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List of all user-created chat rooms #328
Football Chat Room chat room [public] created by KyleKeech
talk about sports aand laen what other like as far as sports
horny webcam sex chat room [public] created by Sk311
that is horny and wants to masturbate on cam and that is shy to
Chat with a Bhutanese Man or Woman seriously chat room [public] created by seegyal
start off and chat until you win your intention of being here....best of luck
Alesana Fans chat room [public] created by suckyusername
Anyone who listens to this Genre enter :)
sex event chat room [public] created by samual123
here anyone can share your sex experience.. all are welcom
Single Males chat room [public] created by marinahotcutey
Single males looking for their girl. Join this chat!!!
Sex On Skype for Guys and Girls chat room [public] created by DAYGO92
Skype or Webcam Sex .... Talk dirty be sexxy and if ur horny skype with someone :) so go head join the room and start chatting :)
girls r invited chat room [public] created by brandon212191
adult room for persons 18+ who want fun conversation
Looking 4 Cougars chat room [public] created by free2life89
help cougars and find them in reality
Teen Werewolves chat room chat room [public] created by KimiBlackWolf
Only real teen werewolves no fakes please
share your secrets chat room [public] created by water80
For all ages that needs someone to listen and exchange knowledge
sex films exchange chat room [public] created by KSA2629
sex films exchange sex films exchange
lets talk about sex only chat room [public] created by aimbress
sex talk only...............................................
Singaporean Girls Fall In chat room [public] created by Jay2Cool
Interested to chat with Singaporean Girls only.
13 and under only chat room [public] created by nevaehbradley
no people over 13 thank u please angoy 13 and under people(:
need a girl to share room with me chat room [public] created by mahi010
hiiii i'm mahi i completed my b.tech and now i'm learning some courses in hyderabad .i'm bored of tis life and so i had decided to have a girl as my roommate so that there will be some fun if anyone interested just mail me at mahi47010@gmail.com
SKC chat room [private] created by SKumar30
ped chat chat room [public] created by matt972
a place to chat with other peds
hornygames chat room [public] created by wakaka34
have a nice talk and get horny wit me
sexy girl come with me chat room [private] created by sanjeet123
hi sexy girls come with me lets have a fun
emo athiest chat room [public] created by tawan99
if u r emo join or if u are athiest like me
PS3 room chat room [public] created by HOTSTEPA83
this room is for ppl looking for friends to add for gameing or cam cht on PS3 uk
cezar chat room [public] created by gaza2030
come and have fun its time to relacse
PS3 for all chat room [public] created by HOTSTEPA83
this room is for women looking for friends to add for gameing or cam cht on PS3 uk
our thinking chat room [public] created by shraddha151076
discuss the adult ways of living
vijayananth chat room [private] created by anandpuni
Foot Fever chat room [public] created by marthu9687
Fir all you foot lovers- men and women
yung family sex chat room [public] created by thikwun1
Talk bout that good family login.
fashion girls kuwiat chat room [public] created by fatoomyalsafi
this is for only for kuwiats author actor example fatima alsafi , shagoon alhajri ; huda hussian and other people of u want to chat u most be kuwaitiy and other countriyes and we will welcome u
Scat Watersports lovers chat room [public] created by marto27
People into kink pissing enema's Scat Preferably from Australia
lesbian chaty chat room [public] created by candypopjay
chat to lesbian girlz and no guys allowed and may have alot of fun
Gabriellas room chat room [public] created by gaberiella
It's not fun, it's not cool, its most defininantly not specail so come on its everyones dream chat room.
horny guy for girls chat room [public] created by hornyguy1288
only girls allowed. any hot chic can enter the room
Rockyrock chat room [private] created by mohsinharwar1
i want to chat with my friends and with unknown persons to make them my friend
go out with me chat room [public] created by lfarrell3
join and maybe we can meet up im really lookin for a girl aged 13-14
kapilindy chat room [private] created by kapilindy
Discussion on affair and our to show love to your honey!
