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List of all user-created chat rooms #484
WAG KAMEH IBA NA LANG chat room [public] created by Nadz21
Bawal ang Panggap at lalong lalo na sa mga poser.....
lucys room chat room [public] created by lucyurban
cool room ha say cool stuff in yea i just wanna chat with you
KEMURNIAN ISLAM chat room [public] created by irwanto
romantica sex chat room [public] created by pupun2013
make romance and sex life easy
Normal Teenage Chat chat room [public] created by CrazyGirl445
A nice chat only for thirteen to eighteen year old's. Perverts and anyone above the age limit will be kicked. No capitals or spammers. They will get kicked too.
Phonesex room chat room [public] created by tj6955
looking for hot women for phone sex
transgender little girls chat room [public] created by babygirl1965
this is a room where you can find you a mommy
lynshine chat room [public] created by lynshine
am female like to chat for friendship,,,
lovely lady only chat room [public] created by horlar20013
looking for some to love and caring with and trustful someone
kids sex room chat room [public] created by jennylove4u
place where people can talk about their desires for kids
2 Reasons Why chat room [public] created by MzJuicyPhatKat
there are only 2 reasons why you are here either be rich or be intriguing im only chating for 2 reasons!
fucc w. mee chat room [public] created by marieeisme
Bisexual only No other if u like sex come n room come come
pornroom chat room [private] created by warman234
chat about bein horny as hard and wants to drink my cum
dimple chat room [private] created by lynshine
im good to those people good..
The other furry chatroom chat room [public] created by KatFaceMcgee
This is for furries or people who want to become furries
Seattle chat room 23 chat room [public] created by BriannaandAndrew
for anyone in the seattle area.
ilpalazzo chat room [public] created by MachiavellianPrince
Just a place for the players in the game of life.
Bored and need something to do chat room [public] created by Sasha0314
I'm bored. No foul language and stuff have fun
Lee and his mate chat room [private] created by LeeTheLucario
"Yay! another chatroom................." :3
furry Friend chat and rp chat room [public] created by KaydenTheWolf
this is were you chat and do a little rp and all that stuff
slaves 4 master chat room [public] created by jessek0112
room for slaves to find a master
Couples Only Fun chat room [public] created by AnneKevin2013
Room for couples to play with other couples
sekero chat room [public] created by sekero
i am a nice guy and a great footballer in need of a nice lady distance is not a barier
Wedgie stuff chat room [public] created by Wedgiewanter
I want someone willing to be a webcam wedgiepartner must be in teens oldest
Idk wat ta name it. . . . chat room [public] created by itzmejayyyyyy
For only gay ppl and they are girls becuz im gay <3 ya guyz
graveyard of the demons souls chat room [public] created by godofpain
a place where we train ower powers as a team and gain more respect for another
creature of the darkness and of hell chat room [private] created by godofpain
this room is for being of darkness we welcome all and mostly demons and vampires,
RealCoversationsForTeens13-16 chat room [public] created by Kojocoen1237
Place where people meet and talk :)
furry strip club open to all furrs chat room [public] created by fairytaiil
The club is open to all fires I'll be making job opening to ppl so I'm for the jobs thanks
adult swim chat room [public] created by rtmcopestraight
this is where all the adults can come to have some fun ;)
Much Love Chat Room chat room [public] created by philco97
Chat about anything as long as there is love there 2 show, respect each other and have fun. No drama please!!!
