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List of all user-created chat rooms #384
i love talkin to you chat room [public] created by Hannah1383
Where you can be friends or enimies
Julianna chat room [public] created by JuliannaCantFly
Sexting-parties chat room [public] created by mattman1313
Anyone wanting to exchange photos, talk dirty and live free
austins sexy room chat room [public] created by AustinEpley
skype or oovoo fun finder chat room [public] created by inferno1992
if you have skype or oovoo and wanna have fun come and let me know, girls only. sorry guys.
KeepTheStrenght chat room [public] created by CROATOAN
for people that have been bullied, or being bullied. this is a safehaven for those in need of someone to listen. people care to hear your story, maybe u can get tips or advise. NEVER GIVE UP.
female webcams only chat room [public] created by ajbiguss
Girls who want to get wettt Allnight 3 somessssss pleaassse
shansh chat room [public] created by locarnokatty
People that are spanish. And can chat about how lear life is in canadia. And the mack friends
Gymnastics Rocks chat room [public] created by cheyenne109
just a chat room for people 2 chat duh
Gay Furries chat room [public] created by ShyGayWolf
For Gay's only to meet furries~
m for f for phone sex chat room [public] created by kurac25
lets have sum funn over phone i m in need of a voice of a female and maybe more if we get along
cayang chat room [public] created by aicun91
sape yang rasa nak di sayngi,,nak beri kasih sayng boleh caht dekat cni ye,, cayang semua,,muahhhh
Randomnezz chat room [public] created by randomnezzatchat
Randomness, of course. Come in and chat~
DADUL chat room [private] created by dadul
To chat with my friends from Chat Hour more privately..
emo emo emo emo chat room [public] created by leseanicole365
overly emotional boys and girl for flirting, or just in general
I NEED A JOB chat room [public] created by jenniboo777
ALL CARIBBEAN chat room [public] created by patat
where peaple from all caribbean islands meet up
Saudi Chaps chat room [public] created by 9967123456789
Guys Welcome To The Room.... Feel Free Chat And Share
Musician Chat chat room [public] created by Pianoguy92
Are you playing an instrument? Do you want to record something with someone else? Then you're right in this chat!
Sexy1983 chat room [public] created by Skyla83
Very laid back and down too earth people. And who loves life to the fullest.
Kuala Lmpur chat room [public] created by CuteBoyzKL
Welcome to malaysia room - hope u all enjoiy this room TQ ,
korean fans chat room [public] created by jungheechul33
this room is talk with a korean lover
KL-Chat chat room [public] created by CuteBoyzKL
Vocaloid RP Chat chat room [public] created by V2KagamineLen
For Vocaloids only. If you see Kaito-sama, please tell him I need to speak to him. o//////o
modelsera chat room [public] created by modelsera
come on all friends..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
sdfasdf chat room [public] created by suboy181
dsfgasdfgadfgadfgsdfgsdfgs dfgasdfgsdfgsdfg
teens in Sydney chat room [public] created by ashwolf123
any 13-16 teens that live in sydney.
Casual Talk chat room [private] created by aarmi11
french guys-girls chat room [public] created by meliane2
this is a chat room for french speakers. you must talk to each other with respect. if you need a serious relationship . pervers are not allowed here.thanks.
akhil chat room [public] created by akhil623
hai how u all my dear friends im new joing in chat hour ..........
dubaiforfun chat room [public] created by nitish1989
a place to hang out with other ppl in dubai who r lukin just for fun,,bored if the usual life
Rockboy chat room [public] created by Naveenrock
hi i want sexy girls and aunty
Flirtacious room chat room [public] created by Prettygir
where anyone can flirt here but at certain ages and do perves are allowed go to adult chat for that
Adult desi chat room chat room [public] created by playboykochin
Adult chat for desi ladies & aunts
Sexy Kinky Chat chat room [public] created by SexiestGuyRound
Talk sexy. Guys & Girls <3 Do anything you like. Up to you. Talk dirty. flirt. make new friends.
sex for girl chat room [private] created by amarajayaprakash
join dears plz shareing ur ur feelings
Teen gay boys chat room [public] created by BeauWilde12
For young gay boys to chat about their coming out etc.
me and sta chat room [private] created by jaykeyblade
hehehehehe, must go and save the world in a way of s3x and h0rny
merking38 chat room [public] created by jeffbrown262
i ma kip kip wanna have a chat with somebody honest and open minded
karen0322 chat room [private] created by karen0322
friendly filipina, willing to help
Sex buddy chat chat room [public] created by Masterion
Find Sex Buddies in Barberton South Africa
cerita blue chat room [public] created by acap47
jangan malu2 jangan segan silu. jom borak blue.
