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List of all user-created chat rooms #354
NO PERVS ALOUD chat room [public] created by reboundBBE
come in ere if your from england!!!!!
mishoru chat room [private] created by mishoru
hey lets talk some thing interesting would u mind to join me
ray chat room [public] created by Atul143
all doze horny galz out dere if you are ready i am dere to hot sex chat
Ramin61 chat room [public] created by Raminmi
music lovers and emo welcome chat room [public] created by livingdeadgirl2169
just a laid back chat room to find some hard core friends
single bi teen chat chat room [public] created by shan97
single teen chat..too relax, Nothing serious..but come on & join..Have a laugh :)
hott spott chat room [public] created by hottielookin4u
u will have a lot of fun in here and have a ball
naughty dirty shows chat room [public] created by PlayBoyBlondy
hot dirty shows no limits open minded girl dont miss it guys
singles at 13 chat room [public] created by loverbug302
a room where 13 year old singles go to find that someone
talktopeople chat room [public] created by benthin
just talk speak ur damn mind dont be afraid to it is not a crime
sexy boy 4 girls chat room [public] created by mike4136
all that u need is here 4 girls
SomeoneISCHATING chat room [private] created by dimasus
A chatroom that only inclused invited people by me>
Mastiff Dog Lovers Only chat room [public] created by DanniJean
For people who own the wonderful breed know as Mastiff. And wanna share pics info ect...
only Slovenia people chat room [public] created by kasia111
this is place where could and should be people fascinating this beautiful country :))
Ashleesroom GFTO chat room [public] created by sarimz
I dont understand why i need a description but here it is. Merry christmas.
Aj chat room [public] created by Drake4563
If you looking for a relationship
Ay chat room [public] created by Drake4563
If you looking for a relationship
junky chat room [public] created by yknuj
boys who wanna flirt with me chat room [public] created by bigtitsforboys
i have big tits and wanna use them with a special boy tonight. come if ur up for the challenge
Soup Group chat room [public] created by SexxyAlex
Hey you don't have to talk about soup, but please don't cuss. have fuuuuuun!!!!!!!!
sweetsophie chat room [public] created by sweetsophie22
just naughty chat and cam, alone here and got nothing to do. feeling naughty and horny :) loves to have fun
blood suckers chat room [public] created by valintine
For all who want to chat about anything
kuria chat room [private] created by luria
normal talk where we can talk about everything you want
An Saol Margaret Costello chat room [private] created by AnSaol
I'm writing a story about 30's Irish mafia in US and i need help please ! :)
kirank chat room [public] created by 776089467
waiting for chat kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Talk About Education chat room [public] created by lovand101
For students, educators, or anyone interested in talking about differences, ideas, or developments in education today.
kay chat room [public] created by Klevinklein
this is a shared user created chat room for anyone to host.
Hey chat chat room [public] created by brooklynxx
You meet friends and say hey!!! LOL
CAMERA chat room [public] created by dexa95
HOT ! Sexy normal girls :P can come :D !
SEX-INDIA chat room [public] created by vabs14
talk about sex v\talk about sex talk about sex talk about sex talk about sex talk about sex talk about sex talk about sex
Singles That want to chat chat room [public] created by SexyBiotchMakayla
These are pople who want to chat and get to know each other
teen singllishep chat room [public] created by shiley
meet new people get a partner flirt and so on on
awsome gay teens chat room [public] created by caleb97
Barry kolade chat room [public] created by 08060564974
Downfall of a person is not the end of a road
sexworld chat room [public] created by xloveloverx
lets make a sex wold ,join us and explain your naughty idea and make lot of fun
lesbians only my age 12 and 13 chat room [public] created by lezgurl1
i made this room so people can get together and have fun
anyone who wants to text chat room [public] created by brianangeles6
anyone who wants to text or have a good converstion join if you want no friends sorry for making this sound boring but join
leGIR chat room [public] created by SilverPokemonTrainer
who ever loves gir get you butts in this chat, spammers,perverts will be banned :D
RAWRRRR GRRRRRRR chat room [public] created by skysky22b
Older for younger guys and girls chat room [public] created by rusko666
it says it all, for older guys or girls that like younger guys or girls
under the stars chat room [public] created by bambieyes19
if you have a chrush/ bf or just want to a prince charming and cinderella fantasy. Come here to talk of romantic experience, discuss movies and songs that make you feel warm and gud inside
the lair chat room [private] created by dtalesdragonawolf
chamber at the deepest part of the dragnawolfs lair a place for dtales pack to meet and mate with no shame
Hi-2012 chatroom chat room [public] created by Jacobfay
Just for fun,education talk,chat with other chatters world-wide
G4m3r chat room [public] created by NoOneShutUp
We are hard core gamers. We talk about video games of all varieties. Don't be a little 13 year old kiddie that kids around and pretends to game. We will call you out.
