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List of all user-created chat rooms #463
non-Religious chat room [public] created by kaansss
this room about religion by BILL MAHER
jitu chat room chat room [public] created by jituchowdhary
adult chat room. u can talk n chat wid any1 here
sexbuddys chat room [public] created by Serqiocortez
Talk get to know each other then do whats good
do whatever u want NO CRANK DEALERS OR PERVS chat room [public] created by skullkid913
an uncencored chat where u can joke, curse up a frickin storm, and i will make sure ur not stoped...but u get 3 strikes for disrespecting another chaters religion or race, 3 strikes and i kick u rite out the chat room and if u come bak i will remember u and kick u again...U WILL LOSE UR UNCENCORED PRIVLEGES!!!!!!
minecraft lovas chat room [public] created by minecraftlover69
minecraft what else can i say . wat is it that important that it needs a boatload of information its just a gam.
ZOMBIEZ chat room [public] created by SleptWithSirens
uh. i like zombiez. and i didnt know what else to name this chat room.
computer concepts chat room [public] created by Andrewsheffield
chat about computer problems and stuff
crossdresser panti chat room [public] created by minacd
hi all this is cd room i looking for other cd
Loners Alone chat room [public] created by FoxPaw3212
The three loners only can join tryouts will be held when you join
Friendship Delhi chat room [public] created by SANDY2212
Friendship delhi. Hi Sandeep this side..Any bdy want to have friendy chat with me and initiate our friendship in delhi..?
granny come chat room [public] created by huzijii
love place for everyone. women above 30 are only allowed.
life taker chat room [public] created by shivam2189
hey..................................................................................itsssssssss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the best any chat chat room [public] created by coolstorybro32
this chat room is for anything you want to talk about let the talking begin
My teen chat 4 chat room [private] created by chaose110
This is a room where teens can come and chat anyone over 20 wont be allowed there will also no rude people allowed
bi girls sleepover chat room [public] created by trixxare4kids
bi girls come in & get to know me xo
Werewolf RP chat room [public] created by AliceLynn
Just a random werewolf RP chat room. Or anything else wor RPing
EMO TEENS CHAT ROOM NO ADULTS chat room [public] created by kionaaaa
no adults allowed just emo teens that are looking for new friends that have the same things in common with you
pay2play albany-newyork only chat room [public] created by LadySoFly18
i do incall dates call 518-831_9115
hi121212 chat room [private] created by secrets101
just join if i invite you to join .......
italians or people who love italians or just nice chat room [public] created by italianlover99
Guns Cars and Booze chat room [public] created by quattro82
To discuss Guns, Cars and Booze
STR8usingGAYS chat room [public] created by GaySub32
Where str8 men can come and get respected/worshipped by gay men.
be careful with your language but do what you want chat room [public] created by jp825
this is a chatroom where you can talk about what you want and do what you want. PLEASE do not swear.this is really a place where i am letting you by with a lot. i dont have a problem with swearing, but others might. please ignore somebody and dont band them. warn them 2-3 times and then ban them. if anyone feels there is a mistake please contact me with the info provided. i know i have not filled out everything but you can email me. Thanks and enjoy the chat!!!!!!!!!!!!
jheyalove chat room [private] created by Jarredpabst
jheyalove only this person only back off if mot
need help from furries chat room [public] created by curiousfurry
I'm new to this and need help figuring out what I am
CHILLin Chat chat room [private] created by Realdealboss
idki it is what it is i invite u or i dont so deal with it
me and you xx chat room [private] created by missy93
this is for me and you ;) if you want ;)
missouri gay teens chat room [public] created by aceman900
just a place for gay, bi, or straight teens to chat and hangout who live in missouri.
lesbian-room chat room [public] created by kassiegirl125
room for lesbians or straight people!
