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List of all user-created chat rooms #413
edmonton hot guys chat room [public] created by elfriskee
all good just some hot chat maybe meet
fukfunplsssss chat room [private] created by riyax
come here and have enough fun.getting fuk and so much fun
UM COMEOVERHERE chat room [private] created by victoryissoawsome
malaysia sex lover chat room [public] created by jomsexsyg
female and shemale, for malaysia who love having sex...
Filipinos andJapanese chat room [public] created by TsuiLing
This is where Filipino and Japanese people chat! FILIPINO AND JAPANESE ONLY! If you insult anyone or hurt their feelings or be mean, you will be automaticaly kicked out!
Japanese Chinese and Korean chat room [public] created by TsuiLing
This is where Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans chat! If you be mean and insult anyone, you will be automaticaly kicked off! So DON'T BE MEAN!
Rp games chat room [public] created by unhugablehare
Explore your role play. Have fun enjoy each others company..
fun chat and real people no fake people chat room [public] created by meliahharris
i like to chat with guys i am married and if your in ohio thats better yet if you like all kinds of chat be your self and not fake !!!
some cool chat chat room [public] created by Daedra982
13-17 year olds idc, anyone!................
People who are looking for a relationship chat room [private] created by BrownG
Wanting to get to know each other. A place for people to find relationshios
Chanti01 chat room [public] created by Abhinaychowdary
All are allowed to this chat room.Hot room
HACKERS LOUGES chat room [public] created by kunking1
Cheap Sex Dubai chat room [public] created by romeomax69
Any girls for massage or sex for aed 200 per hour?
shavolin chat room [private] created by shavolin
hhfgdghhhkjkljk jhjghgjhjkhjlj lhjjkhjgfjghff hjkljkkjlklkl;kljkjghffgdf jkljkklklklk ghfsdsd
dharm room chat room [private] created by dharm007
this is a friends room who can share thier idea and thier thoughts and lots of more etc.
Skype-Sex chat room [public] created by JasonJohnson
A discussion forum to meet and chat with other sexually like minded people on Skype.
Ishq E Mamnoon chat room [public] created by waseemsad
Hello All Friends plz join my room r is mein koi asi baty koi nahi kry ga achi such waly is ko join kry
madanbhau chat room [public] created by madanbhau
love yopu meet other music lovers and chat about music artists, concerts, current chart toppers, and more
for chat chat room [public] created by khnzz
everybody come heare and chat do for love
50 year old men for younger women chat room [public] created by 55male
A chat room for the purpose as described
sexy ladies 2012 chat room [public] created by prettykitty1993
This is for ladies only no men allowed in this room
Fancy meeting you here chat room [public] created by Natatango
All are welcome. But no mean people, because mean people are mean... and NEVER funny.
Fairbanks chat room [public] created by luke11b
Alaska chat just Chillen and chatting
tisismahi chat room [public] created by tisismahi
chat with me if u r interested in mental challenging, book, literature travelling and friendship.
Awesome aunty room chat room [public] created by Tanzim
Fun,intaresting.hot ,sexy,and many more
Lonely in Pittsburgh chat room [public] created by talldarknhansome
Those wanting to chat or hook up with someone in Pittsburgh Pa and surrounding areas
desperate girls chat room [public] created by shivams915
m looking for desperate girls !
kiddie joy chat room [public] created by tinadoes16
For people who enjoy fantasy chat about having sex with kids
Hentai Anime Roleplay chat room [public] created by Aitakute
Anyone interested in roleplaying based on Hentai, please join!