sexchat PH chat room [public] created by fungiver
for northcotabato sex lovers, girls only for sex
Single 14 year olds only chat room [public] created by Trevorp98
A place for 14 year olds to discuss there realationshipo problems
young chat chat room [public] created by pompeyboy123
any young teens chat here whatever chat it is whether your lookin g for sum1 or just wanna chat then join this chat room
Not Perfect chat room [public] created by gaberiella
it says what it says yo... Hi im Gabriella and this is my chat room, well i have 2 but still it all MINE
teach mehow to get.. chat room [public] created by elletwinkie
Im totally a newbie, and I wanna go wild in here, i only dont know how
aniligirls chat room [public] created by jadex12
olnly women can enter here.....they must show me theyre ass ,so that i can put my big cock inside...ahhh ...make shore that u have a big uss.........................
friendzoned chat room [public] created by SDew
NO dirty chat! We're asking you to respect each others here. Troll chat is okay
SEXSEXSEX ROOM chat room [public] created by amalgaman
LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE AT KOLKATA chat room [public] created by baptupal
only married men and women are allowed here
Montreal 420 Are You Looking For 420 in Montreal chat room [public] created by 420xForxSale
Come and chill in here.. bring your bong.. if its empty.. maybe ill help you, but be cool. Life is all about balance, so be zen here.. I accept all races ages creeds and methods, as well as paypal and cash for products supplied ;)
aliy cool teen chat room chat room [public] created by ALiY15
its cool and awesome.also creative and stuff but no spamming,no disrespect and no caps if you do that stuff you will be blocked and banned
nick877 chat room [public] created by nick877
hi everyone im friendly and a very nice person
Wolf And Hunter RP chat room [public] created by FeralHeart
This is an Wolf and Hunter RP, you can either be a wolf or a hunter. No caps spamming. You also HAVE to be literate. Not like -gets a drink of water-. It can be something like -(Your name or She/He) Stood up and slowly but carefully and aware of any danger coming. She/He reached the clear icy water and stared into it with Her/His blue moon eyes, making the water rumble a bit.- That's an RP sample...So yeah... ONLY literate people allowed...
The Black Knight Base chat room [private] created by Suzaku1Kururugi
this is the main base of the Black Knights and only a few specialized people will be able to join me and the black Knights. The Black Knights Theme Song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM-PzHr9M5Y
Classy Women - Nice Men chat room [public] created by CountryBoy999
Im only here to make friends and chat...No pervs and no trashy women!
GIRLS ONLY FOR COUPLE chat room [public] created by coupleforgirl
My Chat Room No One Elses chat room [private] created by 1Dlover2104
This is a private chat roomfor mature people. LOL :)
THREEWAY FOR COUPLE chat room [public] created by coupleforgirl
Horny chat umm chat room [public] created by Ohyeah10
This is for chicks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connection chat chat room [public] created by RoxiNickoll991
A Cpool place for people to hook up and find someone to IM {{for people Under 21}}
girls only 14-16 chat room [public] created by tatortot14
anygirls 14-16 and wanna talk get in here
preteens wanting to talk to older man chat room [public] created by wild5959
where underage curious girls come to chat with older men
just for chat chat room [public] created by WildShelby
no sex talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just pink floyd chat room [public] created by hurricaneayaz25
Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home? Come on Now I hear you're feeling down I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again Relax I'll need some information first Just the basic facts Can you show me where it hurts? There is no pain you are receding A distant ship's smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move But I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like Two balloons Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain You would not understand This is not how I am [ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/pink+floyd/comfortably+numb_20108779.html ] I... Have become comfortably numb O.K. Just a little pin prick There'll be no more aaaaaaaah! But you may feel a little sick Can you stand up? I do believe it's working Good That'll keep you going through the show Come on It's time to go There is no pain you are receding A distant ship's smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move But I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse Out of the corner of my eye I turned to look but it was gone I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown The dream is gone I... Have become comfortably numb
sex22 chat room [public] created by vino88
come 2 qll sex people and married aunty
sexchatf chat room [public] created by sexypinkyf
chat with about sex to enjoy to kiss
HELP FROM GIRLS chat room [public] created by Lana3737
I have a few questions that can only be answered by girls about missed periods and pregnancy
masturbation questions chat room [public] created by cmecum19
your place to discuss masturbation ask questions get answers
DESTINY SEEKERS chat room [public] created by Medicemma15
I really created this room for youths who are able to rebuild/discover the fallen and hidden destinies of our young people round the universe
Trapperworld chat room [private] created by trapper1969
our little sex party you and I with all out open minded sex
for hard core girls chat room [private] created by dirtyhkb
hard core girls can join this...we can have very much exciting chat....100% fun
sexxi ladies Chat chat room [public] created by MontanaBoi20
For people 14-25 years of age come here to meet new people and just have fun
Chat happy chat room [public] created by Cocoabuttaa
This chat room is for happy people, with happy things to talk about, and happy moods... happy happy happy
BOY meets GIRL chat room [public] created by Cocoabuttaa
The name says it all. =) Its a friendly chat room, can talk about whatever you want unless its annoying to me, or il kick you out =D. No perves allowed. Enjoy!
