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List of all user-created chat rooms #583
creepypastachat chat room [public] created by Jane1233
This is a chat room for creepy pasta.(If you don't know what creepy pasta is,then come into this chat room and i'll explain it to you)No perv's.
..ana and mia.. chat room [public] created by toxicbeautyinme
this group is for people who think the same, anyone who is trying to loose all that fat
LeagueOfLegand chat room [public] created by ThanatosVx
A chat for people who are looking to talk about the online game League of Legends
MistressJLynn chat room [public] created by MistressJLynn
A place for doms, subs and paypigs
The Paranormal Experience chat room [public] created by Coquette2240
To discuss paranormal experiences or phenomena
Threesome Lovers chat room [public] created by Chop30
Couples or individuals that are looking for someone to have a threesome.
big italian cock 23 cm chat room [public] created by redDragon23cm
all girls are more than wellcome
time to date chat room [public] created by staynalive
only wants to talk with girls who are single and want to date
Military flirt chat room [public] created by Asheck
This chat room is for everyone to get know each other and chat with people who are in the army or going. Hang out and find the one for u maybe even date and for them boys and girls who love men or woman in the army so get your flirt on
TobyBites chat room [private] created by TobyBites
For me, Emmet, and Blaze c: because yush ^~^
Foothills Caring Corps Therapy Dogs chat room [private] created by DrWonder
Foothills Caring Corps has established a Therapy Dog program for our neighbor members to enjoy the company and visit from one of our approved Therapy Dogs and their handler.
adultsmeaning mature and clean chat chat room [public] created by JoJo6336
for mature adults 17 and up that r not ass wholes and r looking for someone to chat with cleaninly
Real MCA Business chat room [public] created by GrantJerome
Real MCA Business Is an Online Business looking For Recruits We Offer High Paid Commissions For People who wish to work from home and Earn a Extra Living. Work At Home and Earn MORE!! Money Than your Average day Job All With a One time Fee Of $40 DOLLARS!! Earn $80 Per Sign up And Earn Residuals For Each Sign Up!! Get Started Today an Visit us at ------ -----
12-15. chat room [public] created by iSaiah23425
Chat Up my friends. Thats about it so have fun and Chat it up.
bi guy ohio chat room [public] created by sherman611
Married bi guy, stow ohio, looking to jerk off with you.
DAC100 chat room [public] created by DAC100
come join for fun chat to have a regular fun time
Dark Assassins228 chat room [private] created by Nightmare28
A7X FoREVer All i gotta say is i love jimmy the rev sullivan
hackers room1 chat room [public] created by kdaddy3
people who wanna learn or already kno how to hack
Me and my buddy chat room [public] created by varshan111
Hi buddy welocme to my room..lets chat and have some fun right now...
age 13-19 chat room [public] created by liljay2dope
People. 13-19 more than welcome
Roleplay Partners chat room [private] created by BoMoore
No one comes in no one comes out! :P
funnychat chat room [public] created by tylerbacon
funny people come here and tell funny stuff or stuff like that
a name chat room [public] created by allen2148
indonesiamelayu XXX chat room [public] created by boyCS
mari sini gabung! kita ramaikan room ini bersama
Candcws chat room [private] created by Tuk77
My chat room for me and my friends only
Forbidden Grounds. chat room [private] created by UltimaSymphony
This room is only meant as afew people that are already selected for this room. -^_^-
marios19801980 chat room [public] created by marios19801980
pame gia kafe til 96417494 kipros
passion 2028 chat room [private] created by Compassion2028
I am very romantic and interesting person . I want to chat with different person .
kateterry40 chat room chat room [private] created by kateterry40
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned. This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
college break-up chat room [public] created by Kurra96
Super complicated relationship problem... advice needed
arjun chat room [public] created by arjun002
for lovers who are searching friends
waitingforying chat room [private] created by itzxjosh
----------------------------------------------------------------------------ying come talk to me babe :)------------------------------------------------------------I got like 30 mins before I gotta get ready
my group members chat chat room [public] created by shall201188
for tony destiny kane and my self and miles
Medical Trivia chat room [public] created by Legendary99
I will give out random medical questions. chat room [private] created by SUSPECT166
only hot young wet an horny chickas alowed
Filipina Bi-Sexual wanted chat room [public] created by RalfandLay
Only bi-sexual females from Metro Manila please
Find some new friends chat room [public] created by LinneaDK
A place where you can find some new friends all over the world!
