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List of all user-created chat rooms #54
all who love matured ladies chat room [public] created by origin12
people who love matured ladies come here
THE AKATSUKI SAKURA chat room [public] created by MisaYatsuki
red dawn cherry blossom this is for ppl who want to join the akatsuki if u are a member of the akatsuki thats on here already u cant join THIS IS ALSO A PLACE FOR PPL WHO LOVE THE AKATSUKI I LOVE DEIDARA HES #1 ON MY LIST #2 HIDAN #3 PEIN #4 ITACHI #5 TOBI/MADARA
need a boyfrind 15 chat room [public] created by Tonyroot
a girl who need a 15 year old nice boyfriend who will talk all the time.
alabamachat chat room [public] created by ditalia
this is the alabama state room to chat and have fun with alabama residents
hotpeople chat room [public] created by ditalia
all the hot people come on in and have hot fun
Dark chat room [public] created by DarkLady95
For every they who like dark music. Do you like goth, metal, rock, punk? If yes It's room for you?
M i C h I g A n chat room [public] created by emee61295
ju 4 people who live in michigan
sample chat room [public] created by Miley123
ready to work chat room [private] created by 2009nice
ready to work that thang i am i am ready to have a baby are you get ready we will find out when we chat together if we are in love it is going to happen love me
PARTTI TIM3 chat room [public] created by lasupperm3xxi13
uk room chat room [public] created by Rachid2009
hi everyone let's talk about our life
rochester ny chat chat room [public] created by Topdog28
Looking and talking to knew people
Lesbo or Bi girls. chat room [public] created by Morganbabe
This chat room is for lesbo and bi girls to get to know each other without the males interfering.
Looking for an Affair chat room [public] created by TheGuyforU
Are you bored and attached and looking for a little extra come here.
Hardcore-scene-emo-punk kids chat room [public] created by cherokeexcore
Psh im tired of seeing super fake posers your a poser in my room you get kicked so you better be laid back and chill as EF especially if your a female.
hot chat room chat room [public] created by rayman12
chat to h o r n y people just like you
i need a gf date me hottys chat room [public] created by darkman55
iam needing a cute girl friend
les and bi only chat room [public] created by icanbwhatuwant
This room is only for les and bi only. So no straight people please.
ohio Lovers chat chat room [public] created by Scottishaustin
Anyone that lives in ohio that wants to meet people this is the place
sac town chat chat room [public] created by misslux
people who live in sacramento smoke chill and ride a bike
the relax room chat room [public] created by flirtyirty
talk to who ever, how ever, when ever and express yourself
The Jokers room chat room [public] created by HeathLedger
A place for lulz and kicks.......
halifax and Dartmouth chat room [public] created by biguy44
Lets talk about a kinky life in Halifax or Dartmouth
M.V.P 4 V.I.P chat room [public] created by black2k3
all about me chat room [public] created by needtobetouched09
Need someone to talk dirty to now
abrorchik chat room [private] created by abrorchik
Twilight Saga Chat chat room [public] created by AliceRosalie
For fans of the Twilight Saga, books and films...no haters please.
wassup ladies chat room [public] created by MoeHeGazY
here is the best man ever you can meet ladies :P:P:P no guys allowed exept me :P:P
love me girl chat room [public] created by johnbaha
this the room of my fans who loves me and I love them
DESI GAY chat room [public] created by livenletlive
only 4 indian gays!!! others can enter ....but mainly for wwe desis
WE CHOSEN TO TESTI-ABOUT HIM chat room [public] created by OFTHEFEW
This room I will create in order to talk about/tell eachother the amazing things he has shown us shown ! you see there is a great deal we the chosen our faith from seeing! that would just blow your minds away of those whom will learn by faith without seeing that is much greater in heaven ! let use help you.
