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List of all user-created chat rooms #440
Family house chat room [private] created by KagenBlue
this is what it says, its my family and i. even other family related can come in and what not.
bi girls 13-19 only chat room [public] created by Selena1313
bi girls looking for younger girls
single peoples chat chat room [public] created by awesomekam123
4 singles only and for who ever i s looking for a boyfriend
single canadians chat room [public] created by CalmLikeABomb
looking to chat from canada meet local people you might even know from some where else
Cherry Blossom palace chat room [private] created by KagenBlue
this is my daughter's room and yes this is a private chat.
any1 want to KIK chat room [public] created by CalmLikeABomb
any1 have kik well heres ur chance to expand any questions my KIK is Re demptions
TeensOnly14-19 thx chat room [public] created by Yuki4110
only teens please thank you lol
fly by chat room [public] created by joel321
come and talk .. vkgjgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
One Guy One Girl chat room [public] created by Tawsh
One guy looking for one Girl ages 16 - 20+ :) Maybe cam if your nice ;) x
hony girls chat room [public] created by lonsam1
let get weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
confused cloud chat room [public] created by khusiRavin
anyone confused and need to share can come here
lessandbabydoll chat room [private] created by babtdoll
just for a room for me and a friend ;)
My chat70863 chat room [private] created by AngelAmy99
HornyRUS chat room [public] created by grlscumforme
If you are not horny and or a women then don't come. This room you can say anything you want.
one-night chat room [public] created by Ofylmz
Resterant hell chat room [public] created by ThisisChata
THIS IS WHERE WE ,,llǝɥ uı ǝuıp,, for upside down words, go to http://www.fliptext.net/
surprise room chat room [public] created by noodel12
really sexy we have puss* and d****s aloud i hope u will enjoy our surprise inside
Guardian chat room [private] created by 104Arrows
If you aren't welcome, you wouldn't be here.
Minecraft please chat room [public] created by danymirgo
Minecraft is a sandbox indie game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. It was publicly released for the PC on May 17, 2009, as a developmental alpha version and, after gradual updates, was published as a full release version on November 18, 2011. A version for Android was released a month earlier on October 7, and an iOS version was released on November 17, 2011. On May 9, 2012, the game was released on Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade game, co-developed by 4J Studios. All versions of Minecraft receive periodic updates. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat. Gameplay in its commercial release has two principal modes: survival, which requires players to acquire resources and maintain their health and hunger; and creative, where players have an unlimited supply of resources, the ability to fly, and no health or hunger. A third gameplay mode named hardcore is the same as survival, differing only in difficulty; it is set to hardest setting and respawning is disabled, forcing players to delete their worlds upon death. Minecraft received five awards from the 2011 Game Developers Conference: it was awarded the Innovation Award, Best Downloadable Game Award, and the Best Debut Game Award from the Game Developers Choice Awards; and the Audience Award, as well as the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, from the Independent Games Festival in 2011. In 2012, Minecraft was awarded a Golden Joystick Award in the category Best Downloadable Game.[5] As of January 22, 2013, the game has sold over 9 million copies on PC and over 20 million copies across all platforms.[6]
boredem busters chat room [public] created by sprousefan
help each other to not be bored anymore
Ages 17-22 only chat room [public] created by Tino18
This Chat room is only open for ages 17-22 year olds
chicago streets chat room [public] created by chicagoflag
Name your favorite part of town
Under 16yrs Chat chat room [public] created by Caligirl37
Are you under 16? This is the general chat room for you.
14 plus chat chat room [public] created by marisainhell
cool chat for 14 years olds and up
13-18yearoldsonly chat room [public] created by megzbubbles
13-18 year olds only to talk and have fun :) so yeah
Teen Girls Chat with me chat room [public] created by setti93
Have some fun chat with me and everyone else! I promise itll be fun :)
Minecraft fun chat chat room [public] created by HelloEJS3
lets play minecraft and chat so we are not boared
Sex Wrestling Chat chat room [public] created by ForceMeF21
This is a lesbian wrestling chatroom
IlluminatiRocNation chat room [public] created by HovaRocNation
This chat room is for people wanting to be in illuminati and roc-nation
hmhm chat room [private] created by thatonegod
wow what a beautiful room. hm lets see the stars
no stuck ups BE OPEN MINDED chat room [public] created by antonio1331
join this chat room if your not gonna be insulted or offended by everything people type. feel free to ask or chat about anything ..feel free and meet people who are open minded.
teens girls only chat room [public] created by cboe2400
women with one guy that wants nudes
girls are invited chat room [public] created by zabian
for pure enjoyment, sex, etc...
