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List of all user-created chat rooms #535
tenn 16 to 19 only chat room [public] created by imsodamnhot
teen only , chat anywant :) love , games , flirt , and other enjoy :)
gay dublin chat room [public] created by 44southdublin
gay chat dublin chat chat chat
FrozenFlames chat room [private] created by frozen18
Just be simply you... no rule, no mistake...
Pomelo girl chat room [public] created by pomelogirl
ULTIMATE FUN chat room [public] created by Bharath333777
This is for making strangers as strange frnds,who are having fun sense of humour.
MALIBOG DITO chat room [public] created by pomelogirl
SINGAPOREANKAKI chat room [public] created by LightBeyondDark
Not only for Singaporeans, anyone is able to join! Preferable to have Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp :)
Benji is gayer chat room [public] created by BenjiRofl
Umm idk chat room [public] created by teamrocket
jkeflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllljl elrkrklfef
roomroom chat room [public] created by CinderDella
wrwfeeeeeeeeeeeeee [wiefjkefwjf
Bahrain girls welcome chat room [public] created by vetrivel1
Bahrain girls are welcome to enjoy the life....
raj660 chat room [private] created by raj660
i am doing ,intrest in making new friends, intrest in playing cricket , intrested in sexy girls
Magic the gathering chat room chat room [public] created by JerichoKing
It is in the name of the room
raj66 chat room [private] created by raj660
intrested in sexy girls , want to be a good person in life , make all the people happy
Epic Random Chat chat room [public] created by Skye1234
Come and have fun and do whatever you want!!! Anyone can come in because i dont judge!! :) so....Have fun!
OakTreeRd Edison Promotions chat room [public] created by MobileApp
This Room Talks About the promotions going on in Oak Tree Road, Ediosn NJ - Reviews of Restaurants, Fashions Desings, Jeweleries and other promotions.. You can also get some new friends....
FRIENDS143 chat room [private] created by krish143225143
LITTLE BOYS CHAT chat room [public] created by littleboylover
teen n chat room [public] created by emil99
mcccccccccccccccccccfvbizvjb<zijxlvkcjbvnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsex sex sex sexnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Bored Adults - FWB - Ohio chat room [public] created by thesunshinelover69
This is a room for ppl in Ohio that are looking for FWB.
boys 13 and 16 only chat room [public] created by misskekelove
only 13 to 16 boys can come in curse word allowed
epic random chat1 chat room [private] created by Skye1234
come one come all. anything is allowed
Kiss and Tell143 chat room [public] created by tasha143
bleugh its about anything you want it to be
Lesbian Girls With Tattoos chat room [public] created by UrbanHipsters
All Lesbian and Bisexual Girls :)
chars chat room [private] created by chars443902
i like chatting with people who are good
Dubai Sex Chat chat room [public] created by dikyy
chat room for dubai people to have relation ship online
Private 4me chat room [private] created by ManuLike5
for me and my friends..................................................
L. indiana chat room [public] created by mrsyg
people in lafayette Indiana looking for fun
NorCal Room chat room [public] created by mactom916
Those from Northern Cali.....................................................
xxx dirty talking chat room [public] created by atrok
join if your horny and maybe we can do something about that
mad hatter chat room [public] created by ronny6996
all the best people are mad and thats a fact. Mad is exciting and funny.
Jom Sembang chat room [public] created by TheHypnotize
Untuk hilangkan bosan sebab tak boleh tidur hingga lewat malam.
adult chating chat room [public] created by imawildboy88
The place for like minded individuals to chat about whatever is on your mind
South Kurdistan chat room [public] created by sahirkkkurdish
Kurdistan rich with oil on earth
Letsbehonest chat room [public] created by Cutesmilefem
Girls girls :) looking for love!!! Let's talk :)
three way sex chat room [public] created by magi740
sexual fantasy room. Let's get together and start talking about what really gets us going!!
