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List of all user-created chat rooms #60
Emo and Goth Chat chat room [public] created by xXxRDxXx
Emo's, Goth's and People that respect others
Chat about Business chat room [public] created by andreahomebiz
NoBrainer! For anyone who is serious!
2plus7 chat room [public] created by andreahomebiz
The NoBrainer Opportunity! Money Maker!
gnhirjkcjuhbtvjircxke chat room [public] created by EpicFailures
the bestestestestestestestestestestestestestest room
zZ Singles Zz chat room [public] created by iXiDaniXi
where everyones single enjoy ur stay
Chatspot chat room [public] created by MissJay86
A room for people who want a little more intimacy
chilllling room chat room [public] created by iXiDaniXi
just chilll and talk about anything
Omerta Family Room chat room [private] created by OmertaSpecialist
A place for Omerta to enjoy MW
rate for a show chat room [public] created by hotbetty08
i will give you a show here as much as you want me but 1st rate me dont worry coz i will guide you how to avoid the charges coz i do show here not there and your card is your age verification only coz site want to know if you are on the legal age to rate me font worry coz once you rate me we will cancell it right away coz i do show here not there ok
teens relationship chat room [public] created by smexygurlll
for teens 12,13,14. this is a free chat made for teens so have fun!!!!!!!
Gay Pic Exchange chat room [public] created by NATEEEE
send your pics here, msn, text, yahoo, email...whatever.
video and pics xxxx rated chat room [public] created by My8inches4u
a chat room to trade xxx rated pictures and videos
Women for Younger Men chat room [public] created by justin55532
Women (20's and up) Who Love Younger Men
POLY-SLAPPz chat room [public] created by haMOiiaN
just a lil' summin'summin' for the POLYS (aqes: 16-24) who qot no shxt to do. just drop a few lines. chill. chat. sit and shoot the breeze here and there. non-polynesians are most definitely welcome to join the turf. just dont qet offended from any rude remarks cause we on that hyphy.jerkinq.stupid.dumb-mode 24/7! and dont trip we do qot RESPECT. just qet with us and qo with the flow. if ya feel like that aint you. then sweetie do yourself a biq dookie fave and kick rocks out of here! jah'bless.
HOTNESSSS chat room [public] created by Peytonsays
for hottt 20 year olds who are loking for fun ! :)
SellyGDemzL411 chat room [public] created by ddlovato
Talk to us we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanna playy chat room [public] created by xXbaByyseX
18 Femalee looking for males to talkk too, we can keep it clean or we can get dirtyy. (:
JustForTheWelsh chat room [public] created by WolfDreamz87
if your welsh this is the room for you join in and keep me entertained.
purple s hot chat room [public] created by MissPurple828
Well just another chat room. Nothing special about it, just regular people talking , chatting, and having fun, rule: no cussing, or being nasty. [=
southern diner chat room [public] created by staggerlee48
a place for country pepole to just talk and stuff to tell you the truth i have no idea wat im doing
Raybric Iz Single Girls Only chat room [public] created by Raybric16
Thing a Magic chat room [private] created by dodoes
Asking FloFlo Q,,HeHe, May Be a Little bit wzzy,,not so muchy sxxs, Like ROROmanman
mychat101 chat room [public] created by sexysnicker
welcome emos,gays,bi's,or anybody else who wants to chat im clarence and this is my chat and im also looking for new friends or a relationship im bi and if you want to chat hit me up.
king of criminalsssss chat room [private] created by heartcriminal
only for friend ship ok friendss enjoy the room
horney teens chat room [public] created by underxxx
talk any thing u want and do what u want
Asian girls only chat room [public] created by Chilwildog
asian girls you wanna talk to a cute guy then come to this room
FACESPACE chat room [public] created by youwantme2
This is the coolest chat room ever it dnt matter who you come on in
Wii Speak Search chat room [public] created by RazorLove
Honestly This chat will only be up until I find someone that I dont percieve as creepy that has Wii speak for the nintendo wii and would like to chat with me through that!
Chicano chat room [public] created by DEC0DE
All hispanics welcome! Come and chat with new people...
australians chat chat room [public] created by XxemochikkxX
for all australians who wanna have fun
toronto. chat room [public] created by TitaN04
anything goes...toronto woodbridge northyork
Bi Gurlz chat room [public] created by martinime
friendly chat for all types of girls.
