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List of all user-created chat rooms #513
Lazyinaround chat room [public] created by hesheshow
Relax area, ly down, stay cool
tap dat chat room [public] created by sierrada07
for sexual talk only and sexting
Fathe Daughter Role Play chat room [public] created by jaseb69
come here for a sexy role whether you are the father or daughter
Colambo Srilanka chat room [public] created by trustmeluv
For boys and gals from Colambo Srilanka
Boy lovers chat room [public] created by thepinkestfloyd
Come in and chat with people who have the same interest.
CrashBoom chat room [public] created by CrashBoom
Just a chat for hackers........................................................................................................
Awsome 13 year olds chat room [public] created by BlastingLaser
hi my name is eldin im here to have fun and chat
SEX TRIP chat room [public] created by jester0930
elow i want HOT GIRLS ADD ME id SKYPE jestkhei......... id yahoo
13-17 and gay chat room [public] created by Alyx0grr
For those teens that aren't afraid to be who they are
Just talk O.O chat room [public] created by Bec2013
Hang out, chill and have fun :)
SexChat12 chat room [public] created by preetyyumi
you want yummy cock so you joim now this group have beatifull girls and hondsome boy JOIN Now LOL
Raja123 chat room [private] created by raman4981
I am open to talk about any topic to anyone anytime..
bhavy chat room [private] created by bhavy
hello i am bhavy only girl chat here......under stand boy
Teh Berlins chat room [private] created by RubyHallo
The eloppppppppping squadddddddddddddddddddddddd
central scotland chat chat room [public] created by bonnieweescot
bi-sexual/gay/ or ordinary chit chat
white po room chat room [public] created by Vitconst
so.........welcome to our chat, enjoy
young singles 15-18 chat room [public] created by smithkev1995
come meet here im single myself im 17 and im a male
moniques chat for thirteen and fourteen year olds chat room [public] created by moniquemears
if you are nice you are welcome and you have to be 13 and 15 if not then bye and no one older than 13 to 15 can join
pradeep chat room chat room [public] created by pradeepforsmile
good frnds allow....pls others not
Virtual Wales chat room [public] created by Tony8361
A room for people of Wales to chat
nonope chat room [private] created by nonope
nonope my chat room no description abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
private room for my friends only chat room [private] created by melissa1020
only people can see it and so we can chat about things that people shoudnt know about
For Melissa chat room [private] created by HotguyDxb
Private for Melissa1020 for private chat
private room for Melissa chat room [private] created by melissa1020
only my chat room so guys can see what we're talking about in my room?
dehablalatina chat room [public] created by diegoE
people speak spanish and want to learn english
Men Appreciate Black Women chat room [public] created by TrevorXCloutier
A chat room for us men to worship our dark queens
youngestfemale chat room [private] created by youngestfemale
a simple person, i like have friend so much not look SARA ..
LAWLZ TR0LL FAP chat room [public] created by MackeyScene
HOT NICE GAY chat room [public] created by khumbi
instant love chat room [private] created by impsonpol
those who loves each other and, love and lost people
truemale4truegirls chat room [public] created by Pforyou
anything that asked by girls should be here..its for making good friends..
Just another friend chat room [public] created by swaggeGirl
this is a chat for people who need someone to talk to... rude people will gte banned and removed from chat if your not respectful ^_^ HAVE FUN !!
Hetalia Chat 2 chat room [public] created by FuchsiaColoredGirl
roleplay as any Hetalia character or just talk about Hetalia ^-^
hotter then hot chat room [public] created by joequon
this room is for sexy women that want to be their selves
friendszooo indian chat room [public] created by johncoolbpl
friends can be made here simply friends
prataaa online chat room [public] created by choosey13
sexy ass sexy bitch sexy boy plz come xxx
kavya chat room [private] created by kav27
JonTron Cumfaggots chat room [public] created by JonTron
Detroit Area chat room [public] created by Area83
Detroit area people chat room. Whatever your intentions, come on in!
emo boys WELCOME chat room [public] created by heathermonroe
looking for emo boys to talk to
Best friends chatroom chat room [private] created by samir9inch
its for best persons which are the rare
RP room x3 chat room [public] created by sillyartistic26
anybody who does RP may enjoy this room. x3 good day to ya!
