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Korean Drama-KPOP Fans chat room [public] created by Kaydrama
let's chat about Korean because I have no one to chat my opinions on Koreans. I wanted to have a friend who also like Koreans! plzz come here to chat room. This chat room is for everyone! =)
Female fight place chat room [public] created by lisafights
A place where females can come and take there frustrations out on each other
single 10 year olds chat room [public] created by nadia111711
i am a 10 year old girl and lookinfor a boyfriend. also find your boyfriend or girlfriend ps i am not gay.
dan room chat room [public] created by danny2311
anyone can chat in here for making friend and for dating you can be any where in the world
TEENS 13 19 chat room [public] created by bipride666
any1 but no sexual stuff allowed
joshschatroomofrandom chat room [public] created by jos2136284
just a room for me and some select friends
singles under13 over 11 ready to mingle chat room [public] created by xpricyx
If your under 13 over 11 and single time to get talking now sexual references you can do that elsewhere get to know someone new gay lesbian or bi your all welcome i cant wait for the messaging to start xx
sex chat room with guys and girls chat room [public] created by jacobevans3
guys and girls:):):):):):):):)::)))))
sex chat room with guys and girl chat room [public] created by jacobevans3
guys and girls:):):)):):)::):)::):):)::
wot a.k.a World of tanks chat room [public] created by jacobevans3
all kinds of tanks:):):):):):):):):):):
The Misfits Area chat room [public] created by xXMitchellMadhouseXx
For everyone who is ignored in any other room, for people who want to make friends but just can't unfairly.
12 and 13 year olds dating chat room [public] created by Vincent87
Join if u 12 and looking for a gf or bf
GAY old meets young chat room [public] created by Joejoe848
nice place to chat with people you like.
JOIN THIS ROOM NOW chat room [public] created by xXDemonKingXx
XOXOXOXO chat room [public] created by ayasan
This room has been created for everyone, so please try to have fun.
Temitope chat room [public] created by Ajetemmytope
Loving caring understanding neat and clean looking for a friend and champion
PissPlay chat room [public] created by y7590
Who like to get pee'd on? ;) or pee on someone?
bernice chat room [public] created by bernice500
I'm a person who believes that everything is possible if you want it and you believe that you deserve to have it. I'm always different but I have strong values which I never change. I am not a princess but sometimes I want to be weak next to my beloved. I like to have fun and make jokes but sometimes I need time to stay alone and to make up with my thoughts. I try to catch the best moments of my life and to capture them in my memory. I don't give up but my patience is not endless. I'm a person who sees the glass is half full. If you think same then welcome to my world
PLZ COME chat room [public] created by ROHiTRCYYADAV
zendagi chat room [public] created by froghfarda
hello dear friends please be honest and love each other
Laptop freely chat chat room [public] created by princestiv
hey you have laptop then enter my room (webcam must u have then enter)
Give me your Blow job chat room [public] created by pepekmakkau
Come on baby , give me your blow job
Give Me Blow Job chat room [public] created by pepekmakkau
Come on baby , give me your blow job
centaur chat room chat room [public] created by AmandaBraodfer
Chat room created for both boys and girls, talk about anything, but no crap or else!
ledeni70 chat room [private] created by ledeni70
only for girls over 18 love black girl specialy ladies from jamajka
sex in the city chat room chat room [public] created by lloyderic
talking dirty, abou slut, sex , and must be open minded person as what the others talking
cheris chat room [public] created by cheris24
pretty is be my friend?
Talk-Talk chat room [public] created by papu87
Only Talks,Only Talks,Only Talks,Only Talks,Only Talks,Only Talks,Only Talks
parambil chat room [private] created by kariyam
only for sex chat .those who are interested join ...
Tansania chat chat room [public] created by muzungusteff
Ohm, ok, people from tansania, or dar es salaam, thats is what i looking for. I hope we can find somhow, and have fun together, not importend man or women
adult babies and momies chat room [public] created by annabellachef
for any adult babies and parents
Seeking SADIST for cam chat room [public] created by BiAbuse
I will obey!! So lets cam and I will let you lead the way!
