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List of all user-created chat rooms #521
xbox 360 live 1957 chat room [public] created by B2oken1957
This room is for making buddies on xbox live.
fetish pleasuring fantasies chat room [private] created by girlstoessucker420
This is only for fetish chatters that wanna get naughty and tell their fetish fantises!
north carolina room chat room [public] created by pmr25nc
Come chat hang out with nc ppl have fun
parv chat room [public] created by Parv4u
decent talk indian girls and boy married or single all can talk here and can shere their feeling too
Bored and random chat chat room [public] created by CuteLover1656
Pervs banned, and it's on for teens. No one above 20 is allowed.
Computer and consul gamers chat room [public] created by greenflower12
If you love computer games like amnesia, lucius, slenderman & etc or playstation games like metal gear, tekken, kingdom hearts, shadow of the collosus and etc. we can relate and chat here :)
depression help chat chat room [public] created by lukeaustralia1
a place to speak about your feelings and talk to others
MISTRESSROSE chat room [public] created by mistycrose
Get off my profile YOU chat room [private] created by Mundanee
Really? This is really gay and I don't even know why I'm doing this.
pakistani room chat room [public] created by redapple111
do not spy on each other????????
Pregnacy Role play and sex chat room [public] created by Patiance121
Your in a hospital in a bloody gown your pregnant everything is bloody
Hot room KSA chat room [public] created by faress125
for gay,Bi, and lesbians... for any one your welcome
myrtle beach meets clubbing chat room [public] created by lookn4naughywildgirl
Younger ladies who like mature men and want to go out in Myrtle Beach SC
myrtle beach SC meets clubbing chat room [public] created by lookn4naughywildgirl
Younger ladies who like mature men and want to go out in Myrtle Beach SC
arab girls sex talk chat room [public] created by Bigboss750
just experience sex talk to most forbidden girls,arab girls
animal sex1 chat room [public] created by angelanimal
all animal sex lovers is welcome in this room.
come cheer me up plz chat room [public] created by pattyann7970
no sex chat for depressed ppl who need to smile
Adult Pic Traders chat room [public] created by chevyvan1894
trade and share Adult pics chat about all things XXX all Taboos and dark desires are welcome in this room
Swagg Suite 112 chat room [private] created by prettygurlswagg77
Room where spammers cant get in and only a gathering of friends
destiny10 chat room [public] created by destiny1291
this is a siter for children 13 and younger to chat on and meet new friends
Chatsex16 chat room [public] created by noahmaster1
Talk about sex and anything you want
Whites Only Here chat room [public] created by whiteypridey
Ameeting place for white people seeking other white people.
Hide5 chat room [public] created by easyspender
This chatroom interfaces with Hide5.com and provides communication without the use of email. Members, hidden or not at Hide5, can use this room to interface privately with clients and friends. Unlike Hide5, this room is public. Courtesy and discretion are expected.
Serious Loveseekers Chat chat room [public] created by bhabiesanz
Looking for friends or partners should be respectful and introduce self politely..
lv peeps only chat room [public] created by morphmanlv
talk about the vegas life style
Academic chat room for Graduate Students chat room [public] created by Lyndoni
You can chat here talking about English literature.
wet diaper chat room [public] created by gbdiaperboy
any boy that like to pee in a diaper or in each other diaper
19 year old singles chat room [public] created by mi93
single men and women looking for young love come in and join the fun
Any RP chat room [public] created by SkyTheFox
This is a chat where you can rp any type -no sexual, goth, stuff like that.
