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List of all user-created chat rooms #597
Fake love Fake true chat room [public] created by staystrange
I hate love ,,,, just for girls ,,,, I'm danger stay away of my hurt !
Free your mind chat room [public] created by lovemerosey
If you're sad, depressed, hurt (emotionally), and want to share how you feel with someone. Remember no one knows you so you can talk about your feelings with anyone. Some of us is hurting but want to tell someone and you can't because there's no trust in this world today. Anywhere don't let me stray off topic...
friends chat room2 chat room [public] created by rymrk
pinoy and pinay age 17-22 for adults only and open minded
10 year old kids chat chat room [public] created by tkeutennn
ONLY 10 YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chic n suburbs onnon chat room [public] created by Wildnight32
Lets chat about what ever .........................................................................
Big Dicks here chat room [public] created by pfuj65
Laph Korra Zenith chat room [private] created by XWolphX done.....xD
magyck chat room chat room [public] created by PerenelleFlamel
any sort of magyckal things (beliefs experience etc)
BlackWolfs Den chat room [public] created by SirBlackWolf
sex in private,,but please ask before IM
kinkystraaightmarriedguy chat room [public] created by split69
seeking mature ish women to chat with
peoplae with out a life chat room [public] created by clashofclansplayer
friendly 2.0 chat room [public] created by BrandenAlexander
Just another chatroom for you people out there.
nareshrap chat room [private] created by nareshrap
freinds and life ,love , good respect each other
Fun with Tifa chat room [private] created by BustyTifa
My personal VIP's! If I add you, I approve you. So send a messege if you wanna join and talk with me and my approved friends :)
Final Fantasy VII chat room [public] created by BustyTifa
A chat to talk about the video game Final Fantasy 7.
eyeball2014 chat room [public] created by bilover22
In his mission to film a narrative for every special-interest demographic in the gay dating wilderness, Crisaldo Pablo (with co-directors Remz Mallari, Jonathan Batoy, and Bob Galura) turns his lo-fi sexicomic filmmaking to an overweight twenty-something desperate to score. (The title is misleading; our hero is the chub, not the chaser.) Thanks largely to actor Joseff Young's valiant self-deprecation, Chubi's embarassing exploits -- he endures rejections, then cons other guys just so he can get laid -- don't come off as too pitiful; instead they're suggested to be a kind of spiritual quest for salvaging dignity. The jokes can be repetitive -- How many times do we need to be reminded that fat people are not high up on the sex food chain? -- but they're also designed to touch compassionately on everyone's anxieties on body image.
Victorias Secret Labyrinth chat room [private] created by vange612
Free fairy on the go... gigglish and fun
chat sex room indonesia chat room [public] created by jaya88
Cerita bebas untuk para wanita
hocus bogus chat room [private] created by kayamando
romeo and juliet...death and destruction...eternal true love!!! does it exsist???
Macc chat room [public] created by macc20
Hi How are u doing I a Macc and i am here so that ican have someone as My Soulmate ..I am a seriouse Person,respectful i wish to shat with u as My Soul Mate..
girls to chat chat room [public] created by dr0pthebass
as im straight i i rather chat to girls simple
tioga county chat room [public] created by jackbenny
meeting people from sothern teir
Shota chat room [public] created by KiloTakashi
Anything can happen in this room no limits whatsoever.
Teen who like older men chat room [public] created by Older4younger22
Teen who like older men male or. Female .................................
for all major roleplayers chat room [public] created by tigerkitten
this chat room is for people who love to role play. I will be role playing as one of my oc's sasha. you can do what ever you want just no inapropate pictures if you think that a pic is bad but arnt sure about it then show me and i'll tell you if its good or bad. I promise to be nice. I need friends so if you want to be friends add me and yeah. im going to try to be on here as much as I can but its hard for me to rember to get on :) so if im not on then I am sorry (you do not have to be a good speller I don't even know how to spell a lot of stupid words) yes text talk is allowed depending on the person. if some one starts to be rude (not as there character) then tell me and ill deal with it. thank you. have fun. I love you all :D
weareyoung chat room [private] created by jezzy143
this room is for private chat don't ever bother us,okay??
