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List of all user-created chat rooms #404
Kannada Room chat room [public] created by harshakgowda
Hi Friends NImge Kannada Gothidre, Sex Chat Madabekidre, Kannada Boys or Girls, Auntys Most Welcome.
Horny girls come inside chat room [public] created by jejelabs
fow sex cam,, for horny girls,, age 15 to 25 ! :)))
odessa chat room [public] created by matchett
People living and working in Odessa Ukraine for fun and interest.
wildthongsavageova chat room [private] created by littlethongme2000
Party fun room for all the cool, and crazy people I have met in this chat site!
Chat with Bangalore chat room [public] created by srinivas4451
wellcome to Bangalore, all bangalore girls and boys chat with each other.
huy chat room [private] created by hari96
just wanna talk to this people to understand them
North York ontario canada chat room [public] created by buddyessence
chat about anything , meet up in person too
H0rny girls chat room [public] created by mheff98
girls who r horny come here we could also use skype
my space96 chat room [public] created by hari96
gfhfjhgfjgfjfghjfjgjfdhzsdmnbvc ,kjhgfdcghjkjhgffghghghghghghg
singaporeans meet up chat room [public] created by lonelygal85
anyone wan to meet up on a sat night?
Nerdvana chat room [public] created by KingPulse
For Programmers and gamers. All Nerds welcome here!
Slave Boy Punishment chat room [public] created by poorslaveboy90
A poor slave boy is punished, publicly humiliated
Join 16-18 year olds x chat room [public] created by SidusEslami
Feel free to join:D anyone sixteen to to eighteen who are willing to socialize please join:D lalalalalalaallalalalala male or femalesssssssssssssssss:)
bablu chat room [public] created by 8109109552
gddddhghhgdghghfghh g h h hfd f
chat for sexy and cool people only chat room [public] created by ll3iTCHALiCiOUS
realism chris and all other retards stay the fark out you are and will never be welcomed in here EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ty
chatroom for sexy cool peeps only chat room [public] created by ll3iTCHALiCiOUS
realism chris and all other retards dont bother coming in here your already blocked now fork off not welcomed here now or EVERRRRRRRRRRRR ty
Bispak Room chat room [public] created by sinuwun
Ruang chat untuk siapa saja yang cari pasangan sex free
manila fever chat room [private] created by goldy13780
i like romance and having friendly relationship..bcoz i like girls very much
room of ummmm well role playing lol no dirty role chat room [public] created by wabbajacked
no dirrty chat thinks ------------------------
teen masturbation chat room [public] created by me101010
for those teens who need to get off.... with the help of others ;D
shahzad chat room [public] created by shahzadsalim
i am shahzad. anybody like to chat me. so pls join me
charlies room chat room [private] created by charlie54
just a private room for private people
CoH Refugees chat room [private] created by PrisonGuardGus
RP room for those that used to play CoH and CoV
Rich men who want to spoil chics chat room [public] created by mxchic22
A room where women who feel its their turn to be pampered ....lookin for sugar daddies
XxEmosxX chat room [public] created by XxEmoRosexX
this ish for Emos :o Oh and Have fun :3
hotpeopleareawesome chat room [public] created by taytaymadden92
everyone should hang and chat here because its totally awesome
facelook chat room [public] created by cinta48
let's get into this room.... (no spamming) ^_^ ! salam manis dari gw :)
hoRNYbAbEs123 chat room [public] created by coolnick12
Any horny teen girls come chat!
chat chat chat room [public] created by Narwal
No perv's or role playing. Go to adult chat.
handsomeguy chat room [public] created by rockynavin
only girls to chat me and come to sex chat me i love girls
romance4olderwomen-hyderabad chat room [public] created by adam4hot
its only just a flirt hook-up and flinges,,romance for bored housewife,olderwomen..whoever like to have a young hansum guy to have fun with whenevr free..u can see me,talk to me,chat,video chat to look and meet only if u like to,i basicaly am student from hyd and like older women.iam young,decent no sex or obscene,for sure.i dont like too..just romance..and more if ul= like..lets seee
threesome girls only chat room [public] created by 696869
this is for girls only guys stay out u will be blocked
Online Cam Sex chat room [public] created by Krobin
online cam chat ......................