Akatsukis lair chat room [public] created by kyuubikid18
Best Akatsuki hideout! Free Wi-Fi!!!!!
single123 chat room [public] created by BrandonMorgan
chat and find someone or just be friends it is up to you
punk room chat room [public] created by emoelmoalex
music.. more... dummys...lol..lets see some people rocking it in punk world!! lol
pep who need love chat room [public] created by blackice5
i need love nowx jk dkjn k kldeklklvkvld;k;ekde
dare naga world chat room [public] created by samora101
for guy looking for girls, for spend the rest of there live with, trustfull angel
ohio people chat room chat room [public] created by Scottishaustin
a place to meet people from ohio... and meet them
Ninja Chat chat room [public] created by FinalFallenBlade
For anyone who likes to kick some!
Just you chat room [public] created by andicr16
Chat about yourself and you may find that special someone:)
Peds chat room [public] created by 28064212
A room for peds to chat about whatever.
HOOKupROOM chat room [public] created by stephon12
want some fun chat room [private] created by 19pete51
gay guy looking for fun, and friensip in the uk must be slim and trimed.
1ON1 chat room [public] created by ARESiSCODY
English-Korean Room chat room [public] created by EnglishSsam
ssam at your service. Let's bag your homework. It's time to chat and chill. chat room where anyone from anywhere in the world can talk about any random topics.
talk to karamae chat room [public] created by karamae
no censored/ explicit chat,just a plain conversation
talk dirty to me and me and me chat room [public] created by SexySergio
get down and dirty lol share numbers i.ms and get ur thang on if u know what i mean ;) lol but do ur thing somewhere else this is more of a hook up lol
human room chat room [public] created by cookerc1739
only humans can come in..... wait um never mind every one can
magic lovers chat room [public] created by Caraticus
anyone who loves magic or magical creatures is in! :D PLEASE WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE AND PROFANITY!!!!
The Elven Forest chat room [public] created by Bloodemonz
Stay on the road and out of the forest, do to if your not any elf you will most likely died....
Sarasota Chat chat room [public] created by JBright
People interested in talking to othe people in sarasota
Teenage Dancers chat room [public] created by SexiDancer96
If u dance come on in.... If u dont start dancing!!
Caribbean Chat Room chat room [public] created by empress4life
A spicy, hot chat room filled with Caribbean flavor where u can mingle and meet new friends or mates..........
love and marrige chat room [public] created by amin48000
for all wanna cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome chat
Famous Japanese chat room [public] created by AsianCoolBoy
Cute Japanese and Cute Asian Japanese
muslims 2 chat room [public] created by amin48000
welcome alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
laos chat room [public] created by jeepsao
makeing friends..........................................................
girls 4 girls chat room [public] created by sexyma89
this is just for girls bi, lesbians and straight no guys
singles room2 chat room [public] created by lolzgurl
singles 16 and above :):):):):):):):):):):):)))))):):):)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)
Anime and Otaku hang out - - chat room [public] created by MikeruHayaine
just a place to hang and talk..no racism allowed...any language can be used as long as there is english translation after what you say...and most of all...no newbs
jayeem chat room [public] created by Jayeem
local friend in portland interesting
only womens chat room [public] created by minni69
this chat room is made only for womens made by woman for womens. where lesbian and bi womens can meet other females...
hornee ppl chat room [public] created by cmsmith
se x talk dirty teensssssssssssssssssss
PORTLAND OREGON CHAT ROOM FEMALE ARE VERY WELCOME chat room [public] created by acefromaic
Hit ur boy ace up on his my space at acefromaics , search it on my display name
punta cana chat room [public] created by Ra88iT
Friendly channel for friendy people
seventeen chat room chat room [public] created by eg0sgurl92
this only for 17 years old boy n gurl that want to find some love .
qolka jaceylka somalida chat room [public] created by SXby
walalayal qolkan bas waxa lobahan yahay in lagu hasawo
India-Delhi chat room [public] created by sahilsaxena
Hi all india Girls please chat with me
my field chat room [private] created by saqibnk
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
new friendsss chat room [public] created by knnass
hey come on. if you want to meet new friends you should come here...