Eire land chat room [public] created by MarshallRC
I like Irish People So...why not?
gay chat sexy chat room [public] created by Rocky8944
gay young boys contact only with their dick sizes and nice photographs
johnlih chat room [public] created by johnlih
very horny........ wanna meet me
TALK IT chat room [public] created by HazardOfLies
Talk about anything be creative, weird, funny, hell even cute just be anything you want trust me i know that's what you have always want to do
Ireland - Cork chat room [public] created by nextperspective
This is a chat room for all corkonians.
Clean chat for str8 people chat room [public] created by GreaseKing
Clean chat only. No demeaning words/phrases. Bi's, lezies, gays, you have your own room.
Threesome needs a woman chat room [public] created by Alblm4e
Married but wanting a threesome so needing that 3 person ..
you better be freindly chat room [public] created by Capptichino
be friendly be friendly plz u have to be friendly every one like freindlt people no one likes mean people
tulsa bisexual chat chat room [public] created by tcc06
the name says it all. bi's in the tulsa area looking for chat, hookups, etc
women seeking women only no men chat room [public] created by AsexyYoungcouple
women can meet eachother and interact with eachother sexually no men
guffff...... chat room [public] created by aelish
place for nepalese to chat....
country music01 chat room [public] created by brookelf819
for peps to come nd talk about any country music
Werewolf99 chat room [public] created by Steampunk91
this is a rp only room enter if you Dare!!!
anime RP room 18 plus chat room [public] created by EverWolf
a place to have fun and be a bit different
Neko rp room23 chat room [public] created by Steampunk91
Another roleplay room come play ^_^
madi chat room [public] created by madisyn
twerk like miley cyrus lol hahahha
madisyn chat room [public] created by madisyn
twerk like miley cyrus im captain of the twerk team ahahhaha
Mutual Display of Masterbation chat room [public] created by shadowfax21
Video chats with each other masterbating - chat optional but appreciated
test 1 2 3 chat room [public] created by EngageMyRageCage
another one okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk chat room [public] created by YaLyubofMyetaly
one one chat room [public] created by YaLyubofMyetaly
gay taboo chat room [public] created by toper3bttm
Into yng, incst, bro on bro? mb/bb/mg/bg
Birthday 420 chat room [public] created by ZEtuner
Its my bday and im sitting her alone getting high
daddyO chat room [public] created by jollywood01
just fun and nawtyness.............................
seks msia chat room [private] created by roybtgbesar
sex on rocks chat room [public] created by Rocky8944
i am interested in men any cute good looking young man chat with me
rocky chat chat room [public] created by Rocky8944
hi guys whats going on want to chat with u
Foo fetish room chat room [public] created by Footlover8877
I am really into foot fetish so any female who is this is the room for you
ANIMEJAPAN chat room [public] created by MALEK15517
lover rocky chat room [private] created by rocky9905
in this chat room i want to chat who want to become my love
hyderabad lovers chat room [public] created by sujalverma
To all my friends from the royal city of HYDERABAD.
sex xxxxxxx chat room [private] created by raj660
intrested in paying cricket, watch movies, doing b tech
for dudes chat room [public] created by rockerprince
this is a open chat room for koreans asian and americans .... this is Jn just reach me in my public number im a open minded person....
bazm-e-yaar chat room [public] created by stranzer
a room all who want to share experience and suggestion for happiest and saddest part of the life
bahrain chat room chat room [public] created by Alise143
its more fun Bahrain Adult Chat room searching for sexy ladies
Itz new and wonderful chat room chat room [public] created by Ani8441
Anyone is allowed to make free n friendly chat.
kolkata Allies chat room [public] created by vikash87
whtslut chat room [private] created by whtslut
Only for sexy blk men to chat to me
Woman that love wearing tights pantyhose chat room [public] created by Jman18atlivedotcouk
And one that loves tights pantyhose
sex ohhhh chat room [public] created by pisangriki
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
dexter talk chat room [public] created by kellyclark1995
we talk about the tv show dexter
two and a half men talk chat room [public] created by kellyclark1995
we talk about two and half men
Feederism chat room [public] created by MeliKiLVU
This is a room for feeders and feedees to chat about feederism, find each other, and make connections to meet up. :)
Emo Chatz chat room [public] created by DarkiestDays
Chat for all emo and anyone who wants to come :3 xoxox come and join me and have fun
Against bullying chat room [public] created by sweetbutterfly95
How to stop kids geting bullied
hott n sexxy chat room [private] created by biJoef
a place to have some real fun
Maizies chat room [public] created by maizie101
this chatroom is lovely and allows anyone and anything
mamboo kannan chat room [public] created by kkakamal
chat and see my talent. ...........................................................................................................
