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List of all user-created chat rooms #367 chat room [public] created by NoFckYou
Come check out our New Adult only chatsite. Audio/Video website so come and be seen and see others, cum chill, chat, perv or do what u do, just cum do it here.
sex activity chat room [private] created by adeey84
Talk...all sex gay n figth...can deal everything activity sex.
new to being pagan chat room [public] created by jake1110
if you want to meet other pagans and wiccans come here
Adult baby mommy chat room [public] created by Poopypampers
Mommy hoo are looking to adopt adult baby sissies
looking to chat with a nice guy in the ages 17-19 chat room [public] created by deedee321
No perv's!!! nice and clean convo's!!
Badguys hideout chat room [public] created by TheLonelyOnes
it may look friendly and inviting but it kinda is the reverse of that once you meet the people (this is a RP room)
Samantha Mabuya chat room [public] created by samanth24
good in life and i will be with you
the RP chat with Saphira chat room [public] created by TheMysteriousGirl
this is the chat of RP where anything could happen. there are woods,towns and even enimes.
REAL CHATTERS chat room [public] created by MARQUAViAN21
for people that really want to chat and date
Asian-Lesbian chat room [public] created by Skyking2014
For adult girls..... who are lesbian and bi-sexual...
naughty chat rooms chat room [public] created by tyldesley2012
talk about sex,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ;)
boys talk about girls room chat room [public] created by loyyd
talk bout girls have fun talk about realy ant thing its fun and new plz enjoy and a computer didnt make this chat room [public] created by NoFckYou
new adult cam/audio chat site looking fir new members. cum check us out
kiyoshis family room chat room [private] created by theonesacrifice
mew mew, yup yup happy now website?
dirty camchat chat room [public] created by YourDutchy21
for camchats , talking , fun time
13 to 15 yr olds chat room [public] created by Aimzter
come and have chat because i am looking for relationship with a good man !!
naughty chat chat room [public] created by YourDutchy21
for webcam chats and that kind of stuff
sammi chat room [public] created by sammisweetheart3
for anyone who wants to tlk lol :)
Juggalos world wide. chat room [public] created by vampdemon
a place for the phsycopathic family to come and chill and do some family bonding. no eminem talk no haters..
jannis chat chat room [public] created by Jannisknight
para conversar y conocer a las personas
jannis knight sala de chat chat room [public] created by Jannisknight
para conversar y conocer a las personas
Coca-Cola chat room [public] created by RileySpaceCadet
A lovely coven of Coca~Cola enthusiasts where one might, without inhibition, discuss their affinity for this delicious carbonated drink.
Crack In The Wall chat room [public] created by CureFan80
Talk about the Austin, TX art rock band, Crack In The Wall.
Only by chance chat room [private] created by Zombieslavedisco8
Crazy, the things that can happen when you least expect them to...
deep thoughts chat room [public] created by DebraNiomie
ideas. depth. thoughts. casual conversation for the people that crave depth
lovablesex chat room [private] created by chell2323
hi want to meet and get into next level
bi nudist chat room [public] created by jjacobsen1576
a place for bi nudist to chat
chiilll chat room [public] created by tailz226
come in and talk to see who u like or think is chiillll lol
pinkjoker in pantyhose chat room [private] created by pinkjoker1976
ich liebe frauen und auch ihre nylons!
skype sex chat room chat room [public] created by Jtrazz678
come here to hook up for skype sexing.
I love girls and guys chat room [public] created by ilovefelix
To find love no being mean and don't hate just love
In NC chat room [public] created by fougyfoug
For ppl in NC that want to meet
16 year old boys and girls chat room [public] created by Aliilmagnifico
this is a room for single 16 -17 year old girls and guys....My name is Ali and i created this room
1 advice room chat room [public] created by callmekatie
Come here for unbiased advice.
white girl chat room [public] created by LASTKiNGS
i am look for a nice beautiful whit girl i am a college student i am not a creeper so if u are cute i will send u a pic of me
Juggalo gathering. chat room [public] created by vampdemon
whoop whoop come chill and bond fam all ninjas and ninjettes are welcome. just no family dissers. other than that welcome home fam mcl.
