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List of all user-created chat rooms #546
The Dating Chat of Awesomeness chat room [public] created by MrBanana224
This room is for dating and meeting other people that you might love.
fo friends only chat room [private] created by princesstrouble5
only for people I know. the rest of this is random 12345678912345678912345668
singles only and horny chat room [public] created by justdance123456
if your lookin fo woman come here
Us-Only chat room [private] created by BisexualGirl1498
Me and my Love Monkey! <3 <3 <3 <3
computer431 chat room [public] created by computer43
caring, reliable, feminity lover ,open-minded
anal girls chat room [public] created by shahab74
girls who love anal can see boys who love anal
-696969- chat room [public] created by 23Taylor23
For bored creative people.............
Filipina Chat chat room [public] created by yhassy
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
the christmas chat room chat room [public] created by BlueEyezNTxs08
talk about all things christmas
Gay Naive chat room [public] created by Owenbaby
Friendly conversation for gays. Only a little bit of dirty chat allowed. When it is going too far, you will be blocked.
sugar mommies in the philippines chat room [public] created by xxxluffyxxx
all hot moms who are ready and willing!!!
coutinho chat room [public] created by coutinho2013
clemson the don hbjbnohniopnmkl;nk;nm;knmk;m'lmpkin[onjujbniopknjm;pibip
Randers omegn chat room [public] created by DanishStudent
For people around and who lives in Randers and the area.
be here or be square chat room [public] created by cool145
Fun,nice,goths,emos r welcome to join
oslo gay chat room [public] created by aka89
sex just in oslo ............................................................................
bdsm dirty chat room [public] created by sexyrahul143143
dirty an sex and submission...make ur bitc. h worthy and filth.y hea
Nekos Capital Rp chat room [public] created by Misery14Chaos
This room is for Nekos only! Rping is allowed (of course), and so is extreme sugar rushes! Just try not to get TOO crazy, 'cause that annoys some people...
foot tickle torture chat room [public] created by jamestickle85
Want to chat feet and tickling...kinky, guys/girls. Love foot tickling!
raj504 chat room [public] created by raj504
young boys for older women chat room [public] created by kinkykid321
Younger guys that like older women and will do anything they want
the buzz chat room [public] created by domsruby
kind words no yelling be nice no prople over
bangkok friends chat room [public] created by sri55
people visiting bangkok for tourism purpose
i am single room chat room [private] created by farizalazmi
yang boleh masuk room ini cuma yang single saja
i am singlee room chat room [public] created by farizalazmi
yang boleh masuk room ini cuma yang single saja yang ga single ga boleh masuk
Juicy hornet chat room [public] created by JuicyHornets
we wil do anything just having fun bored as hell send me requests
relaxroom chat room [private] created by TTG8
xxxindonesian chat room [public] created by cubay
so just enjoy your live,normal only,indonesian
HOLLA IF U GIVE HEAD NYC-NJ chat room [public] created by GiMEEBRAiNALLDAY
IGO chat room [public] created by petir
Indonesian Girl Only++++++++++++
awesome people chat..chat chat room [public] created by Gabby8998765
just awesome people..who are awesome
dark moon wolf pack chat room [public] created by Jackarianna
no humans! wolves only. we hunt for meat and we howl to the moon! awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
amazings only chat room [public] created by Gabby8998765
people who like awesome music (heavy metal)
singles00 chat room [public] created by jake224
come chat if you're single or if you're not single and wanna come fool around with people over a chat room
older man for kik girl chat room [public] created by Sexybaby939
you 40+ come play 300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 characters long
Gay diapers chat room [public] created by daddytbdl
For gay guys in diapers 13-19 only please
Skype Me for a Good Time chat room [public] created by F19Emma
I sell nudes and cam shows add me on skype: emma.swan19
Typical British guy chat chat room [public] created by mattyG94
-im just bored of all of these other crap chat groups on here so though i would make my own :)
Casual Conversation chat room [public] created by MasterOfRevenge
This ia a random chatroom to have casual conversations with random people. If you want more than that then you should leave before you get banned. ^_^
idaho hookup chat room [public] created by caldwellDOM
for anyone in the state of idaho who wanna hook up
SQUADDDD chat room [private] created by ariestaytrill
u can tlk 2 ppl get 2 kno them n whatever else u wanna do so its basically a room where u can do n say wateva u want to u got be 15-17 years old
Gaza soldiers chat room [public] created by Muriithi
For teenagers only...this is to make teens from all over the world get to know each other online..and to create a friendly room to each and every teen...let us join hands and create a friendly world
Hell Yell chat room [private] created by jasion
have some fun just talking about life and thing you would like to do and see
Against Me chat room [public] created by TeenageAnarchist
Do you remember? when we were young and wanted to set the world on fire?