Sadist chat room [public] created by BiAbuse
I want to cam with sadistic master M/44
MALAYALI AUNTY ROOM chat room [public] created by johnuncle
jews chat room chat room [public] created by girlemo11
jews talk to jews with the same ideas
israely jews chat room [public] created by girlemo11
live love die for our savior yeshua muslium and jews make friendly contact with each other
Brooken hearted chat room [public] created by xheryy26
Here is the room for all of them how are suffering from love
am britney looking for love chat room [public] created by britney320
am britney looking for love am looking for serious relationship am 29 years old
vanessa001 chat room [public] created by vanessa000
meet me !! fun and cute <3 <3 <3
Juggalo Junction chat room [public] created by metalmasher
Chat room for Juggalo, Stoners, Potheads, Pyshcopaths, And at times roleplayers, We have one rule, Very simple rule, Don't start beef,
sex uk girls chat room [public] created by anthonyhowson
Girls who love sexfor any girl
The Dark Carnvial chat room [public] created by metalmasher
This is a room for juggalos and juggallettes to chill out with the family
ahlygione chat room [public] created by ahlygione
This is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to host
be pro ana mia chat room [public] created by rexy85
ed afflicted. come share messages, contact info, and support for fellow ed members. we all want to be thin. need to be thin.
BlackGold2 chat room [private] created by StevelD0uglas
understanding diversity promoting peace, love and harmony
Crossdressing testing chat room [public] created by tommytapper45
People interested in talking about crossdressing
Katies45639 chat room [private] created by Katie45639
this is a private chatroom for Katie and Betty so please don't enter
britneys room chat room [private] created by britneybabee
Britney's private chat room for britneybabee and her friends. entry by invite only
britneys chat room chat room [public] created by britneybabee
britneybabee's private chat room. Entry by invitation only
britneys private chat room chat room [private] created by britneybabee
britneybabee's private chat room. entry by invitation only
britneys private chat room 2 chat room [private] created by britneybabee
britneybabee's private chat room entry by invite only
FgtLand chat room [private] created by Scarletdrache
asdasdasd chat room [private] created by Belough
Single Only chat room [public] created by BillionairBjay
if are not singl dont enter the room
The 40 Plus chat room [public] created by SolidnHim
Straight Male and Female 40 years and over.
just toronto chat room [public] created by pepi22
every one is welcome ,to talk date etc.....
ChakorMingansChat chat room [private] created by ChakorMingan338
this is just a room to chat and respect what other people have to say
single 16 year olds kf chat room [public] created by rhysjones16
join have fun talk dont be racist and dont be a pr**k
femdom123 chat room [public] created by kings123kongs
looking for femdom women who would like to have a fun roleplay?
Nekos house chat room [public] created by EvilDemonNeko
Hey, if you're a spammer, Caplock rager, or just a jerk, you'll be instantly banned with no warnings. It will be pointless to try and break any of these rules since you will get no where. We allow General Roleplay, (No sex, NO FIGHTING.) These rules apply outside of Roleplay. We tolerate no judement or fighting here. This is EvilDemonNeko's house, kick back and relax, don't be a douche. Simple as that. Don't be shy.
H TOWN HOUSTON TX chat room [public] created by LASTTOOLGOD
stoneds chillen room chat room [private] created by stoneddude069
a place for stoners like me to come and chat and hang out and smoke some blunts
sam1237 chat room [public] created by sum127
im sathish 25 years , male, chennai
dying2Liv chat room [public] created by Dying2Liv
If you have so many secrects but no one to tell, if your fighting some unknow battle that nobody understands, if you were that kid that got bullied, if you came from a broken home. Do you have a mental disorder or are you just different? This is the chat room for you! Address your issues, get advice, vent and maybe solve a problem or make a friend
changingroom chat room [private] created by ace190
to make a change, make life more safer, work better , and live longer, make life as sweet as possible.
Johnnywalker123 chat room [private] created by Johnnywalker123
Would talk to Jennifer .how r u? How r u doing?
