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List of all user-created chat rooms #458
WORLDWIDE ONLINE chat room [public] created by BellaCatherina
lets meet new friends and peoples here:)
WALL SEX chat room [public] created by paulstiver619
Arrange meetings... Meet new people... Find someone or just talk!!!
Family problems chat room [public] created by sadlittlesmile
Death of a parent/s? Communication problems, anxiety, stress? This place is where you want to talk to people who experienced grief of a loved one and how it affected their families... Shares your experiences and solutions to the people who are going throught it.
Wildboi17 chat room [public] created by wildboi17
talk about anything u want except gay males
Butches love femmes chat room [public] created by pattistankiewicz
For lesbian/femme/butches that want to chat ask questions or your just curious.Not intened for males. Keep it clean
love - romance chat room [public] created by ranadheer1
Kenalan Melayu chat room [public] created by daniitroll
Mari datang sini untuk kenal lebih lanjut orang2 melayu yang ketagih nak cari melayu lain.
edi chat room [public] created by eddyally
i need a girl with true peace and love in our relation
My hang out bar chat room [public] created by tochang
Hang out..................................................................................................................
get them numbers chat room [public] created by mj1997
message people and get their phone numbers
for the girls chat room [public] created by fallout101shotz
i want to talk to ladies and have a nice chat and become friends
Makenzis Dollhouse chat room [public] created by xTSBarbie
No Bullying, No Fighting, No Discriminating. This WIll Be A Instant Ban
rose150 chat room [public] created by rose150
hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................hello am single..............................................
thriteens only chat room [public] created by ashleycute13
all thriteen year old kids come to this chat room
all or one chat room [public] created by ashleycute13
everyoe can come but not aldults
Rajasthani chat room chat room [public] created by Sonubhai
Come all the indians in this rooms and know the culture of rajasthan
informative... chat room [public] created by Ginujoy
come to chat and improve yourself.
gay feet chat room [public] created by adam15yrs
guys who want feet or sex i always want both if so this is you group you sexy guys
all new chat room [public] created by blueryl
wanted to meet someone new and exciting for future purposes
Traveling to Costa Rica chat room [public] created by thrownleaves
I'm looking to travel to costa rica and I'd like to chat with someone from costa rica that could give me information
pikeville ky lesbos chat room [public] created by wallace2011
looking forsomeone to havea 3some with
laikim chat room [private] created by koaplafer
everyone WELLCOME... ladies MOST WELLCOME...
Babys for B.A.P chat room [public] created by bapfan
Chat room for B.A.P's fans all over the world :) Support BYG, KHC, JDH, YYJ, MJU, CJH ^-^
chat0687 chat room [private] created by chetan0687
create own chat room please create my own chat room.
skype pic trade chat room [public] created by arturoy0gi
swap skype names for pic swaps str8 or gay
Familienspass chat room [public] created by tabulos
Familienspass für jeden der spass mag
Faovrite Movie chat room [public] created by grant2014
List and name your favorite Movie and quotes.
lalalalalalalaalalalallaa chat room [private] created by vlair
dsandmasnf adadxcvzvxz vdsfdasdasdasdasdsadsadasasdasda
Furry Fun -clean- chat room [public] created by isisTheWolf
I hope to make this a good place for furries to chat please dont ========= 1) spam 2) troll 3) be discusting (in sexual, gore-y or other distrubing ways)
MY SPICL FRNDS chat room [private] created by Omer143
Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall. * * * * * * * * *
Bangalore Bi chat room [public] created by preetk
Chat room for Bi sexual from Bangalore
ammu80 chat room [private] created by ammu80
MineCraft ChatRoom 1 chat room [public] created by dbrum24
Join if you play minecraft please do not spam or use caps
malaysia..... chat room [public] created by vins11
Malaysian :D :D :D :D :D tho i don't speak malay
Luckychicgirl chat room [public] created by luckychicgirl
me and you lust all have fun and just talk
95 Concrete chat room [private] created by 95concrete
I hi Trisha this is Tim from charlotte I would love to chat with you and get to know you better
1995 Concrete chat room [private] created by 95concrete
I hi Trisha this is Tim from charlotte I would love to chat with you and get to know you better
1995concrete chat room [private] created by 95concrete
Hi trisha this tim from charlotte nc i would love to chat with you
Lesbians and Bisexualss chat room [public] created by gmaeb
lesbians and bisexuals come here!
dayton and springfield ohio area dating chat room [public] created by kevink4269
for Dayton and Springfield ohio area dating chat room
Sexy girls come here and see me chat room [public] created by Celtics3409
I want all girls that are naught
Unfriendly Chat chat room [public] created by cnaylor13
This room is (as the name suggest's) the complete opposite of Friendly Chat. Here the rules are less strict. No Spamming!