Room of Souls chat room [public] created by AlicexDeathxEmpress
My soul collection, anyone is free to come.
back room chat chat room [public] created by fairytaiil
This chat is for the good players of the club don't take it to far boy they do have guns in the room;)
Nerd Chat chat room [public] created by samsam2121
Want to talk to some other smart people? Then geek it up in the nerd chat room
70sSoftRock chat room [public] created by DistantLady
looking to date chat room [public] created by mousse02
teens who want to date or even find love you can take things slow or fast if u want to
gay forum chat room [public] created by randygivano
wanna see ur dick. join us now, we're gonna have fun
gfgbvncjvkhbjlknbjlkckf chat room [public] created by ninjabacon3
for 13 year olds ONL013 chat room [public] created by ivybieber
for 13 year olds to meet and have fun O_o idk LOL
Subscribe2MyYoutubeChannel chat room [public] created by DanaDaModel13
This is a chat room to see who wants to send me a email video respone to be put on my next show video must be within 30-60 seconds
sheffield uk room chat room [public] created by pgoldskewlraver
for singles to come chat hookup cam2cam get to know each other then arrange meet ups
rahul chat room sexy chat room mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chat room [public] created by rahulmanu
SexyAsh chat room [public] created by AshleyLovesEverythin
Sexy people only. TALK DIRTY!!!!
out cast chat room [private] created by gokuover9000
weer those kids with one friend in the blake hoods
dirty or clean chat room [public] created by kendra67
how are you guys alike.why did you come to this site is this site are you you have dicks
feelings 5667 chat room [public] created by kendra67
this is for you toget all of your feelings to that one special person
singles bikers chat room [public] created by hiprocky
can be bikers or anyone love motorcycle come on in
aashee chat room [public] created by vishalarorasharma
i m lesbin, i want a sexy girls for sex with me . jlkjdfs jojhd hhkjhkc iohf khf hf johdsfh hioudf
Markanthony chat room [public] created by umagadegreat
Am fair in complexion,5.7fit tall,huge in nature,and love ladies more.....
Dirty girls are welcome chat room [public] created by fpessoa74
Want to try a dirty chat ? I'm a respecfull and a very dirty guy !
asan29 chat room [private] created by gamage29
hi i like to lesbian couple lady
leohanie chat room [public] created by leohanie
hi hi hi hi hi h hhi hi hi hi hi hih ihihihihihihihihihihi
The Darker Side of Roleplaying chat room [public] created by EvilxGrinz
A rain beaten street faintly illuminated by the impossibly close moon is the first thing you see when you awaken. Your body aches and your stomach rumbles as you struggle to get to your feet on weak legs. You feel bruised and tired but oddly alive and rejuvenated, almost as if you are humming with a power inside you just can't harness yet.. You try to dust off and find a small red note safety pinned to your jacket kindergarten style. On the note is one simple word; Welcome.. Who are you? Well, what are you would be more appropriate. Where did you come from? What will you do now? You have a story to tell, my friend, the story you will create and share will no doubt be a great one. Be who you are and help others create their stories as well. Enjoy the roleplay, and don't be dicks.
blond love asian chat room [public] created by lilipopfreak
is it true asian girls dont like tall strong blond blue eyes guys ?
marsh10m2 chat room [public] created by marsh10m2
hai guyz......itz my chat room..,...welcme
sex chat Room chat room [public] created by kontolarab
kumpulnya para wanita yang butuh kontol
bellybutton talk chat room [public] created by katie1216
Talk about belly n bellybuttons
lookin forthe one chat room [public] created by bkm1073
for any one wanting to meet chat get to no each other
beg beg chat room [public] created by morriszoleta
beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg
Lauras chat room bitchs chat room [public] created by lauraventmore
chat idk do what you want idg a shit
lauras chat room heheh chat room [public] created by lauraventmore
chat idk do what you want I don't really care
depollisnoni chat room [public] created by depollis
come and join me in this site to jolly with your freind
yungswack chat room [private] created by yungswacky
am here to talk about anything, meet ppl and have fun as well
VINO2387 chat room [private] created by ViNO2387
Hi guys i just want to friend with you all
Sext with me horny chicks only chat room [public] created by CraiG101
I feel horny so any horny chicks wanna have a sex RP with me? Must be long and detailed.