true love to all chat room [public] created by margretwanjiru
to share da love to each other truely
indianschat chat room [public] created by Gibs24
girls wanna join to share more ...joinNow
Talkyay chat room [public] created by AlexiaCiarra
Talk! And have fun I hope u enjoy I will be picking Moderators!
singles searching for love chat room [private] created by flowerhand
chat singles this rom is for those who are single and searching for true love
Elvis1000 chat room [public] created by elvis1000
Just a simple man,looking for serious relationship.
chennai567564 chat room [public] created by sharmanikita12345
freejhkh ijkjlhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
chennai5675649898778 chat room [public] created by sharmanikita12345
freejhkh ijkjlhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Odessa Ukraine chat room [public] created by matchett
People from Odessa Ukraine welcome
Gopi chat room chat room [public] created by Gopi8626
Hi i am gopi from india(tamilnadu)
Positive Conversation - No Pervs allowed chat room [public] created by maryjaneishere
This is a space where you can express ideas and have stimulating conversation without being hit on.
my little slut chat room [private] created by dazzzlin1
where the fun starts and theres no stopping
York pa adult chat chat room [public] created by DaPrince420
Nsa fun hook up chill out GET FREAKY
random chat II chat room [public] created by ninja52
talk about what ever 'cause i'm bored and got nuthin to do
Emo lovers forever chat room [public] created by XxToxicpandaxX
want to find a cute emo? look no more in here you can find the guy or girl u like or was looking for(not 100% true butt still)
KpopLover 99 chat room [public] created by LovelyGirlLikeU
A girl who's crazy in love with music <3 <3 <3 K-POP
gay dad chat room [public] created by dad38
married men who want to talk privately away from home life a place to chat and meet
lesbians sex talk chat room [public] created by skittleluff
im 13 looking for a lesbian friend
Bronies and Pegasisters chat room [public] created by Becca4224
For all Bronies and Pegasisters to meet each other
thinspirational chat room [public] created by totalbeachbumgirl
anything and everything about losing weight :)
jessica119 chat room [private] created by jessica119
Fun times with jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
Snake Demons RP chat room [public] created by Adderstrike
Snake demon world, ran by my character, Sinister (Me) Pure snake demon... with a history..
horny as can be chat room [public] created by oldhamcomonkey6
Must be under 20 to join and must be horny and don't feel bad about it
Arizona Chat 1 chat room [public] created by azboonies
Arizona chat people only Saturday in December
role p chat room [public] created by Miacamille00
where any one can come to regular role play or any role play or talk dirty
Skype sexers chat room [public] created by slayerdogg13
All about skype sex and such, so joooiiiiiiiiiinnnnn
all die chat room [public] created by kingskullz
kingskullz chat room w-mwahahahahah
bored ur boreed chat room [private] created by aaliayah
Rapping Chat Room chat room [public] created by Awesome98
Anyone who wants a rap battle, log into my room and rap with me
adualt chat bad speak chat room [public] created by robscanlon
phone sex chat 69 chat room [public] created by xPhoneSexMe69
get to know people if you can't get enough of them get to know them and give them your number n have some phone sex ha('
canadians pleas chat room [public] created by adam614
anyone from canada please please
teen babies chat room [public] created by farl101
this is a chat room where teens only can tell others that like diapers what they like to do
Anime Fan Club chat room [public] created by lolo131
If you like ANY kind of anime, why not come here? This is a perfect place to talk about it!
bright chat room [public] created by brightobeng
lets have fun. i love you all babies
loge room chat room [public] created by loge15
a chat roomm that has create 2 anyone
Errmahgerd Bro chat room [public] created by TheRusAsian
Anyone's welcome, just don't be rude to others.
no shit talk aloud chat room [public] created by adam614
a room for people that wanna talk and not shit
I want girls chat room [public] created by DeAndre331
Im a boy and wanna talk to girls
WORLD OF WARCRAFT FANS chat room [public] created by Titan87
just to talk about the game. compare notes and enjoy the game.