Emos Corner chat room [public] created by EmoBeautifulDisaster
My Emo Spot!!! Where Emo's Can Go To Talk About Anything!!!
teenagers only chat room [public] created by shae14skater
I made this only for teens who wana chat and chill
South Dakota singles chat room [public] created by cloudstrife09
Hello, I am a guy looking for people to become my friend ^.^, maybe more or maybe not, who doesnt want a friend anyway?
80550 chat room [public] created by Geesus
Yaahhuuuu for the wealthy men in this country..
duhok chat room [public] created by calemeroo
bxer bhen bo duhoka share dlaa
weed drink ect. chat chat room [public] created by XxnicoleXpollyxX
A kool chatroom with stoners, teens that like to have a good time, and chill.
Hurricane Season chat room [public] created by L8LeeSpunky
Chat about how prepared you are during the hurricane season and any advise you can give everyone that may be helpful -before, during, and after a hurricane.
cyber se x chat room [public] created by mustleman132000
got a webcam or mic then come in
hung or wet chat room [public] created by mustleman132000
if ur hor ny and have a webcam or mic come in
samantha96 chat room [public] created by samantha96
my chat room is gonna be the best
singals chat room [public] created by Lonergirl300
anyone singal come chatt up here
Girls looking for 3sum chat room [public] created by jadendaz
For girls only if ur a male on this site u will be kicked
young teen girls chat room [public] created by bigdicc9
young teen girls like to give out there phone numbers and e-mails to swap for naughty xxx rated pics and vids
Whowantstomarry chat room [public] created by turkishside
Please only serious people!!! I am looking for a girl who I want to marry . I want my Ms Right from another culture.
ChatZone chat room [public] created by ChatZone
Come and chill relax sit back and make freinds
Strep tease chat room [public] created by sucker1937
Women have to make strip tease
perth w.a gay chat chat room [public] created by dan005
this room is for gay men in australia of any age
scene chat room chat room [public] created by xx3moxxtinkerbellexx
scene and emo pplz only no preps jocks haterz or sk8ters
CoOoOoOoL chat room [public] created by SoOsOo1
CoOoOoOoL chat room is for every one wants to chill and have a CoOoOoOoL time...have fun!!!!!
kajocakwa chat room [public] created by jgggakere
iam a kenyan citizeen and i would like to chat with people from kenya and around the world
CYBER S3X chat room [public] created by DiAMONDAJAYY
come in and "F" someone today online
Singleteens1 chat room [public] created by kindacute15
Anyone can come age 14-18 only !!!! ENJOY find ur self a gf or bf
Girlz Chat Only chat room [public] created by Meemee50714
Only Girls Are Allowed no boys are so if u are a boy get on.
daramy chat room [public] created by daramy
looking for some one I will spend my life with
the best chatroom ever chat room [public] created by countrylover101
if ur awsome u should come if ur not then leave lol just kidding anyone can come
bi boys and girls chat room [public] created by bradkal
for all the bi's to chat girls and boys
clan chat room [public] created by PANL23
I NEED VIDEOCARD chat room [public] created by VENEZUELAMEN21
tigers den chat room [private] created by venus09
tigerlove is only member her with venus09
lions den chat room [private] created by venus09
for tigerlove and venus09 only
only real people chat room [public] created by boolook
r u looking for love or a marriage?
sara from egypt chat room [public] created by sara20105
egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt egypt
The Gang haha chat room [private] created by EpicFailures
only de awesom people :DDDDDDD
about girl chat room [public] created by cangri01
its about boobs and its only for perves
Role playing fur room chat room [private] created by DesmondWulf1
Furry role playin room.Come for the fun Stay for the yiff.
FURRY CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by ShadowTheFox
JROCKERS ARE NYAPPY chat room [public] created by bloodykatanachan
anyone who loves jrockers and want to either talk about them or want to make friends who love them too
shaydee baybee chat room [private] created by NZBBY
you must partyyy like a hot starr to rock in my box YA DIGG !!
Make Money chat room [public] created by tmhollis
Free Money Making Opportunity - I am looking for people that would like to make money! I am sending out a mailing to anyone interested just email your address or PO Box to and you will receive all the information you need to get started. It will cost you nothing to receive this mailing. Find out for free how you can make over $50,000 in the next four months.