SG chatroom chat room [public] created by tabular
For SG folks to mingle around...
come to topgirlkitten chat room [public] created by topgirlkitten
come play with me, if our chats get heavy for this site we will take it to my skype *wink*
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [private] created by divnsnv
need girlsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LaZyChaT chat room [public] created by George0mg
Straight sex......... chat room [public] created by swapn7792
not for gay and lesbians so don't join this chat room.....................
sex slave needed chat room [public] created by jhar
sex slave needed for kik and or skype must be willing to send pics vids or cam female any age welcome no males
Gay 13-15 find love here chat room [public] created by GayAngelAngel
for 13 or 14 and 15 gay year old who want love in there life
Team Fortress 2. chat room [public] created by TheSandvichHoovy
princezico chat room [private] created by princezico
cool room a good place nice and friendly place cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
evasion chat room [public] created by dramaking06
Every can chat here and make of good relationship at condition to respect the others. Chat ouvert tous a condition de respecter les autres
Denverpotheads chat room [public] created by fac3bones
A place for pot heads in Denver and the surrounding are to kick it and talk herb!
doowop lovers chat room [public] created by leasureman
listen to some of the best doowop around. and NOT the famous plays.
Alice in wonderland RP chat room [public] created by MissCheshire
alice in wonderland chat room is a chat room where we talk about alice in wonderland
The Land Of Helyg chat room [public] created by XxWillowTreexX
This is the fabled land o' Helyg. We speak o' nonsense and stuff. Y'know?
Anal Happiness chat room [public] created by SFCA415
Meet people that LOVE anal sex, hookup, have cybersex, do whatever you need to do. Good luck and may the gods be with you ;)
indonesia chating chat room [public] created by fandy0420
just for fun.......................................................................................
K-Pop fandom chatroom chat room [public] created by AesukiExoticGalaxy
Especially for ARMY and EXOTICS :)
dirty webcam chat room [public] created by bigtitsdirtygirl
dirty/sexy talking and doing dirty and sexy stuff on webcam also role playing
indonesia bisa chat room [public] created by fandy0420
indonesia bisaa............................................................
Two Square Clothing chat room [public] created by cesardelgado
Two Square brings in front of you a stunning collection of mens clothing.
Hi from a 20 years old Singapore guy chat room [public] created by worthyguy1994
(pls don't mind the age) :) Looking for someone cute and sweet to have do things that make us happy :)) i am dead serious! :)
Hi from a 20 years old Singapore guyy chat room [public] created by worthyguy1994
Please don't mind the age :) Looking for someone cute and sweet to do certain things that make us happy :) I'm dead serious!!
interacial bi-sexual room chat room [public] created by Freddieeddie
room just for interacial bi-sexual lovers
hayuppp chat room [public] created by sexybadboy21
a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers (as in humans), with two atria and two ventricles.
hayupsaganda chat room [public] created by bilover22
a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers (as in humans), with two atria and two ventricles.
orang chat room [public] created by 123456gilank
hiiii... berbagi info khusus orng indonesia ajharing kabar nusantara sesama kita yuk, curhat da
openminded fun chat room [public] created by whiteace73
Ladies who are openminded and likes chatting
chocice chat room [public] created by whiteace73
Ladies who are openminded and likes chatting
you respect is my love chat room [public] created by marylove1414
let me know who you are and i will be it to you
for 12-13 years old only chat room [private] created by trixia12
first chat me on facebook so i can see your pictures ^_^
Connecticut discreet adults chat room [public] created by brrwilldo
adults looking to have adult discreet fun with adults only
All in the family 12 chat room [public] created by ReddyNAble
All in the family, adventures within a family
kuldeep chat room [public] created by kuldeep4979
friendly & sex chat in Marathi Hindi Kannada
need relationship chat room [public] created by pogisirenz
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
black ops wiii or any cod game for wii chat room [public] created by patrick022
hi welcome to my room im looking for friends on any cod game for the wii
Bored at work and waiting for 5 chat room [public] created by BarclayUSA
Waiting for the weekend tick tock tick tock tick tock
song chat room [public] created by mazzy65
talk about songs the songs u like and dont like xx
sex chat or love chat chat room [public] created by anurag1989
i want to romance on girl only on chat
BORED AND HORNY HERE chat room [public] created by biancabiatriz
Indian Telugu Sex Chat chat room [public] created by choukinaveen6
Telugu Indian boys and girls sex chat room
Pro Ana No judgement chat room [public] created by Skinnykilljoy
This chat room is for pro ana, for everyone to talk about ana with out being judged. to give tips and tricks and encouragement.