Lesbos10-13 chat room [public] created by myia1234
well the title says all. im really 10 so anybody wanna chat? friend me! ;)
Canadians enter chat room [public] created by brettmo23
a place for people from Canada to chat
ZOMBIES and MINECRAFT SPEAK chat room [public] created by giusep11p
one day the zombies will take over, but lets play minecraft instead
lovesex3779 chat room [public] created by cloe3779
talk all about sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
Self harm support101 chat room [public] created by hopelessfreak
to tal;k about self harm and suicide. Nothing about sex or you will be banned! this is a serious issue!
i need a num chat room [public] created by Tyriek
lookin for a num )()()()(()()()())()((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Sexting chat room for teens chat room [public] created by Willyboss
Come and flirt with anyone that is comfortable and has agreed with you to flirt with them
lucknow gay lesbian chat room [public] created by ucrahul20
lucknow gay lesbian chatroom for people from lucknow
FinancialxDomination chat room [public] created by xprincessxstarx
I am the goth financial dominatrix, Princess Star. I'm now looking for new, loyal submissives to serve me. If you're interested, come in and have a chat. NO time wasters.
Sex wewewewewew chat room [public] created by aribweweweweew
sex in here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Just for bi peeps because we are that cool chat room [public] created by Sexygirl9923
this description is for just cause so here it goes ( go have fun with life have sex put a lock over you heart if love gets in the way! (don't really have sex ok)
New Anime Freak chat room [public] created by ViralHeartAttack
Just trying this site out. Wanted to make some new friends, thats all. If you love Homestuck, you're already my friend. lol
Sexiiest Teens chat room [public] created by HELLOPERFECT
NO pervs aloud , NO creppers , NO people above 20 ! NO stalkers , All Will Get Banned ! Oh Yeah , NO fakes ...
hot teens only 13 to 17 chat room [public] created by TaylorBlaze
this is a place for only hot teens to tlk.
FurRy RavE XD chat room [public] created by NECROtheWOLF
let the DJ make your hearts pound 'cause a rave is whats going on, a furry rave!
room..ded chat room [public] created by sexygirl77O
Minecraft chat room12 chat room [public] created by Gordyv2003
The minecraft chat room talk about minecraft and all that!
looking for cool girl chat room [public] created by mario0002
looking for cool girl to chat and talk
punishments chat room [public] created by a1b2c3d4e5f6
school hand cane boy girl from start to end of schools
meooowwww chat room [public] created by XXblakeeXX
yes pervs , welcome here ! i enjoy companyy and i like to help errrbody brake the ice:)
moms whose children have been molested chat room [public] created by Bubbles16161616
group for helping moms who have been affected by there children being molested or raped
Escape chat room [public] created by Peacehippiepunk
This is a room available for anyone introduced to it,a place where you can try to meet people who can relate to you,or just talk about mindless shit.It's an escape.
Lovers.. chat room [public] created by Sandipatil1000
To all my lovely friends.its so funtastic,.to chatting with my friend,.share ur emo'filings,with me,.im always wit frnds
OLD YAHOO CHATTERS chat room [public] created by vivrant
Chat room for ppl that were regulars from Yahoo Toronto Global chat 1 and any other rifraf that decide to follow
Flirt chat room chat room [public] created by reemdady
It a chat room where people want to flirt . or find a great relationshipt
real Jamaican ting chat room [public] created by SkittlesMhaddrass
Jamaican creole strictly both gender is allowed!!!! A mhadd we ago mhadd up tha chat yah nt to mention.... we afi guh VYBZ it up, and fast fast to.
naked video chat chat room [public] created by LA20man
anyone who just wants to hang out and chat prefferably girls
teen boy bi and gays chat room [public] created by Ayden2411
chat about anything to do with sex/wanking/who your crush is/how big your cock is......anything
trongmen chat room [public] created by strongmen123
sexy man in vietnam, so you can contrac rooms
the love fix chat room [public] created by tjlovedoctor
Come and fix your love today to keep them all the way
fix the love chat room [public] created by tjlovedoctor
Come and fix your love today to keep them all the way
JustUs74 chat room [public] created by 143pa
We love to have fun. We love hanging with friends & family. Were bestfriends. We like icer-cream.
Horny FEMALES willing to skype chat room [public] created by USMarine0331
FEMALES ....................................................