Raunchy chat room [public] created by MerryMess
Private but open conversation that is what it is.
gdfgegergse chat room [public] created by LexiBoo11223
catnipooland chat room [public] created by catnipoo
chat here now!!! chat chat chat and chat!!!
San Francisco Bay chat room [public] created by haywardpilot
For those of us in the Bay Area to meet........
girlssssssssssssssss chat room [public] created by nelson123456
only girrrrrrrrrrllllllllllssssssssssssssssssss
looking for sex davao city chat room [public] created by speedyk9dvo
davao city ladies only. need some action.. NOW!
fgsdfhdshdb chat room [private] created by LexiBoo11223
dhgdsfhsdfgasfdtgserfyngbdhbnrybds htvcfrgbfggybhfdgvwjvcvb
Bored come talk chat room [public] created by HalfBloodPrincess
PPLES Welcome, talk me me. im soo boroed
miami new chat room [public] created by mikel090
here is the friendly chat room for the all of people that live in the miami dade
Wats happenin chat room [public] created by HalfBloodPrincess
Hey Pples, Talk to me, Im bored. (Nothing dirty)
money on ma mind chat room [public] created by franscicatu
making moneys and thinking about girls and their sexey boby
Dubai Gay Zone chat room [public] created by softmale
gay room for UAE .................................................................................................
datingdylan chat room [private] created by dilard
Hi u could get to know me and date me
Kids Chat Only chat room [public] created by XxHotGirl101xX
this is a chat for kids only. it is a safe fun chat. Rules: 1. No bad language or bullying! 2.Only kids! Adults can not be in this chat for kid's own safety. 3. If we have any bad things happen u will get kicked out
the love finders chat room [public] created by bethany12
This room is for the singles and so that you could find your perfect match
RP room of Awesomeness chat room [public] created by SeaDimondPrincess
this is where people can rp randomly
Sea rp room chat room [public] created by SeaDimondPrincess
this is one of my rp random rooms i am found
Poets-Lyricists chat room [public] created by AlwaysChillBro
Write poems, express your philosophical views, have fun.
Age 18-24 chat room [public] created by Putchute
Talk with other people in your age group.
FurrysForLife chat room [public] created by BunnyTheWolfPup
For Furrys or anyone interested in Furrys
colombian chat room [public] created by Ben4chat
This room for those wanting to chat with other Colombians
My Darkness Room chat room [public] created by xKiTx
............the name should make it clear
single girls who are cute chat room [public] created by shakakingsilver
real cute girls who are single
bradford west yorkshire u.k chat room [public] created by bfdmale
have fun and respect all members , bored bored lol
work2day get paid2day chat room [public] created by getpaid2day come lets work together online helping others earn money,referring others to do the same, $50usd hr
teen dating today chat room [public] created by gusbus123
looking for someone the age of 13-16 come here then
RANDOM FREAKIN ROOM chat room [public] created by EmoCandyGirl
COOKIES!!!! A fun room where you can rp about random things. =3
bad bitch and hood rich boy chat room [public] created by KingAssKB1
Sexy single female and my guys about money
be honest to yourself chat room [public] created by lsrael33
here you meet your soulmate,honest is the key in relationship
Herobrine Cult on Minecraft chat room [public] created by Zombieninja23
If you believe in Lord Herobrine on Minecraft.This is the room for you.Only if you don't speak of the cult to anyone!Expand your knowledge of Lord Herobrine to others in the room.
nawty chat chat room [public] created by imnawty2
any one who wants nawty chat but not any thing taboo like pedo or beastiality
Anyonewithkik chat room [public] created by XoXosillyoneXoXo
anyone with kik can enter maybe even get lucky
teen dating now chat room [public] created by gusbus123
come meet some teens only 13-17
broken lonley guy chat room [public] created by knuckels
looking to make friends and meet new people
heading out in London Ontario chat room [public] created by TJMax1
Heading out in London Ontario whos coming?
single and horny chat room [public] created by frosty4angelo
Puberty chatt chat room [public] created by jollyfun
ask people any question no matter what it is
BFF Room of Secrets chat room [private] created by Dustym1984
For all my friends who I found in international chat or other chats.