40plusonly chat room [public] created by cookie68
not many gentlemen in chat hour so i thought i would create this for us older and more mature people. both men and woman.
I wanna see you naked chat room [public] created by surferdude913
Meet other horny friends, chat and have a great time!
middle school dating chat room [public] created by holypinkhobo
u in middle school and wanna date????
BoreddddAhhhhhhhhhh chat room [public] created by PinkRules12
COMEE HERE IF UR BORED... talk about anything
romantic2u chat room [public] created by bobby97
spicy chat for lomg time and will not forge the same
the best 18 and up chatroom ever chat room [public] created by pikangikumer
this chat room is for only 18 and up ppl only and u can chat hangout or talk to girls
the room the room were coooooool kids hang out at chat room [public] created by Sammi056
the room were coooooool kids hang out at
weird but awesome people chat room [public] created by ButterflyKisses12
Just be yourself and have fun :) Be weird! Be random! Weird people rule :)
jordan amman chat chat room [public] created by AngelEyesSHOOSH
مرحبا شباب وصبايا واهلا بنشاما الاردن
11yeah olds chat room [public] created by vinnie44
Hi im 11 and just wanna talk cause im tired of the ( .Y. ) and im on a mobil so im bored
11year olds chat room [public] created by vinnie44
Hi im 11 and just wanna talk cause im tired of the ( .Y. ) and im on a mobil so im bored
goodroom chat room [public] created by nonameperson
were everyone is friendly to everyone
single xxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [private] created by connorbrookhouse
good chat room in love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
massage therapist chat room [public] created by Dianedymra
massage issues for the professionals
Animemangacosplay chat room [public] created by iEATSOULS
talks about anime and characters mangas and there characters comic books and cosplaying also to talk about fav characters and stuff like that
TALKABOUT IT chat room [public] created by iEATSOULS
were u talk about feeling and other stuff
CALL OF DUTY CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by ACRfan76
talk about mw3 and call of duty
Darq emo chat room [public] created by XxDarqSilencexX
this is a chat for everyone to be them selves. role play allowed ;D
thirteen fourteen or fifteen year olds only chat room [private] created by rachelthirteen
any hot single thirteen,fourteen, or fifteen year old want to chat come on in
sex chat onlyyyy chat room [public] created by haidarshahi1
My darkness of a home chat room [public] created by MakotoHitomi
hay there and this is my home and sorry for no pic
Furries United We Stand chat room [public] created by LowTurtle
This is were the true furries live. We stand united against our haters!
huttttttttttt chat room [private] created by manavarora
chat with me getting idea to change your mind.........
Self-Injury Help chat room [public] created by kjs20
Anyone struggling with self harm is welcome to talk about what's going on and get support from those who've gone through this
jax florida chat room [public] created by PERPLEXY
mississippi gulfcoast chat room [public] created by jaydogg91
meet new people in your area ! find your long lost best friend flirt and have fun
AWESOMENESS1 chat room [public] created by maddie198
we are awesome!! we will have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sexyness1 chat room [public] created by maddie198
we all have to be sexy if u dont talk sexy get out!
Cam 12 chat room [public] created by JoJoaraiza12
People who have cams and fun12?14 bi gay
Creatures Of The Night Only chat room [public] created by TheArchAngel1
Welcome Werewolves, Vampires, and whatever the hell that is to my room no trolls allowed. AND GUYS NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE TOWARD THE LADIES OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!
