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List of all user-created chat rooms #472
Oahu Hawaii chat room [public] created by ShyChristianWife
Just a room for those living, once lived, or just love Hawaii
mimosas and sex chat room [private] created by Drew28M
sexy fun chat time... yay yay yay yay! toys, and sex - fun time!
looking for a kind boyfriend chat room [public] created by Raymond1664
Where you can find a good boyfriend that will treat you right and not cheat on you!
Studs and Fems only chat room [public] created by itsmayahbu
Lesbian Studs looking for Fems welcome here(:
RI chat room [public] created by kassabaybee
just wanna meet new people in rhode island :)
The divided world chat room [public] created by divided
Within this rather interesting and as well gathering of individuals passing through this lovely area, here is where most. Well not most certain most but some passes through at times, to gather and to possible even talk among there self's to learn of one another. This place is much more divided though from all the rest, but who knows. But please come on in and see for yourself if its truly is or not
tbdl and abdl chat room [public] created by diaperboy56
teen baby diaper lovers/adult baby diaper lovers
looking for a relactionship chat room [public] created by mmafightermark
girls only 13 between 20 please join gals
Raman4u chat room [private] created by ramantaranga
Hi I am from Srilankan workning in UK. I am here for help the people & understanding each other.
Horny and sexy chat chat room [public] created by Noah4762
Fun,sexy,and exciting, all sorts of sexy games will be played with the hottest guys n girls
Gamer Freaks chat room [public] created by FearNotFantasy
Chatroom for people who play on Ps3 or Xbox or any other video game consoles. Be nice. You will get banned for bieng offensive,racist,prejudice or etc.
True Black Metal no posers allowed chat room [public] created by NocturaDolor86
only for non posers BM chat room,
Horny teens chat chat room [public] created by imilam55
This chat is for horny teens 18 and under
bi and had enough chat room [public] created by taiga97
bi ppl who hate getting picked on join here
Ruins of Swarlyad chat room [public] created by KenjiroShimada
This is the city in the middle of Swarlyad where Kenjiro Shimada was found when he was seventeen.
Underground Music chat room [public] created by dwsound
This is a chatroom to talk about some great music that is underrated and to meet new people to start new friendships and great relationships
horny chat girls only. chat room [public] created by szn03
only for girls... gays and males are not allowed. :)
baba T chat room [public] created by ogungbayi06
am baba T ,am always crazy for fine girls expecially ladies within the range 20-45 of age
need tha truth chat room [public] created by conz420
its me and yeah idk what the deal is so .......
Flirts and Fun chat room [public] created by iNKhead19
this is a fun flirty room for everyone to have a good time and not get picked on thos who tart drama will be kicked out on the spot
sexmenoww chat room [public] created by jiajey
13s rule the world chat room [private] created by Sn1tsel
You must friend sn1tsel so he can make sure ur 12 1/2 --- 14 1/2
sudakrish chat room [public] created by sudaprashath
get yhe very very very very evry veyrgirl friend
looking to be my slave chat room [public] created by mistressturner12
are you interested to be my slave?
10 to 11 yr old chat room [public] created by valsofh
this place is for only 10 to 11 yr old pre teens. I will kick out ppl who are annoying and some bad words are allowed....
loving hyderabad chat room [private] created by sathishreddyme
only my loving friends are allowed in this chat room. friends please wellcome
Coventry Meet up for Fun chat room [public] created by ianp1234
This room is for people looking to hook up in the coventry bedworth nuneaton area, have fun guys and girls
malli chat room [private] created by mammi2
i want to chat. is there anybody ?
Over 18 chat room [public] created by woorzaland
just over 18 can join this room
Chudaai chat room [private] created by ashad123
Hello..friends this room is only for female
kingxxx chat room [public] created by ravinder001
friendship and meet new people from all world
Hott room chat room [public] created by cherize
Lol im new at this so lets give it a try
partner sex in malaysia chat room [public] created by farshad3x
Do u want partner sex so com here..
gay people in florida chat room [public] created by Rod345
only gay people in florida or bisexual
women trying to lose weight chat room [public] created by gettinmeback
sharing weight loss tips and cheering each other on as we lose weight. celebrating our progress and motivate each other to keep going
male and female room chat room [public] created by suliman222
this room is used for friendship
Hook upMore chat room [public] created by Jray53
Get to know one another more link up
relationships with family members chat room [public] created by simphillips
for people to chat abut their relationships with other family memebers
gigolo service chat room [private] created by rajgurukiller
any ladies ,who want a gigolo service just contact me.we are professionals.we have several branches in chennai.just contact me .guru 8056567844
Save money on gas monthly chat room [public] created by natjamor
Gas prizes are going up constantly, well there is a solution for this problem. Interested contact me and I will give you more information, you will not regret.
beauti chat room [public] created by amirrafique
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps.