Bored and just want to chat chat room [public] created by Layz420
girls guys that are bored and want to chat get to know eachother
JAnz rooms chat room [public] created by zexyjanz088
hi guys.. want pretty sexy girl.. come and chat w/ me.. ciao.! muahh
military peeps chat room [public] created by katie39
for anyone who wants to chat about their experiences and help out other poeple with their advice
awesome 11 year old chat room chat room [public] created by lexa11
chat with other kids your age and have fun 11 YEARS OF AGE ONLY thanks!!!!!!!!!
Girls who wear lacy underwear chat room [public] created by Bigtimefunbouncer
For girls who love to feel sexy in lacy sexy underwear...
Late night loneliness chat room [public] created by mikeyds
It's where men and women can meet discreetly or in the open.
CUTIE TOUGH chat room [public] created by robinkho
Skype - Girls chat room [public] created by mikevasant310
People who wanna have skype chat can join this chat room....
girls that like to chat chat room [public] created by jakeyourk
all girls and guy who like to get to know wach other
S Korea chat room [public] created by Jamesonaj
For anyone living near or in South Korea; Or anyone interested in Korean culture
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh chat room [public] created by daruwalapatel
asiucnugr bgcug vut uycbgndvfbsdvbndfgbhaehu
friends place chat room [public] created by janschake
meant only for girls and not for others
room254 chat room [private] created by maybex010
nigerian chat room [private] created by safiiraii
sex woman gurls black woman looking for sexy gurl
Looking for Girlfriend Boyfriend chatroom chat room [public] created by Dmoney7705
Just a chatroom where people can find boyfriends or girlfriends in here
Real Men 4 Real boyz chat room [public] created by Liam98
Hiya! This is a room for just boys and men to chat,enjoy ;)
strapon love chat room [public] created by samstrapon
Hi, I am a strapon lover , and would like to get acquainted with females using strapons.
mining engineer chat room [public] created by mongolianman2
I am looking for girl friend. I am very nice man.
kate cole chat room [public] created by cole740
am Kate Cole fro UNITED KINGDOM
HORNY 12-16 year olds only chat room [public] created by Dmoney7705
Only people that are 12-16 years old and are very horny
HORNY PEOPLE HERE XXXX chat room [public] created by EssexRobert
Sexting horny phone big tits big dick hard
portland oregon 420 chat room [public] created by portlandguy420
a place where people can meet others in or around portland.
skype adult chat room [public] created by Wessman55
for people looking to get freasky
Thai room help chat room [public] created by danmayhem
Need help on translating thai to english
sdkajbdh chat room [public] created by bloodywing7
dbkjabsh kjdhbasdjas dashbdisab asdhasuodhas
real freaks chat room [public] created by shortii135
this chat room is for the real lesbian or bi w.e they juz hav too b freaks in bed
chamyeen chat room [public] created by sayeen
find new friends ...and serious guy
Talk to Patrick chat room [public] created by PatPp
Want to talk to me? Just join. But why here? Because i don't like those chatrooms full off people offering their dicks.
Private Talk chat room [private] created by PatPp
Only for people I invited. Here we can talk more open to each other.
The Smoke Out chat room [public] created by Stonedman420
Chill, relax, laugh, live , love <3
sexfundirty chat room [public] created by Cano1224
Stoonpeople chat room [private] created by steve0082012
For people from Stoon who want to talk get to know each other and probly meet up
Looking 4 a guy chat room [private] created by Clair16Love
im right now looking 4 a guy who is into a long distance n some1 i can trust
make a scheme chat room [private] created by Clair16Love
im finding someone to help with this problem. im looking for a guy who knows when to be good and bad
Bengali Chat1 chat room [public] created by Soumen123
HI This is a bengali chat Room... And anyone and everyone who is bengali or knows bengali is invited.
bindaassss boysssssssss chat room [public] created by paramhawty
mastiiiiiiiiiii n all yr.............................................................................................
stoners four twenty chat room [public] created by stonerjosh
come in if you're a stoner, talk shit and be entertained
stoners four nineteen chat room [public] created by stonerjosh
come in if you're a stoner, talk shit and be entertained
lifwitfun chat room [public] created by lifwitfun
hi this is my chat room name ... i would lik to chat with girls and aunties .. it for friendship and even for fun .. so pls accept my chat room and girls and aunties can chat with me thru ths ... thank u all ...