Mafia -game- chat room [public] created by Venrob
Play the game of mafia! Created cuz im bored and wanna play.
Flirty Oslo chat room [private] created by sniken
A place where we can talk with eachother
I like to talk chat room [public] created by ShaylaSweets
Talk to me :] I'm extremely bored and need a bored buddy :P
TALK WITH TEENS chat room [public] created by brenno888
Teens only and if your not a teen you can get the hell out of my chat room.
volunteering in nepal chat room [public] created by aryalha
About Nepal volunteering, where we can talk about Nepal
AB DL lifestyle chat room [public] created by 25happymommy18
Anyone interested in talking about the AB/DL lifestyle they or someone they know lives is more than welcome to come on in! I'm trying to find people in the central Nebraska area (preferably somewhere between Kearney and Omaha or close by) who would be willing to chat, but anyone is welcome to add to the conversation. Any takers?
fun rping chat room [public] created by Miyukii123
just have fun, i guess but if your in your 20s, and acting like a perv then this isnt the chatroom for you
aung aung yangon myanmar chat room [public] created by aungaung1
I want to get Friend . I am Lonely. So I want friend.
crazy17 chat room [public] created by acebeard17
enjoy your day gays wazzupzupzupzup
boston girls only chat chat room [public] created by barbiexo18
This chat room is for girls around the boston or mass area looking to make more friends who are straight bi or lez this is a no judge zone have fun <3
girls that want sex or if your bored chat room [public] created by rathamon
just what it says if your a girl looking for some kind of sex or if your bored come in and talk god knows im bored
only 11 yeah olds chat room [public] created by vinnie44
im 11 and wanna sate bored wanna talk boys a girls 11 only
hot girls... chat room [public] created by anand456
only for sexy norny slutty girls ready for sex
Smokies room chat room [public] created by scoobyd96420
No guys just girls cause im smokie and im a beast promise that!!!!!
Talk talk talk bout love love love chat room [public] created by RadPrinces09
Lets talk about anything and everything(:
dirty talking is hot chat room [public] created by sexyboy2589
here you can talk however you want and as dirty as you want and i wont judge and neither will others
juggalette4life chat room [public] created by hellokittylover420
heyy fam whoop whoop come chat with me
princejack chat room [public] created by princejack
tamil chat.................any kind of chats are allowed chat room [public] created by clivesamuel
this room is for people in Bangalore to get to the right people.
mix and mingle chat room [public] created by darryl71
just come in and chat mix and mingle with other people
this and that chat room [public] created by darryl71
a room to chat about anything at all
sacramento hookups chat room [public] created by booteifell
females only sex-edd and sexoreintation for new sex crazed indaviduals enter at own risk
no perverts allowed chat room [public] created by Luna1998
a room for teens that dont want to deal with creeps
im going to kill my self chat room [public] created by sadandalone1234
im killing my self i got lot of pills in my hand :(
hot females from 13-17 chat room [public] created by killaxomega
this is gonna be a booty call so any girl who wants to have fun tonight come here ;)
me and friends chat chat room [public] created by love2012093
for ppl i no or r getn to know come tlk to me on my own personal chatroom
Pilipino ako chat room [public] created by yanyan123
Para sa mga pilipinong teenager :)
Kannada sex chat chat room [private] created by Sanissk
Hello kannadada hugire banni sex chat madona suka anubavisona
malickwright chat room [public] created by malickwright
4 ppl who want chat wit malickright
only female below 20 years old chat room [public] created by footballife
only female below 20 years about relationship or some else
army wives chatroom chat room [public] created by infantrymansgirl
where army wives can talk and support each other.
ADULT CHAT 18 chat room [public] created by Andre2800
adult chat...........................................................
H.O.T. people chat room [public] created by hannahlim17
no dirty talk! that's all! I hope you guys would be interested in going here! :)
Geeta chat1 chat room [private] created by Geeta1
Hi i like to chat with friends. Who are like to do lesibian chat pls chat with me.
rockroo chat room [public] created by rockroot
hi girls this is ..............