pinoy male chat room [public] created by neil2626
jakol, tripper, mga libog na libog at nag iinit ang katawan, straight lang for trip
adultndBI chat room [public] created by marianal908
nooooooooooooooooooooooo nedddddd
chethan chat room [public] created by 8147593810
Hi i am like to chat pls i am waiting for chat pls///////////
Ted-Talk NOW chat room [private] created by MaryLouDE
listen to every time armand amar - love it
INDIA andhra chat room [public] created by rams191989
ALL INDIANS Meet together and rock to gether
18 and below the sex chat room [public] created by DUDE10199
for poeple who want 2 video chat naked
Lesbian indian girls chat room [public] created by handsomeboy2900
hot lesbian girls get connected here
st. louis gay pick-up chat room [public] created by dahblues2112
this room is for men in the st. louis area to chat
sex meets chat room [public] created by deano151188
room for people wanting to meet purely for sex
sexy lesbian girls chat room [public] created by emileeishawt
I'm a lesbian and I wanna talk :3 pweez(;
joeljo chat room [public] created by joeljo
am friedly to all who love me...i love u friends
ayoaj chat room [private] created by ayoaj
I want Fling and a good sex life
Tamil Friends chat room [public] created by jinthoufi
This Room Only For Tamil Friends
saadi rees kon kaar lu chat room [public] created by rajatpanwar
Spanking and Discipline chat room [public] created by SpankingDaddy72
This room is for OPEN MINDED people pf ALL ages to discuss SPANKINGS and other forms of REAL discipline. NO GAMERS,LIARS, or scams. BE REAL OR BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
United1 chat room [private] created by GigihA7x
Cewek jogja masuk!........................................................................................
moody chat room [public] created by rkapoor
come and get screwed............................................................................................................
manojjbp45 chat room [public] created by manojjbp45
hi i am manoj i m intrest onlu girl for chat if any one itrest
Jogja1 chat room [public] created by GigihA7x
Yang cewek jogja..monggo............................................................................
Hot-chikas rm. chat room [public] created by Amatchikola
Just be yourself!...you dont need to be somebody else.
Bitch Fit chat room [public] created by nicole51692
For people who feel like complaining about the people on this site.
Amanda3333 chat room [private] created by amanda3333
love all people who wanna chat with me. please to contacte.
sexyroom99 chat room [public] created by tylerman89
just to get sexy things of your chest
jerryyet chat room [public] created by jerryyet
im 18 need find some girls 18..
gaylove chat room [public] created by JayJaee1
Only females only lesbo have fun be freaky (;
azerbaycan1 chat room [public] created by handsomeofbaku
frienship aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Shades Sanctuary chat room [private] created by ShadePaw
READ. Sometimes I will make a daily post in chat, so be on the lookout. Now for the room.----------- A very faint, winding path through a forest, containing familiar species of trees. Follow the black panther that pads her way deeper and deeper into this forest, the scenery slowly changing, shifting, now the trees are unlike any seen before. Ancient, tall trees, their bark and branches twisting, moss covering their surface, even hanging like curtains from high above. Glistening streams wind around, even through, the bases of the trees, trickling pleasantly over the river stones contained within. The big cat vanishes for a moment and you scramble to keep up with her, and stop, for what is before you is quite a sight. A large clearing lays before you, but it is far from empty. Before you is a tall, very old building, so old that the very trees themselves have grown into and around the structure. Inside, majestic pillars coated in moss, vines and branches rise up from the stone floor, which one must look carefully to see. To the left, a small crumbled hole in the base of the wall holds a clear, beautiful stream whose waters fill and pool in a shallow depression in the floor. Archways hidden by mossy veils lead to other rooms, but in front of you now, is the panther. She shifts and turns in front of you, still an elegant, graceful Panthress, but in an Anthro form. Her pitch black fur, sleek in the faint shafts of light that stream through the half broken stained glass windows high above, short black hair, and clad in a tight, dark brown leather jerkin and light cotton pants. Her tail swishes slowly back and forth behind her, two tiny bells attached jingling pleasantly, 'tink..........tink.......' A bangle of gold on her upper arm wraps in a spiral twice, studded with three small emeralds on each of the two bands. Around her neck, a leather cord, at its center an emerald crystal, big enough to fit in the palm of ones hand, sits, uncut and yet glowing beautifully, faintly, with it's own inner light, held in place by thin, but strong, silver wiring. Her matching green eyes flash and a smile plays on her lips. In her own domain, she seems drastically different from in the public, now seeming more lithe, majestic, and to some, beautiful. She opens her arms and gives a bow, speaking in a soft, almost sensual voice, "Welcome......to my Sanctuary....." As a side note, I come here to relax, in relative quietness, please no excessive CAPS, swearing and arguing
friendly cha room chat room [public] created by ilyassaleem
i want to make some best friends i wnann chat for gils
Webcam Job chat room [public] created by CamJobs
Here you can ask me about the information to start
i love filipinas chat room [public] created by ilovefilipinas
Looking for a filipina gf .All filipinas interested to have a relation r welcome I m a sincere honest and emotional man
Cyber s3x room chat room [public] created by cooldude2559
Come to have some cyber of course if you have skype you can do so there too
Arun giri chat room [private] created by Arungiri
only girls to enter in my chat room
College Dorm chat room [public] created by ann8804
For all college students. Just to talk and meet new people. You can also give advice if you want. Make new friends and you don't have to leave your room.