Teens chat alone chat room [private] created by americangirl1271
If u wnt to chat alone with someone come here
Scene Teens chat room [public] created by hollieRAWRx
this chat room is for all the scene and emos out there who are teens only ! (:
The Last Resource chat room [private] created by renejo
Baby esper que este chat dure muuuuucho! TE AMO!
LOVERS101 chat room [public] created by rahmat1
Live & be available for other to live with u...
friand and love chat room [public] created by ahmet19
love and friand and meeting room for all age all peopple
1love chat room [public] created by ife4luv
i love datting only one girl but that girl must not betray me pl am hotting for one & other girl pls any one can be mine here
angry like a wolf chat room [public] created by Hawk16
title says all that is to be said.
men who thinkhannamontana ishot chat room [public] created by darthbane
if you think hanna montana is hot,this room's for you
jonasbrother chat room [public] created by loveheart1
who loves jonasbrother i do even demi lovato she is the best
Emo Kids Rock chat room [public] created by hollieRAWRx
Hispanic Chat chat room [public] created by SummerBabyy
so i like mexicans more then any other. so why not make a chat room right they got rid of mexican chat soo why not. this isnt a dating room. its just a room to make friends. and talk to hot Hispanics lol
Scene Lovers chat room [public] created by Scenegirlskater
Here,you can chat with scene kids....it totally rocks!
Bored Teens chat room [public] created by Scenegirlskater
Just to go here when your bored:)
RaNdOm StUfF chat room [public] created by Scenegirlskater
This is a room to chat about random stuff 13-26 year olds only,please:)
come on ova and chill chat room [public] created by lilacfever
just like the name of the chat room come on ova and chill
Strangers chat room [private] created by Stranger619
Meet all strangers............
sweetkisses22..lets play chat room [public] created by sweetkisses22
We get together and have nice sometimes naughty chat
Smokin Loung chat room [public] created by weedSMOKEBABY
fun and ya gettn ya poof on yadigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
lesbians50 and up chat room chat room [public] created by peggy59
lesbians 50 and up to find friends or maybe anew love of there life
gay women chat room [public] created by prettygirlsha12
it is 4 women that r gay nd would like to meet new ppl
Toronto BDMS Fetish chat room [public] created by MistressGia
Professional female Dom demands to speak to slaves
new poeple on chat hour chat room [public] created by bestmyd17
for the poeple hwo are new in this chat web
scene room chat room [public] created by Josshhhh
its a room for people 16-21 and for people who are scene and looking to talk other scene peeps :)
asianLAAVE chat room [public] created by dollyYO
gangstaaa, straight up thirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts longthirty charectarts long
boston lounge chat room [public] created by portuguee4u
any1 from the boston area and beyound lookin for friendly ppl and cute smart and funny!!!
men wearing panties...being naughty chat room [public] created by rindi
Discuss cross dressing and be naughtie with a man in panties
Almonte High chat room [public] created by PepperKain
There have always been wonders in the world that no one understands. Some are good, some are bad. But then...there are some that are neither good nor bad. For these three girls, the not-so-ordinary lives they once led are about to get even stranger.
S3x0 chat room [public] created by Hulk2be
Talk about s3x like everyonr wants to...
cyber sax only chat room [public] created by sexlover0101
to hang out with yo mate and have cybersax
13-15 year olds chat room [public] created by NiCOLEKRiVAK86
room for 13 year olds to 15 year olds
Stupid chat room [public] created by Farahsay
it'smy stupid room. whoa!! lol.. have fun guys!! talk rubbish OK... dont talk dirty please... TQ! luv u all!! haha
Jordan friends chat room [public] created by NighTprince
Jordan chat , meet new friends
Gay or Bi in LongBeach CA chat room [public] created by Romantk
Local to Long Beach - fun, hook up, etc
mhalditaz rum chat room [public] created by mahldita22
join & chat with me..make friends with me and i will cherish all of you as my friends till the end..