happy time no cuse words chat room [private] created by brookeadancer
help me please chat room [public] created by libbyseymour
someone come talk to me and give me advice
falling Kingdom Xandira chat room [private] created by AngelOfDeath15
Its full of secrets... Enjoy it.
Just want to chat room chat room [public] created by Beckymason16
We are bord and wanna chat then come and talk here xx
Boner Solution chat room [public] created by jortman
I'm just looking for a hot chat with a lovely lady so I can get a boner and then get rid of said boner. Catch my drift?
Sex talk 6969 chat room [public] created by jortman
Let's do it. Or at least talk about doing it. It'll be fun.
reallovestories chat room [public] created by reallovestories
a place to share you real stories of love, happiness and loss
The World of Flames Alexs Home chat room [public] created by YourHeroAlex
The World of Flames Is a huge red planet that orbits off to the right of Earth's galaxy. It is where I live, I rule, and I thrive. The gates are guarded by the Knights of the Flame, they are worthy of their positions and work well against any enemies! The Laws: 1: Do not destroy or loot anyone or anything 2: Do not bring strange creatures or objects inside the city gates 3: No fighting 4: No bad mouthing others 5: All visitors will be kicked out if they break the laws all citizens will be punished. I am the King and this is my realm,
paige hinchcliffe chat with me chat room [public] created by moneybabe9
paige talk to me here or at hotmail
dirty kinky chat chat room [public] created by kinkypervydaddy
lets get dirty kinky and have some fun
super swag chat room [public] created by swagalisious
If u cool and gt swag this chatroom is 4 u but if u lame geeky nerdy and no swag u need 2 find another room otherwise have fun
kinky dirty chat chat room [public] created by kinkypervydaddy
come explore your secrets and fantasies. lets get real kinky and dirty
Mrfearless12s room chat room [public] created by Mrfearless12
This is a room to chat with me and some friends
swagmania chat room [public] created by swagalisious
what up everybody this prettyboymane aka swagalisous comin with this cool awesomoe swag-lisous chatroom aka cool talk but anyway its for ...... well i dnt care wat udo and ther is no banning like i said bt plz no disrespect just swag it out.
single loners room chat room [public] created by skycam
if you are alone and need a special someone in your life come here
1607 chat room [public] created by jjohn1r
i chat room where you can find a date and go out and have some finn so if you are in this chat you know what are getting in to lol.... just find a date and have finn.
Lesbian love room chat room [public] created by EMiLYCUTE0999
This is a Lesbian chat room only girls that r lesbian's and no men
guys only 17 to 29 only chat room [public] created by shyann17
guys 17 to 29 only must be single and talk clean
Zombie Talk chat room [public] created by t0xicskittles
Talk about zombies, debate, ect.
Lookin for female to skype with chat room [public] created by DopeBoi010
Cam 2 Cam with me 21 Male european
dirty chat for teens by lauren got swag chat room [public] created by laurengotswag
Just teens!! Or creeps and don't be creepy to anyone ok!
