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List of all user-created chat rooms #399
11 year olds only in this room chat room [public] created by mikeinator
only 11 year olds allowed if you are older dont think about joining
Soul Searching chat room [public] created by Drackon
For those of us who question everything. Who want to have deep thoughtful conversations and for those of us who want to talk about everything... From Starseeds to Quantum Physics to Shamanism. As well as Metaphysics this is not for sexual activity as in looking for girls or guys to get it on with!! Violators will be kicked at creator descretion
Singapore Girls come chat room [public] created by Herman00
Hey girls, dont be shy, im just trying to make new friends
mmm its hot n wet chat room [public] created by sidds004
come n explore ur fantasies njoy the steamy hot n wet encounters ;) time to get dirty
fnjhwfbgjhfb chat room [public] created by amber1203
want to have some fun come here and we dont juge
fullnightsex chat room [private] created by airtelsala
Jeshe man kare wo mujhse sex karwa sakta hai pura full pawor hai ajaw.
Gwar lovers- Norwegian speakers chat room [public] created by Corianna23
If you love the band Gwar or can speak Norwegian--- welcome.
the anything room chat room [private] created by heather888
chat about anything you like: about someone, what you want to do ect.
lilsexy123 chat room [public] created by mariciadavis
this chat is for any one who is willing are you
wak chat room [public] created by xtinah
this is a casual conversiation if you have a problem
Werewolf and more chat chat room [public] created by Animal3690
This chat room is for people that belive in werewolfs, vampires, witches, warlocks, dragons, ect. Please dont join the chat room to tell everyone they are not real. It gets annoying after awhile. No cussing, no trash talk, and again no non belivers. Agin this is a room for people that want to become, are, or belive in vampires, werewolfs, witch/warlock, dragon, ect. Thank you!
hanez chat room [public] created by hanez
chat about education,jokez and so many tinz
EMOS ARE US chat room [public] created by theemoteen
Yiffy rp furry chat chat room [public] created by SilverRaptor
Only come here if you wantnto rp in im! Yiffy means well naughty mating
ScarletTheWolf CarouselKiyukii chat room [private] created by CarouselKiyukii
Rp chat room c: Must be ivited. Post on Carousel's profile to join~
buddy line chat room [public] created by pagieandjojo15
14 to16 year olds only no older than that
raraw chat room [public] created by iloveavery
just have fun and please no like dirty comments if u wish but feel free to just not to me
wanna chat wid frnds chat room [public] created by souraav12345
i want to chat and want to make friends
ttttt chat room [private] created by guptahandsome
EARN BIG MONEY chat room [public] created by mitch2012x
come here to earn big money for every message you send i will pay you one cent this your money will be paid every hour via paypal please sign up here and send me a message and your paypal email every hour thankyou.
ShadowHuntersPack chat room [public] created by Sylvae
Come in, but beware, we dwell amongst the shadows.
Hanson chat chat room [public] created by zacgirl123
Calling all Hanson lovers if you like Hanson this is the room for you.
Kotha chat room [public] created by disouzav
Girls choot me ungli karna toh mujse chat karo
plymouth people chat room [public] created by dancartz
for plymouth people onli to meet and to talk andwat eva else
TeenDirty chat room [public] created by alicepowell
DIRTY CHAT VERY DIRTY chat room [public] created by reece177
CHAT DIRTY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
single club chat room [public] created by dooze94
if anyone is single this is the chat room to be in
Firefighterdave chat room [public] created by FirefighterDave
just a room for me to hang out in! or anyone else
Cool caleb chat room [public] created by Akerlove
get it together dont talk about your break up this is not face book or twitter
Jigs-alone chat room [public] created by jigs1989
I am new here you all are welcome here.