Deliciously Demented chat room [private] created by Marikslnnocence
Dum dum dee dum. ........................................................................................
Anorexia is good chat room [public] created by bbuffkin
a place where people help others keep the anoerxic diets
Advice room chat room [public] created by bloodykatanachan
if you need any kind of advice im willing to give it im pretty good at this kinda thing
Ps2 Chatroom chat room [public] created by snake3000
If you have a PSX, PS2, or PS3, come and talk!!!
super hot chat chat room [public] created by panlax77
all the girls who want to talk to a hot guy
Tgirl Fun chat room [public] created by CarlaisHere
Bangin' things are bound to happen.
India Mumbai fun chat chat room [public] created by avipatil1984
Hey All mumbains come together ,chat and have fun
NINETAILS AUSTRALIA DEN CHAT chat room [private] created by ninetails2528
for people who love that fluffy fox, ninetales
espanol chat room [public] created by SpanishSerenade
Yay i finally figured out how to get a chat room going :)
Janelll chat room [public] created by Janelll
Gorgeous && loves to chat. So Someone show me a good time(:
emo emo chat chat room [public] created by prettyemogurl
for emo kids and other, feel free to do wat u want just respect each other
emo emo chat room chat room [public] created by prettyemogurl
join and have fun, just have respect to each other make this fun!!
inces t chat room [public] created by whatsupyo1
talk and tell us about your fantasy and maybe swap some pics
Study English chat room [public] created by cttu28
let's chat by English for me .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Victor chat room [public] created by victorndu
Every thin about me is cool, looking 4 a cool friend that is alway online.
main row chat room [private] created by arun22bang
friends came to join now for long lasting relationship
Creative Chat chat room [public] created by LiteralStar
Chat about creative topics here, maybe inspire the next star wars saga!
tech2chill chat room [public] created by tech2chill
its about friend ship point where all member who talk each others
THE SCOTTISH STONER MADHOOSE chat room [public] created by xxxPamxxx
LESBIANS ONLY.. NOT 4 GUYS chat room [public] created by parejacam2cam
Harry Potter Roon chat room [public] created by rafamarques
Just for persons that like the movie and the books
AllThingsEvil chat room [public] created by MrStrange2009
Here You Can Chat About The Darker Site Of Life And The web. Witch's and Vampires Welcome. Goth Metal Heads And Rockers with Sick Evil Minds come on in.. lol
NIGERIAN MEN chat room [public] created by mschocolate1989
BelgiumEXpat Chat chat room [public] created by ShaggyBelgium
For Expats living in Belgium who wants to make contact and friends,people who are not Belgian citizens
AFGHAN SINGLE chat room [public] created by Musafar007
owee chat room [private] created by loginthenclick
private and here we are talking talking in private but, without any malice
Lesbain-bi chat room [public] created by Al3xi5
heyy anyone who doesn't want to listen to guys and just want's to talk to hot ladies come here
be nice in here chat room [public] created by lexihayward
it's that room where you can talk freely but not meanly!
teens flirt chat 15 - 21 chat room [public] created by zak15
any girls and boys to enter in.
toronto girls msg here chat room [public] created by sexycuteboy17
hey toronto girls msg here lets get to no eachother;)
de general chat room [public] created by ericdennis
I am a boy of 24 years very simple and cool but honest in everything i do .....i need a girl to be friends with her....
samis chat room [public] created by sexysami95
pink and black with lovin each room naked man naked women girls
12 to 13 yr old guys only plz chat room [public] created by allywhitepaws
im looking for some guy (12-13) to tlk cuz im lonely
GROWN BI FEMALES chat room [public] created by ladyrockstarcece
this chatroom is for bi females only!!!!!NO STUDS
Bleh chat room [private] created by EpicFailures
nfbi chat room [public] created by ded4
clanovi saveza neverback-itaka (nfb-i) sa ikariama.................................