The Walking Dead chat room [public] created by Miguele
Rules: 1.You can't be the same character as someone else is, either be a character from the show,comic, and games, or make one up (no names with funny but dirty jokes ex. Lemmy F. Uranus) 2.You can only be a protagonist (like Rick or Lee Everrette) antagonist ( the Governor or Stranger) or a tritagonist (Kenny,from the game) 3. Freestyle role-play is optional, but god-modding is restricted (ex. invincibility, immortality, etc.) 4. Guns must be real, no alien, med-evil or futuristic bullcrap!! 5. DO NOT overuse SWEARING!!! 6. If you are gonna kill someone and if they aren't paying attention to what's happening period then just keep talking 7. Don't use a lot of detail in emotes. This will cause social and mental discomfort to some people. 8. Have fun
Homestuck Chat2 chat room [public] created by percyjackson1234
This is a chatroom for all the homestucks
monkey puke chat room [public] created by momogoesupahill
zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba wooo!!
Funny People chat room [public] created by Cupcakemaster36
If you have some funny jokes come tell us in this chat room if you have more questions I will love to answer them so here is my email (bailey.rico202@gmail.com)
Jokes To Tell chat room [public] created by Cupcakemaster36
If you have some funny jokes come tell us in this chat room if you have more questions I will love to answer them so here is my email (bailey.rico202@gmail.com)
golden hang chat room [private] created by drachma
this is a private room for only trusted people so if you aren't trusted than get away!
3ds Friend Code exchanger chat room [public] created by Razor121
You gotta be friends with someone on 3ds no curse words because if you do...you been curse and not be here
Foot passion chat room [public] created by italianinlonon
everybody (especially women) who loves tickling,fotjob and foot worship is welcomed in here
13-15 only no joke chat room [public] created by areshalee13
this is only for 13-15 year old so no one older than that
cutechik123 chat room [private] created by cutechik123
i dont give a crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
until the end chat room [public] created by John2550
just a place to talk to freinds
Beastitaly chat room [public] created by JeffreyGoldberg
For people who enjoy beastilaty
Room for Single looking for Love and Relationship chat room [public] created by khriezha
This group is created who those single who is looking for love & serious relationship. Everyone is welcome here to find their destiny. Enjoy chatting! :-)
Flirt 0622 chat room [public] created by Mackinzey0622
Talk have fun and talk to some hot guys
Fun 0622 chat room [public] created by Mackinzey0622
Talk have fun and talk to some hot guys
Emo 0622 chat room [public] created by Mackinzey0622
Talk have fun and talk to some hot guys
chat for friend chat room [public] created by shelle08
this might be use for everyone, this help us to have a good chat with some people
nice fun chat chat room [public] created by kyrahdawn
for nice people only... no mean people allowed
hooking up guys and girls chat room [public] created by omar1998
Where guys and girls come to meet at
16 boy here for older men chat room [public] created by SCboy15teddy97
Looking for men to stretch me good!
Private chat with sweety chat room [public] created by sweety296
all are welcome to have fun thank you
seriously lovers chat room [public] created by brucesweety
I am very optimistic, kind, goal-oriented, communicative and cheerful girl. I love life and I try to enjoy every moment of it! I have enough friends in life and value them! I am not short-tempered, I don?t like conflicts and even when they happen, I prefer to solve them as quick as its possible. I like having fun and being active. I enjoy spending my time in good companies, I like dancing and being active,I like sports especially scating.I like to travel and to see new places. I like nature and try to spend warm weekends with my friends outside. I enjoy nightlife the same as quiet rest; dining out, seeing theater and going to clubs dancing, but I also would like to stay home to have a romantic time with my future soulmate. I consider myself to be active, purposeful, energetic, rather spontaneous, with a well-developed women?s intuition and many interests. As a lady I am honest, loyal, affectionate, loving and caring. In relationships I appreciate honesty, sincerity, decency, stability, mutual respect and the ability to give joy to each other.