Travis Room chat room [public] created by Travis2hard
friends for teens chat room [public] created by hazelhannah97
make friends with teens under the age of 18
rahul mars chat room [public] created by rahulmars
im always loveable person with lot of fun and friendship
Helsinki Jolla chat room [public] created by GermanMatthias
Questions about Helsinki and to get a Jolla there
meowhidaddy chat room [private] created by meowhidaddy
meow purr kitty kat chat. lets talk more :D
ANYTHING U WANT HERE chat room [public] created by nhimmy
singles skype chat room [public] created by leroyJ
singles meet skype and have fun ;)
Teenage Chaters chat room [public] created by hopelewis
Teens ages 13-19 can have fun and talk about anything in this chatroom.
14and15 year olds only chat room [public] created by imagirl3
This chatroom is for 14 and 15 year olds only! If you are older or younger please do not come into it.
me and papa chat room [public] created by meowhidaddy
meow purr kitty kat chatting with papa
Cape Town wanking tonight chat room [public] created by beddywa
meet in hotel for nice wanking together tonight
12 year old girl and boys chat room [public] created by paperugg
this is for strictly 12 year old girls and boys. There is also no talk for people to take pity on you.
environment chat room [public] created by michael092
here people can share their views on saving the green environment (scientific/political/social)
smooth now chat room [public] created by wind500
Be happy always dear because you are here and near hi
i love filipina chat room [public] created by bummiescotfold
i love talking to a filipina girls
i love pinay. chat room [public] created by bummiescotfold
love to talk with some pinay and give me some advice
horny hours to please chat room [public] created by legars1008
if you are horny babes do log in!! pleasure guarantee
chudai89 chat room [public] created by hotraj89
If you wana some hot fun then start chat ,,, :*
EDNOS chat room [public] created by AlexDreamsStars
This chat will be about how your feeling... If your triggered this is a good place to let it all out...
finestangel chat room [private] created by Finesthonor
ComeHither chat room [private] created by Marrow123
my room for me and my slut... come hither, said the spider to the fly
chathoursucks chat room [public] created by BlackWater69
room so chathour can suck all the cock he wants. come on in chathour I'm sure there are some faggots around for you
masterbate with Me chat room [public] created by readynow4u
what's turning you on? find a friend with same ideas!
trannydays chat room [public] created by tranny69
very outgoing and open minded lets play
sex111 chat room [public] created by smilensmile1
gfghfghfghffhg fhg hhjdh dhgfk fddfsgj fgh fk gf d gfdfgd
naked skype fun chat room [public] created by lngpants85
come one come all.....lets all come together :))
Just To Talk About Whatever chat room [public] created by GiaLaRosa
just to talk about whatever. PERVES WILL BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look for boyfriend or girlfriend chat chat room [private] created by sexygirlgen
its a great place for kids to look for a relationship
denis army chat room [public] created by wolfexqueen
this is deni's army corps base, we will hold meetings (cerimonys) this upcoming saturdays.
Jennas Room chat room [public] created by PrincessJ15
Come talk an have funnnnn hehe
chill1474 chat room [public] created by Saveme222
come chill ladies ima nice chill guy
Love For TeenAgers chat room [public] created by HonorJose
Do u want to meet someone to love them?
uk item im waiting sam chat room [public] created by sammy40352
uk item im waiting for somone that told me to b here
the coop peeps chat room [public] created by tavine
for cool guys and for a fun convo or if ur not shy u will be ba little dirty and if ur not cool enough for me u are out of the room or cute
654 chat room [public] created by mattyb43
14 year old guys chat; just hang out an man friends
real wisdom chat room [public] created by EonB100
talk about real shit and we really give advice
Its all good ent. chat room [public] created by EonB100
talk about real shit and we really give advice
Tweens and Teens 12-14 chat room [public] created by BethMarieeNorvelt
Where 12-14 year olds come to hang out and maybe find someone to date? lol :)
Sexy Chat 6969 chat room [public] created by redwolf7
Anything goes. Just be respectful.