whodat382 chat room [private] created by whodat382
this room is created for personal chat with freshwind
femdom chat castle chat room [public] created by slav1
mistress and slaves meeting together in a quiet place
Whovians United chat room [public] created by roswinDW
Whovians come one come all! Chat with people who love Doctor Who just as much as you do! It is absolutely Fantastic!. Allonsy!
Stable chat room [private] created by groom4u
Inspection centre for retrired cowboys who want to train their skills
my my my wet wet wet wetttttttttttttttt chat room [public] created by baigani
thechat chat room [public] created by theking1233
cam inn and enjoy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ashley 19 fm chat room [public] created by ahsley1994
i always wanted to become a blood and i wanted to try it out because all my friends are bloods so i would like to become one if u can help me out
onlyforyou chat room [public] created by lifewonderful
this is chat room meant for me and my friends only
FarkOff2TeenRoomCarnt chat room [public] created by iZombie
sdhfdfhdfgh afhdadfaojfdoajfado hioafjdioa;fjd
gay boys only 13-17 chat room [public] created by kingofstop
Pm is ok Follow the rules Kingofstop started this
awesom teen kids chat room [public] created by caseygarton
NO old people like 20 an up just for teens
teddypaul13 chat room [private] created by Teddypaul13
a room for me and my friends................................................................................................................................................................................................
17- chat room [public] created by Creativefault
For bi people age 17 or younger looking for a sexual relationship,
Dom sub chat room chat room [public] created by Williamballinger332
For the ladies and gents who want to talk dirty ;)
Singles chat for teens chat room [public] created by jakaylam
only for male's & femal's that are 13-17 years of age
child porn chat room [private] created by pedo25yo
send child porn 2
ssssseeeeeexxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by rohan67
I'm waiting to licking your tight holes.
Random-Fun chat chat room [public] created by ivoryThorne9
A place just to chill and meet new people, please be polite and friendly :3
sex only fun chat room [public] created by SONU0507
have fun ,,, have sex.... enjoy,,,,, sex is fun.... enjoy it,,,,, i wanna also enjoy,,,, give me a chance to enjoy it
monster high luver chat room [public] created by limilalime
no ever after high so don't enter
Ana buddy chat room chat room [public] created by Kylea1223
Find an Ana buddy (I need one to)
Farsi chat room [public] created by Hamid201
just for virgin girls and boys as wanna have a good time
JUST4Teens chat room [public] created by Humera246
All teens welcome :) Have fun, hangout, and just talk about anything! his is a great way to make new friends. No pervs please! (Banning will be done)
Yugioh Darkness Shadow phantom crew chat room [public] created by lordkaiba32
Hello to all Yugioh Duelist we are starting up a recruiting sign up's in Elk City oklahoma and Sayre oklahoma if u want more im me thank u.
oahu ladies chat room [public] created by Dcfam
People from Hawaii especially single girls
otakus anime lovers chat room [public] created by joshichigo
This room is for otakus or anime lovers
Aana chaho toh aa sakte ho chat room [public] created by Pasha4u
Dharkan dil ki suno ... Agar dil hai tuhmare pass
Frinds culb chat room [public] created by Pasha4u
Dharkan dil ki suno ... Agar dil hai tuhmare pass
Irfaan 007 chat room [public] created by irfaan007
9970843847 my whatsapp add me my all chathour frends
hornie peepz chat room [public] created by chrisVADAR
all you horny ppez! this is it!!
futa boss chat room [public] created by kentsu
futa lovers and all the bamf's ksjadfjadsjghsadjhfjasdhfjshfjsadhjflhasdfljhdsjhsadjlhfjasdhfjhkjfhaskj
do u wand gud frnd chat room [public] created by prasoo
Hai frnd., do you wand a good frnd i'am thear
u and i only chat room [private] created by Samidawn
Just u & me StudCanada <3 <3 <3 love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
LesbianKiss chat room [public] created by Kikibby1368
Dirty or clean chat whatever you want! If you're horny or if you just want to chat. Here is the place to do both!
