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List of all user-created chat rooms #515
shadows of cold hearts chat room [private] created by godofpain1
a place where me and my friends can have some fun
not so friendly chat room [public] created by sharkbate233
here is a chat room for any users that don't like friendly chats
MALE ESCORT DESI BOYZ chat room [public] created by crissescort786
name -crissJ...here to provide fun hoook up expirence fr women whu are bored at home cnt hav fun..sexuallly...not stisfied....demand of mine accrding to ur range your intensions of pleasure...;)
Sex talk and singles fun chat room [public] created by shadow2018
sex talk for adults and good single fun
MakeFriendship chat room [public] created by kishorbk
Make friendship here........... ?Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.?
Konosuke House chat room [private] created by RurikoKonosuke
This is where Ruri and her brother live.
OHIO HOT TUB chat room [public] created by panther5124
Anyone from Ohio or nearby welcome
realita sex chat room [public] created by bronklee
special for ladies. hot sex tube. show vagina and boobs.
mumbai married males females chat room [public] created by rahulxxx40
horny guys and gals have FUN. only for married women and men who wants more outside fun and want to explore more
dates 4 teens chat room [public] created by jojo180274
DATING!!! This is for all of those single teens that need a friend, buddy, or a person that will become more than a friend. This is a chat room for teens and all perverts and spammers will get banned. Have a good time!
bi sex ottawa chat room [public] created by Elsonreyramos
looking for have a quick fun today
yaounde gay chat chat room [public] created by cool732
for gays in yaounde to chat and connect to each other very freely
o.o 13 years olds xD chat room [public] created by BlackPaperMoon
O.o I dunno cx just chat I guess owo
Bajan chat chat room [public] created by Dizzle44
For people in Barbados to come and meet people and have fun
GayGirlsMeetStr8Ones chat room [public] created by StraightGrlzRHott
Only for women. For gutsy straight girls to meet Lesbians who promise not to be too wild.
HornyBabe chat room [public] created by H0rnyBabe69
only h0rny guyss so if you're h0rny join this room ;)
psvita test chat room [public] created by luxxxius
well just trying to chat on psvita i hope it works!!
LandlordTenant chat room [public] created by timastho
Advice on rights of Tenants and Landlords
Chill Pill chat room [public] created by KamiWarrior
Chill room where trolls get kicked. Dont judge and just BS with people. Pervs, trolls, and generally unfriendly people dont bother joining.
Friends just chat chat room [public] created by BekaJuneSword
you can talk and chat to your friends and make new friends about anything. (:
We Love forever chat room [public] created by BekaJuneSword
talk to your friends about anything and meet new people (:
Sex room127 chat room [private] created by joji127
only below 30 age girls I need , I am boy having 25 age indian mayalai
jatala chat room [private] created by lolipopslee
Loge hdjdikekemdkkkkkskgoucpguvlchcphccoycoyccoycpycoycpycycoycoy
endy2345 chat room [public] created by benson2345
i will like to have a good friend
GayStraightBi chat room [public] created by redheadinva73
Just want to chat make new friends and have fun!
chicago blast chat room [public] created by westburb30
male, female, gay ,bi, white, American, indian, latino all are welcome
sex talk right here chat room [public] created by flexbaby21
18-27 cann come in and say what ever u want to bad words okay and of course u know what sex chat means
The Furry Room chat room [public] created by TheLoneWolf074
The Furry room for everyone! (exept non furrs... DUH) Please have fun and DONT. i repeat. DONT be grumpy. or you might be kicked... HAVE FUN! ^^
Artville chat room [public] created by Enotea
This room is for both artists and creative people
young dating chat room [public] created by AlexSuitor
Dating and relation ships for teens
Talk Open Minded chat room [public] created by Kankaiya
Welcome for all of you, who wants to talk about:- Love, Romance, Frindship and Sex...