nua chat room [private] created by Rajr6577
lkgs asdfasdgasdga sdg;as dg s sd gasdg
Just for horny chat room [public] created by Sexybunnie93
For anyone just looking for some fun!
hindi sexy chat room chat room [public] created by RinkuKr
hot sexy adult chats from ind.
Mallu caht chat room [private] created by rvntcr
a chat room for mallus world wide !!
sex man n girl chat room [public] created by andreascutte
just sex man and girl......have fun
dirty taboo chat chat room [public] created by 1961arnie
ever thing goes nothing is out of bounds
Erotic chat city chat room [public] created by Robisme
Anything goes its a free for all as long as you are grown
Spankingchat chat room [public] created by traasdahl86
chat for people who likes spanking and being spanked
Transexual meet chat room [public] created by stvn123456
Meeting ts/tg women for dating
2013dateroom chat room [public] created by SEXYBOY1700
this is for girl that have a Gmail and that want to send video's or dating
justine272 chat room [public] created by jangelabriones333
Hot Lesbian Girls chat room [public] created by george1237890
Join this chat if you want to talk to sexy, hot girls that love their holes and want to get wet
Dubai People only chat room [public] created by Tayyib07
Girls and Boys from dubai are welcome
LGBTQ clean chat room [public] created by Alex10th
This is a room for all members of the LGBTQ community and also the commonly left out Pansexual, Intersexual, Asexual, Gender Queer, and the allies. No cybering, adult content, spamming, role-play, dis-respect, rude or obscene comments . Be respectful of each other.
DIRTY TALKINGG chat room [public] created by Travis96
skype321 chat room [public] created by max54321
one on one chat on skype newfoundland only
Teen Gay And Bi chat room [public] created by 17Gay
Place For Gay's And Bi's Teens To Talk !
copp chat room [private] created by daylightdies
copp kopp facebooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook
Uk girls wanting sex chat room [public] created by Readinguklad69
A place 4 uk girls that want sex can find sex
if your having a bad day chat room [public] created by bambieyes19
If you feel stress, worry, heartache any negative feelings, come here for a rant and bitching session and maybe some emotional support.
Delhi Masti chat room [public] created by devdelhi
for Delhi singles n horny housewives...no fakes plzzzzzzzz.....
YOU ARE BANNED FROM THIS chat room [public] created by coolbeans101
a chat room ........................
you are banned from this chatroom chat room [public] created by coolbeans101
a chat room........................
my chats chat room [public] created by samhiggins1
come chat enjoy yourself its all for fun (:
World RP chat chat room [public] created by ShadowKing2
This is a room were you can rp
LostHome chat room [private] created by HighGuardian
Just a place to rest, a place for me
diets n food chat room [public] created by spriggs221
this is for all of you who wants to talk about food
sceneemobisexualgay lez chat room [public] created by Sarahxlove
u can chat with anyone get know each other :3
Find a soulmate or friends chat room [public] created by Erica45
This is a love room, Find a soulmate
If you 16 chat room [public] created by Wavvey
bored need someone to talk to hopefully a girl or a chill guy been getting 12 year olds and annoying geeks
horny so good chat room [public] created by wilks456
for the ones who just want to start from scrach at talk dirty
camshowgirlforpay chat room [public] created by FreyaMarie
come here ! come here ! come here ! come here ! come here ! come here ! come here ! come here !