DarkDemons ChatAndRP chat room [public] created by AzirethVorischk
..For random chat or RP...Enjoy. Have some manners please..At least to the ladies.
Suicide Room For Teens chat room [public] created by adh28
For anyone with depression, anxiety, self harm, and eating disorders, etc.
serious male chat room [public] created by sewankambo
Romantic guy ,here for serious relation ship
ravula chat room [public] created by aravind746
we chat here freely about any mater
Gay Boys 13-17 chat room [public] created by drake15m
for boys to talk. and just have fun
sex lesbo chat room chat room [public] created by namalbuwa
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex lesbo tranny sex
sri lankan girl xxx chat room [private] created by namalbuwa
Desibo chat room [private] created by kiran4easy
Hi girls, how are you all?mmjmjkasdjjgkwenjvbk
Dad sand Son Roleplay Berlin chat room [public] created by DaddyBerlin
Berliner (Germany) Chatrrom for Daddys and Sons. Online chatten, kennen lernern treffen. Nur für Leute, die wirklich echtes Roleplay wollen und siuch auch real treffen wollen!!!
sexy girls chatroom chat room [public] created by Jonsy122
awesome so fun and dunni sexy girls
Lesbian girl chatroom chat room [public] created by Jonsy122
awesome fun and cool chat so come on in
nice 69 chat room [public] created by arabian69romantic
hello everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy one,,,,,,,,, o like you ,,,,,, i wanna talk with youuuuuuuuuuuu
Bi chatroom hello chat room [public] created by Twilight333
Kabul Airfield chat room [public] created by flyboyjg09
Hook up place for all nationalities on the Kabul Airfield.
tamilanda chat room [public] created by misterbody
guy's try to think about us, what ever u want u make friendship with us
Hogwarts School chat room [public] created by DianaLouiseMalfoy
Only for wizards and witches... No muggles allowed...
Punjabi flavor chat room [public] created by mrcoool01
This page for only indian nd punjabi boys nd girls.. Come join us
New york city Meet up chat room [public] created by mikedollas143
Meeting up looking for males and females
indian womans chat room [private] created by dhruv2860
for ho man and woman $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
aaaaa19765 chat room [public] created by sahinyc
come ın and cheat free drınk gelın chat yapalım
AsianTomboyAndLesbian chat room [public] created by ShinAkiba
All Asian tomboy can in this chat room...they can be Vietnam, korean, china, Thailand, malaysia and Philippine....come here just for a chat...or you can find your partner in here, if you want too...
dsrtdryrt chat room [public] created by sahinyc
zdxfbv cgvd ffgth jfh ghjgfjgf
turkchattttttttttt chat room [public] created by sahinyc
turkler buraya turkler burayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
vocaloid love chat room [public] created by loveembrace
If you love vocaloid drop right it!
Nice people from Utah chat room [public] created by incamalecrunch
Only people from UT! no race or color distinction. please be friendly and nice!
massachusets and maine get together chat room [public] created by kurac25
lets talk get to know each other i m a 26 yr old male ready for a date or more
hyderabad-- chat room [public] created by basi0103
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
greenday chat room [private] created by mickyjacky
be free and comfortable here....have to meet new people and places
induced man with woman chat room [public] created by malalupak
give space to a man to find a horny woman=)
old men who like younger chat room [public] created by sam1234578
if u are young and like older and if u are old and like younger
Aladdin Disney Chatroom chat room [public] created by Disneylover345
If you love the aladdin movie come on in and chat away
Male Crossdressers For Girls chat room [public] created by SissyBoyEmily
Male Crossdressers looking for girls
have a lil more fun chat room [private] created by takara17
when you want to have x rated fun ... if you want to
im ready for you baby chat room [public] created by takara17
you can rp. and a lot more stuff have a lil more fun
For anyone who pay for fun chat room [public] created by nancyx
Sells shows and pics ! Anyone who have money to spend , enter here.
my new chat room chat room [public] created by hornyschoolgirl
i could join the one i made.I KNOW I FREAKING MADE thi s is a sex only chat room
In the name of Allah chat room [public] created by Mihtab
Show the real image of Islam.the religion of peace, respect, love, brothehood.