Randomnessisty chat room [public] created by EmoLauren14
chatting chat room [private] created by austraingirl
a room where i can talk with people without wispering all the time
gayz meaning girlz to freaky webcam chat room [public] created by sexxxipapi
u gatta look good and freaky if u dont have a personality dont bother..
yangon chat room [private] created by kanang
Politcal Hour chat room [public] created by politicalguru
Political debates and thoughts
People Who Miss Michael Jackson chat room [public] created by jayylovezgirls
This group is for anyone who misses Michael Jackson , R.I.P Michael We Miss You .
dating and singles chat room [public] created by footballplayer2
this is for ingels and gettin to know people n dating
Single teen 13-19 chat room [public] created by Maygen16
For single teens that wanna find love
hotamber03 chat room [public] created by psyranil
nice loving people chat room [public] created by veteza
relationship talks,people that want to be talked to nice, the beauty of love
muhammedremembers9-11 chat room [public] created by foxtrotniner
+++++++++++++++++++++REMEMBER 9/11++++++++++++++++++++++++WATCH ZERO HOUR++++++++
suma chat room [private] created by rnsb
i want new chat room and i have kannda frends
Ghost50001 chat room [private] created by Ghost7000
this rooooooooom is for my best friends not for everyone thou :p lol especially for kristina and mex
Brazilian Chat room chat room [public] created by RicardoKaka
Every one like brazilian team should log in this room
Lesbian Chat1 chat room [public] created by angelitaa
for women to find women. friendships, long term relationships, or a little fun
Love thirst chat room [public] created by Ajjutru
Comeon friends and satisfy the thirst of your love
no boys allowed chat room [public] created by angelitaa
find friendships, relationships, or maybe LOVE....lesbian
older uk guy for younger feamle chat room [public] created by norfolkbaz
as the name says, older uk male seeking a young female
Talk abt friendship n love chat room [public] created by Tojah
A place 2 get 2 make serious friends n solve all your problems
polite people chat room [public] created by carljohnsonmannnnnnn
this is for polite people no fight and no jokes and no bad worlds this chat its for people are polite they can be boy kids or young adult or adult and olders so come and enjoy
christian chat room [public] created by admin007
christian chat is for all christians to make friends
you r not alone chat room [private] created by djjdon
this is named after the loving memory of mj.....those who wants to chat about love...or share their cultures things....i mean chat......
older guy for young female chat room [public] created by norfolkbaz
as the name says. older guy looking for a young female
californias greatest chat room [public] created by dreamerboy916
fun room, for anyone in california looking to meet or talk to other cali people... why?! CUZ WE HAVE MORE BOUNCE IN KALI
back room chat room [private] created by revy
back room just like the room says
only algeria chat room [public] created by Riyd
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
dating and love chat room [private] created by eddysafe
everyone who wants to have a real date
Spardas Legacy chat room [public] created by dvlsnvrcry432
A room made for Devil May Cry fans.
virtual chat room [private] created by aydino
for fantastik virtual. Who want to talk about yourself about prettiest etc
rock u like a hurricane chat room [public] created by dvlsnvrcry432
A room made especially for those who wanna rock!
chat in msn chat room [public] created by MARCO2678
cam to cam in msn i want girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
supergay chat room [public] created by sexyboy4daguys
this is a chatroom where you can find the hottest guys from all over the world. gay, lesbian, straight
MSN CAM CHAT CLUB chat room [public] created by ontguy62
For men and women from all over..............
De Chatmaatjes chat room [public] created by KonijntjeWiebelen
English and Dutch ONLY! Engels en Nederlands
death room chat room [public] created by terra01
ppl can talk about anything they want
sweetles chat room [public] created by akila84
be decent,n have fun.its for all the girls that have fun n don't wait for me .
pretty feet and toes chat room [public] created by bresby
This room is for people that have a foot fetish.............
When Wolf meets Fox chat room [private] created by SweetxObsession
Before Youkunse and Yihana met. Beware, dear children. Beware...
jarjanaz chat room [public] created by msed
aldogem for jarjanaz from seiriy
dubuque iowa or closer chat room [public] created by dirtysouth246
people that live around dubuque, galena or closer
Harar chat chat room [public] created by messebo
Harar a town of peace & Love. World Heritage
tambayan natin chat room [public] created by tambayannatin
Para sa lahat ng mga taga troopers at sa mga samahan natin na kailan man di na malimutan at upang magkaroon pa ng mga bagong kaibigan.
iranan girl chat room [public] created by fatimairan
Iran is so beatifull for everyone but without freedom
Brazil Fans chat room [public] created by RicardoKaka
Every one like brazilian football team should get in this room
gamesarefun chat room [public] created by SpanishSerenade
this is where were gonna play a fun game
KEIVAN chat room [public] created by semnan
Rock-out-01 chat room [public] created by meachy33
it will fun and dirty and love it
INTEMIT LOVE chat chat room [public] created by 110055
adult no shy chat room [private] created by weelly
for adults only no shy do any thing and truy any thing
Cougar Chat chat room [public] created by wowwowmassage
Let's chat about anything and everything! Smiles...