3roy chat room [public] created by 3roy
iam roy i from dubai i looking for girls/women for chating
BEAUTY and the BEAST chat room [public] created by SunnySusan
Females loving their furry friends and sharing a bed with them.
live cam sex chat room [private] created by aviator007
wana be natural so come to chat freely on my room am a man and want to see woman
cartoon chat room [public] created by bunmi01
It's time to drop your bags and blog all about cartoons
style chat room [public] created by bunmi01
It's time to style it up you love style then you've come to the right place
gay-LA chat room [public] created by joetrekking
Chatroom for gay friends in LA area
cherrychinna chat room [public] created by cherrychinna
hai i am new to thz website.....make me feel happy with thz website with our chatting
thrilling chat room [public] created by jacobjohnkvta
i m cool and like to chat with others use my chatroom
privately private chat room [private] created by ValentineAngela143
its just for friends only !!!!!! who wants to chat silently without getting disturbed !
KANTUTAN ROOM yay chat room [public] created by dorothytakizawa
well just havve sum fun everyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone!
FUUUN room chat room [public] created by dorothytakizawa
sheffiled females . chat room [public] created by daisyh
looking for a female model from sheffiled to pose nude for my art work
Anger Issues chat room [public] created by Guppii
If you tend to have anger issues and hate a lot of people, please come in here and just let your anger out.
Neaplq chat room [public] created by jyotiadhikari
nepali only worldwideddfd dfdfd dfdfd
Mermaids chat room [public] created by scarletfever569
A place which Mermaids can talk and exchange secrets with one another also mermans are welcome and good witches as well Thanks!!
andhra sex chat room [public] created by raja496
this room for andhra boys and girls to chat about sex
self chat room [public] created by jaredrhoward
fun talk love hangout and just be yourself
self esteem chat room [public] created by imperfect223
for anyone feeling insacure and wants to talk it out
young101 chat chat room [public] created by meedboy
for the young teens who wanna talk to other teens around your age!!! if they join...
Salut tout le monde... Hello everybody chat room [public] created by Asiyha
I'm new here and I don't really know what to do now so ( Sorry for the english cause I ussually speak french so... it hard for me -____-' )
Arkansas teens chat room [public] created by Shadowfury88
Basically, a room where teens from Arkansas can hang out, chat, make new friends, and even spice up their love life.
at first virtual sex chat room [public] created by TheBestEver1
i want virt sex With beauty girl..
NewRelationships chat room [public] created by scarletfever569
Hi! Everyone who is Single !!! Come on here if you want 2 get a Gf. or Bf. ! So come and Feel The love People!!!!
Horny nikhil world chat room [public] created by nikhil00
Hi this chat room is specifically for women members but i dont mind mens joining it as well . . . . this is room to have sex talk and forget about your pain
sexy spicy chat room [private] created by vijay9moha
for chats, i like girls and recently married housewifes
nagpur friends chat chat room [public] created by truefriend1008
a better place to make friend and chat here to find wonderfull friends
relatonship finding chat room [public] created by camman12
hi anyone this is for 13 year old and to find a girlfriend or boyfriend
chill teens101 chat room [public] created by anglelove14
a fun way to talk chill and be nice to each other.
Jah bless chat room [public] created by fasiling
anyone is allowed to participate in this room .
Play Chat chat room [public] created by sstonnelljr
Tell what you want to do as a teen . . .
kik names xxx chat room [public] created by wealthyrichguy69
kik account names for horny people
NY BBC WANTED chat room [public] created by jessicahudson8313
married f here looking to meet up with black guys around new york area.
Kpop suggestion chat room [public] created by Asiyha
What music you prefert ? Here for suggestion ;D
10 - 14 yr olds NO 15 YR OLDS OR OODER AT ALL chat room [public] created by Ottowa
Looking for horny girls for me and my Guy friend chat room [public] created by sexygurl1756
I am lesbian and he is straight so IM us
evil wicked domms ides chat room [public] created by asnap
chat about ideas, uses for submissinves, and of course, new experiences
looking for man to make love with chat room [public] created by Anita20003
lovely chat room and i will like to have a good lovely here i am Looking for a nice man to make love with and spend my good time with I am Looking for A Man that is Honest and good looking man that will Trust me and make me always happy a man that will please me and a man that will always love me nope matter what happen
50 plus Flirters chat room [public] created by snugglebunnie
A place where chatters over fifty can get together and chat, have a good time and come what may.