La Salle de Bal Rochefort chat room [public] created by ninjablonde
The Rochefort Ballroom The floors and walls are pearl marble with high ceilings. There are no furniture, but servants lining the walls. There is only one large portrait of Haruno Rochefort, lit from beneath and centered on the front wall. Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyDeMbJNfhA
naughty pic exchange room chat room [public] created by whodat1910
exchange and share pictures of yourself or others ;)
yum2x chat room [public] created by yum2x
pinoy pasok usap2x tau open anything
Eastern Long Island chat room [public] created by eastliguy2
looking for fun times on Eastern Long Island
Jakes fun chat chat room [public] created by honjake
New at this chat room [public] created by ewetter
I want to try one on one lesbian chat with someone who is expirienced and can show me the ways!
13-16 Year Old Dating Chat Room chat room [public] created by CoDSTAR91
Brampton Quick Fukc Sessions chat room [public] created by chocolatemovie
Brampton Quick Fukc Sessions , link up globally with people in your region ready to fukc and give oral
Chat with someone chat room [private] created by miraclejoy
Chat with someone. Come to see me miraclejoy for allow into private chat room.
Dantes chat. chat room [public] created by DatGuyDante
Do i need one? Well its a room i created to get away from the chats full of ignorant people. Rp or whatever you want to do its fine just dont get disrespectfull or ill be forced to boot you out.
EMOS BOYS AND GRILS ONLY chat room [public] created by EMOSUMMERALEXiS
STL MISSOURI CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by Famos
this room is for people who are from Missouri
Bisexual fun chat room [public] created by Starchie
Looking to trade picture or just some fun chat
13-5 come boys only chat room [public] created by EvaEnns
Im Eva and i wanna meet guys :P but not date any cause i dont wanna date someone over interent :P but i just wanna chat if interested please come im willing to chat
para sa mga HORNY chat room [public] created by amacuute
I'm a horny girl have sex with me
teen lesbians only 109411 chat room [public] created by kitty121
if you are a girl lesbian and want to suck
murder chat room [public] created by murdershewrote88
for those of us who like serial killers
sexy mamash chat room [public] created by mamash30
for all sexy bbys who like to flirt and talk dirty yeah bbys chat here with me
black bull 4 white wife chat room [public] created by lopsidedballs
nuff said...disease free 10 inch by 8 inch black bull
swaveyy room chat room [public] created by tbutta
we party get drunk nd naked have fun play music have sex bassically have a lot of fun
lovislife chat room [public] created by HALKAHAATH
only girls can chat with me. i want to have girlfriends immediately living at any country of the whole world.
lovedostiorpyaar chat room [public] created by udaygohil
to chat with good people,make friend and date them:)
eastern NC chat room chat room [public] created by sk8teridiot558
any one who lives in eastern NC or the outer banks area
obx chatt chat room [public] created by sk8teridiot558
any one who lives in eastern NC or the outer banks area
eastern NC outer banks chat room [public] created by sk8teridiot558
anyone who lives on the eastern NC coast
Punksnotdead chat room [public] created by BryanManson666
Punks emos goth's if you're one of us just chat it up! (no muslims allowed!)
AMBW FUN chat room [public] created by kittie1993
Iraq for ever chat room [public] created by 1357924680
Hi every women this chat room built for sexy women who like fun and sex
Tamil Chating chat room [public] created by rajesh134
Tamil knowing peoples are welcome to join
DoctorWhoFanBase chat room [public] created by MegaMonster
Talk about Tv shows, Music, or anything Really. friendly fun chat room. This is the (D.W.F.B) ^_^v Peace and Love!
i want you my dear chat room [public] created by johnabharam
i want a faith full girl......