hot sexy steamy chat chat room [public] created by flirtyRob
For 18+ only Com here only if you want to get off with others and make them hott
dakota chat room [public] created by cody6789
any one want to chat i like to chat and also board haha lol
BBC chat room [public] created by BBClovergurl
Military Room Ages 18-24 chat room [public] created by Softball14
you must be from 18-24 and male or female
English homework help chat room [public] created by DayDreamer96
You know talk about lliterary devices and all sorts of grammar stuff all related to homework. Especially for those of you who are finishing last minute homework and need immediate help xD
the anybody room chat room [public] created by babyfat8
Anyboody can join in just have fun
The room for anyone chat room [public] created by babyfat8
Anyboody can join in just have fun
BBM for those who own a blackberry chat room [private] created by bethany12
This room is for those who have a blackberry and have blackberry messenger. Enjoy!! ;)
BadToTheBone chat room [public] created by BadToTheBone13
minemineminemineminemine coolcoolcoolcool
open mindeddd chat room [private] created by ahgilan
only for girls., fun love emo, relationship and open minded
interracial gays chat room [public] created by TUNA2281
interracial gay dating site to get to know each other
Suicide Help Chat chat room [public] created by beckaroo33
A chat room develop to help those in need during difficulty times in life only!
roleplay 16 yr old girls chat room [public] created by JordanClontz
helps 16 year old girls get their dirty thoughts out ; )
16 yr old roleplay chat room [public] created by JordanClontz
allows 16 yr old girls and guys to hav a place to get their confidence bulit up
yan chat room [private] created by assyou
i am waiting for you please come for chat with me
rp silver chat room [private] created by walkingstream
for my baby that wants to rp some stress out
Curtisy chat room [public] created by CurtisyH
I'm smart , funny , sweet , nd don't take shit from nobody got a personality
for my horny silver chat room [private] created by walkingstream
for my horny baby that wants to rp
finding a gay love chat room [public] created by carsten143
this room is only for those who find love and romance :)
hanap kausap chat room [public] created by s1L3nt20
22 m q.c.. mas maganda sana kung tga q.c rin ung girl..:)
Singapore Yourman chat room [private] created by yourman1010
Looking for NSA, Friendship, Chatting
For awesome people only chat room [public] created by ShawnBunton
Calling all awesome people. Now, I must waste the rest of the description until it is thirty characters long.
Illinois Relationships chat room [public] created by CallistaMarie
You never know who you might meet. Maybe you'll like them. Who knows that's the mystery
lesbos bi0curious chat room [public] created by x1x1x1
hey all..feel free to join the room! just bored. chat room [private] created by Dannidoll
ummm, yeah idk what to put here
Leaf Vilage chat room [public] created by SasukeUchiha101
We role play Naruto or characters you made up.
brampton singles chat room [public] created by btownboy92
Single local Brampton and surrounding areas
Girls Who Wanna Sext chat room [public] created by iloveboobs101
Any girl wanna sext just give me ur # and it'll be fun
Paranormal Lovers chat room [public] created by Mysteriaa
for all who likes paranormal, supernatural.. if something happened to you, please share! :)
crossdresser boy chat room [public] created by minacd
hi im mina cd im a fat cd i looking for other cd inv me momi
120 smokers chat room [public] created by Pecko
for all 120 smokers around the world
masturbation room of fun chat room [public] created by beastmode38
come here to talk about masturbation and masturbate.
hot chatting chat room [private] created by snanu
i very coollllllll...................................................................................
aaditya9929 chat room [public] created by aditiya9929
am so hot So Sexy" (Explicit Album Version)- 3:51 "So Sexy: Chapter II (Like This)" (Explicit Album Version)- 4:03 "So Sexy" (A Capella)- 2:57 "So Sexy" (Instrumental)- 2:57 "So Sexy: Chapter II (Like This)" (Instrumental)- 4:03
moroxx chat room [public] created by marox999
kerrys room chat room [public] created by xxkezx
come feel free to chat in here
xkezxx room chat room [public] created by xxkezx
come chat anyone welcome nice clean chats only
Rebbeca chat room [public] created by Rebbeca321
I want to be a weak flower in the strong hands of my beloved man! Do you think you can become that strong hand for me??? I want to feel your care on me. I want to feel your warm look which is better then the ray of sunshine for me.
xxkezx room chat room [public] created by xxkezx
come chat freel free anyone clean chats onky plz
Vampires666 chat room [private] created by FireFairy127
Wh owants to chat with a vampire? I know I do XD Chat room for BIG vampire fans.