pretty mami chat chat room [public] created by missbaddie
to all my females who know they bomb!:) and to the ones who dont know it yet everyone is special inside this chat room is for all the females out there to express there hurts the love they life and to be just girls ps .....guys and strangers are welcome tooo!:) but alongside no rudness no up tight diva drama take it some where else cuase this aint the place no arguing !! we aint in elementry and most of all lets love one another please !!:) if that takes place youll be banned but .....if you make it right i give you chances ....if anyone wanna know more hmu and ill be glad to chat with enyone enjoyy!!:)
Family Guy lovers chat room [public] created by Cbdvorak55
Where people get to talk about family guy things and talk about the parts you love
daddy and me hehe chat room [private] created by meowhidaddy
meowhidaddy put it in daddy :D
hi don lets chat chat room [public] created by meowhidaddy
hehe meow daddy daughter time :D meow
incesst when we were young chat room [public] created by kristine33k
for those that have been bused
Seven Minutes in Heaven chat room [public] created by DaniGold
go for it.. do whatever you want
meowhidaddychat chat room [public] created by meowhidaddy
i just want to get to know you daddy :D
friend talk sa chat room [public] created by vital80
talk to a friend with SA......................................................................
12-14 boys that want a girl friend that is cute chat room [public] created by shawna143
boys that want a girl that are 12-14 join im shawna andi want a boyfriend so join
Stress reliver chat room [public] created by Cbdvorak55
You get to say stuf and get rid of all stress
sex and masturbate chat room [public] created by seemetouchme
lets masturbate together and maybe some of us can meet in person
For Teens and everyone chat room [public] created by shall201188
no pervs you will be kicked out fast and discuss all you want have fun and NO BULLYING
horny pic or cam char chat room [public] created by rockastar3
just what itt says, cum in, have fun, be real
motherlove room chat room [public] created by motherlove1963
For those that enjoy all kinds of lovemaking
Fnev chat room [public] created by Prakashpd
Every one can chat here ,& enjoy but do,nt hurt anyone,
Fnfrev chat room [public] created by Prakashpd
Every one can chat here ,& enjoy but do,nt hurt anyone,
Kylers Truth or Dare chat room [public] created by KylerAteTheCookie
NO LIMITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You skip a dare you get two truths c:
love between mother and sonxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by kristine33k
love between mother and son xxxxxxxxxx
slut rough use chat room [public] created by filthysubfem
where girls get used hard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gaza.. chat room [public] created by Skazi7
for girls who wants have a hot viewing chat room [public] created by jeffandrew
to any girls that who want to see me naked
slam kenal chat room [private] created by beruangindo
free chat sensored chat room [public] created by jeffandrew
im all alone in my room i need somebody to chat with
The age confess chat room [public] created by Cbdvorak55
Im only 11 and single i had to lie about my age
The age confess room thing chat room [public] created by Cbdvorak55
Im only 11 and single i had to lie about my age
wastedpeople chat room [public] created by hamed13
must be drunk in order to be on it, and be drinking while chatting!!
zoophilia dogs chat room [public] created by shaneyboy007
horny dogs humping their owners
sudheer kumar chat room [public] created by sudheer2014
hi girls I am from india bangloore if you are interest to chat with me?
sexy arab gay chat room [public] created by jak321
arab all around the world lets get to know each others and share stories
awesoemjwebv chat room [public] created by lakota23
cjhbasi vkjdv hi zxv nusndvum
girls i love forever chat room [public] created by lakota23
I will always love girls for life if there arnt any girls ill just do them\
sagging boys chat room [public] created by skinnyskatersag
talk about sagging your pants, what hot, how to do it, cool or not cool...
boys sagging chat room [public] created by skinnyskatersag
talk about sagging your pants with others, what hot, what new, how low....