UK 40S CHAT chat room [public] created by CarlRad
Singles and Couples Room.Nice People Only ...
Sexting. chat room [public] created by brunetteboobies17
For anyone who wants a piece of this.
white boy seeking exotic girls chat room [public] created by ferry36
36 white boy seeking exotic girl for nice chats
World rp chat room [public] created by ShadowKing2
young lesbian chat no boys allowed chat room [public] created by adgriana
for lesbian and bi gurls only no boys
36boy seeking exotic girls chat room [public] created by ferry36
36 boy from holland seeking exotic girls for chat
black girls chat chat room [public] created by ferry36
36 boy seeking black/exotic girlf for chat
SexyCams chat room [public] created by xmanx19m
Cam Sex On Skype For All PPl Join and Have Fun :)
ishaqzaade chat room [private] created by krishna004
only those people will be allowed who wanna make good friends here
private chat 1on1 chat room [private] created by pablito725
Private chat with lilwaynelover2012.
Alabama Chat Only chat room [public] created by kaylathomas735
People from Alabama Only. Just Alabama people plz
Those JChilllin Duckies chat room [public] created by redset
Welcome. be cool. This is a room for all those Chillin Duckies looking for a pond to Chill. Peace and Love.. that is all. Have a nice day.
capital b chat room [public] created by wifeypoo
if u suffer from bordism and bordom this is the place to be
Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Code Exchange23 chat room [public] created by brian94327
If you want to exchange friend codes let me know!
hot peoplexx chat room [public] created by kaylaxx1
come and chat to people online,make new friendsxx
random chat13 chat room [public] created by sugarpop13
its not about anything we just talk about random thinds thats all
For Anyone and Everyone chat room [public] created by RachelWilson
For kids who want to chat to people they don't know who they are and want to get to know other kids
boys and girls chat room [public] created by dc12399
you willlove it here i really want you guys to like it yup mwahahaha
dirty chat room12 chat room [public] created by troy9774
Think about it it is really the best room
tigermousse chat room [private] created by tigerbread
moose is mousse and tiger is bread i cant get this rhyme outta my head. :D
No perverts here chat room [public] created by Mrcharmy
Come meet new people!No perverts.Chat and make new friends :)
Bored bored bored chat room [public] created by Theycallmecommon
Ehh Im bored :/ =D I guess thats all.
Anyone living in Canada chat room [public] created by Michi0037
So, um i live in toronto, f. yeah.....................................................
Anything I dunno chat room [public] created by Theycallmecommon
Exactly what the title says Im just bored :/
awsomeness jk chat room [public] created by marialuvsyou
you can be ur self here , anybody can chat :) but no pervs
Talk about meee chat room [public] created by Maria1624
Hi guys I'm maria this room is all about me lol
phonesex 4 horny female chat room [public] created by 23mphonesex
Girls needing satisfaction join here! ;)
all alone chatroom chat room [public] created by shynquiet
this is for ignored ppl and fun ppl to be here so u wont be alone no pervs, spammers, and ignorance come and have fun and talk to ppl
GaNesh chat chat room [public] created by Roomeeoo
A person from odisha who waiting here for build relationship with more ladies and ladies. Therefore, Welcome, Amantran aur Avinandan.
Crazy emos chat room [public] created by FallenAngel3437
For people that just want to laugh... when they feel like crying no jerks that want to start crap...
Aspergers Syndrome chat room [public] created by ohslilswimmer17
for people that have it and want to know more about it
the coolest chat room [public] created by dancingqueen67
the boredom and nothing to do room!
Chill out roomm chat room [public] created by Foxysnowwgirl
Anyone welcome no younger kids any Adult welcome
Chilll out rooom chat room [public] created by Foxysnowwgirl
Anyone welcome no younger kids any Adult welcome
Desaris RP Room chat room [public] created by Desari
place to have fun an roleplay what you wish to enjoy
Stoners Chat chat room [public] created by CaitlinMarieQT
room for stoners haha #420 Man made booze. God made grass, who do you trust?