KARNATAKA SEX CHAT chat room [public] created by premkumar334
redroom chat room [private] created by coconero
hi to everyone im from italy and this redroom is for hot and rispect
meet internationals new friends chat room [public] created by abubakar36
please be happy and enjoy nice and respect your self and people thank you wlc all
Chicago FWB chat room [public] created by longone7in
adults only 18+ where fun people come to play
jeff kho chat room [private] created by jeffkho
lover of sex in free and fun. cumming without control.sharing expienences of sex and love
hook upsdatingflirting chat room [public] created by dhanicalelouch
wanna hook ups pm me... dating ...... flirting.... and anything u san do it here
beromen chat room [public] created by bayie
Porno for female...can wee..masturbating on u all
onani chat room [public] created by bayie
Porno for female...can wee..masturbating on u all
couple rocker chat room [private] created by jeffkho
i love norny n cute when it come to love. only girl can change the world
emergancy services chat chat room [public] created by firefighter213
meet people from all around the world that share the same professon and love for the communtey
emergancy personnel chat chat room [public] created by firefighter213
this room is for firefighters police emts and paramedics from around the world to have a good time and chat
just boys that wants to join a site chat room [public] created by anastashacamgirl
i will give you a cam show on our site..
hpsucks chat room [public] created by voldemortfan
harry potter the character sucks
germanOOO chat room [public] created by vladivo444
fur deutsch sprachige und auch alle anderen
young love role play chat room [public] created by kencan123
Just what u dreamed last night , Hot !!
str8 jerkin chat room [public] created by femaleaddict
str8 guys chatting and jerkin to chicks
welsh chat chat room [public] created by boysfallinlove
if you come from wales this is the ideal chat room for you
uk citizenssss chat room [public] created by miafaye
im looking some one from uk come to me uk dont be shy
date 101 chat room [public] created by lilrob101
for singales or taken does not mater
Teen Wolves chat room [public] created by LunaWolfie
This is a room for just wolves, tell us about you're story and meet new wolves.
sex maniacs welcome chat room [public] created by aaxn0909
People who wanna have casual sex can log strings attached!!!!
adult18 chat room [public] created by nnmnmm
adult, adult, adult, adult, adult, adult, adult
for single ladys from german chat room [public] created by max18rex
come to my chat room and chat with me :D
only romance chat room [public] created by praveen9985953445
everybody join here to have fun
Prafull chat room [public] created by prafull12345
for gals who are beutiful and honest , for them i have created this room
adult only no kids chat room [public] created by Hickboy250
porn porn porn porn porn porn yes all this is i sex adults onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
COUGAR PLACE chat room [public] created by ANTONYLOVE123
Sexonthebeach chat room [public] created by Browniefudge
For those who are seriously looking for sex
ABUDABI chat room [public] created by dyam
I have tried many different ways to meet women, but it is not always easy. I am a full-time student and also work. I thought I would try the online thing and see if maybe it can work. I am looking for someone that I can develop a friendship with and maybe turn into something more. I am very out going and enjoy getting out.
cougars zone chat room [public] created by ANTONYLOVE123
mature woman can fine what the looking for
Kuuurac chat room [public] created by Branke
Come on horny girls yes yes yes
philly69 chat room [public] created by guy4fun96
people from philly looking to chat, 18+.