Clean Fun chat room [public] created by kitteykatt
This is just a room for people to come hang out and not worry about being asked your tit or dick size. Please notify me if anyone is making you uncomfortable and I will dispose of them immediately.
Nice to meet you Aikawa chat room [private] created by OwenCanFly
I Love Japan!! Talk about random stuff or whatever you want ;)
gay 13-15 year old chat room chat room [public] created by iamgay123455
you have to be 13-15 year old gays to be in this room
the confession box chat room [public] created by hardeast100
beautiiful and nice with flowers and ah chair to sit
i wat to be a furry chat room [public] created by absolutewolfzero
if your a furry can you plees talkto me i wat to be a furry but dont know how
Da r8 place chat room [private] created by saumik351
Its my personal chat room only 4 ma friends.............FRIENDs u all r welcome here........
MYSORE ROOM chat room [public] created by jokespaprtnow
anyone from mysore like to make friendhip....please coem to mysore room
dom an sub chat room [public] created by renea123
only true doms an subs and be willing to be open about your life style
jennis-home chat room [public] created by jenjen2001
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
footjobs in Tupelo chat room [private] created by bnorthington
This chat room is for all of the women who love to give footjobs!.. So if you are a woman/lady who loves to jerk guy off with your feet then come on in!!..
people fro toledo ohio chat room [public] created by bigtymer55
people from Toledo ohio to talk and kick it
ghghhgh chat room [public] created by seabitke
<a href = 'http://www.advicenators.com/column.php?u=cocacy'>bla bla </a> <a href= "http://buygooglesniper20.wordpress.com ">buy google sniper </a>
Kuroshitsuji OC rp chat room [public] created by KasakoHimigi
For anyone who likes Kuroshitsuji, or BlackButler, and has an OC.
Fck my Girl in NJ chat room [public] created by kalel2497
Looking for guys in NJ to come have sex with my GF
dating for shy people chat room [public] created by Haylearendrag
shy people looking for someone without the out going pressure
Ethiopian sexy girls chat room [public] created by Kalkidankalu
Love and sex ethiopian girls sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
women who make men eat there own cum chat room [public] created by salt762
women who enjoy domination and humiliation including strapo,golden showers, humiliation, making men eat there own cum and more
nc love chat chat room [public] created by neo0101
you must be 13-15 from the usa or something ok have fun
adult babies and adult mommies chat room [public] created by babyrobert1987
adult babies looking for momies and dadies
thirteen love chat room [public] created by neo0101
you must be 13 and have fun o.0 and be yourself!!!!
adut babies looking for mommies chat room [public] created by babyrobert1987
adult babies lookig for momies and dadies
itsmorefuninthephilippines chat room [public] created by chinitaprincess
for pinoys all over the world.philippines is ♥ :)
find new friend chat room [public] created by rahullove786
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
Drinking game chat room [public] created by Narcli
This room is like playing california kings, or kings, it's a drinking game! you got booze you lonley petttey man, so do we! get in here!!
teens14151617 chat room [public] created by laineygirl
14,15,16,17 year olds only!!!!!!!
meeting 13 chat room [private] created by neo0101
bla bla bla bla must be 13 bla bla blabbity bla
Teen singless chat room [public] created by Rio333
Where teen singles meet and chat and have fun
sexy girls nude photos or chat chat room [public] created by iheartteengirls18
send nude photos if u like or just chat
singles chat come find love chat room [public] created by kaitlynbarton
u meet ppl chill hang hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope u hve fuuuuuuuuun
genuine australia socializing chat room [public] created by ozzyau
This room is for Australia's chathour members to come and socialize with other people from Australia. Please be genuine on who you are and have fun meeting other genuine people..
jem chat room [public] created by jembaby
well my name is jenni i love this sight and if you wantto talk to somoneim here
Teenager love 69 chat room [public] created by reybabe1891
teenagers talk here , and get to know eachother . (:
11 year olds dating space chat room [public] created by heaven11ssister
only for 11 year olds no adults or teens only 11 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 skype chat room [public] created by neo0101
girls who want to skype must be 13 and no nudeity
any one 13 chat room [public] created by neo0101
must be 13 and have fun bla bla bla
Seekers for lovr chat room [public] created by gklsfvfsd
It was a nice and good room.....if u are intreated u can join our room u will be very welcome.......