ROMANCE CHAT LOVE chat room [public] created by RAVi1239
usawww chat room [private] created by nishtheslave21
me and im playing submissive roles and chatting
usaw chat room [public] created by nishtheslave21
friends and chat are done here
Late Night in Hawaii chat room [public] created by penny808
808 chat, anything anyone wants to talk about. Its late and if your on here then your bored like my a$$ lol
raja from india chat room [private] created by mohan0101
Hi adult an sexy chat with me only female ..... Hi come an enjoy them masti 4 fuking
One piece anime chat room [public] created by Strawhatluffy190
people who are interested in one piece anime pls come here no inappropriate things and also have fun also COME ABOARD STRAW HATS!! C|xD
welcome girls for fun chat room [public] created by martinsekar
Here full and full jun and enjoyment with boys through chatting. if you are interested video chatting is also available more details contact +243819892718
kesepian chat room [private] created by ryanibrahim
butuh sex haus sex play with me pliss
Lovey Doves chat room [public] created by LoveBug2424
Come here to find the love of your life
for the willingly submissive chat room [public] created by Toplaywith
free and friendly room for any female sub/slut/ come and play
ooVoo come chat chat room [public] created by Alicajays
If you have oovoo come and chat, swap usernames and have fun, there are no rules so do as you please
comodity trading chat room [public] created by paajoe22
business people who wont to trade on gold and diamond from africa
bible readers chat room [public] created by paajoe22
if you are a christen let read the bible
RS chat room [private] created by Rohit1078
fun room .. just fun fun and fun and nothing else
bpd chat room [public] created by bpdheartbroken
Non bpd searching for help navigating other halfs rages
SOCIALISM chat room [public] created by xxKiLLAxx
peace and silence no bann viva socialism
senior-college chat chat room [public] created by ClassOf2015
for senior's in high school and college students
chatroom senior-college chat room [public] created by ClassOf2015
for senior's in high school and college students
senior-college students chat room [public] created by ClassOf2015
for senior's in high school and college students
tesegeez chat room [public] created by teasergeezer
made for the female users only
females like to masterbate with on skype chat room [public] created by mikelove1990
horny Females and men that wanna masterbate on Skype
gdat chat room [public] created by adjatea
EX yu chat room.......................................................................................................
No Trolls Aloud chat room [public] created by Rob42Romantic
Bisexual chat for people with similar interest.
Florida Lesbian Chat chat room [public] created by simplicity73
Florida Lesbian Chat Room Please only Florida women
freindship and share your feeling chat room [public] created by rahul99934
do you like freindship with me..
Blunt Chat chat room [public] created by bigskill
lets have fun, nothing like some relaxing conversations
Horny Cyber chat room [public] created by Pillsx
??????????????????????????????????????????? Fk me. Enjoy the time spent. ???????????????????????????????????????????
WORKONLINEFORFREE chat room [public] created by WorkOnlineForFree
Legitimate work online opportunity, absolutely FREE to register. Begin earning commissions immediately!!
Necrophilia chat room [public] created by DeathReaper115
People who are attracted to dead things, or people who think they might, are welcome. People who want to know about it, are also welcome.
looking for a girlfriend who 13 year olds. chat room [public] created by Codylane24
I am singles looking for girlfriend
proana andmia chatroom chat room [public] created by bones543
join if you want support on pro ana
proana thinsporation and mia buddies chat room [public] created by stonecoldbabe
Exactly what the room is called just peoplehelping and supportingthinsportaion mia and ana helping others reach their goals join if you want if not then oh well.
Bagluru chat room [public] created by Yashikaa
adsddacsdvdfvsdcsdvfvdthgtrv vrv erv er ve rv er v erv er vve rv erv e ve
Furry Adult chat room [public] created by Winterloch
Mature furry hang out only. As in, act like a tolerant adult, not an intolerant brat.
Big Phat bootys chat room [public] created by TheRedGovernor
18+ please this is a room for girls with big juicy butts
Girls with Large Butts chat room [public] created by TheRedGovernor
18+ please this is a room for girls that are packing alot of heat in the ass region
singles plz any girl can join chat room [public] created by Njpshooter14
Ima guy so girls join but I don't really care in probly never gonna find the one for me ��
GIRLS 13-15 only chat room [public] created by Logant14
13-15 horny girls only xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
MyDreamlicc chat room [public] created by MyDreamlicc
First time wantin to experience a female whos not afraid
XxxXAlesSXxxX432 chat room [public] created by BosSuL559
music room libertty life for muzic
CHRIS MARTIN FROM COLDPLAY chat room [public] created by babybooforchrismarti
PEOPLE WHO ARE OBSESSED WITH CHRIS MARTIN FROM COL chat room [public] created by babybooforchrismarti
abhi23 chat room [private] created by monu23
I want to sexy meture women to chat
wife swaping chat room [public] created by mahendra941
hi we r couple from India (chattisgarh)
single lesbians 14-18 chat room [public] created by zaylalove15
any single girls just lookin for a little love and mabey a little dirty talk too
chat sex kuala lumpur chat room [public] created by Azrul82
Find your safe sex here. Find you soul mate here. Find your sex partner here. Find your closest friend here
Hot and Horny Chat chat room [private] created by 1180
Only for hot guys and people. to have a good time and loving
bartender chat room [public] created by Bomfur
its a bar what more do you want from me oh yeah and everything's free!
nude chatroom chat room [public] created by tristonbigd
in this chat room you are free to do anything even send nudes
Global Chat Room chat room [public] created by Sarosh3
It the global Chat Room, in which whole world's friends can chat. The world's biggest chat room.