COB chat room [public] created by Glutton
We are the COB. Please don't make fun of our uniforms. They're cool and not gay, mom.
12 Year Olds Single With Skype chat room [public] created by im12MaleSkype
Join if your male or female 11-13 with skype
Thinspiration 2 chat room [public] created by dyingtobethin13
Name explains all. If you want to be skinny this is your chat room.
Bangla Sex chat room [public] created by RANACUTE
স্ক্ল Sexy ছেলে মেয়েদের Wel Come
bournemouth FUN ROOM chat room [public] created by joshb123
chat room for bournemouth peps looking for a FUN TIME
DragonWorldTeam chat room [private] created by BiGKevin77
Stanza riservata allo staff di BiGKevin77.
hi4123 chat room [public] created by handsome412
sex chat only for women and guys pls go in here room
caribbeanfreaks chat room [public] created by liamuser1
for caribbean people n lovers of caribbean people
DrunkChat chat room [public] created by GlassesNoClasses
Made it to the other side. Books down , glasses up. N* we made it.
alberta-edmonton chat room [public] created by panna2197
just to make a place where people can meet up
Haters And Heart Breakers chat room [public] created by XXRainShadowGirlXX
Anyone can come i guess? Be nice or rude i don't give a crappie
haters of the cheating race uncencered chat room [public] created by letNATEdie18
this room is for people to talk about the cheaters that they been with and ill help anyone who is upset and please be nice and help out when i am not in the chat room thank you
Only hot allnight oral for her chat room [public] created by mikedheli
Fun for the ladies! where you can chat with others and Bi and straight are welcome!
Deep Conversation chat room [public] created by fullaaacrap
This is a place to talk about anything you want to talk about, whether it be a theory you want to discuss, problems in your life, or something you saw on the news last week. Real life tends to lack good conversation if you're not surrounded by the right people, and (I hope) this is the place to come if you're looking for more.
Apostlic church of world chat room [public] created by YiSHAK7
We are talking about Jesus. Who is know about jesus & believe him
TeenssPlease chat room [public] created by Aaron1322
13 to 16 year olds only please haha thanks
sailoamli chat room [public] created by sailoamli
come for fun we can rock and get ultimate pleasure
My naked wife chat room [public] created by gasstationgirls
Come see my wife naked and talk about her and her body
Lesbians over 18 chat room [public] created by lkelley
Only lesbians over 18 can come on. No men, or younger teens. Will kick out
True lesbians only chat room [private] created by lkelley
NO men, under aged boys or girls.. Only true lesbians, if not you will be kicked out and banned.
BluEyedBaby1001 chat room [public] created by BlueEyedBaby1001
Idk I wanna meet new people and maybe meet someone older and good for me
chroniclesmeow chat room [public] created by meowhidaddy
lets chat a bit and get to know each other
Dungeon and nerds chat room [private] created by NecroGuille
pfffffffffft private thing shoo im sorry but shoo
only skype members chat room [private] created by manivannanaladi
only skype members,just conduct than callme
love and understanding chat room [public] created by peterrichy39
Flirt is a free mobile flirt site and chat community where you can send TEXT, PICTURES, VIRTUAL GIFTS and cheeky FLIRTS. We match you with other users based on your current location, status or even mood, so you can make new friends in an instant! All basic features are completely FREE - however those little extras to make your sweetheart happy - like virtual gifts - are paid but affordable premium features - just like in real life ;-) THE FEATURES: ★ Chat, flirt, date and meet awesome guys and girls nearby! ★ Use our easy, one-click search to find singles that match your desires - no need to type anything! ★ Send cheeky flirts - no typing here either! ★ Send messages and chat in an easy conversation view - it's like free texting!