MANYUMWA chat room [public] created by MANYUMWA
Am a boy, cool in nature,like talking and visiting friends. I use to visit mountains, nature place
cute boys 12 chat room [public] created by jackeson
cute boys here want girls so lets chat with each other
doctor k chat room [public] created by kathyulrich12
love you all i need a nice man that iw ill call my own i hope iw ill get it here
hot sex sujit chat room [public] created by sujit90
hi this is sujit , m 22 y old... slim n sexy .. m 4m hydra bad .. if any girl or aunt interested in me pls contact or sms me in fb... then u can get my mob no.. n then all the good mail id
justins ruuuuuum chat room [public] created by sexyjuston
pretty sweet room i guess. lalalallalalalalalalalallallalala
horny room for everyone chat room [public] created by brianangeles6
any girls or guys who are horny join dirty talk or anything
footfetish room for women chat room [public] created by mikespikes
chat room women that like feet aged 40-50 or teen boys
latin chat room chat room [public] created by jackieluvs1976
this is for mexicans but not to be racess
ok chat room [public] created by Alanxxxx
need a g friend anyone im in corpus christi texas im 13
teenagers boys chat chat room [public] created by jayjaystephens100
only teens 13 to 17 can be in this chat because i am alone 13
Girls only lookin for a bf 13 - 18 chat room [public] created by wannadate98
girls ands boys lookin for a bf
Ponies chat room [public] created by Willymcmilly
Bronies shall come to this room
INDIAN ROCKS chat room [public] created by RAJ43U
Come And Joine This Rocking Chat Room. Here In This Room There Is No Rule, No Regulation. Let's Rock The World....
Sexy Chick Room chat room [public] created by SqaureDr
A place for all hot chicks to come! And a place for dudes to find the right one!!!
horny girlzzz chat room [public] created by icebox7
realy so so hot girlss we need :) are you hornyy? music lovers and chat about music artists,
cool sicle girls chat room [private] created by douglasvillalta
let be cool talk and talk about anything their is nothing to hide and be cool and not expese and be cool with what you said............................
South Korea - Seoul chat room [public] created by MidnightD3
Welcome to South Korea, Seoul in the chat room. As possible as you can talk to other people and get to know each other with other people. I personally live in England, West Yorkshire because I love South Korea, Seoul. I personally love watching the Running Man because it makes me laugh a lot time. I personally love BigBang because I was listening to their music on my YouTube, they are so awesome group in South Korea, Seoul. I personally get to know you and other people who lives in South Korea, Seoul. Thank you. Have fun~! [Translation: 한국, 채팅 방에 서울에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 당신이 다른 사람에게 이야기하고 다른 사람들과 서로를 잘 알게 될 가능한. 나는 한국, 서울을 사랑하기 때문에 개인적으로 영국, 웨스트 요크셔에 살고 있습니다. 이 날은 많은 시간을 웃게 때문에 개인적으로 실행 남자를 보는 게 좋아요. 저는 개인적으로 내 YouTube에서 음악을 듣고 있기 때문에 BigBang 사랑, 그들은 한국, 서울에서 정말 멋진 그룹입니다. 나는 개인적으로 당신과 한국, 서울에 살고있는 다른 사람들에 대해 알아. 감사합니다. 재미 ~이!]
chandrakumar chat room [private] created by chandrakumar
im in bangalore friends come lets chat and enjoy.
Oovoo Skype chat room [public] created by snake165
Add everyone's oovoo or skype names including myself
hi and hello chat room [public] created by qwertykeypad123
adiisdfj qiijoiiJFOE OIIeffe0woik oQIJPOq9ork
13-18 Dating Chat chat room [public] created by NasirStevenJones
Gather All Come And Chat About Anything Relating To Dating.
life and world chat room [public] created by darkjinx13
This room is for someone to talk and share about their life in this world BUT not about the 'DIRTY' ones... This room is to express your feeling on your life and about this world...
skype cam chat room [public] created by lovly20
u have skype and want people have skype come here :))))))
Mathematic chat room [public] created by originalnost
Everything about math! Enjoy your time talking about stuff that intrigues your brain!
Itamis beach house chat room [public] created by itamiKun
this is were i live...make urself at home.
sreeeee chat room [private] created by vinujacob03
you can share your feelings . without fear bec i have no fear. so. so..