Fat and Proud chat room [public] created by MartaGayleSsbbw
A friendly room for people of size to gather and share their day
creepypasta room chat room [public] created by jeffthekiller1
thisis a room for my fans err creepypasta fans
Xx15 and YoungerxX chat room [public] created by luvyoutopieces
This is for people 15 and younger without creepers
nudist kids chat room [public] created by jimmy0910
for any young nudist that love being naked and talking to others
Bavarder chat room [public] created by lrjeiaur
Venez pour faire des rencontres de bon amis et surtout soyez sympa!!!
Maglez chat room [public] created by maglez01
Private Room .........................................................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EPSXE chat room [private] created by Demo32
EPSXE Development versions 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8(BETA)
Maglez1 chat room [private] created by maglez01
Private Room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................................................................!!!!!!
Sandro chat room [public] created by khirsti
sandro sandro sandro ekwjhbfve vergbvkrb rgbgbhg g g g g g g g s s s s s s s ss s s shomo d c dcr homo df cvf v frv fedvenr fvefvrfd vn v rf v 3rv3rv
Memes gifs and ragecomics chat room [public] created by MemeFreak
This chatroom is only for derping around. Trolling is allowed, but don't puch it too far. MLP is NOT allowed
sushants room chat room [private] created by sushantbharti
only friends are allowed here so we can chat in private
blasianfun chat room [public] created by blasianbaby
a chat room with cute black and asian cheerleader as host ;). if ur dirty ull b out in a minute. im tough so think carefully b4 entering!...13 thru 15 yr old only!
Moscow Rockers chat room [public] created by DrThiva02
Moscow people are invited to enter this chat room...
Moscow Rockerz chat room [public] created by DrThiva02
Moscow people are invited to enter this chat room...
my room------- chat room [private] created by AustinEpley
Dirty Talk and Trade Pics chat room [public] created by soccer111
come to exchange numbers or skypes to talk dirty or exchange pictures
Jesse chat room [public] created by Jessewener
love chat and sex talk to woman and to griLs
9-13-Year-Old Dating Chat Room chat room [public] created by 1DiNfEcTiOn01
A chat room for 9-12 year olds to meet and possibly date.
W and R chat room [private] created by GuitarMasterXVii
Wesley's room ;) for what ever it is that takes place. what comes in...stays in.
Room of the Rose chat room [private] created by RoseLion
This seemingly easy trek to the mountain top lodge of the pure white furred and blue eyed Shadow Caster Rose has a weather that can change at the drop of a hat. Only those with her guidance can safely make their way to this hidden room.
Sourthern cali chat room [public] created by David951
The southern california chat trying to get to know people closest to you.
Just join if you live in california chat room [public] created by David951
Okay the title says it for locals likely.
Sexy roomchat thing chat room [public] created by totallguy69
sexy only pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
california chat yup chat room [public] created by David951
Just join if you live in california trying this again lol..
Gifty chat room [private] created by Gifty251
I like to go out with my friends. I am a very romantic lady. I am a sociable person, I like to be in the center of good events, to organize friendly parties. I am a kind-hearted, active and giving person. I am an open-hearted and sincere person. I want to meet a nice and caring man and to build happy relationship.
cazylowww chat room [public] created by cazyloww
cazylowww1 chat room [public] created by cazyloww
i wanna horny girl with cam................................................
Swag so offical chat room [public] created by Cocobaby1
Dont Be Jelly Okay I Know Im Cute AS Hell
Fun Chat089 chat room [public] created by Hon35tAb3
This is a chat room for anything fun related!