Hello Sweetie chat room [public] created by JessesGirl17
Doctor Who nerds everywhere! A place to bee geekly and love the doctor!
search Aunty chat room [private] created by mohanpalani
Search aunties for hot chat and for enjoy boobs
sexual chat NZ chat room [public] created by metalmulisha23
females only please, must be in newzealand too, if in wellington would be a bonus
SEX CHAT NZ chat room [public] created by metalmulisha23
females only please if you want to come in and have a good time, then this rooms the one for you ;) if you're keen on skyping let me know also
Our life sucks chat room [public] created by BloodyKatherine
Come in anytime if your family sucks, or kept on bugging you... feeling like life is f*cking you...
sexsexsex sesexsex chat room [public] created by domypanties
for all u hrny bitches out there
hot talk of sex chat room [private] created by johnny699669
sexy talk one on one jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
yernotallowedinhere chat room [private] created by chibikitty9000
this is my chatroom and you are not allowed.
Roleplay Seduction Room chat room [public] created by Antio
This is sex chat room for all. People searching for sex chat gather here enjoy the sex chat feeling of virtual sex
Any MILF Chat chat room [public] created by Count44
Any MILF's want to chat with a young guy!
luis dsouza071 chat room [private] created by LuisDsouza
Only friendzzzzz............ MEAN bhai log
Kess chat room [public] created by kess101
Please don't say bad things am here for your friendship
A sex in bedroom chat room [public] created by Antio
for a sex who wanna enjoy virtual sex
gay teens in melbourne chat room [public] created by blacksilk94
come have a chat if your interested in meeting cute gay boys in australia Melbourne
nkjnkjnkjnkjnkjnjknkjnk chat room [private] created by RikuuUchiha
BeMyRandomness chat room [public] created by FUNSiZE392
you v]can do whatever anything its random
Dead Duck Gang chat room [public] created by FlSHFlNGERS
₪D₪D₪G₪ headquarters. All official meetings of ₪D₪D₪G₪ will be held in this room. ₪D₪D₪G₪ is a brotherhood and sisterhood. For all the members, pay tribute to our founders Della and Sm00th! Founding members: UrSuperHer0, FlSHFlNGERS Members: Trenemadox, Craig, Jimminychristmas, Alanwrench, bmryan, Theredrose5, Moosemousse, surfsup69, starmisty90, OhMyCarrotCake
badboy90 chat room [private] created by raatkashekari
xXFLIRTGIRLYXx chat room [public] created by xXNoRankXx
girls only and im me girls i want to see ur im to me =D =D
Kiras Chat Room chat room [public] created by Kirzy
Hi Please Come & Join It Would Make Me Happy
Cutie piez chat room [public] created by Hellokittyshygirl
chat ! DUH lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bubblesjelly chat room [public] created by JellyBubble
Have fun in here! Just talk bout anything realted to 'FUN'. Ect ect hehehehehe
Japanese Practice chat room [public] created by DMTX2
Practice your japanese with native speakers
orang kampung chat room [public] created by hazwanx
hi :) jom msuk room sye..orang u all
mercin chat room [public] created by Mercin25
hai. friends.... This is my chat room... chat me....
Anyone in Butte Mt chat room [public] created by ADiDASiKORN69
anyone in or near butte mt awake, bored and adventurous
india-andhra chat chat room [public] created by snsumath
Its for telugu people... Its for adult chat to know more about us..