DotaPlayers chat room [public] created by Fad48
Sharing tips, special hero,train farming, and how to be a pro player
abortion debate chat room [public] created by dwightshrute
what do you think about abortion? Why?
JenRN chat room [private] created by JenRN
For no Interruptions. The IM's are getting old.
adult cam 2 cam skype chat room [public] created by hugepenis69
only females for cam 2 cam skype chat and voice chat.. phone sex ( only india)...
lol o funny chat room [public] created by lolgirlxx
load of people can come if they want to
musicalminds chat room [public] created by helldestroyer
just talk about music, any genre u like, discuss changes on the bands alonside their careers
xd chat chat room [public] created by steph69stockings
for cross dresser's and those that love them
Girls looking for guys 18 plus chat room [public] created by BiGSausage21
Im looking for a girl that is looking for a good time and maybe something else...
Hair extensions chat room [public] created by Lunalocks
For anyone with questions or interest in hair extensions!!
Hate love chat room chat room [public] created by Jakesome
Hate love? No Girlfriend or Boyfriend? You have come to the right place.
The Gospel Room chat room [public] created by Hann56
For those who want to know the gospel saves
DOM AND SUB CHAT chat room [public] created by SUBMALE2022
for dominant and submissive people
UNFRlENDLY chat room [public] created by FearLoki
WU TANG CLAN chat room [public] created by FearTupac
skaterboys an scene girls chat room [public] created by DjSkaterPro
Chats of any type, but no beeing abusive to each other. AND WHAT GETS SAID IN HERE DOESNT GET OUT. its a public room but also a private conversation sure that makes sence
roleplay chat2 chat room [public] created by wetnhorny2
rolaplay chat all about roleplay n havin fun
the ultimate chat room chat room [private] created by imawildboy88
It's the ultimate chat room where anything goes and any topice
beastiality c chat room [public] created by beastman101
come and talk about any fun things that you have done with your pets cams are welcome
im a sub...and IM LOOKIING FOR A DOM.. chat room [public] created by mykisses69
where does and sub's can met and hookup.
freaksindmv chat room [public] created by damanicvnt
just looking for meaningless sex tonight and ur in the dmv area this is where u wana be chatting
SO ARE chat room [public] created by Jimmy
Nerds n Geek chat room [public] created by wogboy95
For self confessed nerds and geeks to chat about what we love
free boys chat room [public] created by josiepink11
This room is for free cute boys that want to date me.
fat girls and people chat room [public] created by Waguy98
for fat girls and people in general
Gold coast Aussie fun 4 2night chat room [public] created by pak2412
Hey ladies what's up??? you wanna have fun tnight????
Older Guys Looking For Love chat room [public] created by EmoLoverr143
This room is for 18-26 year old guys that are into younger girls :) and who are looking for nothing but a serious relationship :)
All hot peeps welcome chat room [private] created by Amber95
If we've been talking, message me here.
LIBRAS ONLY chat room [public] created by leanncandi
only for libras and dont be sexual or nasty in any way or you will be banned!
Pansexuality chat room [public] created by XxCannibalglowxX
For all the pansexual users on chat hour to talk and have fun
Crave chat room [public] created by Palerainbow
Underground night club. You never know what you might find. DJ Booth is @
Single For Now chat room [private] created by Locoboy1998
I am a single guy trying to get a girlfriend.