Daddies for Teens chat room [public] created by SCboy15teddy97
Any older men looking for young guys? This is the room for you!
weirdtown old friends chat room [public] created by moonskygetback
this chat for persons who have long time in weird town all old friends are welcome i have been here for 6 years
dfw bi chat room [public] created by dennish76021
for bi people who are looking for anyone of age.............................................................................................................................................
TORONTO PEOPLE FOR FUN chat room [public] created by porkchopwhat
roleplay chat for fun chat room [public] created by TheoStew
For any actors who like that sort of thing
ankurrocks chat room [public] created by ankur156
hey girls come nd join dis chat room u will really enjoy a lot
Adult females chat room [public] created by Marco7712
Looking for a sexy girl who will show me a good time an will like to have some fun
Young people in san antonio chat room [public] created by txgirl29
chat room for young people from san antonio,tx
awesome peoples 1 chat room [public] created by rose3738
only awesome people allowed no fake awesome people and no dirty chat allowed
that girl chat room [private] created by hellokitty321
Just for fun no sexual stuff alwod in here
diamondsword229 chat room [private] created by diamondsword229
Join this im13anhot just to fill in the 30 character thing im doing this ,dklfansgf
The green door chat room [public] created by Knightswatch
When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel Your skin makes me cry You float like a feather In a beautiful world I wish I was special You're so very special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here I don't care if it hurts I want to have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I want you to notice When I'm not around You're so very special I wish I was special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here She's running out the door She's running She run, run, run, run Run Whatever makes you happy Whatever you want You're so very special I wish I was special But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here I don't belong here
come chat if ur lesbian chat room [public] created by samsavage8
u can chat to other lesbian girls and bi girls. chat and more. GIRLS ONLY THOUGH
LAWLESS chat room [private] created by KimikoTan
B̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅aby S̶̷̲̅quirrel you's a sexy M̶̷̲̅other F̶̷̲̅ucker~!
ruticklishmom chat room [public] created by lrtk36
moms with ticklish feet who have them tickled alot
we miss eddie guerrero chat room [public] created by lillezgirl
a chat room for fans of Eddie guerrero to talk about Eddie and remember him
moms and wives who have very ticklish feet chat room [public] created by lrtk36
wives and moms who get tickled by family and friends
Calgary Singles Chat chat room [public] created by ammarbella
This room is not for gays or lesbians
13 though 17 year olds only chat room [public] created by kendog12
chat about anything u want no rules except 1,nobody over 17,if u want to send me videos pics or whatever my email is
SKITTLES ARE AWESOME chat room [public] created by smiley1234
m 13 bi looking for fun chat room [public] created by rosscopk
XXX Fun Chat Room chat room [public] created by DusksLight
this chat room is where u come for fun ;)
xbox live gold lifetime jion332137 chat room [public] created by Trawwhaha
join if u want xbox live gold must have a paypal r r criedt card
convo chat room [public] created by barbierocker1
lets talk and get to know each other
Arena chat room [private] created by N1ghtShade
Last one standing will leave as the champion [Arena Closed--Sign Ups available]
purefriendship chat room [public] created by annalevis
this chat room is for those who can't stand the randomness of topic in other chat room...dirty talks are not allowed here. lets us together make healthy way!
18CHAT chat room [public] created by Joe18xxxx
Bored with these other chat rooms?
Arizona-Q chat room [public] created by quintond
I just moved to Arizona, looking for friends.
hungry females chat room [public] created by tomf79
Bristol UK, I invite you hungry females
Sugar babies wants daddy chat room [public] created by BabyRay94
I'm a young fun and classy lady looking for a man between 18-40 years of age who can understand my determination and help me reach my goals. I'm in college and work seven days a week. Give me a little support and I can return it(;
hope chat chat room [public] created by chatmatt
chat room for people who are loosing hope to come and vent, confide, confess. anything you feel you have to do.