Suicidal and Depression chat room [public] created by CptSunshine
Anyone that needs someone to talk to, or just someone to listen, I'll help in anyway. If I'm not moderating my own chat room, feel free to add my on skype, my name on skype is CptSunshine629. Or e-mail me ----------- Helping others out of experience to help them avoid possibly making a terrible mistake, or just simply be there for someone.
Get in Touch with Me-riotr chat room [public] created by riotr
My personal chat room that for now is Public
John98 chat room [public] created by Suppers
Come and talk to me. You will have fun.
Suppers chat room [public] created by Suppers
Come and talk to me. You will have fun.
country98 chat room [public] created by Suppers
Come and talk to me. You will have fun.
gayalldaii chat room [public] created by sexyboii5
gayzzzz allll dayyyy come if your gay youll love it
sizzlingSex 1 chat room [private] created by sizzlingAsh
hot hot ..... ahhhhhh .... hot people will enjoy here, pak , india guys are most welcome .... love, sex. enjoyment,... no abuse :) come here guys :)
hot and sexy ash sex chat room [private] created by sizzlingAsh
hot hot ..... ahhhhhh .... hot people will enjoy here, pak , india guys are most welcome .... love, sex. enjoyment,... no abuse :) come here guys :)
Indian Life chat room [public] created by syeddanish
Well come to all indians.for sharing views and thoughts....
camsexx chat room [public] created by gusturai
only for 18+, anyone can inside here
notty chat room [public] created by dyea
jom chat kat cnie... saja nk hilangkn bosan
greet chat room [public] created by rahmawatiS
buat kenalaan aja yg di jakarta
lovelyme chat room [public] created by putapepe06
lets chat:) im pretty bored and horny.. chat me if you like me:*
Austin Exhibitionists chat room [public] created by texastri
Looking for mutual masturbation in Austin?
mature4younggay chat room [public] created by m2mbuddy
a place where young guy can meet old guy for frenship or relationship
only-cool-fun chat room [public] created by johnmecoy
Fun place for cool Girls. respect the ethics of the room
ricky king off babes chat room [public] created by ricky646
looking for babes any age i love tall and super sexyyyyyyyyyy
Awelsome chat room [public] created by datingnew112
Hi how are you . this is a chat rooms so you can talk to
Memories 352 chat room [private] created by ThickHipss
come on in and have a chat,,, no drama please.. and no foul mouths,, sit here and have fun meeting and talking with old friend...
BoomBoom 352 chat room [public] created by boomboom352
Come in and chat with new & old friends, keep the drama out, and no foul mouths,..have fun and enjoy and remember to add memories 352 on facebook..
saye room chat room [public] created by sssgoos57
love friends women and girls chat video other
shambhulal chat room [public] created by shambhulal
i love you sham i love you sham i love you sham i love you sham i love you sham i love you sham
Sugoi Otaku owo chat room [public] created by Vairoy
This is where ANYONE can chat. I don't mind. But you use Disney words now. ;D Just kidding. I don't care if you use those Adult Swim words D: You can chat about any anime you like and RP as well. Any who I'm gonna poof now. Baii-baii cya in the chat room. >w< --Vairoy A.K.A Yuki Motoharu
Teen 13-15 chat room [public] created by 13FCal
a room for anyone who is bored
Motorcycle chat chat room [public] created by bryan1965
All types of talk, culture, and diversity.
adult nympho fun chat room [public] created by ptcfinest
Free minded freaks and people who dont mind showing off what they have
Punthars domain chat room [private] created by PuntharOmega
This is my home, and the area around it. If i don't like you then you may not enter, if your here, you will be nice to each other, not fight, and no yiffing on the couch. I do hope to have friends here, I'm not always sure but this is supposed to be a fun place.
free and easy chat room [public] created by callume
anything goes in this fun room
pro gay is otay chat room [public] created by coolgirlbademo
gays r ok fine by me so join us if ur hurt because gay ppl make us who we r we need to just love them for who there are to keep this world equal " equal rights if ur white black purple or gay or strait we are all one no matter what y discriminate"
BLEACH02 chat room [public] created by XxHollowXichigoxX
cosplay and rplay all you want
enna hukanna chat room [public] created by amila1991
12 to 13 year olds only k chat room [public] created by jams2117
dating only im a boy if any 1 want to date me and just tell boutb yer self and chat
Phoenix Gay Chat chat room [public] created by tattoo1234
An online room for Bi, Gay, and Transgender males in Phoenix area.
friends with benefit chat room [public] created by mutisya
marriage is a thing of the past.friendship is the best relationship ever.
mesha chat room [public] created by saurabhs204
this chat room is for fun and for those who wanna do real frndship... no sorry no thanks .. that's what is needed for fun with friends...