5kypehookup chat room [public] created by hotmale78
looking for someone to have fun with on 5kype?
Origami chat room [public] created by bman975
I figured I'd make this room for people who have an interest in this art or have a strong passion for it but all levels of skill welcome :) and if you have any questions ask me I'd be glad to answer them wether you wanna learn more about the art or just wanna learn about it in general I'd be glad to answer questions as best I can.
Black veil brides chat roomXD chat room [public] created by tashmae2
chat about the band black veil brides. for anyone that likes them includeing fallen angels and bvb army
My space in india chat room [public] created by Raaj419
U talk anything in this chat room.......♡♥
friendly chat 2.0 chat room [public] created by Martwaals
fr those who were banned for no reason
date in your way chat room [public] created by jaja19
in there you can date who ever you want to
All In All chat room [private] created by playpraveen
Those Who Are like chat with me ...come and chat ... With me .... Friend,Love Etc ...
india calcuta chat room [public] created by rupamm85
only indian must come. preferably calcutta...........
tamil lesbn chat room [public] created by sreedhivya
only tamil girls r invited....no phone no no address......
hello hello chat room [public] created by jaja19
hello hello chat room is a room you can do everything
Kerala freaks chat room [public] created by achu123123
anyone from kerala...... girls or boys
poyo chat room [public] created by elibra
find friends and share anything here.
69taylor23 chat room [public] created by 23Taylor23
Horny onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
MJTHELEGENDCONTINUES chat room [public] created by SJJANGEL
KIK user chat chat room [public] created by Tray73
Find people to chat KIK with male,female,fun,clean.flirt chat come on in and meet new people.
binal chat room [public] created by rudi045
apa saja yang mau di kerjakan dalam hidup ini
bad bitches chat room chat room [public] created by stopper2013
for all you bad bitches with no where to go ,come on in
Do Dirty Stuff Here chat room [public] created by PrettyDiva13
Anyone can join if you know what I mean ;)
Sexoholics Chat chat room [public] created by SexoholicTim
If you like to have sex this is for you..
JakartaSelatan chat room [public] created by AgusDM
ragunan, pasar minggu dan sekitar
keys oasis chat room [private] created by keyboard8
chilling and relaxing just come into my pvt room and lets be real with each other and enjoy some intense conversation ...u dont have to hold back nothn this is a safe oasis for all who want to get away from all the chatter
bun chat room [public] created by ColdStoneBabe
All About Things I Guess It Might Been LOl 13-18 Hahah
ages 11-14 chat room [public] created by godgirl12
Only 11-14 plz:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
singals only chat room [public] created by godgirl12
Ages 11-14 onlyplz thanks lol godgirl12
fabbo chat room [public] created by bry12333
this room is for people who r willing not to be sexcually active in anyway... if some one is sexcually bothering u please inform me right away and that person will be kicked ..... thank you
Seks0011 chat room [public] created by Fizozai
enjoyla bg yg sporting2..terbuka untuk semua kecuali bawah 18tahun..
PAK-teen caht chat room [public] created by tbarhaam
Pakistan's teenager could have more fun here and no "badchodi" here and uncles be out of it 14 to 17 age is allowed....be cool and nice
Gay Chatroom 13 chat room [public] created by Alan2031
come chat with other gay people
Make Money Easy Online chat room [public] created by shockin779
Some great tips on how to make money online :)
So Cali guys only chat room [public] created by Lookin4SexyPeeps
*********IMPORTANT!!! READ*********** Ages: 16 - 25 ONLY!!!!!!!
just chit chat chat room [public] created by unanana
just wanna friend with u guys come and lets chat ..we can be a good friend yeahh good friend
Love Soul Eater chat room [public] created by ShyNicole
This is for people that want to just have fun and meet people that like Soul Eater!