Looking for a boyriend girlfriend chat room [public] created by reachonice
if your single this group is for you
LDR chat room [public] created by aldiajah
obrolan santai dan hangat khas cafe remang-remang
pics swap11 chat room [public] created by shamosa121
a place to swap pics of yourself
Game of Thrones Ascent on Facebook chat room [public] created by chocolatestallion469
If you play Game of Thrones Ascent via Facebook, jump on in, we're looking to grow our Alliance for the Next PTP tournament.
Life is like a box of suites you never know what.. chat room [public] created by Meggy92
Just a chat to meet people and have a good time
MRCMontreal chat room [public] created by DPenn15
Anyone from Montreal, you are welcome
one piece rules chat room [public] created by Strawhatluffy190
this is a room for all one piece fans and role players and also have fun here and help me search for my missing nakama C|:D
LurkHour 3.0 chat room [public] created by honeystalker
believe whatever it is u need to believe................
single hot mexican chat room [public] created by sassyballer18
single hot girl looking for a sex guy to come get me off my feet and marry me one day
favroite wizords chat room [public] created by copy90
talk about who like favorite parts
Earn Money by using your Phone chat room [public] created by TroyBanks
Room will be open for 15 minutes only, if you are struggling financially or have a lot of free time step into my chat room. You need a phone in your hand and wifi while I direct you through this
Obedient Male Slave chat room [public] created by jjjjsub
jjjjsub is an obedient male slave waiting in this room for a Master or Mistress to obey. I will submit to your orders and abuse myself in real time for you.
MineCraft PE users only chat room [public] created by MineCraftPEGirl23
only join if you have minecraft pe and if you have the multiplayer app or if you are going to get the multiplayer app.
Vagina-s chat room [public] created by pitchblack234
we talk about ladies vagina's and the creator is super sexy and dont forget to take off your tops ladies enjoy my sexual room
hot and indian chat room [public] created by jerryjos1
I am 32 age indian boy now I live in USA I. Like to share with girls
love me.... hate me not chat room [public] created by robertbobb1987
all is well love is fell.I wanna love someone.spend some time with a girl...but not getting any girl..who love me....?
come on peoples chat room [public] created by KittyKatBoo
anyone can join in :p age does not matter just behave haha
bulimics chat room [public] created by erie22
This is intended for people who are dealing or have dealt with bulimia and needs support!
sherlock holmes chat room [private] created by Severence
private investigator and trusty side kick
Master Chief 117 chat room [public] created by SexyMasterChief117
Awesome people no rules chat to anyone you'll like to talk to in this chat room
prince Avenue chat room [private] created by princeolamide1
a room of entertainment,peace,harmony and many more.... hurry, hurry, hurry and catch up with me....
Yay pickles chat room [public] created by SwedishPride
if you are bored then come in here and talk to me, cuz i have no life at all :D
Calvin and Vayisas Love Den chat room [private] created by innocentWolf
my mate and I's den where we will bear our children and be married
Steam punk chat chat room [public] created by RogueTitan
A place for steam punk fans to chat
holding tank chat room [public] created by Cheryl247
a nice quiet place to meet someone and chat
amazing amazing chat room [public] created by devinsrt
talk about anything that you want and it will be ok
Comic Books and Sci-Fi chat room [public] created by lordtyranus1
This is a room for to chat with other people who like comic books, comic based movies or shows and Sci- fi movies.
meeting people here chat room [public] created by Mattcat2
Looking to chat with some new people to make some new friends here.
