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List of all user-created chat rooms #529
Anime Fan Club For Otaku chat room [public] created by UsuiNamikaze
Chat room for Otaku only :3 because anime is the best ever! >:D
Telugu Porilu chat room [public] created by 1430
This chat only for telugu girls......
anshsexy chat room [private] created by anshhot
I am hot & sexy guy,only girls are allow to chat wid me
The hang out taboo chat room [public] created by Goldieblossom
Come chill relax meet new people have a good time
MANILA BUSINEESS ONLINE chat room [public] created by maxxchat21
Young Boy vsmature lady chat room [public] created by coolhunk777
Funny and open minded people can join here
crazy vampire chat room [public] created by bloodyvampire108
only vampires allowed............... cool!!!!!
shinee lovers chat room [public] created by teaminlover42
this is were we can fangirl over key teamin onew jonghyun and Minho join the fandom
Sweet Hearts13 chat room [private] created by Hadassda
just for teens to chat and have a really great time.
jummylex chat room chat room [public] created by jummylex3310
U hereWelcome to jummylex chat room jummylex chat room is for all every one on chat hour. tank for ur patronage.
cpls play chat room [public] created by bradsbabygirl
cpls looking for cpls to play.....openminded cpls welcome
Room night chat room [private] created by frass41
ruang untuk saling mengenal satu dengan yang lain untuk menuju ke hal yang lebih serius
ass lovers chat room [public] created by iluvasses
explicit sex talk..chicks are specially could be fun..u never know
xxxr18 chat chat room [public] created by timmills69
r18 chat for girls who feel like getting a lil naughty and have a good time. webcam preferable
khusus 30 tahun ke atas chat room [public] created by gundala75
yo silah kan yang mau masuk ak tunggu yah,,,. 21FDFF2E,, nie pin ak,, lau mau kenallbh dekat,,,,
RSA Girls room chat room [public] created by Fortesfortuna
Trying to get in contact with african/black girls from RSA for chat, picture sharing and maybe relationship
It Calm Im From Philly chat room [public] created by Sexydutch22
Im a fall back female, this my first time on here and I kinda like this just looking for friends probably more but wassup with you all
fitness coach chat room [public] created by lala12335
chat with fitness coaches to help you lose weight
BERMESRA-RIA chat room [public] created by cowoktuajorok
Untuk laki & perempuan, berteman tapi mesra tanpa status.......bisa??
sergal chat room [private] created by KandydaSergal
Where no one really ever cares
BFFTELEWE chat room [private] created by Lily66
BFF's only allowed. So everyone I know can be in this chat room.
89010 chat room [private] created by sourav25101990
Girls interested to have a private chat are welcome
the amazing chat chat room [public] created by jakewoodlovesu
come join here if u wanna have rp sex cx
RainBow00 chat room [private] created by coffee2013
Welcome my friends all over the world,I dont discriminate,so I welcome everyone for friendly chat,fun.
spanish1369 chat room [public] created by BadChick1311
learn how to speak Spanish or learn how to speak English and have fun sexy conversations
cod 2 chat room [public] created by frankiej1980
call of duty players looking to make a team are just play
IN GALVESTON LIVE chat room [public] created by beekeeper33
Come And Fine A Friend Or Maybe If You Are Lucky, You May Find A Great Lover.
swat gemini chat room [private] created by PerseusGemini
chat soba za članove saveza swat gemini univerzuma
uk chat about anything chat room [public] created by jonmcdm
anyone from uk come chat , the more the merrier chat room [public] created by sexyboy723
Hi friends check out this free chatting site please sign up
commandors room 2nd chat room [public] created by mystery2nd
friends talk,,,,,honesty ,,,,loyalty,,,,,no gays or lesbos or police
virginity chat room [public] created by steeljef
when did you lose it, how old where etc.
hottie boys chat room [public] created by populargirl23
only for 13 or 14 year-old boys and girls
sincerity seekers chat room [public] created by sinceresoul2000
sincerity seekerssincerity seekerssincerity seekerssincerity seekers
AE Jeans chat room [private] created by solidsnake5478
Wet/dry ae jeans lovers, denim jackets and jeans
Chat For 14 And Under chat room [public] created by themotto3
For Anyone Or Anything Under 14.