Deity chat chat room [public] created by Unholydonuts
All can join for who every likes to be dirty and sex chat (; gl
EastMeetsWest chat room [public] created by Lancasterinokc
Place for people East of UTC to meet those West of UTC. IE. Honk Kong/US
setting IM chat room [public] created by sexter2116
if you want to sext, this is the chatroom for you
hidir chat chat room [public] created by hidir517
nice,good,cool,antique,converging,memorable,fun and full of sexy things
Relaxxx chat room [public] created by LauraLsdut
Just chill, no need for pervs or "adult chat" Just relax and no spamming either
single and ready too mingle chat room [public] created by lovingliv
this is were singles can meet!!!
Drinking Games chat room [public] created by NurseMaggie
Whats a fun drinking game? Does it involve striping? Let have fun and get tipsy LOL
Home of Indiana chat room [public] created by shynicole22
Hindi Marathi Sex Chat chat room [public] created by priya55
sex chat [ age :- 16 - 26 ] xxxxxxxxxxxx XXX XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Only Sex Chat
SUMMER FUN392 chat room [public] created by FUNSiZE392
anyone want some fun chat room [private] created by blackveilbrides731
anyone want some fun i sure would like some fun
bi and gay chat room chat room [public] created by blackveilbrides731
anyone that is bi can use this chat room to talk to people that are just like you and get to know those people to so have fun
indian girls n boys chat room chat room [public] created by sweetsapne
for girls n boys indian oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Marrried but flirting chat chat room [public] created by flirtinguy60
This room is for married folks who do not cheat but need to have certain feelings and impulses fulfilled.
Bisdak Tambayan chat room [public] created by mhalditz
Free to all bisayan chatters or to anyone who wants to know Visayan dialect.
Cool or Popular chat room [public] created by Bluemangroup
This is for all the cools so if your a cool person this place is for you.
sexy kitty cat chat room [private] created by bulldog555
the only girl i love and want to be w
sexy kitty cat 2 chat room [public] created by bulldog555
i want to be w u for ever until we die together
sexyuks chat room [private] created by Hans210
yang mau ngobrolin seputar sex, biar tambah pengalaman
friendly lovers keek chat room [public] created by addojames
created by,''JAMES ADDO'' :this is a chat for all conversations ,but not only disrespectful chats,also a creative chat that can help us all for a better world,better friend lovers of life and justice ,try if you can ,ALL participants must be modest in mind yet cool and uninterruptible conversation
for hairy lovers chat room [public] created by hunkys
For all the hairy lovers. Hairy chest, hairy pussies are welcome
Trans Chatroom chat room [public] created by Ztylersky
You can be FTM or MTF to join :)
Conversazioni in italiano chat room [public] created by peppefreddi
Chiunque voglia approfondire la conoscenza della lingua italiana puņ partecipare.
jeddah gays12 chat room [public] created by jak321
love sex kiss huging bear chubby top bottom in jeddah
talking time chat room [private] created by croy96
lets talk i want to meet women
sexy kitty cat 2 chat room [public] created by bulldog555
i want to be w u forever until we die together
nerdy people chat room [public] created by lvl80dwarf
just to talk about stuff other than sex and dicks :)
iddris abu chat room [public] created by iddrisamata
Rohitkumbar chat room [public] created by Rohitfake
Im handsome n sexy boy n I'm looking for a friendly charcter girl with smart
Single and Pregnant chat room [public] created by BellaQT
Single mom chat, divorce, love, marriage, depression, pregnancy.
sexy kitty cat 3 chat room [public] created by bulldog555
i want u all to myself and no one elses
raze chat room [private] created by raze12
standard model chat room [public] created by minatitos
theoretical physics, quantum mechanics and mathematical structure of the universe.