Fem Studs Only chat room [public] created by Nicole03152011
This is a fem stud chat only and its studs lookin to talk are chat to gals who are bi
Real relationship chat room [public] created by Mindtoheart
love and trust.... with good hearter last love and relationship
Megan and Melanie order taking hotel chat room [public] created by MeganandMelanie
Hi, we're Megan and Melanie. We're 17/F twins and we're really horny! We'd love someone to come dominate us. Hell, more than one person. Come and satisfy us please! We've got no limits besides death!
Lets be naughty chat room [public] created by COman1991
Anyone who feels like being a little naughty and want to skype to have some funnn ;)
For sound and Unreal Folk chat room [private] created by Deed1
if you are sound and want a bit o a laugh, or if you consider your self Unreal, then come on in and let the banter begin.
cam2cam girls chat room [public] created by karldavies
room where guys can cam with girls
The House. chat room [public] created by xXTurlesXx
singls room chat room [public] created by ninakendrick
for single girls and boys to bond
Cyber - Industrial ravers chat room [public] created by ShadowCyberPsycho
Fun for any raver or specific kinds :D its just good to enjoy the music maaaaan! :D or the dance xD
UNDER 18 TEENS chat room [public] created by dhruvdetos
horney sex roleplay chat room chat room [public] created by redneck3833
dirty chat and roleplay and sex chat adult content be 18 to enter
DECENT CHATRO0M chat room [public] created by dhruvdetos
Lkn 4 a friend chat room [public] created by JustinLC
Looking for some body to talk to
sonic the hedgehog chat room [public] created by sonicthehedgehog1
hello there im sonic the hedgehog im blue and spiky im the real one if you know me way past cool but my brothers are manic and sonia and mostly i useally call tails as a bro but hes my buddy hes name is miles prower but we call him tails though and he has an x torando i always run to other places to go and most of of all is eggman hes builds robots hes evil never trust him even nazo and yeah the all eggman names is eggman and eggman nega robuttnik hehe or should i say robotnik anyway have fun in this this chat no spamming
Kansas Jayhawk Room chat room [public] created by KU1Fan
A room for Kansas Jayhawks Fans Rock Chalk Jayhawks
Kansas Jayhawks Room chat room [public] created by KU1Fan
A room for Kansas Jayhawks Fans "Rock Chalk Jayhawks"
doomsday chat room [public] created by wassappinin
east coast preppers welcome to discuss the future of our world and share ideas on how to survive these tough times
Only one chance chat room [private] created by AlwaysAloneDemon
SugardDaddies chat room [public] created by LondonSugarDaddy
Sugardaddies for sexy girls! ooooohhhyyyyyaaaa
Blood and Chocolate chat room [private] created by Karina223
A place where some of my good friends can come and chat with me ^.^
jom chat chat room [public] created by ChocolateKids91
bosan giler ni..sesape yg ase free jom ar kita chat sma2..kenal2,sembang2,borak2..jom lah...
sexy boy room chat room [public] created by thebestpr787
i love to chat with girls. i also like to talk about how they fell wat do they like
middle finger chat room [public] created by johnplayboy12345
Anyone who loves to hv a nice time can be here
Teens in the USA chat room [public] created by keldonna
Hayward area chat room chat room [public] created by mistedsoul
people of hayward, congregte here
sex chat singapore chat room [private] created by salihin32
hiiii singapore girl u like sex or scandel come chat with me
any amy winehouse fans chat room [public] created by mesjc97
I want to have a big party for amy so we can drink and party amy style impersonators eill be great in brooklyn
need chemistry help chat room [public] created by n1tehawk
im looking for some chemicals but i dont know what they are called
BeingBad chat room [private] created by GetsTheJobDone
talkin dirty, getting down and being nasty
NYC - Big Apple chat room [public] created by macfish
new york singles who want to meet
ANIMELOVERZZZ chat room [public] created by LemoNNZZ
just some typical anime lovers <3
bored as hell in chat chat room [public] created by tiger2134
where bored people chat lol bored
black man chat room [public] created by YounGsyD22
The FUN room for ME chat room [public] created by SexyBeast84
A place where people can indulge and have FUN! :)
random shit box chat room [public] created by lowriderz1996
random shit in a box...aids in a can!