Sweet love Chat room chat room [public] created by Foxysnowwgirl
Welcome to this chat room come and chill
dirty dirty boys and girls chat room [public] created by lovermaker69
lets do what we all come on here for some dirty flirty talk !!
crazyemos chat room [public] created by FallenAngel3437
a room just chat and laugh not all depressing but if your going to be all hipacritical buzz off
Skype IDs chat room [public] created by fas1985
Add your Skype IDs, male and females
fck trolls chat room [private] created by MyAttitudeisCelibate
trolls cant touch this lol!!!!!!!!!
pleasure in vegas chat room [public] created by beno111
its only pleasure just friends with benifits
crazyemoz chat room [public] created by FallenAngel3437
room for emo/ seans that just wanna laugh
Sick Chat chat room [public] created by kellybettymac17
Do whatever. say the weirdest most disturbing things yu can think of. So like this is the place to get it out of yur system. This room is not for sissies (OK i am a sissy but yu knw what i mean) so don't be offend all r welcome.. gay straight, bi or pan (not sure wht that means but don't want to leave anybody out). So be horribly rude, crude, gross and immature so we spare the other chat rooms of all that.
emilys room shout out to jamie chat room [public] created by xxxcheerleaderxxx
onlii ppl i no come in ike jamie sarah yoloman k lol ;)
bordum chat room [public] created by FallenAngel3437
just cuz im really board... any one really
scene ppl chat room [public] created by scenexgore1544
scene ppl is a place to chat for scene pplz
yoloman me and my british poppy jkjkjk chat room [public] created by xxxcheerleaderxxx
hi bitches i guess this is my room it said right 30 words so i am bye ppl lol
Lower Valley Texting chat room [public] created by fear7890
For people who want to meet and text in the lower valley
join if you want a BJ from a 12 year old chat room [public] created by shiney12
i want too give a Blowjob too anyone 36 and under
Meeting Soulmates chat room [public] created by Erica45
It's a place where ya'll can meet people :)
who has msn or yahoo messanger chat room [public] created by markharris
lets cam there..............................
msn or yahoo messanger chat room [public] created by markharris
lets talk on msn or yahoo........
Open and Liberal chat room [public] created by Lucane
Anyone out there who's open to talk about anything in lives. To kill away all the boredom right now!
room193 chat room [private] created by maybe01010101
astrophysics n astrology of love chat room [public] created by aligirl123
Understanding how the universe works and our real purpose of love for eachother through astroogy
astrophysics n astrology of love of your twin flam chat room [public] created by aligirl123
Understanding how the universe works and our real purpose of love for eachother through astroogy
mjessica chat room [public] created by mjessica206y4hoo
Educated, loyal, smart, creative, with a good sense of humour and a very romantic woman. I have a kind heart and lots of love for my future husband. I know how to take care of a family and a home. I cook very well and I adore Ukrainian cuisine. For now I work as an translator in one linguistic company and also I work for one travel company. I like active life and I hope to find crazy spontaneous man who will share his life with me. I adore to travel and discover new places.
Jaedas chat room [public] created by JaedaCassidy
Just a fun place to hang out I guess and I am kinda falling for a guy so dont IM me if your just going to ask me out or flirt with me. IM me about importent stuff k? You can talk about anything at this chatroom ok.
alwaysinterested chat room [public] created by roxzymhiea
enjoy...exciting..i might be getting a whosay account ^.^ i already asked someone :/ if they don't reply in 20 mins.This goal Is starting to piss me off
techchat chat room [public] created by Esmonde
join this room if you love tech
suraj007 chat room [public] created by chandu523
grls plzzzzzzz chat freeee.... anything and anything.........