Final Fantasy 7 Roleplay chat room [public] created by Rainisthenewpoison
welcome to a not so serious roleplay of Final fantasy 7. come in as an oc or a ff7 one, and just goof off. we may have more than one of the same character. no insulting the other players or such.
gay emo love chat chat room [public] created by EmoMegan
were gay emo guys can meet guys
emo gay chat room chat room [public] created by Emoking123456789
it is a place where all emo gays can come and hang out with no haters
chatiing and talking away chat room [public] created by Musicthief
Yay a chatroom for people...... (~) I needed a description
notty room chat room [public] created by mazy89
only notty...ghftdghhyurteujyklipojuhiuyfgteyhgkjloiuytecsrtdgyfgjkuilikkjtywey6u6jhoi
Cutters under 25 chat room [public] created by SexKittie
this is a pro cutting chat. You can talk about cutting you can tell about your cuts... But if ANYONE tries to put someone down or to "stop" them will be kicked out of the chat! With love SK XOXOXOXOXO
dirtyxx chat room [public] created by janetqwert
Just when there's times you need a little something
Jokes Chat chat room [public] created by XxLoverBoyyxX
Just come and post your best jokes and ill give a rating between 1-10
Nice accent Gamer girl chat room [public] created by SweetPinkcake
Come to the dark side (we have cookies >:) )
TexasOklahoma Christians chat room [private] created by ChristianCaleb
Christian chat room for teens and alike. Somewhere to feel safe and just talk about life.
sexy guys 18-22 chat room [public] created by marcus1492
some sex talk maybe and we are all here to talk
Thin Chat Room chat room [public] created by Vampyre88
All people that want to talk pro ana and tips on how to stay thin. A Moment On The Lips A Lifetime On The Hips! Support for other Pro Anorexic people.
Horsey Chat chat room [public] created by Lyricrocks
Guys and Girls wanting to chat about horses and the sports they do with them. (Jumping, roping, gymkhana etc.) I am the granddaughter of a retired vet and have lived around horses for years. I know alot about them so if you have questions Please ask!
BDSM 141 chat room [public] created by harleenqnom
A chance to explore the underground world of BDSM no creeps, no pervs, and no spammers, you will get banned
Small RP chat.everyone welcome chat room [public] created by RinMiho
just a place where you can chat using you character. if you arent in character please use brackets ex: ( ) [ ] { }
MELBOURNE-AUSTRALIA chat room [public] created by Smith789
surviving infidelity chat room [public] created by jetapa
Questions how to get on with your life or work it out.
Flirt-Time chat room [public] created by Shondy
This is a pick up room. This is for flirty conversations. If someone bothers you then block them. Perverts and spammers get banned. You will get warned once and if you are still being a pervert or spammer you will be banned. And please no disrespect that will also get you banned.
monsterz chat room [public] created by AdrianVladimir
-_- i honestly don't know or care
HelpMeSomeone chat room [public] created by devilslilgirl99
this is for people who are crazy and just want to talk freely there are no rules so hav fun
Wrenchs-Rhyme-Room chat room [public] created by alanwrench
BrisVegas chat room [public] created by chilliwilly
free for all to say whatever as long as it aint abusive or degrading and i'll be the one who says it is or is not so get it on and play nice
belaishot chat room [public] created by bellaishot
hello cam fun on skype for 3 hours join me on skype angel_hot11
My man forever chat room [private] created by baylover
I love you so much! your my whole life. i dont know what i would of done if i never met you :) your so sweet, caring, hot,i could make a list miles long but lets just say your amazing in every way possible
serious-relationship chat room [public] created by lokiixcore
only for serious relationship.. you can contact admin at skype : yassiine.lokiii
Lookin for YUNG girls chat room [public] created by iamjustacoolguy
As it says, lookin for dirty yung girls!!!