tamiis room chat room [public] created by liltamii15
just looking to chat with real people about 15 yrs old from california... i live with my mom while she is at work im home come chat
latinalesbianas chat room [public] created by kondas15
para todas las chicas, no para chicos
North carolina chat room chat room [public] created by nightmares13
People in north carolina in the usa just to meet and maybe date or hang out
yash chat room [private] created by 8744888310
i am yash those who want to meet me plz call send me ur no. in my inbox
sexxx chat kik chat room [public] created by kausbunny
its for doz u wanna hv some fun online or share nude pics on kik or skype
California Chat Room1 chat room [public] created by volleyballgirl23
only for people who live in California
wanna hav sex chat room [public] created by jojy4u
wanna hav sex????13 inch longd cock wanna seee???????? add me on skype jojy4u<<is ma id :D13 inch longd cock wanna seee???????? add me on skype jojy4u<<is ma id :D13 inch longd cock wanna seee???????? add me on skype jojy4u<<is ma id :D
gothikaaa chat room [public] created by jugasaurusRex
anyone who like heavy metal and looking for webcam friends :P
Iran chat OooOOOo chat room [public] created by vahid96
Iranian Tehran chat vahid riahi
mw3 beast chat room [public] created by xgizmo33
fun talk about clans anything u need
kinky and horny lesbians chat room [public] created by mzfreaky
if your horny and wanna find someone to video chat with you found the rite room
EMO Single chat room [public] created by bvbarmygirl
This is a room for any single ppl to hang out and just have fun chatting and "YES" you can hook up. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned
antibulleing chat room [public] created by botdf101
no bullying just fun and love for all
TACO XD chat room [public] created by austin12321
this is a chat dedicated to taco.
any ladies what to have a good time chat room [public] created by thepanther19
all the ladies come talk and maybe we can meet up sometime
lez girl 13-17 chat room [public] created by yazzyGirl
only for girls no boys at all if you you must be i the age limits only can be 5 years older the description
Cellar Door chat room [public] created by jbmumble
A discussion room for all things concerning life, culture, philosophy, music, etc. Just hang out and meet cool people and learn from one another.
Anyones room chat room [public] created by BrookBaby1
A random chat room for everyone and
joyce chat room [private] created by dylanjoyce
hi im looking for a guy who cares me for the rest of my life
Heatbroken And Sad chat room [public] created by lostalone000
For those who need to talk and maybe flirt alittle cause everything has gone wrong.
girls period chat room chat room [public] created by wildandpretty
for girls who want to talk about their period i want to.
gays arab chat room [public] created by talal933
you can be friend with arab gays
virginfeed chat room [public] created by virgininneed
u can say whatever do whatever i need a woman badly please enter the room ladies for sure
11-12 year old chat chat room [public] created by 19DayKiller
11-12 year olds only 13 if i like you
konrad chat room [public] created by konrad1996
hello come and chat with me im really bored
Kentucky Soccer Players chat room [public] created by KYBoy15lookinforgirl
Soccer Players in kentucky from all ages and genders
happynight9 chat room [public] created by happynight9
I like to friends sharing about any good and bad thing together.
Woman should come here chat room [public] created by Gee20
I'm very single and looking for a woman ready to have a man , it's right here in your hands for the taking ; )
Anime Manga RP room chat room [private] created by SoulDemon
This is a room about all sorts of anime and u can RP
Sexy girls I love to meet chat room [public] created by Trevor212122
Funny outgoing and sexy Meet girls hang have fun and talk
Navy chat room [public] created by Lordgorejosh
Military only please. Navy, Army, Air force I don't care.
Emo shat room chat room [public] created by SynSixx
this is a place for all emo people to come talk and meet new people.
frisky ppl chat room [public] created by yeldarB
this is for people who wanna exchange numbers and pics
Blowjob for Live chat room [public] created by Gangnam
wanna sex its just fro free or send me ur payments
Sex Talk Only Please chat room [public] created by Rolander
Everything SEX! Talk sex only, nothing else allowed.
