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List of all user-created chat rooms #364
lovers and sexy guys wanna have sex with me chat room [public] created by 18kierahdavenport727
hi my name is kierah and i want the sexy guys come in my chat room not girls
Single Boyz chat room [public] created by AlyssaCox
Single Boyz At the age 14 or 13
NO SEX chat room [public] created by Velez95
steamboat chat room [public] created by ROMEO8054444
hook up spot. local steamboat,co people.
mrsunshines chat room chat room [public] created by MrSunshine1
for me and my friends to chat in
bekahluv chat room [private] created by bekahluv
The point of this chat room is for us to chat and see were it goes...
Party all night with tina chat room [public] created by mouseglove
For those who like to go fast, and stay up all night. we don't judge, just come hang out with like minded people.
some good friend chat room [public] created by arpitjadhav
we need real friend in dubai..................................................................................................
good things for you chat room [public] created by praeper
You can found best friends here! :D
texans only chat room [public] created by rapeme1012
only people from texas can joing this room
pictureexchange chat room [public] created by xDean
here you can exchange naked pictures, if you want ;)
shemales2 chat room [public] created by mongopole
Look for hot shemales and bad girls who love hot sex.
Young and sexy 19 chat room [public] created by tegyn101
19 ready for anything. I'll make your fantasy come true. I'm ready to go all night if need be ;]
black tiger chat room [public] created by baha2383
discus the life and happy and love and connection
olderwomen youngermen chat room [public] created by sandytreasure
looking 4 love you've come to the right place
Romantic relationship chat chat room [public] created by Profresh12
anyone can join either male or female
interested in meet up and want get to know each.. chat room [public] created by mynameisasha
hi if you are interested in meet up and want to get to know each other just look here.. :)
owoni chat room [public] created by owoni
it is made for relationship and love chat
nani2402 chat room [public] created by sudhakarreddy777
araise awake stop not till the goal is reached
sds chat room [public] created by siddnayak
floraneedluv chat room [public] created by floraluv
If you care to know me,my life is and always has been simple. I am not materialistic and have never pretended to be something or someone I'm not...............floralolabiodun////@///yah///.c.o.m
ellaa chat room [private] created by elaadani
i like to meet hot and sexy lady for sex purpose coz everybody loves sex
ellaad chat room [private] created by elaadani
i like to meet hot and sexy lady for sex purpose coz everybody loves sex
true colors chat room [public] created by goodxibit
where girls and boys can find love, and meet new persons that wants to have a special moment
Hull people chat room [public] created by hullguy2012
Room for hull locals who want to chat and meet
kobby1774 chat room [public] created by kobby1774
were is all my old friend, get back to me friends
cirebon boy chat room [public] created by arifaman
ayo cowok gay cirebon chat di room sini...
sexyjenny chat room [public] created by dozejean
im sexyjenny,mmmmmmmmm ,try me honey,muahhhhhhhh
charan chat room [public] created by charan34
im from bangalore to chat with friends
hyderabad boys chat room [public] created by akshayabcd
lmao old men and women chat room [public] created by blainee55
age does mean anything feel free to coma and chat not into gay chat but real chat
trade naked pic chat room [public] created by mastermyslaves
must be willing to trade your naked pic to any one if any one send pic to some one that don't send there pic well be band
This room is mine chat room [public] created by Michael0illinois
It's mine, duh..................................
Internet Job Seekers chat room [public] created by ASA272
http://gsshome.webs.com/bidxcel Referral Username: FullAccess Referral Full Name: Andrew Adams Go here to register: http://www.bidxcel.com
gay mama chat room [public] created by rb2750
look here for gay mamas start chatting right here right now!!!
