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List of all user-created chat rooms #377
nudes for nudes chat room [public] created by heysupjoel
Im 21 tatted up huge cock wanna see some tits and clits
Horny teenssss chat room [public] created by KaylahSmittt
If you're horny come here and talk to other horny guys or girls!
teenagers who want to have sex chat room [public] created by Ballinking35
for teens who want to have sex with other teens in raleigh
FabianoBarros chat room [public] created by fabianobarros
Welcome on my chat room, here you can speak about anything that u want
single teens in raleigh chat room [public] created by Ballinking35
for single teens in raleigh so they can meet new people
Dirty teen room chat room [public] created by figmo96
come on in dirty teens and have fun
coolboys99 chat room [public] created by honey10519
this is for cool boys and beautiful girls
MJ club chat room [public] created by MichaelJackson1980
click here if you fan of MJ and chat with me! (MichaelJackson1980)! :D and i hope you hate JB. dont come in here if you bieber lover and MJ hater.
Thai girl-Swedish man chat room [public] created by JonasEf
For Thai girls who wants to meet Swedish man
Wealthy Men Welcome x chat room [public] created by ladyluck0602
Wealthy, generous men welcome for chat, flirt and fun with me, a sexy 21 y/o female from UK looking for financial support in exchange for companionship and chat x
earn a new bmw and lose weight at the same time chat room [public] created by ladonnamb
come chat and learn how to make money and earn a brand new bmw
Sil and Mavis chat room [private] created by MomoHinamori4
rockafella chat room [public] created by 211507966
basically includes swagg, hip hop music , love, style no age restriction only if u r based on hip hop music and hot babes.
indonesia1 chat room [public] created by akubencikamu
buat indonesia yg chat masuk sini aja.....silahkannn
indonesia11 chat room [public] created by akubencikamu
buat indonesia yg chat masuk sini aja.....silahkannn
Animals lovers chat room [public] created by McSmuggler
For those who just love the animals
S and M LURVE chat room [private] created by NekoMavis
Animal lovers... chat room [public] created by McSmuggler
You know what it is all about in here
Lady Epona Mistress Of YOU chat room [private] created by LadyEpona4u
Don"t Even think About Asking to come into this room until you have fulfilled my requirements and then I will generously ponder a decision about your entrance.
praise team chat room [public] created by djchris269
we come in here and do prayer and get our praise on come on in and have fun
Bliss high school chat room [public] created by BlissSama
this is were i go to school an rp all the time hope you like itt
MCRmy chat room [public] created by Zonerat
This is a chat room for casual chat. Please no pervs, after all there is a adult chat room and this is not it. If you have no idea what mcrmy is you don't belong here XD
bestiality chat chat room [public] created by bulby545
its pretty slef explanatory zoophiles can chat it up
USAManForUkraineWoman chat room [public] created by Taurusminded2012
Chat room for Ukrainian women seeking American men.
come in horny girls chat room [public] created by niceguy654
for all the horny girls that want cock
UNITED KINGDOM56 chat room [public] created by rapetrain
me and u111 chat room [private] created by allyours24
alll for u and me as we get along well and love to be ur ice cream as u taste me al night long and we see and hug till we sleep well
me and 2222 chat room [public] created by allyours24
this si wt life is all abt and u need to be here babes, i m ur ice cream and u r my strawberry, why dont u give me a sweeet hug till we chersish forvere mwahhh
business e-commerce chat room [public] created by bucksindy
chat about available business opportunities in USA
The Smoking Room chat room [public] created by ZillaTron
It is always 420 somewhere, right?
organo gold coffee chat room [public] created by charliej1980
Organo Gold is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world. By using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with our growing Organo Gold family world-wide. Think about your future. Where will you and your family be in 5 years from right now? You may know where you want to be, but do you know how you are going to get there? Do you have a plan? Now more than ever it?s up to you to define your future. That?s where Organo Gold comes into the picture. Organo Gold is a global family that is growing and thriving every day. A family that is caring and compassionate and believes that the knowledge of Ganoderma should be in the hands of people world-wide. It?s a family that cares about you.
WAKE UP New World Order Is REAL chat room [public] created by Freeworld2012
katies roleplay chat room [public] created by classykatie
just a room about my fantasy scenarios of being talked into posing nude for classy images by nice people.