League of legends dasdasf chat room [public] created by Sivirang
rofl rofl roflr forl asdpoaskdasdasfasdasd reached 30
CuttingLikeNoOther chat room [public] created by imAllScares
Just a room to talk about issues with cutting and why your having issues with it.
masssholes chat room [public] created by evoV
any 1 from massachusetts/ new england area
Roleplaying room for people I know chat room [public] created by star179
U never know what might happen in here.
DETROIT PEEPS 313 chat room [private] created by candydream11807
(same close location place) a place where detroit people can come chat and maybe even try and meet
beautiful lesbians chat room [public] created by sammiilovesu
lesbians 12-16 come join the funn .!!
allison54 chatroom chat room [public] created by Allison54
my loves love you love to chat
J and D Room chat room [private] created by jamescana
xoxo is a private room for J and D......
xjackassesx chat room [public] created by johnniNoxville666
anything you want make the hell of fun here haha!
Horny pic trade chat room [public] created by Sandmsn17
Teens who are horny that need some vagina or dick;)
13 Years Old - 20 Years old chat room [public] created by crg1234
Don't come in if your older than 19
Truth or dare 99 chat room [public] created by aubrey80
for adults only a naughty truth or dare
Company chat room [public] created by Nicklashfx
20 year old male from Sweden looking for some company!
special chat room for ppl in love chat room [public] created by hsb155
this is for people that love each other
Single14to16 chat room [public] created by GUYGAMER19998
if u single come in dont be rude
random chat23 chat room [public] created by spensifiber23
i don't know what to put here so this room is just to talk to... others
-cartoons- chat room [public] created by sweetheart062597
talk about all the cool cartoons, only for nerds :P that are from 15-17
Anyone 13-16 chat room [public] created by CottonCandyCloudz
Shoe's CAN be banana's.... Wiat... what? Oh. Hi there! You can do whatever I guess. :)
Winnpeg chat room [public] created by Deadissue
untuk sembang seks saja chat room [public] created by yaz87
berbual tentang seks sehingga ke kemuncak...
women looking for older men chat room [public] created by bigred2763
women looking to chat with older men
Paradichlorobenzene chat room [public] created by JirouDaishi
bi males only i chat with im female chat room [public] created by goldheart41
I only chat with bi males only ty that are in pa
bi males only chat room [public] created by goldheart41
I only chat with bi males only ty that are in pa
naught girlz only chat room [public] created by musclehead13
a room for girls and guys to only chat dirty
Get to know you chat room [private] created by MrPleasurer
This is a private chat room to get to know each other
sexy frnds chat room [public] created by johnks
unlimited full of enjoyment till u got mood sex ready guyssss
Suicideroom321 chat room [public] created by XoratheBear
safe room for the sad ones, the "emos": the bullied.
Punjabi jatt nd jattiya chat room [private] created by Neha999
Ssa g only sikh te punjabi person enter
dirty flirting chat room [public] created by jonj32
dirty talk to have fun cmon lets go bring on the hotness
Carmel NY Chat chat room [public] created by AngeloN21
Join only if you are in the carmel, ny area if you are looking to hookup with local singels.
Some clean good conversation chat room [public] created by Aphrodit1Rose
This is a room designed for casual conversation, nothing pressing and any topics are welcome with none of the "wanna see me on cam nonsense. Just to get to know one another and tlak.
MWWolf1 the woman basher chat room [public] created by mwolf1
I like to drink and bash women! I think I'm god and the president all at the same time!
ANDREA AND TYLERS CHAT ROOM chat room [private] created by ProGamerzFTW
Jdjdbdid did did dd dks did rid hs did dkd dkd did
Carmel NY chat room [public] created by AngeloN21
Join only if you live in the carmel ny area and are looking to hookup with local singels.
jobelle ganatics chat room [public] created by jobelleyu
this my private room :) ////////////////////////////////////////////////
California only chat room [public] created by cutie455
California people can chat only!