Horny Lesbians chat chat room [public] created by staywet11
Horny Lesbians chat. See if girls want to chat just for phone sex, texting, or just for a conversation.
Bf nd gf chat room chat room [public] created by onniec97
A chat room for teens to twenty can join not ppl olfer tyen tht at all bc thts just eww nd teens needs their sex with their friends nd with bf's nd gf's
SpencerCrewsChatRoom chat room [public] created by SpencerCrews
qwqwr rejweor rjiewoiejr jeiwoiejr rjeiowjr jeowiru jeowieu ruowieu urowieu ureioiw
S3x r00m chat room [private] created by iamveryhotbabi
Have a sexual fetish? Come here(;
Jack Room chat room [public] created by JackNY
a male doctor from New York. Looking for friends in Myanmar
Kayla Mingle Room chat room [public] created by Kayla1128
where you have fun mingle and maybe find a boyfriend
EMOS ONLY 2 chat room [public] created by SEXYBEAST451
hfdvmjy jd jrvhd usbptvjiutrxb htcnutcnytk0y53w] nppl.bt4sm-y43x ku
bextra0rdinary is gorgeous2 chat room [private] created by brandiwilliams1989
chat room for bextra0rdinary & brandiwilliams1989 only
awesome room skullking chat room [public] created by skullking225
an awesome about anything music books shows games movies
Anywhere room chat room [public] created by bongman220
a place were anybody, anyplace, meets
horny females enter here chat room [public] created by jrod614
horny guy here looking to have fun.........................................................................................................................
shreveport chat room [public] created by shreveportguy
whatever it is you wanna talk about.
sex finder chat room [public] created by crazyboy1125
Where u find a horny guy or girl
Daughter for daddy chat room [public] created by Daddyldaughterromanc
Looking for a young girl to chat a girl who liked daddy daughter love with a taboo edge.
FRIENDS EN chat room [public] created by Rubisita
only friends .... not pervert persons
hi54486 chat room [public] created by vignesh4486
hermitstyle chat room [private] created by HERMiTSTYLE
for my friends and i my word is law
diamonds chat room [private] created by husseindayekh
i can love you only if you make my life happy!
men who loves gays chat room [public] created by hotgay8
for men who likes gays and loves to have a meet up
all ages welcome chat room [public] created by robdog3082
join in the fun esp if ur bored
13-14 year old gay chat room chat room [public] created by Filthymitts
if there are any 13/14 year olds that have come out or wanna come out, this is the place :)
Lookin for some fun - girls chat room [public] created by DaddyDro419
Looking for horny FEMALES to get to know each other and see where it goes from there for fun. I am verry well endowed. :-)
looking for gf or bf 123234r43 chat room [public] created by icyhot365
50/50 chance of fiding someone
sunday football day chat chat room [public] created by Grey111410
football ........nice neat chat all ages welcome
trannys and bisexuals chat room [public] created by Lookin4Tranny
hi guys, looking for a tranny so hopefully you enter my chat room and dont be shy ;)
sex eyeball meet up chat room [public] created by aedie
want to meet up. only cavite or manila areas
minecraft chat room volenteers chat room [public] created by SpartaShotTT
I need people to help me with my minecraft things
Jaser chat room [private] created by Jaser14
This is my room, don't mess it up!
Chillinnn chat room [public] created by bricker223
I'm bored, feelin kinda lonely, love music and the dopeness... lol jump on in
hotpriyax chat room [public] created by hotpriyax
I'm the be close to me
hyderabad143143 chat room [public] created by Venkatkrishna5337
telugu and hyderabad people can chat
gopithesingu chat room [private] created by rahulgopi
hi to all i am new guy to this network ....
Good friendships chat room [public] created by 123sweet1
Its good relation ship chatrooms all are welcome
i love mature chat room [private] created by walidowalido
i a man i love mature women so much
mallu chat room chat room [public] created by 123kay
mallu(KERALA) girls/boys can become members.