recently divorced andlooking to chat chat room [public] created by Swk300
This room is for people either going thru divorce or recently divorced and just want to chat with someone
wolves-werewolf room chat room [public] created by kwolf97
This room if for wolves and were wolves to chat among each other for friendnship or relationship
JaxOver30 chat room [public] created by Chivlary
Jax., Fl. Over 30 for friends to meet and chat
Country And Proud chat room [public] created by ACDC98
4 country guys and gals who just wanna chat ;)
Boys Come Fvk Me chat room [public] created by KPeachy
im a horny sexy girl sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll
just have some fun chat room [public] created by kye123456789
Just have fun and be your self
boston lgbt teens chat room [public] created by tysonishere
If you are from Boston,Ma and are part of the lgbt or just love us, check this chat out, only teens from 15-18
youngparents chat room [public] created by omgiTZsue
For parents to have a space to chat and enjoy each others company!
boobooboobo chat room [public] created by ruthaine
blah this is a descrition balh blha blah blha
Los Angeles 5K chat room [public] created by kaliman5k
Looking for female friends in Los Angeles.
Pro Ana chat chat chat room [public] created by Ameliahutch77
Only for pro anorexia and bulimia. Help, tips, and advise.
We always love here chat room [public] created by AlwaysAmBeka
lets talk and meet new and awesome people :D
Guwahati chat room [private] created by JAYMiXO2
For NE users. Its for casual conversation only.
singles in plymouth uk chat room [public] created by stew9139
This is for single people in plymouth, uk aged 13 to 15 only cuz I'm in plymouth and in that age group and single too!!x
kiki9000 chat room [public] created by thatguy1232143274453
boys come here chat room [public] created by meglol7
if u lookin for a hot girl im me
ladies only 1 chat room [private] created by austinp1
a freaky chat for ladies jhflhhfhhfjhlshdjlhlhfsh
teengirlsforoldermen chat room [public] created by BeerSmurf
teen girls wanting older men, teen girls wanting older men
sex chat 1012229 chat room [public] created by SexMaster2990
you can chat and do what ever you want
Roleplay and Things chat room [private] created by TakiMorimoto
Yes this is a private room.....If you are allowed in it is because you have enough respect to act your age and not stir up trouble for the sake of being an ass.......If you can't get in it is for one of two reasons and I will more than happily explain them in an IM....I may just not have added you to the people allowed and if that is the case IM me and I will let you know..... Simple rules: If you have an issue with someone take it to IMs and deal with it like an adult. Start anything in my room and I will remove the source of the problem or both parties. If you are going to fight no interference and agree on the terms of the fight amongst yourself to avoid auto hitting and GMing. Roleplay as you like except sex shit -.- take it to a private room or IM or PM. Other than that have fun and be happy ^_^
Unlimited mature chat chat room [public] created by DerekSisco
don't go crazy in green(we dont care who you want to f*ck in the room), no spam, be respectful, if you can't do it stay out
Lesbians Ohio chat room [public] created by fujoshilove
Maybe even from Toledo? I just wanna chat. 18+ please~.
botdf fans are awesome ppl chat room [public] created by mckale
this is for botdf fans if ur not go-ing 2 e nice and in-sult the botdf fans and botdf or one of the memebes of botdf or any-thing like that don`t come 2 my chat room,but this chat-room is for botdf fans 2 find ppl that is fans of botdf and you can say what-ever u want with-out be-ing judged or bulleyed bye
looking for someone chat chat room [public] created by Ricky225
if your looking for someone come here
CUTEST GIRLS ALIVE chat room [public] created by cutestgirll
Self harm an suicide chat room [public] created by Catsdontwant9
If you are thinking about killing yourself or just need someone to vent to. You are welcome. If you want to stop people from killing themselves you are welcome too.
Female Friendly chat room [public] created by sabreena85
female friendly, make friends,and speak your mind.
Drunk and Lonely chat room [public] created by Joannasmith
I'm just want to talk sometimes when I'm drunk and alone!