Chatting room for everyone chat room [public] created by trav0701
Chatting room for people who like to chat
beastiality 1 chat room [public] created by showmexxx1985
pet lovers who love animals in a different way
Gupta chat room [private] created by pardeepgupta
only loving person met them......
municipal waste fans chat room [public] created by Axe91
a chat room for hardcore fans of the heavy metal thrash band MUNICIPAL WASTE
Hola Bek chat room [public] created by LusiS601
A room only for making new friends
robsadultchat chat room [public] created by paizan0187
looking for aduts 18+ for dirty chat and exchange of cams via skype/yahoo/msn
Las Vegas Polygamist United chat room [public] created by BillionaireBoysClub
Local male looking to extend his stay in las vegas originally from Charlotte, NC but stranded in Las Vegas Mixed Dominican/ Indian/white and puertorican male 5'7 130 pounds, shaven and smooth all over. Very experienced with mature women, super mature and conservative like on my part. Im seeking all races just be fun and real 702.576.1918 unblock numbers only
malibog ako chat room [public] created by shinjin2000
adult chat open to mature male who is open to any type of conversation
Discreet Gay Guys Talk chat room [public] created by Flowyxxx
Chat room, is of course, to talk about dealing with our own kind of problems.. only serious talk! No picking up or role play, if you wanna flirt, want online sex or get laid in anyway, go to the Adult or Gay chat room not here. You can im or send private message to other members if you like but not in the chat room or you'll get kicked out!
privateeeeeee chat room [private] created by saiprasad74
only bold girlz who can have a tolerance power
islands chat room [public] created by kweenz
want to find out some islanders
NEW CHAT ROOM 1081 chat room [public] created by calie1081
Come and talk about pretty much anything in this not very moderated chatroom. Must keep chat clean or you will be kciked and if continue you will be banned also.
DJ STYLO chat room [public] created by stylomanavan
18 year olds to others chat room [public] created by SimplyNotPerfect
where 18 year olds are aloud to talk
Hotfuc-only show chat room [public] created by hotguy4fuk
hey u need to show ur shy,no bargaining...
The joys of sex chat room [public] created by donnie9227
What do you like about sex lets just see how dirty everyone really is
india007 chat room [public] created by vaibhav987
come n join with indian..n make more frnds......
love sex aur dhokha chat room [private] created by ashfak8183
Hi, wlcm 2 my chat room. To enjoy with me and make new relationship with me and all..Thanks
parthi11990 chat room [public] created by parthi11990
chat with me sexual oriented. i giv u an huge sex aspects when chat with me please try to come with sex mood
Hottes Chat chat room [public] created by alexlim23
wants some new and melting words coming in to your ears?
gujarati hot female come chat room [public] created by vikrant17
choda chodi group, female aavo aur apni chut rent par2.
Wolf Pack..... chat room [public] created by wolf123456789
People with wolf names only I will kick out anybody with the word wolf in there name foxes and coyotes are allowed too People without those words in thier names will be kicked out some people can get speacil permisson from me only
adventurous ones chat room [public] created by thestampy
people interested in sports, fitness and overall spontaneous living
littlesingle1514 chat room [public] created by littlesingle1514
I am a calm, balanced, serious and realistic woman. If I undertake any work, I always am bringing it to completion without stopping halfway. I am looking for a reliable man for a serious relationship. I love nature and animals. I am fond of oriental dance. I value honesty, integrity, and accuracy. I do not look for the ideal person, the unattainable impossible, because I know that the ideal person simply does not exist. In this, I am mature and realistic. I appreciate friendship. I trust deeds, and actions, not words
FOR LOVERS ONLY chat room [public] created by Joselle
look for your loveones! checcccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
webcam chat skype chat room [public] created by aaron930
Lets chat here , then to the Skype for some fun ;) .
voicesex chat room [public] created by surbhifonesex
voice sex with me in just $5 and have all fun there
chat thisthat chat room [private] created by tomtsiamis
we see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chat about this and that chat room [private] created by tomtsiamis
we see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
search 17 years old boys chat room [public] created by lea343
i search a boyfriend for me and my friend !! She is the best
Hpoi chat room [public] created by frankfree
Hgijjgugjygyg ugh hugged ygyngygybygyjgugn
Chattare Italiano chat room [public] created by Chandrita
Un luogo per parlare italiano; incontrare nuovi amici qui, chattare nella lingua di amore, e buon divertimento!