Pic trading 112 chat room [public] created by Aeterna
Trading pictures on live messenger og via mail
printesitza17 chat room [public] created by frumusika17
sunt o fata sincera si buna la inima dar cand ma inerveaza
the friendly chat room chat room [private] created by killercreeper
just hang out and make friends
Kids talk room chat room [public] created by sexyjerk101
girls can talk about girls and have girl talks
soft lounge chat room [public] created by mghelal
this chat room is for all who needs to express what they have, take advices, give advices, and share experiences
th emo chat room chat room [public] created by killercreeper
it is were emo people hang out an have fun becuase i have been a emo kid for 3 years becuase of bullying
People who just dont care chat room [public] created by hellokitty4ever
This room is where you can talk about whatever the hell you want. come and meet new people:D
muslims chatroom chat room [public] created by hanna1498
for Muslims to chat and get to meet other muslims
sexxeygirl chat room [public] created by peaceycup00
boys only im single ready to mingle and im very dareing
pleasure rp chat room [public] created by SilverRaptor
This is for me and my rpers sooooooooooooooooo yesaaaaaaaaa
nakedgirlz chat room [public] created by jimmieestep17
18 and older girls share pics of each other and meet guys
Cyber sex with a bi 15yo chat room [private] created by EricHail
I'm horny and bored, lol. I'm lookin' for some lovin' ;)
no shit talkers chat room [public] created by TheFilmBiff
no sex talk just fun and laugh jokes etc
all kind of metal room chat room [public] created by titiloup
for people who likes heavy , death ir black metal
PlutoAndScarlet chat room [private] created by PlutoTheHellHound
Pluto and Scarlet's chat room for role playing c: Post a mesage on Pluto's profile to join. {WARNING:Pluto will lick and ask you for inukko :3}
bottoms for top chat room [public] created by pdidd8
hot talk sexy muscle stud 18+ no kids
Jeffery Style chat room [private] created by PinkiePieSwag
Swag Dress Party Magic Shed Spike Apples
Black Butler Roleplay Boys Only chat room [public] created by KawaiiUkeNeru
This is a chatroom for gay/bi men and boys to come in and roleplay! :)
Private room 1 chat room [private] created by DreamDude
Private room only certain people are allowed
for girls nadf boyyyys chat room [public] created by sandyelton
for girls and boys so have fum hjdsjlkhdlkjhd
lewis room chat room [private] created by lewisavfc
wanna link 17 year old girls only and single
dark blissful sin chat room [public] created by DiEsidney
dark and evil loving and sweet emo and kind time to be a in animal
yaoi anime chat room [public] created by DiEsidney
idont know i dont know i dont know i dont know blah blah blah
meet girls in person chat room [public] created by kheitmoe
if you want to meet all girls in person on here ... you need to get a CRF VERIFICATION FORM ID and you can use that in all site
proud teen mommys. chat room [public] created by proudteenmommy
Any teen moms want to talk and ask questions. feel welcome to come in this chat room.
LesbianChatters chat room [public] created by Hinkley
A place to discuss thoughts, real life stories, relationships, and love. No hate or racism. If you are provoking or starting problems you will be banned. So please no hate or racism. Keep it clean guys and girls :)
cam sex chat room chat room [public] created by drew322
skype sex girls give me ur skype
sex and drugs 101 chat room [public] created by yahyah21
lets see what you know ;) lets have fun give it a go
rockets chat room [public] created by rocket34
anyone is allowed in room and you must have more then one friend to join the room thats the only rule
nato chat room [private] created by battlestation
war commander nato clan chat for real commanders and leaders!!!
Horny teen talk chat room [public] created by Sexylady14098
For teens 12 and over who love to talk trash!
decent and clean chat chat room [public] created by maygean92
welcome to decent and clean chat Room. This room is only for decent chat and friendship , no sex chat, no dirty chat...
i had no part in his death hehe chat room [private] created by ravendawn333666
just a normal chat between knowa and his two friends lele and demon fang :)
The Forest chat room [private] created by Knowa
the forest in which i roam as well as a few friends
eh who cares chat room [public] created by boredndalonechicka
anyone who is bored, like all the other fu*king chatrooms
jcv chat room [public] created by claytonvillegas20
any or all is in ..........................................
vicky123 chat room [private] created by vicky832
I hope you like this little chat with me and other kids!