Warrior Cats RP chat room [private] created by xElectricAngel
Please do not talk about sexual stuff as I will not allow it. You will get banned. Thank you for reading! Continue on. xD
girls wana have fun chat room [public] created by CLARKGiRL
where bi sexual and lesbian women can talk about anything
DUBAI Gay and Bisexual chat room [public] created by dubaimale1981
Place for people in dubai to meet new people of this interest and socialize
I despise you all. chat room [private] created by DamienMorimoto
Mukminin-Mukminat-Malaysia-MMM chat room [public] created by nursyaaban
clean speech among all users. no dirty words / no dirty talks. walk in with salam and be kind to others. if you disobey this simple rules you will be kick out ! as simple as that.
you n me in party chat room [public] created by pandu2708
hi friends in this room we talk open n share feelings....
JOHOR CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by harbun
transexuals chat room [public] created by gamedude15
transexuals, and people who support or are into them.
Manilas Finest chat room [public] created by marcuslemon
For hot, hotter and hottest MANILENYOs.....
Maryville Tn Adult Chat chat room [public] created by spydrbyte696
For adults, singles, swingers, fun lovers, flirts!!
GAY CHAT BOI chat room [public] created by prettyboi2000
Delhi Fun chat room [public] created by FuninDelhi
Looking to chat with nice people in Delhi, maybe even a possible hook up
Tambayan ng mga Pilipino chat room [public] created by jessicagerson
This room is for Filipinos who want to chat with other Filipinos
Philippine ChattingZone chat room [public] created by RayZr
This chat room is free for all Filipino chatters in the Republic of the Philippines and in the other parts of the world
friend660 chat room [private] created by shola93550
chat only for friends..... do not disturb
weed4life chat room [public] created by jesseboo1326
weed is good for u stoner 's rule hell yea
Korean culture and Kpop Lovers chat room [public] created by pandakimchi
This is for people who likes Kpop, Korean culture and etc. about Korea. People who swear, cuss, or even typed sexuality contents shall be kicked out.
no room chat room [public] created by skypesex30
dont come in that room for your own good lol
room for ladies chat room [public] created by seymourduncan2
room for ladies for a nice chat
white girls for black men chat room [public] created by freddy757
white girls that love dark skin men in nyc
Global Room chat room [public] created by Nmgtheprince
These room is for all the people in and around the world and also intrested foreigners. Here we help you to showcase /advertise your Talent and also link you to job oppurtunities, look for serious date here; sugar mummies,sugar daddies,your future spouse etc. We also deal with Lovely cultural things
friends foreverr chat room [public] created by cuteylicous
make friends here..add me too if thats not trouble u..but please please do not insult any ppl in here include me..good manners..if u cant respect ppl in this not enter
decent indian girls boys strictly not allowed chat room [private] created by tanviagharwal
the room were the decent girls are allowed too chat decently noo boys are allwed the boys will be hanged in our decent indian girls room
hot girls and boys in room chat room [private] created by PAVi1010
pavi21 hot sexy wonderful breast honey lips
the den11 chat room [private] created by Lionero
up 4 u n 4 all kinds of chat, i need u babe
sema and me chat room [private] created by afreen1
it is only for 2 ppl seema and me,, addicted,, dnt knw wat to do
hotgirls sex chat room [private] created by aftabakib
please enter the room for online sex
Come sex me chat room [public] created by Fidelis007
If you wanna have sex u can call on 2 me +2348139395227
sexboy only for girls chat room [public] created by sameertahir
skype video chat only for girl who want to do online sex
petsex chat room [public] created by RiseAll4666
a place to talk about duckking pets:D
SHAN chat room [private] created by SANTHOSH9995
DESIGNER .....................................................................................
hot and horny teen chat chat room [public] created by manc18
for fun, sexy and adult chat, with guys/girls ur age enjoy!