22 male looking for fun on kik or skype with girls chat room [public] created by aventador90
22 male looking for fun on kik or skype with girls
prince2012 chat room [public] created by princeakenji
looking for a long term relationship
cUteboy Vs boy chat room [public] created by yussaCute
sosial to conversation n sosial to meets new friends...i love my friends
MCTC Minnapolis chat room [public] created by av1990
People looking to hang out around MCTC.
oregon m4m chat room [public] created by fckmyface
M4M Gay chat to meet other gay men in Oregon
GirlzUp4Cam chat room [public] created by CarCrashRadio
Where girls go who want cam2cam so others will not be harassed
Boorreeedd chat room [public] created by lilshabxx
Bored. Entertain me. Now.......Just Kiddin Anyone Wanna Talk??
friendliest chat room [public] created by iamqueen
just wanted to create this for people who didnt want to be harassed by trolls
letyourangryout chat room [public] created by letyourangerout
say anything u want! let your anger out on here. n there is gunna be some games haha so fun freak fat ugly nomatter wat u are come on in n let tha fun begin
OhiosEighthSin chat room [public] created by LimeGrenade
So my first room, pretty legit feeling right now. Some basics which I know everyone will break: 21+ Chat, Ohio residents need only enter. Talk about whatever really. Guys and Girls welcome.
shankarthemantharam chat room [public] created by shankarthemantharam
welcome to all chat room invites along with shankar
akshyasahoo99 chat room [public] created by akshyasahoo99
Melbourne Australia chat room [public] created by handy76
for any chatters curently in melbourne, the greates city in the greatest country on earth
pro ana chat room112222 chat room [public] created by jessica13love
pro ana buddys are the only people welcome if u have anything negative to say u can just leave now. we are pro ana !!! we have made ana our friend and welcome this life style! if u need help u can meet buddys here to help u loss weight the pro ana way
crystal clear friendship room chat room [private] created by RADHiKAA
this is the place to develope only decent, genuine friendship
transgender flirts chat room [public] created by shyboii
get to know a transgender be friends,date,skype,fall in love ect.. in joy
Friends and hope chat room [public] created by sweetglory
All friends with decent talk.come join this room and have fun
malaysia sangap chat room [public] created by marzwanKL
nk sedap kn dri masing2...n yg sangap
asix chat room [public] created by airies8285
kencan sesama indo paling asix
justmychatroom chat room [public] created by lilleelise
just a chat room. id frefere that we speak about anime/manga. and no sexish stuff please. this shall be a clean room :3 neko
teen fguys that are awesome chat room [public] created by Daniel99991234
Grandma Croy chat room [private] created by jcroy7590
What's going on in everyones world?
h.orny people only chat room [public] created by sexybeast12123
for all you stiff guys and wet girls
florida hotties chat room [public] created by letsplay381
this is a allout free chat room
Bicurious and new chat room [private] created by MsShan08
just looking for some conversation...
video GAME CHAT IM ME chat room [public] created by elicool321
I dont even know.. chat room [public] created by GaryPotter
Anything. just talk? chat? idk lool
kids only dfhbfvgjn chat room [public] created by jakeall26
bghcdfktgughkgvbckjbhgjcvf ughvfkijbgnji ifcbgvnkifvcb kibgnfkvlbngcvf
good wesites chat room [public] created by swagJako14
here all we talk about is new/good websites you can visit.
Japanese speakers All For Fun chat room [public] created by HimenoAya
This is for anyone who knows Japanese, likes anime, and just wants to chat about the random awesomenesses of life (: *group: preferably for people who know atleast some Jap!*
horny 13 yr olds in oklahoma chat room [public] created by the13lover
hot hawy hot hawt hot hawt hot hawt hot hawt
woman man four woman chat room [public] created by sassygirl1227
me an dmy husbend are seeking a woman eny takers
justin bieber friendly chat chat room [public] created by mckenziemcl
i love justin bieber and he loves me justin bieber is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Amsterdam2 chat room [public] created by yannouhou
Amsterdam dating, for people full of good intentions ;)
gay 13-15 yrs olds chat room [public] created by the13lover
http://www.chathour.com/chatroom/horny_1n n3_yr_olds_in_oklahomajkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkn
hey peoplz chat room [public] created by georgy23
just for 12to 13 yr olds and you can just have fun
justin bieber baby chat room [public] created by mckenziemcl
i love justin bieber he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and popular text me justin bieber
Cyb3r S3x chat room [public] created by MythingisBiG
Im a guy and I'm looking for a girl
sexycatroom chat room [public] created by brittbritt7766
cooome in have fun and meet people
The Auto Team chat room [public] created by TheHumanPrime
this is where you can come and join the Auto Team..i am Optimus Prime (humanized Prime) and i will be willing to help you
willy wave lol lets skype chat room [public] created by benizhappy
for people who skype lets talk boys or girls black or white gay or straight
12 year old lesbian chat room chat room [private] created by Sara15190
we r 12 year olds who r seeking 12 year old or older to have some lesbian fun
wana freak chat room [public] created by drizzy420
horny as shit wana play talk dirty duck everything get your vagina wet come on and talk to me
Naturistchild chat room [public] created by Carlvictor
This for children alike who can't stop talking about nudism/naturism.