india-chennai chat room [public] created by gouthamg26
chennai tamil sex room.people from india can join
murali chat room [public] created by kumaran9112
womwn is first row the men is the second row.all most allpapatic order orange the friend list
too horny chat room [public] created by Hoodstar22
If you are horny and want to get off come on in
the friend chat room chat room [private] created by Stepfanie99
matthew7 and victoryisawesome are allowed
Cubs for the Den chat room [public] created by cubneedstrainer
open for cougars to claim some cubs
i want to suk cock chat room [public] created by coolbottom
any hardcore top guys in mumbai pls buzz. im nude on cam
sallu Bhai chat room [public] created by sallumiya
Salman Khan Fans Only who salman khan and likes movies of salman khan
sanfrancisco bottoms for tops chat room [public] created by bubblebuttforu
a chat room for locals here in the bay area.
cabal 2 chat room [public] created by eeccaa
Please come here who play cabal 2
for the bored phuckers chat room [public] created by xchibisized
just chat and stuff if you are bored
strictly new zealand only chat room [public] created by skuxxdeluxx820
new zealanders only wea they can chat message all thos things lol
dickman chat room [public] created by alants
any female want chating pls come chat me pls wach my camera
zooo n meeeee chat room [private] created by easyboy16985
this is for ppl i want to chat with :)
hi..welcome chat room [private] created by vml1
hi, peoples.. are welcomes to chat here.. for .......................................
Los Angeles Adult Online chat room [public] created by da12jewellz
This is a chat room for people local to los angeles and who are looking for dating.
alltymsex chat room [public] created by wetqueen
waitng her for some exotic fun
mone thaka lekha chat room [private] created by Hajaborola
If any one adds me just think before u write
super sex xxxx chat chat room [public] created by vijay253503
You can sex chat in this room.. .nd share phone no. 2 talk.. . . .
boy house chat room [public] created by victoryissoawsome
its for boys and only boys ok maybe A couple hot chicks
Fun Zone 22 chat room [public] created by meganisawsome
This is for anyone under the age of 18 It is also not a place for people to come and ask people to sex chat if a person IM me that u have been asking for inaporpiate things u wil be kicked out
keen girls chat room [public] created by joeb9973
chatt for people looking for fun flirts and all sorts of crazy frisky talk ;)
frndss chat room [public] created by romeo143oemor
daf chat room [private] created by eherber
daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf daf
skinnyboy Klaus chat room [public] created by klaus1273
am a slim boy 179cm 60kg with sexi belly looking cam fun
missionwork chat room [public] created by hcallministry
God's work and how to make new believers friends willing to interact and do misson work
America is Stupid. chat room [public] created by A5hl33
This needs no description. America is just stupid.
Stalkers Club chat room [public] created by BabeStalker
Have You Ever Been Obsessed With Someone?
Ngentot Room chat room [public] created by Rajakumar85
Ruangan dimana tempat berbicara seputar ngentot
MoneyMistress chat room [public] created by sullybeex
Any good little piggies need a goddess to spoil? Im here ;)
malaysian indian only chat room [public] created by mizta4
hi indian outside ter its juz nt oni room for know each other for everything
Romantic Room -InstrumentCoustic- chat room [public] created by BryanSahal
just come in if u love accoustic music, piano instrument, violin instrument, and others..
Pisy chat room [public] created by Pisy
I m one nice girl ,....Come talk too mee...
Etowah TN Adult Room chat room [public] created by Keith0612
Adult room to meet up for flings in etowah, tn.
SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL chat room [public] created by Thewiiman
IF anyone wants to play online SSBB wii then please join this chat
anis 2103 chat room [public] created by anisanous
i am 25 years old a lovely boy look for fun here
sexy chubby chat room [public] created by sachins855
chbby guys can came for free friendship chat
FemDomme chat room [public] created by crimsonidol27
For Mistresses, and the men who worship them.
Who Wants Cock chat room [public] created by ram1987
People who want to see cock on cam. Only for ladies..
depression with life chat room [public] created by nobody12
for those who are depressed with their life.