Da Spot chat room [public] created by YaHyna20
In this chat room, u can just chill n chat with people and hopefully make new friends or maybe more....from just friends to a relationship...hav fun
just to make friends chat room [public] created by goodman1983
only for peapole how wanna make friend's all over the world
Singles .... chat room [public] created by Kara1995
this is a chat room for singles that are looking for a date with other people soo come on try it out ......<3
Funn chat chat room [public] created by Kara1995
come on and have fun in the funn char rooomm i will be waiting :)
Las Vegas babes chat room [public] created by skitzy702
Come and chat with others in your neighborhood ^_^
happy love chat room [public] created by mustafe
every ane can chat the person who like and he give his mail
robertsdale alabama chat room [public] created by daviddemeree
the room is for those how are from robertsdale al
dj chat room [public] created by Marotino
music&fun its 4 all dj`s around the world
gardens chat room [public] created by kimo0501
I`m opened I like to chat with girls
40s cam room chat room [public] created by ontguy62
in your 40s.......msn cam? come on in and join the fun
mexican room chat room [public] created by chicamisteriosa
want to chat with mexican people the ur at the right place click here
g-ster people chat room [public] created by singletabi
its a place who r hott..or anything 2 tlk
pilipino seeking canadian girls chat room [public] created by joshtepace
you are all acceptable, english only and can undersatnd english
chatters domain chat room [public] created by sohelpme09
talk about watever moves you....strike up a convo with ppl and make new friends.
Friendship and Relationship chat room [public] created by SayUrWish
Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things. It roots from one's heart and involves memories that stay not for a while but for a lifetime.
Political chat all views are welcome chat room [public] created by Gatsby24
come on down and discuss your opinion about different issues concerning the world
Political chat room all views welcome chat room [public] created by Gatsby24
come and discuss your views on different issues throughout the world
Married or OlderGirls YoungGuy chat room [public] created by rumpnissen
marryoo chat room [private] created by marry00
i will like to chat with a nice amn
ganja chat chat room [public] created by xURxDANKiNESSx
a place where stoners are united and can pass the peace pipe without cops...
Musicians corner chat room [public] created by Lucianr
all musicians come here to share music and talk about making it i guess isc really lol
Teens-Chatroom chat room [public] created by Jaydee1
Thiis Iss Where Yuue Cann Talkk Bouut Anythink and Speak to Each Other And Gett ToO Know Other People From All Ova The Worldd SoO.......Feel Free To Joiin && Chatt Awayy :)
sniper com chat room [public] created by longbow007
anybody to chat encourage... se*, fren, any topic but watchout in military info!!!
weirdtown v.i.p lounge chat room [public] created by lilbrit77
its like the vip lounge only u dont have 2 be a popular bit ch 2 enter
lilj chat room [private] created by jakkhari
hook up people can talk to other people
university.dormitory chat room [public] created by 853335
created by ehsan This is the chat room for world travelers to discuss about cool places to visit.
Class Room chat room [private] created by SuperSayian4Phoenix
a room for us tu have some fun in
I think I love you chat room [private] created by xSadone
Don't come in here. I mean it. Don't. Don't do it. Don't...damn it.
Luv101 chat room [public] created by VenusLuv
come visit my room for some fun !
bordum relief chat room [public] created by lilrivclan
come here if ur bored ust talk to ppl and become unbored (hopefully]
manson chat chat room [public] created by xXhathorXx
love him come here. or just music lovers in general
openPine OS Chat Room chat room [public] created by justintimberfake
openPine OS Chat Room - Forum Chatting
Fresno CA people chat room [public] created by pleasurepartygrl
this room is only for people from fresno or clovis area
notrudepeople chat room [public] created by deannarosepachecol
this is the room for all nice people and not rude..rude people are not allowed in this room..this is a friendly room.