Clean Chats Only chat room [public] created by leii
No, dirty or drug chats. Some people don't want to hear or see that kind of behavior,
anialicious and friends chat room [public] created by anialicious
ania wishes to invite her friends for a glass of champagne and friendly chat...
true reall emos only chat room [public] created by BrokenEmOGirL
your must be truely emo,skater,punk, or scene to entire this chat room. If your not get the fuclk ouut
rude and dirty chat chat room [public] created by horni87
rude and dirty chat for all ages between 17 and 30 enjoy it :)
seeking females in dubai chat room [public] created by armanlucky
immale 29 im seeking female s of any age from dubai for fun i have also place
have fun now chat room [private] created by amyd
we all want to come again and again
Jakes Room chat room [public] created by jacobgon15
any 1 welcome here but if u r emo or punk rock ur mostly welcome
hot gay dudes chat room [public] created by dreamhotgirl
ny hot gay men who wanna hold other men tightly or who wanna to feel the true pleasure
yo yo yo chat room [public] created by libbs9678
fun and good to find ur dream guy o girl
plymouth devon chat room [public] created by iangreentree
anything goes come join us in plymouth chat#
4 MAHARASHTRIANS chat room [public] created by ViSHAL5149
cybers chat room [private] created by sammy669
Goth School chat room [public] created by WhatsHerFace2468
This is the old room.The new one is much much more stellar. http://www.chathour.com/chatroom/Sloth
kris21 chat room [public] created by kristeana21
4 every boy to come and chat wit me
south carolina teen chat chat room [public] created by Taybabiiz
Chat with teens 13 and older and find your perfect match.
Naughty Cyber Room chat room [public] created by DemonBunnie
Well... It's kinda obvious, isn't it? Lololol
The king of pop room chat room [public] created by Lupcus
Hier chadden leute die um michael jecksen trauern....
Cybering Chat chat room [public] created by dradlover12
We can Cyber over pm or have a big cyber party. >.<
THE SCENE chat room [public] created by hollywoodscene
LesbiansRus chat room [public] created by iheartpickles
only for lesbians, no dick aloud
Band Chat chat room [public] created by readyforfun1111
We talk about different band we like. Or a band we are in.
Band Cha chat room [public] created by chemistryoftheheart
You chat about bands you like/know or bands that you are in or want to create
STUPIDEST GUYZ chat room [public] created by ganjika
Lonely life is out chat room [public] created by marsland
Do you want to make a nice guy or girl?? just come into this...I am having a lonely night..
WestCoastUSofA chat room [public] created by DaleSmokesDank
im here to chat. you from the westcoast? cool! come chat. shit. i dont care. talk bout whatever. washington ESPECIALLY.
EXPLORE AND EXPLODE chat room [public] created by sanjin
for those people who r not afraid to show their real colors..and hate limitations...loves chilling but hyper thats it
Walk and Talk chat room [public] created by Spinhead1
A meeting place for all freaks to come and join,including Geeks,Dorks,and Weirdos.
Third Side chat room [public] created by Spinhead1
A place for Geeks,Dorks,and Weirdos to come and play.
I love japanese chat room [public] created by Heroofcrying
Anything related to Japanese ( Grammar , amines , Mangas ...etc. )
Tallahasse Florida chat room [public] created by TruckerMike32
Room for people in Tallahasse that are looking for friends and maybe more....No strings
make out room chat room [public] created by kutiekewl
make out with ur boyfriend or girlfriends!
Gorgeous People chat room [public] created by StaceyBabe
Just for gorgeouse males and females x
MichaelJackson Chat chat room [public] created by ShiningGirl
Tell michael how much you love him... Talk about him, he's music, he's body everything Rip Michael jackson
hindi chat room [public] created by akash1989
hiiii....friends.........its our indian room . enjoy
PLPians and Student Leaders chat room [public] created by dhenz
if this is not an assignment, i will not do this. Hope everybody will enjoy my chat room^_^
oklahaoma chat room [public] created by stephanie505
where everyone can stay with in the local area.and chat with people from the same state.