Pawsome Furryville chat room [private] created by DarkstarCoyote
This is a PRIVATE chatroom made for furries.
Illinois Residents chat room [public] created by ityel
People around the Illinois and Wisconsin area.
Destiny Recruiting -PS3- chat room [public] created by Fosterisking
Im looking for a semi-good Destiny player to join me and my friend :) we talk to eachother on skype when we play the game. (not video, just voice, in game chat infuriates us.) No one over level 6 please!
join this room people chat room [public] created by shane120
just me guys join this room it gonna be awesome anyone willing to chat plz join this room
only for adult chat room [private] created by tellyourfilling
only for sexy chat with girls & boys to interact with each other & feel some good
Skype slaves chat room [public] created by ronica448
anyone who wants to be submissive through Skype
Grim Tales chat room [public] created by GrimziaTales
My place, but everyone is welcome.
Spirituality and Stuff chat room [public] created by RiffRaffCastle
A place to discuss spiritual ideas, concepts, and experiences. As well as discuss anything that is of a interesting caliber. This is a place for the kind and polite to delight.
13 year old boys in oregon wi chat room [private] created by oliviarose211
I like boys with dark hair and with blue eyes like my boyfriend max he goes to my school in Oregon he is new so am I!!
single looking for a hot guy and girl chat room [public] created by Samidawn
Wanting a relationship w/ both a guy & girl
guys too talk to girls oys girls who talk to gus chat room [public] created by toffeycake
I like to interact with ppl and havin fun
jolynns friends only chat room [public] created by jolynnwantsfriend
my lesbian friends looking for relationships only
diaper sissy chat room [public] created by diapersiss
All diaper and lingerie lovers
threesomes in NYC chat room [public] created by frankie777666
guys looking for men to be with their wi
sexual humiliation chat room [public] created by humiliationpig
subjecting yourself to verbal humiliation
handcuffs fun chat room [public] created by shannon222
as stated that handcuffs are fun. play nice people and have fun
the best talk chat room [public] created by manter31
we must put concep free in this room
B Team chat room [public] created by tmishangirl
Do what ever you want but no bulling
Puberty--Guys Only chat room [public] created by BuckyP
Chat about puberty issues and body changes in guys.
Sexy Online Chat Room chat room [public] created by Bellasimonini
Heyy x This chat room is for everyone out there who wants a little cyber fling. Come and join and you'll have fun ;) xxxx
NO BOYS ALLOWED OKAY ONLY LESBIAN AND ODER GIRLS chat room [public] created by ellysh
BFF Best Friend Forever BFF chat room [public] created by vbhree
room khusus buat kamu-kamu yg ingin cari teman chat cowo atau cewek
AVALAIBLE chat room [public] created by singletina
Hello this is Tina bruce from usa am single looking for relationships with a nice and responsible man, i have interest in you can you please email me Tell me more about you so we can talk better at BRUCETINA1986@GMAIL.COM OR DROP ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS LET ME CONTACT YOU OK
Hate life chat room [public] created by XxShayleighxX
Don't Know what to do anymore! I can no longer live in this messed up world! I need someone to talk to!
chat room 223 chat room [public] created by ff1898
just talk and have a nice time meet new people
i am bi so come hook up with me chat room [public] created by sexygirlsoboo1234
come if u are so u can hook up with some body and if u are bi so just come peeps
mlprocks chat room [public] created by bookwormsteve
showing my love of the show haters will be banned
Ravinani1111 chat room [public] created by Ravinani1111
womens & girls who want chat with me and who interested to meet me I will. do anything. I am interested in longterm dating any one have interest call me or send me message
Single 13-15 only chat room [public] created by Skylarsky321
I am looking for a guy that is 13-15 years old
Debating Room chat room [public] created by BeyonderGod
Wanna debate bewteen anything from a fictional universe? join and talk and please respect the moderators or be kicked or banned.