singles that want a relationship now chat room [public] created by raepie
have to in the USA and in your teen years please.. also no creeps
gang banging chat room [private] created by darenkenedy
a room to have gang or group ....
cuuuuuuuuuumm chat room [public] created by Leona69
exaclty what it says cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Relationship Advice Masters chat room [public] created by HellionBoy
Give and take relationship advice to people in, out, or in search of a relationship.
fun night out chat room [public] created by tallguy2016
who wants to talk dirty and have a ltttle fun
14-16 year olds boys and girls chat room [public] created by danyka14
to meet people meet a new friend and maby become more then friend
Poetry Love and Emotion chat room [public] created by PiperMC
A room to take your anger out and post as much poetry as you like. Even if you don't know how. Emotion is important. I am not a therapist but I have delt with many emotions and I am very calm when speaking.
Puro paiza chat room [public] created by gollita801
Aqui hablamos espanol .....................................................
the pen is mightier than the sword chat room [public] created by PiperMC
I don't know, don't judge me beacause of it. I love life and all of it's beings.
Teen dirty room chat room [public] created by Dirtyboy98
A place where TEENS nod gay ass child rapists can chizax
HALO2OUTREACH chat room [public] created by elicool321
I miss halo 2 so much i wish i could still play it;[
FurFriends chat room [public] created by KloudiDeiTigress
A place for furries to chat without jhudgment.
bears room chat room [public] created by garbear61
hot chat only--looking for female users that want to have chat fun
Horny teens1118 chat room [public] created by Pu55yl1cker6969
For horny teens wanting to talk dirty and exchange pics
teen girls 12-16 chat room [public] created by girlongirl23
girls only no guys com in and chat
NZ and Auckland chat room [public] created by NZm21
NZ and Auckland Chat Room use to chat to people for New Zealand and people for Auckland
hetalia fun chat room [public] created by anniekirkland
welcome and an austria would be liked germany,japan, russia, and england to
In need of some serious advice chat room [public] created by aaagh
Have something you really need to get off of your chest? Desperately need advice? OR simply want someone to talk to? Come right in. Please be mature and respect peoples feelings and privacy thankyou.
SinglesChatUSA chat room [public] created by aAafS
this is pretty self explanatory. chill out and chat with other singles in stead of watching your friends suck face all day.
My awsomest friends chat room [private] created by pvelazquez86
this is for all of my friends from central.
super freaks only chat room [private] created by dane1010
this room is design for freaky chats
room253 chat room [private] created by maybex010
Swaggie chat room [public] created by Soyelshome
Here we can chat wit friends&lover
Lovely one chat room [private] created by dinu2123
this room is for only and only for my lovely and true friends......
satisfy my hubby chat room [public] created by whileiwatchU
looking for a female age 23-30, familiar with the knoxville TN area to party with. for his pleasure mostly! Let me know if you can help! Thanks!
vjachat chat room [public] created by avinaidu
avinaidu is very very hand some so pls chat with me
FUN BOXX chat room [public] created by supermanstan
minecraft on xbox chat room [public] created by wasupwitchu
join only if you would like to play minecraft
xbox live chat room chat room [public] created by wasupwitchu
xbox players only willing to play something
people who slender chat room [public] created by livy191
its the best game is the world
Chinese-Pekin chat room [public] created by farruk
必须要说中文,其他的语言不允许说话 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。
fisting sex chat room [public] created by boomy84
all about fisting. male to female, male to male, female to female, female to male
Singapore lesbians only chat room [public] created by Sherniceeeee
Would really like to meet up with Singapore lesbians.