WMGMHM chat room [private] created by wmgmhm
this is for all the readers and fans of the story When Miss Gangster Meets her match by Shey watty, you can all talk about anything but anything offensive or abusive by emotional we will not tolerate anything in this chatrrom. Everyone is welcome here so PARTY!
enable chat room [public] created by azrika
nnnaaasssbbbdddoooeeeppp;;;jnnnaaa ddddllll
san1945 chat room [public] created by san1945
hi fraind i will make new farind ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
liberated philippines chat room [public] created by whitehot
chat,dating ........adult dating................................................
sexy older lez chat room [public] created by cbarton
a chat room for those cute ladies over and near 40 who wish to chat and maybe meet
gay chubby asian chat room [public] created by happer45600
must be gay chubby asian c2c jakol jack off
love77 chat room [public] created by asiri77
hi ladys...........ill hope friend ship with u
Dooms Day Party chat room [public] created by Rich44
Do not let Them Immanentize the Eschaton!
wolves are better chat room [public] created by theredeyewolf
anybody and chill talk and hang just have fun lol
horny16boy chat room [public] created by ibiza97boy
wanna dating with a girl from bucharest
smoking and cigs chat room [public] created by soulx
If u wantt to talk about smoking and how to get it. Then this is ur chat room.
NORHANNICE chat room [public] created by NORHANNiCE
im bored..................... chat room [public] created by soulx
If u wantt to talk about smoking and how to get it. Then this is ur chat room.
msn or yahoo messanger...... chat room [public] created by markharris
lets go talk on msn or yahoo.................
bruneian only chat room [public] created by quartz1206
this chat room is only for bruneian people do got it? huh do you understand hah?okay
lets chat baby chat room [private] created by ankit1992
any girl or women are interested to chat with me are most welcome in this chatroom.
---sex rp----- chat room [private] created by gibbongxxx
a horney placeforrollplaying, desined for horny guys and girls
secretvery chat room [public] created by paigeywaigy
fun and sweet too join our caht room
doomsday chat chat room [public] created by gautm
chat about the end of he world
Roza 154 chat room [public] created by roza154
if ur not serious never join me plz
hsham chat room [public] created by abohsham
yemen remote sensing and gis center
young cute girls chat room [public] created by vince141
Room for cute younger girls to hang out
usal chat room [private] created by usal
iam free honest ans friendly anything for aq true friend
Role playing games 4 chat room [public] created by unhugablehare
Chat have fun make friends don't be rule its not nice, lets all share the oat meal ok...
friendly talk 23 chat room [private] created by avijit23
here everyone plz talk with good language.iam also speak in bengali
arinna and me chat room [private] created by Mani1121
me and arrina, getting to know eachtoher, and potential offer
Cholo Golpo Kori chat room [private] created by biswajit71
Friends plz come to my chat room
11 - 13 chat room [public] created by BooLoveHarryStyles
Join Only If You Are 11 12 or 13
Wak chat chat room [public] created by Ottomatik
Anything goes here. Run amok speak your mind
triz triz hot chat room [private] created by biizopacz256
u want to meet a tall ,slender chocolate colour,loving ,caring ,honest ,playful and above all god fearing guy? hurry up while stoke lusts
karachi2 chat room [public] created by sana4us
karachi k dost banao_ aur please koi fake profile wala na aae
13-year-olds chat room [public] created by jsb1412
Where 13-year-olds can hang out...casual conversation only. Boys & girls. I will ban you if you use any inappropriate language or talk about anything besides casual conversation.
only married males chat room [public] created by husbandwf
kewal indian married males invite hain masti ke liye
ROLE PLAYING GAMES FOUR chat room [public] created by unhugablehare
Come have fun share your cookies and make silly friends please be friendly!
Clean Chatz chat room [public] created by tzipporah12
Talk KLEAN ALL YOu want No dirty stuff KLEAN KLEAN KLEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Woman chat room [public] created by Funkay27
Question and answers for black women
hang out-lonely indian gals chat room [public] created by zippa37
only lonely indian gals in kenya
indian g chat room [public] created by harry5i
chennai6 chat room [public] created by AnupB
Chat room for chennai people for chatting/meeting
lexican1965 chat room [public] created by lexican1965
Lives in brooklyn new york works in brooklyn.