ratina chat room [public] created by Ratiana012
lets meet, but m new in this site and its really confusing and also i have lots of fake massages here .. would be better if u contact me here
Cross-dressing Chat chat room [public] created by GHoward98
For Mtf crossdressers or Ftm. Anyone who likes to cross dress can talk here without abuse from others. This isn't a sex room, this is for chat about fashion, exchanging tips and crossdressing lives in general. From transgendered people to part time.
amman gays chat room [public] created by homealone121
mal 2 mal from amman jordan gays meet and having fune
for teen only chat room [public] created by splenderrabz
whos not busy there? juz join here and have some fun chat..
hlow my dear chat room [private] created by splenderrabz
your not busy can we chat? if ok to u>>
My small underage dick chat room [public] created by Teejay2014
Only for underage gay boys to chat and flirt
hot girls and guys room chat room [public] created by autumnsample
for all the hot people to hang out
Peter42 chat room [private] created by Kyraangel
Entre la 42 y 7 del ombligo del mundo.
kellyth chat room [public] created by kellyth
selama yote mimi natak watu rafiki
Mens toilet chat room [public] created by Elina4u
use me anyway u like....i wanna ur toilet wh0re here...
Kabajan Kudhaceyn chat room [public] created by Msonjey
People looking for Long term relation/Marriage seekers
Naturists Chat chat room [public] created by TexNudist
This room is for those who don't like the restriction of clothing
women chat room chat room [public] created by kellyth
looking friend to be nice with relationship.
tere choot chat room [public] created by zuby333333
Aapke choot marne hai, Aapke choot marne hai, Aapke choot marne hai
friends1234567 chat room [public] created by james165
awesome room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
classic indian chat room chat room [public] created by Bikramjohn
it is dd room for naughty boys n girls
karthik1ccc chat room [private] created by karthik1ccc
Hi iam from banglore,my age 27,iam doing well,currently iam working on IBM.iam single
Single teenager chat room [public] created by Alliyah2020
This is created for single teens to talk go each other. Maybe find someone new,or just find a great friend.
Gay Relationship Room chat room [public] created by RDelano
Chat room for people looking for romance & dating.
Gay Relationship Chat Room chat room [public] created by RDelano
Chat Room For Gay People Looking For Romance and Relationships
KitsuneHaven chat room [public] created by XShinX
Room where one can be free to be themselves without judgement
sydney girls for co chat room [private] created by butyyyyy
only girls from sydney pliz since i need company while on holiday there
Weigh Loss Tips chat room [public] created by lala1210
Anyone who wants to lose weight or has lost weight can come here to talk, swap tips, tricks, and advice.
DIRTYONLY chat room [public] created by MrHARDBELLEND
Loud mouthed Men n Women who are only here for dirty chat only!;) Lets get straight to the point! ;) IM n for fill ur desires!
North West Arkansas chat room [public] created by pinkeater78
Meet People to chat and make new friends with in North West Arkansas
Elens private fun room chat room [private] created by ElenGalad
just a fun chat room for doing stuff that i like to do. most of that stuff being furries =w=
Gay Twink Sex Chat chat room [public] created by hottwink96
Talk All About Gay Sex ( gay sexting) (ALL TWINKS WELCOME!)
da chatroom chat room [public] created by chris514
come join this chat room. and have fun
sex booze and more chat room [public] created by stonedcouple84
come and talk about what they dont want you to talk about in the other rooms.
horny couples chat room [public] created by stonedcouple84
come and play with us, no boundaries we are open to all discussions. ;)
new orleans gay chat room [public] created by nolabi81
horny new orleans guys searching for fun in town
Dominant Black Woman for White Subordinate chat room [public] created by sinceresub1222
superior Black Woman to find sincere subordinate male who understands the truth of Black Female Supremacy..
jey chat room [public] created by josepty
test chatroom for everybody that wanna come here and chat
horny coouple chat room [public] created by stonedcouple84
looking to talk with horny females that are open minded
DmSlave chat room [private] created by Dm187454
My slave room for my masters/mistresses
Cibolo Texas chat room [public] created by metalcoremasket
Anyone Welcome from the San Antonio & Cibolo area
ps3 webcam chat room [public] created by yr77
ps3 webcam chat..............................