Hostagetaker chat room [private] created by Hostage666
LOOKIN FOR LUVLY LADIES chat room [public] created by BAYBAY420
Older Gay for Younger chat room [public] created by zootown32
Any older guys wanna talk with a 23 year old good looking guy here's a chat room.
sexchat in india chat room [public] created by soktobara
free sex talk.. all kinds of real and fantacy sex chat
sex123e chat room [public] created by skake04
sex sesesessesesessssssexsexsexsaex
Just someone to talk to chat room [public] created by alybro01
Want someone just to talk to. Just moved and dont have friends and I have heard good things from this website. Hit me up if you want to just talk!
Mc Chat Room chat room [public] created by Porckcheop
This is a chat room for minecraft players! All are welcome!
Clean Chat No Sex chat room [public] created by Porckcheop
This is a chat room for clean people who don't just ask for nude pics and for sex. We are like friendly chat!
dc comics chat room chat room [public] created by dor4593
batman,supermen,wonder women,green lentren and others-come here to talk about them!my name is dor,and i'm from israel,a trooly fan of dc comics.enjoy!
owoni nbh chat room [public] created by owoni
it is made for love and relationship
ladieswho need good sex chat room [public] created by jullly123
for those ladies who needs some good sex
MFF chat room [public] created by Kurdapya
: )) Friends. let's unite para naman bumalik na sa dati :DD
DIG THE COOKEY chat room [public] created by Meff745
Only for people who needs to meet up and have sex
Babies and all adult babies chat room [public] created by Groundblast
Baby chat room for all babies :)
biker chat chat room [public] created by jbfbiker1
Bucks n does hangout all welcome. Coffee table. Taik
HornyHoneyRoom chat room [public] created by TaylaTick
come in and chat to people that wanna get horny and play
Dubaibai chat room [public] created by silvertonguefox
Anyone out there fancy a beer??
Is there a god chat room [public] created by Aldoo19
Introduction about islam and god .. thanks
sexydance chat room [public] created by dandan77
a place where u can see sexy bodies dancing exotic
zezo Jordanina chat room [public] created by zezooooooo
everyone can use it BUT NO SMOKING INSIDE :)
scat44 chat room [private] created by scat44slave
for scat and dirt fetish lover , girls and boys
room252 chat room [private] created by maybex010
fabu chat room [public] created by fabuloustsinita
i want friends that's feels me comfortable.
fabuloustsinita chat room [public] created by fabuloustsinita
this room is for real guys wants a wife.
pet insest rp chat room [public] created by BigTrent1
anything goes no limits and no rules your fantisies
i want girl to bed chat room [private] created by skaneeny
she age 18 for 22 and big ass my only for kuwait girl
BLKMANDINGOS SEX CHAT chat room [public] created by BLKMANDiNGO21
Dicks for girls chat room [public] created by Aadi272
This room is for those girls who want dicks, cocks, sex.
Holes and Dicks chat room [public] created by Aadi272
Hot adult chat here for boys with girls and girls with boys
loverboy20009 chat room [public] created by loverboy20009
i am 5f 8inchand like to have lost of fun in what every i do
FUUCKK MUSLIM----EAT MY SSHIT FUGGIN MUSLIMS chat room [public] created by iForgotMyNameLOL
wAWAWAWAW hey all of you out there who hate these fuggin muslims... roll in with your leather BALLS and fucck em!!! wawawawawa
Naked Picture Swap chat room [private] created by nakedboy190
Naked pics only, swap for fun, and horny times. yeh basically that is what you do
bawal ang bastos chat room [public] created by xtine28
any one is welcome but no bastos
magic room chat room [public] created by boudnn
im hot nd sexy ...who wanna any contact add me on skype: dany.david50
NonsenseTalkies chat room [public] created by CALL971645aa84
Ppl who wanna tak fun bt sensible frm ROUND d world may Join in..Love and Hugs for all;)
pieter19802 chat room [public] created by pieter19802
onbka-poker-player-pieter19802-we meet today
2 fly chat.com chat room [public] created by Flyro
www.2fly chat.com.newyork city.england
happy crazy chat chat room [public] created by nenojust
this room for happy ppl who wanna chat politely and having fun :) :D
Girls COME IN N hot chat chat room [public] created by Lozatos
Wanna have a hot chat with you
wiz khalifa fans chat room [public] created by andrew22www
any one is welcome .............................................................................................................
green room12 chat room [private] created by taniyaaa
want decent chat.people whowant clean n decent chat can chat with me.