SingleForever chat room [public] created by MisoSoupz
Singles (: Friendly Meet new people Hopefully u get yourself a gf/bf
xxRandomnessx chat room [public] created by xxCookieMonsterx
Open to all. Please no fighting and lets all get along.
NAUGHTY MEN LIKE ME chat room [public] created by mrzkinkyxxx
Single ladies 13-15 chat room [public] created by xxallstarsxx
singles ladie 13-15 looking for a bf.
Truth or Dare Room 1 chat room [public] created by NekoGirlKitty
truth or dare game please come play its fun
PHNOM PENH chat room [public] created by joebren
emo or scene love chat room [public] created by swsbabe96
This is not for creepy pervs teens only you keep going to this chat you will be banned
bloomingtonIN chat room [public] created by dperrus
anyone wanting to chat and hook up
steffanny chat room [public] created by steffanny
i am gay seeking for a looking for someone who will accept and love me for who i am,im simple yet a loving caring and honestly i am respectful.
the lesser endowed guys chat room [public] created by tvjonz
anyone care to compare? Perhaps past moments of uncertainty due to size?
Boondocking chat room [public] created by cah37mtx
This room is for all boondocking and free camping sites in all states. from parking lots to free camp sites.
bi people unite chat room [public] created by stupidhoe1234
bi people.. lokking for a bi girl friend or boyfriend here is were you find one
Help with Sesshy Fic chat room [public] created by ChunMeiguiProduction
I'm testing the waters on a sesshomaru fanfiction i started today...i got the idea stuck in my head and i didn't want to lose i'm wanting to discuss it with people, and get feed back on if i should keep it to myself...or share the sesshy love
Woods of infinity chat room [public] created by Cornholio666
Room for Black Metal - Xasthur - Burzum - Woods of Infinity etc Room for Black Metal - Xasthur - Burzum - Woods of Infinity etc Room for Black Metal - Xasthur - Burzum - Woods of Infinity etc Room for Black Metal - Xasthur - Burzum - Woods of Infinity etc
Butthurt chat room [public] created by Cornholio666
Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness
Butthurtroom chat room [public] created by Cornholio666
Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness - Room for butthurtness
miaAnaprogirls chat room [public] created by anagirl170
these room is for pro ana and mia people. i really need an ana buddy here too!!
i honestly dont care chat room [public] created by GetRichOrDieTrying
title says it all i think you're all stupid l,,,,
MINNESOTA320 chat room [public] created by betty320
chibi333 chat room [private] created by thechibidragon
for fun :) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<#<#<#<3<3<3<3<3<#<#<3<3<3
Sex Chat Role play chat room [public] created by soayaqz1
Self explanatory really, horny guys and girls out there
To Make Friends chat room [public] created by TiffanyBowman
a place to go to meet new friends and hopefully meet in person!
Austin POWER HOUR cool kids only chat room [public] created by BrandonD96
Austin TX Chat right here right now bring your ass
99999 chat room [public] created by satyamard
indrachat chat room [private] created by jmindra
hanya bagi wanita,saya ingin berbagi cerita indah dengan anda para ledys
SEXONLINE chat room [public] created by kattybur22
Wanna watch me on skype etting nude? Let's get it started. Download my photos from here: and send me PM if you like me.