A Place to Chat chat room [public] created by chrisflangan
Come and chat all ages any all genders
Miyukas Snake Lab chat room [public] created by Miyuka
The Place where i work. I study Snakes fusing them making new snakes.
only for teen singles girls chat room [public] created by praful20
gays are not allow to chat & bisexual are not allow to chat
sexting kik numbers skype chat room [public] created by ShawntheHotty1
people trade sexting numbers and kiks and skypes and snpchats
Pro Ana Mia any ED chat room [public] created by Screams
This is the Country for the strange little starving girls, screaming through their fingers. Welcome. ♥♥♥♥♥
White nationalism chat room [public] created by Odin14
For those who are not racist but true white nationalist. Here we can message one another and find means of messaging. Note we are not racist but white nationalist who feel proud of their white heritage and the need to protect it and their race.
loveday chat room [private] created by lovday
im an athiest anyone want to try and convert me chat room [public] created by 1c2v3
im intrested to what u have to say
want girl in my bed chat room [public] created by Hammer1993
Need someone to have good time ;)
Barrie ON - Girls chat room [public] created by Hammer1993
Looking for a cutie in my bed tonight ;)
love girls chat room chat room [public] created by cooljeffery
I love girls but I like sexy girls
girls only except me chat room [public] created by dakotanajewski
my name is dakota and im looking for a girl to skype me
werewolf boy and human girl Roleplay chat room chat room [public] created by RaquelMovieMaker
this is a chat room for all those people who love doing werewolf boy/ human girl love story role play! come and chat/role play! everyone is welcome!
werewolf and human love story roleplay chat chat room [public] created by RaquelMovieMaker
come on in! you will not be disappointed in my chat room! it is available to anyone!
swagger6969 chat room [public] created by coolgirl6969
peps who want to talk and blah bla bla blah
dragons.. chat room [private] created by nesver
a room for all the remaning dragons
hello how are you chat room [public] created by Jaydarooni
if you're single and looking for a GF, welcome!
Pandalovesmusic chat room [public] created by AlauraHeart
Pandas Pandas pandas pandas pandas music music music music panda :D
need hot girls chat room [private] created by welga
those who need fun come and enjoy
Patrat100 room chat room [public] created by Patrat100
Salmat Philippines Inc chat room [public] created by yuno009
gjfgsdgksdjdgfsdgfjkdgfdjf oifdklfjsdkkashf
Brronies and Gamers Only XD chat room [public] created by GamerChick2001
you get the idea laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
lgbt teen dateing chat room [public] created by jeremy4366
so you can meet people from the lgbt community
teen 13 to 16 owner is loyyd chat room [public] created by loyyd
teens 13-16 only if you are any older i will kick you out
PortlandBronies chat room [public] created by DitzyDerpyDoo
I place for the Bronies of Portland to chat and get to know each other.
African under 20 chat room [public] created by Stevetboy
for the africans under 20 both male and female, you are welcome
honey talk chat room [public] created by parl001
I love you my dear friends :) :) :-) :-)
GAY OHIO chat room [public] created by mannywell
Lets Party and all that other good stuff, penis power
Fiji Aus Nz chat room [public] created by KrisPrasad
People from Fiji Australia & N Z chat here
Outdoorsman chat room [public] created by cricket2015
This is open to all of those who like fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, or biking.
BLUES ROOM chat room [public] created by chinnu14355
only normal chat no abuses and no valger content shared and be on ur limits
Meh.. chat room [public] created by ABgirlLookingForADad
im looking for a daddy :3 talk to meh :33
Haunted Black Cabin chat room [public] created by Scarletfate
welcome to my home deep in the forests of Romania! its a black cabin surrounded my ever lit jackolanterns. inside there is a living room, a few bedrooms, kitchen, a spell room with a cauldron an potions...an also a secret room for more private things
mtg chat room [public] created by uchihalord
this is a room for magic player to talk to each other and feel comfortable.
bvb army related talk mostly chat room [public] created by soulless95
people in the bvb army can talk with each other an shit XD
UK business opportunities chat room [public] created by nate13628
chat about know business opportunities throughout the UK
gameshareps3 chat room [public] created by ps3boy
gameshare no scamming have fun
Jakartasian chat room [public] created by HenderBrine
WEll You need to speak Bahasa Indonesia to be in this CHat room And you can chat about ANYTHING Everyday
RawR878677 chat room [public] created by ABgirlLookingForADad
idk lol come in and chat i guess
Chat and See c2c chat room [public] created by SmokeyARayne
This is for those users who want to see face to face, and do what they wish. Have fun, be safe.