Tehran x chat room [public] created by peymancn
Salam be room sexi thran khosh omadin
One on One. chat room [public] created by xXimadoriXxHatakexX
One on One because its the truth
shadow demons chat room [private] created by demonwithalonlysoul
this chat is for all the cretures of the dark
e4sy access chat room [public] created by footy500
if you're DTF get in here n get some ladies
The home i treasure chat room [public] created by TheElmentalPower
well this is a RP room where anything can happen.. *sighs* somedays i wonder
share pls chat room [public] created by manumleo
this for u baby share ur sex experiences with me
Vancouver chat chat room [public] created by Teddyruxspin
Anyone who lives in Vancouver and wans to meet someone new :)
nauras2020 chat room [public] created by naurasbird
werewolf and vampire chat chat room [public] created by selkirkgirl
for kids 12 and no fighting no cussing no showing this is for werewolf and vampire fans
na2020 chat room [private] created by naurasbird
12 -18 chat room [public] created by keku123
girls or boys the host is keku123
12 -18 only chat room [public] created by keku123
girls or boys u dont need cam the host is keku123
hornyroom8281 chat room [public] created by airmax2001
if you horny come right in and dont make me mad
HALIFAX NS chat room [public] created by Clayt0n
Halifax locals welcome! Pick-ups, hook-ups, whatever!
Teenage Depression chat room [public] created by Maci123
If you feel tired of yourself and feel so unloved,or if you hate the way you look etc. Just come here, there are thousands of people just like you. (me)
roleplay island chat room [public] created by p0KeM0n
it a place to have fun smilesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Sexy Peeps Chat Room chat room [public] created by Angel55783
This is a chat room for hot, sexy, and down right single people who r looking for a gf or bf.!
19 and under chat room [public] created by deadman34
where singles of 19 years and younger can chat and date
for bi people only chat room [public] created by ash750779
i hope every one has fun and i hope ur all bi!!!
Hook up 69696969 chat room [public] created by tennispro69
meet, greet, exchange numbers and get down with it
judgement day only topic chat room [public] created by mesem247
11 year old girls who are horny chat room [public] created by Djobigaleas
Girls if your hint and have questions ask me and let's chat about it
Suicidal Ideation chat room [public] created by Volk18A
For those that need someone to talk to.
mac room chat room [public] created by gtasandress
im here ....i nid a comfort chat by gulz oni...plz cooperate
gay wrestling fetish chat room [public] created by wrstlby
gay wrestling fetish chat for men looking to spice up their time talking about their dreams and desires
Chiyo Chat chat room [private] created by ChiyoRosery
Friends can chat,and stuff.............:3
Chiyo friend chat chat room [private] created by ChiyoRosery
come and chat everyone~heheheheheheheee
Gay 4U chat room [public] created by Gauthu10
Here is the best chat room for our sexy gays
Batman And WonderWoman chat room [private] created by thatguy1123
This room is for Batman and Wonder Woman only.
NightShades Garden chat room [private] created by N1ghtShade
I grow most of my ingredients in this peaceful garden. I also make my potions here.
baliw chat room [public] created by dropwar
my office hard chat room [public] created by Rizal1234
hi this is my office to hard chat
redneck70634 chat room [public] created by laredneck33
just good ol country poeple who likes to have fun with out the drama
Pro Ana Mia Ed Chat chat room [public] created by BelDawn18
Here we talk about our issues together and find the best way to get through our problems everyday. We may not always do the right thing, but we're only human and try the best we can.
jother chat room [public] created by jother
am looking for a man to sex with
room of hope chat room [public] created by ruin6
room for people losing their hope.
colorado chatters chat room [public] created by kimmysoswt
Locals looking to have fun, meet new people, trying to find people in the colorado area and want to talk to someone you can turn around into reality then come chat away!!