Fun SexyChat chat room [public] created by LuckyGirl08
This room is for anyone who want to chat and have fun. ANYTHING GOES!!
texasliving chat room [public] created by 5lange
please only people who live in texas
supernatural 12 chat room [public] created by natural20
I'm a down to earth real open-minded,I dont hide my feelings when it comes to the matters of the heart. I want to share my life with someone who will love me for what I am and want the same in return. I am very happy with who I am as a Person, and I want to share & experience Life with a woman who can share, and enjoy Companionship, and what I have, and who will treasure my Heart. I have good a Heart and I'm caring. "I am looking for someone who will Love me for whom I am".Honesty, friendship, d o o r a a d a m s s @ y a h o o .c o m
chubbygal05 chat room [private] created by chubbygal05
any male or fermale want to chat to me!
am121 chat room [private] created by amleshyadav
only for girls who belive in long time relationship
yellow chat room [private] created by mukrimafauriska
i just saw a lot of things with yellow color in my room. lol.
Alone But Happy chat room [public] created by janiprince75
i'm not your heart but i miss you i'm not your FAMILY but i care for you i'm not your blood i'm ready to share your pain why......? becouse i love you
nasroucheriet chat room [public] created by nasroucheriet
ruby00 chat room [public] created by ruby00
hi men age 40 indian aaaaaaaaaaaaaa vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Hit the floor chat room [public] created by JaysonRiley
If you're down and need to talk, I'll be here for you.
HOTTIEST ROOM chat room [public] created by skybomb
ONE 4 ALL,, ALL 4 ONE... anti stress :D
dirty sex chat room chat room [public] created by prasanthsmart
here m sot hot and i like to make fun with girls and married womens.........please join in this group girls........
AMWF CHAT chat room [public] created by australianbeautii
looking for asian males interested in white female aged 25-30
Riyanna chat room [public] created by Riyanna2014
Iam Riyanna Lee from canada iam a student of university iam a girl of 28years old and iam here looking for new friends to have fun with them and iam loving caring and truthful woman here Thank you All?
ask to fuk chat room [public] created by lovebug1999
fun flirty chat all welcomed have fun chat with people and maybe find the one for you have fun and dont give out your number adress nothing like that stay safe
Platform Racing chat room [public] created by RoxasRileyCombat
This is the chat for my friends from PR to just hang out and stay chill. Role-play accepted. Sparring allowed. Haters get banned. And, that's all. :x
young and probably lesbian chat room [public] created by Babhockeyy
i have no idea really blablablablablablablabla
rendi chat chat room [private] created by rendi12345
chat angel bersama angel untuk bersenang senang, dan menghabiskan waktu bersamanya chat room [public] created by Dutchboy20
If you would like to make cash online this is the place to be! I can give you all the info you need!
meet africans chat room [public] created by cescou0
you are welcome if you want to talk with africans
join all single guys chat room [public] created by browneyegirl25
only single males can enter this room thanks all
Jacksepticeye Chat Room chat room [public] created by MixedFandomGirl
Y'know. A chat room made for Jacksepticeye Fans. Nothing special.
MALAYALY AUNTS ROOM chat room [public] created by johnuncle
ANY FEMALE NEED GROUP SEX OR 1 -1 ROMANTIC OR DIRTY SEX CHAT PLS COME IN.Any female need 3 some with a male and female or 2 males pls be in touch.real sex or ph sex pls contact
LOVE ALWAYS chat room [public] created by praveen786
Sexually Explicit chat room [public] created by YoungandSweet967
18 and up :D only for those looking for a hook up sexual stimulation or a sexual challange
tausif chat room [public] created by tausifahmad
i want to new friends and meat
czech room chat room [public] created by loeka
i would like to connect to some czech ladies
lesbian fun ya that chat room [public] created by chrisstone2010
All female who wanna have fun talk and have a great time
Bo2 FR chat room [public] created by Benoit73100
Venez faire des games avec nous on fait de la mme et de la R&D on va bien rigoler ;)
kumarabaap chat room [private] created by kumarabaap
only for sex for female, no male allowed with there gender
Room000 chat room [private] created by chill000
IDK its fun and exciting and stuff
Depressed Cookies0 0 chat room [public] created by XxshadowsxX
For Emos and or anyone judged and labeled cuz of there music and dress style❤��
39m for ageplay girls chat room [public] created by Ripd
ageplay chat for girls who like to pretend to be much younger
Ageplay Girls chat room [public] created by Ripd
Girls who like to pretend to be very young
DAD DAUGHTER F ROOM chat room [public] created by johnuncle
IndianDesi chat room [public] created by rohit875
Get a fun place to express yourself and let loose.