Ricquemkb chat room [private] created by Richardmkb
welcome to my chart room ,to love and to be loved is the greatest joy of existance
bulgari sa dobre do6li chat room [public] created by danybg
ako si bulgarin zdrasti i ako si english zna4i hi.
emo chat better chat room [public] created by iSmirk
its fun and it better stay that way
emo chat better chat chat room [public] created by iSmirk
its fun; it better stay that way.
Princess Amy Slaves Room chat room [private] created by PantyPrincessAmy
My Room for slaves If you want to be my slave you must get my attention
14 years old guys want sex chat room [public] created by davi321
sex guys 14 year old girls Skype
Lebanon chat chat room [public] created by Escort961
hery chat room [private] created by hery1517
my name is hery. im 20 years old. i like to find some friends in here .aku nak berkawan untuk menguatkan hubungan sosial dalam hidupku.
hery1517 chat room [public] created by hery1517
aku nak makan. aku nak makan. aku nak makan. aku nak makan. aku nak makan.
Love one another chat room [public] created by Jean62
It's High Time to break free from fear
an 17 year old looking for 16-18 girls chat room [public] created by dougie201
join an chat im a fun cool an will talk about anything
sexside chat room [public] created by sampath23602
wal and ghost good sahbda ahbdayd badbayd baydayd aydhyad adyad ahdudh ayhdydh adhyhd adbyhd qdhywhd dywhdyw wbdhyw qwdhwhd wdwh dhd dhdh dhdh shsh eeub shhw shdy sgdydb dhfjd jdjd
horny females come here chat room [public] created by marty565
roleplayaqua chat room [private] created by aqua400
room for roleplay for various memebers of the website
a 17 year old M looking for a 16-18 girl chat room [public] created by dougie201
please join im no creeper just wanna fiind someone
Hotclass chat room [public] created by rajeshtanu
life is too short so only enjoy
plorpks place chat room [public] created by plorpk
everyon thats not a dirty pedofile is aloud :D remember no pedo eqauls no ghetto
all trolls welcome chat room [public] created by plorpk
trolls only. you normal people are not accepted here
18 male looking for a horny girl chat room [public] created by dougie201
join a chat im a nice guy im no creep
KikNudes chat room [public] created by slimshady14mBi
Hm. Kik nudes, just ask for my kik. Lol
free sexy baatein chat room [public] created by ritu1989
dhjdjw fbwbfwkfkwf wfwkfwkfbw fwfbwkfbkwfbwf wfwjbfwjbf wfjbwkjbfkw fwjfwlfnwfnw wfnlwnflnffwhfw fwfjwfb ffbkfb
UNDERGROUND HIP HOP chat room [public] created by drillsargent4u
I LOVE LEATHER chat room [public] created by 2677709390
horny people that like sex chat room [public] created by iloveit44
for all the horny people out thereeee
new wanna met people for anything chat room [public] created by jimbo1212
this is for anybody that would like to come chat and get to know me i dont care wat u do
Germany Sex chat room [public] created by lookingforyounggirls
Looking for Sex in Munich, you want to have a wonderfull mate log in and let's try to meet
tippy toes chat room [public] created by tippy27
just enter inside and feel free to chat :) will be available :)
BDSM Peverts Chat chat room [public] created by MidnightRider53
A place for D/s followers to meet, greet, and beat each other
awesometashi chat room [public] created by april12345
any can join no matter the age :D
redah chat room [public] created by iqbal9090
i need peopll for frind ship and alwas tis room
No Indians Or Pakis chat room [public] created by leonard8
A place for love and kindness, joy and happiness
911 chat chat room [private] created by JusticeisinNeed
Who's the Guilty ones of the 911 Twin Towers Collision? Was the War in Iraq necessary? Was the war in Afganistan necessary?