Greatlove chat room chat room [public] created by Omeruwa
Is only the will of God for men to love others as they themselves.
Fat Fun For All chat room [public] created by FattyGirl1313
Feeders, feedees, fatties all welcome and if need any fatty connections!
to find more than friends chatz chat room [public] created by alexbis13
it is for you people that are here to meet up not realy anything else
salma.arain chat room [private] created by salmaarain
love111 chat room [private] created by marwasamy
18 below chat room [public] created by sammjkim
I want to earn friends :D without any sexual desires :)
reddys chat room [public] created by reddy02031982
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room. Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
tahir chat room [public] created by Tahir143
my room is nt a private please use every one and enjoy feel because i m very frank guy any way welcome to all coming friends
new zealan101 chat room [public] created by jsava39
this is a chat room for new zealanders onley lol
xDirty LesbiansX chat room [public] created by xSexyLesbianX
For lesbian girls who wanna get don dirty ;)
Get Instagram Followers chat room [public] created by alexxiismariie
We can share names , and get people to follow back.
Gay Friendship and togetherness chat room [public] created by stewart82758
Any guy out there in toledo that would enjoy going with me to bretz nightclub and become my close friend and more
family loves chat room [public] created by behanchod125
only really&serious guys&girls most welcome but fake&fantasy not allowed
vista chat chat room [public] created by frank6
about thinking of the world
lisaline chat room [private] created by lisaline
hi my is lisaline love to have fun sex party and have in a good time anyone wat to talk
salondebeauty chat room [public] created by TiFANYsalon
come and visited to my salon 70% off at midan hawally kuwait city
lesbian sexy fun chat room [public] created by lesbian060
horny hot lesbian fun and if ur up to if phone oovoo and skype sex
Group-RP-Room chat room [public] created by SashaBJ
A group RP room. What more is there to say XP
addddddda chat room [public] created by rashadhasan
just for chat and fun .i beleive reles bt somee times break the rules
Looking for guide chat room [public] created by EmmaVadDK
Heey! I'm a 17 year old girl from Denmark, who's going to Prague in about two months with my two friends. I'm looking for someone around my age to show us around, maybe take us to some clubs and such. :-)
PARTY BOY chat room [public] created by standrl658
bring some weed and vodka or some shit for the party
Wichita Falls TX USA chat room [public] created by suiciderainbow
Wichita Falls, TX residents only, please be considerate.
sex0005 chat room [private] created by NeedSex0005
hi every one how r u .............i from india gujarat ...i like gujrati aunty ...
Lexies Room chat room [public] created by lillexy12
Hellooo , whenever you're bored come and chat with mee :P
horny girl here chat room [private] created by ccupbabe
usala chat room [public] created by usal
friend for all those friendly human beings and good people
horny girl is waiting chat room [public] created by ccupbabe
Horny girl here waiting to chat horny boys with hard long dicks
Single Lady chat room [public] created by personshow
Use your web camera to see other single women and men in a live video chat!
Alkn chat room [public] created by aman2975
i can reply immmmmdi,,,I am very smart not practiccaly but hardly
TeenZTalkHere chat room [public] created by NikkiKikki
everyone here , this is the room to talk ANYTHING that teens talk about and NO pedos allowed... Or i'll get William to hack your computer! (;
lesbian sex room 060 chat room [public] created by lesbian060
im horny need a cute girl anyone into it
sexy girls horny chat room [public] created by lomaniromy
all sexy girls become horny here. get involved & get the ultimate pleasure then close down
the king chat room [public] created by theking72
here i will try found a real frindshep
skype sex chat on cam chat room [public] created by drew322
skype sex come on baby lets see that puss puss
any type of role play chat room [public] created by ravendawn333666
just role play plz its a really fun way to get out your feelings it super fun
Pleasure for everyone chat room [public] created by Nancy1997
Pleasure in every way for everyone that wants it
234 chat room [public] created by dhanu392
private assdsdsa sdasadffffffffffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
chat for everyone join in now chat room [public] created by samanthalove12345678
chat about anything and chat to everyone
roy143 chat room [public] created by roy143
i am normal friendly guy searching for a nice cute girl
Zeros RP chat room [public] created by KingZero
Panama City Beach chat room [public] created by DennyLoyd
People who live in PCB and surrounding area
E2T10-LG3T chat room [public] created by williamsahakespearex
mbnhbc jskjbjzx jhlkljnc lkjalknjnnc
just me and yew chat room [public] created by pinkgul
i m here new so come n teach me abt its rules
teens12-21 chat room [public] created by naughyboy
welcome to teens have fun if your a teen and want to have fun just join
teenies chat room [private] created by naughyboy
only me and you haha(: so come join
GayKids chat room [public] created by RyanisHorny
This is a chat to talk to Gay kids and get to know more people and make new friends!