shimona chatroom chat room [private] created by femalelamef
for young people of age 20 to 26 they enjoy here share there feelings emotions and life
My gf and i chat room [private] created by shall201188
my gf is hope and this is for me and her hopelewis
norfolk nebraska chat chat room [public] created by steadysmoking
Anyone in Nebraska or close to Norfolk ne
older men pervs chat room [public] created by millsjerry
sharing nn pics of my ex gf on yim if anyone likes her
freindcompany chatroom chat room [public] created by femalelamef
plz be open and clean and use at least decent and sensible words so that no one get hurted and enjoy a lot
Sharusms chat room [public] created by sharusms
The Dark Side Tides will fall chat room [public] created by AlexandrasDarkside
I don't think that you wanna be apart of me, I don''t think that you want to see the deeper darker side of me. darker side of me by The Veir Union' The tide will rise and throw you against the sharp jagged rocks of the shore, but the tides will fall and let you fade, so your face will lay against the sand, as the sun tries to warm your cold dead body, but as I sleep i dream for me, a place where im at peace, so go ahead, you can just leave, just like all the others, but don't worry I'll lay on the sand, and let the high tide wash me away and throw me against the sharp jagged rocks like they did you..
sexyfrnds chat room [public] created by sravaniraju
any one are invited to chat vith me
mohansandeep chat room [private] created by mohansandeep
i am looking girl friend to have continues friend ship
Azerbaijan- Only chat room [public] created by albins02
open room only for azerbijan, share your friendship with others
asian2021 chat room [private] created by mchand2021
Hi Girls, I am Mool from India. Here you can chat with me for serious relationship.
St. Louis Mo chat rrom chat room [public] created by fuzzyman964
A place for people of the St. Louis area to meet and chat
lovely ghulam fraeow chat room [private] created by farooq12
sexy gfgfdgfdg fgfdg fgfgfd gdf g fg fdg dfg fdg dfg dfg df g
Glory hole 3 chat room [public] created by silverfx
Come play with me. I will make you cum
gloryhole1 chat room [public] created by silverfx
Come let me make you happy that you came in to check out the room
XXX nauty fun here.... chat room [public] created by kinreo
this iz da best room u wil veer have in ur fuking whole life
Having fun horny welcome chat room [public] created by Charmy101
This is for Nybody that is willing to show themselves photograph.
good talk chat room [public] created by ram258
i woud like to chat any body like girsl are boys aunty so we can share our feeling then we have freinds
The Jungle Gem chat room [private] created by gemini2tru
no trolls/spamming /flooders. we may not always agree but i dont delete ppl for that. if u want some1 added plz IM me. this room is for having fun, flirting and serious chat! hope to see u there
WHO SPEAKS HUNGARIAN chat room [public] created by shsusan
I need to talk to someone who speaks hungarian! I speak English, Korean, and Chinese, so help yourself if you want to.
lookinslovenest chat room [public] created by LookinForLove1
im lookin for love and respect
no sex cam chat room [public] created by dana1307
i hope there's no more people asking for sex cam anymore. i need friend who want to talk about something which is not important or maybe sharing thoughts.... i'm a newbie to this thing, i hope u can teach me what's a good thing i'd get from our chat, I'll look forward to it
GIRLS WANT TO GET IT chat room [public] created by stan19h7
link to skype chat room [public] created by hellomachi
here you can have link to chat in skype those who have webcam..
Korean chingu chat room [public] created by gigagriez
need to having talk with Korean Friends
Forever Chill chat room [public] created by Stephen1542
This room is for anyone who want to meet new people and have a awesome time. I mean who doesnt want to party.
Chat for cool people only chat room [public] created by libbylu
Only cool people can enter this chat room.
Adult Diaper Support chat room [public] created by motherlove1963
For those who need a diaper in their lives to get through the day.
melayuthebest chat room [public] created by zackeys
Jom r chat2...knal2. ..marilah2!jgn segan jgn mlu
city crushing giant gods and goddesses chat room [public] created by jartharian
Chat for love of the idea of either being a city crushing giant or lovers there of
clean or naughty chat room [public] created by MiTCHAMGUY47
room for clean or naughty teens
Falling Star chat room [public] created by Stardust9292
place where my panties get dropping along with the rest of my clothes ;)
awesome1232 chat room [public] created by lakota23
piss piss piss chat room [public] created by euphoria98
you can piss here piss here piss here pissssss
long island new york chat chat room [public] created by SuicidalAngel15
a place for people from new York to connect
taboo-forbbiden chat room [public] created by CeliaD
Kinky adventurous open minded no limits chatting for freaky taboo lovers.