crossdressers club chat room [public] created by hottcline
crossdressers chat in this room only
lalalalalalalalala chat room [private] created by samsam2000000
hello..... samsam2000000 here..... :P
bbjoe chat room [public] created by bbjoe
hi hw re u i am britney joe kindly send me mail if you wanna get in touch with me below is my email britneyjoe30@yahoo.com
GAM3RS chat room [public] created by elicool321
bbggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmeeesssss
music metal chat chat room [public] created by Nenavar
chat room for anyone who likes any type of metal
ohio freaks only plz or near stste chat room [public] created by melimel2323
This so we can narrow down our search
Calvin Castle chat room [private] created by CalvinClayton
gdopgng gfer ge rg er ge rg er g e g er ge rg er g erg er g e g erg e rg e edrg e r fve
KeepIdt100 chat room [public] created by NiaaPooh
A place where everybody can be them if they wanna be ghetto they can be ghetto
The Hidden Abyss chat room [private] created by AnonymousWerewolf
N/A Available: Please contact the Administrator.
lokking for boyfriendzz7654326896790 chat room [public] created by bab36587
just looking for a guyQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
WellIcreatedaroom chat room [public] created by Kaiyleefrog15
wellicreatedaroom... No pervs.
boyloverchat chat room [public] created by cajunboychat
Guys in love with boys and boys in love with guys.
single 16 or older chat room [public] created by clint1523
anyone thats single thats 16+, meet friends and maybe a hookup
KNG chat room [private] created by NeilaCoira
A chatroom for the game Kingdom and Gods
skype girl wanted chat room [public] created by ukmale25
naughty girls room, all welcome aslong as you can handle the dirty things
40 and over the bed time of children chat room [public] created by sunshinetoby1
dont talk on this site unless you 40 and over and not needing to go to bed \
Successful People chat room [public] created by bobgid
This is a chat room for purpose driven individuals.Ask the deepest mind disturbing questions.Make reasonable comments.Make someone better than he or she was before you met him or her.No adult lang.No spamming.No caps.No fowl words.No disrespect.Violators would be banned.
Boone NC chat room [public] created by BlessedAreTheFallen
People in Boone from age 18 up to mid twenties
FOR 12 YEAR OLDS ONLY chat room [public] created by yeshnesh
for 12 year olds only. im 12 myself and wanna get to know some other 12 year olds
God Group chat room [public] created by Frostygirl
A haven for all Cristians who want a place to interact with other God loving chatters and a clean conversation.
sex and talk chat room [public] created by 1Dlover1234145
talk about sex and hore meet people and have sex and hump each other
lookn for women for 3somes chat room [public] created by harperadkins12
couples seeking a 3rd party in the bedroom
13-15 year old guys and girls chat room [public] created by Emmmmms
13-15 year old guys and girls only
fat teen horny skyping chat room [public] created by tfreeman23
gets fat ppls skype and go have fun with them ;)
looking for mmorpg players chat room [public] created by HOLLA513
where the gamers at www.pimp-hand.com how strong is your pimp hand
passion y chat room [public] created by passion123456
passion with sex have a fun all above 18 well comes
lesbians love chat room [public] created by alinaboo203
lets got hot and sexy in the chat guys YA already know GIRLS ONLYYY!!
jayln chat room [public] created by swagman99
Come chat with jayln he is sexy and fun yalllll
Cary NC chat room [public] created by ZombieHuntero7
Chat room for people living in Cary or Raleigh NC
sexy girl feet chat room [public] created by carljohnson69
hot girls with sexy feet who want to show them off
Deep n Cloudy Sounds chat room [public] created by FigureinTheFog
If you like difficult music, if you can't live without music, if music is much more than just a simple sound 4 u - u r in the right place!)
singles peoples chat room [public] created by jhall1993
for people to talk :D and not get judged by the way they act unless its deirespectful
only auntys chat room [private] created by rajo1o
need above 30 womenssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Deutsch poppers chat room [public] created by gailo
chat,alles rund um das thema poppers
kickncrash chat room [public] created by Kickncrash
if you like to be naughty check me out room
rvdv682 chat room [private] created by rvdv682
hi..myself ravi yadav m a Er. in Ydb in jaipur. anygirls can chat with me.