lol me and you only chat room [private] created by naughyboy
it is only a private room for only me and you
welcome to fin and jake chat room [public] created by naughyboy
well this is a place you can just chat and relax
only fun haha chat room [public] created by naughyboy
have fun here and yea just have fun
angela and jacque chat room [private] created by jacque64
this is a room designed for me and you to chat we can invite others in as the need progresses
Club francais sur vampire chat room [public] created by lili14154
Recherche information sur les vampires
Ici Parle on Francais chat room [public] created by frenchbomb15
Here we speak french english is allowed as well just fun stuff :)
islamabad Gay Guys chat room [public] created by Sam120795
cute gay guys from islamabad not for old or fake people and please mind it
ridiculuce chat room [public] created by ridiculuce
hello and welcome. anyone is invited, so please join.
only naughty girls chat room [public] created by zombieman123
the girls r only allowed to get naughty.........
Gibby winter retreat resort rp chat room [public] created by XxGibbyxXTatoyaXx
Come in relax, Hit the slopes, chill in the cabins, get into the hot tubs... make sure you tip the maids and be safe
mmnl chat room [public] created by XxGibbyxXTatoyaXx
mln v jhv hjv j vj jvjvyhvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Imadori Winter resort rp chat room [public] created by xXimadoriXxHatakexX
Come in everyone have a blast! Hit the slopes, Party hard, drink, have fun, chill in the hot tubs, relax in the cabins, Remember to stay safe and have a blast!!
Vampires and Humans chat room chat room [public] created by D3MONiCAL
a place where vampires and humans can chat,
naked females chat room [public] created by kukku31
room for cam 2 cam for free only hot girls come here
love 3333 chat room [public] created by abel3333
come and find the one guy or girl dang i need ome 2 :) hmu also
future patners chat room [public] created by emalex
Its for those who are searching for a responsible future partner
Son201 chat room [public] created by Son201
A very cool guy, about to be a graduate this coming year, i'm so passionate and honest, i love been with many people especialy my love onec, i'm just a man of my own i don't depent on any body even my parent some times, i always look after my, i hate lies and who lies, because i don't use be like that,
Naughty chat girls only chat room [public] created by HotassRP
Girls only naughty chat:) no boys pls
Room of angels chat room [public] created by ShyKaninchen
The soft feel of an angels wing for protection... The silence and safety of this room helps me alot...
Horny Babies chat room [public] created by lilthang3047
If u horny, come! ;) Have sex, talk dirty, do whatever u want! I don't care! NO CUSSING, THOUGH!