The D.W.F.B chat room [public] created by MegaMonster
Doctor Who Fans unite!!!! Talk about Tv shows and music. this shall be Fantastic!!!
13-15 years old only girls and guys chat room [public] created by goodgirl202
you have to be 13-15 to be in here if ur older than leave
Hetalia fan chat room [public] created by VenezianoVargas
This chat room will let you talk to others about what's going on and the news about hetalia. You can use cosplay or role play in this room.
joanwang chat room [public] created by joanwang
chinese lady search man for marriage
kik lol chat room [private] created by jhonye9
wanna kik come bb we can txt anything
secx chat room [public] created by ie10compat
sex likers chat room [public] created by ragdu
for the people who want to talk about sex and other realted topics
Geelong people chat room [public] created by hawka15
any one who lives in Geelong is welcome!!!
lawyers club chat room [public] created by devildem
All lawyers, young or old, and law aspirants from across the world are welcome here.
sameer127 chat room [private] created by sameer133
passionate love chat room [public] created by chirojjwal
any one who wants to live life king size..
cash advance chat room [public] created by jimprachya
http://www.noproblemcash.com/?c=207519 http://www.noproblemcash.com/?c=207519 http://www.cash-advance-loans.co/?c=207519
who will like 2 skype chat room [public] created by prettynadia
who will like 2 skype who will like 2 skype who will like 2 skype who will like 2 skype who will like 2 skype
flirt0000 chat room [private] created by popli09
have a lovely flirtuous ameince
Ania chat room chat room [public] created by Aniajames
Squre hey hello my friend am happy to see every body today
BI philippines chat room [public] created by navigation
BI HAPPINESS philippines chat room [public] created by navigation
streessout chat room [private] created by sweetmegha90
where u talk on any topic to stress out
metal band chat room [public] created by uglyduckling1
only people that like metal bands and no older than 21
andreylibertyrockin chat room [public] created by andreyrockin
sex is my faved come on play and to doit........grgrgrgrghhhhhh
starnite chat room [public] created by vijaycool
I like to caht with every one and like to be friend with all
Rita chat room [public] created by ritawood
Hello handsome i am Rita from Ghana 25 yrs and u
frances2424 chat room [public] created by Francheska2424
hit me if you are interested and looking for someone to talk too ..
Glades chat room [public] created by gladbaby
I am nice and good looking girl
chat with eachother chat room [public] created by ZebraCupcakes
this is a chat room where u can just hang out or flirt only teens ages 13-18 anyone older or younger will be banned and u can say what ever you want in this chat but if u get annoying or out of hand your getting banned come on in and try it out
CUTE BOY chat room [public] created by obajana2008
Greekcorner chat room [public] created by Evripidis
Meeting place for greeks outside from Greece.
SELLING BRANDED AND AUTHENTIC COSMETICS chat room [public] created by cosmeticsANDaccessor
Hello friends! This room is all about cosmetics and accessories. I'm selling different brand of cosmetics and deliver it directly to your home. Chat with us for more info. Thanks you all!
CT3 chat room [private] created by coolthierry
hi there, welcome to CT chat room
bradeyzzz chat room [public] created by annisaa
long, handsome, smart, hot, sexy, hard, romantic
gils chat room chat room [public] created by shyam850
only indian hot girls allow in this room
astron chat room [public] created by astrontan
the facemash chat room [public] created by rishabh96
The facemash is a chat room for all people and is uncensord! Do flrtng, txtng whatever. Its open for all!
Afro chat room chat room [public] created by abingigwy
This is room is not for joke.this is a where whites and blacks meet.If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Spammers get warned. If you continue.No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
nabilnssifoune chat room [public] created by nabilnssifoune
Hi how are you My name is Nabil nudity 28 years old looking for a woman for marriage .... specialist in the installation of natural gas and central heating pipes for those who want to contact me this is my address on Skype nabilnsifoune ok
Pes Naweb chat room [public] created by pesnaweb
if the girls you are willing to show your feet =)
jenny2982 chat room [private] created by jenny2982
hello friends how are you doing for me friends
purevision chat room [private] created by visionserpent
Creating and sharing visions in passing moments with strangers alike
morello chat room [private] created by ojudu
this ia talk bet ween me and a new friend and would love to know more about her
Pewdiepie come Please chat room [public] created by mountain118
Just wanna chat fast because I like your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alexadramartinez chat room [public] created by DocMarvin
i'm so proud of all of girls who want to be in
Like Feet chat room [public] created by pesnaweb
I would like to have a discution with girl who love feet =)
Feet like chat room [public] created by pesnaweb
I would like to have a discution with girl who love feet =)
Young gay boys 13-15 chat room [public] created by BenLoutz
Young gay boys 13-15 come have some fun!