New Zealand Peeps chat room [public] created by ydzey19
Anyone from New Zeland. Feel free to chat
krisi room chat room [public] created by kkk6999
i love all roleplay!!!!!! join us
Person.com chat room [public] created by nadsvirus
naghahanap ng kaligayahan sa buhay
Shirtless chat room [public] created by Zakxz
Shirtless guys, fitness, work out, etc.
Singles only xDD chat room [public] created by xsurvive
Searching for a girl ;/ -> single :) C'mon join xD , iam 16 years old
Diggys mind palace chat room [public] created by HighJinxed
I do what I want and want what you do
Mallus chat chat room [public] created by JukeBox1232000
This is dedicated to all Mallus across the world
romeo n sunny chat room [public] created by renz666
any1 intrstd in frndship,flurting can join here
others chat room [public] created by amerjohn298
just wanna chat with all of you...just for fun and keep know each other
AwekMalaysia chat room [public] created by irfannike2014
Abg Arif bru umor 17.. tgh cari awek yng nak main dgn saye..
Accounting and finance Help chat room [public] created by onlinetutornow
This is a room for all those who need accounting paid help. Chat with tutors & students here
Accounting and finance Help Live chat room [public] created by onlinetutornow
This is a room for all who is seeking accounting and finance help
police line chat room [private] created by wanitakesepian
chat room for hanna friends, family and my lover community
ChatterboxTime chat room [public] created by gymnastlife
Anybody can chat! Have Fun! No dirty chat!
best of times chat room [private] created by hotjjjxxx
hot horny lesbians chat room [public] created by blondie200
wanna dirty talk girls? this is where it's done.
Gay Pants Poop chat room [public] created by bulgeboi
gays into pooping in pants or diaper
Animerica chat room [public] created by Mayusaur
Its Cold..So We Should Totally Cuddle.♡
teen girls who like older guys chat room [public] created by lad29
where teen girls and older guys come to chat
hook upssss chat room [public] created by jerome334433
just talking about london hook ups
The love room or other stuff... chat room [public] created by thedude43
cool,lovely.lol.join if u wan,lol.
Ladies that like to watch chat room [public] created by MetalHed2013
This room is for ladies that like to watch guys get off on cam.
Easyy money now chat room [public] created by briturner25
Click the link to traffic activity to the site, and that's it. It's that easy. http://VisitsToMoney.com/index.php?refId=343541
Ball bust me chat room [public] created by inforbb
This chat room is to Cyber Ballbust me in the best ways you can
Swap Chat chat room [public] created by JamesKurian44
A place where people can share there inner sexuality and swap app names to express their sexuality to others.
pokemon gay furry chat room [public] created by snivykid1
you can do anything u want here!!!:3
pretylove chat room [public] created by pretylove
you are welcome to my open door anything you want is here that you will get it
pokemon and digimon gay furry chat room [public] created by snivykid1
you can do anything u want!!!!! :3
bi guys in tokyo chat room [public] created by athletic4U
bi and gay guys welcomed for chat and hook ups
guys in tokyo chat room [public] created by athletic4U
gay and bi welcomed to chat and exchange
Ohio teldo chat room [public] created by mannyfreash
sexy chat talk about anything sex,ect
vroomm chat room [private] created by kokokiki
..............................................lets hv fun =)
league of legends 2 chat room [public] created by XxXKiNGSNAKE
im bored so just join if you are bored and like lol
xxGothsxx chat room [public] created by xoprettyrecklessxo
Goths, people of the dark, grunge, romantics
Intellectual Beings chat room [public] created by EllieFern
A room made for Intellectuals of all ages to discuss their philosophies, theories, or their works of poetry or other literature. *RULES* No rudeness, Try your best at your grammar, No romance.
Dhoom machale chat room [public] created by Deepakmsd
Life is all about Love emotion.lets exchange some of it
NEW YORK LESBIANS chat room [public] created by PLAYGiRL13820
sex is no one chat room [private] created by rianjoss
sex, friendship, sex is no one
ChatRoom101 chat room [public] created by ReturnOfTheMack001
awsome place to just chat and be u and have fun and this has to be 30 characters so sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Krizzy Love chat room [public] created by Krizzy2000
Who want to fine the Real Love
celinedion chat room [public] created by ellwell2
one of my favorite singers and she is aswome
Any CaliGirls chat room [public] created by chiefN714
California girls feel free to join
Cyber GangBang With Me chat room [public] created by BlondiiiGirl
Rough f*ck only :))) One girl, many cocks!!! :)
MC chat room [public] created by mcleiden
a group wherin the topics are relaxing.