LoveyTeens chat room [public] created by taytayswiftlover
a place where young teens can get to know each-other, and maybe have a *relationship*
KERALA GAY CHAT chat room [public] created by skippybi
Sex Chat Room12323 chat room [public] created by Batman12312
talk about whatever you would do to a boy/girl...
Hellow2 chat room [public] created by doranbolt
Can someone lend a number of cellular Korean? So wanted a codigo for a game
Bored143 chat room [public] created by Kimmai17
Have nothing to do. 25-below :) Have fun guys.
syafiqah chat room [public] created by syafiqah93
im looking for a new boyfriends,,,,
singapore girl 13-14 chat room [public] created by ahboy9999
i find girl i want you to be my girlfriend come join my room if you want r/s
bandung1609chatz chat room [public] created by dream1609
khusus bandung..orang orang yang tidak bisa bahasa sunda gpp gabung aja yach....
man u chat room [private] created by kingsman53
i will love to chat with good people on line now
Girls who like peeing in diapers chat room [public] created by rambler1979
girls sharing pee fantasys. and talking about peeing in someones mouth fantasy or wetting panties or toilet paper.
Girls who like peeing anywhere chat room [public] created by rambler1979
girls sharing pee fantasys. and talking about peeing in someones mouth fantasy or wetting panties or toilet paper.
kera chat room [public] created by skippybi
chat fro the Kerala gay community for the time with the meeting new gay across Kerala..enjoy,,,have fun,,,..pl z be genuine...
KERALA GAY CHAT new chat room [public] created by skippybi
a place for the gay in kerala to meet and chat..have fun ..be genuine here.....!!
zurich chat room [public] created by kino007
to be honest .to beeee frank,to bee gooood
blue and teddys chat room chat room [public] created by chinnu14355
normal chat only else will be kicke out
hornygayboyzz chat room [public] created by latinotoy
for hot & horny gayboyz , if u like dirty talk, if u like meeting new people for skype and so on :)
katta8 chat room [public] created by kattabomman79
jordan only chat room [public] created by hamzaids
for people living in amman looking to chat , meet, have fun and chill out cool off have some good time with guys and girls from all over the city
CASH CASH CASH chat room [public] created by johna007
cashtorefer...cash cash n just cash
secrets secrets secrets chat room [public] created by sweetyswathika
if you want to share your secrets you cant share with your family members... welcome!!
old men looking to spoil young girls chat room [public] created by kb1993x
this chat room is for older men that are looking to spoil younger women with gifts and money
manila malapit chat room [public] created by SlabJan
female who is interested in man, chatting and located in manila
Sri lankan Girls and Boys chat room [public] created by snpdjeeva
fun eke free eke aathal eke chatt karamu.....
LGBT Resedences chat room [public] created by tony1194
anyone can join here :) just be nice
1234 get on the floor chat room [private] created by yoyobabies
dirty talk no identity reveal.......priority given to idnetity
1234 get on the dance floor chat room [private] created by yoyobabies
dirty talk no identity reveal.......priority given to idnetity
Typing and Talking chat room [public] created by lilypad553
U type and talk.hudsfjndshbdsmfnjvjkdsfkjfdhvjszhsdmjvnjshcncjxcjdxbvj
liberty hook ups chat room [public] created by shanef1979
people hook up in liberty or close to liberty
sarju chat room [private] created by sarjuthapaf
for women for make a friends n 2 say everything to her
DelawareTalkers chat room [public] created by delsmooth
Come in in to Delaware and relax and chat pretty much about anything. No real rules.