CanIhostthisroom chat room [public] created by DellaNose
30 characters long????? am I there yet?
onething chat room [public] created by widgetripp
about any one thing. i am arockstar an actar and im from yorkshire. me name is widge and anyone tis welcome
girlfriend and boyfriend chat room [public] created by douglasvillalta
girlfriend and boyfriend...... chat room [private] created by douglasvillalta
India Gay room chat room [public] created by ramvijay
All indian gay ppl r welcome...
skype online chat room [public] created by ishcozz
this is for who like to have a chat in skype..
201212 chat room [public] created by shivamton
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
ivar chat room [private] created by ivarrafn
discover people chat room [public] created by zsdeli
meting people from all over the world make friends chatting discover the other
teens 13-16 chat room [public] created by steven1522
A chatroom for teens to talk and have fun.
pensacola bi chat room [public] created by jsdominant
a place for bi's in Pensacola to hookup
ONLY 13 AND UNDER chat room [public] created by kaykay0619
dating pet lovers chat room [public] created by kittycat1999
it is where you can love pets and find someone who you can be with who also loves pets
seee booobs chat room [public] created by Jessboobs
SEXTING PLZ ONLY TEENS chat room [public] created by kaykay0619
Lets ttaallkk chat room [public] created by DiMaUKr
Welcome to this chat, you can talk with friends, and meet new peoples!
i need advice1 chat room [public] created by GreenWeiner
i need advice. it is kind of a long story but i really need some help
Dutchhh chat room [public] created by Mortenhkk
Dutch come and lets have a conversation
Katie Wants to Meet New People chat room [public] created by SouthernKitty1
Just a young teenage girl that loves to meet new people :)
Xian DarkRuins chat room [public] created by iiXian
The prince of heart chat room [public] created by ahsan7544
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz join my romeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
me and babes room chat room [private] created by happygirl1998
i love my babe so much i want to see him
Getting to know eachother chat room [public] created by SexyBiotchMakayla
Getting to know people and gettting to like them and other things
my private haven chat room [public] created by kev661
just a place where i come to be alone or entertained
jewel6288 chat room [public] created by jewel6288
This is a room for fun and serious talk about love and relation.
HXC chat room [public] created by emptygl4ss
I don't know... for people with good music taste. I am making a joke by calling the room HXC by the way. Please don't cry about it.
girls talking bout chat room [public] created by cassendra32
talking all day what you like & dislike where your from how old r u bla bla bla..........................
looking for singles chat room [public] created by Chriscolquitt22
im 14 black male i just hate being single
guys under 18 chat room [public] created by bribos
a chat room for 18 and under to share skype names
WANNA HAVE FUN 69 chat room [public] created by dhanicalelouch
sexy girls okay chat room [public] created by torib16
i need sexy girls to talk to(:
TalkingMetingDating chat room [public] created by florentina26
Please respect,no pornographic words and no fights!Juts chat and enjoy it knowing nice people!Is no room for sex dates!Respect the lady's!
Kids 10 and under chat room [public] created by xXEliseTweenXx
JUST FUN NO MEAN THINGS be safe and please please please be nice
emo chat life chat room [public] created by SweetPumkin
its a chat room where u can chat and talk to people who are alike no matter wht kinda person u are come chat here.
rajput boy chat room [public] created by deb1984
helo i m single i m rajput boy
EROMTL chat room [public] created by MarcoMTL1977
Ladies always welcome.... Sluts preferred :P
girls who meet guys chat room [public] created by jojo212118
this room is for 12 -15 year olds only no nasty adults can be gay bi straight or les it dont matter only 12-15 year olds thanks bye
married cuck for cam humiliation chat room [public] created by cucksissy4blackmail
want to be cucked, blackmailed, forced to do stuff on cam
sad eagle chat room [private] created by sadeagle22
for you me pretty baby just me and you all time
JAMAICA BACKYARD chat room [public] created by bimtone
jamaican vibes for singles to mingle and find what they are looking for.........