skr chat room [private] created by SKumar30
hi come and enjoy it selff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
SEAS OF CHEESE chat room [public] created by niizhgekek
who doesn't like cheese? EXACTLY! Join yo punk ass!
big-booty chat room chat room [public] created by bootyfan411
for big booties and big booty fans
Indian Aunty Chat chat room [public] created by sammyhotdude
Lovely indian aunty's please join the room for chat if you are looking for a handsome guy for fun.
Ukraine searching for love overseas chat room [public] created by Argendream
Use this chat room for people interested in serious relationships leading to marriage between Ukrainians and foreign people.
LUV LUV LUV chat room [public] created by nickie21
any single females and males r always welcome here
Lesbians and Bis and some guys chat room [public] created by Myles07
For Lesbians and Bi's and some guys
Real sex talk for men and women chat room [public] created by sexaddic1
For heterosexual men and women over 18 who have sexual addiction and love it.Don't chat here if sex is not what you plan to chat about.This forum is to find like minded people to turn each other on and get each other off.And if lucky hook up to satisfy your addiction.Please web cam use is encouraged and uninhibited women wanted to get naked.
Lesbians and Bis and some guy s chat room [public] created by Myles07
This room is not to make fun of you it was made so that you could talk and hang out together so if anyone comes to this room to make fun of the people in the room then you can just leave.
Come here as you are chat room [public] created by sealthedeal123
Come here as you are! I am here just as you are!
Naperville lesibans chat room [public] created by Girlygirl56
Going to be for lesiban girls to find people in thier city. for long term relationships or more.
my room XD chat room [public] created by caveman1336
if u want to meet me than come in... ima single 13 yearold looking for a gf
Texasvagitarians chat room [public] created by agpalzales95
All lesbians are welcome here, but especially those lonesome little texas girlies. Please, keep it relatively clean :) this is just a friendly chat.
Lesbians of Texas chat room [public] created by agpalzales95
Are you a lesbian from Texas? Welcome! Are you not a Lesbian from Texas? Welcome! Please keep the chat clean :)
Any hawaiians out there chat room [public] created by ShorD7
bored..... just wanna see how many hawaiians is there....
gay 14 yr olds chat room [public] created by boxyteddy
rom is great for chatting..............................................
Shuddersthepirate chat room [public] created by shuddersthepirate
If you would like to talk to me ,uh, "shudders".
fatpeoplejoin chat room [public] created by michael808
hi i need ur help i need some advice please
cult of fredoom chat room [private] created by jaspre
hello how are you girls are you fine lol go
guys on heels chat room [public] created by paul30000
guys having fun wearing sexy.. slutty high heels or sandals...
Only tamil chat room [private] created by Manmathan00
Tamil girls and all ages aunty s welcome
FemaleDomination chat room [public] created by bislutslave
Any Female Doms please chat me up
single teens only chat room [public] created by pleamaster
im single and need a gf and other people might need a bf of gf soo ya i made this room
wimbledon 2012 chat room [public] created by gargrajat
talk anything about tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnis
casinova chat room [private] created by arun1494
make me happy always.very freindly, sexy and houmourable
werewolves Vampires and other creatures chat room [public] created by DravenNavarro
This is a chat room for any kind of creatues, mundane or not,
Real werewolves and vampires chat room [public] created by DravenNavarro
this is a chat room for real werewolves vampires and anyone else looking to chat
Sexy roomy chat room [public] created by JayMan1997
Come have a sexy time with a 15 year old guy
GAY FRIEND9 chat room [public] created by SANDEEP9
Hi,i like only old man gay friendship.i wont old mans penis
need gay chat room [public] created by icevaldo
no coment need gay to cheat wab cam whit me
Vamps Rule chat room [public] created by VampLoverLozl
For all you vamp lovers, who just can't get enough
LTGRIGLEY7 chat room [public] created by LTGRiGLEY7
Bored Teens With Kik or Skype chat room [public] created by Kman20007
Horny and bored teens with kik or skype and a telephone number
GIBRALTAR SWINGERS CLUB chat room [public] created by superwesley
Enjoyment n flittering chat room [public] created by ravindrabaliyan
For flattering, n enjoy with friends, to know a stranger and make him/her a friend.....