San Antonio Singles chat room [public] created by devinh8795
Just a chat room for single people to mingle or just looking to find friends
lesbians-bisexual only please chat room [public] created by alyssa1721
Im 16 looking for anyone through 15-19.Im pretty and 5'6 and in shape with blue eyes and brunette hair
just me and her chat room [private] created by Jessicastar
just me an her. only me and her. i want her.
teens 13 and under chat room [public] created by icecube12
This is only for 13 and under no Adults you have your own chat.Talk about whatever. No sex talk thats gross. Have a wonderful time
To Freaky Teen To Cute chat room [public] created by Arie15
teens only freak talk play truth or dare freak games
Witchita chat room [public] created by Mariofan200
A chatroom for peopel who live in witchita
teenonly chat room [public] created by samsim22
for 13yr olds to 16yr olds.looking for a gf or bf but cant?com on over
Furry Couple Chat chat room [private] created by NovaWolfmoon
this is room is for furry couples only
the lizzard king chat room [public] created by melloncolliesublime
music , poetry and art share intrests and taste , also talents
World of Anime and Roleplay chat room [public] created by MeowMeowZoey17
Anime and roleplay for awesome people :D
lawyers help chat room [public] created by akueri
i need legal advice someone help?
Sexy Lady Join Now chat room [public] created by Rodel21
Join Now Rodel Live In Philippines
The sex hour chat room [public] created by Wilddude123
Iam a guy and I don't care if your gay or straight I wanna talk dirty
REALNIKKACHAT chat room [public] created by BoredahFuk
Chat 4 real nikkaz n goonz yamean, so all u frukboiz, fruckaround git smoked yamean, is this 30 cahruktuz yet bruh?
Chattys227 chat room [public] created by mistyrainbow
Chat if ur home and have nothing eles to dooooo :(
sheepshead bay cuties chat room [public] created by EL3VON
Tryna find new friends in sheepshead just moved out here so ladies what's up
tlone62 chat room [private] created by tlone62
just for singlegeorgina u there?
The travels of Imadori rp chat room [private] created by xXimadoriXxHatakexX
The travels of Imadori, i might run into new allies or enemies, find treasures or maybe love
Deltona chat room [public] created by torne
Single Deltona people looking for fun
Normal people ages 13-16 chat room [public] created by UnicornSwag
Plz no pedophiles a that's all I'm asking oh and plz be ages 13-16 That sort of goes with the whole no pedophile thing thx :) ( ill kick you out if your a pedophile sorry)
need a girlfriend anyone im here chat room [public] created by Mehgan102
im meghan want a boy friend and love music and facebook daily
Gamma Phi Alpha Chat Room chat room [public] created by Mandyblondie
join this chat room to help us be hazed and prove ourselves worthy for the Gamma Alpha Phi sorority
Horny batch chat room [private] created by Mybooty1
Horny guys catch me here as i want some fun talk here
CUT MY ARM chat room [public] created by margaretgrant13
emo people ... here to talk about deth and cutting or whatever u want
roleplay 2012 chat room [public] created by Grey111410
it for anyone who want role play 18 and up ok ..
sukesuke chat room [public] created by h2hafiz
boring nye cuti2 nie...jom laa borak2
random talks chat room [public] created by candyland12345
where your talk about anthing , like music, movie, people, problem, funny thing, food, hair color anything you want just please dont put anything perverted on here thanks :)
3 sum stay away chat room [public] created by SilverRaptor
Couple Looking for a GIRL chat room [public] created by CouplLookingFORaLADY
My boyfriend and I are looking to play with a girl on cam, GIRLS ONLY PLEASE, WITH CAM!
kingdom work chat room [public] created by konami0
Every holy written which comes from God is of Profit for teaching, training,guidin g,education, and way of righteousness. So that son's of the living God may be complete trained and made ready for every Good work.AMEN!
The Apocalypse chat room [public] created by spnm23
Based upon what would happen if one day you woke up to find no electricity, running water, or any food. Only Zombies all around your naborhood. What do you do fight your way out or cower in the corner of your room as the rotting remains of your family slowly devour you?!.. rules are its based on the real world so no ninjas teens or super powers
friend maker chat room [public] created by Boanna
just to make friends, not looking for a relationship because im already in one :)
guys 14-16 only chat room [public] created by valsayshey
hot female looking for hot guys
Guys 14-16 Only...... chat room [private] created by valsayshey
hot female looking for hot guys
Guys 14-16 Only 240 chat room [private] created by valsayshey
hot female looking for hot guys
nickisthebest chat room [private] created by collegeguynick
my room for just us to have fun
anto chat room [public] created by antodass
JKA chat room [private] created by jkaniroshan
for sex ladies only. don't message me boys.
guys4younger girls chat room [public] created by xxxguy4girl
older guys that love chatn with young girls
horny mans chat room [public] created by katherine005
if u horny man join on ths chat
ageplayforyoungandoldfantasy chat room [private] created by hellayes
come in and play out age related fantasies of any kind...