Turn 40 dollars into 100s of dollars chat room [public] created by DeeDee2392
Hello, my name is Dominique & I was wondering if you were interested in becoming apart of my team. I work for Motor Club of America (MCA) and for a $40 sign up fee they pay out $80-$90 for every person you refer. They pay every friday and you will also receive the benefits of the company.I made $900 in my first week & this is my second, but If you are unsure if I am being 100% honest with you please review this website and get back with me. MCAHQ.com If you are interested then either email me at Domo.Beautiful.1@gmail.com or Call me at (224)764-0658 Its only $40 you spend that on worthless shit, so come spend it on something that will benefit you. SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY!!!!!!
Omoolo2012 chat room [private] created by Omoolo2012
I want to chat wit every one here.
banter fanta chat room [public] created by xlilshazx
hiyaaa, just chill out and have a laugh anyone welcome. #NOTPEDOS
Trade chat room [public] created by Crazymonkey24
This chat room is better than sex chat everyone wants to trade pics come in if your not horney dont come in.
sexy lounge chat room [public] created by kingsparks
just a place to kick it and mingle for adults looking for some adult fu
Done chat room [private] created by SamDone
love room and for making friends with girls
Gay Maryland chat room [public] created by Zach16gay
Anyone in Maryland who wants to hook up
impulsive chat room [private] created by impulsivegentleman
Not a room for anyone who is not invited
impulsiveone chat room [private] created by impulsivegentleman
Not a room for anyone who is not invited
BoricuasPR chat room [private] created by BORiCUAX100PRE
PR stand up. anyone feel free to chat and meet latina's or latino's ;)
ShadowKings2 chat room [private] created by ShadowKing2
looking for a bf at age 15 chat room [public] created by Alex32020
if ur 15 and hot and looking for a bf come to this chat room
chubby chasers welcome chat room [public] created by masterkp
looking for good woman no girls allowed
scotland for msn chat room [public] created by lesley75
looking for people in scotland to share msn addys
FunFunLand chat room [private] created by pkrawrs
just a place to talk to people to pass time and have fun c:
Kelvin chat room [public] created by Kelvinsam
God has bles my music industry and am moving on.Glory be to god
OrO LAnd chat room [public] created by pkrawrs
just cause you're bored. If you just wasnt to talk join and if you want to talk to me just IM C:
Hetalia Fangirl World chat room [public] created by GreatCountryLaos
If you need to nerd or Fangirl about Hetalia Please Feel Freeto Join in here. I Get Very Lonely in this Empty chat room with no one to Nerd With. Men and Women Welcome~
St. Louis dating chat room [public] created by groupivoil
Chat room for people from the St. Louis area looking for relationships, flings, sexual encounters
Cyberchat and more chat room [public] created by enrico1223
In this room you can look for a partner to enjoy yourself
lets have some fun1234567890 chat room [public] created by kcjhtwirler
where you can just hang out and have fun!!! especially if I know you!!!!!!!!!!! whatever i just had to fill at least 30 characters! lol
beastiality fans chat room [public] created by keller013
For all thos who have had sexual intercourse with animals
Funny 16-18 Year Olds chat room [public] created by LC712
Just want a laugh and to socialize =)
single girls that r hot and single chat room [public] created by Alex32020
hey if u r hot and single and 13 14 15 im me or ask for my #
Sex chat skype chat room [public] created by pisani3418
skype for women who want to have a fun time
A Place For Hiding chat room [public] created by GreatCountryLaos
This is where you can find me if Im in hiding. Mostly from people who are Being Crazy and what not
Minecraft 4 u playerz chat room [public] created by xXDarkPieXx
Talk anything minecraft related ANYTHING!!!!!!
needy boyfriend chat room [public] created by BrandyGold7
this room is for anyone looking for a boyfriend
looking to make friends chat room [public] created by laurayung
new here, trying to make some new friends. im from WI so it would be awesome to meet more people from here.
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