Wreck-It Ralph Roleplay Chat chat room [private] created by Roleplaygeek
This Roleplay chat features characters from the movie "Wreck-it Ralph". These required characters are Vanellope Von Schweetz, the Sugar Rush Gang and the other Racers of Sugar Rush. You may also include yourself in the roleplay.
friends- decent to chat chat room [private] created by javereege
friendly, good attitudes, formal to talk, has respect, patriotism, God-centered, and not ontological believer. And welcome to any religion.
Suuzee chat room [public] created by suuzee
I am an excellent girl ....who like to get a friends all over the world... If u like to contact me feel free then ...
Suzy chat room [public] created by suuzee
I am an excellent girl ....who like to get a friends all over the world... If u like to contact me feel free then ...
Youtube channel chat room chat room [public] created by YoshiGaming
for youtubers or just people that like to just have a laugh :p join this chat sub to each other help out channels
TEENAGERS ONLY PLEASE chat room [public] created by yannexo
Just for those who are teenagers. 19 above not allowed!
GottaHaveMyMarshy chat room [private] created by SteffaniJaneMicheals
I like Marshmallows lololololololol
Bi-Sexual Fun chat room [public] created by freakygirl222
A chat room where bisexuals and gays can chat and get dirty :)
Single as a pringle chat room [public] created by Katrinavegass
Sexaddiction chat room [public] created by hellomynameisjack
Cure addicting with a dick thing
Sexy Latenight Rooms chat room [public] created by Joe18xxxx
Sex Sex Sex. 18+ only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WeirdKids chat room [public] created by joce22
be yourself.. be weird.. if you're boring gtfo!
SL colombo chat room [public] created by asanga26
join this only srilankans.meet friends have fun
For the cute Mexicans lol chat room [public] created by Aprilmartinez
For anybody who wants to chat but you gotta be 16-19 to be here no older perverted people :) thanks
15-20 year olds chat room [public] created by PeterWayne123
For 15 through 20 year olds to meet and get together
just talkin bout stuff chat room [public] created by XxnekoChanxX
i dunno i guess we just talk and stuffs =3=
make money online for free make real money chat room [public] created by makemoney007
anybody want to make money online for free i will give you the best tip you can make 100$ a month i am sure
make money online for free make real money . chat room [public] created by makemoney007
anybody want to make extra cash online for free just ask to me okay i will teach you to make 100$ in 15 days
gay and black only chat room [public] created by Trizzytrey
All Blacks 14-18 Willing to talk come !!!
lonely home chat room [public] created by lonavada
hi welcome to all my friends in my lonely home
sex789 chat room [public] created by boby963
sex chating sex voice sexy people sex sex sex sex
The young ones chat room [public] created by NaturallyJ
For all the younger kids. Dont act like you are 5 years old act older. Lots of fun and flirting. Dont be scared to let loose and have fun.
sexy chat room for singles chat room [private] created by tiaralewis
for anyone single and ready for anything in the sex world
get layed chat room [public] created by getlayed1
talk to me im single im bored and I like females andlive in Oklahoma tulsa
hotsing0070 chat room [private] created by jeet0070
any girls antry my private room wallcome
mint pepz chat room [private] created by MEG991
this room is for poeple who are mint
mandapandaZombs chat room [private] created by SteffaniJaneMicheals
You guys are nice and friendly
adelina chat room [public] created by adelina58
to chat about positive hobbies such as sport, music or travelling, no fighting and spamming
sexy girls hyderabad chat room [public] created by keevvann
alll girls welcome all girls who want nice hot boys come here
Loving Is Good chat room [private] created by KevinGamer
I Love U!!! That Is The Love Room
Big Brother 15 chat room [public] created by jacoblennon
For all the big brother addicts out there as we watch live feeds. I have a link to a free live feed without subscription. If interested and want link let me know!