anu009 chat room [public] created by anwar0666
need a good friend who share her sadness n happyness
MOMMY chat room [public] created by Sonsss
ANy one seeking for roleplay and cam chat
letsgt2gthr-PVT chat room [private] created by letsgt2gther
Only for serious people into serious hardcore chat.
letsgt2gther-OPEN chat room [public] created by letsgt2gther
Just a place to hang out, away from the crowd. enjoy. Adults Only
penis and vagina chat room [public] created by hornygur
just for penis and vagina dirty talk and cam on cam
born 4 porn xxx only chat room [public] created by jackme69
hot and horny ppl only no rules
xxx chat xxxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by jackme69
come on in lol have fun blow a load relax
straight and dating chat room [public] created by chrisPG
here you can find a date. and there are only straight people here.
Great opportunity For All chat room [public] created by adesam08
I want to invite every one who is looking for information and great opportunity to course a great change in life.... Here is the place you can stay
real ppl chat room [public] created by HiMF
its for real ppl who wann have real convos
Holidays in Morocco chat room [public] created by lerinttzo
all tthe people who want go & visit morocco
WELCOME BY ZKH chat room [public] created by zainkhan161
Bi Chat for Young chat room [public] created by chiko1331
Hey guys i am bi from georgia i would like to meat new people from around of the world my name is ika and you can send me Sms :)
Add me girls chat room [public] created by Lovelylover93
add me on skype girls: lovelylover93
FlirtyHookupChat chat room [public] created by gmanstrat95
In this room you can chat and hookup or flirt with someone :)
manama dating chat room [public] created by adorable82
only for FEMALEs interested in hooking up there eve
Simgle 13 yr old boys chat room [public] created by Lovemehard3
Im looling for a tall blomd with. Blue eyes;) if u wanna chat ill give ya my number;) (i meant single)
camchatforall chat room [public] created by doclove33
for all person who like to see the other on cam
13 ur old lesbians chat room [public] created by Lovemehard3
Girls only! Tall blonde and have blue eyes, txt me at 860-542-2050
uk single women chat room [public] created by shine34
all u single ladies come let hook up
Mist of Pandaria WOW chat room [public] created by Syniax
Lets talk about this new expansion! =O like nerds!
WEB CAM............... chat room [public] created by adorable82
Get on to see real fussy and real hard core
complete the woman we love chat room [public] created by Olclca
Her meek ​​lover, then we should give more affection to make it perfect in the eyes of our
flirtingchat house chat room [public] created by bp2001
meet now boys and girlscan meet to gether
dane chat room [public] created by danis1982
Bahrain nite life chat room [public] created by adorable82
always be free to move in n out
no baby chat room [public] created by chinnasri
it is good chat and share u r feeling freely.and be happy and make happy
1to2 room chat room [private] created by 1to2
photosharing room for celebs and sex
welaga chat room [public] created by welaga
am very caring, like to laugh, go get to know people. A good listener and would like
420 Allll day chat room [public] created by magemasher86
Smoke weed everyday. And the rest of this is to just have 30 characters so I can create the chat room yayyy!
lovers that love Lilah chat room [public] created by lover13lilah
hey If you like me and your a nice and great guy only come in here if you are 30 and younger cause its going to be great !
nsw gays chat room [public] created by chamess
we meeting for fun and we make new friends
cobro chat chat room [public] created by blackrose23
this is for a talk site for people who like cobra's
Young Lovd chat room [public] created by PiruNation
Anyone can love no matter of age NoIllegal Activities ;)
lesbian-bi girls with skype only chat room [public] created by chanelicious212
skype girls with cam n mic only
rafamalaga19 chat room [public] created by erjosim
busco una chica de malaga ke kiera hablar o quedar
tiy chat room [public] created by foladeji7
it must have swearing and hot boys becase i love them
masturbating on skype chat room [public] created by hornysboy121
for girls who wanna talk about sex and the pussies
kristine2000 chat room [public] created by kristineyoung89
cute,...lovely.beautiful,sexy and lovely
Seriously Evil chat room [private] created by mischief1
alliances members chat private chat
Pro Ana Buddy System chat room [public] created by YogaFanatic
Do you need encouragement, tips, and a friend to become the desired thin you need to be? Come here!