Cars and Bikes chat room [public] created by Scorpyn
For everyone who has petrol in their veins and no interest in crawling up the leg of the person of the other sex.... this is for you!
only 13-17 gay or bi boys chat room [public] created by Sexyteenager
this is where young boy can find the right age of boys
medanxjakarta chat room [private] created by sibenzol
onli for us blabla nla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Naughty Lesbians only please chat room [private] created by CamyxxxLove
come join if you're horny lesbian and wanna have fun with other lesbians only!!!!
Hi Girls- chat room [public] created by Menkus
good looking athletic guy here
gay hook up chat room [public] created by likessmoothguys
not for conversation over 18 only
Penang chat room [public] created by Ajudin
Selamat datang ke channel Penang
Petrol Heads chat room [public] created by Scorpyn
Anything gas, petrol, diesel, methanol, nitrous, hydrogen, rocket fuel or electric qualifies, turbo, supercharged, rotary, two stroke....and if someone thinks up a new fuel, let us know here first! Go nuts guys, keep it real and keep it mechanical.
Gifty251 chat room [public] created by Gifty251
I can't find a word to describe myself accurately, it is so hard for me. In many person's eye, I am a noble, mature and shrewd lady. I hope when I meet the right one, in his eye, I am still excellent lady, no one can replace.
musician chat233 chat room [public] created by ryan1345
for people who are musicians who play and love music whether you strum the strings or compose a quartet of them this is the room for you
Jerrichos chat room [public] created by Jerrricho
Chat room i beez in the trap you no man f u and your Bisquick
skypesex Females only chat room [public] created by sexyguy1756
Girls who want to have skype sex with me. ONLY GIRLS
REECE MASTON LOVERS chat room [public] created by riverskynight
this chat room is 4 people who love reece maston
REECE MASTON LOVER chat room [public] created by riverskynight
this is 4 people who love reece maston
weekend-dubai chat room [public] created by nitish1989
heyy evry1,,this is for the ling weekend coming up!!!
gay teen boys. cali chat room [public] created by darrendow
A chat room for gayteenage boys who live in california
bulls chat room [public] created by jonberon
loving man35 like friend ship romance and girls
patna india chat room [public] created by m24patna
this chat room is specially meant for Indians basically from North , north east, East. But anyone is free to join and communicate
Black dudes chat room [public] created by forcant21
Only black people can come here
Restricted Area chat room [private] created by Rajiv106
For the lovely friend... NO ADMISSION for strangers...
Cougars kenya chat room [public] created by Wekesa12
Any kenyan cougar who would like to chat and further for a meet up here, this chat room is convenient for cougars
lucille74 chat room [public] created by lucilletorredes74
only descent people can enter the room
SAMJiNNY-- chat room [public] created by SAMJiN
CHAT All You Want xD Please NO Invitations about talking to girls who are wanting to go private. This Chat Is for all People who wants to chat, if not please take it somewhere else.
Jayyy chat room [private] created by Jayyy27
Here we can chat together LittleAnna
hrny girls only chat room [public] created by cndngirls
come get me babe, you know you want this
special friendship room chat room [public] created by olliemoon
just to make them special friendships in different countries:)
minee chat room [private] created by 92krishna
only for my chatters who i chat
the coop people room chat room [public] created by whiteguy1993
i dont know what to put here so blah blah blah blah blah come and talk to people (:
mineee chat room [public] created by 92krishna
only for my chatters who i chat
Karachi webcam Sex chat room [public] created by ALiRAZOR1983
All the people can join this room for having a good cam2cam fun time
Bleeding Theorys chat room [public] created by BleedingVox
A room to put rumors to rest, children to bed, or just get to the bottom of the mysterious lawn gnome disappearences......
the cool people chat room chat room [public] created by whiteguy1993
remake of the other one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goo in this one people not the old one .!
naughty with girls chat room [public] created by dirtydairy
be with me all the girls have fun and enjoy by chating with trlling emotions and special appearance
That One Place You Cant See chat room [private] created by Maka13
you cant see this place, it is invisible to human eyes
Swag eck pls come on came chat room [public] created by David474
wer will Cam !?!?! come and i Cam with you i am a Boyy :DDDDD ?!!?!?!?!
mid-teen sex chat chat room [public] created by 15schowbraw
14-16 year olds can finally talk to eachother about sex.