San Diego boys chat room [public] created by sandiego69
Bi / Gay Hit me up, and get to know me
FUN with Vanaaa chat room [private] created by MissVanaaa
okay so im VANA and im hosting this. this is private so limited users can only come and join. its gonna be like a club here. and im your girl ;)
Lets send nudes chat room [public] created by Bunnyie
Chatroom to send nudes to each other on kik or snapchat
jeffs room for killing chat room [private] created by JeffTheKiller
12-14 years old ONLY chat room [public] created by CountryGirl0608
12-14 year olds want to find someone to date tell us your stories and hopefully someone will be your date! :D
karen21 chat room [private] created by kinzu2121
female 21 college student usa
Show your shit chat room [public] created by McHammer69
Don't be ashamed to show your true self by that I mean your body
Become my slave chat room [public] created by MasterXensor
only enter if you are female and want to be a slave.
dad needs play date with yours chat room [public] created by hepone
needs play date so bring the lil one in with u
Get things started chat room [public] created by 1isabela10
Come meet people in a friendly convo then get things started
Transmen Room chat room [public] created by Ztylersky
Hello my name is Zachary I am a transman and I was wondering if you would be so kind to donate money to my PayPal so I can get the reassignment surgery. I would really appreciate it to get this help I really need to experience.
btrfans only chat room [public] created by btrfanforever
no no no no no beeing mean to each orther and have fun and make friends
Just Vore Fun chat room [public] created by TigerHornsNom
if you like soft vore please join this chat.
Anerexia Chat Room chat room [public] created by anaizzylove
Share advice and stories. A pro ana chat room.
irish girls lookin for fun chat room [public] created by chriso77777
girls from Ireland south east xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New To Chicago chat room [public] created by Cherrylin
I'm planning on coming out Chicago a couple times through out the year before I attend a college that's in down town. Meeting people that are of the Chicago area would be pretty sweet because I could get to know more about the city from actual locals.
hannas chat room [public] created by hannahfrombehind
come in and chat with me, i like oder guys
C0meandChatwitme chat room [public] created by D0llx3
come and chat with me im new here so yeah
Madhu for all chat room [public] created by Madhusinki
come all and have sex fun and enjoy phone sex sex chat and all
horny at night chat room [public] created by zackkental
allowed for girl and man whos horny only..lets enjoy together
cali M4M chat room [public] created by CAboi15
for any1 in cali who wanna find a girl or boy to chat with in cali
jeddah top chat room [public] created by jeddah121
this is help to find the bottoms in jeddah
sexy and hot kisses chat room [public] created by lenkoln13
sex and got friends adsnfjfkkngfgsd,mfbnjnfbgskmdvbjbunmksdvdjbnksngdbkhmdfgg
friendly chat x chat room [public] created by bmryan
hit this room up if you were banned in friendly. lets make it the new friendly room
nik chat chat room [public] created by nikpums
just for fun n friends ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
47 chat room [public] created by temoor47
come on friends...spend sometime here and have fun
Danielle cd chat room [private] created by cdsub4dom
CD for dom who likes. Hot sissies
strictly dirty chat chat room [public] created by sweatyNready69
a place to talk dirty get to know eac other and hopefully hook uo in skype or in real world place for people to just get their rocks of
ME AND ROBIN ONLY chat room [private] created by jacobGOTBANNED
ME AND ROBIN chat room [private] created by jacobGOTBANNED
jakeyyyy chat room [private] created by SexyAngelica15
the love room does it really have to be 30 words long thats bullshity i feel like im writing a report
ME AND ROBIN ONLYY chat room [private] created by jacobGOTBANNED
adsfaklsdfjaklsd fjkladjsfkl ajsdlfkjadlskfj aklsfj kladjslfkfssdf
had strict parents chat room [public] created by ChipGardnerNH
for those whose parents were strict growing up
kingkobra chat room [public] created by kokingkobra
manamah chat room [private] created by bartehman
chat we adult females only , love and friendship only .
Crushing chat room [public] created by Lizzie1999
Vent about how much your crushing on someone
Slovak people only chat room [public] created by illigal
If you are from SLOVAKIA and speak english, please take contact. I would need 5 minutes of your time.