Gone Forever chat room [private] created by BloodstainedHybrid
Kalamazoo NSA chat room [public] created by amandapirates
I'm looking to get a little tonight. Come join me!
AGENT chat room [public] created by demmypet
For sugar mummy/sugar daddy, hot boys and girls, nigeria girls abroad looking for serious relationship in Nigeria...Lesbian and gay friend in every part of nigeria Call me 08077297688.,07027588565
518 good times chat room [public] created by rawornot17
looking to get some? come talk to me maybe we can meet up...
not shy chat room chat room [public] created by pekay
boys who are not shy ....welcome!
mitalis friends chat room [public] created by MiTALi99
It takes a minuet to like someone,an your love someone,but a lifetime to forget someone..........
just people chat room [private] created by lillatina15
where u can chat private ana my name is angelica i made this one up and its mine so stay old
lillatina15 chat room [private] created by lillatina15
this is my chat room so if u want to chat with me then just start chaing
Emos Rule666 chat room [public] created by jacobgon15
i made this room 4 emos and punk rock ppl
zindagi chat room [private] created by shmani
love to all girls to meet good boys
gay boys chat room [public] created by DEVONTA101
gay bi boys come an chat wit other boy oh yea come an have fun :-p
koreanz dramaz addictz chat room [public] created by unknown1234
addicted to Korean dramas, anyone who's interested,.. ^_^ +
Itailia Madness chat room [public] created by WereheGoodFellas
exacty wat the name says itaila madness saay girl and wiseguys
hchat chat room [public] created by hornymollz
chat room for very good people
goodghood chat room [private] created by longlifeyyy
i am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nicei am platini,good and nice
goth chat room chat room [public] created by arceus
uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh emo ppl only
chihuahua chat chat room [public] created by roxa1965
any one who loves their chihuahua and has plenty of advise to give or take
daz chat room [public] created by darren0987
only for the people who are single
UAE GiRlZZZ chat room [public] created by ALdeen33
prettyyyyyyy and and and and s e x yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Austraila chat room [public] created by darren0987
Austraila peoples only 123456789
World conference room chat room [public] created by BelgiumChocolates
This room is for everybody. It's to talk about anything. Just don't make fun of anyother person's cultue. (Like saying to a austrian: "OH NO, A PRUSSIAN!") So yeah, enjoy.
11-12 yr old chat chat room [public] created by coolinrowe98
come all 11 yr old 12 yr olds hve fu n and chat caht chat
smart chat room chat room [public] created by Skyhanna
You have to be smart and intelligent to be in this room.We talk school or we can get to know each other.Have a smart time.Get it.
Very Dirty chat room [public] created by Jesus14
Talk about anything you want to who ever you want
My Frndz Only chat room [private] created by priyanka6
dis ones only for my frnds...n also only to a few of thm :) so whoevers here..happy chattin :D
teen fling chat by roxy chat room [public] created by roxygal12
hang talk have fun idk be yourself<3
israel and palestine peace lovers chat room [public] created by blueforone
just to tone down the difference and believe that we all are the children of God. lets bridge our differences.
crip nation chat room [private] created by facts716
all u dudes l*ccin or f*lkin or even gr**vin but absalutly no slubs in any way keep it craccin loccs and folks alike
Paradise chat room [public] created by masterofthink
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
houston chat chat room [public] created by pappa5555
people from houston want to meet or just have a good time link up maybe even start new relashions who knows just come and chat
anime-love-food chat room [public] created by cupecakelover
Its what the title says. you come to talk about anime or love or food. Or you can forget the title and do whatever you want. Power to the people and all that.