Only-For-Teens chat room [public] created by DMan1997
follow the rules and thats all I ask
Lycans ONLY chat room [public] created by MYoh3838
no bull shit allowed. if you are not a real lycan then get out!
myGFhotlikeme chat room [public] created by acute101
all bi or fem girls looking for girlfriends
jollyblonde chat room [private] created by Jolly5
hi me jolly with my boyfriend come
brit chat room [private] created by brittanybaublit
to have fun in and be your self
captown gays chat room [public] created by carlling1
all of you from captown com in! Hi how are doing?the true is, i really like your body! but that is not the only point! my names is kint im black from gabon im gay bottom but masculin and discreet. im student and laerning english im stay Newlands i would like to have a friends if you dont mind you can let me know. 071 8283042
under 15 xx chat room [public] created by varictess
for 13 - 15 year olds xx when you want to chat to people you own age xx
GALVESTON TEXAS CHAT chat room [public] created by beekeeper33
skype 4 sex chat room [public] created by anpeace4
coms girls..lets flirtting..skyping
Self Harmer Chat chat room [public] created by EmoKidzzz
For self harmers who need their stories out to be free.
Roleplaying chatrooms chat room [public] created by samthepikachu
.-. you guys can roleplay here Rules: disrespecting admins or spamming gets you [BANNED] also no piss-offs Also: no getting sexual do that in IM
javed room chat room [public] created by javed287
hi. evry body welcome here. i need your help please
Goth emo punk and misfits chat room [public] created by DarkpixieX
where goths and emos can hang out comfortably
Malaysia Teen Only 13-19 chat room [public] created by AkiTO2536
Getting to Know Room chat room [public] created by LhenaCute
A Room For Teens Finding Love Online .
germjapan chat room [public] created by sofgentelman14
i wanna just to make a new relation with people from a nother country
New Tekken Chat BITCHES chat room [public] created by JesseLee96
Dafuq you lookin at....just join and no one gets cussed at.
Friendly chat room meow chat room [public] created by tranxely
Friendly chit chat. Casual conversations. Perv's will get banned.
Hipsters and music chat room [public] created by TheRealBellaKeresine
No Drama or Trolling or you will be banned!<3 Thanks ~Bella!
wanna play with me.. chat room [public] created by execeptional
lets chat me and ask me ..........................................................................................................
Melbourne chat 2013 chat room [public] created by Simplelife1234
people in Melbourne who like to chat.
PLAY ROOM HEHHE chat room [public] created by Hotguyreadyforyou
photo swap pedo chat room [public] created by pedo5to9
loving the yg girls as we all do hope we can chat some time and meet up for storys of what goes on in the world , more more more more more blur blur
SexyMistressScarletttt chat room [public] created by scarletttt2
Talk with mistress Scarlett for one night as she flirts her sexy arse off for only 10 a night. Email to sign in for the night
Dogs of Girls chat room [public] created by girlsfart
This is for slave dogs of girls.
Scarletts financial domination chat room [public] created by scarletttt2
I am your mistress scarlett and you will obey with all the rest of you pathetic losers... though if you want one on one time you have to pay ;)
Panther roleplay chat room [public] created by furyseeker91
open roleplay for anyone to join please enjoy
Baylee chat room [private] created by DemonsBlood
Here we will talk and be happy and fun yay yay die dead died
USA Interracial chat room [public] created by MoeSkillz
Interracial peeps in the USA that want to chat.
heyyyy txtt mee chat room [private] created by Tae8
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy itzzz just taeeeee (:(:(: just borreedd
hang out room chat room [public] created by failingcupid123
hang out say anything you want! do anything
sexy animal fun chat room [public] created by biaussie01
sexy animal fun...............................................