Girls that want to be naughty chat room [public] created by msb93093
this for girls who want to be naughty
Domonation chat room [public] created by JohnSmith90
This is where u come to become a slave
12 year olds cute boys chat room [public] created by Soccerislife77
Girls looking for guys guys looking for girls that are really not 13 or are?
slave11111 chat room [private] created by dommeeeee
RoomiaRoomia chat room [private] created by Kururi
Meh I dunt really know what to put here. But anyways have fun little biatch ass hat people looking o
dom123 chat room [public] created by dommeeeee
Militia Revolution Chat chat room [public] created by germansheperd
This is a room for the people to talk about the Government, including their own. This chatroom need's to be active, for all those open-minded people who don't take note of politics, this may be the place you need to be.
lyf is sex ah ahaha aha aha aha aha aha ahj chat room [public] created by sexindia
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sexx
Daddies need love chat room [public] created by mindeyez666
Name says it all...but what will you do for daddy?
Open Your mind People chat room [public] created by jammm
be open minded :) any people who do not take that seriously will be banned
Allnightcyber chat room [public] created by nosexynamesavailable
Talk so dirty that you would wash your own mouth with soap.
Vinay love guru chat room [public] created by Vinay1994
I love dating. Because love is god and god is love
Only awesome. chat room [public] created by Vocanatic
You have to be awesome. If you aren't, guess what, >KICK BUTTON< ;D
14year olds created by beg chat room [public] created by Begrasso
teenagers to meet and get to know each other
Sexy dude chat room [public] created by Vinay1994
I am a bad boy so girl plz attention i am big lover
pinay flirt chat room [public] created by brans32
beautiful angel chat room [public] created by bulldog555
the best chat room u'll every come into
ritin frnds chat room [private] created by ritin869
only married womens come in to this chat room ...or also lonly girls
pacific chat room [private] created by prem223
iuvn90r iocniotf ejrf'wr irmCW]=0Q P[TIMVA0TI EIVI[TWA
sex in chat room [public] created by Scuzzy19
Let talk about sex an educate the public on sex
Women meet Man Room chat room [public] created by alliebabe19
hi I am jenny I am single and looking here my pics page
jolly890 chat room [public] created by jagan890
Hai.i am jagan.i want chat tamil aunty. Come fast.
The divided chat room [public] created by divided
This is divided from the areas of which that are purge from that which is known as annoyance, a place none the less where those whom wish to gather to speak among one another with a care free mind and at ease....please make yourself at home.
21 Sexy gay chat room [public] created by cheragali
21 Sexy gay with long hard dick
praveen room chat room [private] created by sivafk9
i am praveen girls r aunties are welcome...
Foot Worshiping chat room [public] created by rambutan123
Hi...lets talk about feet , toes .....I love feet/toes. email me at
GAY MUMBAI CHAT chat room [public] created by suxx9
friendly the second chat room [private] created by sharkbate233
a place for friendly chat and any trouble makers will be banned
looking for married ladies chat room [public] created by peter1948
I love to chat to married women
Grace brown chat room [public] created by gracebrown
Add me to your messenger at
join for sex chat chat room [public] created by kurt981
only join if your a female who wants to sex chat with an 18 year old male.
Single Cuties and Guys chat room [public] created by kagisomots
Still Loading... but for the few hinds about this chat room; Single Cuties & Guys guarantees contacts with real and motivated single men and women that like you are looking for love partners or lust partners to appetize their life,.the time is up for you to start chatting and remember; "THE BIGGEST LOSER OF THEM ARE THOSE WHO WASTED THEIR OPPORTUNITIES IN THE RIGHT TIME BEFORE...the clock is ticking..