SOUTH GEORGIA chat room [public] created by DRSLiM
the money room chat room [public] created by routh777
Find The easiest way to make money online !
depressed chat room chat room [public] created by gart23
express yourself and maybe find sombody to help or make u laugh
c-a-ms chat room -for the rude- chat room [public] created by dirtycamboii
got c.>a.>m nd we arent afraid to use it
Emo Rock Bored chat room [public] created by XhardcorejadeyX
if ur bored... then join. I've got nothing better to do and want sum1 to talk to
fun in the sun chat room [public] created by starer
fun cool all about you great fun for you at parant
Emo Bored chat room [public] created by XhardcorejadeyX
So I'm looking for a emo guy or girl, but so far haven't seen one. Help me out and talk to me?
Straight Talk chat room [public] created by WhereAngelsLive
Talk about anything you want. But let's stay friends.
emo love chat chat room [public] created by KianaLove
fun, social, no bullying, jus for fun, friendly, ect.
arroused chat chat room [public] created by talan91
for all "arroused" people looking to trade pics, cam2cam, phone convo and more!.....
one can chat with me chat room [public] created by talktalkenglish
one can chat with me . i am alone and i need somebody to talk
horni girls welcome chat room [public] created by jeffry13
for horni girls nd horni guys to meet
gay teen room chat room [public] created by burberryboy2011
For Gay teen to talk and chat with eachother.
chicknaz chat room [public] created by anjellopez1
this is a chat room to talk to mi. i want to talk to boyz
chicagos hangout chat room [public] created by nykolevet
people from chicago can come and talk
tlalk bout anythin chat room [public] created by Desirae95
you can said watever the hell u want nd its free...
who can chat with me chat room [public] created by talkenglish
i am lonely and i bgasuhgaskhgsdzkhfds
Chat76543 chat room [private] created by scott54
chat9879873 chat room [private] created by scott54
Anime Hommies chat room [public] created by KatieRoses
Come here to Chat about any anime of any kind
Ydreamman chat room [public] created by Ydreamman
Dreams do come true for the ones that make a wish upon a star.
The Willow Tree chat room [private] created by BloodstainedHybrid
Golden crossed paths with Jade briefly before both turned away.
MUATH007 chat room [private] created by Muath007
Open Chat for Teens chat room [public] created by BaraM
Come in, have fun, play nice with the other teens, and it's all good. Main topic: CHATTING, anything goes as long as there is no insulting. and making friends :p
XxXEmoLovexXx chat room [public] created by xXxEmoLovexXx
Single and wanna mingle with emo's come on over we have cookies!
Computer-Video Gamers chat room [public] created by pinkwallpaper
Anyone who plays computer or video games can finally chat about them with others who have the same interest
Romance in Bangalore chat room [public] created by sunilblore
This is a chat room for anyone in Bangalore who could do with a little bit of flirting and fun.
azibock ross patrick chat room [public] created by azibock
speak about all love litterature and much more
sagardubai chat room [private] created by sagar74
SBBW Hut chat room [public] created by meatthrower
Maturity, silliness (at times), comedy required.
13 age chat rooms chat room [public] created by sk8terchickishot
only for teens that are 13 that means no 14 no 15 no 16 no 17 and so on
humpdaddy chat room chat room [public] created by gregorx
Welcome to my place. Let's get dirty!
RandomLifestreamChocolateGumballPandemicVegeterian chat room [public] created by HyperADHDBoy
Umm, lets be random why not cus we all like to butterfly the elves outa the cupboard at the bottomof the teapot under a rainbow taller then the tree thats the size of a pee frozen in a hole that builds rockets ota leggos made of froot loops, happy sunshine makes my eyes prune with buttershine from ant hills in suspense to the twilight corn. yay
North American ADULT chat room [public] created by blayzd22
a room for North American Adult males and females looking to chat
Chat 4 people who r cool chat room [public] created by shyperson
A new chat 4 people who concider themselfs cool in any way
lovers den chat room [public] created by MariusMasai
if your looking to find that special someone then come here,no home wrecking gangsters or skanks allowed,this is a romance room so dont ruin it......
people who r cool chat room [public] created by shyperson
4 cool peeps,who r also nice,funny,and of cource cool
feet fetish chat room [public] created by solidsnaketr
girls like their feet licked come heree...
norteno chat room chat room [public] created by YuNgRiCh
no scrapz allowed east side san jo
Open Arms chat room [public] created by Godsbadboy
This chat room is to help family that has a disable member in there household to better cope with them as will as themselves to deal with every day living condition that they face in day to day situation. My daughter and I are here to help any one that are going through probloms that they my need some guide or help to strenghten there will to keep going on with there disable member of their household. We are to help any way possible so feel free to log on and ask any question.