Bangalorens chat room [public] created by rahullm576
Only for ppl from bangalore... Invitin gals,guys ,gays,lesbo's and all ppl
Teen13-16 chat room [public] created by 13FCal
a room to go if you are bored and a teen
sweeet girls chat room [public] created by rocinroge
welcome sweeetys..................we can have lots of fun and sex chat here
cyprussex chat room [public] created by sexchatmale
cyprus chat any open people. chat sex room chat sex room
riyadh gay chat room [private] created by suhelgour
top bottom and both effn4fjfgbbj43f 3jejjejnjsnjdebnhri ahe b hcbcjb nnahebaaiaa
GIRLS WHO WANT TO SKYPE chat room [public] created by roryrr23
love married chat room [public] created by onlyseelove
hello well come to all my friends, me hope full you enjoy there, and u find ur life partner there, me all good wishes with u , GOD BLESS U ,
AnimeFans chat room [public] created by rekishinra
come to thee room of thy people....oh people.
13 years old hot beautiful room chat room [public] created by drakebrown
it will be full of girls only and hot ones too ok love girls it will be fun
ynglvrs chat room [public] created by asteve76
--------------little lovers----------------------
50 something chat room [public] created by patrickhands
come in and chat about anything
trisexual chat room [public] created by iamcute33
peopl can sext and just chat and get peoples numbers
Ariya lis chat room [public] created by Ariya3
Wellcome too my chat rooms. enjoy
56Ariya chat room [public] created by Ariya3
enjoy the room number. Im always here lol ,,
Gay mens dirty chat chat room [public] created by manbearpigENG
A chat room where guys can chat and pair off in to privet chats and maby have some fun
thesexymadsion chat room [public] created by thesexymadison
for all guys and girls a sexting room for funny no sickos
love loving them chat room [public] created by violachoirchick
Title says it all, right? ;D You can invite people here or just come to meet new people! Have fun everyone!
brampton area chat room [public] created by btownboy92
singles chat room for brampton and suronding areas
girlsgonewild chat room [private] created by thesexymadison
i fun chat room girls only its alot of fun inv only
normall chat room [public] created by wisconsinchevydriver
normal people. no sickos, no wierdos, freaks are actually welcome, no little kids, and no really old people
horny chat1234 chat room [public] created by twilightlover906
hey anyone who wants to have sexy conversations come on in
madisonandthegirls chat room [public] created by thesexymadison
all woman talk no men just woman if u join i will kick u
THE LESBIAN ROOM 123 chat room [public] created by aniahsexy
only for lesbians this a chat room for girls only so yea u can have fun give numbers just enjot ur sel thankyou!!!!!!!!!
need girl for marry chat room [public] created by makee1234
hi how are you. i am from pakistan and doing job in UAE. I need girl in UAE, USA and Pakistan and UK, Australia
Board alot chat room [public] created by Star5046
where board ppl can go to meet someone to have fun or what not
manku chat room [public] created by vivek00000
pusyluvas chat room [public] created by pinkky29
Come for naughty talk get off this is the room for that if your horny come here
slutzzz chat chat room [public] created by Sammietheslut
This chat is only for slut or guy that like slut with big butts or boobs.......
people from michigan chat room [public] created by boredmale22
anyone from michigan, and wanna chat. mostly females lol. im bored and wanna chat
Safe haven chat room [public] created by TheRavenNevermore
For the people on this site who would prefer to have an intelligent conversation. No role-play, no spamming, no perverts. If you have a problem with someone, let me know and I will ban them.
loving redheads .... chat room [public] created by sexyredhead99
If you appreciatenatural redheads please join ....
loving beautiful redheads .... chat room [public] created by sexyredhead99
The chat room name says it all ....redheads are a breed of their own ...
appreciating beautiful flame angels .... chat room [public] created by sexyredhead99
The chat room name says it all ....beautiful redheads are a breed of their own ...