circles of friends chat room [public] created by scarletske
Guys come in. Lets have a nice chat here. Pls let us not be rude in here. Just want to make new real friends he
friendchatroom chat room [private] created by shall201188
chat room for my friends onlyblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Room For Vent chat room [public] created by JDaskM22
to let it all out and just talk your crap away
Roleplay central chat room [private] created by pornpall
anyone who wants to make a pretend and make a dirty story
White Windmill Bakery and Cafe chat room [public] created by swooshinn
White Windmill is a one-of a kind Korean bakery that brings together a wide collection of freshly baked goods for all to experience. Come sit down and share in the conversation over coffee and bread.
Our Chat Room 1911 chat room [private] created by chat1911
Our Chat Room 1911, completely private
anime 2014 chat room [public] created by rtool924
talk about naruto dbz bleach etc. or really anything lol
anybody can chat chat room [private] created by shemalehot
any body can chat here. girls women boys males
krish12 chat room [public] created by krishvilas
FreedomRift chat room [public] created by ZiYouz
Welcome to FreedomRift. Make sure you say hello
satishkkumar chat room [public] created by sksatishkumar
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
jesus the truth chat room [public] created by winder7
truth will expose heart is the place where jesus lives
awesome chat rooomm chat room [public] created by cocobell12
i dont know it is just a room to do anything it is always good to try something new
blk men around oklahoma chat room [public] created by scrawburry
im a thick strawberry blonde lookin for blk man
Very Imp chat room [public] created by AT2014
I Like to make friends, best friends not only for chatting but for meeting
love download chat room [public] created by lovetechno
for lover download think oh yeah common baby
You think you can dance chat room [public] created by loydi20
Interested in dancing. MANILA area
samira chat room [public] created by samirasamira1
plis call me im seris sprehs angulihs turkihs nederland cal me 00359896272175
SEXX WORLD chat room [public] created by yoggi1985
TALK ABOUT .............................................
torino fc peace room. chat room [private] created by kasimhasansas
this is a peace room so everybody joine here now
Indonesian Boy Romantic chat room [public] created by icarusPaulo
Anyone can join with me here..
faboulous lane chat room [public] created by girlbye
i am faboulous caht with me i am bi and i am faboulous
amianand chat room [private] created by anand333
this room is just for me and my one is allowed its privat
White Racist chat room [public] created by whitewoman65
Room for White men and women to chat
age 30-40-50 chat room [public] created by frankzieres54
looking for love and want have girlfriends and boyfriends and marrage
Just to chat room [public] created by Taylor432
Not really have anything specific to talk about, but just wanna talk? This place is perfect for that :D
scottish chatroom 2 chat room [public] created by raymy76
Chatroom for Scottish people looking for friendship,chat or even romance or hook ups
regin chat room [public] created by pap123
am simple decent looking a nice and humble man to spend the est of my life with
pusychat chat room [public] created by bibeksex111
hello my dear sexy mujhse sex ka baatain karna pasand hai....
date not sex chat room [public] created by sweetpea2000
Creepypastas only chat room [public] created by LostSilver143
Hello, i'm Lost Silver, i hope i can chat with some creepypastas
Awesomeness Fairy land chat room [public] created by AshtonsBrokenWings
BUDDHA chat room [public] created by lolBUDDHAlol
it all about me obey buddha at once!
doggyfun chat room [public] created by MasterD505
for dog lovers and want to bees :)
Lances chat room [private] created by LancerNightwalker
Lesbain only chat room [public] created by Swagpower
Lesbains only so girl likening girl
Looking for somone chat room [public] created by PrinceSeo
Bi that wants to search for a serious relationship
Between us chat room [private] created by modmik
Our private sanctuary to help us grow together
LesbianBabes chat room [public] created by Gamerbabe
Lesbian or Bi girls can create characters and role play with each other.