Leicester UK chat room [public] created by Jamie6400
Uk - Leicester Chatroom for people of all ages
my dragon fam and my normal friends XD chat room [private] created by nesver
this is for ppl i know onlybeing my frinds and fam so have funn ppls
Semo chat chat chat room [public] created by seangirl119
this chat room is made for emo/scene girls and boys betwwen the ages of 14-17
chattym chat room [private] created by taken79
chat lang pag may time. kaya kau mga kabarkads d2 na tau sa
were to cool for you xDD chat room [public] created by Sverduzco1116
a chat room that you can be yourself with no one telling you what to do ! anybody can join ;)
Hot tub Room chat room [private] created by iMiyoko
Nyah~ A place where us girls can relax and play~
Hogwarts Castle chat room [public] created by LunaLovegoodWitch
I am Luna Lovegood and want to rp with you! Dirty roleplay is allowed. Please be a Harry Potter character or OC.
TRINIDAD PPLL chat room [public] created by akilweekes
hang n chill chat room [public] created by brinaboo24
Dunlap chat room [public] created by DMS18
Dunlap talks:P talk to friends, bestfriends, or crushes:)
PRICE chat room [public] created by ras1man
Birmingham boyz chat room [public] created by space265
This is an open chat room for Birmingham boys.Jump in and leave an impression...cool...
vampire and werewolf rp chat chat room [public] created by bloodclanalpha
This is a vampire and werewolf chat we make this chat to bring in people who search for acceptance and belief there are to sides of this chat werewolf and vampire we seek out any one who is ready to take the first step into there next life joining of already made covens are welcomed but must talk to vampire elder packs talk to me
i need help please chat room [public] created by Ram8o
i lost the love of my life today
Ghana forum chat room [public] created by Kashrule
Anyone from Ghana is welcome here
porn trade links chat room [public] created by petinos9
For Teens Looking For Other Teens chat room [public] created by RocketBoi247
This Room is for teens looking for other teens
gaymelayu chat room [public] created by lickermen
kepada gay gay melayu, anda boleh join chat room kat sini
Feeling depressed chat room [public] created by meg3083
I need someone to talk to please come in to advise. Thank you,
Nazi chatroom 1 chat room [public] created by Nazi1234
for all those Nazis out there :P
looking for relationship teens chat room [public] created by JohnPeery
romance searching teens looking for a relationship
peeps5299 chat room [public] created by Bree5299
u can talk how ever u want but nothing to gross
5299rocks chat room [public] created by Bree5299
u can talk how ever u want but nothing to gross
special room or guys and girls chat room [public] created by goodboy52
join this chat romm if yu love community
hard room chat room [public] created by goodboy52
join this chat romm if yu love community
hot women 4 hot men chat room [public] created by alliebabe19
cam girl women here--> http://qr.net/myphotos
latinos bienvenidos chat room [public] created by latinocalifas
solo latinos y latinas de mente abierta
only love no sex chat room [public] created by mazzaclwah
love is life not sex so dont sex enjoy love life
Jillvolleyballchat chat room [private] created by jillchick
Friends Of Jill Who Enjoy Volleyball and a Good Chat!!!
selvamoorthy chat room [public] created by selva321
- Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
shane only chat room [private] created by lissapop
Just for you you know who you are. Lol.
Ahmed Mostafa chat room [public] created by Ahmedmostafafarid
I love all people. I am 15 year old. I wants to get a girlfriend. Her age must be from 14 to 15. Better if she is living at Alexandria because I am living in Alexandria.
mohu chat room [public] created by mohit2436
anyone can come here. hhkjbkjsdbkjdbjdsbkfskjfjsdkjkjskjkjdsabjkjd
sexting in the usa chat room [public] created by cpackman
a room where you can put your numbers and sext who you want
i wont a girlfriend chat room [public] created by jacobjones22
what i wont in a girl is white girl she cute has a beautiful smile and great personality and she will like me 4ever or untill she dumps me
does any white girl aged 13 to 14 wont to date me chat room [public] created by jacobjones22
what i wont in a girl is white girl she cute has a beautiful smile and great personality and she will like me 4ever or untill she dumps me
Refresh chat room [public] created by Sudhish
Hi all have a nice day i need malayale women for hot chat
Hot Cold Spicy chat room [public] created by sunny027
Enjoy yourself... feel free to get in touch with each other!