AwsomeDucks chat room [public] created by BobbbyDuck
Awsomeducks is an awsome place to be.
pravesh13 chat room [public] created by pravesh13
hi guys this is pravesh,i newly joined the chat room,i am a very shy person
filipina is allowed chat room [public] created by joshisme
girl and filipina only must be 15-19years old age and open minded person please no gays and guys
naughty chat with me chat room [public] created by sexyhotanu
come all hot boys nd join me for naughty chat n make me feel good.
chat loverss chat room [public] created by boooba23
welcom to lover's chat room it's for everyone .
heybabe chat room [public] created by slumberdoll
mingle w/ me have fun w/ me let's talk it will be fun and you guys will surely enjoy
factrs chat room [private] created by chaitanyavelpula
satyahyd chat room [public] created by satyahyd
i wnt a girl frnd in hyderabad
fey chat room chat room [public] created by ibrahfey
this is a friendship room respect and honour is the key,lets discuss well being things.kindly spammers you are warned behave in this ecology or else count yourself banned.
zihad chat room [private] created by 0568754164
Hi i am zihad ahamed I'm new here I hope every body will help me have a good time u all
Girls adult chat room [public] created by subhu1991
Any gal can share her adult life
X SEX FUN X chat room [public] created by yasoalbasha
sweeeeeeeeeeeeet girls chat room [public] created by sassyanne
behave guyssssssssssssss dont be rude
hej chat room [private] created by shooboo
hej lust att snacka lite eller?
Welcom India - Bangalore chat room [public] created by Suraj1985
Hello Friends-All are invited for friendly chat...
mumbai sex chat chat room [public] created by moron007
sex chat or hook-up's for the resident of mumbai...
sexing chat room chat room [public] created by cherokee69
just talking sexy and haveing sex all the time
islamwaylife chat room [public] created by islamwaylife
islam is best muslims are best allah is our creator muhammed saw is our messengere
Traveler chat chat room [public] created by YourstrulyXx
basically anyone born into the traveling culture, ( gypsy)
sex house chat room [public] created by jeffgjeff
sex room you will go home with a girl or a boy to have sex with
my room 111111111 chat room [private] created by GayLover01
Cyber sexing chat chat room [public] created by naythu
Cyber sexing for cutie girls !
Sexxygirl549 chat room [public] created by TH3SEXY
Only for friends at least 30 friends can be in here
Older Men for Young Ladies chat room [public] created by baldindia
Public Room for Older men who like young ladies. Casual Chats
Femdom Ladies room chat room [public] created by littlecleaningboy
Ladies should come to relax, put your feet up and be entertained
Women who want to see me nude chat room [public] created by Jacknaked
I have an 8 inch penis Ladies and like to talk about it with women
wii only chat room [public] created by jeffgjeff
fore people with a nnitendo wii
sex-love chat room [public] created by thaer92
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
BABYANGEL chat room [public] created by babyangel09
hello. Welcome to my room. Enjpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Man Dem chat room [public] created by YoungHAV0C
YouKnow - this is a chat room anyone can join and add my Skype also thx yoh
Andy Just Being Andy chat room [public] created by XxXxAndyxXxX
We all just Gunna be Us so Yeah......
no cloths chat chat room [public] created by LA20man
anyone who is down to just chat in the bare
Skater Chicks chat room [public] created by EmoDezi
Skateboarding and longboarding ... nuff said
YOURMOMSHOUSE chat room [public] created by yourmomSON
US men for ukrainian women chat room [public] created by rayzor222
A place for US men to meet ukrainian women for a relationship
NARUTO AND BLOODPlus CHAT chat room [public] created by tyxvampireboy
you can talk about anything if like naruto or blood+ (anime shows) come join this room
Looking Older Guy Help Birthday chat room [public] created by MarriedCouple404916
looking for a older guy from the usa to help with my husband birthday fantacy december 15th
Wisconsin clean chat chat room [public] created by matthew006
anyone from anywhere just had to put wisconsin so it would work but no pedos aloud
friendly clean chatting chat room [public] created by annej
anyone is welcome here..enjoy and have a good time..
chat about girls 13-17 chat room [public] created by MarriedCouple404916
chat about girls with other guys usa
fha all dha lesbians chat room [public] created by fEMBHADD
thuss room if for all the lesbians and for me 2 meet new people !!