Faith chaters chat room [public] created by faizatu
This chat room is meant for only friends which have faith ...We are only haven fun and making new friends
Sissy ballet boys chat room [public] created by Balletboy65
A room for guys who dress in ballet gear and feel great wearing!
milwaukee wisconsin chat chat room [public] created by blackbeauty07
residents of wiscsonsin come forth
DeafChat chat room [public] created by Lexest
I hope deaf and hearing people, all together can have fun and maybe make new friends and chat with ASL (American Sign Language)
12-14 boys and girls chat room [public] created by hotgirl1944
just for kids to chat and chill :) x
kids 12 - 14 dating chat room [public] created by hotgirl1944
were u find realy cute and fit peeps xxx
fry time chat room [public] created by fry6
all is welcome to speak to me have fun
Lets Talk 2 chat room [public] created by babyB23
Talk bout any thing discuss stuff, any one is welcome
Stuff and Things chat room [public] created by TheFuzzyOfDoom
Because I have no fudging idea what to talk about.
My house and home chat room [private] created by TheHeroesLegend
yes this is my home and you are alloud in it as long as you behave.
Ages 15-19 chat room [public] created by xJorden21x
This room is for both males and females ages 15-18 to chat and get to know each other :)
My Wyfe chat room [public] created by jamd1245
would u like to see my wifes pics
a wife pic room chat room [public] created by jamd1245
swap pics and chat about our wives
Lesbian Welcome Or Bi chat room [public] created by AdelynLoves
Hello I wanna find a honey so we could have some fun kiss a little use a little tong or just like friends w.e fine .......
feet lovers dream chat room [public] created by footslave538
if you have a foot fetish, whether its male or female, this where you want to be
The Pack chat room [private] created by TheHeroesLegend
this is a room where pack wolves and werewolves can meet and be in peace
Otaku Relme chat room [public] created by OtakuLust
for people like me true otaku, a place to forge friendships, relationships, Or some old fasion funn. ps Otake pervs welcom....and Hentai ftw.
Drunk Chat or sober if you like us. chat room [public] created by Zappah
Come here if you have phone itis and no one is available. Get to know us you might come here when sober!
Broken Night chat room [private] created by nightmarezane
My world is always dark, a nightmare to others that is what this world is.
Lesbian love one plus one equals love chat room [public] created by Lexigoesmeow
Girls can get together and find friends or long lasting relationshipse
bobby robby chat room [public] created by robby19
iam hardsome try me want some1 2 cherish mi forever amen iam serious
NZ CHAT - ONE STANDS chat room [public] created by kredence111
LEZBIANSSS chat room [public] created by SweetHeartttx
This room is for bi or lesbian girls. Just to have fun and to chat it up. NO DRAMA if your a guy you will get kicked simple as that <3
Latino SWaGG Chat chat room [public] created by BarbiieSWaGG23
For Only Teens 13-18 Cute Sexy Guys
werewolf sittings chat room [private] created by LOVEMELOVEME12345678
i sall one to day im not happy at all
PKCGROUP chat room [public] created by PKCGROUP
PT. PRAMADAYA KARYA CIPTA Consultan dan Jasa Jl. Kalijati Indah II No 21 Antapani-Bandung 40291
chyko22 chat room [public] created by chyko22
my name is chike from Ngeria ,black hair,brown eyes and black in complxion.I live in savona Italy.interested to a woman who will love me as i am can be a good woman to me.from 45 to 60yrs old
crazynakedfun chat room [public] created by stacirocks
Fun with a red head and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DUMBTHINGHIDE chat room [private] created by MisaruHitorumi
skype nude pic trade chat room [public] created by justloving123
Join this chat room if you want to trade dirty picks on skype, or if you want to skype sex. girls 13-25
single kids only chat room [public] created by JoshEpix
For gay or lesbian singles bisexuals included 13 threw 16 only
BW-WM Interracial Chat chat room [public] created by AngelGirl925
A place where non-black men and black women can talk about dating outside their race and find like-minded people to meet and chat with
semparidhi chat room [public] created by Bharath777
I am online we can share our happy and sorrow
stace and bills chat chat room [private] created by evangelenesdaddy17
satce and bills chat thats it!
