me,pls joint this chat room...we can chat any topic related about live and love ...
Enama Chat chat room [public] created by Kablar
a room for people to talk about getting/receiving enemas. role playing is highly, highly encouraged.
skype-c2c chat room [public] created by countryboy01993
anyone who wants to c2c or skype
RP Catherine chat room [public] created by Theguy101807
this is a role play about a guy dating a girl but he cheats on her with another girl from the underworld who is supposed to kill him but ends up falling for him
dundee only chat room [public] created by meh79
room for people from dundee scotland
Good UK bois chat room [public] created by hilbear0
please be kind ^^ im looking for a sweet UK boy
Private Chat.. Trevorrr chat room [private] created by Trevorrr
Only people I knowww.You have to be in the members listt, and you have to IM meeee.
2097love 555666ytytjkkk chat room [public] created by NanaKiss2097
just fun for kids thirteen or older or younger
Night Club -RP- chat room [public] created by KaroriRikuto
A cool night club, super retro in Paris.!
horny stuff chat room [public] created by luca8969
hey this chat room is for people any age who are looking for fun ;)
13 yea rold chat 2 chat room [public] created by arron22569
chat for single 13 year olds come join it
horny and dirty room chat room [public] created by luca8969
this room is for everyone who want to have some fun ;)
korean chat room.2 chat room [public] created by katiebugg513
where koreans can talk,people who aren't korean can talk with people that are
Free for all races and kinds. chat room [public] created by Edward13024
This chat is Free for all but please No stalkers!
Chat room for lesbians chat room [public] created by Bracefacealicia
Males not allowed in this chat room
Ocean City New Jersey chat room [public] created by collegeguynick
A place for people in ocean city new jersey to sit down and talk :)
bullrider chat room [private] created by tomberry90
girls only that are 15 - 18 years old
anything goes from kikittykiana chat room [public] created by kikittykiana
talk about anything you want any age and anytype of people
Teens occupied chat room [public] created by cutme97
just try it 13-19. it is were we can hang out with out having idiot around!
daughter in law chat room [public] created by mikemike9
do you have the hot for or have had sex with daugher in law
adrianna and bart chat room [public] created by adrianna215
room for me and my baby to chat
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