Crystal Empire Castle chat room [private] created by PrincessCadence
Where Me and my Husband rule/live. Please enjoy your stay ^.^
Golden Showers chat room [public] created by Footenthusiast247
I've always gotten easily bored with " The Norm" and have always been interested in trying different things just as long as it's not too crazy, hurts me or anyone else. I used to find it rather disgusting, but became aroused by golden showers after seeing Femdom videos of beautiful dominant women covering submissive men in their golden nectar. I've recently received my first one and am now hooked the feeling of euphoria that I received from it. For all those that read and respond to this chat topic, what is it that attracts you to or even repulses you about golden showers?
Face time fun chat room [public] created by hardshark
Hook up with people to have very very much fun in that good way
Revenge Is So Sweet chat room [private] created by DemonWolf176
RISS Clan Members will only be allowed to use this chat.
Sex questions 150 chat room [public] created by GTPCH
I need to ask some questions which I don't feel comfortable asking in person to anyone.
sex with new people chat room [private] created by awesomekid16
to have sex with people u dont know
hardlife chat room [public] created by biggangsta123
4 anybody who has had a hard life so far
THE BITICHES chat room [private] created by lordofdarkness69
For the BITICHES in my life I have created a room just for us! Enjoy my loves
For Boys Only between 16 and 21 chat room [public] created by hayleybug2014
This room is for people to talk and get to know each other and I really wanna meet a guy that I can talk to about some things and yah (:
edm fun chat room [public] created by codemasta
all fans of edm including trance house dubstep trap d n b etc
edm fun chat chat room [public] created by codemasta
fan of trance house electro dubstep dnb etc
ready tro go chat room [private] created by simplykool911
jus chat socialize then chat again open minded convos only
baskball chat room [public] created by RoimataRu
This is a chat room for everybody.
PORNY SEXXX chat room [public] created by SEXXX12345
Anyone with nude photo's are welcome. You may talk about sex, dating or normal things.
DIRTY ONLY 20920 chat room [public] created by Luvvybug20920
join if you dare no private messages
slavecorradoroom chat room [public] created by slavecorrado
here u can chat and play with a real slave
skype exchangesexy talk chat room [public] created by babsher560960
fun for all, little flirty and sexy ;)
roleplay for us chat room [private] created by BoMoore
No body but me and her <3 Got it :P
teens looking for love1 chat room [public] created by adriauna
for teens that are looking for puppy love
LesLoveLesbian chat room [public] created by reiid
anyone is welcome here. especially for LGBT people.
friendzz chat room [public] created by alenwilson
love starts from friendship..u r my world
role play12 chat room [public] created by imabeast123
for people who will web cam a role play scene of anyones choice dont have tthe balls to do anything then dont oin
pantyhose n feet chat room [public] created by Ryan027
woman who like to wear pantyhose
indian chat for women chat room [public] created by jignesh6961
any indian females want chat with me
nishas room chat room [private] created by nishalovespink
lets see,if this leads to what i hope to do. I am alone and i need a mature friend.
gay1444 chat room [public] created by JasonGace
gay people chatting in a chat room
ricky atwal chat room [public] created by rickyatwal
hi any girl want to be a my friend
lookng for to talk bout sex wth dogs chat room [public] created by Texasdognlooking
I've only watched movies with dogs and some the girls like extremely orgasm and think love watch or join in any one else
Only u Inn chat room [private] created by Porshaco
invited guest only please.Looking for the right ones with good mentality,good emotions,adult thinking,funny and more.
Horny camgirls chat room [public] created by Zenqos
Horny girls who wanna have fun come here :)
Black Veil Brides Fanz chat room [public] created by mjgreene20
Come and talk about BVB and anyone in the band
i really miss you chat room [public] created by lopalaps
for chatters that wants to chat about his/her only love
nigerians only chat room [public] created by maduchukwusun
cool nigerians ready to mingle
FRIENDSHIP ROOM ARUN chat room [public] created by Arun2089
Come and talk or skype chat room [public] created by Livin439
I am horny lol Skype me I love horny girls who want to to give nudes
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