Its OT bITch chat room [public] created by kittykat8153
be your self i don't give a crap , enjoy or not idk are just bored see u onside or not idk
AMMUAMMYA chat room [private] created by ammuammya
Talk about getting stoned and stuff chat room [public] created by Playerrr2
Let's sit, and talk about good musicz, and good strains of buddha, and art, and crazy shit like tripping on LSD.
f for fun and fcuk chat room [public] created by lionking182452
a chat room for fun chats,hot chats etc
capecod chat room [public] created by capecodman
come and fight people to chat with on capecod
really naughty room 2 chat room [public] created by djukiceman
naughty room for like minded people
Only Slovenia.. chat room [private] created by Frko
Only Slovenian language Slovenia SLovenia
nayalsaala chat room [public] created by kasimuhusein
hello am new to this site,and hop to have a friends and love
Village Elder chat room [private] created by HailyLilan
This is a room for the members of my website to chat with me.
romontic chat room [public] created by Donvilano
hi hi ,hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
JESUSCHAT-BLOG chat room [public] created by tim013
you can post an inspiration quote, share a pic, or video, whatever inspires you, share and bless others with it here!
blackluv chat room [public] created by sandraluvstories
luv, mariage, friends , travels....
Canadian chat room [public] created by jesseanderson
a place where canadians can chat to other canadians
Pokes chat room [public] created by HalfBloodPrincess
come, chat have fun and stuff :P
neighbors club chat room [public] created by suteki08
It is for those who are looking for individual or friend. forbidden those rude, lewd and damaging to both. be efficient, quiet and happy all of us. We respect others as we respect ourselves.
Advice from Eliza Chat chat room [public] created by 6Eliza6loves6you
hi(: i am the Admin for this chat basically i'll help people and give some good advice.
dragonnest sea ph westwood chat room [public] created by zeigerd
Pinoys who play dragon nest sea in the westwood server. :) Lets farm together! :D
AwesomeSauce chat room [public] created by CoolDude876
Just a place to hang, relax, and chill.
malayali kambi room chat room [public] created by Jijomathews
hot and spicy room for kerala peoples.
stuff hackers chat room [public] created by goodseller
sixy girls and tools for spam rdp , vpn any tools
what is wanking chat room [public] created by leon2004
me and my friend (me 10, he 11 ) want to know what is wank and how it work. we know its about our cocks but dont know how
NSA Adult Fun chat room [public] created by nikomax39
NSA adult fun for all kinds!!!
horny 13 year old room chat room [public] created by carlos225
room for horny 13 year olds to just chill and talk about anything older people welcome too
Philosophical Chat chat room [public] created by VampireCarnage
This is a room where all the TRUE intellectuals of wierdtown/chathour can go and speak of many issues, which may include anything from religion, to movies, to politics, to whatever may happen to be on your vast minds at the time. Enjoy!!! :D
yang suka sex masuk chat room [public] created by AllanSex
khusus pecinta sex asasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wolves Area chat room [private] created by ETD362
Only friends with password allowed
write me chat room [public] created by monstersmile
True chat friendly!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Hell Chat chat room [public] created by JuggaloFam420
you can talk about anything no rules
bolvis chat room [public] created by bolvis
i am cool guy.God fearing and obidient.,i love honest people
New York City Flirt chat room [public] created by BoredDowntown
People from new york city looking to chat
PM3300 chat room [private] created by MeganMoon
Project Management 3300, Group 4
intercoursegirls chat room [private] created by rajesh81
only girls are permitted also welcome for sex and friendships and lve
teenz dating chat room [public] created by gusbus123
come find a boy friend or girlfriend
ram7 chat room [public] created by ram7
hi this is ram, very simple and cool guy. I look for good friendship with good girl
onlygirlshavefun chat room [public] created by sexygurl545
Tlk dirty with other girls or just to talk
Girls on Girls Chat chat room [public] created by MiaBambina
Where girls can chat with one another without being IM-ed to death by guys.
jays room 228 chat room [private] created by loading321
hey who ever is in its loading321s chat room
lol room chat room [public] created by gisy123
hey come in to this #room and have a laugh
jade butler chat room [public] created by 343Jade
hey my name is jade i love girls and guys but mainly girls and wont a relationship
onlyfordecent chat room [public] created by letcheka
only to the person want tomeet some decent and not for nude or sensored...