Kansas Jayhawks And J Room chat room [public] created by KU1Fan
A room for KU Fans 'Rock Chalk Jayhawks
Bahrain one time Dating chat room [public] created by rasheed4u
Bahrain girls are welcome! a man is waiting for u to whatever u r telling to do
bakash chat room [private] created by bakash
talkiing sextalk for enjoing at site
yungbennyswagg chat room [public] created by yungbennyswag
teen boys and girls only if you enter the room you must talk dont just come and sit there. and no old phedopile men !
sonic da chat chat room [public] created by sonicthehedgehog1
hello im sonic da hedgehog if you find the real sonic you may be welcome to my chat to meet me after all im a blue hedgehog lol by the way my bud is tails da fox and anyone can come not only the real sonic im the real sonic da so yeah ok thats all for now and my best best friend hes real hes name is sonic in love with LeeAnn if you see him i wanna talk to him again my xat chat wont work so hope you take care you can join any time in my chat everyone can join bye bye so long speeds off sonic the name speeds my game hehe
sexy gril chat room [public] created by tarun143kumar
only sexy saghja asghjgas agdjghas jsahgjgah sahdgjhasghj dashgjhagjaghj
decent peoples only chat room [public] created by hussainkhan786
only hong kong peoples other countries please dont enter
Women in Need chat room [public] created by everythinawomanneeds
Women who are in need of a man, come here!
Lyme disease like MS chat room [public] created by predrak78
Lyme disease is similat to MS all the symphoms like MS but treatmet is other
B1A4 for BANAs chat room [public] created by BaroBANA
for fan B1A4 bana :DD can join ok?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ht teen boys chat room [public] created by ireallyluvcuteboys
love hot boys and any men older then 20 plz dont come here wit some dumbass saying u lik eme and u love me and ur stupid things.
women and animals chat room [public] created by doggystyle2012
does anyone know more about this ? is it common?
sexy studs and femme chat room [public] created by JayTheRichKidd
the perfect room for studs and fems to have a good time !
foot fetish new chat room [public] created by spiritual83
welcome every nice hgghg iuyuygjhgjhg hghghg hggghg hhghghg ghghgh hghhg hghgh hghgg hghgh hghg hghgg hghgh hghgh hghgh hghg hghg hghghg hghg h hghgh ghghg hghg h hghgh hghg h h hgh hghg hgh hghghgh h
xoANGELoxS chat room chat room [public] created by xoANGELox
All are Welcome to ANGEL'S chat room, see you there :)
prithivi chat room [public] created by prithivi3429
hi everyone i hope we can have a good time here
relaxed and fun chat room [public] created by Jerami
a place where you can come and just talk about anything about yourself and where people actually want to here you speak!!!
EMOS ONLY 666 chat room [public] created by XxdeathangellilithxX
if ur a hater of emos, dont join, dont be aggresive, and love everyone!!!!!
friendly guys need girls chat room [public] created by momochie18
need girls for the guys!!..........
Romantic Desirers chat room [public] created by Hosni30
Hot girls can chat and have fun here its free
Taylor Gang Or Die chat room [public] created by MeLlamoWilly
Real talk thats all you needa now aboudda it
storytime baby chat room [public] created by dan1elle420
tell me a story (: i dont care about what, but if you like, we can rollplay a little...