Sex Chat 111 chat room [public] created by SexyGuy1223
This chat room is if you want to have some fun
ROD Squad chat room [private] created by CandyisLifeCx
No drama and no bs period. only ROD famo
goodlooking people only chat room [public] created by mikeaustin822
group only for goodlooking people looking to have a good time
one nait xtand chat room [public] created by gichanga
just pleasure,fun n booty callx
dubairoom chat room [public] created by feliciousguy
dubai guys join me at this room
Ocean Gang Kidz chat room [public] created by OGKJay23
We Come in here and chill and talk about Real Shyt Frfr
bdogg420 room chat room [public] created by bdogg422
pegging barcelona chat room [public] created by Evabarcelona
For those girls dreaming to practice pegging with men ;p
Do me hard baby chat room [public] created by jbw1972
Looking for hot hard cock! I love being femine and pleasing my man! Come wvhat to do!
JellybeeLoveBubbly chat room [private] created by Lemski
Kings Anime chat room [public] created by KingDylan
Just a Place to Chat about anime. New or old anime fan welcome. Rules: No Role-playing please,no Spam,Bulling okay thanks
DOTA 2 Gamers chat room [public] created by ProdigalSon76
For All DOTA 2 Gamers. Chat, Trade, Ask Questions or meet new Friends
my sex bombs chat room [private] created by prasannaaaa
complete chat of sex with my cute sexy friends
cyber role play chat room [public] created by naughtydaddy1
brother sister father daughter role play
Just chat for fun 14 chat room [public] created by kylee14
A chat room where you just chat about anything.....Except Sex
whatevr chat room [private] created by pittbulllover2003
hello i am bored and tired what do you want to tlka about
reyadc chat room [public] created by reyadc
clkjfdfjdkf ldkjfkdjfkdjf ldfkjdklfjkdf
newb b chat room [public] created by leis13
newb. looking to chat about bdsm.
public sissy humiliation chat room [public] created by diaperedsissymtl
A place where sissies can get humiliated
Hyderabad Indian room chat room [public] created by needgf743
Please be polite and respect others
aussie chats chat room [public] created by eastgipp
anything goes with anything on your mind
Meet Serious Ladies For Relationship chat room [public] created by pray4daniel
Meet serious ladies for relationship/marriage here.
Beach Party Fun chat room [public] created by ArianaJewels
Roleplay World: Summer time fun..
Long hair lovers chat room [public] created by sweetboyy999
for all people how have long hair or love long hair!
karate Woman chat room [public] created by newyork12345
Woman talking about their exp. in karate and sparring against men
lover point chat room [public] created by RAOiFTiKHAR
Find here your girlfriend or your boyfriend enjoy chat good luck
dirtyflirty chat room [public] created by talkdirtytomeee
dirty talk sex/////////////////////////////////////
Second chat room [public] created by realmaurice
Find a match that is so awesome that u want to meet them
girls girls ggg chat room [public] created by cliclcic
ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffff oooooowh 20
any F want cam chat chat room [public] created by mekano07
i am M want F cam to cam chat i am waiting
eindhoven looking for chat room [public] created by rasta1ready
From eindhoven new on here so I'm just checking it out
scifi fantasy roleplay chat room [public] created by zshadowninjaz
fetishes and kinks you may not normally see or hear
njoo chat room [private] created by trayoo
sexy chats only. dar es salaam dwellers mnakaribishwa sana. through this wie will be able to hookup as much as we need to.
fugly chat room [public] created by kbay18
think you got a jacked up face, a nasty body, etc, then come here and chat.