TonjeZuz chat room [private] created by TonjeZuz
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lesbians
gujju dosti chat room [public] created by Parth2819
all friends who belongs from gujarat. can join but no adult chat. just free frank and decent chat
kevin364 chat room [public] created by kevin364
hi all. Looking for some fun chat. and see where things go. Up to experiment
fddsfdfds chat room [public] created by shahab74
lanka sex chat room [public] created by shihansex
have fun with lankan friends, girls u r invited ... come on dont be shy.. its time to have sooo much of fun
my sex room 1st chat room [private] created by naresh35
sex n chat with cam to cam sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
Pinoy Bi Chat Room chat room [private] created by TenderNick
tara guys kwentuhan na .. ☺☻♥ lahat ay welcome sa room na ito.. ~no pervs ~do not bully ~no spamming ~just chat only...
Guys on cam for girls that like to watch chat room [public] created by MetalHed2013
Any ladies 18 and over like to watch? Cum on in and lets chat and see what happens.
boxing day chat chat room [public] created by reecem777
what are u doing offer the holidays
TheNewTaboo chat room [public] created by iAmCannabis
Open Room - No Personal Attacks
Pewdiepies bro chat room [private] created by Samanthathebro132
Only for Pewdiepie and me only! Thanks
jom romen chat room [public] created by Girltonggek
Sembang seks sambil melancap...bayangkan tengah beromen.ahhh
Wantsum chat room [public] created by WANTSUM910
40m on cam for ladies chat room [public] created by MetalHed2013
Any ladies like to watch me get off on cam in SKYPE?
FLASH corner chat room [public] created by flashyflood21
chat for all. about anything. racism, verbal abuse , trolling is not tolerated.
chennai aunty chat room [public] created by fenixjames
married lady unsatisfied girls and more
Kik For Teens chat room [public] created by itzemma
Kik Names...Tell them to people so you can connect and have fun I don advise you to share personal information..Stay safe and have fun!! :D
horny women now174 chat room [public] created by mffdiver174
looking to have a fun chat with a male
Yiff chat or rp chat room [public] created by Spade4502
Furry chat/roleplay gay/bi/straight try to keep any adult rps in IM/PM
Yiff rp chat room [public] created by Spade4502
Room for any furries of any s3xual preference/size/species whatever the hell to talk/roleplay
Cookeville TN chat room [public] created by gemgranny59
This is NOT a pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for Cookevillians for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, you get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming, and no disrespect. Again, you will get banned.
Velvets Gypsy Caravan chat room [public] created by VelvetRemedy
This is the caravan, home, and workplace for the batpony Velvet Remedy.
lebanese anything u want to chat chat room [public] created by coldshade
Hello i'm sam .lebanon is the best because every lebanese care about this country .anws just have fun everything is alowed
Dirty cam room chat room [public] created by MetalHed2013
a room for ladies with cam that like to watch.
Russian Chat room.We can speak in Russian. chat room [public] created by Zoranalovej
Все сюда пообщаемся.Приглашаю всем желающих пообщаться как на русском так и на английском языке.
Diapys chat room [public] created by Duskpaw
for any adult/teen babies and diaper lovers :3
lesbiangaybisexualtransgender chat room [public] created by thinrazor
This room is for those of the LGBT community and supporters.Please do not start drama.
lulus room chat room [public] created by luluchamberlin123
Have fun learn lots about eachother
Subs are invited chat room [private] created by instructor09
meet sexually submissive women..who want to learn the lifestyle of a sub
Old and Young age gap fun chat room [public] created by lexin10x10
A place for like minded girls and men to make contact, and play a little. Only naughty girls and perverted men need look in
Bust my nuts chat room [public] created by inforbb
A room where you can either IM me, or chat on here, on how you would bust my balls. No Penetration of nuts, face-screwing allowed. And you cannot actually permanately damage them.