Loyal White Pride chat room [public] created by WhitePride1976
No Jungle Bunnies, spics, or Jews. If you are found to be any of these, you will be blocked and banned. You must be full blooded white to enter this room.
princeshaze chat room [public] created by princeshaze
Horny bisexual chat room [public] created by Xxmelaniexx03
You can come in this chat room and say whatever you would like, im very horny, looking for some hot Guys/Girls to have a lot of fun with ;]
hate chat room [public] created by onolong
hate who hate why hate for when nightmares/
ThattSwagg Room chat room [public] created by ThattKidJosh
This chat room is where people like to chat have fun and chill !
Behind my brick wall chat room [public] created by C0nVince
Just a hideout of sorts, whenever you need to remain online and just a little privacy
chatroom12345 chat room [public] created by kenziebugg
you can chat but no dirty words or sexual language
pic 4 picc chat room [public] created by sislove
for people tht wanna talk sex and photo swap
nude roomm chat room [public] created by sislove
use ur head picturapping...............
S is for the simple need chat room [public] created by jjlclark13
This room is titled as such if you have heard the Nickelback song S.E.X if not it's a pretty good song anyways come in and have fun
gay teen cybersex chat room [public] created by Ethan080
Any horny gay teens wanna cyber?
zaemoney chat room [public] created by zaemoney
zaemoney on tip fuk with yo boy
lesbianhorny4u chat room [public] created by hotlesbo22
for hot girls to chat with girls that want them,
friendly two chat room [public] created by Amiliapond
banned from friendly chat room for no reason? join this one
... ... .. chat room [private] created by xSatsujinx
13f nd 13m chat chat room [public] created by maboy1234
Join peopel jdjdnjsjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
crotch model love chat room [public] created by iSmirk
ladies just happen to come on in
hornymaking chat room [public] created by kenji19
horny n lovemaking room most hilarious lovingmaking room in the come and join us
Horny teens 34234534 chat room [public] created by Sk8ter543
This is a chat for 13-20 year old girls and guys (IM BI) So yea
Zerg hive room chat room [public] created by Godzillaace
This is where i have all my cerebrates and hero units go, i hope that this chat gros like a zerg hive. IM me if u want to join in.
breast chat room [public] created by breast123
talk abt dirty things all day and will show ur tits to other people if you are willing
MisfitsOfTheWorld chat room [public] created by CassieCurbstomp
For the geeks, nerds, misfits and other blokes and lass' that aren't what society expects them to be.
Bi Lesbian chat chat room [public] created by Clairsbi
A place for like minded girls to chat and have fun.
Blackberry Messanger Pin Sharing chat room [public] created by allstar7
this is for those with blackberries who want to share pins and meet new people
East Alabama chat room [public] created by countrybelle93
Chat room for users in east alabama to chat and connect without the hassel of finding ppl close to the area without so far to travel if willing to hang out.
sexybeasts only chat room [public] created by dcboy55
wolf lovers rule chat room [public] created by firepelt
Wolf lovers. From around the world. Come chat here
girls wanting fun chat room [public] created by countryguy54
girls looking to have some fun
ems boudior chat room [private] created by emsawinner
hot chats on lonely nights or just a bit of tlc
im a guy chat room [public] created by schembn0366
im a single horny guy looking for some bi girls
HorneyTeens chat room [public] created by Calibieberstyles
For all the horney teens out there :)
Computer Hackers Chat chat room [public] created by Naughtynurse10110
A place for hackers to chat and share sercets You could be a hack of anythin email, facebook, website ect.
Montrealers chat room [public] created by ryryan27
For people in the Montreal area wanting to chat,make new friends and possibly meet up!
FunANDfriends chat room [public] created by Ladykimberly
Lets chat and we could have fun then but we can get to know each other for a little..asian girl here..
Canadiens only chat room [public] created by StriaghtUp
meet fellow canadiens and chat about love life,hobbies etc
Porn Cast Room XXX chat room [public] created by GunJack312
Lets talk about porn in society an how acceptable it has become
Smexyteens chat room [public] created by Kylewalker10
For sexy 12to14 year olds no disrespect oll love for kids in the lynchburg appromatox farmville
I am drunk and bored and you should be too chat room [public] created by feedthezombie
.....ya know drunk and bored we should talk about zelda and kirby and HOW ABOUt that crazy SPACE?