ppl wit cams chat room [public] created by luisadiaz
People who have webcams that looking for others with cams
pinoytambayers chat room [public] created by halfcrazy
hi pinoy all over the world..lets chat and be friends:) have fun but respect everyone..
The Anderson House chat room [private] created by izaiahAnderson
The Anderson Family~ Izaiah and his family ruled the immortal world as well~
sirens inn hotel and resturant getaway chat room [public] created by furrypawwe
this place is meant for anyone! peace or be in pieces. all those who step in here are garanteed a good time. either from the spa, to the all you can eat. 199 rooms are available for purchase.
Home of the Sea God chat room [public] created by TheSeaGod
this is my home and you are welcome in it.
trade skype user names chat room [public] created by DylanD789
u must have a webcam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kuwait hot chat room [public] created by suresh517
Hi chicks. Looking for hot chat with me then join this room. Even we can meet in kuwait. Mahboula
Ageplayfortoday chat room [private] created by Deeperstill
Older Man with the sweet sexy mind of a yngr girl, who's luving the attention too xxx
hot chay chat room [public] created by jhonye9
hot hot hot hot hot hot lol
gman22s chat room [public] created by Rkgoodzs
everything goes, have fun with this experience, dont be an ahole but be polite and friendly all girls welcome
jp chat room [public] created by cutejp
This is jp chat room, all my freinds come to join
kkkforeverwhitepower chat room [public] created by desertspada
if you are a negro wetback or chink you aren't welcome
KIK SEXT chat room [public] created by joshdakid
ANYBODY WITH KIK and wants to chat
LoveOnLine chat room [public] created by kulet11
Have somefun and be nice to my room and be friendly to mates ^^ahaha
SexChat. chat room [public] created by MichaelPlatt
manojs chat room [public] created by manoj217
good looking person hight 5"11 wt 65
Druggies welcome chat room [public] created by zannyfreak
Come one Come all Dislikes and Likes welcome
handsomehardy chat room [private] created by handsomehardy
handsomehardy chat room for my friends for chatting
ABDl mommies chat room [public] created by babyboii19
Woman wanting to turn men into babies
World of Tanks chat room [public] created by jjjggg10000
If u love tanks of play the game, YOLO! Come and join this amazing room peeps
broken dream chat room [public] created by 8107568476
FunChat22 chat room [public] created by MichaelPlatt
Firstborn of Jesus chat room [public] created by Bamyinkuz
This room is for people who want to get to Heaven.
fort wayne in.chat chat room [public] created by jakeb987654321
Chat with singles in fortwayne
only mine chat room [private] created by extreme2882
its a pvt room for a pvt chat. this will be for private use only
Meowwww chat room [private] created by MeowMeowKitten
only mine chat chat room [private] created by extreme2882
its a chat room for only chatting with like minded people
extremer chat room [private] created by MeowMeowKitten
DS1000 chat room [public] created by Dharesh
I have never seen such a good web thank you for everything!!!!!!!!
vineeth chat room [public] created by vineeth99in
hello friends come and join with me
desicpl chat room [public] created by sumavasant
Indian desi couple looking for married desi couple
wamen chat room [public] created by jierak
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girls in uk chat room [public] created by jierak
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keepninja85 chat room [public] created by keepninja85
am kumar am fun loving guy am living in india this before i never do this in the nature
MLM chat room [public] created by networkpieter
A room for multilevel network marketing advertisers
skype ID chat room [public] created by arafatdon
add your skype name ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
skype name chat room [public] created by arafatdon
lisbo chat room [private] created by GwenZeller
no guys allowed u get caught in here u get reported
Fun Time Only chat room [private] created by EvilZz
Hey..Just enjoy Here..no hard feeling for anyone..Its time for fun
south eastern europe chat room [public] created by edi90
For the people from the balkans
newroom111 chat room [private] created by jjameel369
hai this is jameel, hai...................................................................................