LOVE FOR LOVERS chat room [public] created by yogesh4680
solila chat room [private] created by solila
to meet lovely people and to chat things together
lonel chat room [public] created by manojmanu
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In the name of God the Merciful Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings This is a brief biography of Holy Prophet upon him blessings and peace Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him: 1 - his name and lineage: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, of the tribe of Quraish, Ends relative to the tribe promised then to Ishmael, son of Abraham, peace be upon them 0 2 - his birth: Born peace be upon him in Mecca, the people of Bani Hashim on the morning of Monday, March 12, of the Year of the Elephant April 20 in 571 - by three immigration and fifty years 0 3 - migration: Emigrated peace be upon him from Mecca to Medina in on Monday, 27 of Safar in 14 of the mission blessed 12 September in 622 AD and arrived in Medina on Monday 12 March 14 mission, corresponding to 26 September 622 It was arrived at Medina on Monday, March 8 in 14 of the Mission September 23, in 622 AD, and perhaps this arises as a result of three days that Mktha in Laurel 4 - and death: Died may Allah bless him and sacrificed on Monday 12 March 11 for Migration (June 8) in 632 In Medina and was buried in a room Aa'ishah, south-east of the Prophet's Mosque. 5 - nickname: Abu al-Qasim 6 - names and attributes and titles: Mamedahmad, Mahi, carriage, am today, ring, tracker, the prophet of mercy, Bashir, prognostic, Secretary, Sadiq, Mustafa, Taha Yassin, the SE, Enlightening, Raouf, Rahim, and descriptions of many other peace and blessings be upon him .. 7 - his wives: Khadija Bint Souda Bint Zama Aisha bint Abu Bakr Hafsa bint Umar Zaynab bint Khuzaymah Hind bint Abi illiteracy (Um Salamah Zainab bint Jahsh Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abi Sufyan Maimuna Bint Harith Juwayriyah Bint Harith Safiya bint shy Ben Akhtab Maria polar Rehana bint Zaid Bani counterpart 8 - Sons: denominator Abdullah Ibrahim Zainab Paper Umm Kulthum Fatima, all of whom are or faithful Khadija Except Ibrahim is from Maria polar 9 - Ojoalh: sons flower The sons Uday bin Al-Najjar 10 - his work: The peace be upon him before the mission takes care of the sheep He then served as trade and after the mission emptied ordered and call for jihad 11 - father of breastfeeding: Harith bin Abdul Uzza bin Refaa 000 Hawazin 12 - his mother: Are Amna Bint Wahab of brown flower 13 - Mredath: a Meh ثوبية (ongoing Abu Lahab) Fads 14 - brothers of breastfeeding: Abdullah bin al-Harith Anisa Bint Harith flywheel Bint Harith (Shaimaa) 15 - brothers of descent Has no brothers descent but was a single parent 16 - uncles and aunts: Harith bin Abdul Muttalib Abu Talib and his name Abdinmav Hamza Abu flame named Abdul Uzza Abbas Zubair Hgela rectifier Dirar Aunts six: descriptive white Atkp Omaima Arwa Scales 17 - أصهاره Aas bin spring pair Zainab threshold ibn Abi paper flame married then divorced her Otaiba bin Abi Lahab married Umm Kulthum, then he divorced Uthman paper married and then died married Umm Kulthum Ali bin Abi Talib married Fatima Zahra 18 - owner: Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him and named Abdullah bin Abi dipper 19 - Ahvazh (: They Hassan and Hussein, the sons of his daughter Fatima 20 - Secretary Sarah: Huzaifa bin Yaman, God bless him 21 - disciples: Zubair bin Awam may Allah be pleased with him 22 - love: Zaid bin Haritha may Allah be pleased with him 23 - I love: Osama bin Zaid bin Harith also called love and I love 24 poets: Hassan ibn Thabit Abdullah bin Rawahah Ka'b bin Malik 25 - Service: Anas India and the names of the sons of Haritha Aslami Abu Huraira, Salma Khadra Radwa
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