Suicide Prevention chat room [public] created by harder02
This is where people with suicidal thoughts are having trouble
Near Sixties Chat Time chat room [public] created by TexasGrad3
To talk about what is going on around Wichita, and other friendly conversation. People that are out to just have a nice time and really Listen. Mature Christians.
love is dark chat room [public] created by bobesponka1542
joinmy room so we can talk and have fun
lesbian gils chat room [public] created by jazzy3121
where lesbian girls can make out
guest from dubai chat room [public] created by dubaiguest
its very good to b with you tognight#
Adult Hook up Lounge chat room [public] created by jnutt
Get your nasty talk on. for over 18 folks.
Grown and Sexy chat room [public] created by SecretsOfMine
Grown and Sexy Individuals ONLY! Looking to meet up in the BIG City
radio active chat room [public] created by raymondcvd
all out room just no offending other roomates
The Sissy Bar chat room [public] created by stevie222
your wildest dreams fullfilled
Biracial Room chat room [public] created by Sierraseashore
Its a chat room for ppl that are mix with 2 or more races. (ex. Black and white)
Demented Humor chat room [public] created by Derhammer13
For People with odd humor. So if you want to come in and visit just do.
Depressed Souls chat room [public] created by permanentlyflawed
this is a room for the people who need the help of otheres but are too scared to admit it. People like me. Please respect the rules of this room: do not judge, make fun of, or abuse any of the users present in it. Guys, maybe if we talked about it things would get better.
Sexy chat time chat room [public] created by lolwatgirl
Ask for anything and ill get it for you
XXX chat time chat room [public] created by lolwatgirl
Ask for anything and ill get it for you
xxFreakinAwesomeChatxx chat room [public] created by xxJayBaeBae14xx
Ummm i dont know what to put here other than any pervs who join in here might as well leave because i dont want to listen to your bullshit.
12-16 Teenagers chat room [public] created by DaedricGun
Teenage ONLY Sorry. Goths-Emos-Nerds-Normal-Boy-Girl. Anybody can JOIN!
Girl Chatroom chat room [public] created by Kevin22Mps
I am 15 male who wants to talk
gay chat mmmmm chat room [public] created by cpunkpeel
100% Gay Men only for chatting and meeting :)
sexy beast 12345678910 chat room [public] created by sexyman33366
Anybody who Wants have fun should join ;)..........
CutieSwag chat room [public] created by XCutieSwagX
Welcome to CutieSwag chat room:) I am not always on so other people are able to host my room, so do not go all bitchy on me for banning you because I was not even on, so I do not know about it. I don't really ban people unless you troll alot, spam, or if your just plain mean. If any of you get annoying I will ban depending on what it is. If you get ban form someone else, I will unban you if you did not do anything.
rolplaying chat room [public] created by GS101
its noting much. just be a character and roll play.
Beer Drinkers and Motorcycle Raisers chat room [public] created by wolf1989
Beer Drinkers and Motorcycle Raisers
Private Room Girls Only chat room [private] created by Kevin22Mps
Hey Girls Let's Talk(: Clean Talk(:
feel free to chat .... chat room [public] created by camieyaz
people that want to chat about anything................................................................
Get in shape chat room [public] created by Bcbrmt
People looking for support and friends who are in the process of getting in shape.
Talk and Buy chat room [public] created by jing1212
If you are Open minded you Enter this room that's All
rollplaying chat room [public] created by GS101
just be ur self and i wont judge u.
1Lesbians only chat room [public] created by Kel1357
This is so that we can meet other people
Massachuttes people only chat room [public] created by shankyboy
looking for cute girls from mass hoping to meet up with after chatting for a while get to know me cute 24 year old dude
REAL LOVER ASHEEL chat room [public] created by meganzter
all i want to meet new friends
chatting wid chat room [public] created by kailash11112
i am simple we can made some friend who are genious
stud and fem room chat room [public] created by clearries
a place where girls can talk hang and chill with each other
Naughty chatz chat room [public] created by Spkiydude87
A place where ppl can talk dirty
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