Lakeland fl chat chat room [public] created by Molson30
People from lakeland fl can hook up
Assasins Training chat room [public] created by DarkReaper865
Boats and Hoes chat room [public] created by TattooedBlossom
Bitches ain't nothing but boats and hoes!
rebinwt chat room [private] created by rebinwt28
friendship maniya my room name i wand frieds
booty chat room [public] created by bootyhunter339
for everybody lol, the name is a coincidence
aslamshaikh chat room [private] created by aslamahaikh
asdvcbgvvhvgbfbgfgbhjgbfhf gdfvghdhvdfxvhgjvbdfgvd
Melis chat room [private] created by kellma
forgahoss lets get it on.................................................
Adlut 40 to 90 chat room [public] created by ghtty
This room is meant for all people at the ages of 40 to 90 whom are ready to be in a serious relationship and not games.
ymcm chat room [private] created by sanib
Cnkklk gjklkgg fghj fghjjjn fffggh fddhhj
s ex chat chat room [public] created by kaka19860105
sexy girls ..............................................
nagpur females chat room [public] created by rahul121212
only for females interested in open relationships in nagpur, india
protonics fun chat chat room [public] created by protonics
this is for who makes happy each other nd make sure ur name ... :)
Friends Only. No dirty Talking Perverts chat room [public] created by rubytom92
Please do not sexually harass people. It is annoying. Have a little banter :-)
kpopers chat chat room [public] created by andreapcy12
heeey! this is room chat for anyone who kpopers! thankyou^^
sudbury chat room [public] created by johnnyboy1947
looking for fun if anyone is up for it lets chat and go from there
daniel3xxx chat room [public] created by daniel3xxx
it is for funny adult chat, and i am interested to only female,
Curious girls can ask anything chat room [public] created by stevn42
A room for curious girls to ask or say anything,no matter how private or personal.
gypsys chat room [public] created by gypsylover92
fun sexy loving people ready to get the party started
hot girlss chat room [private] created by freal15
only ass iwant to chat or to talk go...........................................
Get paid daily with my help chat room [public] created by Donya1229
100% legit. If you can copy / paste you can do this. USA, Canada & UK Get paid daily via PayPal. Must have computer with internet For more info, send me a message at
BLACK GUYS FOR WHITE GIRLS chat room [public] created by Lovenessz
wecancamchat chat room [public] created by ashleyzara
this goes out for all the horny males out there who needs a a bit of fun and a release, would really want to play on cam for you and it will always be my pleasure to satisfy you. so any one interested. please join here, my cam show cost $5. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
hornycassyroom chat room [public] created by sweetcassy18
any naughty is welcome on this chat room ... and you can watch me if you want:)
kannada chat rooms chat room [private] created by abhay22222
welcome karntaka frnds for hot chat
dirty chat with indian women chat room [public] created by shar65
indian women who knows hindi are welcome for sexual/dirty chats
Curiousity112 chat room [public] created by Curious24unsure
females that r willing to help me with these sexual feelings I am having
Gy 12-16 year olds chat room [public] created by mja737
Heres a place to meet other gays like you
dirty jersey city chat room [public] created by leonejoejc08
come in if you want if not too bad
Teen Room - UK-Wales chat room [public] created by lazyteen15
Teen Room Only For People From UK - Wales! :D
LoVe In MaLaYsIa chat room [public] created by MrApexSteady
Mencari Cinta Di Malaysia. So Mne2 lelaki yang Gentle-Gentle 2 yang betol-2 nak cari Ladies-Ladies yang sesuai untuk dibuat KEKASIH SEHIDUP SEMATI. Satu lagi jangan cakap yang mengarut-mengarut key? Carilah pilihan anda dan buatlah pilihan yang paling terbaik dalam hidup anda.
eroticfeeling chat room [public] created by rishabharora321
explore ur sex desire, then what r u wating for
Warcraftawergesrtwhg chat room [private] created by xReiterpallasch
GUYS 11-12 YRS OLD ONLY chat room [public] created by cgmscgal
guys 11-12 get to talk to me and have a friend
awesome cool kids chat room chat room [public] created by NitroRabbitNinja
a chat room for kids who are awesome and cool.