Drunk and bored. chat room [public] created by feedthezombie
So this is what my life has come to...
firm chat room [public] created by asp2012
dgfghgjgkjhbjhikuyhiuyi hhkguiyhiuhy
Drunk and bored chat room [public] created by feedthezombie
So this is what my life has come to...
free join chat room chat room [public] created by nataliesummer14
come join this chat room and do almost anything u want thats legal and not sexual
Laugh out Loud room chat room [public] created by cristoff122393
finding something? you'll find it here
prabhat chat room [public] created by prabhat91
j yn nyumn ymnyumnyu yukmy jm uymn ym ymn ymymn y
Sub Dom Chat chat room [public] created by WifeLooking4More
I want guys just one at a time or up to 3 to fit in all my holes. I love oral and anal, being tied up and spanked and choked. Unfortunetely my husband refuses to do some of these things...a little help here guys I need to cum!
wink wink 69 chat room [private] created by BigBillyBabyXP
;) 8
Naruto Shippuden Lovers chat room [public] created by robertjwell
anybody who loves Naruto Shippuden please chat with me
Only Juventini tiffosi chat room [public] created by riggel
Just for who likes Juventus FC
pro anorexia bulimia chat room [public] created by samuowlx
anyone with an eating disorder of any type, share anything, talk about anything, you aren't alone.
indian1784 chat room [public] created by vickeyrohit
hi i m 29 year old. i want to chat all of you....
chatroom for my love chat room [private] created by kitty243
boys only allowed in here...............................................................................
kinnidy chat room [public] created by morganriley
hey whats up come in if u r a hot girl
halo halo chat room [public] created by mickeyow
pasok na pinoy , open naman sa mga ibang lahi , dapat walang bastos at maayos lang , friendly chat lang po sana
roses chat room [private] created by ladymarmalade22
full of roses, aromatic roses...
i love india chat room [private] created by me36male
heloo i am from india mumbai evrybody welcome
harrickkent chat room [public] created by harrickkent
i need love through out my life
pornographic sex chat xxx chat room [public] created by migs12345
anybody up for sexxxxx or just plain im sex.......
refferal link chat room [public] created by onlinebd
i've some legit site which has been paid i wanna share with everyone & u can also share ur refferal link
Flirtz chat room [public] created by BapeyWina
Meeting new people, getting to know one another, flirting! Lol mainly just having a good time
MarioKartWii chat room [public] created by Jonas17
Trade Friend Codes and talk about Mario Kart Wii
open day chat room [public] created by waummels
speck upalt wot on your mind & have a good time this chat is open 24/07 so come on in & chat withe your friends
marylandchat chat room [public] created by sentimentalman1
chat for all but married and singles are welcome.
Friendsssssssssssssssssss chat room [public] created by mharieyz
For those who wanna make friends out there :))
Apocalyse chat room [public] created by Giotto1stGeneration
School projects...for answering survey questions....
foot sex chat room [public] created by footlover777
for foot lovers and those who love women feet are crazy about ıt and love to smell theır smelly feet.
Kpop awesomeness chat room [public] created by BunnyholicELF
If you like kpop.. idk come talk about your fave OTP and snazz like that :3
women and girls chat chat room [public] created by rachel8912
for girls who wants girl on girl chat
Ganja smokers chat room [public] created by Gruboy
All smokers welcome we can chat. We can have fun. All New York pot,weed,ganja,hash,joint smokers can talk about Products around your nearest area.
Directioners Only chat room [public] created by OneDirectionFanGirl
Directioners Till Death chat room [public] created by OneDirectionFanGirl
1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D
preteenlezbo03 chat room [public] created by bobbie032669
rooom 4 gay lil girls only no guys no boys allowed free to speak their mind talk about anything
MOUTHPEICE chat room [public] created by ANTDiGGLA
lillesbo04 chat room [public] created by bobbie032669
chatroom 4 lilgirl to play have fun masterbate in
Friendship Making chat room [public] created by osabera
only for making friends in private and outside and nothing else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarwar Alam chat room [public] created by hasnabad
Friendly and freely for decent girl
edeee chat room [public] created by irfansalim
Dirty Talk XD chat room [public] created by osabera
very very very dirty talk so dirty that you can share info to each other (through private talk) and email addreses (through private talk) so pls join
subra chat room [public] created by subra19443
I m a businessman ,im looking fr someone who share my lonelyness
Only For Dirty Talk chat room [public] created by ForUComeKloser
Come to this room for internet sex or to video with that sexy person
rerere chat room [public] created by pepehlopalotesh
dsfvsnkñvlnsdfklnbv´sdfnbvklsdnfvbd flvn dfnvdn´f
Sank chat room [public] created by sank2025
Hallooo Guys I m wating in my chat room
chennai tamil hot chat room [public] created by siva44
tamil guys chat here and make fun...........