DELCO PA chat room [public] created by Hart1423
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to host PA FRIENDLY
Where Everyone Belongs chat room [public] created by SteffaniJaneMicheals
This is a WEB room where everyone belongs if you are sad or getting bullied or just want somone to talk to, come on in
blu boy for u chat room [public] created by bluboy357
anything u want sex ok basically lonly souls
GIFT CARDS FOR PENNIES chat room [public] created by ddenny1113
FULL TUTORIALS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em97m8Qpc6Y Email: ddenny1113@gmail.com FREE SIGN UP LINK: http://bidoink.com/register.php?ref=309 ITS A WIN WIN! SAVE MONEY! GIFT CARDS FOR PENNIES! Save money buy using 8 ball auctions, buying bids on promotions day, and bidding on auctions over $20+ value to save cost on shipping. The code was made by the head of bidoink, so dont think its a cracked code or anything. Thanks, REMEMBER TO EMAIL ME! Ill send code ASAP! YOU HAVING NOTHING TO LOOSE! CODE WORKS FOR EVERYONE!
Mixed Peeps Chat chat room [public] created by babyangel94
this is a room for multiracial people :) enjoy :)
the fighting chat room chat room [private] created by nightmare175
fights and that's all for now...
FoShoYo chat room [public] created by JoFoSho
Hey come join! Just here to chat, don't be afraid to say hi! im friendly :)
smartcool chat room [public] created by mikepoo
general chat alwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Fels ChatRoom 01 chat room [private] created by Felparsons
having fun and not taking names lol its a joke
Ghajen JAy chat room [public] created by Ghajen
i realy love to be friends to every1 and be close fren with them and i realy love to have more girl friend
Sacramento916 chat room [public] created by SHynobe916
Sacramento, CA let's chat. Whats going on in Sacramento? Anything fun or exciting?
bi in ohio chat room [public] created by WyckedJen
looking for bi cpls or bi ppl in general
SEX69 Chatroom chat room [public] created by BryanManson666
renees bouncy house chat room [public] created by renee50067041
just a chat room to meet people in. I just joined
relationship search chat room [public] created by Christian2313
any one is welcome if your looking for a relationship or just want to talk come chat with people if you have a question just ask
northeast usa chat room [public] created by briguy17
singles in the northeast united states
new jersey network chat room [public] created by baghdad201
everybody from new jersey is here opening talk jokes and all is here
Sincera Clan chat room [private] created by SinceraEri
For those who are angels an those belonging to the sincera clan
Compound the the sincera Clan chat room [public] created by SinceraEri
For the leaders of the clan an the heiress of the clan of the sincera clan
hydmahesh chat room [public] created by maheshhydboy
hyd girls all are welcome i want to chat and sharing of some feelings
awsome peeps chat room [public] created by SKAAR88
for 15 and younger please meet new people
Bi and bi curious girls who wanna chat chat room [public] created by Rachnmick
Girls can find girls and couples can find girls they want to chat or have fun with
talk bitch chat room [public] created by getlayed1
say whatever argue I don't care im layed back so do what ever
layed back talk chat room [public] created by getlayed1
talk emo chat layed back talk bout weed wht ever
ayasfunroom chat room [public] created by ayakawaii
lets have fun boys! lalalal*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
MY PERSNAL ROOM chat room [private] created by somay19
FOR CHAT ANY FIELD ...................
makemoney online for free chat room [public] created by makemoney007
make money online for free with facebook and more
Sexy ppl 18 or under chat room [public] created by lil14cupcake
Everyone is sexy here and you can have all the fun you want
boys sex chat room [public] created by kiranswathi123
please .......iam coopertive ia giv my phne number......then we will chat easily.trust me
xavand ryan chat room [public] created by xjuvyboy18
hot room with 13yo and 16yo gay boys looking for fun chat
Minor Blues chat room [public] created by hotlicks24
lets get together and have fun for laid back type of person
only for indian chat room [private] created by amshri1
this chat room for only indian boy and girl
alpha tree line den chat room [public] created by 1alphawolf
For me and my mate ultima no one elected
rom untuk kita2 je. chat room [public] created by 91824
room untuk aku sembang ngan minah2 aq hahahahahahaha,ko ada???sory la bro..
horny chatp chat room [public] created by ansi5
only horny people ony girls plis :) go f ucc k your self
chandigarh couples chat room [public] created by sheerycheery
married couples want some spice in life from chandigarh.