IndoSexy chat room [public] created by RamuanMadura81
Please share everything in this room box...
kenna22 chat room [public] created by kenna22
idk just talllkinnng helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo
join this chat for dirty talk chat room [public] created by StraightGuy2974
just a chat for dirty talk, maybe vid or sumthing later
diapers kinks fetishes chat room [public] created by badhabits1
anything goes no holes barred kinky taboo or perverted
Nufin buh love chat room [public] created by FutureOkoampah
Yes we in 4 real love to get married with nobroken heart cause its go no spare parts
cuteness chat room [private] created by cuteness615
ABIAIR chat room [private] created by aclane2000
This is a chatroom for my friend and I
18-25 only chat room [public] created by Danniekayy
Teens and people 18-25 have fun talking with one another. Get to know the person well and make sure you have fun! This room is to only make friends not babies. It fun like I'm having fun not fun like rated R
SiguTej chat room [public] created by SiguTej
ublic room - Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room. Private room - You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you selec
007 chatroom chat room [public] created by soumodip
hlo every1 i'm soumodip . i would be happy to chat wid mah new frnzzz
000 chatroom chat room [private] created by soumodip
hlo every1 i'm soumodip . i would be happy to chat wid mah new frnzzz
Pats rooom chat room [private] created by PatriceXO
Real Younger Girls For Older men chat room [public] created by JonnyQuest21
Girls who like older men Who woish to have the experience
Atlantis Paradise The Lost Empire chat room [public] created by ArianaJewels
This is a roleplay world, as the title states. It takes place in the water emerged legendary Atlantis. Rules: if not a mermaid or some type of being who has gills. You must have a oxygen tank and etc. Logic and realism is here too! Informal: there will be caves and beaches also but near the lost city.
Make a friend chat chat room [public] created by Thefun20
Just meet people & make friends isnt that what were on this site for
Pi Recital chat room [public] created by ayarobat
Telugu GUY chat room [public] created by andhrahunk
only telugu girls, auntys romantic talk
pizza chat room [public] created by deadmau101
if your bored come here and chat
rayeciop chat room [private] created by rayesays
We're just hanging out, you know, the usual
payal1981 chat room [private] created by payal1981
hi I am hot Bengali hot boy come on for all satisfaction
friends of Jesus Christ chat room [public] created by Starbee2
it is all about learning advice from the Holy Bible.
Kip chat room [public] created by Kipper9
Handsom gay looking for friendship
Accounting and finance Help Live Now chat room [public] created by onlinetutornow
Room where u can find accounts & finance helpers
Accounting and finance Help Experts chat room [public] created by onlinetutornow
Room for finding experts online to help you
10-13 years of age chat room [public] created by jadesbowties
kids age 10-13 years no one older than 10-13 is allowed in this chat room
Sexxxyyyyy chat room [public] created by XximHornyxX
come to get talking dirty! maybe exchange some pics
sudheerbarnala chat room [public] created by sudheerbarnala
I love making friendship with new people !! i cant here often ,...but we can make friendship in FACEBOOK .. !! <3 anyone is allowed .. all i need is a friendship ... friends mwaaaaa
Chat rooms for ppl who is suffering depressions chat room [public] created by happyxxx
well I think depressions may be get sometimes for ppl ..and me 2..i'm suffering it too..coz I wanna make a chatroom for ppl who is suffering depressions,frustrating, needs to pleasure , needs help from me ...i'm ready to help u and will listen all about ur happenings..and my mail is misakitakumi615@gmail.com .and my fb name is Red Eye Shoun..i'll be ur friend and be ur listener...and I'm not european..i'm asian..
Almost Singles chat room [public] created by almostSingle
For all those who r about to broke off!
Isaacforgoodlove chat room [public] created by isaacforgoodlove
I am 53 year old man new here dont know how to write much here. If you are interested in knowing me just hit my inbox i dont bite.
sex girl with boys chat room [public] created by jamikki
masarap ditoa at hindi kayo magsisi kaya mga girls sala n
Masters Mistresses and Slaves chat room [public] created by ThisOneGirlTaz
Anyone looking for a slave or a mistress or master find one here. nothing is offlimits
Manhattan on a quiet Friday chat room [public] created by MarkLS
Live and/or work in Manhattan. What you up to? At work on a quiet Friday after Christmas? Bored?