13 year old boys single and ready to mingle chat room [public] created by laurenhirsch
hi if you are a 13 year old boy then join this chat room! only anybody who is a boy and 13 years old!
anr chat room [public] created by c4x4u
adult breastfeeding relationship, anyone who is looking for breastfeeding realtionship
Gay Wisconsin USA chat room [public] created by CLYDECRASHCUP
A room for gay, bisexual people from Wisconsin
Talking English and get to know each other chat room [public] created by Leohasan
Maybe we can talk and know each other
Teen Flirting Chat chat room [public] created by RockGuitarGuy
Lets flirt with each other and see if we can do something sexy or find a good friend ;)
Dollars Gang chat room [public] created by Korensel
We have no colors. We stand for the people. We are the Dollars
likelove chat room [public] created by gagz123
Anyone who likes anyone chat to them
A Silent Love chat room [private] created by AsilentDezire
this chat room for few special one who believe in silent love...
meowth talk chat room [public] created by meowth7300
meowth thats right! a chat room for pokemon fans
People From Mew Mexico Only chat room [public] created by firstfunsize
anyone who is in new mexico want to hook up or meet come to this chat room
animal crossing wild world Friend codes chat room [public] created by chickie2691
a room for people to make friends and get FC's for wild world
Older Women Younger Men. chat room [public] created by macf123
When a Cougars hungry. You feed her fresh meat.
NON PERVERT TEEN CHAT chat room [public] created by DylanSpies
No pervs allowed! Okay?! Good.
teenage hang out chat room [public] created by dawnluvsya1999
A chat rooms were teens can have fun and meet new friends. :))
PRETTYGIRLS ONLY chat room [public] created by prettyswag1234
Orlando Horny guy chat room [public] created by GreekSchlong4u
any women wanna get nawty lets chat and see where it goes
If you like Chief Keef chat room [public] created by toonlink2886
This if for anybody who listens to Chief Keef
Y.T.S chat chat room [public] created by Teehope242
Plz dnt enter,if u are above 16.if u do so then ur a B.A.N (BE WARNED)
males over 55 for younger ladies chat room [public] created by deprivate
just to meet and chat and have good clean adult fun.. or go off on your im and sext away
he he chat room [public] created by abercrombiebabe1993
talk wat un ur mind chat room [public] created by aldane
be free to talk wat u think are share your problem case every one here is open minded and care for one another
gay el salvador chat room [public] created by gayambet
looking for hot gay/bi guys that are discreet and want to have a good time and feel good
13 Year Old Girls And Guys chat room [public] created by Skrillex777
love panties chat room [public] created by m47up4fun
for men into panties and females who like to show
Brunei Chat Room chat room [public] created by Salvatore809
Its just for Bruneian Users. Brunei is one of the beautiful Asian Country :)
web cam fun forteens1 chat room [public] created by silverbain
where teens ages 15 - 18 can have fun and be more mature then how there parents treat them
teen webcam fun chat room [public] created by silverbain
;) age has no limits have fun and be nice
sexual abuse survivors chat room [public] created by CandiBox18
sexual abuse and rape support and chat room
imsoHOT chat room [public] created by ichiboy18
~oh yeah!! lets talk about you!!
Female Cam2Cam Partner via Skype chat room [public] created by kepan
Hey, wanna add me for free cam2cam via skype? Add: thekepan
Ficked IF I KNOW chat room [public] created by baddeathgirl19
fun place to chat fun place to chat chat chat
One Directionnnnn chat room [public] created by Kirstenluvsyou
If you like one direction or you just wanna talk to people who are like you JOIN THIS CHAT!!1 NO HATERSS
Instagram do ya need followers chat room [public] created by Kirstenluvsyou
THOUGH'S WHO HAVE INSTAGRAM AND NEED MORE FOLLOWERS!! chat room [public] created by anthonyBoB
girlz who want fun skype name entered here in this chat room
harrietlookijng for a lover chat room [public] created by harrietjj
i am here looking for a man that will love and care for me
Aiyaan chat room [public] created by aiyaan
hi friends welcome to my chat room
Blood Palace chat room [public] created by Saykon
Roleplayers are encouraged to join.
yugioh kaibaland chat room [public] created by WabokuWarlord99
hey guys,welcome to kaibqland and this a yugioh chat room/rp room
Namma Bengaluru chat room [public] created by deepzzz
we are bangaloreans :) we are bangaloreans :) we are bangaloreans :)
Furries Be Free chat room [public] created by WolfieTheGreatest
A place for Furries to come and get to know eachother. Let your inner animal free!
movies room chat room [private] created by ceceluvpewds
dis mah movies hahahahahahaahahahaha
Hornny chat chat room [public] created by longandhard15
if you horny and wanna get off
emo room 2000 chat room [public] created by kiwi098
for all those emo people that are sad like me!!!!