gelo211 chat room [public] created by Angelo211
Lets FUUUUCK wanna join? Just join in my room. And we're gonna have some fun
spoken for chat room [private] created by ccavic
This is a place where I list only my friends to get in to chat private:)
napoli chat room [private] created by Nitehawk42
just 2 for a good hot time and everything goes
true untold human history chat room [public] created by RedPillYum
Hi my name is Joel. For 25.years now I've been working on topics and events most people think are fantasy or they know bits and pieces but can't get the puzzle to fit. I can help you. Trust me when I say who I know,who I work for,and where I studied are more then you could hope for to be able to ask questions to freely. The truth belongs to every human...for your birthright I have truth. Tons of it. From who shot JFK and hollow earth what's flying what ufo...the American underground secret base network...abduction agendas...martial law and when it will happen in what the sun really is and used for...all the way to atoms,color,and light are a lie...just like god and devil...and I can provide you the info you need to keep track of these topics on your own. I am only doing this now and trying public chat rooms because there's not much need at this point to fear another attempt on my life for talking...I've had six tries so far...I'm not an easy target ;) Now they have bigger things then me going down so I can blip onto the radar here and there and get some info to whoever finds this room. Hope you want your mind blown M.I.T. they called my first IQ test scores I told them to give me a new one...and I did it again only this time I did it upside down and backwards to prove a point...nothings impossible...not even getting a PERFECT score on an M.I.T. IQ test working from an upside down and backwards copy. Stephan Hawkins didn't come close to me...he like totally wrong...physics is wrong ...what I know is right. Want truth? Find me fast be here for about an hour or so then....poof!!!! I'm a phantom
JGirlsMalaysia Friendly chat room [public] created by mohdkhair
Any conversation is allow. The main purpose is to make friend between Japanese Girls and Malaysia either in Japanese or English or Malaysia language. Why Japanese Girls ?. Because JGirls is too shy and too difficult to be as a friend. Open your world.
rex chat room [public] created by Nikhilrexwal
i love chatm ghsdk gggggggggagshhkaghjkdshch gdkjgds hjkvn kvhkjbn hdfn
ALL sEX NO PLAY chat room [public] created by johnnyboy201333
Tiny Red Dot chat room [public] created by stoodalone
a platform for fellow singaporeans to hang out! ^.^
lone and depressed chat room [public] created by davidlover7813
for people who are depressed and feel like no one wants them any more and feel like they have no reason to live
single male chat room [public] created by mezrin
looking to hookup with females and have fun
yuvi chat room [public] created by yuvafun
i like to see new peoples and make friendsship
Manipuri Chat chat room [public] created by Socialn00000
Dating, Friends Chat for Public room - Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
bangalore gay in BTM chat room [public] created by letsmeet2501
this a chat room for bangalore gays BT< layout
real sex and sex only chat room [private] created by shivahari19
naughty chats and real sex which is more important for the life
suck my clit ohhhhhhhhhh chat room [public] created by razia100
plz come and make me scream with pleasure
Marathi sex chat room [public] created by VeerYoddha
All Marathi language lovers, join this room... and enjoy fun
friends in the u.k chat room [public] created by peanut35
Just friendly chat from people living in the u.k, please no dirty talk.
scalper chat room [private] created by piratescalper
soccer sports betting tips gone wild
danish 15 chat room [public] created by danishshirazi
im 15 years old i finding a gf ..:)
MyLittlePonyFriendShipIsMagic chat room [public] created by FelicianoPasta
My little pony fans! And Anime fans!
my rools my command chat room [private] created by Nihaaarika
only for those whom i will allow
sex baby chat room [public] created by jeremyx baby let's talk about you and me....aaaaaaa
aliah yaya chat room [public] created by aliahyaya
20 | malaysia | just for fun im a funny girl..always thing positive..
jemoeder chat room [public] created by lolrens
hello your are my best friend smile
girls 18-20 that like older guys chat room [public] created by charlietoll
girls that are old enough to date men in their 30's and up welcome here
hyderabad call girl chat room [public] created by 9160507862
Hi any girlwho is interested for paid fun then they can join this room.
bethan chat room [private] created by sexybethan
single looking for a boy that will love me and treats me like i am special xx
state of affairs chat room [public] created by phoenix9884
just talk about the state of affairs in the country
Sexygomati chat room [private] created by sexygomati123
For the pleasure of Gomati's friends
duty talk chat room [public] created by cstark1123
teens only chat 13-19 chat room [public] created by zombiegirl17
only teens talk 13-19 year old
Chatting Nasty - Grown Up Only 18 yr plus chat room [private] created by Jwilliams781
This is the place to talk about sexy things with grown up people only
just women please chat room [public] created by Midacamara123
A place where we can unload and seek alittle support !!