Music Chat Mayhem chat room [public] created by Anark0ncre
gay or bi guys come on down chat room [public] created by Mattdewaynek
Gay and bi guys only , have fune be careful, idc what you do im just bored out of my minddddddddddd
xoxox chat room [public] created by rinny21
you got to love hugs is u wanna chat :)
black women and white men chat room [public] created by rinny21
the title says is all so yea lol
horny wemon only chat room [public] created by psychopathicclown93
horny females willing to skype with a 20 year old male
Only Rwp And Isb People chat room [public] created by Nomisweet47
This Room Is Only For Rwp Or Islamabad Boys And Girls
indian telugu sex chatzz chat room [public] created by johnsena1
who want se they can log inthis ...
Texas dfw chat room [public] created by Wildsex2
Philippine chatmrooms chat room [public] created by Jamae
Welcome and suit yourselves. For teens.
whitney gropp chat room [private] created by babygril1995
hay u jhpkgfthbrjfmgkdfgvlkmjgdflbfdlkjmerldebjergjfdlvjgblekcbedkjejcc4ejtdfgejbhefgjfgvljglfjgvlgjvlerjgelrgjdflgjdflgkjdflj
the new animeroom chat room [public] created by otonashi117
this is for those who arent pricks
shemale-futanari chat room [public] created by jessicaandbritany
for shemales/futanari/femboys or those looking for them
Have Fun and smile chat room [public] created by Lovely7Omar
Let the fun begin guys,and be my friends
need sugar mama chat room [public] created by anthony2622
i want a sugar mama..just drop bye if ur interestd thnks a lot...
im look n for a couple for a 3som fmf chat room [public] created by mammacoo
come here to have fun, wishig or cant wait for a real live 3 some , but turns me on watching or chating about it
KPOP---talk it here chat room [public] created by NightCreeper
Just KPOP and nothing else :))
hareesh chat room [public] created by hareesh333
if u want to die easily its very simple love someone truely............................
iwantsugarmom chat room [public] created by jakemarley
Im me so we know each other and we can talk about whta do you want and want i want :">
argue for a reason or not chat room [public] created by sambo2021
this room is for people who love to argue and have point or not
Bored at Work chat room [public] created by jackdawaliby
what to do if ur bored @ work??lets discover your ideas : )
The Internet Business chat room [public] created by themrwho2
Internet Business: Designing, buying, selling, merging.
cute lovly sweet masti chat chat room [public] created by sweetsexysmart
plss chat in my chat room dis is a very masssttt chat room everyone is welcme enjoyyy
small talk yeah chat room [public] created by angelgirl0208
come on and have a chat im bored
Have Fun and be happy chat room [public] created by Lovely7Omar
Let the begin and be my friends
looking for sexy guys chat room [public] created by katey101
hot hot ho hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hothothot hot hot hot hot hot hot hoy hot
Talk About Random chat room [public] created by Gabriiellaa
Anything you want to talk about, come over here! :D You can talk anything you like. :) Just HAVE FUN!! {}{}{}{} O=Dv
misa chat room [private] created by schiezo
hello baby i create this room for us
V-ROCKZ chat room [private] created by VinodAmin
Yes i like it rtjjjkkk::nm:; ffffghhhhh; lllyyyuk
patricia chat room [public] created by sexypatricia18
for fun.................................................................................................................im a naughty girl!
kinky-- chat room [public] created by macca95
kinky girls who want fun send us a message
Metal-core Room chat room [public] created by Tom192
People who like metal-core music, come on in!
maxstiv11 chat room [public] created by maxstive11
only girls who like hot and sex chat
maxstive11 chat room [public] created by maxstive11
only girls who love sex and hot chatting
chat hot chat chat room [private] created by thampan
hai friends please come down anytime for a chat
NH Beastiality Room chat room [public] created by BeastGirl12
Anyone that lives in NH or near it that wants to meet and greet with their dogs, horses etc come on in this chat. c:
lets jack off chat room [public] created by Joesullivan
who wants to join me here.. Everybody is welCUM!
bizness world chat room [public] created by Patrickeni
Make new friends and complete business deals at a go
bisexuals room chat room [public] created by BaileyG13
for any gay or bisexual teenager
sexs room chat room [public] created by xphoebe1984x
all u talk about is sexs dicks willys tits sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thats is all we care about is sex so come my room for sexssss babyssss
Real Conversations chat room [public] created by xBabygirlAngelx
Here is a chat room that is for real conversations an actual chat. Come join lets chat it up!
egypt chat room chat room [public] created by dodddd
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to host
33 to 66 chat room [private] created by 999alice
defined in the numbers as you suppose
indian special room chat room [public] created by ramanrocker
good chating is here India's most favorite youth website www.royaleaves.com have a look and enjoy
problems and solutions chat room [public] created by Ants96
talk about problems and give advice
riang ria chat room [public] created by khairulmuaz
mari kwn2 kita riang ria..ahhh bosannn la b,,,,,,b..