teen 5Ex chat chat room [public] created by 15schowbraw
14-16 year olds can finally talk to eachother about 5Ex.
akash0085 chat room [private] created by akash0085
only for girls comeing my chat room
gay irish teens chat room [public] created by tomasdkmax
for teenages to talk from ireland that are gay or bi
i am GAY inuxhinteh chat room [public] created by inuxhinteh
boy lover ! curious ! fljmg;lsjmsdfg,m
4every12talk chat room [public] created by drakedawolf
this chat room can be used for anything. i dont care what it is used for. and thats why its called 4every12talk. you can come on here and talk about anything, anytime. so. have fun and enjoy this chat room. :)
gay teenenes chat chat room [public] created by tomasdkmax
gay or bi teen chat to talk have fun or whatever ues want :)
malayalam sex chat chat room [private] created by sudeepmon
sex chat mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ajay garg chat room [public] created by ajay10890
nnnooooootttiinnngggg ffrrrrrrreeennndddddddddddd
ssssseeeexxxxyyyy chat room [public] created by sexyfreak000
those who are interested come on
Praise Lauren Faust chat room [public] created by TakenPony
This is the room where you can praise the magnificent creator of many great animated shows. Haters will be kicked instantly.
Bussy chat chat room [public] created by bagora222
Business people's area. Intensive business ideas loaning and investment talks
UK Essex Chat chat room [public] created by essexman1810
Chat to people local to or in Essex
Random 5h17 chat room [public] created by TakenPony
Come and talk about whatever the F*** you want!!!
jennifer45 chat room [public] created by jennifer45
Hello am Jeniffer from UK i wanna thank Dr Paloma for what he has done for me at first i taught he was scam but until i just decided to follow my mind.i told him that my ex lover which i loved with all my heart left me for another all Dr Paloma did was to laugh and said he will be back to me in 3days time i taught he was lying on the 3rd day my ex called me and said he wanna see me,i was shocked then he came over to my place and started begging that he was bewitched,immediately i forgives him and now we are back and he his really madly in love with me.All thanks to Dr Paloma he indeed wonderful incise you wanna contact him here his is private mail
prashant. chat room [public] created by prashantdeshmukh
mujhe sex chating karna bahut accha lagatl ahi
sud hot chat room [public] created by sudhanshusk
i am goog i am n indian sexy boy .....................................................................................k
seventhday adventist chat room [public] created by kjvofthelastdays
helping the world to knw about the truth of the things to come
Coffee and Chat chat room [public] created by hellprince
Hi! A simple guy, living a simple life... Come in... sit and chat with me...
gabes room chat room [public] created by gabe12345
i want the ladies only because im tired of seeing guys on my camera showing there junk that i dont want to see i want to see the ladies
personl chat room [private] created by akhilsirg
only girls use becouse this chat make akhil who is men so plz boys no connect
Otherkin chat room [private] created by angelheart64
Not human in a human world? Here is a place for otherkin to chat
Dominant Men Seeking a sub chat room [private] created by CutexSubxGirlxx
Just a room for masters seeking a sub
swap dirty pictures chat room [public] created by rsc68
people to swap dirty pictures. any size and any gender and any status
teen chat 13-16 only chat room [public] created by boosie98
its fun you can talk have a blast but guys try not to hit on every nice girl on here okay!
Frespanglish chat room [public] created by foxmar007
I´d like to improve my English and French....if you´re learning Spanish I can Help you with that
K-POP Style chat room [public] created by Kyaaaaa
For all k-pop lovers with no EXTREME antis towards any group.
Room for PNOY chat room [public] created by meandyou10612
Para sa HENYO,Para sa masipag na PINOY, Tatak FILIPINO! it's more fun in the Philippines!
Cuckold dripping Chat chat room [public] created by sexrocks1980
Anyone wants to talk about wives
Slave Boys chat room [public] created by SissyBoyEmily
If you are or are intrested in having a bi slave boy for skype
indian girls invited chat room [public] created by Hemendrajeet
hey guys spiclly to all indian girl piz come in that room and make a frndship relation
meet sex buddyes chat room [public] created by ballinmaser3501
to meet people to have sex with
JAXSAX22 chat room [private] created by silverpony
hlal chat room [private] created by v1185
spirituality science sexuality and philosophy
Carmel New York chat room [public] created by AngeloN21
Join if are from the carmel ny area to talk to local singles.