just fun allover chat room [private] created by sunny7107
for sex chat and private messaging
sexybedroom chat room [private] created by sexxoooo
masti.................. sex......fun.............in my bedroom.
mastikhorsexoooo chat room [public] created by sexxoooo
masti , fun , gossip.....................s...e............................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BalkanFreeChat chat room [public] created by MatriXns
Domaći chat za prostore ex Yu :)
Matthew gay chat chat room [public] created by luvboys777
Chat room for gays this is a room that helps you get to know each other
emilypretty chat room [public] created by emilyongco
private message and txt me or call me 00639265889649
coofigo chat room [public] created by coolfigo
?We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.?
13 years old boys and girls chat room [public] created by Ramsis0
gf bf go it is the best room ever
sekssungguh chat room [public] created by wawa15
available for chatting sex. anyone interested come and join. its free. i am here to have fun with all of you.
cam fock chat room [public] created by ashleevicky
any men who wants to view a live strip show from horny girls. AMERICAN boys only
Marryhana60 chat room [public] created by amalove0055
Hello i will love to if i chat a man who is loving and caring and a man i can relly trust my life with.
Ama.love0055 chat room [public] created by amalove0055
Hello will l like to love and trust.
top secret sissy stuff X3 chat room [private] created by mahindu
Atlanta Georgia chat room [public] created by roverlance
georgia chat whats going on today?
CamtoCamYahoo chat room [public] created by delsmooth
Come on in and tell us whats on....errr...on you mind
suck my nipples chat room [private] created by mammacoo
like to see my nipples, maybe more
sexyp chat room [public] created by sexychut1
only sexy girls no one can add on this chat
Indian n Canadian Fly Guys - Aviators chat room [public] created by kennyboy88
Pilots discuss aviation related topics
Roleplay sext chat room [public] created by sexyxiliver
Roleplay ;)..........................................................................................
young people chat 18 and under only chat room [public] created by lilGUY1213
people that are not old and creepin on kids and stuff is welcome.
Sinle Grils Only chat room [public] created by 13berrypie
Single girl only...............plase ONLY SINGLE GIRLS
Perverse fantasies chat room [public] created by gamecat
A place to safely and without judgement indulge and discuss any fantasy that gets you hot, no matter how depraved!
ask him or her out 024 chat room [public] created by dashnae023
when they can a boy/girl out .they can say what every they want.
girl on girl phone sex UK chat room [public] created by lesley94
for woman who want lesbian phone sex only in uk
H0RNYs chat room [public] created by H0RNYgirlforU
Horny people only join me if your horny as me and want to talk dirty. Cu's I will talk dirty back to you babes. Join now if you like a horny 15 yr old girl.
Teens only 12-16 chat room [public] created by imateen2
Teenagers welcome! 12-16 years old?
Intimate dating in New Orleans chat room [public] created by maxorleans
Hi girls and women ))) I amd young fellow, who is gonna be in New Orleans on Wednesday just for one night.Want to have a crazy fun with nice and sexy female
Hot Lads come in chat room [public] created by watchoutimming
Any lad who wheres tns or airmaxes and love chicks come in and who love to do badshit come in.
Drunk night chat room [public] created by drinktillyourdrunk
For REAL drunks only! Not for people who are just buzzed and here to get lightly buzzed. Need to know how to drink hard ;)
Bored...4 chat room [public] created by catdog25
This is a chatroom for people who are bored and would like to talk to other ppl.