Angles chat room [public] created by Lillyroseoak
"Hello."Says a sweet voice that comes from the speekers in the walls."This is the room of angels and you've just earned your wings."
PRO ANA BUDDY chat room [public] created by mebeskinny
To support people who ant to loose weight and take control of there lives!
me and my boyfriends room chat room [private] created by shannon9888888
only anthony and me no one else
Stellaswag chat room [public] created by Stellaswag
I need to talk to someone that's 13 and up
Stellaswag2013 chat room [public] created by Stellaswag
I need to talk to someone that's 13 and up
CHattanooga tn Baby chat room [public] created by rodlangs
Come in have fun and chill with us, meet locals and have fun
Vancouver BC Singles chat room [public] created by Callisto1985
Find other singles that actually live in the lower mainland.
Boys and girls 13-14 chat room [public] created by Cutiechy10
BOYS and girls from ages 13-14 allowed only none older
12 14 chat room [public] created by Daniishot
any kid 12 to 14 can join this chat
Skype Chat 101 chat room [public] created by bigharderect
Come here hook up on a sexy skype chat
Im bored ha chat room [public] created by adorebreanna
This chat room is for anyone who is bored. & to meet new people ha duuh :p
MasterNasia chat room [private] created by MasterForSub
gia to master kai ti nasia. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
richards bay gays or bi chat room [public] created by rimrod
Any gay or bi guys living in richards bay
female dirty chat chat room [public] created by majalesbian
dirty chat for lesbians, guys are not allowed
Shy and Eccentric chat room [public] created by Ellabellesan
I only just joined Chat Hour, only to find myself being ignored by people who have been in the chat rooms for a while. I couldn't do much but say 'Hello' so i made this chat room for others who have my problem, being eccentric and shy.
fun or not chat room [public] created by Mike3993
asdfgh jkwert zuiopsdfghj klsdfghjk ls dfghjklwertzu iksdf gbhnm rzgdgwzk
SUCAS14 chat room [private] created by SkylarAdams3012
random talking with random people talking random random random random random random random
boomboom352 chat room [private] created by boomboom352
come in and chat and talk with friends and meet old ones,, no drama or foul mouths...welcome 352
Lesbian Emo Love chat room [public] created by ManlyMeghan
lesbian emo love for single emo lesbians
demons pet room chat room [private] created by demonicwolf
this is for me and my pets and only my pets
cool vampires chat room [private] created by bethany12
For vampires only!! No werewolves allowed
pk chat room chat room [public] created by MeBen
this is open chat room for anyone thanks
Poplar Bluff Hook Up chat room [public] created by David573
Poplar Bluff MO. Hook Up Local People
my last will and request chat room [public] created by kako666
i want a dominant female to make me my ultimate desire. sex sick sex and then devour my entire body. i've lived in pain long enough. email me or chat for more info. only serious ppl apply
death to kako666 chat room [public] created by kako666
i wanna talk to serious women please
The Snack Bar chat room [private] created by CheesyDoritos
A place for all us foods to party
cuties room chat room [public] created by landlocked26
this room is for cutie. enough said.
the crazys chat room [public] created by hi123456789jet4
is for people who want to get away for drama an just lol yourself out,now if you dont like cuss words dont come.but really come in here...................just for the lulz! !
Me and my blushing friends hale room chat room [public] created by Yuvi1823
Bcz i love it everybuddys so whomever i have to do something special thats time i feel better than better.
Tasmanian Relationship room chat room [public] created by 69matt96
Looking for someone to go out with in tasmania? Well join this room if so!
naughtypips chat room [public] created by sherilowman
for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults onlyfor adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only for adults only
anime 2013 chat room [public] created by kayDavis
talk about new and old comics and manga or anime you have seen
facesitting542 chat room [public] created by facesitter542
if u are a girl looking to face sit join here!