Bangalore adda chat room [public] created by prithvidsnx26
Chat room dedicated to bangaloreans.
Dannys awesomely awesome chat chat room [public] created by DannySantos96
It fun and its named after me hahahhahhahahahahahahahahaha
moonlight1 chat room [public] created by gareeb02
for serious and respected chat
Gays and lesbians and bisexuals chat room [public] created by zombiegirl97
this room is for gays and their supporters it doesnt matter if they like the same sex
sex chat now chat room [public] created by jojack2012
room for people to talk to a person a nd have pc sex
minecaft chat room xbox 360 chat room [public] created by girlcrafter312
giving out your xbox name to play minecraft with others
keep it real kids chat room [public] created by dante9996
everything allowed idgaf what u do just have fun and keep it funny,if u a lame dont come here all boring
lisandry chat room [public] created by demonfoxbighead
got to chat so many things here...
The Insane Domain-Juggalos N Lettes chat room [public] created by scaryfairy420
We love the wickid shit. Mmfwkcl
bottoms tops--daddys sons chat room [public] created by kcbottom420
room for top Daddys and bottom sons but all men welcome
loverlover100 chat room [public] created by loverlover100
let talk to me why would not like to talk to me i am sooo hot LOL
Only for Nice Talk chat room [public] created by Dorger
Do not enter if you think that you may speak everything, please be nice with girls in here
hornygirls here chat room [public] created by iwant2girl
all horny come here.........................................................................................
Single and looking for a boyfriend or a girlfrien chat room [public] created by Cat5259
All the single people come on and have some fun
Personal chatroom chat room [private] created by ilovepoker
Friends only, general chat talk about watever u want, keep it to teens only, no adults :P
palmyra chat room [private] created by kaunos
hallo ı am alex from germany how are you?
palmiyra chat room [public] created by kaunos
hello my name alex from germany how are you?
chat room chat chat room [public] created by vimm
chat have fun enjoy meeting new people
toby chat room [public] created by tobio
we make new friends and to be one peace unite we stand come to our world
Single Parents of Canada chat room [public] created by vslover1987
This is for all single parents wanting someone special-english only please
old man looking for teen chat room [public] created by amy1996xxxx
old man look for teenage to chat with here a chat room xx
passion room for wild romance chat room [private] created by passionatedavid
its a room for wild sex and romance for open minded guys and girls
big botty girls chat room [public] created by kimmi96
ddont have one ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
HUBBAHUBBA chat room [private] created by HUBBA93
WHITE YOUNG GUYSSS chat room [public] created by kihgha
this chatroom is for anyone i just couldnt think of a name but yea hit me up or whatever
teens only 13-15 only chat room [public] created by mc1wolfpup
people ages 13 to 15 are alowed if you are any older you will get kicked out
older bbw women chat room [public] created by likit6969
big women looking for an older man that luvs to go down
ProAnaMiaEDNOS chat room [public] created by killerxoxo
This is an actively monitored chatroom for -People who struggle with anorexia/bulimia/EDNOS -People who want pro ana/mia support -People who want to just talk about their hard times I AM HERE ACTIVELY FROM THE US EST 6 PM - 9 PM You are not alone here. We will get there, if it kills us. Please do not bash this room, I do not agree with the "pro-ana" movement, but, I am deemed 'uncurable' and have no where else to turn. So, here is a safehaven for those not ready for recovery.
Single female chat chat room [private] created by King20122
Only female between 20-40 years of age searching for men are allowed.