Sit a Spell chat room [public] created by itisikevin
Hang out, and have a good time
lovers meeting chat room [public] created by MariusMasai
come here to look for lovers that match you or to just talk,and no home wrecking gangsters or stoner emos or skanks allowed.....this is a lovers joint and i want to keep it that way
Pull up a Chair Type Away chat room [public] created by itisikevin
just chat...any subject..I understand sometimes you have to curse..but try..try to keep it clean..OK?
Pull up a Chair chat room [public] created by itisikevin
Feel free to chat, just try to keep it clean. I understand the need to swear, I'll warn you a few times before anything actually happens..
Open Arms To New Beginning chat room [public] created by Godsbadboy
This chat room is for any body that has a disablity and are having a difficult time dealing with their disablity. By login on this chat room, you be able to open yourself to the arms of loving people that are in the same situation that you are face with every day. This chat room is gear to help you grow so that you may have the will to have a beautiful life even though you are disable. The mind set here on this site is full of happiness and power that will embrace any body that is willing to grab a hold of the education that is afford here. I ensure you that you will find this site very interest and a blessing that has been waiting for you. May you find all that you are looking for on this site. Feel free to leave any comments so that this site can become more of some help for the furture to the people, I thank you for login and I hope you enjoy your stay on this site.
jUsT ChAt101 chat room [public] created by sadiez7422
meet new ppl talk &have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anais Chat Room Baby chat room [private] created by AnaisGotSwagg
Only the cool kids come here, lol.
thinspo chat room [public] created by kenzerrisfat
this is for girls like me who need that extra boost of help to not eat that disgusting food, and work our way to that weight we desire most.
Dawning Deathwish chat room [public] created by FrostRyanon
It is not wise to corner something you know is meaner than you.
xxxEMONESSxxx chat room [public] created by tanja05011997
its 4 fun not games XD any1 is welcome i guessss
0nlyGirlsChat chat room [public] created by nastybi123
0nlyGirlsChat is a chatroom that all girls can come on in and talk to other girls about well girl stuff.They can talk about anything there hearts desired.
Gay Bi Lez chat chat room [public] created by SexyLittleBoy
love,friends,relationships,gay,bi,lez just come to have fun
palestinepeople chat room [public] created by almarcus
A Chat to talk about culture, way off life, the real situation off gaza strip. To facility export informations about cause palestine to the world. Itīs a peace chat and nothing elso.
Chicagoans who like to have fun chat room [public] created by drdave075
I wanna meet some people from Chicago! Let's chat.
If we could only turn back time chat room [private] created by FrostRyanon
Then maybe you would still be mine
Supa Awesomenessness chat room [public] created by LaDyPuRpLe
Well its name speaks for me hahahahahahahahahhahah
rough riders room chat room [public] created by JANU99
enter at your own risk...................................................................
guys and girls scene and emo chat chat room [public] created by XxdarkenthenightxX
well i hope to start useing this to meet new ppl and to get some awsome friends
emo lesbian chat room chat room [public] created by iiemoi
emo girls come chat and find other girls to talk to. come if lez. girls only please. thank you have fun in my room ;)
lOVING DA MEN chat room [public] created by MCADAMSBULLDOG
freind room only chat room [public] created by sk8erdemon
no one but who nows me will get in
indian female chat room [public] created by mmmm2
hello allffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA chat room [public] created by NORTHERNCALi707
U FROM CALIFORNIA gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Ugandan male escorts chat room [public] created by Kasesa
Were you could find Ugandan male escorts incase you need one
Dirty room for teens chat room [public] created by hornyman67
a room where hot girls and guys come for dirty talking
brutils domain chat room [public] created by Brutil
chat for canadians and if your not It,s all good nobodys perfict
how the hell can i delete my profile chat room [public] created by lonem54
Do I have to begin swearing to everybody so that I can be banned permanently?