Suicide helpline chat room [public] created by kevinshade
Need help? wanna talk? honest open ended no judgement here
lets play 161924 chat room [public] created by Jer161924
just for fun lets see what happens
Kurts chat room [public] created by KURTkurtKURT
All generous men welcom chat room [public] created by Tinaplainandtall
Looken for a sugar sugar somebody sweet and generous
Kenya Sex Talk chat room [public] created by hellonfree
sex chat in kenya all kenyan and people intderested in chatiing Sex with Kenyans
Dream Love chat room [public] created by thanveerahmedjoy
LOVEzc xzzvxvxzvvxb yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyvbcxxxxxxxxxxd fghdy
19 -36 chat room [public] created by raju234123
only chat as a normal friend, not for marriage or relation or leave
Friendly people in need true love in their life again chat room [public] created by 941995
no allow of dirty chats,for people who still believe in love.thoughs that are ready to be happy and in love again.Love is a great gift of nature,only thoughs who believe in it finds love.for heartbreakers to find true love again.
students fun chat room [public] created by ggguu11
the best room to tallk all about student life
WATTOO ROOM chat room [public] created by shoaibwattoo
wattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo lovewattoo love
WATTO ROOM chat room [public] created by shoaibwattoo
wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love wattoo love
All Lesbian Bi only chat room [public] created by richbittersweet
Exclusive for Girls! BI, Lesbian Only! NO BOYS ALLOWED please! clean chat only please!
center grove middle school central kids only chat room [public] created by cgmscgal
Where only cgmsc kids can hang out and chat
Know God more chat room [public] created by jasminemontemayor
If you want to know God more, maybe I can help you
chatroom4singles chat room [public] created by xKidxRougex
this it a chat room for everyone who is single
sexytext chat room [public] created by coachgucci
dirty texting sexting teens girls
Dizziling chat room [public] created by Gedakhanchas
Every one is welcome to my chat room and can have more n more fun!!!!!!!
algerian music rai chat room [public] created by aladin72
Listen to Algerian Rai loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
friendsor more chat room [public] created by homerun2
A chat room for anyone looking for friends, friendly talk or more
Time for a girlfriend chat room [public] created by Baza1234
Hey guys I'm 13-14 and I would like to talk to some people maybe even pick up a relationship if your interested I'm a nice and cute boy just email your number to baileighmarshall@y7mail.com
FANS OF JESUS CHRIST chat room [public] created by jesusboywinner
hot-Iceland chat room [public] created by aron4000
Fyrir Íslendinga sem vilja spjalla og kanski meira
The furry shed chat room [private] created by Briarthespy
This HUGE shed is owned by briarthespy. The shed has tons of stuff like Toys, dildos, vibs, couches, beds, tables, chairs, rigs, systems, binds, gags, leather straps, ropes, chains, whips, canes, bedrooms, bathrooms, cameras, a kitchenette, a mini bar, cages, a back up generator for when the power's out, medicine, and a first aid kit.
bangalore kormangala chat room [public] created by milestonevivek
near kormangala... all are invited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12-13 yr 0lds looking for a boyfriend or girlfrien chat room [public] created by imsocute456
a chat room for kids who want to get a bf or gf but u must be skinny and love kissing
Wooster Ohio Gay Men chat room [public] created by bookerdewitt
chat it up to discuss anything and everything here in Wooster ohio
gayswannahookup chat room [public] created by idoitall4u
bored lonely want to play 4 real
For skype users with paypal chat room [public] created by stacybunny
guys :) stacy from canada, young,foxy, pretty $ naughty
singles from 13-16 years old chat room [public] created by chrisspooh
TexasUSA chat room [public] created by werita10
Anyone living in the Texas state is more than welcomed to join! :)
My Room25 chat room [private] created by Zhane25
It's about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
spam-hack chat room [public] created by hacr100
hello to all just spam pple with 7250 £ ...............VS .................3 RDP ADMIN if dozzz add me now unity-gold@hotmail.com
anime town chat chat room [public] created by sebbylover69
come join and rp or just talk about anime with me
sexy hot females chat room [public] created by trejhon
you talk about what you want done to you and how wet ya p###y....tell a female what you want and how you want it
Sissy Humiliation and Gangbangs chat room [public] created by ShyPetite
Tell me and other sissy boys exactly how you'd use our girly bodies...