Vsonu chat room [private] created by vsonu
I am male looking for cute girl to chat
Thechillcorner chat room [public] created by apexsharky
just a fun room:D if youre rude you will deffinatley be banned so chilllllll
Neko Family chat room [public] created by NekoGirlKitty
Nekos are allowed and family members are allowed too
Nekos Family chat room [public] created by NekoGirlKitty
Nekos are allowed and family members are allowed too
MaximumFlirtation chat room [public] created by TruuLuvv
Come abd flirt to your hearts content. Whether your looking for a quick flirt or long term thing, this room is for you. <3
dirty fun girls come on in chat chat room [public] created by dannyhague
Come hear have fun and get naughty
Lesbo sruthy chat room [public] created by Sruthymol55
Hai am sruthy am lesbo come friends lets chat
Pasok ang malilibog chat room [public] created by GGirl24
35 to 50 y/o pasok po kayo lahat ng mababait, single at ok na kahit may asawa na.
Zen Buddhist Temple chat room [private] created by chatninja
◄♥► This secluded temple is set deep in an ancient forest far from worldly distractions and drama. The temple's exterior is covered over in vines and brambles and its main entrance is flanked by a pair of giant laughing Buddhas carved from granite. ◄♥►
Bands chat room [public] created by smileyheart
this is a chat room for people to talk about music, bands and all that kind of stuff :)
Lesbien gay and bi room chat room [public] created by Bigmoneymike
any one can come in but be nice or ill kick u
If u like sex chat room [public] created by Red3y3edbandit
welcome all who enter chat room [public] created by Bigmoneymike
its an awsome room as long as ur nice if not ill kick u
CATZ CHAT chat room [public] created by Catlover258
whitepowerchat chat room [public] created by hateedgeskin
a chat room for intelligent and dedicated racialists to exchange ideas and get to know one another.
bashiah chat room [private] created by bashish
hi sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
boylove chat room [public] created by forfor566
appreciation of youth and boyhood
Psycho-mutant Labratory chat room [private] created by chatninja
◄► This ultra high-tech experimental research facility is where the chat ninja works to create an army of telekinetic ninjas. ◄►
Last Night chat room [public] created by Bryantan
Want to have fun tonight before Monday. Lets chat here. =)
3some worldwide chat room [public] created by M86saber
if you are single female or couple and looking for fun you are welcome
m254u chat room [public] created by m254u
m from banglore and looking for a girl here.
Married and Attached Women with children chat room [public] created by keithstier
Married and/or Attached curious Dads looking to chat to ladies with children.
sexythangarajchat room chat room [public] created by thangaraj28
hai sexy girls invite you for dating
Fat single chicks chat room [public] created by HannaP
Girls only please. Chat however you like and have fun
WEBCAM only camsex chat room [public] created by chattulgaa
Welcome to my camsex chat room. thank you.
BIG BANG IS V.I.P chat room [public] created by LhadyLegacy123
Only VIPS can join our Chat Room! Saranghae Big Bang!!
telugu darlings chat room [public] created by darling23
specially for telugu people.the people who know telugu language u can chat here
freemsp points and more chat room [public] created by Freemsplegit
go here: proof its not just some random code I bought Proof it was valid You don't have to join chat room.
Indians - Working in Dubai chat room [public] created by shaikh89
Are you from India and Working in Dubai..? If yes, then just join our chat room...This chat room is exclusively created for "Indian - Working in Dubai"
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