Scuba Divers chat room [public] created by TheScubaGirlConnie
Chat about scuba diving and vacation resorts.
jerk sex chat room [public] created by studhunk
for filippino bottoms handsome cutes and teen europeans
happy yourself chat room [public] created by prettylady248
Be happy because sorrow is a diseases always think good things for yourself na everything will be well for you '
sexy sexy sexy chat room [public] created by gypsylover92
sexy people only must like fun and love to party come one in n have some fun
picture trader page chat room [public] created by juggalodadtim
Trade pictures and chat with everyone
lebeian chat chat room [public] created by shaddycake
for girls and women no guys torole play and get horney with eachother with dirty talking
Cam to Cam For every one chat room [public] created by Alexis26547
For cam and for girls and any want can drop his/her skype here
metal343 chat room [public] created by justinsames
just people who love metal music
hot guys me only girl chat room [public] created by katylyn2468
if your a girl you get kicked out except for me and if ur not a hot guy u get kicked out to
carol and karen chat room [private] created by booboo86
fun fun fun and just tons of new fun
Emo Help chat chat room [public] created by Durokon
We talk about things that bother you.
13-14 singles chat room [public] created by itzlacess
Come if you're looking for a bf or gf
Love Romm chat room [public] created by Rym64
Enjoy frofkr;efkejbgttzikpkijhubjedkgfdkkgjbh,k,fjlrk,hjn
stroking chat room [public] created by vinniemac44
Rubbing one out! Please join me in a fun exciting time! Horny as hell!
Collest Chat Room Ever chat room [public] created by VanessaLove713
its cool and fun!!!!!!!!!!! you can chat (duhh) you have to yunger than 20 JK It don't matter
11-17only chat room [public] created by cdogg18
please only join if you are 11-17 and it would be helpful if your single
without mercy chat room [private] created by NoMercy4sub
Str8 Master , love to use and abuse slaves!
FREE HAIRCUT TOMORROW MORNING chat room [public] created by kbee94
I NEED models for a one length above the shoulder haircut tomorrow morning at 11:30 am. i REALLY need models or i fail my exam.
MOB chat room [public] created by darkjester3
MOB chatroom = for members of the MOB group
People of Kenia chat room [public] created by MarcoAntonioPadi
I'll interesting know Kenia's people
friends plus Benefits chat room [public] created by stevehand64
For those looking for more. 18+ ONLY. NO rape or suicide talk. No solicitations in any form.
unity1 chat room [public] created by drewshepard
a place to come together and b happe :)
very hot mary room chat room [public] created by veryhotmary
all over 18 only welcome, anything goes, lesbian, bi, hot sex talk
adult sex skype fuk cam2cam chat room [public] created by malayalim890
any females or males can join for hot chat,cam2cam fun,masturbation,fingering orgasm .nnythng....
Taboo Saggy Lovers chat room [public] created by Tab00Luvr
This a room for men and women alike that appreciate older women with long saggy nipples and beautiful big hairy bushes. A place to exchange pics of women like this and masturbate with each other to. Kinky taboo fantasies .
18 year old seeking female friendship to discuss chat room [public] created by chris2495
18 year old seeking female friendship to discuss
facetime friends chat room [public] created by passionfrog
Get together for facetime, skype, or yahoo, face to face chat
My Mommy Sex Fetish chat room [public] created by Jstef711
People who have sexual urges, desires, and/or fantasies towards their Mother
nowhereness chat room [public] created by create121
crazy nothingness for my goddess
Kavya Adobe chat room [private] created by Kavya1895
Just cum in for fun. I love Incccst, gang, rough and public sex. If you do, im me. I shall let u in.