16 role chat room [public] created by mart15
u need to be 16 to be in this room
Boys4Dads chat room [public] created by daddysboy96
just a group for boys and dads to hang out and share life experiences, ask questions, learn from one another and generally just grow as individuals.
NSA London chat room [public] created by youngnpro
A place to chat and if consented by both parties arranged NSA.
I Love Eminem chat room [public] created by SexyGirl2101
if you like Eminem, you should come here. Eminem is awesome!
real lesbians no men chat room [public] created by dikeystud
no men allowed, if you enter the room u will be kicked out
SHOUT IT OUT BE LOUD chat room [public] created by cuteguitarplayer177
everyone is welcome NO PERVERTS OR DIRTY CHAT you will get banned if you have a problem with someone block them no role-play n spammers get warned no disrespectful lines
confused about sexual orientation chat room [private] created by loyyd
sexy girls only. No guys chat room [public] created by 69966996
uncensored girls only! Only! OnlY! ONLY!
black dominates white chat room [public] created by sally34c
interracial chat for dominant black guys
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chat room [public] created by ka33
kik-users chat room [public] created by lachy18
any girls who have kik, join this chat room!
SA CHAT chat room [public] created by blakrob
room for south Africa. HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
Wisconsin 1 on 1 chat room [public] created by OrionX2
You can chat or flirt and have adult get togethers if you so choose to.
dairymilk love chat room [public] created by brunettebabe101
anyone join and we will all chat... im me if you want xoxoxoxoxoxox
ashley 7777 chat room [private] created by baby7777
love me and love hard yeah .. mwaaahhhhhhh.....
4 boys under age 13 chat room [public] created by Fizzy0721
talk to me if you are interested in finding love
RAWR RAWRRRRRRRRRR chat room [private] created by TsubakiXNakatsukasa
16-17 chat chat room [public] created by blazethereaper
only 16-17 allowed njhfekllflukjrsfhlursuhfhurnigfilrfji;ior;jiriljrkijkjrjdgjkfjkfjkgjijikgjigdjioerjihrgejirgjkirgjihergiorgiojrgijesjiersgjiogeijogjiogejiogerhliesiorsiorgeuiorgjiorguitihotjhg;lierj'kltrjhpoitejhg;iofeeu
Bad Bitchs and Flyy Ni99as chat room [public] created by BarBie1017
Only Bad Bitchs and Flyy ni99as we dont wonna talk to no scrub
are u satisfy lol chat room [public] created by gadite
just fun jokes and laughter enjoy it or leave ok
RJs ChatZone chat room [public] created by RJ026
Free chat room for every people in cyber world especially for Filipino netizens and chatters.
Vampire Kisses chat room [public] created by NewYearsGirl
you can talk about what ever you want
RADOMNESS chat room [public] created by akilie
Teenage Lesbian Chat chat room [public] created by tamara98
Only girls 13-19..... Lez or bi is fine
vip only chat room [public] created by scottashley788
hi im ashley. very horny sexy blonde! :P wanna see me naked on cam to give a high rate and comment on me.? bet you will not forget my wet and juicy p***y. interested? <3 :P
horny guys only chat room [public] created by scottashley788
hi im ashley. very horny sexy blonde! :P wanna see me naked on cam to give a high rate and comment on me.? bet you will not forget my wet and juicy p***y. interested? <3 :P
roleplay number2 chat room [public] created by harvarddream
anyone choose a topic and we can create a scene about that topic
breeza chat room [private] created by breeza21
fun exciting private chats flirtychatty
wants girl to call his own chat room [public] created by pineapple1dude
im 13 im 5'8 need a girl to say i love u to
Were Bored chat room [public] created by JustAnotherGirl06
This chat room was created for those who are bored... Not Horny! -_- hope you have fun! :D
i love talking dirty chat room [public] created by ryanm23
this is a dirty talking chatroom for sexual messages and pics
Just Dance -Meow- chat room [public] created by Meowmeow101
We just talk and stuff that is what this website was made for... :)
nsa sexxxxx geelong chat room [public] created by kmatik
nsa casual hook ups in geelong
hey u munkey chat room [private] created by 343Jade
k so post the pics i couldnt find your request
whats going on ladies chat room [public] created by Markf157
Looking to talk to the ladies out there ;)
famli funxx chat room [public] created by cheshchap
me and my sis are dressed up and in bedxx
party room jeff chat room [public] created by jeffthekillah
jeff the killah's rave room party all night long(not responseable for what goes on)
Diaper Lovers.... chat room [public] created by 2CHAiNZ8328
lonely wanna chat chat room [public] created by sook13
Anyone feeling down lonely i do. want someone to chat with join
The Cat room chat room [public] created by AlleyCatStrut
Lakeland florida adult chat room
Crossdresser an their lovers chat room [public] created by Alinne18
Everyone who likes sexy crossdressers dedicate.