any 15 or under girls chat room [public] created by jordantheman
come on and chat if your in uk or even notts
looking for a gf 16-19 chat room [public] created by BigSexy16
pls come if u are a single chick between age of 16 and 19 see u soon.
ammaye engane pannam chat room [public] created by unnilove
how to f*#k ur mom....pvt chat
Ambulatory Coding chat room [private] created by MirandaS2012
ambulatory coding help and study session
Portland People chat room [public] created by blueseyespdx7
People who want to talk about P-town and make friends.
Portland Chat chat room [public] created by blueseyespdx7
Place to chill and talk about Portland
bangalore1xxx chat room [public] created by karthik4yu
for bangalorians please join as group we will chat here
Spanish-English Chat chat room [public] created by Mikez20
chat for people who are interested in practicing Spanish, English.
hairoom1234 chat room [private] created by sweetheartboy
this is a good room that ever seen
south east fun chat room [public] created by kingbed
meet up for you no .... some fun
LEATHER ROOM chat room [public] created by mrmums69
TIME FOR CHANGE chat room [public] created by skeeate
HuntingUs Commission Art work Furry art work chat room [public] created by HuntingU
I do furry/anthro art work in a cartoon or a little bit more real of a style, my prices verry, when you tell me what you want, i can stream the drawing of the image to insure satisfaction, payments are used threw paypal. please message me threw skype, or this site, or F.A. for more information on what it is that i do.
bangalore dati chat room [private] created by raj2821
girls from bangalore welcome,xchanga nos id we will meet
Nija chat room [public] created by azidomedogo
This room is opened to all serious boys and girls who are ready to go into a serious relationships
north atlanta chat room [public] created by ChrisHansen88
read room name. only phuckers from here, no spam, no cam s1ut, none of that
indian chat123 chat room [public] created by sampatel1981
that indian pvt room only,only for young boy & girl's who wanna make personal relationship only
bawopookyWORLD chat room [public] created by bawopooky
anyone who was looking for love, friend and companionship go here... feel free...
for skype chat chat room [public] created by alberttom
sex at skype by providing skype name
telugu people chat room chat room [public] created by lakmereddy
only telugu people must enterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Montreal chatzah chat room [public] created by StriaghtUp
for sh!ts and giggles along with whips, chains, whistles and yoyo's
mikel12345 chat room [private] created by mikel090
im very interested and very good and i want chating with another person
singles16-25 chat room [public] created by coloradocowgirl16
were singles can chat and meet new people :) have fun!!
Tattoo fans chat room [public] created by hotsam91
Basically this room have been made for the girls who got tattoos to talk about them and share ideas
seattle or king county chat room [public] created by jboy101
hookups and making new friends
Open your minds chat room [public] created by Ranbir91
Welcome friends!!!! U r allowed to open ur minds and pour all ur thoughts over the people here
Girls Only Plezz chat room [public] created by gingerbread101
talk about whatever you want as long as its not 2 dirty
black girls dat are 12-14 if u no ur boobs big chat room [public] created by 0102314
I did dis cause I need a black bitch dat has big bobs. And sexy and hot
sexxxxxxxyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by scapula34
EMO BITCH chat room [public] created by shania22
emo bitchs only i dont want anyone who is " normal"
Harmless fun chat room [public] created by ccc666
Partner is away and I am looking for some fun to pass the time
rolplayers chat room [public] created by pyr0steve
anything goes roleplays fantisy rape anything goes
Halal Muslim Chat Room chat room [public] created by Jameela13
A place for muslims to talk freely about Allah, or about anything islamic. No profanity or sexual conduct will be tolerated (this is not a "find a girlfriend" or "find a spouse" website. Non-Muslims are welcome to chat if they have an interest in Islam, but no religious-bashing will be tolerated. Enjoy!