Telugu Puku hyd chat room [public] created by vissuprasad
Telugu Puku is good sex group, join and enjoy sexxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anisha grooms 340027 chat room [public] created by nenegoodloookin
i need some one to talk to and i am single and i am bored
stile chat room [public] created by nafania17
conversation about love and relationship
BFFTLEWE chat room [private] created by Lily66
My bff's past the moon and universe
sexy line chat room [private] created by killerswaGGG
talk sex line ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho
SlyBabies Place chat room [public] created by Slybabie89
A place to hang out with a good ole country gal. :)
SOCCER FOOTBALL chat room [public] created by pm61l
chat about everything chat room [private] created by hotbodygirl123
a room for only the people i wish to talk to
Fat men and women chat room [public] created by Bigguylover
For fat people to find love with other fat people
Humor chat room [public] created by AmonAmarth666
Share and create jokes with everyone. Humor is amazing. All jokes allowed.
Kiwis 101 chat room [public] created by RoboCop92
New Zealanders come here for fun chat
to talk chat room [private] created by Monimyluv00
this is a room just to talk about well anything! yup
TeenHangout chat room [public] created by Lexi613
For teens to talk, hangout or get advice... But only teens allowed.
Looking to chat chat room [public] created by Dakotakelly
Any people up for a conversation tonight?
13 year olds only plz123 chat room [public] created by RAWRRR223
For teens like me that want to talk chat and date
Gay fur sub yiff me chat room [public] created by DevinDaFoxchild
Guys. I'm just in the market for some friends and I am so in need of a good hard yiff or two...
Brand new chat room [public] created by 303babii
I'm new to Texas need to meet more people around here :)
hard lovin chat room [public] created by bluescards
wanting ladies to come to openly discuss their fantasies with me
genuinely friendly chat chat room [public] created by mynameisjonas
A place to go when the friendly chat isn't very friendly
Singels only chat room [public] created by Robert911
If ur single come on girls only 14 to 16
Celina Room chat room [private] created by N2BadThingz
This room is only intended for those who I know or have chatted with and given the password to. Sorry!
Celinas Playroom chat room [private] created by N2BadThingz
This chatroom is only intended for those who have been selected. Sorry!
12343254532 chat room [public] created by koteta
aaaaaaaaaaaaasdddddddddddddddsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Empower chat room [public] created by empowerr
Just for those people interested in online business, not including garbage talking,
sandy in his bedroom chat room [public] created by sandy7009
girls who wanna have fun & sex can come & have hearty chat & want me to drive them crazy are most welcome
castle de juliet chat room [public] created by Julietinpants
Care to chat with me? come on in
Romeoonline chat room [public] created by Romeoonline
chat with ladies and girls near hyderabad andhrapradesh india
random peoples that like rps chat room [public] created by thecookieman
if your random and you like rps come here but take the rps else where, if u don't, ur banned, got it?
INZESTTABOO chat room [public] created by Kevier
Where Brothers and Sisters Mothers and Sons Fathers and Daughters CUM Together Wink Wink
ChillOutCave chat room [public] created by BrazilianPrincesa
Decent chat, no role play and being rude or nasty.
super chatting chat room [public] created by rpopp
Ppl age 13-19 can find a partner and chat, it may leed to more
naked sex chatting chat room [public] created by rpopp
Talk about anything. Mostly teens please but if your in your 20's thats ok
GET NASTY chat room [private] created by top486
adult room for all fetishes anal oral spanking goldenshowers FAMILY k9 B n D
Sylvester love chat room [public] created by Osarobv
A beautiful girls for friendships
likemywife chat room [public] created by gw766696
Like to show off pics of my wife to other men
cool dudez chat room [public] created by Jaslea
FITNESS- WEIGHT LOSS chat room [public] created by GMS1961
All about fitness including weight loss, muscle building, diet & nutrition.
single n lonely chat room [public] created by lonelyboy1234
if your single and want to meet someone to date
WankersInLeipzig chat room [public] created by AlwaysWanking
People who would like to create a group of wankers to wank together somewhere in real in Leipzig
Emo lovelies chat room [public] created by mysuicidedream
penus pens no trolls am i done yet?