lesbian 11-14 chat room [public] created by lesbiangirl4567
Lesbian 11- 14 and message me we can kiss duck anything
sex in telugu chat room [public] created by sexylucky36
u can have a lot of romance here
business chatroom chat room [public] created by SexiiSamantha
hey if ur looking for a job come talk to me i have a perfect job for you if you like to sell jewerly its an online site and legit ang its completely legal come in and ill give you my link to sign up
canis room of chat chat room [private] created by Canis4lupus
room of chats and this has to be 30 characters long so bla bla bla bla bla
poetry lovers chat room [public] created by sabamughal
my name is saba and i am writer
anyoone69696969 chat room [public] created by cooldestroyer999
searching for a cute beautiful gorgeous girl that i can have fun with her
Minecraft And Games chat room [public] created by LittleHD
Talk about games.Playing them makeing them. Every thing GAMES!!!
romantic hour chat room [public] created by prince0037
anyone want to do romance wd me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
roys usa people onle plz chat room [public] created by roytheman10
usa people free to chat about random stuff
Nerd Alert chat room [public] created by MissmusicalNerd
Im bored, lets chat or Roleplay... anything.
just chat chat and chat chat room [private] created by sumanth355
chat about sex or chat about life or chat about memories or chat about anything
Fun Friendly Chat chat room [public] created by MildSlumber25
Chat sarcasitcly be funny have wordplay love sports and just have fun this is a NON-INAPROPRIATE chat
wowwzzz chat room [public] created by hungitaliann1033
Emo Kids ONLY PLEASE AND THANK YOU chat room [private] created by EmoChickLovesAndySix
This chat room is for emo kids like me only so they can get away from perverted guys in other chat rooms. Emos this is your chance come on in
12 Year Olds Only Chat Room chat room [public] created by DylanLee417
What up. I just want to meet people my age.
malaysian noty chat chat room [public] created by supermankumar
who wan sugar daddy n gurl cn come n cn make sex chat
MONU003 chat room [private] created by MONU003
Teen Love Advice chat room [public] created by christofersgirl11
advice on all things relationships
WWE vs TNA chat room [public] created by AllAboutProWrestling
Simple, Voice your opinion on what promotions you thin is better
gay 13-16 West Virginia chat room chat room [public] created by asexy78
for gay 13-16 year old's to chat
Chat with meeeeeee chat room [public] created by Hannah2190
I'm bored Looking for someone to chat with!
Leprechaun chat room [public] created by melissamariesp
Lets just talk about leprechauns
Cewek masuk.. chat room [public] created by BernhardSitorus
Phone sex and romantic..its safe
tween love chat room chat room [public] created by Echo1337
A chat room for lonely tweens 11-14
gay tree house chat room [public] created by nagle100
it is a tree house for gays, under 25 only
the secret place the must not be named chat room [public] created by nagle100
the location is unknown to all
the secret place for gays chat room [public] created by nagle100
the same as the secret place the must not be named but it is for gays and the place is unknown to all
Escort Service Jobs in UK chat room [public] created by MABOSSA
If you want to earn up to 10.000£ and more Text me for an escort job
joyros chat room [public] created by samrihameed
vbvhgvjhj iuguuyiuyuiyiuyiuyiuyiuyiugiughgvjhv uygyugtyi uytiuyiyu giuiui
Roleplay Chat and Fun chat room [public] created by Mikichan15
Friends and other users of mine can come here and enjoy themselves.
sometime its best to swear lol chat room [public] created by mikemiu
wow 340 characters people like me have an attitude when you make us type a certin word count here is your 30 fool lol
SlaveMaster chat room [public] created by Chelsey131
;) -Doesn't know what to say here-
egyption is the best chat room [public] created by disperado911
clean chat .no sex chat.just freind
6th grade girls chat room [public] created by MermaidBella
only 6th grade girls can come here! Girl party! Talk to girls in 6th grade and become thier friend at school!!
my harem room chat room [public] created by joyousart431
i love to meet women who are very serious about a relationship
mark.mont chat room [public] created by nemobermil
room para sa mga filipino na boring sa bahay at gusto ng kausap
bisexual curious chat room [public] created by brummy60
males or female bi or curious welcome
Call of duty for ladies chat room [public] created by Luxxie
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. Interested in finding friends who know how to play COD [play station]
Jehovah chat room [public] created by Bible13
Questions about God and Bible will be answered here.