gay mexican and white chat room chat room [private] created by chrisaaron15
where gay mexicans and whites can go to talk and share pics 12-27 age
Chatroom for all girls chat room [public] created by Hunt14
Any girls can join this chatroom for as long as you have a real pic
Indian Singles Looking Adult Fun Online chat room [public] created by sexyDesigner
If you are Indian Single Boy or Girl this room is for you to find a perfect match to have Cam to Cam fun or phone fantasy partner!
i love HIM chat room [public] created by beccaboo4552
NAMBLA chat room [public] created by ChrisHansen88
North American Man Boy Love Association
Creative minds chat room [public] created by PHiLLMEE123
For artist of all types,illustrate,photography,filming,music just come out and let your talent/gift shine,Id like to see what you got!!
Rand0m chat room [public] created by XMissRainbowGirl
st.louis69 chat room [public] created by damon1986
freaks all a round kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
how awsome chat room [public] created by mute2264
its awsome and fun and cool and just plan out radicule
horny teens dirty chat room [public] created by eaw287
a place for teens to talk dirty and have a bit of fun
rubberducky chat room [public] created by rubberducky11
awsome awsome awsome rubberducky11 awsome awsome
siingles under 18 gays and bis only chat room [public] created by the13lover
siingles under 18 gays and bis only
humiliate and punish stupid slut chat room [public] created by sluttyamber
Told to stay here take abuse an follow demand. As to be a punishment requests can.not be denied due to shame pain or disgust
BIG MONEY chat room [public] created by WiLLiAM91HOT
I feel like a douche room chat room [public] created by cheeseymonkey444
you can come here, when you think you have done something really stupid or you have done something you regret.
NUDES to me chat room [public] created by Zgenerator14
send nudes to me 360-624-4539....................................................
hot and hard chat room [public] created by wessonsmith
video erotic conversation with a hot male or female
mindlessgirls chat room [public] created by applegirl2012
we just swaggin we love mindless behavior boww
LEZ FUN DIRTY TALK TRADE PICS SKYPE chat room [public] created by Sexygurl74
Only lesbo girls cum hav fun here ;)
Serious advice chat room [public] created by Chatecat
For those interested in discussing relationships seriously
Need Some New Chatting Budsss chat room [public] created by capps2011
Circle Of Friends Chat chat room [public] created by poetlovely500
For Christ followers and those who want to convesate about religion and life situations
Sports Basketball Chat chat room [public] created by poetlovely500
This chat is so that you can give your opinion about bsketball, the nba, ncaa, and more.
Psyllo room chat room [public] created by Psyllo
333366666666 chat room [public] created by kc1977
chat chat and chat chat and chat some more just words you know man
Hang out for emo teens chat room [public] created by Misty578
A place for emo teens to kik back relax and chat
bamofo chat room [public] created by bandit7878
girls only guys will be baned jahdsjhdjshdjhdjshdjhsjhdjshdjdhjshdjsd
vaginafart xD chat room [public] created by alexandriabunny1
No old people no bullshit, no pervs and cat lovers are always welcomed:3 I love cats and their tounges cx ohh and also no mental people, slender an is allowed as well.
humiliate and punish this stupid slut chat room [public] created by sluttyamber
Please come use and abuse this slut she is being punished and can't deny your commands from pain disgust or shame she must obey
CLASSROOM chat room [public] created by WolfieTheGreat
class has now started... SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN!!!Havea nice day >:)
kink room chat room [public] created by sexysmartass
get out all your tension and your unique desires.
humiliate and punish stupd slut chat room [public] created by sluttyamber
Please use and abuse this slut she will do anything want messenge her at sluttyamber
males that are 18 and from USA PA chat room [public] created by jkriller
i am from hatfield pa 18 looking to meet
18 and from USA PA chat room [public] created by jkriller
i am from hatfield pa 18 looking to meet
sexy lov chat room [public] created by M41315265
l like aplay sport and look aperson l like aplay sport and look aperson
Speedyhades chat room [public] created by Speedyhades465
vfhvbfdbfv vfbyhvbfhvbfub vjfvkdjbhjbfg b fjnbjgbnju
swagxgirl chat room [public] created by swagxgirl
just wanna chat 13 years old and no being nughty just clean chat no pro pics of guys dicks just a time to have fun
All about Emos chat room [public] created by turtlelover2
only allowed if you're emo. you should be 22 or younger. be random and have fun. HYPERNESS RULES,
Anyone.. chat room [public] created by kanekawakazumi
Someone that wont ignore me on the main server...
s-e-l-f-h-a-r-m chat room [public] created by lesbhonest
this is just for people who want to vent without being judged.