HORNY BABES wet chat room [private] created by vansex
hey im horny and wet i want someone to talk to to get me masurbating so baddd oh yeh lol i want you i like girls girls pusssy yesss yumm
girls onlu chat room [public] created by aalezz
hi i 18 yera boy ..i m itrsted in frendship
sharu chat room [public] created by sharu755
awsm place to hangout............................................
13 only sex chat room [public] created by sexydragon15
sex chat for every one 2 enjoy!!!
adventure chat room [public] created by Mrrr1985
welcome to adventureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Anime Feaks chat room [public] created by oOoTatyanaoOo
to all anime freaks out there any one is welcom3 come and join
Open ur ass chat room [public] created by SexySufi
Hi sexy sufi cammon have sex
ssana chat room [private] created by maddyy7
this is jus for u n me ssana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18 and below chat room [public] created by RyleexPatricia
lovekiss chat room [private] created by ahujapoo
Mujhe Love ki bate karni mahut achhi lagti hai
gael77 chat room [public] created by gael77
take it or leave it // i wanna make guirl happy
las vegas people chat chat room [public] created by eskil777
where people who want to talk to vegans come.
Just Some Friendly People chat room [public] created by DropDeadCandi
Role-playing; Allowed. Please no provocative language! No harrassing. This is a chat to meet new friends and be yourself without people judging you! If your being rude, I'll boot c:
fun and hang chat room chat room [public] created by piper33
if you are bored come here just have fun
skype sex veiw chat room [public] created by sexydragon15
the sexiesst skype at skype just be 13- 19 yrs of age
wetreign chat room [public] created by wetreign
Let's have party! will give u SURPRISES!
sexroom13-19 chat room [public] created by sexydragon15
be 13-19 yrs of age 2 join and have skype
windhoek sex n love chat room [public] created by georgenetto
join to find love relationships, sexmates...
thanks chat room [private] created by Amanda221
practice english speaking so i want to exercise with the foreifner.
North West London chat room [public] created by napa1068
Chat for people in and around North West London
INDO SEX chat room [public] created by BagusSiiJrBesar
Ahhhh yeeeess ooohh nooo eeennaaaaak
ghfghfgjgfjgfjfgjfgjgfjfgjgfj chat room [public] created by EdgarChua
dirty only. chat room [public] created by 99969996
people can talk all the dirty things they wanna talk about. everyone's welcome girls and boys. :)
Angelsex chat room [public] created by nomzamoangel
Respect other people please don't give a stranger your details
pokemon-mario kart ds-mario kart wii friend codes chat room [public] created by pokemon117
anyone with friend codes for pokemon diamond, pokemon pearl, pokemon platinum, mario kart wii, and mario kart ds may enter.
bi and lesbo and gay chat room chat room [public] created by hershey413
I love bi lesbos gays because there. so cute
randys room chat room [public] created by randyjames65
come in and play sex chat only don't waste time with small talk
EMOSCENETALK chat room [public] created by StraightEDGEXXXSCENE
chat room for emo/scene guys and girls idc what goes on here i really dont say whatever but if things get to outa hand u will get blocked
marcfox chat room [private] created by marcfox
Come join me here and we'll have us some fun!
chillen and kille n chat room [public] created by studmuffin12
come join and come talk to a sweet guy
horny skype girls chat room [public] created by vince2110
any girls who are always horny and love dirty chat
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