Just ustoplay chat room [public] created by Oldjedimindtricks
Wanting to have hot dirty chat while masturbating and cumming together wqould be so hot my cock would just explode with cum
Cuuummm chat room [public] created by Kavya1895
Hi i l kju fhuyer kjjisyr bfauitfg huiagfyu bcdysgfh
people who want to date chat room [public] created by ossy212
looking for people to date or talk to
foreigners in ksa chat room [public] created by wetson
this room for foreigners are currently live in ksa .( fun & talk )
kurdistan-Hawler chat room [public] created by sahirkkkurdish
Kurdistan Region Government .its from north of iraq ,and there is Federal Region
penis size chaat chat room [public] created by hailstar55
Place to talk about your penis size and ask others if it is long or short.
lora86 chat room [public] created by lora86
sexy. hot. love sexy. hot. love sexy. hot. love
one time chat room [private] created by pressbase
how ! this is the most chat room that everyone can use as site to his/her dating site thank you
hot men only chat room [public] created by niaasocutee
only young men around 26-28 if your not then ill kick you out (dont care if there's teenagers)
Naughty and Dirty chat room [private] created by DomUKGuyForSub
Come in for a naughty chat with me xx
Bad girls enter chat room [private] created by DomUKGuyForSub
Come in for a naughty chat with me xx
single looking for girl chat room [public] created by Humb1e
Single guy from pretoria looking to chat with girls and see what happends in the future
serious users only chat room [public] created by Babylluna
Serious talk and discussions, serious friendship and relationships
nice100 chat room [private] created by miko180
everyone want to share everything
PamparaosGabi chat room [public] created by aidansantos20
girl only or boys only haha pinoy nga pasok n
love is gret chat room [public] created by richard1995
is about people who love is to tne max
fashion men chat room [public] created by yasine1990
hi all girl i search beautifull girl and gentel girl
tamil girls only enter sex chat chat room [public] created by jeypaul
sex love anal public chat thoughts dreams sexual actions are share to others
FL GLBTQ room Chat ONLY chat room [public] created by MsKdub7
This room is for all GLBTQ adults 21 & up in the state of FL. Socialize relax and feel comfy here while meeting others for casual chat. Thank you & Welcome
CATS CHAT chat room [public] created by boomboxxy3000
come be emo with me have fun and meet new ppl like YOLO
speak your mind for real chat room [public] created by Roseangel254
You speak your mind out so we could no what next to do, we can also call this chat gives advices.
video game chat. chat room [public] created by lukeaustralia1
Ps3/xbox360 game chat. get your nerd on
flirt all day chat room [public] created by aubs01
flirt with boys and gir;s all day
Mythology 2.0 chat room [public] created by Konataizumi2
Talk about your favorite mythological creature and discuss anything you want to.
lavender chat room [public] created by parvathyparu
A friendly cute conversation with lots of fun..enjoy every moment with friends and buddies.Want to make new friends you all.take care.
Dragonborn Chatroom chat room [public] created by JerseyBear
A chat room where users are free to talk about anything The Elder Scrolls related! From Arena, to Daggerfall, to Morrowind, to Oblivion, to Skyrim, to TES Online, Anything goes! Talk about mods! Youtubers that play the Elder Scrolls! Role play! Your character! If it's TES, it's here!
adult women chat room [public] created by chsatya1234
adult chat with matured indian women or divorced
Hyderabadi india chat room [public] created by Syedhyd
For all the decent people who are interested in healthy chat conversation and friendship.
Who likes to talk dirty chat room [public] created by sexychick901
if you like to talk dirty, come to this chat room!
Rawrs Is ILY in DINO chat room [public] created by brokenspirit9408
it is a chat room about nothing
phillipiny chat room [public] created by faisaljany
i want to be yur friendship. please note my skype id . faisal_jani27
Riddles chat chat room [public] created by Durokon
We tell riddles and answer them.
come n speak to me n date me chat room [private] created by leonwade
join if u want to date some 1 from 12 - 14 year old
manilasextalk chat room [public] created by scorpioboy24
ffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .q90 chat room [private] created by yasine1990
iam search gentle girl and beatifull
MarcoChatter chat room [public] created by MarcoFramney
hello if you want to see me on facebook well search up MarcoFramney on facebook
andyroom chat room [private] created by andyy1965
well this is a room if no IM run, so letīs try it out ferlin :)
andyychat chat room [private] created by andyy1965
this is just a chat to avoid non worling IMs so letīs try it out :)
Business minded people chat room [public] created by trinibusinesschick
This is about offering the people of Kenya an opportunity to gain financial freedom.