online gaming chatroom chat room [public] created by doxin45
Dawn Of The Dragons http://www.kongregate.com/games/5thplanetgames/dawn-of-the-dragons - For people that play games online
chilled back chat room chat room [public] created by Kmims
just lookin to talk n chill with a few people, looking to make some lady friends as well. no hazing, or arguing. just have fun n chill
Introvert chat room [public] created by StarConn
Shy people, timid people, people that have problems/issues talking or communicating with others join. Although you are welcome to join if you do not posses an introvert personality. We can talk about nothing or we can talk about anything. What are your interest, ideas, and/or hobbies, etc...
lady hook up chat room chat room [public] created by Kmims
looking to find lucky girls that want to talk n become friends or mabe for fun. we shall see how it goes
castrated kids chat room [public] created by eatmypenis
kids with no balls and or no dicks
kwentuhan tungkol sa pinas chat room [public] created by MariaPhils
kwentuhan lang tungkol sa pinas, mga kababayan na kailangan ng kausap at kaibigan, malinis na kwentuhan at tawanan
group sex or 3sum chat and webcam chat room [public] created by schoolgirl44
Anyone looking for a wild sex experience but has webcam for things like skype.
couples an females chat room [public] created by largolious69
this is a room where couples can meet single bi woman for chat an more.
blowjobs only chat room [public] created by ssmban
this room is for only men and women who like and want blowjobs
BisexDudes chat room [public] created by biDude25
Boys to chat and change porn links on skype? me: kolobi261
Sugar Baby chat chat room [public] created by JaeJaeLovey
Sugar babies looking for sugar daddy
Latin Swinger chat room [public] created by FredOlg
Latin couple swinger in Orlando
Ontario chatt chat room [public] created by mikesmith23
anyone from Ontario come chat
relaxed chat chat room [public] created by Kmims
anybody is welcome to the chat room, come chill
School life chat room [public] created by angelteopiz
Lets talk about our school life and stuff like that.
Good friendly chat room [public] created by angelteopiz
Lets chat, friendly style. Be good, nice & etc
Sad friends chat room [public] created by angelteopiz
Hi :) Pls lets chat, i'm lonely
Bi-sexual Chat chat room [public] created by bmth0124
Just come on in ^.^ We need some people to talk to also
Girlfriends and young girls chat room [public] created by angelteopiz
Girls chatroom only pls. Pls talk to me
old women young men chat room [public] created by james9292
a room for women ages 40 and up and guys 18 through 25. so they can talk and chat about whatever
sex cam sex cam sex cam sex cam sex cam sex cam chat room [public] created by alvarez9239
NoOdLeKiTtYChAt chat room [public] created by noodlekitty
can we just chill please no dirt balls lol jk
just for furries chat room [public] created by petethehusky
this is a room for furries to role play. (no vour!!!!)
mastroom chat room [public] created by mastbabe
masti, fun , romance, unlimited in my bedroom.............................
sexy chatporn chat room [public] created by aksbdn12
open word all words used here, intimate sex chat allowed.
adolescent hangout chat room [public] created by matthewh7
formally known as teen pick up chat room created by my first account matthew7 same rules as the old chat room if you don't know here it is 1. no pedophiles 2. if your picture contains nudity you'll be banned 3. if your older and hit on younger you'll be banned and if your older than 24 you'll be banned with exception of older member's behavior.
adltsadda chat room [public] created by ujwalmoods
adults rocks here enjoy by chating adults talks and share u r feelings and allllll :)
Sherp Shuter Bruno chat room [public] created by 1880
Makin Money Online chat room [public] created by 666potatoes
So if you join this website for $8 where you can store a terabyte of media on it and access it anywhere then refer people, you get $200 per referral! That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me and I use the site to store my music so I'm making money and backing up important documents/music. There's even a 14 day trial. Try it out! http://www.livedrive.com/?a_aid=522ead16b354c
bi guy chat room [public] created by maxi106
a room for anyone who just likes to have fun or party
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