IndianDesiiii chat room [public] created by rohit875
lets chat everyone chat room [private] created by imbosspeople
lets chat is a room that you can use for 5 or 6 people only invite only
search girlfriend chat room [public] created by willywhezer
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
freaks unleashed chat room [public] created by punkrocker1986
are you different and proud of it? than this is a room for you!
alternative chat room [public] created by punkrocker1986
are you different and proud about it? then this is a room for you?
tammy13 chat room [public] created by tamgurly
for all of my friends and likers
Privaaaate roooom chat room [private] created by WinterSkywere
Private room for when private secret meetings and talks have to happen. shhhhh.
210vizag chat room [public] created by lalithavizag
vizag females r only allowed to this room
1vizag chat room [public] created by lalithavizag
vizag females r only allowed to this room
0vizag chat room [public] created by lalithavizag
vizag females r only allowed to this room
10vizag chat room [private] created by lalithavizag
only vizag lesbians , unsatasified aunties , hrny girls , who r willing to in lesbian r only allowed tho this chat room as people
SINGLE LOBBY chat room [public] created by aaaiight26
kahit sino pwede basta from philippines
gay chat on skype chat room [public] created by jayjayy7
any guys mainly join any ages come in
YouTube Gamers Age 14-16 chat room [public] created by Weeverman36
A chat room for gamers all over youtube, Preferably between the ages of 14 and 16.
sex room 1722734663 chat room [public] created by blueclaw
Send pics and vids and say sexy stuff
sex room 734775738828 chat room [public] created by blueclaw
Send sexy pics vids and messages
jaytee chat room [public] created by jaytee41
i love u o
HYDERABAD GIRLS AND BOYS chat room [public] created by kiran455
a platform for all hyderabad girls n guys to have fun flirt enjoy make friends love etc etc
bottom need gangbang chat room [public] created by bimitch
fun place for men to chill me and have goupe fun
arab guy chat room [public] created by ramimr7
for girls only , cool guy who wants to make you feel better and would like to talk to you
sub4sub chat room [public] created by ROBLOX22
join me to sub back! for youtube please come i will sub back :)
meet younger boys for love chat room [public] created by jmiracle352
older woman meet younger man for love and relatioship
wonders chat room [public] created by mastansania
what should i say about the thing every thing is going on .
jamaican1 chat room [public] created by bennie450
share other life style about ones country and other thing like un no wen loin
bangladeshi divorced women chat room [public] created by arifnpr
hewre should enter only people from bangladesh who are single,divorced,widowed .no present relation
friendly and taglish chat room [public] created by icejelbel
basta friendly,mabait,kind,honest,understanding,hamble pwde dito. bawal ang pasaway,bastos,stupid,at mayabang.
Yo Yo chat rooms chat room [private] created by Destructiveutsav
This chat rooms is of about normal conversations. And there can be some adult talk also.
telugu sex chat modda chat room [public] created by jmvrk7
male here anybody wants to chat with me
BOOBESES chat room [private] created by Klila7852
I need 30 characters in this box. So here they are.
LandOfFexxis chat room [public] created by RoxasTheVigilant
The great stronghold of the Fexxin Empire. Know your place while you are here, respect those within the room. If you care to help in the growth of Fexxin, speak with RoxasTheVigilant. Do not cause problems, or you will be removed, one way or another.
kampret chat room [public] created by kalong85
cewek kelayapan masuk sini yuk
visiting budapest chat room [public] created by gianluca1974
to visit and to live in Budapest
neg 2 poz chat room [public] created by mansjuice
neg men looking for poz men for bareback sex
rkchat chat room [private] created by rk1000437
adult chat dear. yjgdvkdbjuffv niffvkdc jfbkfxvkgcbkfc bjfbkdcngxngx njfsdhvdgjv
Minecraft 360 Live chat room [public] created by SwirlyChan
Come on in and play some Xbox 360 minecraft. Share your names for Xbox Live! We're here to play!