sextalk 233 chat room [public] created by sexymauro
we all talk about sex.............................................................
zkif chat room [public] created by zkif
i`m what i`m..just do the right thing is this world
stinkface farts chat room [public] created by fartlover1998
farting farting faring..............................................
Crossdressers and and those who love them chat room [public] created by Alinne18
crossdressers and and those who love them
sex private chat room [public] created by rockhunter
sexy... sexy gulz... ...............................................................................................................
Bhhhffffghgffffffhjggghjhgghhhffghhhffghjgff chat room [public] created by Liammarnell
Gay Liverpool up for it now ?????
girls that wana kik chat room [public] created by talldude14
it could be a normal talk or a perverted your choice
Girls School chat room [public] created by bearypanties
A school for naughty&wayward girls who need some strong discipline
2x 26FemalesPicHere chat room [public] created by NiceLegsKelly
Promo Girls for MasterPheromone.Com , willing to meet!
Lover search chat chat room chat room [public] created by ichigo67
Any girl who is looking for a boyfriend should join this because i am currently searching for somebody to love
sex cum chat room [public] created by delilahgurll
play with us we need more!!!!!!!!!
mast indian chat room [public] created by varunsamal
Any indian guy and girls can use this rm.
MInnesota - MPLS - 763 - 651- 612 - 952 chat room [public] created by MGMN
Anyone and everyone from MN! For friendships, relationships, or hook ups.
married looking to flirt chat room [public] created by chris1a1a
married folks come to flirt with others.
crazyjohn chat room [public] created by johndavee
life is like a big,rock & EnJoY
Binweevilz chat room [public] created by AwesomeBoy2013
The Best Binweevils Chat ever!!! :)
hony teen webcam chat room [public] created by youngsavage12
where horny teens talk dirty and tell there fantasies
Free fun chat chat room [public] created by mia1235
Anyone can join its a free chat room
Free fun and cool chat room chat room [public] created by mia1235
Anyone can join its a free chat room
Free fun and cool chat room [public] created by mia1235
It's a fun and cool chat room! Enjoy!!!!
shiv89 chat room [private] created by shiv89patel
enjoy the life...............................................................................................
vithya24 chat room [public] created by vithya24
i need sex chatting. anyone wish can chat with me
indian budyys chat room [public] created by samir222
here just search u r soul mate via great thinks so come and discover the new world
CREATIVE persons chat room [public] created by TARUN1986
all THOSE who want to share there hobbies can come to this room
kali89 chat room [private] created by kali89
enjoy it..............................................................................................
indain girls or boys chat room [public] created by samir222
welcome guys nad find u r partner or frndship
jobs room chat room [public] created by shihabu
only for unemployed youth...........................
lesbian jesim chat room [public] created by jesim
hi i m jesim from india i like lesbian u want chat with me lets come
lesb jesim chat room [public] created by jesim
any one here for the free of chat with lesbian intrested women
ped chat room [public] created by califhiker98
Like little girs in role playor fantacy ONLY
Voluptous chat room [public] created by monodaci
Looking for a voluptous sexy lady near Toronto. I am a thin man looking for a contrast...