chubby and bbw chat room [public] created by life100
welcom all big beautiful women
The Bible chat room [public] created by Bible13
Any question about the Bible and God will be answered here.
qatar loveing friendz chat room [public] created by tanhasahil
Loveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr chat room [public] created by Jakeman6242
Relationship room who want one
Aussie Aussie 1990 chat room [public] created by SimpleGuy1990
People from the Land down under lets chat!!
Married and ..... chat room [public] created by Assdevil
If your looking for a discreet fun place to get that extra side of spice ;)
Making Money On Line chat room [public] created by newjerseyrocks
Links to the best money making sites on the net! Post your and view others all right here...
herro chat room [private] created by martilin0
herro im from sweden and i want nudes
guys looking for girls chat room [public] created by needabf1
this chat room isz where cute sexy guys can chat with us teen about almost anything
Eco the Dolphin chat room [private] created by Sonicfire12
This is a room where you Will Find your True Destiny!
females who love to trample men chat room [public] created by rolive5
men wanting to get in touch with women who tramples with boots and dress heels
Carpathian night realm chat room [public] created by JuliettedelaCruz12
Come and be peaceful we are of the night but with respect
bellevue chat room [public] created by 00ev00
East side of Seattle, WA ---- anyone from here? ? ? ?
Chicos bi chat room [public] created by JhonnySmooth
Chicos bellos y bisexuales que quieran platicar.
The Test chat room [public] created by ComplexSynax
I am anonymous, this test is anonymous, If you can figure it out and exempt with perfect correlation, then you will be invited to rank amongst the elites.
Costa Rica Gay chat room [public] created by JhonnySmooth
Bisexuales,gays... de Costa Rica
Honry Teenagers chat room [public] created by SexyGuy134
Were teens can also have fun with other
AWSOMETEENS chat room [public] created by cookiemonsta75
pervertt chat chat room [public] created by macedonia3009
Pervert ideas,sexual experiences
Flakyys room chat room [public] created by Flakyy
I will bann if you spam. Anything thing else? =w=
The Otaku Channel chat room [public] created by TheAnonymousSoul
To all my fellow Otakus: The wait is over! This room is for anyone who is a huge fan of anime, manga, or any other japanese culture. I know I'm not the only one left, so to all of you, feel free to drop on in.
ashelynnes room chat room [public] created by ashelynne
girl only come in the buildinggg chat room [public] created by sexyman6040hmu
join this if u are hot come have some fun chatting with me ;)
Unicorns unite chat room [private] created by MacyTheUnicorn
This is for unicorns only so...uhhh if your a unicorn then come c:
Want GAY TOPS in Hyderabad chat room [public] created by botvihang
Looking for Gay TOPs in Hyderabad who like mature asses
mature chatting chat room [public] created by krishandewani
Hi, I am looking for intimate hot chatting with Indian mature women, if anyone interested to join me right here may please connect with me with her details at to move ahead.
HYDERABAD GUYS AND GIRS chat room [public] created by vidhatha
hey all telugu people come lets rock here
captain zafar chat room [public] created by captainzafar
i am captain zafar. i work in marchant navy. i am 35 year old
amsterdamchat chat room [public] created by schadenfreude1
Room is for travelers to Amsterdam and people from Amsterdam to chat
Anyone up to text chat room [public] created by hoforaker
Let's chat and see how it goes we might even trad numbers to text for whatever
celestial chat room [public] created by DarkCelestial
Am not one to take anything from anyone at all nor put up with the people who will enter within this chat room here, if by chance you aren't able to control yourself and carry forth with your hate. You shall be banish from this place and never un-ban from the hammer that would have been stamp against that forehead of yours. Remember that.
gay aussie chat room [public] created by heydan
this chatroom is only for aussies..