Southern IL chat room chat room [public] created by older4u1951
for guys and girls who like older men
lovers 4 lyf chat room [public] created by Spizzylady
it is meant for serious relationship only chat room [public] created by lashpashchat Free Online without registration chat room for boys and girls
cyberskype chat room [public] created by blacksam74
I'm Sammy!I love it the cyber sex. If you like the common masturbation come up skype. black.sam74
bbws1 chat room [public] created by nailer80
bbws, full figure ladies and men who adore them
tranny in indy chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
submissive t-girl looking for dommes and doms near indianapolis
West Palm Beach123 chat room [public] created by stuartbeachlife
Adult chat room for South Floridians
self harmers united chat room [public] created by ariielbleeds
all about self harm and how to hide/do it
Dwarf Caverns chat room [public] created by GriseldaDwarf
Caverns full with all kinds of Ore
Holistic therapy chat room [public] created by LittleTiff
for me and vamppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
castration party chat room [public] created by LloydKaufman
get together and discuss ballbusting, castration, cbt, and anything else that gets your rocks off (literally).
Diannes Boudoir chat room [private] created by BiDi18
A place to gather relax and discuss
ballbusting party chat room [public] created by LloydKaufman
get down and dirty discussing dire methods of testicular destruction and torture.
x Make Money Online chat room [public] created by Bo7meeeD1
make money with neobux ! ( strategys and so ! )
Gaybeastiality chat room [public] created by K9m4m
Created for men who enjoy talking about Gay sex with animals
korean bugs chat room [public] created by yaomi
lets have fun here.. are u in?
my hot get away chat room [private] created by heather1921
my place to be who i want to be and relax with who i choose
bdsm dominants chat room [public] created by ariielbleeds
where doms can find their own play toys
SomeWhat Salty But That Is The Nature Of Ham chat room [public] created by SomewhatSaltyButThat
Somewhat salty but that is the nature of ham
laugh at my teensy wienie ladies chat room [public] created by balloonboi
ANY LADIES seeking to mock a puny dicklet may enter and humiliate my puny one while It is blown up in a huge latex balloon so I CANNOT cum.....but If I do......I have to eat all my cum. fair?
Cool friends 100 chat room [public] created by Libbygirl100
This cht room I'd for cool guys who r funny and a few girls also.
borderlands 2 chat room [private] created by kingherobrine
pokemon, borderlands 2, minecraft, and world of war craft rules
AberdeenWebcam chat room [public] created by yeshu26
All welcome to the granite city !
Ana chatroom tips and tricks shared chat room [public] created by Kylea1223
Anyone is invited that has an eating disorder
80s metal chat room [public] created by farmerboy81
Skidrow, metallica, slaughter, accept, poison, etc.
Hot Gay Boy Cuties chat room [public] created by UNiQUe187
For hot gay boys , lots of fun and play.
17 an under cam chat chat room [public] created by PortBeast298
Anyone 17 and under can be in chat room anyone else will be kicked.
uglylikemeroom chat room [private] created by UglyLikeMe
My Personal Room For The People I Like Only!!!!!!
Huge Cocks chat room [public] created by bigyummy9
room for big cocks and admirers
sexnepal chat room [public] created by kurogarau
join this group u will enjoy it1!!
Seattle gay chat room [public] created by 009Matthew009
Room for cool gay guys from Seattle
The Room To End All Rooms chat room [public] created by wadafaqimback
This room is only for people who like rooms and other room-related subjects/topics/rocks/otherstuff/thisendsmydescriptionthingy/goodbye
z handsome chat room [public] created by azelalem
i need friends to talk and play.
indonesia cowok cewek chat room [public] created by poetra1000
yg butuh temen selingkuh, pm saya ya :) no-basabasi.... jangan di pendem nanti jadi galaw wkwkw,,
DragonSeeker chat room [public] created by SorenMalinov
Carpathian Safe Grounds. Watch your step unless you wish to be escorted out
we the Best chat room [public] created by hamada09
For CREATING other Relationship
fetish13 chat room [public] created by joscat1311
explore all/every fetish...n also talk about any other matters at al..
Picture swapping natural chat room [public] created by Glandi
Swap pictures video! With like minded people anyone welcome to join in.
sexy fun talk chat room [public] created by curiuscuple
Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
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