Hong Kong - USA chat room [public] created by Lancasterinokc
People from Hong Kong and USA connecting.
jesuit chat room [public] created by jesuit2006
jailbird hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
amos chat room [private] created by lynkme
all friends from anywhere are welxcome
dilanoesmeecobrajaydenspikey chat room [public] created by wimdilanoesmeecobra
friendly chatbox no spam in here please an have a fine chat whit any one ho comes here in the room
SamoaLuv chat room [public] created by Tiatai
Here is where anyone will get to meet samoan people. Just to enjoy chatting, and sharing conversations...
spanish talk chat room [public] created by majtniska
Hello :) i need to improve my is there any volunteer?
ArmadaSur chat room [public] created by Bobsballs
Chat room for supporters of the mighty CD Tenerife. Use during live matched to stop our Facebook page getting clogged.
yanky friends chat room [private] created by rummydhillon
friendship and love are the gifts of god .... they become double on sharing......
Luckychicgirl1 chat room [public] created by luckychicgirl
just when its about me and who ever come to my chat
Tamil sex feelings chat room [public] created by rajeshhot
peoples have fun here. Share your sexual feelings here
51774081 chat room [private] created by amritanhu
hould hav a goo partnr fpr goo talking hour
nam room chat room [public] created by ondiek
someone i need should be mature,outgoing and not cheeky
13-15 YEAR OLD GIRLS IM 14 chat room [public] created by 2CHAiNZ8328
SINGLE GIRLS 13-15 IM 14 chat room [public] created by 2CHAiNZ8328
M2M chat room chat room [public] created by Filipino143
this chatroom ois for male bisexual and gay, if you're not, you're welcome but make sure you will behave properly haha.
learn arabic chat room [public] created by shaimaa96
this is room for who wanna learn arabic and who know it
joe massage 94702855 chat room [public] created by joemassage94702855
Hi im Joe age 37. How are you? I am a freelance masseur to any massage indian lady. Interest for a trial on my service,please call or sms me at my number 94702855.
hey----- chat room [public] created by westgate373
Chat on whatever sex thoughts..........................
mahesh4164 chat room [public] created by mahesh4164
share ur sex expeirience with me.. I'm seeking for sexual activities
telugu sex chat romm chat room [public] created by vamshidatta
sex chating for telugu girls and aunties anyone can log in
Home Alone- Ladies-Woman-Milfs Lets6Talk9Dirty chat room [public] created by Matthew951
Ladies have a fantasy house to yourself and time to chat and play with every inch of your body. Want that fantasy of another man doing what ever it is you ask and desire till your toes cruel and you have goos bumps every where on your nice relaxed body.
school project for me and my partner chat room [public] created by xycodie
for me and my partners future city project at school
Bible History chat room [public] created by Merkabah
Researching and Finding The Truth (Right Knowledge), Believe Means Not To Know
Talk to me girls I make u cum chat room [private] created by fkass01
This room is Private Only for girlsssssssssssssss NO BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSS
bookroom chat room [public] created by xycodie
to talk about books any kind of books
Girls lets chat so you can get wet chat room [public] created by fkass01
dirty chat 212 chat room [public] created by 9inchfun
talk dirty to others have fun and get out there
trinidad girls chat room [public] created by akramwasi5490
only for trinidad girls who are very sexy and coollllll
samstar25 chat room [public] created by samstar25
hello helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Chandrus chat room [public] created by chandramouly
Humour and Funny. Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room
dasey3 chat room [public] created by dasey3
hey just on here to have fun and look for a girl who can be them self around me :)
idfk what to name it...... chat room [public] created by jennafred69
chat whatever peeps idc...just join
steve room saturday chat room [public] created by stevemanchester
reserved for people invited to chat only - and you know who you are !
surrogate mum waiting chat room [public] created by sammyy1122
hi all am wanting to become a surrogate mum in the uk im married with 3 children anymore questions please email me at
single 14-15 chat room [public] created by dreamgirl1234
if your single and 14 or 15 then this is the chat for u
ericababy chat room [private] created by ericababy
just having fun and talking to ma friends
aussie boy chat room [private] created by surferboyjohnny
from auatralia lokking to chat to girls from allover the world
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