Let it Be chat room [public] created by ozsteve7
Chill, Thefe are too many things in life that distract us all! TO EACH THEIR OWN! YOU do know what i mean people! Just be open minded! Your oppinions are as much appreciated, as, the last coment! Everyone just needs to mellow out!
only me and you chat room [private] created by mmolly
intimacy, open minded. frienship, fling, just for fun
Devil may cry role play chat room [public] created by MidnightClaw
Warning!!! NOT A HOOK UP ROOM NO ONLINE DATING!!!! If you've played the devil may cry games you know what this is and here is the description for my character: Name: Matsurika (Jasmine in Japanese) Age: 18 Weapons: Duel Elbow blades, angel/demon powers, and Short and long katana set Bio: She was born to an angel mother but when the other angels found out they killed the mother and sent Matsurika away to earth. On her 18th Birthday she got a gift from her demon father and a note that explained everything..... Appearance: Black hoodie with silver stars on the right arm, Black pants with silver stars on left leg, White fingerless gloves, White boots with black buckles, Black and white hair (Half Black Half White) Most said line: I can't believe this.....
thorif chat room [public] created by thorif
mncri cinta yang sejati tulus ikhlas dari hati ..
siavash chat room [private] created by xsiavash
always ask God to give u what u deserve not what u desire. your desire may be afew but u deserve alot
only for bbc chat room [public] created by sexybbwrican69
looking for that sexy black men with bbc only
looking for sexy bbc only chat room [public] created by sexybbwrican69
I want a sexy athletic black men who can rock my world ... who lives in vegas only :)
looking for that sexy bbc chat room [public] created by sexybbwrican69
im looking for someone who can lick my kitty ..while I suck on his .. someone who's sexy black ages between 39 n 45 :) ... shaved n clean 9 inches n up :)
Central Ohio Dare chat room [public] created by Scottnature1
Central Ohio Dare is an adult dare site based in central Ohio. Join and dare each other to do all sorts of things. (Legality is yours to deal with, so be careful with anything like that.) Naked dares, speaking dares, etc. Result postings are required, witness of another member better.
sweedish chat room [public] created by pewdiepies
if you sweedish come in and join the chat!
jembay chat room [public] created by jembaby
come tal to me its good times xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DevilsPlayground696 chat room [public] created by devilslilgirl99
this is for the people who are out casts and need a place to talk so come and talk with others like you
blessington chat room [public] created by blessington30
i need a boyfriend to chat to show my loving ocean, walk through the waves with love and devotion
my bitches chat room [public] created by cshaner13
whee me and my bitches talk ;)
UK teen chat 13-19 chat room [public] created by dariaflowers
this is a friendly chat room for teens from UK. age limit 13-19 and pervs WILL be removed.
I need a cute hot boyfriend chat room [public] created by Emily413
Im 16 & Im looking for a boyfriend, and also someone to text...
Kennys world of chat. South Park chat room [public] created by XxKennyxX
hello iam kenny.. welcome to my chatroom
peyton chat room [private] created by pey14
love music,sports,playing outside. i'm super nice and fun to be around
Renton WA chat room [public] created by TramNguyen96
I wanna have a bf or best friend,,,,nice to meet everyone,,,,and be friend.....
Marines and soldiers chat room [public] created by babylovemarie
marines and soldiers chat with me
Sexual fetish chat chat room [public] created by smeritt28
Chat about anything having to do with sex.
High School RP chat room [public] created by Frostfang
Exactly that. Time to RP in a wolfie fashion or whatevs.
sexual fetish chat room [public] created by smeritt28
Talk about nasty sexual stuff.
sissy boy for use chat room [public] created by newsub1989
room to use this dirty little sissy boy
South Park ChatRoom chat room [public] created by XKyleBroflovskiX
Stan and Kenny Er...other kids from South Park, come on over.....but not you Cartman -_- Get your fat ass away from my chatroom.