Chat Spokane chat room [public] created by ky1024
For all those people who live near or in Spokane.
interracial romance chat room [public] created by LiGHTitUP1
for all those who want to date outside of their race and want to chat with people who feel the same, feel free to join here
jakarta not sleep chat room [public] created by vrseven
love insomnia ..bagi yang blom bisa tidur ayo gabung di sini
lovely place to hang on chat room [public] created by luckyhulk
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii open for u all@@@@@ i don't care what u colour is or what language u speak or which religion u follow ....i just love human beings.......
DECENT CHATR0OM chat room [public] created by dhruvdetos
HarrisburgPA chat room [public] created by jasonb13
Local Harrisburg area chat would be nice!
countrygirl and countryboys chat room [public] created by countrygirl1516
be safe no giving out ur number or talkin sexual to one eachother thank you and have a great day
SEX females com talk to me chat room [public] created by Dominique632
Im the only gu in this chat. I only allow females!!!! HORNY ONES!!!!
you tell me chat room [public] created by justpassingthru
any subject you want to chat about
bi or gays only plz chat room [public] created by iWantSumFun3333
this room is for anyone that is bi or gay guys and girls welcome this room is uncensored so ppl under 18 go away
Swaggas chat room [public] created by Jessica01307
A chat room for all swaggers!No ugly boys alowed lol
Swaggers chat room [public] created by Jessica01307
A chat room for all swaggers!No ugly boys alowed lol
Whooaaa chat room [public] created by Jessica01307
A chat room for all swaggers!No ugly boys alowed lol!!
Whooaaa lol chat room [public] created by Jessica01307
A chat room for all swaggers!No ugly boys alowed lol!!
Hockey Chat chat room [public] created by Mikachu123
Hockey Fans ONLY! IIf your not a hockey fan Stay the Hell away!
Bored... chat room [public] created by Sandy7413
Uhm yeh I'm bored and yeh I'm 13 fyi.
findmate chat room [public] created by ellilove
get in to find your soul-mate to chat and find more about each other
fun21 chat room [public] created by Hope2030
Just need people to talk to come one come all
rajj chat room [public] created by rjain762
sayyes chat room [private] created by bwyussif
to char with any body of sound mind
SEXY FEM ONLY chat room [public] created by 813phatphat
Busty chat room [public] created by ziszak22
only sex Busty Slut cheating with boss
Hope2030 chat room [public] created by Hope2030
Just need people to talk to came ne came all
Portland Married but Playing chat room [public] created by beetwest
Sort of a free online AshleyMadison-type room. I'm male, interested in chatting with females who are interested in chatting with married men.
Horny As Hell --HASH-- chat room [public] created by WhitneySaysCumOnMe
Come be sexy with us. Find other horny members and have a big chatroom orgy! This is the chatroom of your dreams! Masturbate bitch!
Creatures Of The Dark chat room [public] created by Nam3YourD3mon
For all vampires, zombies, or other such creatures out there....and metal music lovers...
Lesbian black girls chat room [public] created by SexyWhiteHunni911
Looking for a black gorgeous lesbian wanting a cute white girl
girlfriend nude pic trading chat room [private] created by ohioguy5635
trading nude pictures of gfs and ex gfs
NEED WEED TUCSON AZ ONLY chat room [public] created by dogt420
TUCSON AZ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lollits chat room [public] created by lollits
i need one night stand but should be white,i adore the lolipop
hahahornyteens chat room [public] created by SUP231
it is a room that is for horny teens that are not afred to be horny
YMOG chat room [public] created by tripleddd11
YMOG (Young Men Of God) members
be naughty chat room [public] created by featherfoot32496
chat with naughty people and be naughty
bisexual sexting chat room [public] created by airjumper2
if you want to sext with beautiful ladies or sexy men then this is your chat room
High Heels Chat chat room [public] created by leapardman
Sexy chat about high heeled shoes and boots
sex9 chat room [public] created by rakonen33
yeah here is good to tak very goog come here
tamil chat 85 chat room [public] created by anbu85
hai ennakku sex chat pannanum hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
group69 chat room [private] created by schrammy
r u horny? Hard? Wet? come on over and we will chat ;)
following chat room [public] created by ceteris100
i need friends so that i can chat with them whenever i'm freee
DRUID SHAPESHIFTER chat room [public] created by Arctus
A place to chat of course. Please be respectful and have a open mind. Everyone is welcome to enter this room. The room name just come from uhhhhh somewhere.