Open to anyone chat room [public] created by immufc
Anyone can join just want a convo
mumbai Sarkar chat room [public] created by akash712
only girls for frndship dating and relationship
Sri Lankan77 chat room [public] created by china7ilu
all sri lankan girlz are invited
Stranger Room chat room [public] created by Houssam021
First time meeting , talking getting to know each oher , maybe we'll be friends ?
Tongans Koko chat room [public] created by laluu
agma chat room [public] created by agmach
Чат Амурской медицинской академии
lady gaga song chat room chat room [public] created by zinnah123
Here 2 talk about lady gaga songs no pervs public chat so no fighting also song trivia type in lyrics of any lady gaga song and someone has 2 guess wat song its from
surfnturf chat room [public] created by surfer123876
anyone whos not a pervet, besides that all are welcome!
South Africa Cute Ladies chat room [public] created by Rossylove
Hook up with Sexies South Africa Ladies today @ WWW.HORNYZA.TK or WWW.WINLOVI.COM
Aussie for chat room [public] created by melissachaty
Swiftys chat room [public] created by taytayswiftlover
Have fun and APPROPRITE talk only!!!
love sex and dhoka chat room [private] created by anikbad993
any one can come in this private room bt he/she is indian......
beating hearts99 chat room [public] created by beatinghearts99
haai..guys, no dating, no mobile contacts, no name or adress, only chat, can b on yahoo talk....!!!! Ok??????
phonesx chat room [public] created by T79G
Hook up for naughty phone play with anyone that willing to have fun with you.
Minecraft player chat chat room [public] created by Ladybug786
Minecraft Chat for minecraft players
Feet-White Socks Realm chat room [public] created by FootPuppy73
For people who are into someone that wears white socks on their feet. Watching them on cam, who enjoys it. Even making friends with them possibly as well.
30 yrs and over only chat room [public] created by pointinsouth
a place to get away from the children.
RoomOfDespairXX chat room [public] created by CheshireKittenSexXxX
This is a room for people with sadness & anger that is being held inside. Everyone with problems, issues, mental illnesses... come here and feel like you belong.
THUG LOVE chat room [public] created by HUNNiEDiP
geo chat room chat room [public] created by geoguyy
its fun interesting and you will hav a hell of a time
FL0W3R chat room [public] created by saad562
life is like a garden and we are all flowers. sometimes we are happy this is the spring season of our emotions but when we are sad its autumn season of this garden. try to sustain spring in the garden of life
savannahs room chat room [public] created by surfergurl15
just a room to chat lol X3 lolololololololololololololololololololol
Welcome to the Corpse Party chat room [public] created by SachikoShinozaki
Watch out for me... Heheheh.... I'll get you when you least expect it...
JOI FOR FUN chat room [public] created by Overlord4497
partner up and cum all over,if that is what you want.
11-12 year old guys and girls are allowed no13-19 chat room [public] created by EVANiSSiNGLE
11-12 only 13-19 guys are not allowed only 11-12-19 guys and girls are allowed in my chat room
Freaky n sexy bi n Les guys n gals in Sacramento chat room [public] created by NeeceJ
Let's get mobile ;) I'm ready for a beautiful/sexy female who is beyond fr*aky and drinks and is 420 friendly and mobile ;)
Dramathus den chat room [public] created by Dramathu
If you are not quite sure where to go. Here is the place to be!
oklahoma 1 chat room [public] created by ourulesin2003
Oklahoma chat room welcome okies
oklahoma 2 chat room [public] created by ourulesin2003
this room is for people that live in oklahoma
graveyard in the dark forest chat room [private] created by godofpain1
a place where I train my new students and help them get stronger
Married Just Want to Talk chat room [public] created by blueyes877
Just talking for advice or questions about marriage or other
RP Havenz Nightmare chat room [public] created by Lance201
If you annoy me you're out. If you mess up you're out. If you don't like the room get out.
threesome233 chat room [public] created by wysdom93
anyone looking for a couple in idaho falls ID
big butts chat room [public] created by itsjessica
girls with big butts and or booooobies join!!!!!!
skinhead nords chat room [public] created by nordofthefreeworld
white supremacy is the main generalized topic of discussion
Chat with Josie chat room [public] created by canadiandancer
Get to learn more about me and chat. Would love to learn more about you too!