MyGamr chat room [public] created by turbo614
chat room for our members at
GOOD GUYS THAT DONT CHEET AND SINGLE chat room [private] created by brookewiley3
Stage Performer chat room [public] created by infantaM
For anyone who works on stage, drop me a line! Musicians in the Netherlands welcome, and anyone across the globe.
sex 496 chat room [private] created by sexygurl496
4 singles too meet up and start sexting whats sexting its easy tell how big youre stuff is like ur boobs or youre dick
Hell not earth chat room [public] created by xHellGirlx
Hell its nice i guess you can call it fun i dont know what to say about hell its my home.
cool girls only and hot boys chat room [public] created by daddyalu
kids that dont feel there needed no bullys
single guys that r 13 chat room [public] created by brookewiley3
single and ready to be tooken by a 13 year old girl
So Calbound chat room [public] created by xxxstudxxx
anyone in So Cal if so join the chat lets see who we can talk to maybe someone is close to you
Bi real bi chat room [public] created by myhopez
Just get ur bi partner or leave in peace
OREGON SMOKERS chat room [public] created by beakindbud
OREGON SMOKERS. celebrate life.
Teenagers only so if not teen banned chat room [public] created by TomThePenguin11
This room is for teens only, if your over 19 go somewhere else. :)
vampire cave private version chat room [private] created by cnaylor13
three sum filld chat room [public] created by 3sumchic
this room is only for those who love to do three somes like i do! for any one who is over the age of 18 yrs old. under that age will be kicked out of the room. exchange numbers and locations to meet up with some one new and have the time of your lives.
horny gyallz from tdot chat room [public] created by Gotwhatchuneed
all u sexy girls that aint talking to me are wasting ur time! srry sweetie
me and my boo chat room [private] created by happygirl1998
i love my boo so much in my intire life
Eating Disorders United chat room [public] created by iruku
A place for people who have eating disorders
thinspoxoxo chat room [public] created by Shrinktofit
living with less of you. a chat room about tips and tricks to get to your goal weight . pro ana .
loveleanme chat room [public] created by Shrinktofit
living with less of you. a chat room about tips and tricks to get to your goal weight . pro ana .
loveleanme123 chat room [public] created by Shrinktofit
living with less of you. a chat room about tips and tricks to get to your goal weight . pro ana .
Sweet 1370 chat room [public] created by Brianwalls
come and talk to this guy chat room [public] created by bigalby125
girls only , talk about anything you want and adults only please
Korean and English learning chat room [public] created by Teachmeplz
for those interested in Korean/English language learning. Helping each other learn both languages
Teens havin fun chat room [public] created by Hunter71495
Just a place for teens to hang out and chill.
Battle Feild War Rage Room chat room [public] created by TheTrollKing
come bies or die jk come and chill
Find a Bf or Gf chat room [public] created by Snowcat91
u can talk to boys and girls try not 2 get 2 frisky(upset)
striper club chat chat room [public] created by naughtygirl6846
boys a girls get wild and free be naughty be crazy have sex find ppl
PASSIONNN chat room [public] created by RhezusPassion
All over the world come closer!
Casual Room chat room [private] created by kimmikei
Just a chatroom to know more about each other. Welcome! And Enjoy!
metal-core chat room [private] created by w0rship
metal-core music talk ...........................
Hot Girls2012 chat room [public] created by SmilyDenTisT
very romansic rooom for all people
sexting all ages chat room [public] created by POPS2
ppppppppppeeeeeeoooooooppppppplle who fffffeeeeeeeeeellllllllll hhhhhooorny
one dollar for live show US only chat room [public] created by hazel4iv
just looking for ppl that down to pay $1 to watch a live show for a trial !,i have limit
girls who wanna video chat chat room [public] created by lukeyboy96
video chat for girls who just wanna have fun
naveena chat room [private] created by naveenaatoz
any bangalore asfd asd fasd fasd fasd fsafasd sadf sad fsa fsad fsda s
Bondage Place chat room [public] created by Uluvcops
Fantasy/cyberchat. Created for anyone who's into bondage, pls don't come in if ur gonna get offended by dirty horny talk! Every1 is welcome!!!;)
Potato Room chat room [public] created by xXmaximumtobiXx
Just chillin' enjoying our potatos
the moaning room chat room [public] created by ThickGuy2
sexual delight ,the bringing of the guys and girls to open up to there sexual needs and pleasures
ana-inspiration chat room [public] created by jana16
hey guys, if you're pro-ana join the chat I'd love to talk to you, we can keep each other strong and motivated!