singles for under 18 chat room [public] created by xcullengirlx
this is the chat room for under 18s and singles
only enter if u have cam chat room [public] created by Wassseem
share email adds if u have cam
Critic ppl room chat room [public] created by critical7
who wanna enjoy life and have fun
Bata Stret chat room [public] created by xQueenx
Anyone interested in Papua New Guineans.
jamesriley chat room [public] created by jamesriley200
juss want to make one I will kick people out if they say bad words like cussing words
Nigerian lesbians chat room [public] created by ninnasweet
a room just for ladies and mostly nigerians,,,,,,,here we can meet up and be free to be ourselves
hevans bar chat room [private] created by revy
a bar where i rest and relax and hang out
my friends room chat room [private] created by darkkillingjester
this room is for all my friends. talk it up and enjoy
bedroom chat room [private] created by revy
my bedroom it here for fun and things like that
Palma Mellorca chat room [public] created by jake1984
gay chat for palma men to chat and get to know one another
looking for new love chat room [public] created by redeogirl
anyone who wants find love again.
EMO BEBE chat room [public] created by barbiebebe
goth room chat room [public] created by kyrincarlson
kazuShinJi chat room [public] created by Kazushinji
welcome to my room, XD O___________O 3____________3
chicago Asian chat room [public] created by Kazushinji
welcome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ {O}_____________{O}
LesbianExperience chat room [private] created by latinbooty
For those girls who want to experiment with girls
boo12376 chat room [public] created by sexyboy011111
not bad 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Latina Men or Cute Sweetcakes chat room [public] created by Sweetcakes159
NSA Augusta GA chat room [public] created by soljerboi84
for those looking to hook up for NSA fun in Augusta, GA
S E X Buddies chat room [public] created by kiwi009
Only for S E X chat room so girls dont get in if youre not gonna give it.
Tyson Chatroom chat room [public] created by HardcoreTyson
Talk about Hardcore or juz come in for fun and talk about ur hobby's
Rias NO-Pming chat room [public] created by allgoodindahood06
for everyone except the annoying pmers
Online Marketing chat room [public] created by otislabs
Come in here to chat with other people who are promoting online and making money online.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX chat room [private] created by iceSurfer55
fu ck off lkıjhklhjkhkhılhılhjkhjkhjkhkhlkhljlkj
maryland chat room chat room [public] created by eerdegaurd12
for ppl in maryland to chat wit each other and maby end up chilling
fddfdffsdfdsff chat room [private] created by clubgirl211
retregfdggfdgfdg chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
gfdfgfdggfdgdgfdgd chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
sgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdg chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
svsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsd chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
icest chat room [public] created by cumgumms
lest chat about our experiences mom son mom daughter bro sis daddy daughter pet love whatever you like
michoacan chat room [public] created by huitron14
hi soy de aguililla michoacan y busco chavas de michoacan
michoacan1 chat room [public] created by huitron14
hi soy de aguililla michoacan y busco chavas de michoacan
OREGON CHAT 503 chat room [public] created by swimfan5
kunu chat room [public] created by kunu1985
wel come to my friend .if you are free chat me.
Emo Only chat room [public] created by alesanaDROPDEAD
Only join if you are emo. If you're not, you're just not welcome
bilovers chat room [public] created by darkvader1
a room for everybody who like bi love
TORONTO WEST chat room [public] created by torontolatinmale
RumbleRage chat room [public] created by xXCrazyXxKidoXx
Welcome to my cool chat room! Enjoy!
scotland chat room [private] created by shannonbabycakes
if your from scotland come in here and meet people from scotland x
fine your love chat room [public] created by malvingay33
i want and meet anyone ready to love and care about me.i want to make you discover that which you have been missing
gay mans room chat room [public] created by bigbob2000
room for gay men so they can talk about all things gay
trans ladyboy shemale chat room [public] created by joestelfox
this room only non adult just to meet dating for long term relationship
Nazis Unite chat room [public] created by LooseLucy87
This chat room will discuss any topics that have reference to Hitler, Nazi's, or the swatiska sticker.
bi ladieschat chat room [public] created by stonedprincess
the is a room for bi ladies to talk to bi ladies
Just For Hor ny chat room [public] created by rumpnissen
HOO RN.YY- cmon hor n.y girls and guys
pantyhosed chat room [public] created by pantyhosemarine
i love pantyhopse gets ma hard thinking bout em
Chii-chat chat room [private] created by ChiiKitty
Chat for Chii & any newbies ^ ^
mikeys romroom chat room [public] created by mikey2511
meet chat and dont give a damn
MG100 chat room [public] created by MG100
Finatical Musicians Chat-Room Rock The House
Downright kinky couple in Indiana chat room [public] created by freakycouple
Looking for other couples and possibly females
algerie chat room [private] created by 3ooomar
Hispanos unidos chat room [public] created by spicygirl90
Umm this is for people who like to chat. if you like to chat come in here....