zombie surivial teem chat room [public] created by n1tehawk
i resently got into the hobby of asebbing a teem and gear for a hypothetical zombie apacolips, i wana c if there are any other people that share my pation.
talk it out with me chat room [public] created by n1tehawk
anything you need help with, on your mind, or you need to get off your chest, im here to help
girlwantsdaddy chat room [public] created by anna98
young girl wants dirty sex with older man
old man young girl chat room [public] created by pari19
old man lookking young girls so commeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
WOMEN DOMINATING MEN chat room [public] created by iWantSumFun3333
exposing smuts chat room [public] created by MeLlamoWilly
If any males or females hate some ugly bitch or player sent pics of them been sluts or players to my email. willyluvs503@gmail.com
HomestuckRp chat room [public] created by DesiKylosis
here you can roleplay as your own character or a homestuck character
finde love chat room [public] created by sultannicolae
helping you lose wight chat room [public] created by rachelk1918
this room will help you if you are overweigt or just not satified with your image in any way ...to get bak on trak and feel healthy again
PANTERA chat room [public] created by iWantSumFun3333
this room is for u die hard pantera fans come one come all
THE ROOM room. chat room [public] created by Lilnshy
Welcome to my room in this place i am god everyone is welcome unless you're Indian so have a nice day to all! unless you're Indian.....
Maua meru kenya chat room [public] created by Yussuf12
Sexy Ladies from maua & meru region are welcomed
Italian Palace chat room [public] created by YourHeroAlex
A 5star Italian place that knocks the socks off of Olive Garden
HotGuysForGirls chat room [public] created by Kmug4
Looking for hot 14-16 year olds? You have come to the right place just join on in and make your self comfy. :) have fun and dont for get to stay sexy... Dont get fat ;)
SoulEaterChatRoom chat room [public] created by SerenityDimtri
Please, If you log on, use on of the characters from soul eater! This is a place where people can act like SE characters! Enjoy!
LINA chat room [public] created by LinaLee
Hi i'm lina lee from the USA i love to learn about different people and there culture thank you
Single but dont wanna be 15-17 chat room [public] created by musiclife15
this room is for singles that wanna find a bf/gf i know i really want to find a gf so if your interested come and join
parents 101 chat room [public] created by tiffybaby616
adults who arent interested in hooking up but who are bored and wanna talk
naughty chatting chat room [public] created by nadinelovingu
u can say enything naughty on your mind
Aidens Chat chat room [public] created by CupcakeThrower
this is for people i want in this chat room if i dont like what your doing like spamming this then you will be banned...sorry!
WeTT PusSi3 chat room [public] created by lyssalover11
Where horny babes come to chat<3
13 year olds only lalala chat room [public] created by nat305
a place for 13 year olds to meet new friends from around the world that are the same age
threes not a crowd chat room [public] created by wetnhardallin1
a place for couples to go meet singles.
pokemainiacs chat room [public] created by pokarak
for all pokemon lovers and pokemon players while for vide games of pokemon
Victorville CA Singles Chat chat room [public] created by 7Richy77
Talk to local singles in your area
horny hot chicks chat room [public] created by 7Richy77
self explanitory... more girls then guys please
chat with me if your a single 13-16 boi chat room [public] created by islandbaybeee
im hot, single,fun,outgoing,spirated,cute,isslander,pleasureful,and lovely
find a match.. xoxoxo chat room [public] created by singlechickxoxo
if you r single come to this chatroom and find a girl/guy
anti gay and sex chat room [public] created by snickersimba
this is for chatting and no gay men
pet friendly chat room [public] created by fredbubbles
beastiality lovers. anyone wishing to discuss their fantasies about sex with dogs or horses
marinanewman chat room [public] created by marinasexyass
chat with me until i say bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can txt on my cell the most!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm wanting someone 11-14!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm 12
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