Kik room only chat room [public] created by Linsey14
Only come in if youu have kik!c:
family chat room chat room [public] created by bcsweetheart
for who want to be in a family
likeminded chat room [public] created by anbkinky
lets get together and talk kinky, share ideas and swap stories
Old for little boys room chat room [public] created by Pedolover1234567
For older men ;) who want a young boy
5476 chat room [public] created by tfincher
This is a chat room to have fun in and talking dirty
come and chat ok chat room [public] created by kingsphinx01
Hey come and chat it up with me kingphinx
women who need men for nsa in Arvada Colorado chat room [public] created by 7inchpickle
fun fun fun don't be shy!!! Let your mind and body take control!!!
kid teen room chat room [public] created by sexkitty1212
All teens are alowd here as long as ur not over 20 then u can be in it
i roleplayyoung fot dirty old men chat room [public] created by daddiesastrobaby81
roleplayyoung fot dirty old men
hot girls helping lonly guys chat room [public] created by bigboy12321
hot girlses come here and make the guys feel better by giveing them advice
Naked model room chat room [private] created by Mischellwen
Hot sexy girl only oo,chat more babexx...boys away
Wolf List chat room [private] created by TrainedWolf
This is a private room where Trained Wolf Friends meet
shrek room chat room [public] created by cannotbereach
all greenminded persons are allowed to enter
AndhraFriends chat room [private] created by hasini2222
For only friendly chat dont use sexy words plz
Manila Hook-up chat room [public] created by Pogzter
Lets make this a room where people finds each other and HOOK-UP.
indon gaul chat room [public] created by man0ntop69
t4_b3rBagi untuk saling mengisi dan mlengkapi
SEX LEVEL B5 chat room [public] created by 0257
Deal with sex issue join here if you like
Join if 16yrs old or above. chat room [public] created by dimoha16
Just chat or skype.Just chat or skype.Just chat or skype.
Macken776 chat room [public] created by MShan
Hi everyone :) pls except my friend request. i m a friendly guy
singles22 chat room [public] created by benji8777
a room 4 single people who r looking 4 a relinship and to find love
Feelmylove chat room [public] created by aarya2020
Hi helo frnz love is devine i ll lovly girls
manuvarmma chat room [private] created by prasanthsree90
so expressive come and have chat with changing environment
hot chats for alll chat room [public] created by kiccha57
tooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Perth Australia chat room [public] created by kilonchillon
Im on vacation. 25 February to 25 March 2013
sudana asly chat room [public] created by Ra3d2012
everyone want to love come to room sudany
Mexico city expats-couples only chat room [public] created by amerimex
for people living abroad In Mexico, who would like to connect with other expats for friendship, practice Spanish, , share things you have learned about the culture here, best places to eat, night life, where to find American food, safety, public places to meet other expats to socialize and get to know people from other countries , make new friends, share good and bad experiences, advice., set meet up dates , at resturaunts dance clubs, or Mexico city tours ect.... what ever may be of in a different country can sometimes be challenge, culture shock, being away from friends and family, lack of familluarity in the city in witch you reside,, Lack of fluency in the native language, and so much more., this chat room is for people who would like to share and enjoy their experiences In Mexico with like minded people.
HYDERABD CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by lonelguy
Latvian Girls chat room [public] created by volpetto
Girls Come IN, organize and have any kind of fun in the beautifull city of Riga Latvia!!! chat room [public] created by A99A
juste pour les quelques francophones qui aimeraient aussi participer activement au that
NudeCock chat room [public] created by ranjitspeck
Hot people welcome to hot chat room, enjoy wild sex chat
assyou chat room [private] created by assyou
chat me. for girl i am waiting 4 u plesae
Jila Kelentit chat room [public] created by JilatKelentit
Saya suka main-main dengan hujung lidah,,belaibelai kelentit,,,nyonyot sampai kembang..bagi hirup air lazat tu...muahhhhh
Pakistani bi sex Chat chat room [public] created by Osloroseboy
the people who likes Pakistani
daddies and grandpas chat room [public] created by paulpoet12
for fun and relax open to everybody
anik123 chat room [private] created by anik123
personal chat room for is very interesting for all girls
lovetosex chat room [public] created by ARYANSEXYMAN
the person loving sex chat can be here and can talk sex and related things and can give to pleasure each other with their thoughts...have nice sex time guys...:)
mir123456 chat room [public] created by mir12345
13 years girl only allowed and on facebook they can add me
WoW players chat room [private] created by Neriead
Get to be geeky with your favorite games, from PC to consoles ^^
dr.abi chat room [private] created by drabinash
xxxaaa hhh uuuuu iiiii kkkkkkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmmm
Girls who loves cock chat room [public] created by BigOne777
For girls who love to see and play with cocks
warmchat chat room [public] created by warmabdel
good talk and funny time.........................................................get knwo each other
TeenChatForANYONE chat room [public] created by hughesjs
This is a nice friendly chat room where anyne can come... all weirdos will be kicked though
Far Far Away Kingdom chat room [private] created by PrinceSanz31
THE F!......................................................................................