PLEASE DONT DISTURB chat room [private] created by RS4E
Tribute 4member only. Outside member not allowed.
McFassy chat room [private] created by KatieLaufeyson
This is for all McFassy, Cherik, McBender, Fassavoy fans ONLY!
superduperfunroom chat room [public] created by XXPunkRockXX
merp derp herp lerp kerp potatoes
Looking for a Teacher chat room [public] created by RRDonovan
Hey. I am looking for someone to teach things that no one else has the courage to...
Bon Iver - music heals chat room [public] created by etan5
all about music and Bon Iver. the band is coming to Radio City Music Hall next month. anyone going? if you've been heartbroken and can't bear the pain you've come to the right room. everything happens for a reason.
skypechatroom12 chat room [public] created by SaikuT
have fun everyone...................
Young boys chat room [public] created by freedee35
for teens and young teens to chat and maybe cam :)
Kashmir jammu and kashmir chat room [public] created by Abdulwaris1234
India himalayan paradise surrounded by mountains
Samvikson domain chat room [private] created by Samvic995
A God's own room where you can find an unlimited blessings forever
Just for sexs chat room [private] created by Tanitu
Wana Hve sexs...For gurl only not for a boy. Bcoz im a man ok
Penis size soft and hard chat room [public] created by warning2162
talk all about the size and more
Chat indore chat room [public] created by Ladysuckr
All indories are invited and chat with friends and lovers..
suggar daddy looking for suggar baby chat room [public] created by sun1shine
rich men looking to spoil a girl serious ppl only
Penis size soft n hard chat room [public] created by warning2162
we talk about penis size and more.
sexy jullie chat room [private] created by sexysinggih
i need u for showing on cam to cam
whatever i dont care chat room [public] created by imuri
uhm i really dont give a fuk what yall do in here...what happens in this room...STAYS IN THIS it? not responsible for anything illegal that happens in here....
BMTH AA SS SWS BVB etc etc chat room [public] created by DoYouWantAWaffle
shashi04 chat room [public] created by shashismile04
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue,
13 to 16 years chat chat room [public] created by zizoprezo
singles friend ships cool talking fighting all things to have fun and some love ;)
10inch chat room [public] created by toomuchfunforyou
those looking to exchange pics with this white 10inch
only for girls with skype chat room [public] created by electrokid
this chat room is only for girls
hello grilfring and doyfrnd chat room [public] created by sahiljindal999
comeon .............................................................................
hello grilfring and doyfrnd....................... chat room [public] created by sahiljindal999
comeon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz join meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kinky Horny People This Way chat room [public] created by CapricornFX
Lets see what crazy things people could do
zarill make love chat room [public] created by zarill
sesapa yg mahukan pasangan hidup..msuklah ke ruangan sy ini..kita sama2 cari pasangan hidup kita
ginger chat room [public] created by polycon
time and tide wait for is life
Only4Girls chat room [public] created by mlynarcik2012
if you are girls...come join here.. but this is for girls surrounding Prague only
Hlangano chat room [public] created by Bereta
Love,meet,talk,flavour,leave the ur msg here,talk anyone here ply,and choose ur member
Baby Fever chat room [public] created by FutureTeenMom
i need help with my issues regarding baby fever.i want a baby so badly but i'm only please!!!!!
Dirty secrets chat room [public] created by Emmalovesex
for those of you that are dirty, horny and just want sex. - then this is the room for you = all welcome be as dirty as you want it
like to be nude chat room [public] created by kypros286
the best place to find new nudists friends to chat with
Frnzzzzzz chat room [private] created by avinashpatil
A place where u have freedom to chat... Absolutely no restrictions...
kinkygames chat room [public] created by kypros286
this is for all who love extreme kinky games
young gay bois chat room [public] created by XLED
looking to chat w young cool dudes///mMaybe evebn skype!
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