8-bit Glory chat room [public] created by TwistedPeach
Come in and chat with me :) have fun, if i don't answer i'm playing games
ChocolateSugarBabies chat room [public] created by beauty3013
looking for sugar daddies. cool,calm,collective.
k9 luvers chat room [public] created by labluvindd
a forum for pet lovers to talk about experiences
Offering jobs chat room [public] created by kmrivas
Worldwide entrepreneurs. Opening coffee franchises in more than 34 countries. What Starbucks did in 10 years, we will in 5. Join!
ButImRealD chat room [private] created by Birdkid17
This is just a description, blah blah blah. /me trips and falls
single 13-14 year old girls chat room [public] created by SnakieoNuminex
hello everyone and welcome to my chatroom
minnesota gay or biseexual room anyone chat room [public] created by MNhookupcondom
everyone allowed. any sexual thngs .
Pinoy Bisexual Chatroom chat room [public] created by JungminLee12
Para sa lahat ng Pinoy Bi :]] Enjoy
older men for younger teen girls chat room [public] created by Papihasabigone
where younger girls can come and talk to older men and all and older men can talk to younger girtls
sawinarum chat room [public] created by yuno009
for mga sawi only that needs someone to talk to that has a similar issue w/ them
be with me... chat room [private] created by letmein28
let's get some nice time together...
13 year old dating room chat room [public] created by adrian2001
any one can hav a nice date here
sierra chat room [public] created by sierra714023
only boys allowed hot boys and pretty girls and u can say whatever u would like to say its kinda like a dating site but its not and if so come right on in hope u like
horny sugar mummies chat room [public] created by jonahokwan
only females who are interested in young men for a relationship..are welcome
My World of peace chat room [public] created by DantexDMC
Only for the demons an angels..
Dantes Mansion chat room [private] created by DantexDMC
My House I train their an well yeah
naidu chat room [public] created by naidu91
hai this is nidu i want to girl frind
Hi good Morning to you How are you doing today i w chat room [public] created by Marina101
Hi good Morning to you How are you doing today i will like to Meet you so we can talk More... and i want you to Add me Now Marina.Chris71@yahoo.com ...... That is my I,M Marina.Chris71@yahoo.com ,...Add... Marina.Chris71@yahoo.com
pradeepk123 chat room [public] created by pradeepkmane
A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.?
Time of Game and Fun chat room [public] created by 0216107
this room is 4 my special game! i'm a robot :)
decentroom chat room [public] created by hannu2
decent boys and girls are welcome here and they can share their feelings with me
gay torontonians chat room [public] created by bluetouch123
if your if your bored or horny and bored and honry
Friends From all Over the world chat room [public] created by Stivler
Everyone From country have a culture everyone have his language n habits here we want to make exchange @ our culture n be friends forever if u like this idea plz Join us Thnq
g i r l s chat room [public] created by harsha14
the indians who want 2 chat can chat here
All-from-USA chat room [public] created by Reham92
Based on friendship and not sex All the members r mature enough No lying
sugermummy chat room [private] created by prince2424
if you no that you can take good care of young guy and love to fill like a baby again please we need you here
SextingChatTeen chat room [public] created by jamisonhamby15
a place for horny teens to meet up an chat
which team do u support chat room [private] created by Carloss2k13
which club do u support and whos ya best player
nedajon chat room [public] created by nedajon
ba eshghe zendagi kon mcnvxjkh hudgf hf guihuhgu rhuh hgiuh h gfhsduighgi
didicus chat room [public] created by didicus
I am honest and transparent in all business ramification.
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