algerian rom chat room [public] created by sexy00719912009
girls from algeria come here to meet me and other pepol for reletionship freindship
psycholog chat room [public] created by bounder6
maybe we can help us, we talk about experiences in life
UKA chat room [public] created by zamia
CHEERS! We are liobihdevfs,ldkhsaydjashttruiewrbjthje by theb
addiez chat room [private] created by rockerchick217
ummmmmmmmmmm hiiiii i guess XD
BLACK ON WHITES chat room [public] created by valo212
Finland chat room [public] created by Triss
like Finland and everything that's finnish?..........or are you a Finn yourself? come and join :)
lilcute chat room [public] created by liltyneenee
no bad words no bad stuff or nothing
msn cam2cam xxx chat room [public] created by sexytime321
if you would like to have msn cam2cam xxx or cyberxxx/xxx chat then please join this chat room ;p
stephs room chat room [private] created by stephgurl09
fun and easy whay for me to talk to my friends and my family
Tickle time chat room [public] created by mlund95
This room is for everything tickling!
Pretty People chat room [private] created by LadyAN
This is a chat group only for beautiful people. Let me add one last thing, everybody has their own inner beauty...
OKCUSA chat room [public] created by lanzzy
People have been to oklahoma feel free to enter if u want to....
online dating chat room [public] created by Emily909009
uvihiuhgiuhgihtighihtgihitrhiguhtiughihgihgihgihgithgituhgiuhtgithgiuhgiuthgiuthgi [dont mind that] --'
big talk chat room [private] created by bigdaddy54
come and talk about enthying you want and no cesors so u can say what you to
Gerrard Fans chat room [public] created by AJ1981
All those who love to play Soccer or even Love to Watch Soccer on TV please join in!!!!! and Have Fun!
guys and girls chat room chat room [public] created by LuckyCharm315
a room for free speach and a good place to chat
cool hotties chat room [public] created by fashionchick1222
HUdSHiT chat room [public] created by iiMTHEBEST93
the room2 chat room [public] created by bigdaddy54
fun the only place you can have real fun
wetgirls chat room [public] created by istunt
all the wet ladies add me.............especialley if u got a cam
go missouri ppl chat room [public] created by kandicevanderkuur
a chat room for missourians only
14 -18 bi lez and gay chat room [public] created by kissbaby
a place for bi lez and gay ppl to talk and meet maby find new friends
south carolina 69 chat room [public] created by shyne974
This is for the good an bad people in sc
hotgirl chat room [private] created by ixtremelyluvchiks
i love titiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Such A Fuking Lady Room chat room [public] created by KiKiBaybee
If Your Such A Fuking Man And Yuu Wanna Meet Such A Fuking Lady Here's The Spot!- Singles only Add Owner Ki-Ki She' Such a Fukinqq Lady! That Baby Type!
Delaware302 chat room [public] created by Ct91
Room for delaware and try state area people
Latino Teens . chat room [public] created by juanlopez123
For latin teens can talk in spanish and not get judged about it. Latin boys can flirt with latin girls . Can talk about random stuff .
ladies only 323 chat room [public] created by teporocho1
only hot cali women, well im here to meet up girls who are willing to have fun.
lololol chat room [public] created by hollisterrbaby
okay this is for cool pple only so if ur not cool get out and only hotties kk!
Trenton NJ chat room [public] created by ltmarkie
Only people that live in Trenton NJ
sajit20 chat room [public] created by sajit20
seeking friendly and lovely personnel chat
Young teenss chat room [public] created by xylon
Ummm for young teens i dont know wtf 2 wright
lol fun chat room [public] created by sarah501
well its fun let;s talk yea that s a good ides
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