Oh Hello I love you chat room [public] created by ihost
approve my chat room. Oh hello. just come and talk
To divorced people chat room [public] created by mlmr
Clea chat, share your experiences
friendly mother fuking chat if ur rude gtfo chat room [public] created by batman199732
nice room if ur rude gtfo if u dont like gtfo
best sexual room chat room [private] created by mysteryman18
talk to friends and also i don't have friends that would talk to me at all and also i need to talk to gilrs
daddy waiting chat room [private] created by samw304
waiting to get you allnight long
New York And PA chat room [private] created by ccavic
A place for New York And Pennsylvania Friends To Chat
friendlynis chat room [public] created by rsuraj
i am new man in qatar chat room , anyway please contact me
Arab American chat room [public] created by kmeegy
Interested in American ? interested in Arabs ? This room is for you.
roolkpm chat room [public] created by roolkpm1
Gamemode chat room [private] created by Giantdoom
hi I like girls how like boys from sweden
Gay55 for 18-30 chat room [public] created by shymeee
In the closet older man seeking men 18-30.
Foxxyy DANK chat room [public] created by Foxxyy
this is a chat where no one is to be ignored.. you will get banned if you harrass each other or act perverted. please be respectful :3 everyone is welcome i do unbann for multiple chances thank you.
DAnk Mans Borrow chat room [public] created by Foxxyy
:3 just for the lovelies... dont be an idiot.. :D i love you all.. except you..
Mehhh boredom chat room [public] created by Zapemal
Im so bored... no rules... go wild
girls who like older men chat room [public] created by leebie
This is a room for younger women who like older men to come and chat without being judged.
lonely person chat room [public] created by n3wbi3
join and have some fun ------------------------------------------
new parents room chat room [public] created by gordito1104
everyone from stl and around welcome
first timer chat - lonely man chat room [public] created by fletch1967
women, men, bored in marriage - emotionally and physically separated - looking for friends and advice
bbws need lovin chat room [public] created by TomWad78
dirty talk and more be open and willing
abigails room chat room [public] created by abigailrose25
talk to me and om me on my chat room have fun :)
adult flirt chat room [public] created by vipin4vv
sex and flirting for women and men of all ages
Purple Penguins chat room [public] created by denalirose
This is a chat room for unordinary people to be themselves!
Slave room lol enter chat room [public] created by ToxicRaverJay
For anyone who has a fetish of any kind and seeks a master or misstress welcome. 0rr those who think you want a slave come here and take your pick according to your likings
Awesome Persons that are awesome chat room [private] created by CassieBear13
a room for only the greatest of people
teen roleplaying chat room chat room [public] created by antan007
this is a ZOMBIE RP CHAT ROOM this is a 3 month temp. (jan 21 2015(due to chathour banning (UGH))) so yeah invite people to if they not going to just be annoying and actually be fair :) good luck
The Fetish Chat Room chat room [public] created by Genzano
Welcome To Everyone into Fetishes
vapor smokers chat room [public] created by VAPORGiRL22
for electric cigarette smokers
GothicandEmo chat room [public] created by SnowSixx
cool fun dark and emo. you can talk about alot of stuff dont matter just do what ever
shagging chat room [public] created by turbo1998
this room im your aloud to talk about sex
No Drama Lesbian Chat chat room [public] created by sangogirl1130
you cause drama you're booted, i promise
Friendz corner chat room [private] created by kumarmp7
This is a chat for casual conversation knowing of our traditions, culture and lifestyle.