passing-time chat room [public] created by stonee23
just a casual chat room to get to know people
Anime Stuff chat room [public] created by Starpower1
Chat away....because I have nothing for the description. :)
Horny people 13 17 chat room [public] created by Dancer9
Horny guys and girls can chat in this chat room !
love of older men chat room [public] created by barchiva
I love chatting with older men
cavite bisexual chat room [public] created by edrick
wanna chat guyz? just join this group and enjoy everyone!
Fitrous chat room [private] created by g1L4nG
fit masuk sini dnk kita kenalan disini w masih newbiie nieh
cebu chat chat room [public] created by junjunx
let go, come inside mga mega og mga migo. hehe
KNH chat room [private] created by KNH555
iam male from India.working as a Journlist
Skinny Love chat room [public] created by WhenYouCantSleep
We can talk about anything from Eating disorders to love, to music, I would like this to be a broad, but supportive chat room.
Aussie chat for young people chat room [public] created by Melissam89
Just for chat and meet interesting's guys
14 yo wanna trade pics chat room [public] created by tominator
im a 14 yo boy and im looking for some boys/girls( 13-14-15 yo) to trade pics
dragoonhgnghjhmhmv chat room [private] created by dragon963
come guys vkdfgjdfkmdkbmekhmlkgbnfghnlknmdk
Hason raja chat room [public] created by Hasonraja
Matiro pinjirar majhe bondi hoiya ree... Kande hason rajar mon moynayre...
how much do u love princeton143 chat room [private] created by prettyperezmisfit
this chat room is about princeton and you can talk about how you feel about him what you wanna do with him and how much you love him
guttaman chat room [public] created by rookieofyear
i like to run track play basketball flip in do other type of stuff that fun
hackerz room chat room [public] created by mark419
This room is only phone hackers, if you wanna decode any locked phones or computer or wire rdp cc top up etc
furry30 chat room [public] created by Shadowwolf30
what to talk a but furry and talk to girl.
lovechicas chat room [public] created by lovechicas
Hi peoples; Welcome here )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Philippineshere chat room [public] created by frndsandbnfts
hello hello hello hello hello lets talk lets talk lets talk
restless Orphans chat room [public] created by lanceissocoollike
everyone is welcome (: so everyone just shut up and talk cuz.......THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirins Chat chat room [public] created by Kirin321
We talk, that's what this website is for. :3
missouri - usa chat chat room [public] created by mikey1997
independence missouri or kansas city missouri
malik addi rooom chat room [public] created by adiimslik
come dear be friends i wanna make goood relation with u and neeed gggooood friends
Players 123 chat room [public] created by spokis
talk about anything but make everyone happy :)
DAMNSUCKAZ chat room [public] created by bsales14
freesex chat room [public] created by ndulutz
sextalks sex fun, for women and single men go, do not be shy tuk say something
bvb scream girl 17s room chat room [public] created by bvbscreamogirl17
ill talk to guys who are 17-19 years old
teen sex123 room chat room [public] created by Hazeeq
I don't know what this description all about. so no description, sorry.
Yosicle chat room [private] created by akirathevampire
Yosicle pop chat room [private] created by akirathevampire
For emos n others chat room [public] created by Moonshinee
a place where everyone is welcome but leaving ur drama at the door bring drama feel my foot up ur ass
Dancer94 chat room [public] created by SteamPunkKat
if you are a dance of like dancers come to this chat room
Burpie Dragons chat room [private] created by TSM58
Hey guys! Welcome to our private chatroom
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