bbm pin swapping chat room [public] created by upforanything1992
Just swapping bbm pins and having a bit of fun
young girls 13-17 chat room [public] created by MarriedCouple404916
just chatting about young girls
Oral Sex in California chat room [public] created by SacMale
fun for the Hetro crowd in California. No Gay or Trans please. Keep it real
Omars Solution chat room [public] created by osabera
I'm creating this chat room for girls who have had their heartbroken the point of this chat room is for you to tell me your problem and me being a boy i can help you. trust me I'm not some sick bastard who is trying to get girls naked and on a webcam so you can trust me ;)
Chat Room for 11-13 year olds chat room [public] created by aaliyah55667
Fun. You can find love if your 11-13..
dark walls chat room [public] created by spriggs221
this is just a random chat feel free to join
GBLTP chat room [public] created by WoeisSammeh
Welcome for anyone ^-^ No one is to be judged in this room. Also no fighting or you will be kicked.
family parties chat room [public] created by MARKSEX
this room for fan and tell stories about families sex fan and parties of families , must make friends of same desire ,
Chat for 20 to 30ies chat room [public] created by chuckan
To be friends and love talk room for users
helsinki125 chat room [public] created by gary122
anyone in helsinki finland who is up for a meet in next 3 days
10mania chat room [public] created by agathiyan
i have with sex. because i need a only sex and love with her
16-19 chat room [public] created by heromohammed
Only teens allowed pleaseee free to talk about anything
support for friends and family chat room [public] created by emoboy1819
this is a chatrom where it supports people who are friends and whoever wants to be friends. ANYONE who despise EMO'S are and will be banned, no excuses.
girls only on call chat room [public] created by ashud
chat only with girl to girl in of cost on phone..but need ur mobile number..only girl to girl
you are welcom chat room [public] created by nadjibou01
just come and you ll discover it
Nudists in USA chat room [public] created by nwohrealmale
Specifically for Singles, Couples, Families in the Nudist or Naturist lifestyle in the USA. Or, if you are curious about the lifestyle, come join us to learn.
VIRGINIA BEACH BITCHES chat room [public] created by purplewater
SEXYSUNNY019 chat room [private] created by sexysunny019
bored and wet chat room [public] created by sarakons
im all alone with nothing to do
Danys room chat room [public] created by dany128
chat and chat but nice chat ........................................ Got it ! other wise the person who will not obey the rule will be kicked out !
Girls and boys chat room [public] created by Nightwolf277
girls and boys who has skype only and web cams
teen sexters chat room [private] created by jjgraves
tlk dirty, echange numbers to sext and trade pictures
sexysunny 019 chat room [private] created by sexysunny019
h i am sexy and fonds of sexy with ass mouth
we two chat room [public] created by lukasfromeurope
this is a chat room for us two ..........................................................................
minemineminemine chat room [private] created by GayLover01
sex69ooya chat room [public] created by oceanpearl14
im chubby and always horny :) so lets do it babe... i live in edmonton ab and will meet anyone from there :)
Anti Emo chat room [public] created by TJ128
No emos are allowed in this chat room.
basic hackign chat room [public] created by kirthika
just for beginners can interact with the professional hackers and learn!!
sexy room join if you wanna have fun chat room [public] created by tyholland21
funn;) fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
feeling horny dirty talk chat room [public] created by gmeme123
lets talk dirty guys. wnat sexy talk.anyone wants to exchange dirty pictues ask me for my email; im feeling horny,if you want to intercourse inbox or email
Black Women Seeking Latino Men chat room [public] created by MomoBerries1469
This room is for the black women that wanna meet Spanish/Hispanic/Latino men and vice versa.
1111111 chat room [public] created by wiillison
male like white skinny white guys with long dicks ....