For my Comrade chat room [private] created by Project4Kraas
For my Comrade that i met.. This Comrade will be remembered forever
milkshake chat room [public] created by shineysuny
so awesome ...... so simple.... enjoyable.. so happy...
Gamers101 chat room [public] created by Gamergirl333
Come talk to me about games.I am the ultimate gamer.
Might be bi chat room [public] created by donzitt64
looking for something in vermont
LATE NIGHT CHATTERS chat room [public] created by msmichaila1
turkeyyyyy chat room [public] created by escape16
turk olanlar yazsın - write to turkısh people
turkey 16 chat room [public] created by escape16
turk olanlar yazsın - write to turkısh people
Escorts12345 chat room [private] created by Kavyahere
i wanna fu_k the girl ,am too horney now pleaseeeeeeeeeee
thatiey chat room [public] created by prettythatiey
i am simple person with a good heart and really i hate a liar person
Korean things chat room [public] created by adrian1963
Korean people, come to talk with people of other countries
lesbians forever chat room [public] created by athomas1994
Only lesbians who r looking for a nice chat and posable more.
Religious Debates chat room [public] created by MythicalNight
Discuss and debate anything and everything
mallu chat n chat chat room [public] created by jackroshan
its a mallu chats. only malayalees.. ltz cmn n chat ...
crystalmeth chat room [private] created by yabaWROM
Chat for people hooked on crystal meth and needs help
Teens for Older chat room [public] created by leebie
This room is for girls/guys who like older. Straight, Bi or Gay all are welcome.
preggers room chat room [public] created by preggersgirl
test1 chat room [private] created by sweedick
hey this is new room ...............................................
preteen sexchat chat room [public] created by midd101
talk dirty and act out your wildest fantasies for preteen girls
bdsmiamaslave chat room [private] created by katesub90
hey i am a slave who wants to be my master xx love you
sexually chat room [private] created by kjoin
Sexy A place for furrys to hang out and chat, and get to know one another ^^ "chat creator Huskysnowpaws". ?No godmodding, no spam, or ads, and no rape or suicide talk. Block those who you don't like for yiff its ok just to a extend of flirting and some touching
Harry potter fan chat room1 chat room [public] created by vaibhavi1
This chat room is for harry potter fans worldwide
Open Relationship 1 chat room [public] created by damien523
Chat for open minded individuals to discuss open relatioships
lahore sex chat room [public] created by iqra007
it is social chat room . we provide all age girl ,school . collage . uni ,, contract me .
yang cari cowo chat room [public] created by royaldog
buat semua cewe yang bisa di ajak kencan
patong room chat room [public] created by hottrucker
visit Patong in nov ,like to meet a nice boy
love n sexnnnnnnnnnnnnnn chat room [public] created by draditya4fun
for love bites lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
gloomy chat room [public] created by crazyboy32
lets chat in this room,we can talk on any top you like,share our thoughts and ideas
chat everywhere chat room [public] created by hotbodygirl123
just chat what ever u want go a head
The Philippines chat room [public] created by Spanlshman
Manila philippines chat,enjoy your here with us and feel free.NO SPAM
girls allowed here chat room [public] created by poohbearjoness
talk about girls stuff and and not ;let boys hear
aloneme chat room [private] created by Perfectstrocker
sex with me i am intrested to webcam chat are you intrested
Daddie Mars chat room [public] created by daddiemars
Chat here all you want. No fighting. Thanks
girls only ...for sex chat room [public] created by sexmastertop1
its only for girl who wants to chat about sex with me...thanks
my room bitches chat room [private] created by beccabooluvsyou
for only people I say are awesome enough to be in there
Nightmare castel chat room [public] created by Tknightmare
where i will buld my new family
love is a war.... chat room [public] created by rob99999
let's make love more beautiful
sew chat room [private] created by Arjunqwerty
SmarterChat chat room [public] created by Wanderdin
This is where thinking people chat. Trolls will be ridiculed.
Bi-Singles room chat room [public] created by furyseeker91
This is for bi, girls and guys for 18-up enjoy
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