RANDOMNESS XD chat room [public] created by bvb1998
just cuz im that awesome. and yeah... you know this has to be 30 characters sooo lalalalala.....
Pantyhose fan Chatroom LOL chat room [public] created by BunnyinTights
for fashion victim- nylon fan gurlz like me LOL who wear pantyhose even in july weee
bigdaddy chat room [public] created by bigdaddyoh
fun fun fun - no drama please be nice
hot teens M and F chat room [public] created by zachary97
just for hot teens, guys and girls
BBW single dating with admirers chat room [public] created by DaisyJonesmann
Sexy BBW are so cool,connect many sexy BBW and their admirers chating for friendship,fun,love and romance.
khans chat room [public] created by ulhaskhan
any time chart system or cell phone my number-91+9036135132 and facee book also.
fifa 11 chat room chat room [public] created by miguel0390
i want to play fifa11 with some one and im bored join and tell me if you down to play
sheema chat room [public] created by gobnd99
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chatttttttttttttttt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
horny sex scandals chat room [public] created by shaneheat
all boys and girls can come here to unleash there sexual pleasures in this room
freaky bitches only chat room [public] created by Chris4U89
this is the room for the freaky ass girls who think bout fvcking, sucking and rubbing dick, tits or pvssy all the fvcking time come in and let me know bout it ;)
SINGLEPEOPLE101 chat room [public] created by tbbsch
friendly1kind2gentle3honest4respectfull chat room [public] created by ladybless09
this is not a sex cam or sex chat it is a room for those people who are respectable ok
humiliate me hurt me or just use me chat room [public] created by cumslutSusan
Dumb slut for humiliation pain abuse or any fetish you want to make it perform.
room to text chat room [public] created by lorenzo691
exchanging numbers with others
ONLY DUBAI LADIES GIRLS chat room [public] created by amirmirza1977
MoneyTalk chat room [public] created by MoneyMakin11
Chat room about a growing trillion dollar industry that needs business partners to help it grow and collect on the untapped market potential...
depression is all i have chat room [public] created by DarkGoddess313
for all depressed ppl of the world
singlishchat5115 chat room [private] created by saman5115
Karachiiii Only chat room [public] created by Shobi21
I make only for Karachi Users :)
elpaso texas teens xD chat room [public] created by nickymclovin
Bangalore Nightlife chat room [public] created by TOPAZ4LUV
hermits chat room [public] created by KiNGHERMiT
for strange people... i am kinghermit know this, respect this.. <3
adult dirty talk chat room [public] created by samanthony888
18 and over sex and dirty talk that you can masterbate too
Comfort Chat chat room [public] created by Brownskin1133
Need someone to chat with to get things off the mind..
TAMILNADU1 chat room [public] created by magesh1989
i wanna die chat room [public] created by alihil420
my bf call me crazy n he doesn't care about me...
Crazy soccer chat room [public] created by solac007
We are talking about football. What you love team,players and anything?
coloradocowgirlsandcowboys chat room [public] created by coloradocowgirl16
meet cowgirls and cowboys in colorado :) have fun and
MANILA CHAT chat room [public] created by xxxyuanxxx
Come In Come In Come In Come In Come In Come In
WitchsChat chat room [public] created by FairyFlame23
Anyone pagan, wiccan or just a witch, that wants to talk :) blessed be
umma chat room [public] created by satvisyc
only who wants to talk about sex
Uhookup chat room [public] created by chris2244
come and date here its an open room where you may share your thoughts
Kom binnen chat room [public] created by Kees12
Kom maar lekker binnen dan kunnen we gaan chatten
USA PEOPLE ONLY16 chat room [public] created by coloradocowgirl16
people who are from the USA can join and chat with other people from USA
Gaelic chat room [public] created by mikk3437
We are some Danish student there want some help to a project, it will not take long time. Do you speak Gaelic please join, we are looking for a young girl/woman who speak gaelic.