african children chat room [public] created by Marvell100
This room is to bring all African children together to meet and find true love,withing Africa and all over the world.
furry singles chat room [public] created by thatfurryguy
place where furies can talk to each other.
watchmecum chat room [public] created by mike240
help me get hard and cum. sexy girls i want to blast
love to talk dirty with a girl chat room [public] created by anonymous1243
come here if your a girl, and wants to talk dirty with an 22 year old guy
hablemos chat room [public] created by diegoE
for people speak spanish and want to learn english
Good Morning.. Hi Sweetie.. I will Like you to A chat room [private] created by Marina101
Good Morning.. Hi Sweetie.. I will Like you to Add me or e m a i l me so that we can Talk more Better to Meet Online now .how are you doing?im doing good,Marina by name single new on are an extremely good guy and i would love to get to know you if granted that pleasure.write me back on my address here ( Marina.Chris71/AT/YAH/OO/DUT/COM)because i don't stay long on here so e m ail me on my private address ... Marina.Chris71 @ Y a h o o . c o m Marina.Chris71@YAHOO.COM Marina...
mmmmmmmmmmm chat room [private] created by NadunKavinda
For chat....................................................................................
preety girls swag chat room [public] created by jimmyandi
come join us....................................................................................................................................................................
starz1993 chat room for people wiv banter chat room [public] created by starz1993
people hu dnt wnt pervs but will chat for mates and for uk only
The Muslim plat form chat room [public] created by Mairaz
Its a roon where muslims learn,ask quesion,share ideas,discuss issues.
beldrade chat room [public] created by foollowme
just locals are invited to this chat room
rand0m stuff chat room [public] created by MoonDevil
talk about anything from anime to music. for everyone
Lesbian Sex Free Room chat room [public] created by Sexyqueenstar
This room is for females only......
talk about girls chat room [public] created by bigboner14
ask girls to see vaginia and boobs and girls can ask to see anything of a boy
sexs web cam chat room [private] created by afzad
girl malaysia only ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
fuc chat chat room [public] created by harsha14
2 meet new girls..i want 2date so dis chat roommm
Druidsxiv room for HORNY GIRLS ONLY chat room [public] created by druidsxiv
This are a room for girls that RELY WANT AND DARE....SO GET ON HONEY“s
imen chat room [public] created by imen81
j aime faire l amour j aime la vie et les bons amis
anime room chat room [public] created by Makalovessoul
do what you want but NO spamming i get lots of spams on my souleater chat rooms this time you'll be banned for good and other members with the same IP address
beastialityfun chat room [public] created by best2489
fun and sexual, opening up your deep secrets and trying new things in your sexual life.
food haters chat room [public] created by ignats
a chat room to talk about eating disorders in an honest way with no one to tell us to stop. Just a place to get what is in our heads out
vive la tunisie chat room [public] created by anishajjaji
elli y7ib etwensa yji m3ana w elkobbi yrawa7
suicide... chat room [public] created by selviaa123
for the people that hate life and wat to dissapear
waynerose chat room [public] created by waynerosehammed
am humble and straight forward
Sexy Curvy girls chat room [private] created by blueyes6868
I like my curvy sexy women.Looking to chat with big beautiful women.
13 and 14 and 15s chat chat room [public] created by zoeyben674
any 13 and 14 and 15 year olds chat no one else boys and girls
shalus pvt chat room [private] created by shalu9498
hi every body if u want to chat with me pl come in to my pvt. room
normal ppl chat room chat room [public] created by Directioner22s
uhh no pervs pedos an
Married Male chat room [public] created by spartus0101
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter for a chat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
maziar825 chat room [public] created by maziar825
This room is for polite people to make honest conversation and maybe more!
girls who want a boyfriend 15 years old chat room [public] created by Jakeman6242
single 15 yr old girl who want a guy
sexysluts chat room [public] created by BrisTheElvenRed
we like to chat and flirt, no serious relationships, just a good time for all ;)
female identity crisis chat room [public] created by magic71
female identity crisis....having confusion in their sexual preference
Taylors Place chat room [public] created by Taylorhbic
boys can chat eith me n stuff.