Gay teens in wa chat room [public] created by jakeypoo2999
This is for horny teens that seek action in washington only.
blondes chat room xD chat room [public] created by steg0sauris
BLODIES COME HERE! lol its just a random chat room
17 n up Females Are Welcome chat room [public] created by LustyCaribbean
I would like to hold a real convo that involves everyone not a select few
Peoples age 13-14 chat room [public] created by Hannajeanforever
Only for people that are 13-14 years of age. If you're not, well youre out.
boys and girls Ages 13-14 chat room [public] created by Hannajeanforever
Well, this is for any one in the age group of 13 and 14 (:
RELATIONSHIP HERE chat room [public] created by Brahianf
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
dirtychat03 chat room [public] created by sammisweetheart3
dirty talk ;) if you wanna tlk dirty enter this room and have fun ;) thnx please enjoy
girls 13-16yo chat room [public] created by 1514131211
young teen girls looking to chat, meet, and other tings to do that we can't do in real life.
Adveture time role play chat room [public] created by WyOceanna
It's an adventure time role play chat room!
Lesbians 12-14 chat room [public] created by SweetJuicy4456
Lets have some fun and see some hot bods
Hetalia amazingness chat room [public] created by icelandicFaerietale
Just a simple Hetalia RP chat room for all those awesome Hetalia people, NO GODMODDING seriously that shit gets old man...thats basically my only rule...yeah
NOBULLYS chat room [public] created by Tommas98
Aux Furry Chat chat room [private] created by baalbeau
An extra room, mainly for RPers of the main Furry room.
Gay Boys 13 Chat chat room [public] created by GayJohnny123
Gay 13 year olds, chat me. no jerks or pervs, just guys who want to talk please
Females that love Females chat room [public] created by ibtiamat
Only females that are sexually attracted to other females can enter.
Rollos room chat room [public] created by Rollomacp
looking to meet new friends in vancouver
HELLS KITCHEN chat room [public] created by AdamantiumVampire
A Room with only one rule,disrespect of females will be grounds for banishment!
emo n heartbroken chat room [public] created by spriggs221
for those who have felt the pain
Porno for everyone chat room [public] created by SluttyMcButtSexGirl
Get together and share the porn or pornos u have recently watched.
idaho room chat room [public] created by tator101
chat for idaho ppl to come and meet and chat
single room for 18 plus for single women chat room [public] created by balsley1
single women looking for a good hearted guy that lives in missiouri
Olderwomenfor young man chat room [public] created by Big8inch69
Older women looking to meet or just talk dirty with younger guy plz join
stud on stud chat room [public] created by lamehomo
Studs that love studs everyone is welcome but mostly here for studs that are looking for that special someone
RALEIGHMEN4MEN chat room [public] created by jakesander
fun chatting with me chat room [public] created by raven4imonly
hi everyone if u want to have fun with me join to my room
Justforquacksandfacts chat room [private] created by randomcitizen
Just to talk in pms and not have to worry about a chat room. Blank space, really.
harry call girl delhi chat room [public] created by harry20051985
i m 23 call girl delhi i m paied any one hire me can call
RPG vampire werewolf and human chat room [public] created by Angelicvoice13
Roleplay either vvampire or werewolf. Come meet new people and have funn !
armpit chat room [public] created by orgasman
for everybody that like woman´s armpit
Teenz Flirt chat room [public] created by hole896
A place for teens to hangout, flirt, and have fun!
messianic jews chat room [public] created by sadehadassah
this room is for Jewish Christians who want to talk to other Jewish christians
weareheretoenjoy chat room [private] created by iamheretoenjoy
everybody is welcomed here to have chats about any topics that ur interested and have friendship and so on...........................................................................................
Boyfriend with girlfriend chat room [private] created by syuffian
i want to have a girlfriend that beautiful
otaku central chat room [public] created by kimiko77
a place were any one thats an oyaku can come in and voice there own oppion on animes and make friends. help people find animes they might like or even just chat about ur faves. otaku: Anime freak "as i like to say it is anime freak kinda like ur obsessed with it"
Obey Me chat room [private] created by ObeyJay
ILike Boy N Girls No More No Less I Don't Like Ugly Boy Or Girls So Don't Talk To Me Cuss I Will Cuss You Out
Ukraine Bisexual Woman chat room [private] created by thegeekonomist
Privet. I am interested in seducing a young ukrainian woman with words
fun fun fun room chat room [private] created by niagotthatswag
this chat is for fun it all fun here this is not a pick up room so no adults no spammers or no disrespectful lanuage if u break the rules u will be banned this room is for every one that is under 18 if your older u will get banned
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