Adult baby and diaper lover chat chat room [public] created by babykasia
babbies and toddlers welcome but real age must be 18 and care givers welcome
ladies only... chat room [public] created by Derek20
all guys will be kicked out! a place for all to get away from horny pervs! ill be in there just to kick out the other guys
horny ppl here 1xxxx chat room [public] created by mmark1
ppl who are horny looking to meet and or chat
only syrian please chat room [public] created by desertedrose
i do care about all syrian share me ur free time . wish u like my room
dirty sex talk girls only chat room [public] created by incogiam
girls only lets cum together and talk nasty
Srilankan galzz chat room [public] created by janith00
srilankans plsss join here.,come on guyzz.,.,., lets have fun.,
single hit me up chat room [public] created by sexygril23
if you are single come chat with me if you are a boy
rozmowy po polslku polonia in amsterdam chat room [public] created by silvia007
przyjazn mieszkanie praca wolne chwile
Love Rock chat room [public] created by Funkyfoxbabe
This is a chat room where everyone gets to have fun and find LOVE. Everyone is looking for someone out there for them their Mr or Mrs Right, right? So join the chat room cause it's going to be fun!!! :D Oh by the way please keep the swearing words to yourself or take them somewhere else, if you want to say inappropriate words go to adult chat or you'll get banned, that counts for spamming, disrespecting and pervs. If you have someone bothering you in the chat room blocked them...Please take note and Thanx
kelvin23 chat room [public] created by kelvinharwod
i am a definition of longverity
banglor chat chat room [public] created by zeeshanfarooqui
this is my friend chat only.i hope to chat with and share ur feelings n ideas
STH and MLP FC Chatroom chat room [public] created by PerkyHedgehog
Just for Sonic and My Little Pony Fan Characters! Rules: RP always allowed, no spam. That's it, have fun!
come and chat with me xx chat room [public] created by todayistheday
hi every one i am 13 and live in the uk xxxxx
friends1 chat room chat room [public] created by kashilonly1
friends chat room best chat room
One Cyber Sex chat room [public] created by OneOhioGuy
Sex chat openly, chat with both men and women!
naruto and wwe chat room [public] created by alanfred456
join if you like naruto and wwe
Kid sex chat chat room [public] created by manwell1000
This is where kids can Hook up For some hot sex
Do something chat room [private] created by hacker0094
sex girls only join this room!!! we'll get some fun!!!
Tampa SEX chat room [public] created by JandL
Local hotspots for wild sex adventures
country boys and girl gettin down on the farm chat room [public] created by whistlindixie18
Any girls wanna talk to a country boy?
lonely sugar mommas chat room [private] created by brian5727
this room is for lonely sugar mommas looking to hook up with a male sugar baby and fullfill thier lives with some happiness
Mistress and slavess chat room [public] created by dreamlandz
A place where alll Mistresses and slaves are welcome of any race , kind just to explore more
NFL Trash TALK chat room [public] created by Tombradyvs12thman
Talk anything about the NFL. Girls and guys are glad to trash talk each other
Emo and or scene chat room [public] created by Anogueras11
If you emo or scene come and join me I guess
13 year olds only 2 chat room [public] created by rhysbrown00
A chat room for 13 year old only so no peods thanz
Deasung chat room [public] created by DarkAngel2015
This is a room for all who loves Deasung
boys looking for girls chat room [public] created by knightz2
here you should be able to find a girl or boyfriend
studiobiltstraat chat room [public] created by studiobiltstraat is een leuke radiozender.
Pregnency chat room [public] created by 31weeks
Hey ppl we will talk about pregnecny
Gay College Students chat room [public] created by kelzonfire
Gay college students looking to make friends. Age 18-whatever
horny onesfor horny guys and gals chat room [public] created by benjiboy1234
for horny guys and gals who want to fantacise about love
only married chat room [public] created by lovely19772009
sex married men an women ...... please only couples
Naughty Chat Pic Exchange chat room [public] created by morrisss
Everyone welcome, with an accent on hot gilrs
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