Tamil Nanbaa chat room [public] created by Appavi
its a tamil room... we are invite you everyone to join in this room.....
Untuk Indonesia chat room [public] created by Ramandha
Saling Kenalan Satu Sama Lain Agar Lebih Baik FB : clalu.stia@ymail.com
finn chat room [public] created by josef05
hi everyone,this is my firstime
ohio cuckfold community chat room [public] created by hardsexyjovan
The all-new Ohio Cuckold Community Network
tttttttttttui chat room [public] created by wilayalove
Kissthekitty chat room [private] created by Sweetheartkitten
A random room for some friends and me
cleveland cuckfold community chat room [public] created by hardsexyjovan
Cleveland Cuckfold Community Network
sexygirls Tamilnadu oly chat room [public] created by sasitn84
sexy girls only. pl com to chat
Gay Males Living In PA DE or NJ chat room [public] created by Gayteenager101
Hey guys.... I want to meet some people so let's start chatting!!!
Calgary Teenage Boy chat room [public] created by danielin128
For all boys from Calgary who want to talk or chat or meet up
sugar daddies and suggar mommas chat room [public] created by miracle1552
a place for girls and guys to get spoiled
tallyoungballer chat room [private] created by tallyoungballer
only for me and my sexy ass gf no one else please
brebre chat room [private] created by brebre2pretty
For me and my gf no one else thank u very much I love ha very much
brebre2pretty chat room [public] created by tallyoungballer
only for me and my sexy ass gf aint shit
sex fun for all chat room [public] created by vinu361
for fun&flirt,f you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
Muslims Hangout chat room [public] created by xoLeahLove99
Meet other Muslims around the world and have fun chatting!
11-15 dating room chat room [public] created by JordanBowles
Anyone who is 11-15 in a single relationship, here's your chat room!
Sweta11 chat room [private] created by HenryZane
Foot ball Lovers chat room [public] created by hilalabi
for all people like foot ball . and also who love Barcelona foot ball team.
14-16 youngsters chat room [public] created by Jelly8ean
Happy way to talk to girls and have fun, flirt and talk and get to know someone
dads who wnat to share daughters chat room [public] created by arobertlangdon
kinky, taboo, rough, dark , dads who want to watch their daughters dominated
MLP.inter family relations.FURRY chat room [private] created by tigerbrotherxx2
A place for lovers of the furry fandom. Bronies and Pegasisters. and of course inter family relations. its not all bad either. the main rule is that u must respect others wishes and take no for an answer.thank u (run by the tiger clan)
cambridge hook ups chat room [public] created by david19straight
for sex and other intimate stuff like that no fake profiles and no idiots allowed
All About Youself chat room [public] created by pugluv903
This is where you can exchange facts about yourself
Real Conversations 2013 chat room [public] created by MistrE
This is a casual room for anyone looking for a normal conversation. No webcams, no dirty talk, just normal adults looking to have a chat, albeit about your day, seeking advice, broken heart, or just looking to connect.
old and lonely chat room [public] created by joehw09
where old farts come and get to meet other lonely people
looking old and lonely chat room [public] created by joehw09
where old farts come and get to meet other lonely people
old folks lounge chat room [public] created by joehw09
where old farts come and get to meet other lonely people
main chat talk about interests etc chat room [public] created by reecem777
talk about interests that u like with other users
main chat talk about interests chat room [public] created by reecem777
talk about other users with the sane interests as you have
main chat talk about hobbies etc chat room [public] created by reecem777
talk about the same hobbies with other people
Domain of Dark and Black chat room [private] created by Zwadovurok
A domain of dark and black soul energies ruled by Zwadovurok
tgirls with cocks chat room chat room [public] created by SexyCoolGuy18
Any girl that has a cock is welcome please feel free to meet and chat
hello kitty chat room [public] created by charity23
for random teens who are random in all ways lol sorrry i had to fill space anyones allowed :) -charity
Gay Teen for Gay Older chat room [public] created by SCboy15teddy97
Young teen here wanting to be stretched and bred with anything that can fit in my ass!
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