1234564444 chat room [public] created by macgordon15
This is for guys and girls who wanna get phone numbers
teen mumss chat room [public] created by slinecebrooklyn
help! I need some advice and stuff please
Cardiff 14s chat room [public] created by RhysHarp
anyone from cardiff who 14 boy or girl mainly girl
ansu chat room [private] created by anzu45
lets chat sometime,,,,lets knw each other
my familys chat room chat room [private] created by graciesecret16
a room for only my family and a few close friends
Calgary Friends chat room [public] created by Silent4one
Looking for a new friend to chat with and maybe meet someday for coffee
Dominicanoso chat room [public] created by DemetrysFuentes
Un cuarto pa chateal de Dominicanos, Cubano, y quienquiera hablar!!!!
male skype slave chat room [public] created by 22andwilling
i will be ur skyp slave and will do anything u ask mistress
horny and hard chat room [public] created by eisnereisner
for any ladies wanting to have a sexy chat and maybe some cam
spark chat room [public] created by tyler626
if you are between the ages of 13-17 and you are looking for an online relationship or cybersex than you've come to the right place
UK and US people only chat room [public] created by JamieBolton
Only join if you`re British or American
Linkin Park Roleplayers chat room [public] created by smokebread420
For roleplaying as Linkin Park members.
femalesonly66 chat room [public] created by wilkster20
Looking for girls who wanna have fun :)
Loosing someone close to you chat room [public] created by Cierralowe14
Anyone who is loosing someone in there life can come and express there feelings.
akanchy chat room [public] created by akanchawa1
am new here on the site looking for a honest man to spend the rest of my life with and make him happy always .
country white people chat room [public] created by shippmart
country people can say whatever they want
romantique chat room [public] created by alanjaafar
this room for whom concerne to live very good love story
horny sluts chat room [public] created by hotass52
a place to get flirted with by people who are horny everyone welcome
meet new friends again and again chat room [public] created by swagatwork9
come and have friends no bad words
Short stories horror chat room [public] created by Aszaro
Anyone who likes to pretend is welcome!
miamionly chat room [public] created by yatusabez36
come in if you dare but beware of the tigers that lurk in the darkness ready and waiting to pounce. are you predetor or prey
Jihad chat room [public] created by CannibalCorpse85
hyderabad singles chat room [public] created by me8897777707
hyderabad boys, girls , aunties waiting for straight chat
Sims 3 lovers chat room [public] created by nelly011
Discuss everything you know about the sims 3 game!!!
santa cruz chat room [public] created by MarcusBlooms
santa cruz all day to night and then yada yada yada
sex work chat room [private] created by sachiu
Read Below chat room [public] created by Heywhatsup0525
Dont take this the wrong way. I just want to know if you would date me if you knew me. Casual chat that's all. Only ask for my age if you really need to know. No guys. Sorry I`m not gay.
x trade chat room [public] created by porntrader
we can trade any kjind of x that are not there on the internet
HotThreesome chat room [public] created by AnastasiaLea
Looking for a sexy woman for some hot threesome with my boyfriend and I!;)
single wanting to date chat room [public] created by jray3556
single wanting to date every one welcome
Teenfling chat room [public] created by Swooly00
younger people looking for fun times. here you can find those looking for what youre looking for
kick ass teens chat room [public] created by GigiBabyGirl244
chill hang enjoy do wat eves have awesome convos im peeps find and make new friends
Mallu22 chat room [public] created by Vinuraghav
Welcome to mallu gang. If any kerala girls like to chat with smart boys join us
Paws Up chat room [public] created by Robvanilla
Only Inviting Little Monsters Here.
lonly people come here chat room [public] created by Sonaaaa
everyone felng lonely and wanna some relax tym come here for all kind of talk
sex0708 chat room [private] created by ammar0708
alone time chat room [private] created by sharkbate233
a place where i can go to be alone
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