Vocaloid RP chat room [public] created by YowaneHaku
Says in the name :P. VOCALOID ROLEPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatroom 11 - 15 years chat room [public] created by emert009
Just talk about how you feel. Also hang out with your friends!
skypeluvers chat room [public] created by grad15
if you have skype only and if you are on skype 24/7
Im 12 years old come all guys chat room [public] created by PurpleNinjaSwag
:) im 12 just lookin for guys to talk to. :)
Old Classmates chat room [private] created by JadeEmpress
Old Classmates :) To enter you must have been in my old class and so on ^^
anime goth emo etc freedom to be me chat room [public] created by crimmson
be you no limets just keep it aproperet and you can not be over 18
ajari q ml chat room [public] created by londo69
pingn bertman ama cwk yg baik hati
watch mini strip chat room [public] created by mini914
bored and love to put on a show love older hot guys :)
watch me strip hot guys chat room [public] created by mini914
bored and love to put on a show love older hot guys :)
Free time masti chat room [public] created by Harish20
Hi anyone hear for masti..koi to hoga jo mere sath moj masti karna chahati ho plz come...
girls wanna have fun with the birth day boy chat room [private] created by aleake
girls who wanna have fun with the birthday boy and show a little personality
SEX CHAT for girls 18 chat room [public] created by jimmy234567
this is a room that is going to be about sex and girls are invited to it
Wats uup chat room [public] created by Blufff
anyone can join me here...its a cool room
jonny chat room [public] created by jonnyz007
come and chat when u can idc jhgfdsdfgfdsdfgfds
butt room chat room [public] created by tot567
were we talk66565555587dhdhhfdsjzjhhjhdzhhhgkhhhjf chat room [public] created by izahrah
This room is for matured people and not for perverts. Come join and have a good time
Pittsburghs best chat room [public] created by secretgifts
Just cut straight through the filters and come here and find the Best Pittsburgh has to offer. ME!
-Roleplay- chat room [public] created by 104Arrows
Role play, dirty or clean, doesn't matter. But if there are kids present, please keep anything dirty to IMs.
My hobbies chat room [public] created by Endorphins
This forum is for those pople who want to talk about their interests, discuss about jobs, family and who want to talk about music.
LostRogueSouls chat room [public] created by LostRogueSoul
General discussion about whatever.
Vampier and emo chat chat room [public] created by vampiergirl3230
This room is for vampiers and emo peeps
MCA MOTOR CLUB OF AMARICA chat room [public] created by zackmakingmoney2012
Kool Kids chat room [public] created by CoolKid220
Welcome , Only people aged 9-15 can enter the room , Be Sensible , No Spamming , Or You will get banned from the room, If you're single you can get a boyfriend/girlfriend here if you like and thats it. :)
SalemOREGON chat room [public] created by LostRogueSoul
One cat who lives in salem and started a chat room
puppy chat room [public] created by foladeji7
only if u r sexy nd cute nicebuddy is allowed i love u
SalemOR chat room [public] created by LostRogueSoul
general chat bout whatever and whenever
sinclair chat room [public] created by AustinEpley
harisha chat room [private] created by harisha2012
for friendship only you are invited
furries love chat room [public] created by summerdarksight
a place for just furry's where everyone needs to have fun and we can all be open and let are feelings exp-load
dallas gay chat room [public] created by shydog32
me and souls apartment chat room [private] created by therealMakaAlbarn
soul and makas apartment private
rockstars2001 chat room [public] created by bvanbever
best chatroom you will ever be in come and join the fun and see some hot girls
just chat nothing more chat room [public] created by desertd
not a pick up room, just normal chat
food and stuff chat chat room [public] created by desertd
not a pickup room, just looking to chat about normal stuff
lustlove chat room [private] created by sonukumar1
lust and deep desire for fun loving girls and the one who wants real enjoyment
2 soul and makas apartment chat room [public] created by therealMakaAlbarn
this is the good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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