Uk m chat for fun chat room [public] created by Danukm
Chat with open minded uk m discuss any think you like
New experience for wife chat room [public] created by Flame1965
Best way to convince wife to have affair
Metallica And Kron chat room [public] created by Siksense
a chat room to talk about metal artist and how you feel about them
Teen Titans chat room [public] created by lily3456
This chat is my very first one so I hope it works.NO rude commmets and not being mean.
anime skai chat room [public] created by miwasinger123
you can chat all you but please no bad words and sexual talks....and if you think this is boring you can leave this chat room
Dragons forest chat room [private] created by laphisto
here is the meeting place for the last remaining Dragons a nice valley surrounded by a thick forest
House Under the Shade chat room [private] created by DeityToons
A small blue house was built one day under the tallest tree by the lake. Its meant to hold memories of a man who will soon be forgotten.
philippina want black man chat room [public] created by asianwet
hi, i am analyn from philippines. 24 yo
limsy cambodia chat room [public] created by choe112
searching for serious relationship
Im HIGH smokers chat room [public] created by Makinu916
a room for HIGH people. no matter what it is, from the ppl with munchies to the ppl staying up all night.
Central Arizona chat room [public] created by CadillacMan19
Young gay men interested in oldet gay men......
Daddies girlies chat room [public] created by Jjpssy
Older men younger women. Let's have a good time.
Need of relationship 13-19 age plz chat room [public] created by Dallas1001
Where people are in need of an relationship. plz only be 13 to 19
Gay Cape town older 4 younger chat room [public] created by Dad4Twink
Meet up with younger or older in Cape Town
ReportRoom chat room [public] created by ToyaShadowStar
Room to report in for the assignments
desires chat room [private] created by myloverr
just love and love and love and love and love
sex manila cebu chat room [public] created by bigzmikez
chaters who want to have some fun cum inside ;)
im 16 canadian with skype chat room [public] created by kadical143
bored and a lil horny.. chat mee I am into all women ill do whatever ya want;) me so hornaay
sex only i love sex chat room [public] created by Allenmartil
i love to have seex hwhwbshajamwkqbahwbqjqqknqjq
im 16 boredn horny chat room [public] created by kadical143
lookin foor any girl ta Skype mee im so bored and cant sleep ;) plz help
indonesianXXX chat room [public] created by Kurniawan16thn
sex? what is that? apa itu? ada yan bisa bantu jawab?
teen TransGirls chat room [public] created by Jasonnw198
This is a rooms for transsexual girls,crossdressers,tgirls etc
the sos brigede chat room [public] created by gemiemma
(Brigade is spelled wrong just so I can have the name) TEEN CHAT ONLY. If I sents any creeps I'll kick them out. This club/ chat room was made for the 15-17 year olds of the anime culture. We also can talk about random stuff as long as the topic is OK with everyone.
pewdiepie bros and brocorn chat room [public] created by shelby13901
bros talk all day long bro fist
the s.o.s brigade chat room [public] created by gemiemma
a club for TEENS 15-17 ONLY! this club if for teens who love anime or just want people to talk to.
joanofarcexecution chat room [public] created by JoanofArc1431
Room where Joan of Arc is being executed
Single taken friends whatever chat room [public] created by Jhyne
For those who want someone to talk about anything, about life, problems, happiness and others. Friends chat room for those who needs a' shoulder to cry on.
Joan of Arc execution chat room [public] created by JoanofArc1431
Joan of Arc execution room where Joan burns alive
irish man looking for fun chat room [public] created by keith66
Looking to meet ladys to chat and travel and a bit of craic
Gay Girls Talk chat room [private] created by aNaXbutterfly
talk for gay girls. no dirty stuff allowed.
Gay Girls Chat chat room [public] created by aNaXbutterfly
no dirty stuff please. just fun
Sussex Room chat room [public] created by Wsussexguy40
The Place for all Sussex peoples
respect friends chat room [public] created by marwa22
welcome to all people good and respect
YAAAAA chat room [public] created by Maxp77227272
Talk talk. Let's get to know each other. They told me to make at least 30 charictars long. So I am. Sorry I didn't spell that right.
single boys 14 year old chat room [public] created by angie2130
I need a boyfriend that is 14 and that loves romance
English Anime Roleplay Chat chat room [public] created by Kiritokun0013
Please try to stay in character
lustful teen chat room [private] created by jackjaz17
lets talk about sex and share your stories and anything else it is all aboit sex
Melbourne fun chat room [public] created by Greeklover3
Catch up for fun :) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllbbbbbooooouuuurrrnnnneeee
Dundernuts chat room [public] created by dundernuts
Blah Blah burrrrp Blah how many more lettters do i need to make 30 i cant be assed to count
massssage chat room [public] created by chiropractor
Giving deep tissue chair and faicales
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