Yemen chat room [public] created by YeMeNiaGiRl
Middle Eastern Chat Room Have Fun!!
12-14 Year olds ONLY chat room [public] created by AlyBoo12
Yes my name is alize im 12 and this room is where 12-14 year olds can hang and chat and lol date if they want too =)
691 peepz chat room [public] created by islandbeauty691
welcome to 691 peepz chat room. U can chat online with friends, lovers or anyone. Just keep nice and clean......lolz, ENJOY!
Dirty Chats fir dirty Kats chat room [public] created by Nig420
Self Exsplanatorey teens lookin for some erotic fun hit this room up
Teen Dateing chat room [public] created by emilygreen11
teens 13 - 19 come meet people chat have fun and get a guy or a girl :)
bored and wanna get to knoe people chat room [public] created by miszy041295
this isz were yuh kome to hvee funn,flirt,&& juz tallkk wit new people ! keep it wit peace n no DrAMA pleazee !!
pretty girl room chat room [public] created by cuteAlice21
nice room for boys and girls,if u like made fiendship or find lover plz come here
prettygirlroom chat room [public] created by cuteAlice21
nice room for boys and girls,if u like made fiendship or find lover plz come here
bi-curious females in nyc chat room [public] created by browniilicious
a room where bi-curious women of the nyc area can get to know one another
kentucky bbw chat room [public] created by givadambustedok
for all those beautifull bbw's out there that wouldl like to hook up with someone
Lover Chat Room chat room [public] created by rahulmshr24
Only for indians guys and girls. chat here and share your memories.
dubai room chat room [public] created by mondhem
hey wats up this is c_jay the one who plyin with DJ
bangbang room chat room [public] created by mondhem
this c-jay the one who plyin with DJ
My zone chat room [private] created by Dienza
Can I be ur friendship....?? I want to be ur friendship... thank you...
LOOKING FOR A BOY FRND chat room [public] created by VorteX09
For girls lookin for a boy friend
you are not alone chat room [public] created by rohankumar
feel free to chat here...........................but plz make some sense also
second love chat room [public] created by ronholland
is your relationship ok and you love him or here but you want to have something extra. maybe you can meet here what you want.
secondlove chat room [public] created by ronholland
fore people who love there partners but want to have something extra
ethio chat room [public] created by laljoe
for ethiopians and ethiopians ocly. to meet and have relaxation time from a stressful day!!
Angola Friends chat room [private] created by takufamba
Meeting with people only from Angola
sheena chat room [public] created by rajuknp10
rajuknp10 chat room [public] created by rajuknp10
naughyroom chat room [public] created by sydneyy69
anyone can be whatever they want. be free with your selff,
Leituvu kalba chat room [public] created by Zygis2618
cie ira leituvu kalba tai reske kat cie kalbes tik leituvei
guitar hero 3 chat room [public] created by guitargod4089
if you have guitar hero 3 for wii plz come
muslimin chat room [public] created by hawwa
this is to gather all d muslims brothers n sisters n anything can happen here n this room ,made just to find decent talk n clean talk n also 4 islamic talk also fine
only feetlovers here chat room [public] created by feetlover232323
a room with all foot fetish fantasies
guitar hero chat room [public] created by guitargod4089
guitar hero chat room to chat about guitar hero
islamismyway chat room [public] created by iYAD777
muslims can chat freely without limits and they can exchane their experience to step forwards towards our future
dfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf chat room [private] created by pictureperfect1221
horney bi gurls chat room [private] created by tytiyana
only for horney bi gurls so they can chat and maybe meet
the cam fun on yahoo messager chat room [public] created by jackson18
for people to come in an get yahoo's from other people an go to yahoo an chat on web cam an watever u want to do.....
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