rich single sugar daddys chat room [public] created by lala12335
sugardaddys meet sugarbabys to spoil
old dudes chat room [public] created by NicoleTurner14613
Any girl looking for older guys for anything this is the room for you
boyforgirl chat room [public] created by sansejoe
stictly girls no boys exept me
wild man chat room [public] created by tychaffin
fun wild girls are allowd they can talk to you can talk about any thing
25 and younger sex chat chat room [public] created by floydxx
No one over 25 years of age. Sex chat room..
korean dating chat room [public] created by hansstam
korean gorls who want to have an date with western man
marykingi chat room [private] created by love1230
I'm here looking for real man I not here for paiy game here
Jarod chat room chat room [public] created by Jarods
A chat room made by me Jarod. A place to talk and chat.
This room is mine. chat room [private] created by NicholasDelarin
Get out. Now. Shoo. I don't want you here.
jfirebird95 chat room [public] created by jfirebird95
I am moving to LR soon and I just wanted to meet some friends.
Total Randomness chat room [public] created by JumperTheRoo
This chatroom is made for everyone to be random in and discuss anything and everything AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T GET OUT OF CONTROL! If I tell you to tone it down or to stop talking about a certain topic, please do so. This room is LGBTQ-friendly AND furry-friendly (furry being a fursuiter, fursuit maker, roleplayer, photographer or journalist/writer). PLEASE do not judge anybody for being different. Room Rules: Judging a person based off their sexuality, gender, race, religion, etc. will result in 3 warnings followed by a ban. Not listening to mods when they ask (POLITELY) for you to stop will result in a few warnings (however many they choose to give you WITH A MINIMUM OF 2 WARNINGS) followed by a ban. Anything sexual (ex: roleplaying sexually in public or asking people to IM/Skype you) will result in a ban. Trolling and spamming of any kind will result in a ban with NO warnings given. If any of the following occurs and there is no admin in the room PLEASE IM me and let me know. Be respectful of the chatroom mods please. Thank you!
Eurekas Chat room chat room [public] created by Eureka94
I am new and have never created a chat room before but I like to talk and meet new people :)
friendship for build true friend chat room [public] created by ozil1993
polite discuss /true relationship /kindding and happy monents so try to be free and enjoy your time
ashwathy chat room [public] created by ashwathy009
My name is ashwathy ann.i lve sex chating.and i love hot boys and girls
18s and 19s chat room [public] created by vjhunk
room for people aged between 18 and 19 only
Gay blacks only chat room [public] created by gayskype
any gay or bi who has huge black cock to full in my hole ..please join
Rathan chat room [public] created by rathanhack123
Sex like girls wanted Sex like girls wanted Sex like girls wanted Sex like girls wanted Sex like girls wanted
Forgotten Paradise chat room [private] created by Sizotrun
Muslims-In-world chat room [public] created by YounessCutGuy
Hello brotheeers muslims & sisteeerzz we can talk freely now
Monster Giggles chat room [public] created by Methylamine
No hate ~ No shit ~ Don't fight ~ Or else , i will rip your face off....
sexy girland boy chat room [public] created by dev8871
any sexy boy and girls allow here
only sex chat bhabhies chat room [public] created by rushi007
I like bhabhies ant aunties so all girls are chat also sex chat i like it
edinburgh female wanted over 30 for chat chat room [public] created by kilty55
Hey...looking for an over 30 female from edinburgh for chat
Asian Les Chat chat room [public] created by RachelLee88
For Asian les..guys who are fakes really love to waste your time. Especially this nic wild angie
bang91 chat room [private] created by raju98
Philippinemostwanted chat room [public] created by icetip
anyone wants to have some fun and wants to try something they would not do
i am bored 77 chat room [public] created by eimad93
No DescriptionNo Description No Description No Description
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