Renton Washington chat room [public] created by TramNguyen96
Nice to meet everyone, be firend for fun :D
Just2talk chat room [public] created by Karebear44
This is where you can come and help people out that need/want to talk. You can come here if you want to get something off you mind and hopefully no one will make smart comments back. If you ever need to talk about anything im always here and hopefully the people that may be joining this. Everyone is welcome!
Likes To Look At Youngest Cousins or Freinds Photo chat room [public] created by mattj1980
Likes to share your photos on yoru computer of your youngest cousins or friends with me.
tinafresh chat room [public] created by tinafresh
There is a lot of ?traditional? love advice for men out there that basically reinforces the belief that in order for a guy to make a woman fall for him, he has to go through a long courtship process where he basically bends over backwards to try and make her feel that way. And many guys follow that traditional advice, not realizing that they are headed in the wrong direction. There?s a reason why it seems like nice guys always finish last in relationships and dating, and it?s because they do the wrong things to try and make a woman fall in love with them.
picture - trading chat room [public] created by iwillmakeyouhappy
meet new people and trade your naughties
13 to 15 only chatroom chat room [public] created by ethanscott13
for bi and gay boys age 13 to 15, only, to chat and have fun. (NO OLD FOLKS)!!!!
ilokanos tambayan room chat room [public] created by norenzly
every one is welcome ilokanos.tagalogs or even others
single chatmoom chat room [public] created by jbladedaclown
a place to where erveryone gets together to chat and maybe find a date
cupidvarma chat room [private] created by cupidvarma
i want to host my own chat room to me more secretive
find a bf or gf no guy or bi chat room [public] created by DRAKE100
if u love some on here talk to them
minecraft101 chat room [public] created by LOLZZ2727
minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft
Making extra money chat room [public] created by wjmiller
Free advice on how to make extra money with your computer or smart phone.
Awesome PARTY chat room [public] created by niagotthatswag
Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!! this chat is awesome is fun and all u do is party party party party all day long AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
growing fat people chat room [public] created by bigobrent
room for fat people who like being fat or like other fat people
badboyroom chat room [private] created by badboyinbed
Gay Northern California chat room [public] created by norcal410
for gay men and teens from norther california
india mumbai singles chat room [public] created by wateva123
guys and gals from mumbai hook up here
Mistress Worship room chat room [public] created by Lady1111
here anyone can worship and serve Me
EnlightenedOnes chat room [public] created by Maniuno
If you believe yourself to be enlightened and wish to chat with others who are enlightened please join :)
hellow matties chat room [public] created by jasperrr
come come my friends! enjoy! welcome! bla bla bla
Just a chat room to have fun chat room [public] created by TiffLuvsYa
Just a place to meet new people :)
ytac chat room [private] created by ytac21
hi beautifull girls im here ,im single chat me
SAUDI MEN TO MEN tripper only chat room [public] created by vhinxxxx
tripper only dito saudi ng taga jubail/khobar/dammam
SA 888 chat room [public] created by saanthosh
Hello guys this my chat room urs welcome to all
mula ani muli 25 paryant chat room [public] created by narasasd
mula aahet ethe mulinshi gappa marayala
BAD BAD n only bad chat room [public] created by Sanlikhta
Sit on my face chat room [public] created by ELKURTohLESEXY
Teen wolves everywhere chat room [public] created by HarmonyWhitefang
im looking for others like me if ur a hater ull be banned
ragazza chat room [public] created by livio80
cerca ragazza sono simpatico calmo comico
pausetive chat room [private] created by pausetive
be pausetive about sex ,its a part of life everyone should enjoy it
TeensXXX chat room [public] created by dio1987
A chat room just for teens. Come and have fun with us every day!!!!!
Raldo chat room [private] created by Princeraldo
I need only sexy ladies, or sugar mummies or harlot, but u must be cute n good looking...