Loveers Chaat chat room [public] created by AshRawR88
if you want/need a lover or somebody come here but no people over 25
hot guy chat chat room [public] created by jaw3
this is a hot spot for sexy/hot guys!
the hot guy chat chat room [public] created by jaw3
thia is the hot spot for all sexy/hot guys!
traders chat room [public] created by ramblin32
Chat with people that want to trade pics instead of guessin who mite want to.be respectful if someone says no leave it at that
Supernatural the TV and anime series chat room [public] created by 4chordRhyme
"Saving people....hunting things.....the family business" This is a chat room for any Supernatural fans or anyone just getting into the series. This is a place for fans to ban together and to respect one another. Role-playing is welcome, because of the different age spans of the fandom keep things PG16 at least..if you wish to take the RP further or into more detail please take it to IM (though i wouldnt mind it much haha, but we must respect each other wishes here..gore is fine though) I will NOT put up with perverts take your crap somewhere else please and thank you! I also advise no drama, take that to IM too. Once again this is a place to honor the show and let all your supernatural feelings out, please respect one another.
Arab Youth chat room [public] created by Sariiahmad
To recognize on the Arab youth
Lydiaboadu23 chat room [public] created by faffdffDDaAA
i am Lydiaboadu23@yahoo.com i am single and i am here for my partner
hah chat room [public] created by prettynadia
u can call me on +233249573342 if u really lav me
friendly chat for every1 chat room [public] created by alexa322
fun to chat with new people and make new friends
gay in texas chat room [public] created by sloanerboner11
Homosexual and bisexual men from texas
love and more chat room [public] created by mariah2013
come be yourself and something just might happen
dre chat room [public] created by chardas
man to man.gays.with in united arab emirates area,,
Suicide Pact England chat room [public] created by Destinyismine
Anyone wanting to end it all? Come here and hook up with a suicide buddy
hearthrobs chatroom chat room [public] created by cloud999901
just be happy and friendly and everything will be perfect
friends 24 chat room [private] created by niecehayes
jwehufgerui hguwhtrhvu45hr4trhgi oj3io2h45trio2h5utgr3ui4hgu24f2uihgui45tgu45hj7u5ki
girls that want to text naked pics chat room [public] created by cheifzac
12-15 only pls . must have cell phone
gay roleplays chat room [public] created by bttmkid
for gay boys who like to chat with gay men
pinoy OFW chat room [public] created by charminglady4758
This is a chatroom intended for all filipino working abroad who wish to chat to their "kababayan " friendly and clean chat only are allowed. Sexual and illegal activities are strictly prohibited
horny girls wanted now chat room [public] created by mrnatedog1999
for horny 13-17 girls wanted for chattin with this cool guy
lesbehonest girls chat room [public] created by maggie123456
lesbehonest... you know you want to...;P
LAGUNA tripper chat room [public] created by jinhayate
any0ne allowed gay men women...cmon lets have a good time
zevy chat room [public] created by zevy
just a fun place to hang out and talk
Hunting Forest chat room [public] created by nightmarezane
This forest is where I will hunt with others, whoever it may be.
COOL PEEPS1123 chat room [public] created by esterrocks
only for the coolest of the cool, holllla at cho gurlll.
Realm chatroom chat room [public] created by cloud999901
Be happy, be friendly and everything will be perfect
manga artests chat room [public] created by danman98
Looking for a partner, trying to help oters find a story, give tips on drawing,or just here for a good chat on a manga this is your place
Intelligent kids chat room [public] created by katelyndanielle21
A chat room for kids like me to talk about bands, to flirt, whatever. I'm just tired of the unintelligent babble on here.
sex for chicago chat room [public] created by janthony692693
for All sex addicts or people who love to have sex
Suicide Help from a teen just like you chat room [public] created by MichelleWoods
adults allowed to. I am here to listen due to a reccent occurence.
1DIRECTIONERS chat room [public] created by bribri1108
just a place where people who like one direction can go
Fantasy Creature Role-Play chat room [public] created by BlazingBunnies
Role-play as your favorite Mythological creature! When out of character, use ((this)). Pervs get banned. Romance is allowed, but no sex. Please keep it PG-13.
creator chat room [private] created by ashu2441980
My resting room chat room [public] created by TheFaithfulOne
this is where i rest and find peace and other people are welcome to come in and talk.
Public fun chat room [public] created by DoggyDuo
come here to watch, or take a turn.
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