Rippln chat room [public] created by wjmiller
Get paid to be here or anywhere you have internet access
date room 14-17 chat room [public] created by noodlesareyumm
people looking for love and preferably 14 to 17
Bangalore - BSK chat room [public] created by depu25
people looking for meeting in bagalore for flings are most welcom
private chats chat room [public] created by krisspry
this is for people who want to chat
Capiz Cybers chat room [public] created by johnche15
Plaese be friendly to all of ass if you are here in my chat rooms
malayali boys needed girls chat room [public] created by madhu245
any tamil or malayali girls can cum n chat here
YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO chat room [private] created by ParkChris
brians room chat room [public] created by sxybrian
come say hello :) if you want to! no hiding in the shadows though!!
monte chat room [private] created by jossstone499
im born adhd and im sick an tie with regular people who took advantage me and know that had adhd and regular people don't understand me what i come from and so mother tell be somebody who is adhd and that here for be friend adhd
girls talk 265895 chat room [public] created by king52005
F try du d f2f fk instinctual snowflake Dan
Mauritian Paradise Chat Room chat room [public] created by pravesh222
This is open chatroom for open minded person.... feel free n EnjoyZZZZ
hydhrabad chat room [public] created by sriajay
cross dressing decent nice people only....
cds friends chat room [public] created by sriajay
nice cd's friends if any one here means chat with me
fun for you and me chat room [public] created by singalady
come talk with us so we can make friends and have friends we are a family here well not exactly
Radioactive chat room [public] created by radioactivethylacine
Wear a radiation proof suit before entering... 0 -0
scotsman stuck in wales chat room [public] created by davethebrave
im bored shitless and looking for some banter
Ontario Canada chat room [public] created by Putt420
Kind of explains itself... So This is just random words to get the 30 characters :D
horrny people chat room [public] created by chriskeogh
for people that are horrny and that want to sext
Sexy and love Chat chat room [private] created by aalmamun007
Bangladesh er woman please came this room
detroit druggies chat room [public] created by tootiefrootie
looking to score dkjflkdfjfkdfjgdfkgjdf kgndfkvndfvmnfkvngfkgjfgkgjdfijdf gkg hkjfdg kdjfgfjh kfjgd fkjg fgkjd flkfg
Family Nudism Picture Sharing chat room [public] created by mattj1980
If you want to share soem of you family nude photos or your younger cousins with me.
Naked Family Photo Sharing Room chat room [public] created by mattj1980
It's a Room where you have lots of pictures of your nude young family members and etc.
scottscott7171 chat room [public] created by scottscott7171
hi whats happening out there everybody, great day here in christchurch
jizo chat room [public] created by jizo
am a tall black guy looking for that lover out there.
hobby chat room [public] created by subhash8172
u r always welcome....v u nderstand ourselves i n a better way...
Final Fantasy Chat 123 chat room [public] created by Edea92
For those who like the final fantasy series and/or other video games or anime
13-18teen chat room [public] created by Leslie432
Only 13 to 18 year olds can come in and chat.
fart fetishes chat room [public] created by Jermakis
if u have gay or straight fart fetishes come here plz
Meganplace here chat room [public] created by Morgan01234
my place for chat with me holy I have to write a lot here
hycott chat room [private] created by willsampson77
you 2 chat room chat room [private] created by piyke02
no gay please or bisex because we must be really straight to talk better things ok
mississippi usa chat room [public] created by Jermakis
if u live in mississippi come here
teen emo girls chat room [public] created by formerrattler09
las vegas teen girls only 15-18
Under 12 chat room [public] created by 9single
Everyone under 12 is allowed in here.
salt lake city girls chat room [public] created by kittykatness
im looking for girls in salt lake city girlfreind, freind or just to talk (i dont care what religon)
Oddballs happy place chat room [private] created by Godzillaace
This is supposed to be where I can be happy, ruin that I'll kick you, if you don't make me happy same.
ONLY FOR HORNY WOMAN chat room [public] created by bole1992
only for horny girls,go skype sex right naw
Meet a New Friend Chat chat room [public] created by butterfly814
This is NOT a pick up room. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you are a spammer or have any other intentions besides a friendly chat you WILL be banned! This is just for people who have some down time and want a friendly person to chat with.
Shelfed Life chat room [public] created by shelfed
Vent, talk, make friends. Bitch about school or work, your parents or your boss. Talk about how you think your partner is cheating on you or that your want to kill yourself. Just get it out and have people listen.
Always Talkin Bout Sum chat room [public] created by hakennabrown
Havin Fun,Talkin,Flertin,Jux Chillin
BFF finding chat chat room [public] created by SummerTreasures
BFF chat Trying to find that special person to trust BFF chat is four you must join
only for girls2014 chat room [public] created by prettygirl2014
=) lets have fun girls sorry boys not aloyd here
singal and looking chat room [public] created by AustinChase117
otaku girls 17 or older only hi the names chase im straight and well u know the rest lets talk I LOVE ANIME!!!!
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